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Marking Memorial Day

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As of today, 1,836 coalition troops have died in the war in Iraq. That statistic breaks down into 1,656 Americans, 89 Britons, 10 Bulgarians, one Dane, two Dutch, two Estonians, one Hungarian, 21 Italians, one Kazakh, one Latvian, 17 Poles, one Salvadoran, three Slovaks, 11 Spaniards, two Thai and 18 Ukrainians.
The Blog of Death does not have the manpower to cover these losses on a daily basis. However, since this is Memorial Day, we take a moment to honor the sacrifices of all servicemen and women and send comforting thoughts to their families and friends.
Faces of the Fallen
Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties
A Look at the First 1,000 Who Died
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Memorial Day Coverage From NPR

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