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Domino Harvey


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Domino Harvey, a former model and bounty hunter, died on June 27 from an accidental overdose. She was 35.

Born in Belgravia, Harvey was the daughter of British actor Laurence Harvey (“The Manchurian Candidate”) and Vogue model Pauline Stone. Despite her glamorous upbringing, she was a tomboy at heart who preferred playing with weapons to dressing up dolls. After being expelled from four public schools for fighting with boys, Harvey spent her teens strutting up and down the London catwalks as a model for the prestigious Ford agency.

At 19, Harvey moved to California to find her place in the world. She ran a nightclub, did some gigs as a DJ, labored as a ranch hand and even worked as a firefighter. Dangerous situations jacked her up almost as much as heroin, her drug of choice. This passion for peril also led to a new career: bounty hunter.

In 1993, Harvey became a bail recovery agent for the Celes King Bail Bonds Agency in South Central Los Angeles. Although her pickups were usually small-time drug dealers and addicts, she helped arrest the leader of one of the city’s most violent gangs.

When Harvey checked into a Hawaiian rehabilitation clinic in 1997, she weighed less than 100 pounds. That same year, she sold the rights to her life story for approximately $46,000. Harvey had reportedly kicked her drug habit, but was recently arrested in Mississippi and charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs, possession, trafficking and racketeering. At the time of her death, she was under house arrest pending trial, and facing a possible life sentence in prison.

“Domino,” an action-filled biopic loosely based on Harvey’s life and starring Keira Knightly, is scheduled for release in theaters this fall. One of Harvey’s original songs will be played during the film’s opening credits.

“Domino never failed to surprise or inspire me over the last 12 years. She was a free spirit like no other I have ever known,” said Tony Scott, director of “Domino.”

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  1. jennifer kensington

    Met her in London once years ago, she was a fun, wild live spirit. I can’t believe she commited suicide. She was brave enough to face 10 years in prison, if it came down to that, hell, it would probably been an adventure for her. She was a proud gay female and she wanted the world to know. The upcoming movie does not portray this fact.

  2. Jimmy Volz

    She is an inspiration for the fight in all of us that never gives up, so we can one day have it our own way. But even though you may call her death “giving up”, her legacy and story to fight, lives on today.

  3. jazzmeoncemore

    Such a sad way to end such a wild spirited life. May God hold his arms alittle tighter around her-may she find the love that she fought so hard to find here on Earth….

  4. dominique

    You guys all know it is possible she was murdered.
    The police have admitted someone was with her at the point of being in the bathtub and before she became unconscious on the night she died .She was out on 1 million bail, had her West Hollywood home up for sale and had an ankle bracelet on. Minders were sent in dailey to make sure she had no drugs. I think she was going to sing for a plea and got bounced, too suspicious for Dagger Bailey. The police know.
    R.I.P. Dagger Bailey, whereever you are.

  5. K

    Follow the link everyone, there was no foul play & she didn’t drown…I think that for now it’s a bit of a mystery. Rest in peace.

  6. Marie

    i dont think she was suicidal. i think she may have been just over stressed. my dad was over stressed and had a heart attack, but that was before i meet him. i hope God has a special place for her in hevan

  7. Kenny


  8. dominique

    I don’t think messages like this are appropriate.Friends of Domino would not leave this type of message unless they were under the influence of drugs. Dom would be ashamed of you.

  9. nancy

    You know she was a drug addict, a racketeer and a drug dealer. She was hooked on meth and heroin. I KNEW HER very well. Sorry to say but she killed herself and she needed to. I don’t feel sorry for her. If not for the movie no one would even know who she is. And this cursing jaggoff. I doubt you ever met her, unless you were buying drugs. Why don’t you do the world a favour and join her, IF you knew her so BLOODY well!

  10. Qwei

    “Nancy” is a bit angry, at the moment. How sad for her if she is really that insensitive and lacking in compassion. People grieve differently, though. Addiction is a very sad disease. Domino likely had a colorful array of friends. I am guessing “Nancy” is British, and probably did not live in the States…Even still, she cannot know who knew her or what it was really like for her. Sounds like Kenny knew her…And his message sounds Domino appropriate. Without the movie, those who love her would still know who she is. Try not to believe all you read. Domino is loved. Namaste.

  11. Nany

    Yeah I guess I do grieve differently, but Kenny was an addict too, so all of his cursing at those who knew her pissed me off.
    Thanks Qwei

  12. D R

    Just like to say, I knew who she was before the movie, because i was a fan of her father’s. Never met her or anyhting like that, just knew of her. I just hope the movie keeps respect for the dead in mind, even though its so very loosely based on her actual life. Seems to me it would be more interesting to actually show what her real life was about.

  13. goldie

    We all seem to forget this is a tribute page Kenny QWEI NANCY. All of your messages are inappropriate. NO ONE, not even her closest friends, know what was going through her mind and how she felt on the night she died, saying fuck THIS and fuck that and then saying this is appropriate is just wrong. Many people with addictions have pulled themselves up. Who are any HAS THE RIGHT to judge. That doesn’t mean she deserved to die. And for those relious pious people who say may may the lord comfort her in his arms, read your bible suicide, is an unforgivable sin. So that would mean by your standards she is is hell

  14. Jake

    Good Riddence to waste of space, hopefully she was creamated so she would not take up too much space at the cemetery. Or better yet just drop those ashes in the trash, where she lived and where she belongs.

  15. Emily S.

    I felt like I knew her. Her story and presence were just so strong.
    And Jake (he posted on AUG 6th) You’re a jackass, have some respect for the deceased huh? Kenny, thank you for sticking up for Dom, she’d be proud. She may have had a sucky life, yeah, but her story was obviously inspiring. I hope she’s in heaven having a good time with Betsey (her shotgun). We’ll miss her, but she;ll always be with us in spirit.

  16. Lacey

    No one’s perfect. At least she did something with the time she was here–which is a lot more than the Average Joe can say. Hat’s off Domino.

  17. mario uccella

    Domino Harvey’s fake her own death.
    She never lie on a bathtub and the “family friend” who said she’s in there was a prick.
    Domino has long gone to the Mexican Border to escape her trail.
    She drive a corvette cabrio, with a half empty tequila bottle in the back and a 9mm at her right, ready to use.
    The car stereo sing Elvis’ Suspicious Minds and the sky was on sunset.

  18. Malachor

    Faking death… understandable.
    as for the movie, from what i can tell scott and domino became friends and even helping in production… and if he uses his artistic tallents and gets something half as good as man on fire… with the love of a friend, I think we have a winner.

  19. dominique

    OH NO! My secrets out. Oh well I’m safe/ Enjoy the movie. I still carry my dagger from my fire department days. Thanks Kenny will always love ya.

  20. acghost

    Addiction is powerful…much more powerful than most people who have never experienced it can fully comprehend. It can make you say, think and ultimately, do things that any rational person would find abhorant.
    That said, I was fortunate enough to have met Domino many years ago. She is the person who taught me that the first thing you should do if a bullet whizzes past your head is to laugh- not because you are mad or have some death wish: Do it because they MISSED and because you STILL CAN. She was an intelligent, articulate and deeply caring person who took everything to its furthest limit…
    …and that is what ultimately killed her.
    So…though i know that infamy is much more lasting than fame, I hope that people will see past her weaknesses to her strengths.
    Domino – thanks and sleep well. I am still laughing at every cap that does’nt hit me, just like you said.

  21. Duff

    Very possible she simply just took a pill that she didn’t realize was as potent as it was. It actually happens more than you would think. Having a chronic pain problem from an injury suffered years ago, it happened to me. Fortunately, I realized soon enough and got myself to the hospital in time. We don’t know the reasons but “accidental overdose” is quite possible. Remember the death of Jimi Hendrix, he took something very similiar and combined with alcohol or any other substance it can stop your heart like that.

  22. Goldie

    I agree with the previous message. Accordinding to the Sept 10, article of the Chicago Tribune, Dom, apparrently took too much pain killer, probably thought she could handle a large amount, given her history and she died. I hope too, that her infamy will not be all she is remembered for.R.I.P

  23. mario uccella

    So is called the Dom’s killer.
    A bounty killer killed by a painkiller.
    I hope to see the supreme irony in that.
    Heads you win, tails you die.

  24. Burgert Blom

    My ex-boyfriend knew Domino really well, while he worked in LA in the 90s and I felt like I knew her too. He told me about her, before we discovered she had died ! What we have here is a “pulp fiction” crossed with “Clockwork Orange” type lifestyle. One of those people you read about, then actually know ! Rest in Peace Domino !

  25. taylorh

    I found pictures of the real domino she was a cutie it’s posted as my URL.
    LOL, I also found out that movie was only loosely based on the real story.

  26. sixoaks

    I tried to check out the video. I think Domino’s story is fascinating. However, wasn’t she born in 1969? Just wondering, as your tribute T-shirts say 1973-2005. Hmmmm – did you know her well?

  27. lauren

    I knew domino in Hawaii… it wasn’t easy to be there, and it was even harder to graduate from that hell hole like she did. (Please note that while that is, perhaps, the one place on Earth that I despise the most, I am heroin-free for over 5 years due in no small part to Habilitat.) Yes she was a rebel, yes she was a drug addict, but she was so much more. She was kind, she had a great laugh… I’m so sorry it ended the way it did for her. Rest in peace, Domino, you will be missed.

  28. Al Graham

    The date was a ghostly mistake but only in a small run of promotional items and is corrected in the for sale item’s good eye,
    We call them the Ghost Collection because no one here will admit to the mistake so we are blaming a ghost.

  29. Kelly

    I found this site today, and want to say my peace:
    remember Gorman’s “assistant”? The 20 year old, her daughter Leyda, and the red leather bracelets you made us? Leyda is 8 now, and I have long since left behind Gormans’s studio & Company…. but I’ve thought of you often, especially recently. I have run into Juan under a few rocks, as he’s been living on borrowed time for as long as I’ve known him, and what made the situation appropriate was our reminiscence of you. We walked in the hills the night your “Bronco” (?) broke down and we hiked up to an amazing view of Hollywood. If you’re up there, say hello to my dad….

  30. monkeygirl68

    I found this site today and am amazed at all the blogs, information and theories. I just wonder how much of it’s true.
    I just recently read her story and am curious to see the movie, no matter how far a cry it is from the truth.
    Rest in peace, girl.

  31. AtALoss

    I think anyone who bucks the system and turns away from the silver spoon to do what makes them happy is to be applauded and thought well of, no matter what happens to them. Domino, aside from the drug use, was a role model for the younger generation. She had everything materially that some could ever even dream of, but she put it aside to be happy. I only wish I had been lucky enough to know someone like that.

  32. scott malcolm

    Can’t say whether or not it was murder or suicide, but this I know. Fentyl is a heavily opiated pain killer which is applied with a patch much like a stop smoking patch. As it is a dermal absorption patch it CANNOT be used when an increase of body temperture is present,ie: jaccuzzi, steam room or bathtub. In other words heat opens your pores dermal abosorption is increased and you die.
    This pain medication is very much like heroin. So if she disregarded the directions it was suicide.
    I’ve always thought to the unbeknowst an “innocent pain patch and a hot shower” could be a perfect murder

  33. Rubin

    Does anyone know about Domino’s sister Sophie (or Sopha) Harvey?
    I used to bus tables @ the Hard Rock in LA in the mid-80s. Sophie waitressed there. I saw Domino a few times but never met her.
    Just got back from the movie. Don’t have anything to go on as I knew nothing ’bout her.

  34. timothy nibul

    Domino was bipolar.She was not human the way most of us are.
    When they are manic, they can be marvelous to be with. When depressed they can be self-destructive. But they are always amoral monsters, incapable of empathy, and its corollaries, including love and trust. She could not be helped. Nothing more need be said.

  35. huisi

    i saw the ad for Domino movie. became a fan after i read about her. it takes guts for her to become what she was, and she dared to break out of her comfort zone and conformity. so god bless her.

  36. huisi

    the fact that she liked to rescue people and put the bad guys away shows that she has righteousness. doesnt this FACT alone show that she can empathise the people she rescue? if rescuing people is inhumane, i guess we might as well be the devils advocate.

  37. Killing Is Fun

    A beautiful ending to such a pathetic existence, her ignorance and wealth led her to believe that she was doing the right thing. It’s just good to see she died from stress.
    Oh and by the way, I’m going to sell illegal copies of the new movie based on her life for FREE just to disgrace her memory.
    Crime Pays.

  38. Kenny

    Domino Harvey was a free spirit, who fought her demons as best she could. She deserves the benefit of the doubt and a little understanding. She could have lived a pampered, shallow and meaningless life but she chose to make an impression. She is worthy of rememberence. I hope people will say that of me when I go back home.

  39. kat

    i started reading this blog after i saw a trailer for the movie…domino seems to be a rather intresting yet complex lady at the same time…i don’t think anyone of us have the right to pass judgement about who she was and how she lived her life…there’s only person who can judge her and that is her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…for those who were fortunate enough to know her i’m sorry for your loss…To Those Who Much Is Given Much Is Required…maybe that’s why she chose the life of a bounty hunter..at least she had the courage to stand up for what she believed in how many of us forego that right?!!?!?

  40. Damien Steele

    Sad to see her go. In the Bail Bondsman circles she was/is a legend in her own right. Though I never met the woman, I heard only good.
    Sleep well.

  41. machani

    I just returned from watching the movie. It was a bit over the top, especially the shootout between the mob, casino owners, FBI and bounty hunters at the top of Stratosphere Casino. The Beverly Hills 90210 actors were thrown in as a side show.
    Reading the tributes from people who actually knew her, I’d say the real Domino is a lot more interesting to me than the movie character. Her free spirited nature, drug addiction and bipolar condition, in combination with her modeling and Hollywood background makes for a deeper, complex and interesting character that could not be depicted in the movie. The movie was entertaining though and Kiera does a good fiery job, but a true life tragedy – the story of the real Domino – would have been more moving.

  42. bianca b

    I just saw the movie yesterday. If she was anything like the character Kiera Knightly played, I have a lot of respect for her. How many of us have the courage to live on the edge? We don’t want to pay the price to live that life. She was crazy but who isn’t crazy in some way. No one knows everything she went thru to end up the way she did.

  43. manaballs

    Saw the movie, loved it. Find out she was a lesbian drug dealer etc.. ugh. Seems the movie left this stuff out for a reason. She might hav e been “free spirited” and all that but, the fact remains she sold drugs to kids, people, possibly helping contribute to destroying lives. And no matter how much people loved her and thought she was so great, it’s apparent her demons got the better of her. She did more harm then good in her existence it seems, and i am glad that the movie made her into a fictional heroine rather than a broken addict who helped poison america.
    As far as going to hell is concerned, i doubt it. I doubt there is a hell, infact hell was a constructed concept in the christian religion in the dark ages, in an attempt to control ruthless barbarians with the fear of god with hopes to establish order.
    Hehe, i’m running off topic… anyways, i can safely say i like the movie domino rather than the real one, and if the story was changed to amplify the enterainment factor of the movie, her story wasn’t really worth telling imho. Ya she caught a bad guy and turned into a bad guy herself, hardly anything to be proud of..
    It seems the people that knew her best we’re infatuated with her, and she was probably a very charasmatic woman no doubt. But like i said before, selling drugs is a BAD THING, and no one should be prasied for doing so. I’ve been there i’ve seen the damage done by the stuff, and it’s no joke.. Makes me lose a lot of respect or the chick.
    But with respect for the dead, r.i.p. domino, hope your having an easier time in the after life than here.

  44. Wee Wee

    I would really like to write something here that’s important, but instead I feel like beaking off. I just went and saw the movie tonight, and I loved it, for the story that it was. After reading all the previous posts I’ve been reminded of just how much movies affect us, and how sad we can be when we try to glom on to something we think is special, just to make ourselves feel special. Unless any of you were her mother, or her lover, or her work collegues……then I doubt you know what you’re talking about. Unless of course you stalked her, then perhaps *shrugs*
    Who cares how she died, or when she died? She died, and I’m sure she deserves some respect. But then so do the other millions of people who just died while I wrote this post that plenty of you are probably going to jump on and freak out all over. But since I’ll never be back here, I don’t really care.
    Enjoy your lives.

  45. mariabrenna

    Hey, teh movie was awesome!
    I never knew the lass myself, but everyone deserves a farewell. So farwewell domino! Thanks for selling your story! You life was cool, a bit unethical, but thats the way things go I guess. Thanks!

  46. khlaire

    id just like to tell the person who said (about lesbians and drug dealers) “neither deserve the time of day” to fuck right off…
    i dont understand how you can link someone who sells illegal drugs to someone who has a different sexuality to you (which by the way, is not a choice!) and condem them both as if they were the same evil!
    homosexuals are no different to anyone else, except for what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms 😉
    so leave it out.
    i dont think its anybodys place to judge her for being gay or being a drug dealer.
    RIP domino

  47. Kee kee

    Ok here we have a woman who made some mistakes and the movie doesnt show them Yes she may have been a corrupt woman. But, life made her this way she did some good along the way. No one here is a saint. If you think you are than you should really step back. Life has its wrong turns. If you feel so strongly that her choice on that road was so wrong then do something about it.. Go out and help another Domino, you know there are more. If not than keep you usless crap about taking up space and good riddence. Come on people. She is gone. ask that her next life is better for her or if you believe in GOD and the peraly gates than pray that she finds the light and that she finds her way But don’t trash someone you don’t even know. OK well that’s all of my 2.5 cents. See ya in the next lifetime

  48. cuk wood

    what i want to know is why there are so many jesus freaks on this tribute and what it has to do with this individual? aren’t there specific sites where people actually want to read your insane rambling? all you do is bring credibility to nietzsche, marx, and others who were as equally horrified to christianity as i am.
    this domino person certainly has inspired some interesting responses in these posts.
    she was a human being and that is enough for me. i saw the movie and from what i’ve read about her can recognize quite a bit of “artistic license” in the film to say the least, her being gay the most significant. the end footage of her and pics i’ve seen seem to reveal an intelligent and fearless person.
    all of us have human qualities and who can argue degrees? if you want to consider a life make it your own and leave judgments to yourself.
    i personally would have liked to have been her friend. what an interesting life. i hope her passing was peaceful.

  49. Jen

    Just saw the movie last night. Domino must have been an awesome person. I was very intrigued by her life and story. It’s too bad she didn’t see the movie – even tho I have read she didn’t agree with it. How could you not like that? Rest in peace, Domino.

  50. Sara Joy

    Why is it when someone dies….people begin to fight about who knew them “the best”? There are so many people that feel her loss. It is not a competition. I dont think there is any reason to post horrible & mean things on here. She lived her life the way she wanted to…and crossed paths with many people that will remember her dearly. What she did with her life is between her and God.
    *For those of you that sit here and judge her sins should be ashamed of yourselves!*
    God is the only perfect judge….NOT YOU!
    Who are we to decide if she is worthy of heaven?? This woman was just like you and I…she lived a life the best she could. Everyone has problems. Maybe her struggles were different than yours but that doesnt make you a better person! She was a wonderful woman that will live in our hearts forever. Instead of dwelling on how she died or why she died…take a moment to think of the the person she was and the lives she touched and the loss they feel.

  51. randy

    Just got back from seeing this movie. Pretty cool. Have been searching the web for more info on Domino and came across this blog.
    Seems she had a pretty amazing life and a lot of fun. So what if she came from money and died from a drug overdose–a painless way to go. Seems she set out to do exactly what she wanted to do. Some of you people should have half the balls to do that! But you’ll go about your boring lives sitting in judgement of something you’re way to scared to do.
    Fentanyl is an extremely strong pain killer. Usually proscribed as a patch. No, it doesn’t release more of the drug the higher your body temperature goes. But you can cut the patch up and put it in your coffee–be careful–and get a knock you to your knees high. From what I keep reading it seems someone found her after 7 minutes in a bathroom. Totally impossible unless she had ingested the dope the way I described. So what good were these supposed “minders” anyway? Everyone knows if you want to get high you will move heaven and hell to get there. I love listening to these idiots saying drug addicts get what they deserve (come on up to NYC–I’ve got something you deserve right here). Drug addiction isn’t pretty and any addict will tell you that. Being a junkie isn’t fun or glamerous. The last thing a junkie needs is some moron proselytizing about something they haven’t the first clue about. So shut the fuck up!
    Sure wish I had known this young lady.

  52. randy

    Where do all of you Jesus freaks come from? And why do you constantly have to add your banal point of view to everything? Christianity doesn’t scare me, but people like you do. Does it make you feel superior to everyone else? If so then am scared for you. Have you ever thought of getting a real life? & no, sitting at home thumping a bible doesn’t qualify!

  53. mike

    i didn’t know her. never knew of her until the movie. i did a little research and for the people who say they know her then why didn’t you know she was sueing the tabloids for saying she was gay.

  54. Rachel

    Watched the movie last night…. I wish I had read about Domino’s life after watching the movie though and and not before. I agree that the truth about her life would have been much more interesting and moving and yes, she definately sounded a character!! RIP Domino

  55. Emily S.

    I know I’ve posted before but I felt I needed to again:
    I felt like I knew her. Her story and presence were just so strong.
    And Jake (he posted on AUG 6th) You’re a jackass, have some respect for the deceased huh? Kenny, thank you for sticking up for Dom, she’d be proud. She may have had a sucky life, yeah, but her story was obviously inspiring. I hope she’s in heaven having a good time with Betsy (her shotgun). We’ll miss her, but she’ll always be with us in spirit.
    Emily S. aka Domino Harvey II

  56. sam

    all of you are morons. none of you knew domino. you all saw her name in the papers and got fascinated. your all a bunch of liars and losers. and heres a little tip for ya…..even if you were aquainted with her, you still have no idea who she was. noone will ever know who she truely was except her……

  57. Jesse

    Most people in this world have a sad story, and life isn’t easy. A person is born, and a person dies. Those who knew her, do what you must to tell your story, and if she is a part of it, then i hope she remembers you. But don’t tell her story for her. Those who didn’t know her, i’m not sure what you are doing here. It is time for people to live life, because it will end. And you don’t want to be remembered because of a blog. If you don’t do the right thing, you do the wrong thing, if you don’t do the wrong thing, then you will do nothing. Be someone and do something.

  58. Cane

    A true fukin goodfella. been readin shit about her for a long time now, goddamn i hope there are more domino’s in this world. and as for any of you that look down on her for drug habbits, eat a dick, you dont know a goddamn thing about life till youve seen it from both sides. to domino, a true fukin dame, she will have herself a slot reserved in valhalla.

  59. Mena

    Somewhat sad…that someone only remembers the bad…I’m sure her family has memories of her playing in the pool, and lost teeth and Christmas’s past. The end of ones life isn’t the beginning of Parents love. May she rest in peace.

  60. <><><><>

    i think domino harvey may of had not a nice childhood as her father dyin stop sayin all this like she killed herself because kno whn u flip a coin ur ll hear her voice

  61. Lindsay

    that was an incredible story about an incredible woman. I loved the woman.
    Let the woman rest in peace, stop fucking bickering back and forth. Its useless

  62. fUKingTwatfromtheUK

    all i can say is im glad someone was doing what they enjoyed, even if it was drugs and bounty hunting! In stead of doing something so people like you! Didnt know her at all, but from what i have read she seemed like an independant woman, who lived a short life, but LIVED one all the same!
    All you people who are on her back about drugs, all i can say is FUCK OFF and get a life, because you obviously havent lived! not that i would class it as a mistake but im sure all of you have made some sort of mistake in your lives, so who the fuck are you to judge!
    safe! Rest In Peace Domino, you sounded like my type of person!

  63. Karen

    Since this site is meant to be a tribute page and I never even heard of Domino before I saw this movie and read all these previous tributes – most of which are only opinions, it seems as if she definitely “moved” a lot of people. And yes, some of us have lives which are not as dramatic as hers. To the people who posted that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, although it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Domino’s life, it is true and don’t feel intimidated by anything anyone has to say against “the truth”. Most people can’t accept it, don’t have the courage to accept, or won’t. Yeah, life is hard and even though I believe the Bible is God’s truth – and yes hell exists!!!, as someone earlier said, none of us know where she stood with God and it’s not any of our concern now that she’s dead. It’s hard for us to live on this earth and we weren’t meant to apart from God. So when we turn to anything to lessen our pain, it’s understandable. So no she cannot be judged by any of us – ever. God loved her in an extreme and passionate way as he loves all of us whether we accept it or not because as someone else stated, we all have our demons – and with or without Jesus, they are barriers and wear us down in life. Domino was human. Larger than life, but human and irregardless of how she led her life she was loved as much as we all are. Peace to every single one of you who wrote, no matter where you are in your life. Our Creator can reach you and “will” reach you no matter how much one wants to deny Him, with just even al little seeking. Leave Domino to God now. And as a post script, maybe we should just be a little grateful that someone was in this life that made people stop for a while and be moved to have such strong feelings.

  64. randy

    After seeing this movie I started searching the web for more information about this very interesting young lady. There is mention that she wanted or was in the process of doing her own bio-film. Does anyone know if this ever happened? As someone said, it’s nice to hear that someone like Domino was doing the things she loved most in life–although a lot of it revolved around drugs, no body is perfect. You’ve got to admire a woman that could strip and clean an automatic weapon. Rock on honey! I did think the movie could’ve been better, though–the part about the casino blowing up was just a little too far out. I primarily went to see it because of Mickey Rourke, but the story was fascinating and Keira Knightley was awesome. The beginning scene where they threw the arm in the kitchen was GREAT!! And when she asked that girl if she’d ever had a nose job? Then broke her nose, made me laugh out loud in the theater–I caused a few heads to turn and look at me–couldn’t tell if they were smiling or frowning, but who cares. Also, I loved the cameo by Tom Waits.
    Anyway, I hope the real Domino has found peace and happiness where ever, if anywhere, you go after you die! R.I.P. my dear.

  65. notonimod

    Well I watched the movie and I think the only thing it and the movie make me realize is how few morals and ethics this country has left. Domino was really no different than the guys at the big corps though, their drug of choice is just money. And what all of them and Domino did was both ethically and morally wrong. That is crazy that people are looking up to a drug dealer.
    Second how can you have a heaven or a hell without a god or the God. If there is a god that created heaven why wouldn’t he have created hell? After all he created pain to go with pleasure. If God did create a heaven and hell wouldn’t he have to create some rules to determine who goes where?
    Now if you logically believe there is a god who created a heaven or a hell then it logically follows that if you want to wind up in the former then you had better figure out who you think that god is do what he says to get their.
    If you know anything about any religion it doesn’t sound like she probably is in heaven, sorry.
    With that said. The non-movie Domino if she is anything like what the people here who said they know her say she is like then I do feel sorry for her. It sounds like she was a compassionate loving person who didn’t have any guidance and wound up addicted to things that wound up ruining her life. I hope that those that look into her life regard it as a cautionary tale of great promise destroyed by bad decisions.
    Thanks to everyone who posted it was interesting reading everyones thoughts.

  66. Mark Smith

    I knew domino Harvey very well. I lived with her for 6 months at a re-hab ranch in Boulevard california where she came to kick her addiction to meth and heroin. This was in 1990. We were there with 8 other people. This is alluded to when they mention she was a ranch hand in San Diego county for awhile. They never say she was there on a re-hab ranch. We did work as ranch hands during our time there. She was clean and sober during this time. She was a sweet and loving and lonely person. She worked hard and tried hard each day to stay clean. She shared openly about her past and her family problems. She longed to be accepted and loved for who and what she was. She was a beautiful person inside and out and I count it a previledge to have known her as a friend. I just saw the movie and couldn’t believe it was her they were talking about! Please don’t judge her by the movie. she was so much more than that! She had a kind and generous spirit. I will never forget her.
    May she rest in peace.
    Love you Dom,

  67. Petra

    I knew nothing of her. Unfortunately, so many people judging and debating whether Domino is in heaven or not, makes me sad. If there is a God leave it up to Him/Her, if there isn’t it’s not your business anyway — instead lament the days you spent believing in something that doesn’t exist.
    As for Domino, I am sure that life wasn’t an overwhelming joy as it often isn’t with bipolar disorder, but from what it sounds like she tried her best to cope, but it got the best of her.
    I hope someone who knew her and appreciated who she was will sit down and write the story of her life, the way she was, the way it should be told.
    Rest in peace Domino.

  68. JP

    Just saw the movie, wish I would have known her, She is so real, feel trully sad her life ended this way. May God have her next to him. Who ever says negative shit about her is not trully a friend. Please shut the hell up if nothing constructive or positive about her. She seems so influential and again, REAL!

  69. Grendel

    Regardless of her life, the film looks awful.
    In a nutshell:
    “My name is Harvey Nichols, I come from Belgravia.”
    I know plenty of independant women who work hard and have real jobs that help people. No one makes films about them.
    A sick heroine on heroine for a sick society? Sounds about right for the prevailing zeitgheist.

  70. HONEY

    How is it whenever someone dies people always turn them into something that they were not – she seemed to me like the film quoted “a lost little girl with serious daddy issues”
    No matter what she was or went through because of her background she had the ability to escape and play with the “big boys” she could do all these things as she didnt have any responsibilities- whatever happened she would never of been poor- so she could f**k around to her hearts content- not all of us have that luxury.
    Ok I didnt know her and probably would of not wanted to but she didnt seem to me to give anything to the world – what really was so special about her ??
    Film was ok – bit pretentious – and I thought it was hysterical with the 90210 people .

  71. Dave

    She definitely was a lost little girl with daddy problems. She might as well been a prostitute or a porn star or maybe a stripper. They all have one thing in common. NO FATHER. If I had watched the movie without doing an research about her I might have liked it, but since I know who she was I did not like the movie. It was quite lame. But anyways, never knew her, don’t care to know her, she has other things to worry about now. Next movie, next domino, tons out there like her and tons of movies like this one. late Dave

  72. Lisa

    First of all, i did not like the movie… however i think that anyone who who bashes her or thinks low of her doesn’t really understand pain.
    I don’t care that she was a bounty hunter a junkie, that doesn’t define who she is.
    Why do you all care so much about her anyway? instead of waisting your 10 dollars on a movie why dont you invest in the people with real stories around you. change the lives that you can reach, stop getting caught up in other peoples lives and fix your own first.
    I am sure that domino had her reasons for doing drug wiether it be daddy issues or love issues. who fucking cares. she lived her life and impacted many people around her. don’t focus on all the negative, realies she made a difference in someones life and be inspired to do the same. Don’t us drugs as an excape but rather find peace in the truth that you can not change your past but you have the power to change the future. you controll your destiny.

  73. Giggles

    I agree with dave. Nothing special about Domino, tons of people out there just like her. The movie was nothing special, tons of movies just like it. She was nothing special, I dont understand why people idolize her. Gig

  74. ephraim

    I did not know Domino Harvey but from what I read, the movie and my overall impression I would say I like the girl. She had spunk and life to her unlike alot of assholes I know in this box we call earth. But anyway I think Domino was a special person and no im not sayin that to jump on tha band wagon or to jump on someone’s dick Im sayin that truthfully. I believe ppl like domino will never be understood by us normal mortals. Some ppl are too special and complicated. Oh yeah to all u fuckers that dissed her on this chat, u can suck it raw, how sad do u have to be to take shots at the deceased? Show a lil fuckin respect dickheads, this was a human bieng period. She made mistakes like everyone else and although she might have had a history w/ drugs i dont believe that’s justification to judge her, as a matter of fact i know it isn’t..how many of u are smokin a joint right now u fuckin hypocrites! Anyway let me jus say I would be fuckin honoured to have someone like Domino as a friend and if I had a sister like her i’d probably faint. Again i didn’t know her but I’ll say this for her since she’s not here to say it herself……FUCK ALL OF U JEALOUS HATERS! U AINT SHIT! OTHERWISE THEY’D BE MAKIN A MOVIE ABOUT U! HAHA LOL…

  75. Skirmish

    Wow, amazing how one person can ellicit so many reactions. Here’s my three cents & i’ll keep it short.
    1st-RIP Dom
    2cd-Yah Jesus, Boo Neitchze
    3rd-I’m a little pissed that they didn’t include the Bi part in the movie. Who wouldn’t have like to seen Kiera w/um say Mena in a steamy scene.
    & Finally
    4th-Fuck, Bitchass, Shit (soz, but i wasn’t sure that this would go through w/o some cursing)

  76. rainsky

    who is to tell how we live our lives?
    its our paths to walk, good or bad.
    And Domino chose hers.
    A tough but adrenaline packed life…definitely comparing she could just be a rich snotty bitch.
    where you are…Domino
    i wish you serenity.

  77. Fandy

    RIP Domino….
    It’s getting weird!! I have a big interest in knowing who she really was after watching that movie (yesterday!). I don’t even know that she was a bisex, drug addict, and passed away. I notice that Domino is really not the same person as in the movie after reading this blog. They (people who admit they know Domino in this blog) describe a very different person. Don’t you guys have any objections at all if Domino will be known as not the way she really was? I mean globally, thanks to the movie! I’m saying this as the person who knows Domino from the movie. And for DAT…. if there are so many people like her (Domino in the movie!!), give me her number, you’ll have no problems to find one! dying to know her!!!

  78. char

    I knew Domino at Dartington hall. She was 15 Iwas 17. Both victims of privilige and beauty we started to mess with needles and I still am as I guess she was. Noone can possibly understand how ithurts too still be in the grip of gear. Angelic little D wish it was me soon will be

  79. char

    the film portrays a lie. Yes we both had daddy issues but for her and me beleive it it was fucking mummy issues that got her. she was a lonely and cut off person and her mother thinkig she was doing theRIGHT THING made it worse. The third friend I lost to gear this year she is well out af it

  80. chanty

    I’m 17 years old, and as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be some kind of spy, agent, etc. I could never put my finguer quite well on what I wanted to be. About three years ago I understood clearly what I wanted to be, a bounty hunter. I looked up information about many bunty hunters and I remember I loved Domino. I thought she was beautiful and a strong independet woman. I wanted to be like her. I haven’t seen the movie but I hope it’s good. I just want to say, RIP for Domino. She will always be remembered.

  81. Stanly

    Chanty, dont be like her, be yourself. Its fine to have role models but dont say you want to be like her. She was a drug addict, nothing good there. PS, the movie sucked, so dont get your hopes to high.
    Char, you are lost. I see you are posting on this site so that people will pay attention to you. I guess you really do have problems. Hope you get them solved because you will end up like this domino girl, worthless.

  82. Francois

    I saw the trailer for the movie and being a fan of film noir with a modern twist i had to see it. Being an aussie i’d never heard of Ms Harvey the movie’s tribute to her at the end made me want to learn more of the Lady.
    I am in awe of such a mysterious and strong person. The more i research her the more i like her. Accounts say that she didnt like the films artistic licence applied to her life, no doubt it was a quality flick, but if the true character and her story are toned down for hollywood what does that have to say about an adventurous Lady who’s turbulence is still causing a stir after her untimely and tragic death.
    I always seem to find out about interesting REAL people after they’ve passed on, how unfortunate for me that i never got to meet the Lady. Murder perhaps; Suicide quite possible; faking her own death more than likely, who am i to judge!? If she has passed on then R.I.P. but if she is partying on a beach in mexico Power to you Ms Harvey.
    Anyone who knows her would be writing her REAL life story and not posting self promoting posts at the expense of the reputation of a truly SUPERB human being. Any Lady who is inspired by her life call me! I am a hunter, who uses dogs, falcons, horses, camels, knives, crossbows and a winchester 30-30 which i happen to call
    MUCH RESPECT MS DOMINO HARVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Emma

    No,DAT. There’s not “plenty of people just like her”. Cause it would mean a whole lot of peculiar women walking the streets. I travel. Dominos ways are hard to cross. They are rare, T.Scott thought about making that piece of shit so called a movie about her that’s are rare she is. T.Scott knows shit about editing and lights. Trying to copy Soderberg doesn’t make it. Though the actress is all right, the picture about Domino is a real mess. But the hell with that! Domino Harvey’s opened some doors. We’ll open the other ones. It’s happening. So you can go back to sleep… We’re taking over 😉

  84. Dave

    ill start off like this, i never knew domino harvey, never will. unfortunate for me. i first heard of domino about 3 years ago from a friend of mine that lives in the states. her story was amazing, she gave up the comfort that we all want, the money, the fame, the biggest house on the hill, everything, to do a job that made her happy, how many of you on this forum would have the courage to do that?
    she may have been an ‘evil’ person, selling drugs to whoever wanted them, i dont know if this is true or not, but frankly, i dont care, everybody makes mistakes in their lives, the stress of her job would have brought a lesser woman to her knees.
    sure, in the end she was overcome by her demons, at one stage or another, we all face our own personal demons, and most of the times, we lose.
    heads you live, tails you die.

  85. james clark

    the movie was great,i 1st saw the movie yesterday and i’ll probably watch it again today.and even if you did’nt personally know Ms Harvey,this movie really puts you in touch with her character.
    she kind of teaches us that reality is fake but dreams are real

  86. Sca

    what a wonderful, inspiring, strong woman. I have nothing but complete and utter admiration for a hero that risked everything in order to help others. RIP x

  87. Laura

    I just watched the film, I thought it was pretty cool. The ‘real’ Domino on the other hand, sounds like she had alot of problems and hardships that were not, and unrespectfully not portrayed in the movie. I feel now, after reading about the real Domino Harvey, that the movie should of shed a light onto the real stuff she had to deal with. I feel it would of been commemerating her memory more if it had. I didn’t know Domino, and I never will, but I still feel if they were gonna’ make a movie about her they should of at least shed a lil’ light onto the real crap she dealt with in her life and what possibly was a major influence on her death. Rest in peace Domino.

  88. Sam Jones

    God Bless Domino Harvey. I watched the film last night and knew she was a lesbian. Right on!!!! No bullshit!! Great story but a crying shame about her death.

  89. sarah

    Dudes, she wasn’t gay. She had some proper balls to break away like she did, but there are hundereds of ppl like her who have a tragedy like a parent dying and it changes what you think of as important in life.
    It can numb you an im sure she jus wanted some excitement and meanin to her life.
    And please stop with the God bless you shit coz it means nothing. Heaven and hell dont exhist, when u die thats it, except that you are the only higher power in your life and stop using god as an excuse.

  90. Donna

    I have neither seen the movie nor met this woman named “Domino”, I have only came across this page by accident. I stopped after recalling the previews and articles on her death I had read months earlier. Now, after reading many of the “tributes” listed here, I regret that I have stopped here.
    And heres my 2 cents. This chick was seriously flawed…but guess what? MOST PEOPLE ARE! Of course, most are not drug dealers or any of the other shady things she dabbled in, but we all have our own shady dealings that we are lucky enough to not have broadcast to the entire world.
    It sickens me to see how dishonorable some of you people have been on here. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Let the girl rest in peace. Good grief!!! Maybe she’s the lucky one…she’ll never have to deal with morons like you ever again. Now with that being said, I will correct my error and leave this page and never return again. Theres already too much hate in this world to see it on a “tribute” page.

  91. james calvert

    i dated Domino at frensham heights school in 81, she was a true tom boy, great fun and a lovely person, always getting me into the hard Rock cafe in London ahead of the queues, lost touch once she left school hadn`t given her much thought untill i saw a trailer for a film with her name, she never really wanted to be famous but it seems with her character it was inevitable that she would in what ever she chose to do, i am not surprised to find out she became a bounty hunter.

  92. jeremy o'neil

    anyone who would write something negative about a person they never knew, regardless what they have heard about the person (how many bad rumors have been told about you?). the woman deserves some respect. Would you kick down the door to a room where a known fugitive from the law is hiding? maybe with a gun,knife, or hiv infected needle? I never knew her and certainly wouldn’t despite the relatively annonymous world of the internet. There are an awful lot of us out there who are not satisfied with our lives and do some pretty crazy things just to get a thrill or serve justice, kick some ass. whatever her motivation was she did some good, and that’s al that matters. disagree,comment? here’s my e-mail with my real name, something alot of you are far too afraid or whatever your excuse is to use. jeremyoneil@rogers.com. comments are welcome. warriors live forever

  93. Stephen 505

    I watch the movie today. It really touched me. I thought she was still alive until the end of the film. Whatever happend,GOD knows and will forgive and except her . Domino R.I.P. Peace

  94. AMP

    Tony Scott is a pretentious ass. His movies are shallow and they all suck. And blow. Lots of noise and flamboyant editing trying to pass off as artistic content. Domino herself? Who knows- but then she sold the rights to her story for $46,000, so I guess she can’t complain. Did she live a life worth celebrating? Did she touch other lives in a positive way? That is the only measure and I wouldn’t presume to know. RIP.

  95. jason

    Crap…all that needs said about the movie and everything related to Domino Harvey. Only good thing was Keira Knightley playing her…nothing like the real life mutt.

  96. Scout

    Domino Harvey , was a mixed up crazy fun lovin women Who had some issues but did alot in her short life . But what kills me is that you Jackoffs can talk shit about her say how well you knew her , say how much you loved her , after she is gone . Any of you spinless shit heads ever try to help her when she was alive, Think about that before you post

  97. Lex

    Just saw the movie. I didn’t know who she was until today. The movie was great. Leaves me with a lot to think about…
    Lots of people have good things to say about her and lots of people had bad things to say.
    Who knows who/what she really was!? Hollywood always paints an ‘Off’ picture of the truth.
    Looking at a picture of her real self, I see someone genuine who meant well, someone who wanted to do something good, but didn’t necessarily know how.
    It’s better to mean well and do wrong, then mean wrong and do well…

  98. Shannon

    I am one in a million inspired by such a bright star. You know what they say, don’t you? The brightest burn out the quickest. Domino reminds me of my best friend who actually died around the same time that year. Donna and Domino I can’t wait to meet up with you in heaven.
    PS: If you really knew Domino please email me some info about her. I don’t to miss out someone who truley was a gift to this earth. (swray203@comcast.net)

  99. Edward

    Saw the movie today. I never met Domino, but looking at her pictures you can see that the real domino was a physically beautiful and tough woman. She did some good things in her life; unfortunately drugs appear to have destroyed her life and brought an end to it. All of the idiots out there who say that there are lots of Dominos out there are wrong, we all make mistakes and struggle through life, but how many off us actually have the balls to be a bounty hunter and live life freely the way she did. She was no saint, but who is. Rest in peace Domino. Wish I could marry a girl like you (minus the drug issues).

  100. Orlando

    Just like everyone else on this tribute page I too knew Domino. We had beer as the Los Angeles sun went down and Domino gave me a lap dance…
    OH PLEASE! Some spoiled, rich white girl does drugs and dies. Who cares?
    All of you are pathetic. She did drugs and she died. End of story. By the way, the movie was entertaining but definitely not memorable. Just like Domino’s life.

  101. Brooke

    Domino Harvey…I don’t know what is true and what isn’t, but I don’t judge. What I don’t respect is directors such as Oliver Stone and probably Tony Scott, who have the nerve to use someone’s name and not tell the truth. That shouldn’t even be legal. Do you know how many dumbasses go around thinking they know it all because they saw it in a movie or read it somewhere?

  102. Buhnertha

    One way or the other, if the movie Domino Harvey was meant to be a tribute I would hate to see Tony Scott’s idea of an insult. Artistically speaking, what is changing a camera shot every hundredth of a second and repeating every line of dialogue two or three times supposed to prove? That it’s cool? You don’t have to PROVE coolness. If you’re trying to be cool, you aren’t. The editing gimmicks trying so desperately to convince us of said “coolness” were trite, annoying and overused to the point that the movie actually became physically painful to watch (ie. epilepsy sufferers will likely file lawsuits). It was like an MTV abortion saut

  103. pedro

    not seen the film yet,i didnt know who she was until the film and everyone who says they were touched by her or feel like they know her is a load of bollocks!!she was a smackhead with a gun,she may have been a great person or she may not we dont know and dont care except for the people who REALLY knew her we dont have any true opinion on her cos we didnt know her and apparently the film doesnt portray her life exactly so dont say you feel like you know her after seeing the film if the film isnt accurate!!,sounds like she led a wild life and decided to take her life to new heights i respect that,but for the people who talk bollocks about jesus will forgive you,dont forget she was a smackhead with a gun.a total waste of a good looking girl!!!

  104. Tim

    I just saw the movie. yes it was loosely based on Domino’s life, but you have to give the lady credit. She gave up the good life to do what the hell she was happy doing. For a woman of her size to be a Bounty Hunter is down right amazing.
    RIP Domino…

  105. pepe

    Saw the movie and got interested on knowing more about her. She lived her life on her own terms, good or bad, who can actually judge? she was troubled, aren’t we all to certain degree? I also watched Grizzly man, lived his life on his own terms, who can judge?

  106. Sarah

    That’s really fucked for someone to say she needed to commit suicide…I thoroughly enjoyed the movie..whether it was true or not..actually it states sort of that some of the movie wasn’t true..anyway..let her fucking rest in peace..from what the director said..she had a heart attack in the bathtub..she was doing yoga..getting ready for the movie premier n shit..don’t judge lest ye be judged…
    “everyone wants to go heaven..but no one wants to die.”

  107. William

    I never Knew the “real” Domino until I saw the movie and read her biography. She shoewd the world that she does not need to be just a actor’s daughter with high inspirations. Now I will always remember her as a model turned bounty hunter as well as the daughter of Laurence.

  108. ~Saturn~

    I saw the movie and loved it yes she was a free spirit and mostlikly a interesting person but like she said in the movie “Life is 50/50 you live or you die” and so she did die but with a great legend behind her and who knows maybe someone out there is the next Domino Harvey….R.I.P DoMinO

  109. Robert

    Movies are acts of perceptions and show us at times how it was or just tells a story with fiction never resemblance truth in acuracy.
    I enjoyed the movie and the story.
    Tail or head?
    Nver the same.

  110. Alexandra

    I just wanted to say damn Domino, you were one head strong female. Hats off to her, yea she may have died a tragic death but she did a helluva lot when she was here on earth. No matter what I think that shell not only always be here with us but continue to be an inspiration for those of us who feel like she was. I agree with all the people who have said, may God be with her, and keep her safe in heaven. Rest in Peace Domino.

  111. Laura

    I think that this woman was strong and now desrves to rest in peace….peacefully. so all of you naysayers leave her be…it was what it was. I give her Props for having the guts to do what she wanted and being happy doing it. The film was great and tho yes it wasnt totally true, it did state it in the beginning. So let her memmory be alive to those who care and those who don’t leave it be.
    By the way I know this may sound a little crazy but if anyone can give me an interview (someone who knew her personally and for a long time) I am doing a report on her for a college paper, I would greatly appreciate it. my email is xxxxsiminumxxxx@aol.com thank you to all who decide to help me.
    Rest in Peace Domino.

  112. bubba

    ok……ive seen the movie….did some background checking….and i think dom was probably murdered….just to keep the fbi and cia from looking foolish…….hey …..if they can whack out their own president so they can have a money making scam,………over in asia,…….do you really think they would give a shit about some british gal?………..think about it.!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. EArl

    Domino is resting in peace after struggling with some inner demons of life. She led a contradicting life but still maintain to have a good spirit. We all haev dealth with demons of the earth IEG: Drugs, liqour. But what made her unique beyond the rest is that all though she struggled within she overcame diversity.

  114. TIME

    Peace in the Middle East! Free Afghanistan! I don’t know how the real Domino Harvey felt about this current world war, but what I took from the movie is that she was fighting to save our helpless children not just here in America but everywhere on Gods green floor.
    Domino lives on forever!

  115. gIN


  116. Sage

    You know, she was in the middle of suing the tabloids that said she was a lesbian. She denied it. So she was either ashamed of it or it isn’t true. One or the other. And no one is better off doing drugs. There are some seriously messed up people here.

  117. Lis

    I just finished watching the movie and I actually liked it. I have always liked Keira. She did a good job of playing someone whom she hardly knew.It wasn’t until the end I saw the memoriam of Domino. It’s sad and tragic, however she obviously wanted her story told and must have had influence into what was said and not said, even if she was gay that wasn’t the story. Her life as a Bounty Hunter was.I saw the end interview which was more than likely the last one she ever did. Rest in Peace.. Kudos to Keira.

  118. Erika

    I just finished the movie. All I think to say is that art imitates life and the best art is inspired by a true life artist. This film inspired me to read more about Domino Harvey. The film reminded me that life is full of choices. That’s not all bad is it?

  119. Stef

    I am not one of those people to claim to know her as a person, and I admit it… I did not know who she was until I watched the film. But shortly after, I went on line to read every article on this brave women. The movie was not the exact truth, and nobody knows it. Domino, r.i.p., is the only one to know what truely happen. If she was murder, if she faked her own death, or if she OD, she still is the women who fought so damn hard for what she believes. How many of you can say that about yourselves. Anyway, her fight was good enough for me.

  120. Lorra

    I didn’t know Domino or know of her until I saw the film. She was a very dominant woman and knew what she wanted. To be a bounty hunter she had guts. I give her that!!! R.I.P and I will remember her as a very prestigious person . She was awesome……….

  121. Whatever You Want it To Be

    I only got to read half way down and got fed up with all the negativity. No, I didn’t know her or even know of her, nor will I claim to of known her, but I’ll tell you what amazes me the most of all…everyone passing judgement in any way shape or form. We should all take a chapter from Domino’s book in some way. For some it may be ‘to find the strength to do what you want to do’, for others it may be ‘help me try to kick the bad habits’, for anyone else it could be some other message that they took from her story. Any way shape or form, passing judgement, being evil, or a flat-out pain in the butt doesn’t pay.
    For the EDUMACATED person that posted “I’m going to sell illegal copies of the new movie based on her life for FREE just to disgrace her memory.
    Crime Pays.
    Posted by Killing Is Fun on October 14, 2005 10:53 AM ”
    Did you know you can’t sell something that is FREE? “Passing” this movie around would be a benefit for so many people. Great movie, if you are educated and can read between the lines…great story.
    People suffering from ignorance, stupidity, self-esteem issues, and other mental disorders (that’s a whole other subject: according to a local newspaper “Only 3% of the population does not suffer from some form of a mental disorder”, makes you wonder what is normal, huh) need not reply. Your reply would just prove my case in point. I hope that most of us (meaning humans in general) can take a moment to learn from mistakes and not create new ones to somehow try to make up for their past.

  122. Gynie

    Don’t miss the point, guys.
    She lived. She was loved. She’s no longer with us. People will miss her. Whether the film does her justice or not, whether she killed herself or was killed by others, nobody can deny the fact that she has affected a lot of people; otherwise none of you would be here now. I never knew her, but her story speaks for itself – like the man once said, if it ain’t true, it oughta be.
    Rest easy, Domino. We ain’t gonna forget you.

  123. flosduellatorum

    Looks like when you die young and make a movie, a lot of people are gonna make comments about you.
    1)drugs screwed up her life, this is indisputable. But she had a choice, although it was a difficult one.
    2)she never was able to get and keep real friends who would have helped and supported her in life. In life sometimes you hit low patches and you really need good friends. Maybe because she was gay, it was harder for her. Maybe she was just a difficult person, who knows? If you want good friends, you must be a good friend yourself. Was she able to do this?
    3)Her mother should not have put her in boarding school in the UK at such a young age. Already losing her father, now sent one ocean away from her mother—great parenting.
    4)never self-dose yourself with powerful painkillers, even fitness fanatics like Bruce Lee can screw up.
    5)10 inch hunting knife? Hunting knives are usually only 3 or 4 inches. A camping knife might be 10 inches, though it is rare nowadays. Usually camping knives are 7 to 9 inches.
    6)In the photo of her sitting in front of her office, she carries her 1911 pattern gun with her finger in the trigger guard. A basic no-no.
    7)It requires guts to beat up other ppl and also to arrest drugged-up felons. Not knowing her, I can’t tell if she was a bully or a righteous protector.
    Rest in peace, Domino

  124. Jessica

    I believe that Domino deserves a true tribute page. I don’t believe that the editor of this page cares what is said here because if they did, the posting on October 18, 2005 would have been upheld. I have never known Domino, but I do have enough respect for a person’s memory and their family not to slander them, unlike so many who have posted here. I can only say that I hope her family has found some peace since her passing and that her memory will live on through family and true friends.

  125. JOEDY

    It seems that no matter what life has to deal us,
    there is always some kind of inspiration,or situation that lets us know that no matter how hard we think our life or situation seems to be,
    there are always people that share your thoughts,and dreams. Domino just happened to live life on her own terms and not society’s terms. I respect and appreciate that she had the courage to do so,even when most of the people around her could or did not. It’s just to bad that the evil vices of our nature are ultimatly
    what caught up with her and not what she loved to do. HUNT!!! Rest in peace sweet angel.

  126. ryan

    Just watched the movie and its seems that her life wasn’t that interesting or they would have told the real story. The fact that Scott had to bring in the cast of 90210 makes the film a joke. If she was so great then why not tell the truth about her. Was she a model of not? Was she gay or not? If Scott actually spent so much time with her getting her story then why is this a fictional movie. Its all about the money and hollywood, and in the movie she was depicted as a person that dispized the lifestyle of the famous and yet that exactly what the movie represents. Its a hollywood exaggeration of what the truth really was and anybody that watches it and thinks that her life was anywhere close to that should have their own head examined. Im not criticizing her life because she did things her way and thats commendable but hollywood and Scotts portrayal of her life is an absolute joke.

  127. Aurora

    yeah…she was an addict, she was NOT a lesbian, in fact she was going to sue the tabloids for putting that type of BS up, quoted from her father to a newspaper…and yes, she’s dead, yes most kno her only from a loosely based film, but still, her memory will live on as long as there are people who talk about her. so what if there are conspiracy theorists, there always are, so what is someone may or may not have met her, so what if people start freaking out…the whole point is she’s dead and we let her live on through memory…must we all fucking fight? seriously there are more important things to fight about…like P.Bush’s incompetentcy, World War 3 aka War on Terrorism, World Hunger, Poverty…why does everyone have to fight about someone else who is already dead and gone? look at the rest of the world for a chance!
    ~p.s.: i am not american, im canadian, if i insult your president, it is only because he is an incompetent idiot…as are all governments…R.I.P. DOMINO HARVEY BOUNTY HUNTER, SUPER MODEL, FUCKING KICK ASS INSPIRATIONAL WOMAN

  128. Grant

    Does it really matter what any of us think, truth is she was a person like all the rest of us…want to love and be loved, sadly though it sounds like she never really found either. I dont know her, have found out about her becuase of the film no other reason, people are knocking T Scott for the way the movie potrayed her…..bout time you lot woke up, these people make the movies we want to see, society today sucks, but do we really want to see people sitting using drugs??? course we do because, most of the population of the world use drugs wether it be booze or cigarettes,but heres a nice thought for you all who knock her or anyone else for using drugs, no-one knows better than the addict how bad they are, the demons inside you tell you often enough but we still take em. I speak from experience. so respect the dead and those who are caught up in the grip of drugs be it soft or hard. Let me ask those who mock and insult her….how would you feel if someone was to speak about someone you knew like some of you have about her??? Does it really matter, of course it does, NO-ONE is perfect, so dont judge others till you can judge yourself. Nuff said.
    As for those who seem to like to quote God this and God that, and she was a bad girl, who didnt believe in her maker, you make me sick. I find it sooooo hard to believe that you need to look to something that cannot truly be proved to be real to treat others well and help others through the trials of life. Ohh we are so righteous, god will look after us because we are good people, bout time you looked seriously at your belief, cos if god does exist then he’s/she’s the sickest bastard of us all, cos he’s/she’s killed millions, he/she made the drugs we take, he/she gave us the intelligence to kill for nothing but pleasure and personal gain. At least the animals of this world only kill to eat, that is what is called respect for life.
    Be cool kiddo, pity you didnt have the strength to meet and beat your personal demons, RIP
    For all of us out there still fighting them be drugs or anything else, make a point of doing something nice at least once a day for someone you dont know. I wish you and yours well

  129. Ericha

    I think Domino was an adreniline junky and needed a little more then the norm to make her feel alive.What was wrong with that for her? I hope that she enjoyed her life as short as it was. It seems that she wanted to roar through life rather than tiptoe through it on the sidelines!! Suicide? I don’t think so. I think shit just happens sometimes that isn’t what was planned. Gay? Who cares other then her lover or a hater? I hope you find more happiness this next time around Domino. I wish I had you’r strenth and courage to help me get through my journey in life.

  130. Deb

    I had never heard of Domino Harvey until I saw Mickey Rourke doing an interview about the upcoming movie. Sounded pretty interesting so I wanted to check it out. I just got to do so yesterday and will probably watch it again with my husband. I have this thing about autobiografical stories so after seeing the movie I started searching the web for info…. And then I found this page, After reading some of the comments I just had to put my dime in-here goes. Domino sounds like a person I know.. Me. I say that due to a lot of things I have chosen to do in and with my life. I probably haven’t gotten all the facts and nobody probably will. So she was a drug dealer a lot of people are. NO thats not a good thing, she was a user also not a good thing, being gay or bi-sexual who cares!! We all have our preferences in life. However as I was browsing thru I came upon a comment that just set me off and so I had to say something… Here goes THIS IS RESPONSE TO TIMOTHY NIBAL… YOU ARE A JERK.. i SAY THIS BECAUSE I TO AM BI-POLAR AND HAVE BEEN BATTLING THIS DISORDER FOR ABOUT FOURTY SOMETHING YEARS. YES WHEN WE ARE MANIC WE ARE A BLAST MOST OF THE TIME BUT WE CAN ALSO BE DESTRUCTIVE,CRUEL,GO MONEY CRAZY WHICH IN ITSELF GETS MOST OF US IN TROUBLE… AND WHEN WE ARE DEPRESSED WE WANT TO FALL OFF THE EARTH ANY WAY WE KNOW HOW..IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT IS DRUGS SUICIDE OR ANY OTHER WAY POSSIBLE. WE JUST DON’T WANT TO BE PERIOD !!!!! BUT FOR YOU TO SIT THERE ON YOUR MIGHTY THRONE AND SAY THINGS LIKE WE ARE ALL AMORAL MONSTERS INCAPABLE OF FEELING EMPATHY AND ITS COROLLARIES INCLUDIND LOVE AND TRUST IS JUST FLAT ASS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EITHER YOU HAVE NEVER KNOWN OR BEEN AROUND A PERSON WITH THIS DISORDER OR YOU HAVEN’T DONE YOUR HOMEWORK VERY WELL. WE CAN BE HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS JUST LIKE OTHER PEOPLE. WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT OCCURS IN OUR BRAIN THAT DOES NOT IN OTHERS. WE ARE ALL DEALT HANDS IN OUR LIVES, SOME GOOD SOME BAD BUT WE ALL HAVE TO PLAY THAT HAND OUT. DOMINO PLAYED HER’S THE WAY SHE CHOOSE TO. SHE CHOSE TO LIVE HER DREAMS AND CONQUER THE WORLD HER WAY NOT THE WAY ” NORMAL PEOPLE WANTED…… BY THE WAY I HAVEN’T REALLY EVER BEEN ABLE TO DETERMINE EXACTLY WHAT “NORMAL” IS NOR HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE. IN CLOSING I WILL SAY I WISH I HAD KNOWN DOMINO BECAUSE SHE SOUNDS LIKE A HELL OF A WOMAN !!!!!

  131. Southpaw

    If you want to get an idea of who the real Domino was, spend some time checking out the Additional featureatte on the DVD. I got more out of it about Domino Harvey, then I did watching that acid trip they called “Domino”. What’s with all these movies that have all those jerky cut and splice action sequences, with an occassional freeze frame. Anyway it is worth renting the DVD to see the real Domino (and Chachoo) in the featureatte. She no longer looked like a runway model, and now that I have found out about her addictions I can understand why. I call them the walking dead, that is while they can still walk!

  132. Mill

    What “tacky” postings for an individual who made her benchmark and deserves SO MUCH MORE.
    ~Have you all ever heard of “Respect for the deceased” ???????~
    It does “seem” like Domino was an adrenaline junky-anyone who is smart enough would realize that this EASILY leads to drug addiction.
    My hat goes off to her for her accomplishments in being a “Bounty Hunter”.
    I am TRULY impressed, not that she would have been the type to “care”, I don’t think she would have given a CRAP whether people approved or disproved her actions.
    “Whatever you want it to be”- GREAT POSTING!!!!!
    You could not have stated it ANY better!
    Kudos to you~~~~~~~~~Domino~~~~~~RIP~~~~~~

  133. Alison


  134. Travis

    Didn’t know her but she obviously inspired a lot of people on here to comment, both positive and negative. Will anyone make a web site or movie… no matter how loosely connected to truth, about your life when you are gone? Doubt it. Get the facts straight:
    1) If you didn’t know her as a person, how can you judge her?
    2) No one asks to be an addict and she did try more than once to kick it.
    3) Her sexual persuasion, whatever it was, has nothing to do with why she is remembered here nor is it anyones concern other than lovers who may miss her.
    4) For those calling her worthless and a dime a dozen… well where is your movie/comics etc to show who u have inspired? Only inspiration i get from you is an urge to go s***… U didn’t know her anymore than I do. But she obviously made an impact on a lot of people despite the fact that she had an addiction.

  135. Deej

    All I can say is wow. You people blow my mind. Again, another reminder of what this earth consists of…more junkies. Maybe not drug junkies but life junkies, money junkies, sex junkies, materialism junkies. Everyone has their drug. The wise search for a way to fix it. RIP Domino Harvey.

  136. Gonzo

    Mmmm, just saw the movie and have read quite a bit about this woman. Didn’t know her, but from what I read, it goes to show that even trailer trash can have their 15 minutes of fame.

  137. Sharon

    I rented the DVD of the movie and just finished watching it. I didn’t know her, but would have liked to.
    God bless her. She did her own thing the way she wanted to. I respect that.

  138. Jazzy

    I’ve never heard of Domino before tonight.
    The movie seemed way unrealistic to make be believe that even the smallest part of it was based on her true life.
    According to those who KNEW her…she was just a lost soul and a drug addict, and with all honesty, we could make movies about people like her every single day.
    I don’t feel either inspired or touched by her life.Poor little rich girl…eh?
    Hell…my life has been way harder than hers, but with two major differences:I’ve never been a junkie and I’m still alive.
    The rest I’ll keep to myself.

  139. danielle

    i bet none of you people even knew her. no one thinks a lier is cool.how the hell do you get a job at a bail bonds place when your a convicted drug offender/ dealer? some of this is all a little far fetched if you know what i mean. in the movie she gives that gang mamber a lap dance, IM SO SURE! what did she really give him or possibly the whole gang? and did she have something going on with choco or is that all hollywood to? plus it seems as though she also hooks up with ed as well. what it her desire to be portraid as a drug-whore? im sure it wasnt.domiho or domino? i do admire her and i think all of you people dont need to get so hyped up about someone you didnt even know.stop pretending and get a life

  140. Manda

    I saw the movie and it was great.. and i read up on her that women had guts she did stuff that only sum people wish they could do…

  141. Hoffa

    The complexities of society and the acceptance and denial of any individual wrapped up in the SCENE and being the scene having so many faces Domino wore and lived in them all she deserves everyone,s respect and has mine !
    In this barrage of trashing her for a suicide death calling this weak truly is a coward,s call for in many cultures suicide is an honorable and brave death so don,t knock what you fear and i feel in my heart Domino was honorable and brave fly high Domino may the afterlife be the greatest adventure for your brave souls yet All the Power to You -Hoffa

  142. danielle

    whoever wrote that was drunk because thay think if they throw a few big words in they sound smart.ever heard of proper english? and suicide is not an honorable death, its a cowardly one. but i dont believe she commited suicide. i think she was looking forward to the future and her new movie. i think because she was going through rehab her tolerance went down and as a form of celebrating her success on the movie, she decided to get wasted and take a nice bath. but things turned out differently, unfortunatly. maby she scored a big bag and wanted to take a big break from sobriety. thats coo. anyway, rip domino harvey

  143. Drake

    I Just Watched The Movie.
    It Was A Wonderful Film, But I Can’t Say I Knew Her. She Seems Like A Interesting Person. Drugs Can Get To Anyone, If You Let Them. May Death Be Her Rest, And If There Is A Heaven, May She Be There. But You Must Look Further Than “Another Loser” She Was Much, Much More. I Am Sorry You Are A Blind Person. But I See By Reading And Watching The Movie, I May Be Wrong. But You Probably Passed High School D+ Or Maybe U R Still In Middle School. Either Way U Seem Very Closed Minded. You Are The One To Die.

  144. JimNorris

    Here is what I can see from these posts and I read them all BTW. I just saw the movie, and it sparked alot of interest and it proves all of the questions all of you have as well as disprove any theory on life you have that relates to her or just people in general. The fact is none of us know, thats the reason we post and the reason we seek out information in all forms. We are creatures that are interested in another way of doing things, because that is how we better ourselves. Did she do more of this than any other human being on this planet, I don’t think so but she was a person and she probably had great tales to tell. We learn things from each other thats the way humans are, we have problems, thats the way people are, and we seek out answers anywhere we can…thats the way people are. In closing to my ramblings, RIP and I wish that on all of those I do not know and all of those that I love and hate, with no religeous backing what so ever. Because what is the bible except a forum from a long long time ago.

  145. Jazzy

    Dear Jim Norris,
    It’s true what you said in your posting and you did put it in a very nice and gentle way.
    None of us here truly knows much about Domino and most of us do come here to read what others have had posted.
    We all have our views and opinions and my previous one was quite obvious.
    As much as I’ve read and found out about Domino, I still don’t understand what was the significance about her life.
    She had everything going her way:wealthy family,money and fame, but chose to become a junky and throw it all away.
    Such a waste of life should not even be inspiring to our society and in my opinion it gives a very bad image of what really qualifies to get u to the real fame.
    What did she leave behind? What did she do except that she personally knew some Holywood people who decided to make a movie about her?
    Look at Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morison.
    When I think of them…I get angry cuz them too threw their lifes away…but at least they did leave somehing behind and still today, years after their deaths many of us enjoy their music.
    Domino Harvey? I really don’t get that.
    What was even the point or a message of her movie? What was her life about except going from a rehab to a rehab, and then out of the desperation deciding to become a Bounty hunter just cuz she didn’t care about Tomorrow and didn’t care if she lived or died.
    Someone even mentioned earlier in one of the postings: is it even possible to be a bounty hunter if u’re a junky??
    If she didn’t come from a wealthy family and if she didn’t become famous as a model prior to her drug abuse and death, I bet that today none of us would be even sitting here and talking about her.
    I can’t dispute that she was a good person cuz I really don’t know much about her, but what I do know is that she had everything laid out for her on a silver plate,future that some of us can just dream about, and yet…like many people with alot of money do…they choose,instead of turning it into something positive, to become loosers and die.
    Honestly, should we be inspired by something like that??

  146. julie ann

    Domino Harvey is the most wonderful and amazing woman i have evre seen.When i watched the movie i am so inspired because if you watch that show it will strengthen you to proudly say that “what man can do can be done by a woman”…i really like her she is so brave..for me she’s a hero.

  147. Sea Willcuts

    loved the movie, loved the girl. Don’t really care if she was gay, a junkie or anything else because of her great spirit she will be rememered forever R.I.P.

  148. Cassandra

    I just saw the movie and I thought it was really good. I think Domino was a very strong person, it doesn’t matter if she was a drug addict or if she was gay. If people really liked her they wouldn’t be talking about how much of a drug addict she was.

  149. JimNorris

    Dear Jazzy,
    It is a choice for some to try drugs, but I truly believe it is never a choice to become a junky. Also, everyone who is born comes into a status that they had nothing to do with or that they have no power to change. The fact that she left that wealth in order to pursue something darker just shows me that her spirit/soul/energy was not satisfied and just needed more period. Whether she set out be a junky/model/hunter/or even a dealer, that is for her to know always and nobody else with the exception of a few close friends. Me personally , I think most drugs are bad, but I don’t discredit everything else in that persons life just because they had “some” problems. And one of the most obvious statments you have made is if she had not been born into fame, then nobody would have known who she was anyway is pretty true, but who cares? Her story has inspired and upset alot of people which means she has touched all of them. Good or bad that is powerfull and I am glad to know the even at least the sensationalized hollywood dribble of a film that I have seen. To be honest almost everything else I have found about her is pretty far off of the film. Anyway thanks for responding to my post and have a good life.

  150. Ryan

    I just saw the movie. I watched the extra material on the DVD. And I felt as if I was watching myself. Though I am male, I understand her. I don’t know what normal is either, mainly becuase I can just see the painted world and not the underlying canvass of lies. I too have had battles with drugs. I seem to want to try anything that can kill me. I am shy and reserved to most but the real me is a person who believes in living while I am here not just exsisting. She was not a lab rat like most people are. Going through the maze of life set by society. I believe she had finally realized that it isn’t “Heads you live, tails you die” but rather “heads you stay here, Tails you change phases”. I think after comming up heads so many times she was ready for what is next. She just had the balls to to do it. She still lives just not in the realm the rest of us live. Now to all of you who judge and bash her. Take a look at your own life and ask yourself are you perfect. and have you chosen to be a good person or have you just chosen not to be bad. A person who chooses to be better will still make mistakes, but a person who has only chosen not to be “bad” will never be better.
    I never knew you Domino, but you are in my heart, and the same goes for all of you out there. If you can learn one thing from Domino it is this, live don’t just merely exsist.

  151. kendra

    it no about how she died all that matters is that she did died and she will be in our hearts forever…everyone has there own opinion about her death. me?…it doesnt matter
    she is my idol
    she keeps me going
    kendra, 14

  152. Monika

    Domino….you were what most of us can only aspire in our most vivid and wildest dreams…I’ve yet to hear of courage and strength and passion such as yours…You will never be forgotten! I only wish I could of meet you….maybe in time?
    Yours Truly, Monika.

  153. Jylll

    The movie dear DOMINO this addict did feel,
    Exploring each puzzle to find out what’s real.
    Recovery’s a road, I’ve paved many years,
    Yet still deep inside colors so many fears.
    Your story and movie reached far down in me,
    My own gold fish died, but you all now are free!
    Emotions like seasons, watercolored my heart,
    I just kept rewinding, reliving each part!
    (You are now a STAR forever each night that shines in many lives, thank you)

  154. amanda

    she was a great person no matter what her personal fights were. to those who knew her we all know she will be greatly missed. and to those who never where blessed to have her in your life at all, i feel truely sorry. she was a truely unique and wonder person. god will be walking with her and so will i. domino you will always be in my prayers.

  155. Ein

    1) ‘Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone’ This applies to passing judgement to others as well. If you can judge exactly who you are, then pass judgement to others.
    2) You cannot cram ~35 years of a person’s life into a 2hr movie, where only the ‘glorious moments are depicted’. Its creating what I called ‘Instanity’.
    3) If a movie were going to be made about me, I would star it myself. Nobody can potray me better than myself.
    4) People that say other people is lowlife is just trying to ‘elevate’ themselves.
    5) If the movie/person inspires you, good for you. You are filtering the good by not ignoring the bad part. You just see the good stuff.
    6) If the movie/person makes ticks you off, try to look at the bright side.
    7) Rest In Peace, Domino.

  156. Steve

    I met Domino in 1993 when she worked for a while as a firefighter in San Diego. I didn’t know her very well, but she seemed like a nice person. I’m 99% sure she did not use any drugs at that time. She left that job and I never heard of her again until I first heard of the movie coming out last year.

  157. ashley

    Just to start off no I did not know Domino. I watched the movie and have read about her, I see alot of my mother in her and really look at her highly. My mother was 38 & died of an overdose. Maybe it was suicide, maybe not. Everyone knows when you do drugs you have a chance to die, therefore if you do drugs and die, it’s your fault, suicide, you go to hell. BULLSHIT!!! ok, just cause you did drugs, doesn’t mean you were a bad person & deserves to go to hell. Fuck all of you who say that shit. You didn’t live her life, so you don’t know all the shit she went through. & shouldn’t judge her. She lived her life by her own rules, done what made her happy. We all should do that. R.I.P Domino.

  158. Jarad

    Corey, check out the smokinggun.com they got the autopsy report there, tells who was there when she died, execpt her aunts name. Which if anyone knows i would love that infomation.

  159. bernwahner

    Firstly I don’t know a Great deal about the real domino harvey, admittadley i was brought to awareness of her via the movie as so titled…
    From what I can assume so far she had a very respectable spirit, and was a very worthy human being; and no doubt a worthy adversary as well.
    So for those in here that did actually know her, condolences for your loss, and for those who are coming in here posting utter shit trying to flame the person in discussion… for whatever particular reason, I would hope your just doing it to waste time, otherwise one would assume that your pretty fucking ball-less (gender relative) and obviously enjoy the sound of your own key typing… maybe I do to but my point still stands your a fucking weak cunt and your argument has no bearing.

  160. Ineluki

    We may never know whether it was an accidental death, suicide, or murder… but either way, she will be remembered. She is certainly an inspiration.
    timothy nibul… go fuck yourself. If you’re feeling insecure, post somewhere else. Don’t bash dead people.

  161. GiGi

    I never knew Domino Harvey. Hell, I don’t really know anybody. But I saw the movie, and sometimes I see shit and get curious about it, which is how I came upon this site. I am a recovering heroin addict. Three years, three months, twenty one days clean. It’s some hard shit to kick, but whatever, I didn’t really feel like dying. What I am trying to say is. Everyone has their demons to fight. Some will win and some will lose. It’s a constant battle. So, maybe Domino gave up, got to tired of fighting, or maybe it was a crazy mistake and she didn’t mean to do it….whatever. Nobody will ever know but her. All we do know is that she is gone. To Heaven or Hell or Bora Bora or wherever the fuck you go when you die. So let’s show the woman some respect let her rest in peace.

  162. belzibub

    To all those people that say she was some sort of fucking angel who just had a “little problem” which doesn’t concern us, maybe they should reflect on the real outcomes of her life! She wasn’t just a drug addinct she was a fucking drud DEALER. When she became a dealer it stopped being about HER life and became about the misery that she spread to Hundreds/Thousands of other lifes. Without a supplier there is no demand, without loads of crack fuelled young kids which bought drugs supplied by Domino there would be much less misery.

  163. Jowe

    All drug dealers shoud be executed on the spot. This way we would have no drugs in the streets.
    Think different?
    Bad for you. You re brainwashed by lies.

  164. D

    I saw the movie on DVD. It was great. I came across this site after searching to find out more about this incredible woman. May she rest in peace. To all who have known her, Keep the great memories of her with you at all times, Don’t worry about who said this about her or who said that about her. You know the truth.

  165. APS

    Just rented the movie last night:
    1. Very disappointed, the movie was boring me to absolute death.
    2. Come to find out after some research, she was a drug dealer/user. She got what she deserved.
    3. Is she the only person that had personal/family struggles growing up? I think not.
    There are a billion success stories about people that grew up without a father. So what if she left a great life to be a bounty hunter, who fucking cares? Why is that inspiring? She turned to drugs, which is weak-minded people. She didn’t rise above her adversity, she sunk into it and sold drugs that will contribute to more misery, not make people better/stronger. Making people around you better is a mark of someone special, not the shit that she did. In the end, people get what they deserve. She chose to do drugs and she died by them, guess thats what she wanted. I wish Hollywood could make a movie about some real heroes, like some our fine military members saving lives on the frontlines of war every day, now that would be inspiring!

  166. Kelli

    I also had never heard of here before the movie came out. Although some of the movie was fact and some fictional it just showed me that Domino was a very brave women who just wanted to make in the world as someone who will always be remembered. And for all of you people who are saying how pathetic she was for being a junky, I am sure that if it was you you wouldnot like to be treated like that in the life, especially in the death. So leave her name as like she would want you to……………. domino harvey … bounty hunter.
    God Bless ya girl.

  167. Rogue Unit

    If she is dead, may she rest in peace. But I hope she is alive.
    I might go to Mexico and look for her. I hope she isn’t a lesbian not that I have anything against them but maybe we can hook up because I think I’m in love with her.

  168. Romi

    jake you are just jealous shes a more man than you isnt that right..well i think domino harvey was and still is great.who else in the world has spunk like her?how do we know she was a model there are no other pictures of her if any one has any pics so called “friends” i would love it if you sent me a picture of her.but you cant just judge her that easilly if you have met her decide what you think but just from articles and a movie dont go saying shes bad because im exactly like her and i see why she commited suicide.

  169. Kirsten

    What an insperation. To be a woman who put her life in danger for a living and who is lesbian and proud of the fact. Wow. Domino is really brave, and beautiful. The fact that the movie portrayed her as a straight woman is like they wanna hide the fact that she is lesbian. That’s terrible. I am sad they did that. I wish I was lucky enough to be able to meet her in real life. RIP. <3

  170. Mike

    What is wrong with you people? She may be an interesting story, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to “pay tribute to” or glorify a drug addict who committed suicide…..inspired you? To do what? Be a rebel….fuck your life up to the point where you kill yourself….oh yea people she’s not in heaven….she’s in hell. God tends to frown on suicide remember? Cool, she brought bad people to justice…that’s about it. Good movie though.

  171. neoborn

    We ALL have the potential for great good or great evil, it comes down to the choices we all make daily, every minute, every second!
    For good or evil, R.I.P Domino Harvey, may you now receive all the love you deserve forever more.
    Neoborn <3

  172. Sir MW

    Why can’t Keira Knightly act? Has anyone really got through this movie without realising that she is out of her league alonside Mickey Rouke, Christopher Walkin, and even Macey Gray and Tom Waits! I’ve had more fun reading all the Domino Harvey sites on the WWW than watching that Mumbo Jumbo. Also, didn’t she (the real Domino) look a bit sick at the end of the credits. I didn’t even know who she was… looked like an AIDS victim. I think she was ill!
    But yay… RIP DH x

  173. hyphenateddreams

    Reading these posts infuriates me!
    I did not know Domino but I watched the movie and read up on several articles with their own agenda/bias opinions.
    In the end, can we just say that Domino was/is a human being with two sides to her (just like anyone else)? There is a reason she used the coin analogy… there are always two sides to the coin. Go ahead and pick one.
    Also, self righteous people- look at your self in the mirror. Don’t tell your buddy to take the spec out of his eye while you have a plank in yours.

  174. Randolph

    I saw the movie. Please tell me how the young child is doing that needed the very expensive medical care. Is she still alive and well, or was it all a bunch of bonk!! I wish I could of met Domino just to say hello….!!
    P.S. Domino is gone, Celes King is gone as well…!

  175. Lila Belle

    I just finished watching the movie and to be honest I began watching it because Keira Knightley. She was in Pride and Prejudice my favorite Jane Austen novel. Besides that I had never really heard of Domino until I watched this film. I then researched Domino Harvey and was amazed at what I learned. I can not say that I admire or condemn Domino. Instead I feel fortunate to have seen a film and learned about a person that had a unique life. Domino’s story is very powerful to me and evokes a great deal of emotion both positive and sorrowful. I guess what I am trying to say is that what I have learned from her is to take my life into my own hands and live it. There can be success and tragedy in anyone’s life and we all handle obstacles and situations differently. Domino overcame and battled these obstacles and situations. The those of us alive can should at least respect this woman and learn from her.

  176. melanie

    To all the people that condem Domino please remember that people make mistakes and bad choices. The fact that she did drugs does not make her a bad person just one that made some bad decisions. The feeling that i get from Domino is that she was an incredibly strong women sure she may have had some under lying issues that made her who she became but she lived the life she choose. She was passionate and courageous enough to follow her dreams with no holding back. I didn’t know Domino but I would have been pround to have her as a friend. So to me she wasn’t a bad person or a good person just a person that lived, really lived!

  177. valerie

    Read this. Looks like she might have been a bit gay. Not that I care. I have been in the lesbian scene for over 15 years in Los Angeles, but don’t remember ever meeting her. Doesn’t mean I never did, I know a lot of people. Although, sounds like she was running with a faster crowd than mine.
    Nonetheless, interesting story and life. Here’s the article:

  178. paula stone

    I have read all of these blogs. I am very saddened and dissappointed in the human condition, with the exception of a few who knew both my daughters. Domino was human being and deserves the respect any other would get. As her mother I am ashamed at what I’ve read.
    MS. Paula Stone

  179. Emily

    Domino, u are amazing. Throughout all your trials and tribulations, you paved the way for women in an unrelentless business. From one woman to another, I’d like to say that i respect your courage and fight to stand alone and do something different. Just as you aspired to, you have left a legacy. Rest In Peace Domino

  180. James D. "Scott Free"

    Life. Everyone lives and everyone dies. Every domino falls. The thing about life is, if your not making your dreams a reality, then who’s life are you living? I am inspired by the liberation of spirit, the willingness to live beyond what you are told is possible.
    It is this spirit, this lust for life and the feeling of being alive, that I applaud and admire in you, Domino Harvey. Most people on this planet will never know the great lengths that are possible. By taking hold of life and soaring to great heights, you are free.
    It took courage, heart and balls to do what you did. To live your own way.
    The world may never understand your reasons, but they are not for the world to understand. You always held the key to your destiny. Opening the door to your life is what made you great.
    Veni – Vedi – Vici
    Domino Harvey
    1969 – 2005
    With love,
    Scott Free

  181. iamthelaw

    she had a charmed life and wasted it, who hasnt spent all thier life wishing for the opportunties that she had, my dad had really bad cancer, i joined the army and went to somalia when i was 18, even went to rehab for alchol abuse,my wife left me and took my 2 boys away from me,then my dad had a stroke , and all you people think an addict is tuff?

  182. CJ

    In the time that I lived in L.A. she was my friend. I only knew her to be very loyal and trustworthy. She helped me out of a lot of scrapes, and she was a normal,if a little reckless, girl. She always seemed to be very controlled. And she loved to wash the bloody awful huge black 4×4 she used to drive!!! We spent a lot of time at her house, I even made some clothes for her mum!Sorry they made that ridiculous movie!! That is so not remotely like the Domino that I knew.
    I really do miss you “Floby!!” Only the good….and all that sort of thing!

  183. irina

    I think that it’s stupid to say that the movie is bad an so on, the movie was not meant as a bio from Dominos life. It sayd in the beginnig that it was BASED on a true story. I think the movie was good, and it shouldn’t be judged by those who thinks that the movie is a biogrphy.. i have never met Domino, so i can’t say anything about her life or how she was, but one thing, After everything I have read, That woman is great, And she has always inspired me! R i p Domino! <3

  184. Carrie

    I think the way Domino was portrayed in the movie was almost near to the spitting image she actually was. Scott wouldnt tarnish or ruin her image just for the sake of a movie. I’ve never met her, but I think that most want to be her in the sense that she lived and loved wildly and with no regrets. Reguardless of how she died, she was a beautiful woman that lived and loved hard. If we learn nothing from her, let us learn to appreciate the things in our lives and never regret the things we do because in all honesty, we did them all for a reason. I’m sure she would have liked that 🙂

  185. Jarad

    Carrie, yeah it was almost a perfect image.. except they forgot the part about how she was a lesbian and into womens advocates and a drug addict.. but other than that it was perfect..

  186. Kim

    I guess I’m alittle confused. I read the bio’s and such and all said the she vehemently denied being gay. In fact, she was in the process of sueing someone for slander… She seemed to be very comfortable in her own skin, so I would think she’d admit it if it was indeed true. All in all, I think she would have been very interesting to talk to.

  187. paula stone

    I could shed more light on my daughter, but apparently I don’t need to. So many claim to have “known” her. We didn’t see eye to eye always. She was human. As far as i know she NEVER hurt any of you leaving these nasty postings. She was not a religion zealot. She was not gay, although, she would not have been ashamed of it. MOSTLY, she was just a human being. Something you all seem to be forgetting.

  188. Paula Stone

    I thankfully did not see this movie. In England, it hasn’t been made into that big of a deal, although the tabloids have had their field day since her death. Today would have been her birthday.

  189. long live the brotherhood!

    The brotherhood would like to express it’s deepest sorrow Mrs Stone.
    We have been watching this site for a very long time and we are glad you have finally appeared.
    We would like to ask one question, did your daughter ever mention meeting or writing to a man by the name of brother darkness aka man of all seasons?
    We are looking for this man and should anything crop up pls post here. We will be in touch.
    long live the brotherhood!

  190. Anonymous

    I’m from Italy and I want to write something for this incredible soul.
    I’ve never met her but I wish I had.
    I’ve just watched the documentary about her on Domino dvd(just bought it for the documentary)and I feel a deep connection with her.
    “A true adventurer goes forth,
    aimless and uncalculating,
    to meet and greet unknown fate”
    Domino Harvey
    Thanks Domino!I feel stronger now!
    P.S.@Paula Stone:I’m not really sure if you are the real Paulene Stone.You know,it’s very easy to find fakers on the internet.But if you are her real mother,I’m sorry but I have a stupid question for you:Where is her beautiful dog now?Don’t insult me.It’s just that I saw Domino’s true love for that dog and she was almost like me with my dog.

  191. CJ

    To the brotherhood member,
    don’t know about “man for all seasons”, but she and I once had to spend a few weeks on a reservation because she told me about someone she was afraid of, and he was catching up to her. She refered to him as her “dark friend”. I took it as an african american who was somehow involved in some kind of deal with the agency. Anyhow, we had to leave imm. and I’ve never seen Domino look as stressed as then. Who knew? Things got really weird and I now live in South Africa as a result. Don’t really talk about it much cause no-one here believes me. Had a bad experience again in LA last year on a business trip ( the hotel concierge actually called the cops who were at a loss to explain what had happened ) and I am never going back to LA again!!!!

  192. Paula Stone

    The “man of all seasons” and the “dark Friend” are one and the same. The brotherhood knows this. Please ring me at my home in England. My sister is in L.A. and you know how to reach her, she will provide you with my number. For reasons known to you, I am afraid to post anything concerning this matter here, but am willing to help.

  193. CJ

    Dear Paula,I am too afraid to go any further. I will be in London in September for a few days. Perhaps we can meet? I hope no-one can find me here.I thought I was going crazy, but now I know everything is true!

  194. tom

    My heart bleeds for us all over this.
    If I could offer on opinion from personal experience, I would say that where Fentanyl is equal to heroin in its effect on the body, the quantity of the pure drug and their relationship to volume is vastly different; someone used to using black tar heroin or even China White powder would be hugely mistaken (perhaps fatally) to try to fix a dose without a laboratory of measuring equipment.
    If a person was, say, being watched closely and further, had a “friend in sympathy” with access to pure Fentanyl, an amount nearly invisible in it’s quantity could be exchanged without suspicion under the closest of loving, intelligent scrutiny.
    Having been recieved, the fentanyl could be self-administered in several ways which would bypass the defenses of the digestive system.
    Such a person, might , in their pain (which all heroin users are too familiar with), and impatience, might take a lethal dose completely and totally accidentally, with no intention of leaving us too soon.
    I am not a professional in the field but qualify for a “masters” in my personal knowlege and use of both drugs.
    Paula, and others in her family and realm; true or not, I hope this helps. I am crying for her now but I will stop and move on as all we must.
    God Bless

  195. aj

    there is no way to over dose on fentanyl i am on it yes it uses a patch and no a hot shower will not make you use more ,it is a time release patch so if that is how they are saying she died bullshit no i never met her but i can say this drug does cause tachacardia and hallucinations so it is possible to pass out and drown in a tub and it is the more potent than morphine even in its lowest dose so some one with the allergig reaction could drown be pushed under the water and alot of other senerios but that is for her mother to find out if she really cares all said and done r.i.p. dominoe

  196. aj

    mrs stone i am sorry if it sounded like i think you do not care i did not mean it that way please talk to your doctor and ask about the med she was taking it is not good mixed with alchohol other narcs or hallucinigenics ang it is usually used for cancer patients hope this info helps in your search for the truth sorry for your loss and you and your family will be in my wife and i’s prayers god bless

  197. aj

    i believe that the person that gave d the fentanyl is as much to blame for her death as anyone this drug causes you to hear voices and hallucinate in large doses whoever gave her this drug combined with clonazepam basically in my eyes killed her you dont give a axe murderer a axe and you especially do not give a axe murderer a axe and then put a head on a chopping block for him what i am trying to say is you do not give a person in a depressive state this med it very easily can give the same affect as giving a loaded gun i know the same med almost killed me i had a heart atack when my doc gave it to me in patch form for chronic pain i got off it after three days just to say this is a hard drug to get harder to use someone had to get it to her by her supposed sober sitters something fishy here . hearing voices is something the sober sitters should have reported and her doctor would have checked it out . someone killed this girl with meds she was the gun in her state of mind the med was the bullet and the person who gave it to her is the %$#%@#. thats all i have to say about this i do not want to think about this anymore it makes me want to throw up something here is defineately wrong.

  198. khanz

    i can only say this,
    domino was a tough girl..
    she could faced the hardtime herself, and she was always smiled whatever things came to her.

  199. tutuka

    i just bought her movie and was amazed. It is one of the best movies i have ever seen, The story touches me inside and i can relate to her. Just because they say she did drugs doesn’t make her a bad person. And since when are homosexuals bad??They are ppl just like us just who prefer a different gender. Plus the homosexality was just a ruomor nothing is confirmed, and it will nevr be since she’s gone. She was a unique woman, who did some great things. Domino rest in peace wherever you are.

  200. Gina

    Do we really know anything about her? Do we lie just to get a little attention? Or are we just to disturbed to figure it out? Nobody knows what she thought every time she kicked a door down, nobody knows and we never will. The life and death of Domino is something special, to me that is.(Im sure others feel the same) What Domino did is legendary and those of you who don’t agree should kick your self. What domino did is truley AMAZING.
    Domino Harvey 1969-2005
    We love u always and forever.

  201. lorr

    I’ve read not even half of these and don’t know what to think or belive. i’ve seen the movie i am now a stronger person. This is her personal life, if she wanted us to know all about it she would have told us before she passed. With everything people say about her being gay or not, this is to u, my aunt is gay I will love her no matter what. My cousin was a drug user, even seeing that she beat her addiction before it was to late I will love her no matter what. I didn’t know domino’s family or friends or she herself but I do belive that her family and friends loved her no matter what.
    To domino R.I.P. we will always love u

  202. campana

    If only bounty could remain once more.
    If only life could keep the score.
    If only the blood of the bounty could be seen agian.
    If only true love could be for what she did.
    She was her own bounty fearless or not may god hold her in the love of a lock.
    May he offer her a hand when she crosses the streets of heaven.
    To be loved forever Domino Harvey.
    Domino Harvey
    amar para siempre

  203. Ricardo M Sawyer

    Born rich, went against the grain, had violent tendencies that got her into trouble, flipped the finger against the norm, took drugs, arrested drug dealers, took more drugs as a way to compensate for her addictions to women & violence, got caught doing ?, forced to liquify assets, took a bath (alone?), and died alone. Instead, she could have finished everything normally to the point that she could have used her money position to help others in need. Sure, she had an exciting life that was against society while having fun. Life isn’t always fun for those in need. Where were Domino’s friends when she died? Everyone knew her yet there she was alone. Where were her friends? She was in trouble, yet ……

  204. L.A.

    To the Person blogging as Domino’s Mum; Your name should be Paulene Stone Harvey Morton (shall I go on?), not as posted, “Paula Stone”.
    Furthermore, having sworn to remove herself from further public intrusion into private matters, one has to wonder what manner of sick satisfaction this delusional charade’ grants You? Attempting to portray yourself as Domino’s Mum on Blogs may not be a criminal offense in the states, it is however, most dispicable.

  205. brent

    In the movie, does anyone know of the ‘story’ or ‘truth’ behind the priest that came randomly in the desert of nevada (after they crashed), that gave her the coin, etc.? I wonder what that protrayed. anyone have ideas?
    Anyway, I just saw the movie and I loved it… Not the movie itself, but the story. very touching.
    rip Domino indeed.

  206. tygrlilie

    I didn’t know her, didn’t see the movie, didn’t know about her until tonight.
    A tribute page isn’t the forum for discussing her morality or the lack thereof. She was born and she died, and tried to live her own life, like anyone pursuing happiness does. She made mistakes, loved and hurt, like we all do. Kudos to her for making a go of it.

  207. Nick Williams

    i knew about domino i knew her from a young age and grew up around her. I spent time with her in the states a few years back she taught me alot. one thing il remember is that she said . No matter what any one may say to you no matter what they do to you you will always live on and be strong. yeah she did some bad stuff but she also did some good so just remember that she has been gone over a year now but i feel like i only saw her yesterday. so all il say is good night and thanks for teachin me right. domino

  208. RP

    Hey Dom. Remember the North Woods parties? Remember Lanky? Remember the Postern? Remember the art shop, the smell of the fiberglass resin at the machine shop. You were soo fucking cool, we were all so fucking cool. They were good days were they not? I wish I had kept in touch after school. I got bounced from school to school too, after foxhole it was obvious that no one was going to kill us right? So whatthefuck. We were so lucky, so brave and beautiful.
    That fucking movie was a-t-r-o-c-i-o-u-s, those nobheads didn’t get it at all did they?

  209. Paula Stone

    Perhaps the fact that I did not MENTION my married name was for a REASON, LA, whoever you are. And yes please do go on, for telling me who I am. Since you seem to think you know our family so well, please expound on your “evidence”.

  210. Isa

    First of all, I want to express my condolences to Domino´s family and friends. I have the feeling that, being such an interesting and attractive woman, she must have been deeply loved.
    Of course she is still the object of strong controversy and I must admit that, sometimes, it is hard to understand the way she behaved. But,after all, Who has the right to judge the others?
    I presume that many of us would like to find out if there are more photos, videos or other stuff about her, I mean APART FROM THE BONUS MATERIAL of the MOVIE DVD. How could we get in touch with NEW LINE CINEMA or SCOTT-FREE PRODUCTIONS and make a request about it? Could anyone help? What do yo think?
    Best wishes to everybody,

  211. Helen

    We hear so many different stories, versions of what was for Domino. What is really true? For me I believe everyone lives their life they way they chose. Sometimes it isn’t what we want but it is what we know. I know from past experience of being an heroin addict for 17 more/less years. Now I have taken a different avenue for my life, I love and enjoy living. We have to get past to go forward.
    The one point of denial of who Domino was doesn’t do the movie justice. Why deny someone of who they are/were. Wouldn’t that have made the movie more “based on a true story”(but it did say “sort of”)? No matter what anyone thinks, Domino is a positive inspiration for me. WHY? Because Domino did what she wanted to do. She was not afraid of anyone or life and set out to be the Bounty Hunter she wanted to be. Doesn’t matter what a person wants to be but SHE did it and I have the upmost respect for her. It is so sad that a very talented woman who has a message is not here to share with the next woman (but I guess she doesn’t have to be). Oh by the way, we all have done some messed up shit in our life. Who is perfect? Not anyone I know.

  212. Helen

    To Ms. Paula Stone
    I am pleased that you have been on this sight and hope you get to read this. Domino is someone I knew in many of my paths. Not knowing her personally, I saw her on the Special Features and similarities were definitely there. I am one who can read my own, saying that to say we have so much of the same inside. Domino did what her heart led her to do. We are women who don’t hold back and have no fear of life. If you would like to understand more you can e-mail me at helenkj@comcast.net If you don’t I understand that we sometimes want to leave it as is.
    Not a fan but a woman……

  213. Paula Stone

    To A.J. Tell me about the cowboy suit her father bought her when she was 3. Tell me about how she was devastated when he died. Tell me how she always looked for him in others. Tell me about the lean years when she was in boarding schools in London and L.A.,tell me about how she lived in the guest house of my L.A. home. Please also tell me what glory I am gaining by claiming to be her mother. In my day, I was a top model in London, probably before you were even born

  214. Paula Stone

    To A.J.
    Yes please do go on. tell me how i dealt with a daughter devastated by her father death. How he bought her a cowboy outfit when she was only young. Tell me how she rebelled in boarding school in London and L.A. Tell me how she lived in my guest house when she was nearly bankrupt from heroin abuse. tell me how many tears i’ve cried. And then tell me, why I would pretend to be her mother for my own glory. I, in my day, was a top model in London, probably before you were born, you dispictable twit. So yes, do go on.

  215. Paula Stone

    I cannot comment on pending investigations. The brotherhood knows who they are. I cannot comment about them here. I know they can appreciate that.

  216. Paula Stone

    To Campana who posted in Oct. it is a Spanish translation, basically what you said translates to together we all caida down I to love dominate to you

  217. Lori

    I’ve watched the movie several times and enjoyed it each time. I would look for it in order to watch it, even. Each time I wondered if the “in memory” tacked on at the end was for real or just another hook to get people to watch. So I looked her up. I wish I hadn’t. I enjoyed the movie not knowing what a scum she was, now the movie is ruined.
    And for whoever said to read your bible, suicide is a sin. You should read your bible. Death pays all sin. “The wages of sin is death.” So she has paid in full.

  218. Chris

    i have to say this movie was good but from what i read on the biography it only had half the truth…yet i know “based on a true story” means part fiction part non-fiction..there should have been more truth to the movie…as i said it was a good movie but 75% of the movie was fake false fiction…just a form of twisted truth..if it’s in memory of someone it should be true…i think they should have read more about her and made it a “true story” ..not just based actually true i see alot of wrong moves in the directing of the movie…but still it is a very good movie
    peace people

  219. Dawn Winn

    To Domino’s Mom, my heart goes out to you. I am sorry for the loss of your daughter. Nothing can replace the loss of a child, no matter what the child’s age was- they are still the children of our hearts. This world is not an easy place to navigate, and some of us get lost. We are looking for something, and yet, we may not even know what it is. Domino was a unique individual, like a beautiful jewel, with many facets, all giving a small radiance to the whole picture. In the end, she will not be forgotten, if only for the controversy her life and story seem to have sparked. She was a true wild child, seeking her way. I didn’t know her, but would have liked to. Her life and truth have faded too soon, giving birth to the rise of her legend. Live on, Domino Harvey! Your mystique prevails!

  220. Queen

    RIP Domino Harvey this for u
    This is my voice, the voice of
    The Great Depression.
    The voice of the Holocaust
    The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement
    The voice of Langston,
    Hurston, Mary J, Kravtiz
    Marley, Gladys, Charles,
    Plath, and many more
    pour through me when god
    see to it.
    I am voice of the great fire
    I am voice of the adolescent inside
    I am voice of the man
    I am voice of the suffering
    I am voice of the deaf & the blind
    I am voice of the gangsta that’s ridin to die
    I am voice of the hungry
    I am voice of the warm
    I am voice of the blood struggle
    I am voice of the cold war
    I am voice of the diary
    I am voice of the painter in motion
    I am voice of motion
    I am voice of the animal sound
    I am voice of the ghost that whipped
    I am voice of the steal and diamonds we found
    I am voice of the dead slaves
    I am voice of the Worker, The Reader,
    The Great Believer
    I am voice of Music Method Delivered
    I am voice of the Great Warriors
    I am voice of the Tribes
    I am voice of the writer
    I am voice of lover inside
    © Jessica Murat
    Author’s Comments on “Voice…”

  221. Chicago

    Sorry, I do not agree with any of you first let me say I am a police officer and have been on both sides of the fence regarding crime been there with people who commit crime before I was the police and arrested people after. From what I read she only arrested 50 people in 3 years, that is nothing to be honest (done that it a couple of months). Secondly, she was glamorized for being a women Ill give her credit for being crazy and having balls. Second she was a drug addict Fentanyl has killed thousand so far so she was cutting her dope with pharm. grade stuff. which killed here. She couldn’t make the cut for the fire dept. or ambulance job. I find it kinda sad that you all glamorize her for having money she lived in mommies 1.2 million dollar cottage before she died, sounded life her life sucked, she got paid $360k for the movie. She was probably using here money in the so called drug bust she was involved in Miss.(she attempts to justify that in her movie as to save a child) Personally, I find her to be the same as all the rich asshole spoiled brats that I have know and that don’t find their way, she bounces around trying different jobs never really works for a living and then see gets involved in drugs. She may have been a decent person can’t say but I can say you seem to all be blinded by this movie and by this so called legend which is really more fictionally and sad. A lost person with family issues that ends up dead with drugs. I have met thousands of criminals and I mean really thousands over the last 10 years and sure they are can all be nice people but in reality they are the murders, rapist and morally corrupt people that is part of their charm. Trully, I have met more everyday heroes that she doesn’t belong to be in a room with. Sorry this one is Hollywood made image.

  222. Paula Stone

    Chicago, while much of what you is painfully true. If you are a police officer, do you not think your words are hurtful to her family, who were honest decent people. You describe her as spoiled, yet, what parent doesn’t spoil their child, if they can. If you have children, I wonder how you would feel if someone posted their flaws all over the internet or even your flaws, as you stated you have worked both sides of the law. None are perfect, no Domino wasn’t. she did live in my cottage and with me on many occassions. But would you, if you are a parent, throw your child in the streets? I did what I could. When our children reach a certain age, they are beyond our control. I had to finally resolve with the fact I could not save her, from addiction. Unless you have been an addict you cannot know how terrible it is to suffer

  223. eva

    didn’t know the girl
    just want to tribute
    screw all you who don’t respect those who have died
    she’s an insperation to tomboys everywhere including me
    lesbian or not
    athiest or religous
    being homosexual is a choice
    haven’t seen the movie but already moved
    great independent women (everyone has mistakes)
    hope your in heaven
    peace and god bless
    by a christian tomboy still pissed at her past and pissed at everyone who conrtibuted

  224. charita

    I just purchased her movie on dvd and although it did not protray her life experiences per say, I found her to be a very bold and heroic female with balls alot of men I know do not posess! It does not really matter if she was a lesbian or not, she was a human being with feelings and emotions,just as we all are. So don’t judge so hard about her addicton or anything else! Take a look in the mirror and start judging there. Maybe if we all did that we would have least to say of others. GOD BLESS HER SOUL AND MAY SHE REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!

  225. Tyler

    I did not know her.I think it sucks anyone should have to go through anything like this.
    I wish I would have met her she seemed kool.
    RIP Dommino
    Atlanta GA

  226. J

    some people see things in one instance that can change there lives forever and most of the time not in a good way,it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing a job one second can change your perspective forever. You can be a soldier for twenty years and never have to fire your weapon or you can be the noobie who has to fire at a kid with a hand grenade running at you. all people die

  227. What?

    As what’s typical of the internet, Chicago claims to be a cop, but he can’t put together a coherant fricken’ paragraph. Don’t you need to be able to write clearly enought to put together arrest reports and what-not? Your ‘facts’ are totally hosed too.
    What is it about this chick that gets you freaks so nuts?

  228. Jay

    I read about the thing about her bein a firefighter,which is what im gonna be when i get outa school.but she never inspired me to be a firefighter in the 1st place,but i think it’ll make me feel good knowin that when im suitin up for a fire someone like her was in the same line of work

  229. r

    to those breaking chicago’s balls… he/she wouldn’t have posted had her story… life in general effected them. addiction is cunning and baffling. it effects all of us. we all have one or a few in our family. glamorizing addiction, drugs or alcohol, is getting less cool by the hour. go to a re-hab and see the souls that are already lost. wealthy, family folks, who can’t bear to give up their addiction, in spite of kids, success, etc.. their mental chemistry is fucked up. psychologically speaking, many times this shit stems from our parenting, or lack thereof. i know plenty of beautiful, talented, interesting people like ms. harvey… and i can tell you, money is worst band-aid, if it’s in your pillow when you sleep. sobriety is a state of mind and a way of living she chose not to embrace. bless her soul.
    the movie itself was interesting. bubble-gum-ish. entertaining. i liked the love affair btwn. choc and D.seeing a film like that, one must realise the creative liscence that must be taken. it was not a documentary about che guevara. it was a funky story that had bits and pieces of psycho-drama involved. i don’t know if i will ever visit the top of the stratosphere again… at least not the same way.
    happy new year

  230. Anthony W. Allen

    I thought the movie was great! How accurately it depicted her life who knows? I will say this much, she deserves a place in heaven for trying to do Gods work here on earth despite her shortcomings. She could have layed around and lavished in the Hollywood circles of fame and fortune but chose her own path to the promised land. R.I.P. Dominoe. Anthony W. Allen

  231. Sam Erbert

    Harvey was my bigest hero. when she died, it was a tragity not just for me but other fans, people, friends, family, etc. she left us with great mimories and there will never be another Domino Harvey.
    RIP Domino Harvey.
    you’ll always be in our hearts!
    Sam Alanna Erbert♥

  232. martin

    I found the movie very inspirational and if the sacrifice to save the child was true it says alot.
    I found the following regarding her lab work:
    I didn’t know her and this is in no way judgemental. I have experience in the field.
    Other than her prescription meds the substance fentaynl was found in potentially lethal dose in her system. Fentynl is the most potent synthetic narcotic known. By weight it is 1,800 times stronger than morphine and 600 times stonger than heroin. A lethal dose is about the size of a small grain of sand. Pharaceutically it is used as surgical anesthesia and in transdermal patches that last 3 days for cancer patients. Licking the contents of a patch will kill most people.
    When illicit fentanyl is sold as heroin (mixed with whatever) which happens periodically the cities emergency rooms see a massive increase in buisness.
    This was also the substance that the russians used in the school hostage case is gas form. The idea was to sedate everyone inside. Everyone died including the hostage children.
    How it got into Domino’s system is not answered.
    There are 4 other documents including the death certificate at the above site at the time of this posting.

  233. SpecialK

    I saw this movie last night and loved it, whether or not it was part (or mostly) fiction! I read too many tabloids but Lindsay Lohan dated Harry Morton the son of Hard Rocks founder, owner whatever, is this Domino’s step brother? and Domino’s mother’s step son? Also they own the Pink Taco fast food chain. It’s really weird how things end up sometimes and the coincidences that come along with life, and people’s lives we become a part of and vice versa!

  234. cheyenne lovell

    i saw the movie it was my favoriate of all time im only 13 but it made me want to become a bounty hunter,Domino Harvey is a real insperation and she made a big impact on my life!

  235. choo

    WoW. There are so many judgemental Souls, some of which are just angry people. In reading a few of the tributes and non-tributes, I almost forgot this was a Tribute forum.
    I am humble before anyone who’s righteous or tragic life has inspired me to live my life with more zest.
    Domino, your story, your life, your spirit has touched me.
    Peace be upon you,
    bye bye

  236. Ken

    I’ve always lived for a life of action and watching and reading about Domino she inspired me to become a bounty hunter. RIP DOMINO
    Kankakee IL

  237. stacy bedard


  238. domino

    Hi my name is domino homer and i have never met domino harvey but when people go on about what she was like you dont really know what to beleive, i personaly think that domino was a great woman and havent got anything bad to say about her. I am 15 almost 16 but still think when people make comments like some of the things said on here it seems like many people have their own views on her…

  239. stuie

    watched the movie and thought it was good,i think most people on here judged her from how the film portrayed her…remember the film was loosly based on fact,which means some…if not most,was based on fiction.
    most of us will never know what she was truly about…with the exception of mayber her family and true friends,so it is with these people i leave my thoughts at thier loss.
    rest in peace domino.

  240. tanner

    my name is tanner i wtched the movie today (Domino) it was so interesting i looked her up on the net and would like to know more this person just doesnt seam to have an ending to her story i would like to know what is true in the movie and what was left out and what was fake. im very interested

  241. RealistinKC

    Domino – may you find peace in rest…
    Ms. Stone – I would like to know more about her – is this even remotely possible? I completely understand if not.
    Thoughts and prayers.

  242. Denise

    Best one is from dominique on Aug. 27 2005. Great humor it is something I am sure Domino would have wrote. I don’t know why they kept her sexual preference out of the movie. Life is tough no matter what road you travel. The best we can hope for is a little peace along the way. RIP

  243. Matt

    Domino Harvey was many things to many people, but first and foremost, she was somebobdy’s Daughter.
    and the loss of life at such a young age is a tragedy, whatever the cirmcumstance.

  244. Linda

    i just watched this movie for the first time… and in all truth-only for mickey rourke… cant stand keira knightley… anyway. i read the blogs and am mortified by all the BS about her being a lesbian and a drug dealer and a drug addict… who the F**k cares?!?!? it was just a genuinely good movie, with terrific cinemitography… i enjoyed it and am really glad i didnt read all this bulls**t before watching this movie because all you retarded morons out there posting stupid shit about things that were NOT in the movie, figure it out… they did not make the movie for a reason… duh!!! it IS still just that-A MOVIE!!! MADE TO ENTERTAIN PEOPLE!!! IF IT HAD MEANT TO BE A DOCUMENTARY I WOULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING ON A&E, NOT CINEMAX!!!

  245. Linda

    oh yeah one other thing to all u retarded asses… if you take the movie so literal-when did they rebuild the Statosphere in Las Vegas? Like i said the directors and producers took ALOT of liberties – not everything was real and not everything was included… im pretty sure Domino ate but we didnt see it once during the WHOLE movie… i just cant help saying this again… you are all retards!!!!!

  246. Bo

    Respect is earned, not automatically conferred upon death. It is stupid to canonize someone just because they died. So what? Everyone dies. But not everyone is worthy of respect.
    Neither is everyone all bad or all good. Her drug use, dealing and using her job as a bounty hunter to procure free drugs far outweighs any good she may have done.
    This woman was born into privilege and pissed it all away. She could have spent her life making a difference and doing some good. Instead, she chose to live a life of debauchery which ultimately ended her life. I see nothing noble or worthy of respect in such a waste.

  247. Julie

    Wow seems alot of you have nasty opinions, I can honestly say I never knew Domino. I have seen the movie. I know it over dramitizes her life, but she was a person. She may have had some hard knocks in life & not made some smart choices.
    The postings should be a memorial to a life cut short not to swear & analize her death or make stupid comments. NO I DO NOT NEED TO GET A LIFE I HAVE ONE.
    I think she would have been an amazing speaker.

  248. HaPpY_TorTa

    Hi, I seeen the movie 1000 times, my thing is, if somany people are so “disgusted” and dont give a Damm about Dominoe, why did they take the time to look up this site?? And took the time to sign up… to be able to even Mention her name, if in fact they were so Upset at the time anyone spends on talking about her.
    Man talk about not having a life… thats them, we all do, but we do take breaks and look for something interestin to read and leard about… today I learn there is more Morans out there who pretend to be perfect by judging other people… when in fact they must pick on someone else.. because their ass is so sore from picking their own holes… duuuuuuuhhh…

  249. Isa

    Particularly sad week. Domino, I am not surprised that people miss you very much. So do I. It is difficult to get over it.

  250. Hestia

    I never met Domino but she have inspire me alot. Im kindda’ like her you know. I understand her. I dont like the Hollywood business either and i’ve been expelled from 3 schools already. Yesterday i turned 15. I really want to be a bounty hunter. It must be such a sudden rush. Adrenaline you know, my kind of drug 😉
    Rest in peace, Domino.. Im sry that you died before we had time to met. Love you! We will see eachother in hell.. Or heaven.. Or something in between 😉

  251. erebus

    I had avoided watching the movie. I did not like her when she was alive. I thought she was just another privileged druggie asshole. When on meth she was confrontational and violent. When not on heroin she was short tempered and on the hunt.
    Now all that sounds bad. But I have met uncounted number of people who were and are exactly the same. I do not pity her more than anyone else. I do not admire her any more than anyone else.
    I did not watch the film, cause I just did not like her. Needlessly obnoxious and aggressive.
    But the list of people that fit that type is endless. You can’t swing a cat without hitting someone that is exactly the same. I doubt she liked me. I did not give a shit if she did or didn’t. Because she did not matter to me. I doubt I was even a microsecond blip on her radar. I was in no position to help her because she seemed to have no desire to help herself.
    There. Now you know how I personally felt. But I did not KNOW her.
    But she was a human being. Living her life however she wanted. Yes, she caused needless pain. She contributed to drug problems that are heinous. We ain’t talking pot here but meth. And if you defend meth or its use or users you are an idiot.
    But she was human. Her mistakes were just that. Mistakes. I made them and make them still. Not one person posting here has not made them. I do not have to have liked her to realize her humanity. Hell, I’d liked to have clobbered her. She often used the fact she was a woman, knowing many guys hesitate, to prove something to herself I think. Anyway, I would have but she was a woman. If a guy said and did the shit she did, well…..it’d be different. And no, do no bother saying she’d kick my ass. Because she was in no condition to kick anyone’s ass then.
    But see? That is just personal shit. It don’t mean nothing. Had I met her when she was clean and coping we might have been best of friends.
    And to all the people that praise her, do not praise her any more than those that had the strength of will and courage to quit drugs or those intelligent enough never start. I am neither myself.
    I’m sad she died. To those who think conspiracy I say honestly, given the drug she was using, it was 99.999% likely it was just an accidental overdose.
    Which is incredibly sad. She was a young woman with so much life ahead of her. I believe in my heart of hearts that she could have gotten clean.
    Myself, I wish she could have gotten clean and dedicated her life, using her considerable talents to help other get clean. I think she could have been good at it.
    Good or bad, it is wrong to say shit like you are glad she was dead. Like her or hate her it is wrong to strip her of her humanity. She was a person. Flawed yes. But still a human with so much to contribute.
    The movie came on tonight and I saw part of it. Liked it less than I liked her. It could have been so MUCH better especially given the talent involved and the source material to work with.
    I hope she is finally at peace. My heart goes out to her family and friends, for they are the ones left to suffer.

  252. walter

    She was smart,wity,Pretty and my friend/on yahoo messenger
    God I miss her so damn much.
    I to am Bipolar,Met her at a pool hall
    R.I.P domino,You will always be remembered

  253. anna

    cj so that much time has passed but please contact me …. is important …. I write from Italy …. I believe in you and what you wrote…..leave a post for me to understand that
    are you still here
    Dom,if only you could hear, if only you could know how I feel right now … I feel so sad, so empty … I do not want to resign myself ….

  254. M.E

    After so long, I went to search for the real “Domino” and found out the movie is a fake story. I watch it first in 2009 and believe this is a real life story and I try to use it as my way of improving my life and be happy. After 5 years, I don’t know what to do believe anymore, I’m crush down on my knee with my head on the ground feeling empty. The good thing about the movie is that it helps me prepared what I’m going to do … not like the real “Domino” i’m not going to die on a bathtub alone, I’m going to do it for “ME” and die in GLORY. R.I.P real “Domino”

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