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Steven Vincent


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svincent.jpgSteven C. Vincent, a freelance journalist and blogger, was murdered on Aug. 3. He was 49.
Born in Sunnyvale, Calif., Vincent earned a degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley. After hitchhiking to New York City, he spent the next 25 years working a variety of odd jobs

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  1. Cliff Gibbs

    EVERY American should be outraged at the senseless killing of such a talented, honest,and brave journalist. The world is diminished by his loss. May you Rest in Peace Steve Vincent, a martyr for democracy!

  2. Democracy

    I just started to read the book of Steve Vincent. This book will make history, I believe. Steve decribes things in his book that many will not understand for 10 years. But then they will understand or at least I hope so. It took the world more then 10 years to understand what Hitler was doing with Europe. But finally they understood. France was not capable to save itself from Hitler. The USA took over that job and done it well.
    I recommend this book to anybody who lives in a democratic country, likes to go out at night and likes the opportunities a democratic country brings. I also recommend this book to the peace activists who have a girlfriend and do not have a problem when a male friend speaks to their girlfriend without asking for permission first.
    My utmost condolences to his wife and all his friends who supported him.
    Going from art to war for _your_ cause. What a great Man you are and will always be! My mind is with your cause and will always be.

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