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Clemente Dominguez


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Clemente Dominguez y G

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  1. J

    I would love to be able to post a tribute to this man, but as an ex “Palmarian”, I suffered for 18 years under the rule of this CRAZY HYPOCRIT. In the process, he distroyed my family and contributed to the final painful years in my parents lives and their lonely deaths. He spent many years telling us that there was no salvation for the soul for those outside Palmer, and I hope that he is now suffering for the pain and anguish he has put many people through. I am lucky enough to have been able to put those awful days behind me, and I pray daily for those left suffering under the rule of his sucessor.

  2. Rosa

    Pope Gregory apparently bought the Catholic church to perfection. I am unsure. In the end the strict rules broke up families. Many nuns and priests ended up with breakdowns.

  3. J

    Gregory did not bring the catholic church to perfection. He was a dictator who used his power to sexually and mentally abuse all his followers and if he had been able to, he would have been up there with Hitler, Sadam and Osama.

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