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Anthony Burger


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aburger.jpgAnthony John Burger, a gospel music pianist whose latest album was nominated for a 2006 Gospel Music Association Award, died during a performance on Feb. 22. He was 44.

When he was 8 months old, Burger fell onto a furnace grate and suffered third degree burns on his hands, legs and face. Doctors predicted he’d never move his hands again, but the musical prodigy proved them wrong. Burger began playing the piano when he was only 3 years old and made his radio debut at the age of 5. He studied classical music at the Cadek Conservatory of Music in Chattanooga, Tenn., but gospel was his true passion.

Burger recorded nearly two dozen albums with the gospel group, The Kingsmen, then produced his first solo release, “Anthony Burger at the Lowry Organ,” in 1975. His music spoke to legions of fans, who voted him Singing News Magazine’s #1 musician for 10 years in a row (1980-1989). The Brentwood, Tenn., resident later joined up with gospel superstar Bill Gaither and the Gaither Homecoming concert tour as a guest pianist. Known for his renditions of “He Touched Me,” “The King Is Coming,” “It Is Finished” and “Because He Lives,” Burger performed to sold out crowds all over the world.

Two Gaither albums and videos featuring Burger are currently in the Top 10 on both music video and contemporary Christian album sales charts. His latest album, “A Tribute to Bill and Gloria Gaither,” was nominated this year for a Gospel Music Association Award in the instrumental album category. His record, “New Born Feeling,” was nominated in the same category in 1997.

“If you look back at the 25 years Anthony Burger devoted to reaching the world through gospel music you will see a discography filled with some of the finest piano artistry the world of gospel music has ever known. You will most likely be impressed by his many accomplishments, too. But what Anthony would want you to remember, first and foremost, is how God used this Tennessee boy — a boy who was once told he would never have full use of his hands — to soothe a hurting world through music,” said Emily Sutherland, director of Gaither.com.

Burger was playing “We Shall Behold Him” on a Bill Gaither Homecoming cruise in the Caribbean when he suffered an apparent heart attack, collapsed and died.

Anthony Burger, Ivan Parker & Kirk Talley Download “Glory Road” by Anthony Burger, Ivan Parker and Kirk Talley

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  1. Joanne Rybar

    What a story of “Victory” Anthony was. His God given talent so moved me.
    It was evident when God took him, He “planned” the song and sitting at a piano, which has given so many many hours of JOY to everyone.
    I have always been amazed by watching him play the Piano. I would be so happy when they would put the camera on his Piano Playing for a few minutes.
    His smiling face, his love for laughter and the serenity he displayed — showed the “Spiritual Man” he was. His untimely death is a loss to all.
    I deeply regret his early death and send “Condolences” to his family and friends.
    Joanne Rybar

  2. Margaret Welwood

    My sincere sympathy to Anthony’s wife and children. What a gift God gave to him and how he used it so faithfully. Thanks be to God.
    No, I did not know him personally, just saw him at Toronto events. I also have many, many videos that Anthony will be remembered by and his faithfulness. Put your hand in the Hand of God, LuAnn, He will comfort you. I know from experience. Oh there are hard days, but He gives us strength “one day at a time”. God Bless !!!

  3. Glenda Junge

    What a “way to go”….playing “We Shall Behold Him”! My husband and I wanted to be on this cruise but, now I’m glad we weren’t.
    Anthony will be missed by so many who loved him, and how he showed his love for his Lord. What a beautiful spirit he had. Now he’s playing in Heaven for the One who gave him the gifts he had.
    Sincere sympathy to his family, you are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and give you peace.

  4. Susan Eakin

    I have been to so many Gaither homecoming concerts and always loved when Anthony played a solo. I first learned of his burns when I went to singing on the Amish farm a few years ago and he told of his childhood burns ,he left a special place in my herat from then on.My sincere sympathy goes out to his family. What a loss to all who loved and adored him

  5. michael flowers

    God what a talent this man had, the last time I went to a Gaither concert, I was blessed enough to hear Vestal Goodman sing one last time, now,through death, I also have heard Anthony play there as well, two gospel Greats, have gone to be with their Lord, may they sing and play together, forever, may God bless and keep his family, peace dear Anthony, rest in peace……………

  6. Rebekah

    I remeber when Anthony Burger performed at my church in Port Orchard, washington. during offering time, pastor asked one of my freinds to play the offertory. this is anthony burger for you! he got up and played the offertory with her! (anthony Burger was light years ahead of my freind as far as piano experiace was concerned) when they got done, HE was applauding HER!!!!! i will never forget that! anthony buger was soooo good!

  7. Karen

    The Choir in Heaven has the greatest piano player of all now. Me and a close relative Kathy got together and raised money to get the kingsmen
    to come to my church,That was one of the greatest times we had prasing the Lord and enjoying Anthony playing the piano,If A Piano could talk ,,It would be Anthony that could make it talk.**BOY COULD HE MAKE ONE TALK**Sadly missed

  8. sheila williams

    so sad to hear of the passing.. what a way to go. It was a glorious home going,to be playing to the one he so loved and worshipped, way to go Anthony. Along with you we to sing “We shall behold Him”. To the family we grieve with you, Anthony touch so many, I’m sure you will enjoy his music for many years to come
    You are in my prayers,

  9. Martha Hofer

    I will never forget Anthony playing so beautifully in Sioux Falls, SD. when the Gaither
    Homecoming Concert was in out city. I sat only
    a few feet away from the piano, and Anthony could
    make it ring.
    My sincere sympathy to his beloved family.
    We grieve with you. My prayers are with you.

  10. Erin

    I did not know of Anthony Burger personally, but, my friend Kay was telling me about having personally met him. She talked about how kind he was to all of his fans at his concerts…especially how he took the time to talk with them. Mine and my friend’s prayers go with the Burger family at this time. An incident like this just tells us how fragile our lives are and reinforces the importance of living each day fully for The Lord.

  11. Ron & Jeanette Hoffman

    My husband & I met Antohny at the Gaither concert in Nashville in March 2005. He came out onto the venue after the concert , signed a picture of himself for us. We bought a DVD of his beautiful music which we have enjoyed many times. His family & the fans that loved him (like my husband & I)will remain in our prayers. Well done!!! Gods good & faithful servant!! Now you are playing for the Master in person!! We love & miss you Anthony!

  12. Debbie Purvis

    Its been 2 weeks now and my mom (88 wonderful years old) and I have spent so many wonderful hours listening to Anthony’s CD and videos and watching the Gaither Videos and everytime Anthony appears, we race to exclaim, “There’s Anthony!!”
    We have driven to ATL, Cleveland, TN and Jax, FL to see him perform. We miss you so very much Anthony. My mother have said that we feel that Anthony was so full of happiness and the blessings and love of the Lord that night when he was playing “We Shall Behold Him” … that God in his infinite wisdom just reached down and picked Anthony up to go and live with him for eternity. We pray daily for Anthony’s wife, daughter, and sons. May he bless your lives and comfort you with his peace and love and give you great strength to sustain you in this time. WE MISS YOU ANTHONY! So Very Much! as the song says, “knowing you will be there, makes it easier to go home.”

  13. David Baerresen

    My Lady friend and I attended the Gaither Concert in Sacramento last October and enjoyed Anthon’s playing, afterward, I took a picture of him and my lady friend bought a CD, she enjoyed the piano playing which I do also. I will really miss seeing Anthony and as I remember he sang with I am not sure who but that impressed me and when he told about his son at school. Anthony was a sincere Christian and had a heart for God in his music.

  14. Tyler Sharp

    Anthony Burger was, undoubtedly, the greatest pianist to ever grace a stage. His musical virtuosity was astounding. He could play anything, any style, and he played it with heart. Anthony Burger is my hero. So many of my heroes, such as George Younce, Vestal Goodman, and now Anthony, are now in heaven. There was and is no greater role model for a 17 year-old aspiring gospel pianist. Anthony played with a worshipping spirit. He was a most humble man, and the epitome of a servant. I was planning on attending a Gaither Homecoming concert in my hometown in April just to meet my hero, but now, I guess, I will have to wait until I pass into that eternal home. I can’t wait to meet my hero and to see him playing that golden grand piano before the throne of Almighty God. God bless you, LuAnn and your children in this most difficult time. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. If he meant this much to this ole country boy who never even met him, I can’t imagine how much he must have meant to you all. Thank you Mr. Anthony, for the legacy you have left, and for the impact you have had on my life. Thank you God for allowing us the privelidge of hearing a snatch of the symphonic sounds of the music of heaven as played by the one and the only Anthony Burger.

  15. Flora Porter

    Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain.
    I lost my father at a young age, but God’s promise was made good in my life to be a father to the fatherless. He will do the same for you.
    “God be with you, ’til we meet again.”

  16. Amy Dykes

    My sincere sympathy and love to his family as well as the Gaither family. I was at the concert in Buffalo, NY and was a few rows from Anthony. I admit I was more moved by his playing and the love of Christ you could see on his face. He will be missed and loved for a long time to come.

  17. Wayne & Carolyn McClendon

    We were deeply saddened to hear of Anthony’s death.We have watched him on the Gaither videos for years and the Lord gave him a great gift.It sent chills when we learned that he was playing such a powerful song when he went to meet our Lord.Alot of Gods singers were there to welcome him home.Our prayers go out to his family.From the families of Wayne & Carolyn McClendon/Pastor Terry & Lorie Nied/GMC Trio

  18. pat rutledge

    i saw anthony play on 2/12/06, and as i started to leave i almost didnt go up and speak to him at the table outside where they sold his work, but i did go over and told him how much he was loved and how much his music meant to us!! i am soooooo glad i did that!! it just shows we should tell folks more often how much they mean to us!! i dont begrudge him the wonderful time in heaven with our Lord but i just tear up when i hear him play on my CDs that it is all i will ever have of his work!! may God bless his family at this time…….

  19. Corey

    Anthony you will be greatly missed! I’ve never heard anyone play the piano like you. You’re the greatest. Being a pianist myself I could only hope to have a mear small amount of your wonderful talent.
    God has used you in many ways to reach people and now he has you in arms, playing for him in person now.
    I was riding in a friends car listing to the Gospel Greats radio show when I heard of your death. I sobbed for about an hour. I was sadden and happy at the same time. To tell you the truth I didn’t know how to feel. A whole range of emotions flowed through me. Great rejoice for the Lord had taken you home and great sad because you will be missed here on this great earth, but mostly on that piano bench that you so greatly loved.
    I so believe it was a great honor to die doing what you love. A wonderful way to go.
    My love and support goes to you family and your Gather family and friends. May God continue to bless and touch people through your awesome music. You will be missed!

  20. Julie Mason

    What a blessing Anthony Berger has been to the world! I know many have grown closer to the Lord through his music. May God bless his family, and may they find peace in knowing they will see him again.

  21. Keith & Doreen Williams

    What a shock to hear of the death of Anthony Burger. Doreen and I have been to several of the Homecoming tours in Toronto ON, as well as Praise Gathering in Indianapolis. We spoke to Anthony briefly on those occasions and he was such a wonderful person, so amazingly talented yet humble and right at home with those who came to see him. He will be missed dearly, but he is playing in Heaven now for some of those he truly loved; Vestal Goodman, Jake Hess, Rex Nelon, George Younce, J.D. Sumner and many others. Anthony conquered his early childhood trauma and became probably the greatest gospel music pianist of all times. He is with our Lord now, but he is truly missed here on Earth. His wife and family are in our prayers. God loves you Anthony and He has great plans for you in Heaven.

  22. Steve and Sheere Gleason

    We are in shock with Anthony’s death. How fondly we will remember his enormous talent and faith.
    Whenever we hear or see one of Anthony’s CD’s or DVD’s, tears of joy are a part of our listening. Now, it will be in our thinking!!
    God bless his family and the Gaither Group. How they must be at a loss right now.

  23. pat

    my husband was a gospel music “nut”anthony was one of hisfavorite musicians. he enjoyed talking to him after concerts and had accumulated quite a cd/dvd collection before he died i know chuck is thrilled to have his ‘buddy’ with him in GLORY when i read the notice i got a chill down my spine,because my husband was PROMOTED TO GLORY on FEBRUARY22,2004 i know that the LORD will comfort you and your children as HE has held me close these past 2 years

  24. Fred

    My wife and I were on the Gaither cruise when Anthony died. We attended the 4:00 PM concert that day, and were thrilled with his exquisite playing. We were at dinner during the 8:00 PM concert when word reached us that he had died. This was a bittersweet week — one of great praise to our Lord interspersed with grief for Anthony’s passing. It is a week and a cruise that we will never forget! We praise the Lord for his ministry through music.

  25. C Foley

    I have been a fan of the Gaithers for many years.
    So many of their dear people have gone to Heaven just makind it a better place for us to go.I watched a concert of Anthony Burger on GMT today.
    May God be with his family,His videos and music will keep him with us always.
    I have been a Gather fan for many years,Have seen Anthony Berger at concerts and no one was better.
    Many of the dear people in the Gather group have gone to Heaven and made it a better place for us to go.
    May God be with Anthonys family.I watched a concert of Him today on GMT.It was super.
    Gods blessings.Christine Foley

  26. roy stroud

    My, what a pianist. I have followed gospel music for 35 years. He was at the top of the list! We loved to hear him play. His music will live on in many of his productions and the Gaither videos. I wish his talent could be transfered to someone else. What a blessing he and his music were!

  27. debbie

    anthony burger was a hero of mine,and even though i never got to meet him personally,i have seen him with the gaithers once,and have many videos. he seemed like such a wonderful man,and i really really wish i could have known him.
    i have spent the past three weeks watching the tapes i have,reading the things people have said about him,reading stories,looking at pictures,and just studying what pieces of hislife i can put together. i have been tkaing piano lessons for a few years now,and he was,and is my inspiration,and i will do my best to honor his memory be helping the music he loved to go on.

  28. Rodger McGee

    What a wonderfull pianist. Can you just imagine with such great singers that have gone on before such as Vestal, JD Sumner, Jake Hess, Elvis, George Yonce and so many others. And now Anthony Burger is their to play the piano for the heavenly choir. Talk about making a joyfull noise. WOW !!! God only promises us one day at a time and obviously God was ready for Mr. Burger to come home. We just need to be thankfull to God for sharing Anthony Burger with us even if it was only for a little while.

  29. Teresa Brown

    I am from Anthony’s hometown in Cleveland, TN. I attended Anthony’s final concert in December at the Clingan Ridge Baptist Church. I sat in the santuary so that I could watch Anthony’s hands as he played that night. My what an awesome experience! As he played, I felt myself being lifted up into the presence of God. I attended his funeral at that same church only a few months later. My what a service. It was a sad time but also a happy time as the Hallelujah Chorus was played at the end of the service. Today, I played Anthony’s newest CD as I cleaned out my garage. My husband came home and said, “Do you realize how loud you have the CD player turned up?” I said, “Yes, and that is just the way Anthony would like it.” Anthony touched my life while he was on this earth. He is still touching my life as he continues to minister to me through his music.

  30. Iris Knox

    To cry over the death of a person whom you do not know speaks volumes of praise for that person. I am a 77-year old person whose visual sight is impaired, but I have used my VCR to copy the Bill Gaither Programs for quite some time now. Ever since I heard about Anthony’s death, I have put on DVD’s about 190 songs in which he played. I,too, marveled at the way he used his hands on the Piano and the spiritual expression of love that he showed. After he played “We shall Behold Him” at the Atlanta Dome, he stood up, raised his right arm and gazed toward Heaven as if to thank the Lord. Here, again, I am crying. The Bill Gaither programs preached to its listeners; and, even though I am a christian–I would have wanted to give my heart to God after hearing and seeing those grand performances. May God who said “my grace is sufficient for thee” give you and your family the COMFORT that you need. Praise the Lord!
    Iris Knox, Easley, SC

  31. Evelyn McConnell

    This man Anthony Berger what a God given talent. When he got to that piano and gets that music going and he begains to rock that piano bench you know he is feeling it all over, God Bless Berger I call him, I have a lot of their tapes. God be with his family I pray Gods heavenly angles take care of the family. Jesus Loves You.

  32. Dixie Witt

    When news of Anthony’s death reached me, I felt like it was one of our family; I had bought our granddaughter a piano from his dad many years ago. That same granddaughter loved his music and is now studying music at a local college; I gave her a book of his, and the week he died, I had the opportunity to play at a local rest home, playing many of his old time favorites that he had arranged in my own personal way of honoring his memory. God bless the family, we’ll miss Anthony.

  33. Bill & Norma Cole

    Bill & I was on the Gaither Cruise(and in the Concert)when Anthony colasped. God just reached down February 22, 2006 and picked a “HUGH GOLDEN NUGGET” from our midst!! ANTHONY WAS THE BEST!!
    He will be playing the “Heavenly National
    Anthem” as each of God’s children reach the “Gates of Heaven”!!

  34. Monica Johanne Tornes

    Anthony Burger was the greatest piano player in the world. I want to play the piano like he did. I have watched many Gaither videos where he played, and I got fascinated every time I heard him, it was just so beautiful and professional! May God bless and protect his family and the Homecoming-family through this hard time. I hope you’re having a great time by the piano in Heaven, Anthony.
    Monica Johanne Tornes, Norway

  35. Annabelle Jolly

    Having knowing Anthony since His Kingsmen Days.
    He was certainly annointed by the Masters Strong
    Hands. I remember a time when the Kingsmen came
    to Ohio to perform. I had fractured my leg and
    was on crutches, Anthony spotted me having a time
    and he came my aid and help me to my seat.
    Gospel Music will never be the same without
    Anthony, he will be sadly missed.

  36. Susan Johnson

    Our prayers and thoughts to Anthony’s family and the Gaither Homecoming Family. Know he is in a better place, but can not help remembering the awesome works of his fingers on the keyboard. I have always enjoyed the Gaithers, but Anthony’s music brought God’s love to a new level. Saw him in Tampa on 1/21 and again bought another one of his CDs. He left behind a music legend few can achieve and one gifted by God. You are missed until we meet again.

  37. Janet Currence

    We Shall Behold Him was sung at my father’s funeral in 1983. I had already included it in plans for my own funeral. As a pianist, I know what it is like to put all of yourself into such a piece. The fact that he died while playing that particular song is awesome to me. He was playing about being face to face with God and before the song was finished, he was face to face with God. It’s hard to find words about what that would be like. I am praying for his wife and children and for all of his family and friends, who loved him. We shall all behold Him one day if we know Christ and experience what Anthony is now experiencing. We are going to the Homecoming Program in Charleston, WV in April. It will be different without Anthony, but somehow I believe God will use his testimony to push the artists to even further excellence. Jan Currence

  38. Gloria Robison

    To have met Anthony was such a privilege. My niece and I met him twice in Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA. We have 3 of his CD’s.
    We were mesmerized when he played.
    She asked him to sponsor her for her jog-a-thon and to please sign her form. He did so with a great smile.
    She felt so special having him support her.
    God bless Mrs. Berger and precious children. Anthony was so in love with his wife and dear children.
    He will be so greatly missed by all.

  39. Dr. Elmo Peters

    We met Anthony Burger when he was playing for the Kingsmen Quartett. We loved watching the Gaither Videos and it was always a special time when he played the piano. The best we have ever heard. I loved it when he, Ivan Parker and The Talley Gentleman sang. Who would have known he could sing like that, It was great!!. The last time we saw him in person was at Cold Springs Baptist Church, in Kentucky. He was always a blessing. Our condolence go to his wife and children and other relatives and homecoming friends. God makes no mistakes. This one will be a great loss to us here on earth but a great blessing to that Heavenly Choir. What a day that will be when we all meet together and there will be no sad good byes. Prayerfully for the family. What a way to go, doing what he loved the best. We all will miss him.

  40. Dwight&Karen

    We enjoy the Gaither videos and buy each new one that comes out. What a joy Anthony Burger has always been to us! What an annointing was upon him. Although it is hard to understand why he had to go at such an early age, and when he was such a blessing to so many, we have to remember that God has a plan, we only need to trust Him.
    Dwight & Karen Willmon, Scottsboro, AL

  41. Sammie Swanks

    Almost thirty years ago I happened to be shopping for sheet music in Anthony’s brother, Randy’s music store in Athens, Tn. I met Anthony, and Randy asked me what my favorite song was. When I told him, “Just a Closer Walk With Jesus”, Randy said to Anthony, “Why don’t you play that for her?” Can you imagine my thrill as he sat down to one of the beautiful grand pianos and — just for me — played that song as I had never heard it played, and, of course, shall never hear it played again! I excitedly bought his tapes for every household in my family. Then, when I talked with him at the Gaithers in Knoxville, he was so sweet when I told him about that memory. I shall always count that as one of the greatest priveleges of my life! My heart breaks that his life was so short! Oh, but how richly and positively he lived that life! Wouldn’t this world be something if each of God’s children fulfilled our purpose as passionately as he did?! What a glorious reunion there must be in Heaven! Surely he would not have chosen to leave his family just yet. But, by God’s grace, you and his admirers can be SURE we will see him again! My love to all of you who were a part of Anthony’s daily life. Warmly, Sammie Swanks

  42. pat rose

    We are very sad to hear of Anthony’s passing. We were at the Cleveland, Ohio concert in 2005. My two grandsons, 10.and 12, were with me. One of them wanted to buy Anthony’s picture and have him sign it. He had no pictures of himself, so he signed one of his brochures for him. That spoke volumes about the kind of man Anthony Burger was. He will be greatly missed. As we attend the Cleveland concert this year, it won’t be the same w/o him. We send our deepest sympathy.

  43. Shana Little

    I have seen Anthony at some of the concerts, and just loved him. If he had to go that was one way to do it doing something he loved and for our lord. My prayers and all go out to his family and friends.

  44. Paige Allen

    I will miss him a lot! To me he was the greatest piano player there was! From now on when I watch a video I will get a lump in my throat because I
    know he is no longer with us! I am praying for is family and for Bill and Gloria Gaither and The Homecoming Friends!

  45. Ray Fisher

    I hadn’t spoken to Anthony in nearly 19 years, but I played piano at his wedding in the early 1980’s and was totally in awe of his musical ability…not to mention flabbergasted and flattered when he asked me to play. He will be sorely missed.
    Farewell, Anthony…may your spirit soar!

  46. Paul

    My whole family (ages 8-40) all loved Anthony Burger when he would come to Sandy Pines in the summer months. He was scheduled to come this summer as well. What a disappointment for us but what Glory for him.




    We are shocked very saddened at the loss of such a tremendous talent and devoted brother in Chirst. We have been to many of the Gaither Concerts in Hampton, VA. and the highlight of the evening was to witness and hear the piano sing as Anthony’s fingers danced up and down the ivory keys. It was as if he and the piano became one. We will miss him and we are praying for his wife, children, family, and the Gaither family for this empty spot in their hearts. With deepest sympathy, Richard and Brenda.

  49. Shelva Guisinger

    My mother of 83 watched the Gaither Gatherings mostly to hear Anthony play the piano. She has watched these videos over and over again since his death. When her spirits are down, he lifts her up with his playing. We are searching for all of his video’s and CD’s. He birthday is next month and I hope I can find more of his music for her. God bless his family. He is missed more than we know.

  50. tracy Guscott

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of anthony burger, though i’ve never seen him in person i have seen him on the gaither dvd’s and that is where i fell in love with his talent. I am sure his music has brought many souls to christ and i hope he shall come forth at the sound of the trump.

  51. Freda Tomlinson

    When I heard the news of Anthony Burger’s desease I was in shock. I also am a piano player and was in admiration of Anthony’s virsatility. He blessed me with his playing. When I heard about his death it made me think how we should always be about our Lord’s business and be ready at any moment. May God bring comfort to his family.

  52. Jim Allen

    I just learned of Anthony’s passing. My wife and I have been watching him for all the years that he was on the Gaither Homecoming series. He is our great loss but imagine a artist of his caliber playing before our Lord and all of Heaven now. We will surely miss his music because he was the greatest gospel music pianist of all time. With our deepest sympathy, Jim and Viola Allen

  53. Barbara Brashier

    My late husband, Morris, & I were priviledged to have been at a gospel singing, at the Ellis Auditorium, here in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, the first night Anthony Burger was introduced by, I believe, The Kingsman quartet as their new piano player. We could not believe our ears, hearing such beautiful piano music coming from such a young man! This was many years ago, but if Morris were still alive, he would tell me the exact date of that concert and each of the groups performing that special night! But he, too, has gone home to be with Jesus, after departing from this life March 6, 2004. Now he’s in Heaven enjoying all of Anthony Burger’s music, right along with all the other saints who have gone HOME before him! Oh how he loved to hear Anthony play the piano and hear ALL the different groups sing. That first night, here in Memphis, many years ago, we also went to hear THE BLACKWOOD BROTHERS, in concert, especially Bill Lyles, the great Bass singer of the BLACKWOODS, because I, as a high school girl and next door neighbor of Bill and Ruth Lyles, I was also the “Baby-sitter” for their 2 well behaved sons, Billy & Gary Lyles. Naturally, Ruth always wanted to go to as many of the concerts where Bill sang, here in Memphis, and each of those nights, they, Bill & Ruth, would hurry away from the house, right after I had arrived to baby-sit Billy and Gary, who were not babies, but more like 10-12 years old. Anyhow, Bill always looked so tall and so handsome in his suit he would wear on stage, and I felt priviledged to actually know him & his family. He died a tragic death, during my senior year, and I was really saddened that his deep bass voice would no longer be heard on earth, but happy it would be in Heaven! I really meant for this to be about Anthony Burger, not Bill Lyles, but I’m sure they have already met in Heaven, along with Vestal & Howard Goodman, Rusty Goodman, James & Doyle Blackwood, (who also lived in Memphis), and scores of other wonderful gospel singers. Just imagine the beautiful sounds of gospel music coming from all of them! At my husband’s funeral, he had earlier told me to be sure to have some of the music of Bill Gaither’s sung, and naturally we did, as it is also loved by our intire family! Our pastor even said, as he preached Morris’ funeral, “There was a lot of great gospel music heard here today, but that was what Morris was allabout! He LOVED it”There were many folks, there, from other denominations. that later told me they really LOVED the music, and I thought to myself, “what they have missed all these years.”
    I did not know of Anthony’s death until my dear friend called and told me about it, which was published that day in the morning newspaper. My sympathy goes out to his loving wife and children at this time in their lives! Knowing I will, one day, see my precious husband, again, is what sustains me, and Luanne, I’m sure it will you,and your family to know you and they will, again, see Anthony, in Heaven. What comfort to know that! With the love of Jesus, Barbara Brashier

  54. Nicole Trout

    My father-in-law does dialysis 3 time a week so glad that he got to meet anthony, Bill, and many others in Des Moines,Ia. He laugh many laughter through out the show especially when anthony played that night. He never moved from his seat it made his day. That day he had done dialysis and I was worried that it would wear him out but it never did. I wanted to say to Anthony’s family he will be greatly miss by my father-in-law and myself, but we are so glad that we got to see anthony and will always remember the laughter that anthony gave us and the wonderful music that he play for us on that night.

  55. Bob Ricks

    My wife and I were on that Gaither Cruise. We saw Anthony and his wife in St Thomas that Weds morning. I went up to him and said, ” You and I have a work in common, it is Anonymity. You will never have it, and I can never pronounce it!” Anthony laughed and askind if we were having a good time. That night, after his passing, 1800 passengers were in mourning and thanking God at the same time. It was a powerful learning experience to see how the other artists overcame their grief to praise God.

  56. Willa Wilson

    I was so grieved when I heard of the death of a
    very special and talented child of God, Anthony
    Burger. I was fortunate to have met him when he
    was in Tulsa with the Gaither Homecoming. They
    will be here on March 31, and knowing he will be
    absence has taken some of the excitment out of the
    concert. When I met him, he was so warm and approachable. My prayers go up for God to comfort
    his dear family and all who loved him and his

  57. L. Wilson

    I have Anthony’s CDs and play them during the night while sleeping. I am so glad I have them now that he is gone. I can only say when God calls me home I hope it will be while I am praising the Lord like he was doing. I know this
    because he told Gloria Gaither in the last Homecoming Magazine how much playing the piano
    gave him so much joy. It will be anticlimatic to
    go to the Gaither Concerts now because Anthony
    was one of my favorites. God’s comfort for his
    family is my prayer.

  58. Wes Wesaw

    I remember when I first heard about Anthony. It was when I was very young, and my parents were listening to a Kingsmen tape. When I heard him play, I fell in love w/ the piano. When I heard about his passing, I felt sad, but then as I thought about it, a joy overcame me. I never got the chance to meet him here on this world, but when my time is up, and I enter into the next by the saving grace of Jesus Christ, I know that I will finally be able to meet the man who did what God wanted him to do. and we will spend eternity praising the One who died for us. With praise and worship, Wes. Thank you, Anthony, for following our Lord and Saviour until the end.

  59. Pamela Carnes

    I lost my 49 year old husband to a heart attack just 6 months ago. I want you to know that my son and I understand your grief and are praying steadily for you. My husband and I were privileged to hear Anthony play on several occasions and were so blessed not only by his God given talent but by his precious testimony. Now Mike gets to hear Anthony play all the time. Blessings to you and all your family and friends. I am truly sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing Anthony with us while he was “still down here” as my granddaughter would say. Pam Carnes

  60. David and Dianne Willis

    My pastor has just informed me of the passing of Anthony, what a gifted man of God. We love his music and his style.Now with Jesus, Our Savior.
    Prayers to Mrs Burger and his family.
    David and Dianne Willis
    Gold Coast Queensland

  61. Rachel Goodwin

    THough I have never met Anthony Burger. I have seen him many times on T.v. HEis now playing in that heavenly choir. I will miss you. May God bless the family,@ always remember God has a purpose for all things. Goodbye Anthony see you in heaven.

  62. Jim Winters

    I did not know until today that Anthony Burger had died. I was listening to a Sunday morning Gospel show on the radio, and the DJ made mention of it. My heart sank with the news. He was truly a living testemony to the power of God. When everyone else is saying No You Can’t, God says Yes You Can! I Praise God that this world had Anthony Burger living in it. He will be extreamly missed.

  63. Regina Louden

    I have really enjoyed listening to Anthony play the piano. I appreciated him more than ever after hearing his story. When I heard what he was playing when he died, I thought, “What better way to go, playing ‘We shall behold Him’. My prayers and sympathy go to the family. I know what it is to lose a loved one.
    I received an email not long ago with a picture of Anthony, a tribute to him, and the song playing in the background. I sent it to others and somehow have lost it on my computer. One friend lost it too and wants it again. Is there any way I could get it sent to me? Thank you

  64. janet reed

    we saw anthony berger several times at the brec meetings in fredericktown missouri when he started playing the piano you couldnt set still he was the very best piano player there ever was heaven needed a piano player and he gat the very best may god bless your family and the gaither family i can hear playing piano in heaven and aint no one is sitting still i will get to hear you play again before long again may god keep your family and the gaither family in his care until we meet again gary and janet reed anthony was with the kingsmen when he was here

  65. Pastor Barbara Wills

    I met Anthony and his wife last summer when he presented a concert at our church here in Northwood, Iowa. His faith and talent were amazing and uplifting. He also had down-to-earth good humor and kindness–humility in its best form. With prayers and sympathy to his family and close friends….

  66. Ron and Donna Parish

    We were in the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, TN the night that Anthony was introduced as the Kingsmen’s new piano player. I believe he was 16 yrs. old at the time. Our family and the Blackwood families were friends, and our daughters often got to be backstage. They became good friends with Anthony during those Homecoming Concerts. Even then he was a living example of a Christian.
    Enough can be said about his God given talent.
    We are all so blessed that he chose to use his talent to serve his God.
    Our sympathy goes out to his family. May God Bless you with his “Peace that surpasses understanding.”

  67. Mason Gray

    I am a big fan of Mark Lowry and I learned of this sad event on my way to school. It is so sad to hear of this and i give my best wishes out to the Burger family. May God bless you always.

  68. Linda Lindsey

    I was on the cruise when Anthony passed away. It was such a shock. I had just talked to him in the hallway right before the concert started. I had not really heard him before the cruise but I loved his playing. I brought 3 of his CD’s but it was a while before I could play them. I pray that God will keep his family in His hands. I am sure he is playing beautiful music in heaven.

  69. Barb Boso

    My sympathy goes out to the family of Anthony. What a tremendous talent and wittness of God’s faithfulness and love. His music will always inspire me to live for God. It is all to constant a reminder that, “Life is a precious gift, and oh so short.”
    What a comfort to know that one day we will all see Anthony again. We will once again be able to share his talent and the music that he loved to play together in Heaven!

  70. Nancy Lemasters-Bergman

    To All the Burger Family,
    Anthony will be truly missed by me and anyone else who has had the privalege and honor to meet and listen to him. I’m just glad the lord made it possable for me to go to the Gaither concert here in Oklahoma City.. I got to see, speak to, Listen to and get some cute awsome picks of all especially anthony.. his playing just made my heart melt.. The Lord blessed him abundantly..
    May the Lord comfort His Family in this time of sarrow and loss. My Prayers are with you now and always.
    Love in Christ
    Nancy LeMasters-Bergman

  71. Diane Perry

    I always watch the Gaither’s on Tv every Saturday
    night and I have just about every Homecoming video and cd. you have ever put out. I have come
    to know and love the Lord through these great gospel greats that have gone on. My first husband died 5 years ago and sang just about every Gaither song, of course he sang base. But
    Anthony’s piano playing was just so insperational to me. And playing that song We Shall Behold Him well I can just imagine what the
    Lord thougt at that moment It is time my faithful servant to come home and play for my heavenly choir. Every time I hear him play I get chills knowing that now he is playing for the lord. My heart and prayers go out to the Family and also to the Gaither Family
    With heartfelt symothy Diane Perry 4-15-06

  72. Margaret Harmison

    I heard about Anthony’s death through an e-mail from a friend on the day he died and I was devastated by this news. I am still devastated and find it still hard to believe. I was always blessed by his playing on the Gaither videos but did not have his own personal recorded music and videos. I now have his DVD’s and CD’s that I play over and over. I never met him but certainly grieve that I never had the opportunity to do so. Had I met him I know it would have been an experience I would never forget. I was priviledged to see one Gaither concert live in Columbus, GA and what a night! Anthony is now a living legend, via his music, and I thank God for this wonderful and talented man who was a testimony to our Lord in so many ways. I have lost loved ones over the years and of course I grieved greatly, especially for the death of my 8 year old son and the grief I feel for Anthony’s passing is almost like that of a family member. I am so thankful that I have his music that will live on in my life and the lives of many, many others over this world. Peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit be with you LuAnn, and your loving family, including the parents and siblings of Anthony. “God gives us love, someone to love He only lends us.” Play on dear Anthony and now you do not ever, ever, have to practice again. I know your smile and your talent have made Heaven brighter, if it could be brighter. It is in the lives of those he left behind. In Christian Love, Margaret Harmison

  73. meagan samuelson

    I really enjoyed anthony he was a real people person and i will miss him greatly and i can not wait till my homegoing and my dream is that as i am being taken home the sound i am hearing is anthony playing that golden piano as i first see my makers face…
    See you later Anthony,
    Meagan S.

  74. JoAnn Thomas

    Last night, my husband and I turned on the television looking for anything worthwhile to watch when we stumbled upon Bill Gaither

  75. Charles Milkiewicz

    Anthony Burger, what can you say, his talent has been silenced but the joy that he brought to us all will never diminish. He truly loved the Lord, His music will live forever in my heart

  76. Marie Holden

    I had never heard Anthony Burger till today on Pax TV April 22,2006. I have never heard such AWESOME piano playing. He was AWESOME. May God bless the family. I will buy some of his music. Marie Holden

  77. ET

    Having had the Gaither’s and Anthony in Fresno recently it was such a shock when I watched
    PAX tv today to see the tribute to Anthony. I did not know of his passing. His music and his ability has been such a blessing to me and to my husband since the first time we saw him and began to purchase his cd’s. May God bring comfort to his wife and children. I know that he is now blessing the streets of Heaven and the Savior with all the grace and talent that God has given him.

  78. scootsv

    So sorry to hear on TV tonight of Anthony’s passing. One of the BEST piano players around. He will be missed. Blessings to his family.

  79. Mike Brown

    I just watched the Gaither hour and for the first time saw Anthony Burger play,I was so very pleased that I tuned in and watched the hour. I was so suprised and shocked to see the tribute to Anthony Burger at the end of the show. A brief look on my computer verified that he had died. What a wonderful talent, such an amazing talent. I am so glad that Betty and I saw this hour and was introduced to Anthony Burger and that wonderful talent. He will certainly be missed by all who were fortunate enough to witness his god given ability.

  80. Alice Bowman

    Anthony Burger was without a doubt the greatest piano player of all time. He will truly be missed by so many who enjoyed his wonderful music. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children. God bless you Anthony Burger. You were the best!
    Alice in PA

  81. Barry Engquist

    Tonight caught the last 10 minutes of the Gaither
    special on Anthony. Did not know he passed away
    until the end of program. I was shocked. He had so
    much talent and played with so much exhuberance.
    what a way to go playing we shall behold him. He is with the Lord maybe playing a gold piano. My
    condolences goes out to his family. We will miss
    seeing him and hearing him play on the Gaither

  82. Shirley

    I hadn’t heard of Anthony’s passing. How tragic. What a wonderful person and so talented. I have some of his CD’s and play them a lot. I always enjoyed his time on the Gaither Homecomings. He will be missed greatly. It won’t be the same without him. All belivers know where he is now. Playing for the Angelic choir.
    My heartfelt sympathy to his wife and children.

  83. Peggy Lynn Martin

    I just finished watching Anthony Burger’s interveiw with Bill Gaither and was so saddened to see Anthony had passed away.
    My son had asked me why are you clapping? I laughed and said I am at A concert. My daughter and I were having A joyful time enjoying God’s music Burger style. Blessed and Annointed.
    To Mr. Anthony Burger’s family your surrounded by unseen hands of mercy and grace,you are in our prayers.

  84. Snow Cortez

    After watching Gaither’s tribute to Anthony Burger and then seeing he had passed in 2006.. I had to find out what happened. Aftter reading this, I am still amazed. I have seen him a million times on Gaither but never knew his name. What an incredible gift the Lord gave him and the same incredible blessing for us to have listened to him minister the Gospel and the Lord’s love so gracefully. I am never to glad to hear of anyone’s death but knowing he went to the Lord playing ” We Shall Behold Him” … my heart raced at what his eyes beheld! At one moment he is staring down piano keys and the next he beholds the face of our Savior!!! For his family, there are no words to say that you have not already heard. You have been blessed by the Lord in such a way I can’t even explain!!! I know Anthony Burger is playing for Jesus this hour….

  85. Lori Bibeau

    I just finished watching a Gaither special featuring a man I had never heard of but was so touched by for his Christian ways, and completely blown away with his God given talent. The first thing that came to my mind was, “The next time the Gaither crew is in the area, I am absolutely going!” When the show ended and I saw “In Loving Memory of Anthony Burger,” I almost fell out of my chair. I immediately came down to my computer to look into this tradegy further. What an awesome loss to those of us on Earth who have loved Anthony for years; a huge, unspeakable loss to his family and friends, and a very sad loss to those of us who were never blessed to have known him, or had the honor of seeing him play. Obviously, God clearly needed him in a much more important role than the one he served while on this Earth. I am so stunned and saddened to know that this wonderful, gifted Christian is gone. But how could we ever forget such a huge talent and awesome Christian man? The only solace that we can feel is knowing that he died doing what he loved so dearly, and we will all be together again someday soon. My heart and sympathy go out to Anthony’s family and friends and the thousands who loved him dearly. I will always be saddened that I never had the honor of being in the same room with him.
    God bless you, Anthony Burger. Play for the angels, friend.
    Lori Bibeau

  86. Lisa Uy

    To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. We sorrow for our lost of future memories to make with our dearest departed one. God grant you, Burger family, of His perfect peace during this season of deep grief. Thank God we have HOPE of eternal life!
    Lisa Uy

  87. Patricia Thompson

    My husband and I were watching the Gaither Gospel Hour tonight on PAX tv here in Cleveland Ohio as we do every Saturday night at 7pm. We have taped every program we could for about 5 years now so we could enjoy the shows at later times. We really could not afford the tape packages. I did purchase one with George Younce before the group retired so I could see all of the talent. I watched the Australian special when Anthony played the Hallelujah Chorus. It was brilliant. I play that song also and I was wishing I could play that song like that. Anthony was a fabulous musician, dedicated and talented and praised the Lord through his music. That is what I am trying to do. I had wanted to go to the Cleveland Ohio concert that is scheduled for Saturday April 29 at the Wolstein Center downtown and now it will not be the same without Anthony playing the piano for the Gaither show family. To his family and friends, we offer our condolences and prayers. I too did not know about his passing until the tribute came on at the end of the program. I said Anthony did what? and imediately went to my computer to look it up. Praise the Lord.
    Pat Thompson/Cleveland Hts Ohio



  89. Ruth Eva Benton

    Tonight on DayStar I was looking at Bill Gaither and I was intrigued with the expression on the face of Anthony Burger. I was enthralled with his playing! I determined that I was going to order his DVD primarily to look at his hands as he played. You see, I just started piano lessons last October and I am 75 years old; however; my piano teacher died about a month ago and I have not touched the piano since. I was shocked to see at the end that he too had died! I am so sorry. My prayers are with his family. Somehow, I am inspired to begin practicing again as a result of this program.

  90. sharon johannsen

    Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty……I can envision Anthony in white tails, seated at the grand piano of heaven, surrounded by the chorus of angels before the throne of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, as Anthony is given the highest honor of heaven leading the greatest worship service that has yet to be heard in the halls of heaven! Blessed be the Name of the Lord for permitting us on earth a small glimpse of what it means to be stirred through His music to worship Jesus!

  91. Theresa Powell

    I like many others could not believe what I saw at the end of tonights Gaither hour. How very sad for all of us left here wanting to hear those additional volumes he spoke of making. How blessed are those who have gone before us to have him there with them. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Anthony’s family and friends. What a blessing to his family to have no doubts that he his in heaven.

  92. Sharon

    Anthony touched my heart and spoke to my soul when he played the piano. He was truly given a gift from God and always used it for His glory. I am saddened by his death and send my sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed

  93. Judy

    After watching Anthony on Pax last evening I
    too could visualize him playing in Heaven for
    our heavenly Father.
    Later I recalled the feelings I have had when
    I experienced the fullness of the Spirit. I
    thought that must be how Anthony felt, so full
    his heart just lifted up all his praise and
    glory he could possibly feel for his Master.
    God bless the family. Prayers are with you.

  94. Katrina Guthrie

    I saw Anthony last year in Tallahasse Florida and he really lit up the stage. I am praying for his family. He was definitely a blessing to all who have heard him and are still listening to his recordings.

  95. M L Crawford

    I was watching TV and saw this man playing the piano he was playing so powerful that I call my girlfriend who loves music more than the lyrics and told her about him – I had not heard of Anthony Burger before then – but he touched my soul to the point that I found myself giving him a standing ovation, and knew that I had to have the CD. I was sadden and shocked to read at the end of the program “In the Memory of Anthony Burger” Now he can make the same magic in Heaven that he made on earth – God could not have any better, and a good thing for us that Anthony will live on forever. My heart and prayers go out to his family – May God continue to bless and keep you.

  96. Judy Davidson

    Dear Gaither Gospel Friends,
    I was trying to get over the passing of Howard and Vestal Goodman when I heard about Anthony Burger. It’s so hard to understand why the greatest piano player in gospel music was called home at such an early age. In my heart I just said over and over what a waste of wonderful. But then I realized God needed Anthony for a very special Choir in that heavenly choir.
    Please send Anthony’s wife and family my heart felt sorrow. For all who knew knew Anthony will never forget him and the music he played.
    He will forver be in the hearts of all who knew him.

  97. Alice

    My comments are similar to one posted on April 25. I saw Anthony Burger for the first time on Saturday, April 22 on one of Gaither’s programs. I too was socked to learn at the end of the program that he went meet the Lord. I thoroughly loved and enjoyed his music and was surprised that he was raised not too far from Knoxville, TN in Cleveland, TN. I do plan on purchasing one of his CD’s. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  98. Dottie

    My prayers go out to the family of Anthony Burger. Just watching him play brought a blessing to my heart. When he played it was as if he was seeing God’s face; his face would just shine with the light of glory. May God’s love and grace continue to comfort you even after these two months. God bless the family, friends and the lives he touched with his music.
    I was blessed to hear him at one of the Atlanta Homecoming Shows.

  99. Jenna

    My heartfelt prayers go out to the Burger Family during this time. I lost my mother almost 2 years ago and I can remember her always talking about how she loved to watch the Gaither Friends and her favorite thing was to hear Anthony play the piano. I’m sure that he’s up in heaven playing for everyone that has gone ahead of us and I can almost bet that my mom is right there being blessed by the awesome talent that our precious Lord gave him.

  100. Shirlely

    I was so shocked when after watching a Gaither Homecoming show on TBN tonight featuring Anthony Burger that at the end found out that he had passed away. I somehow hadn’t heard that anywhere before tonight. I really didn’t know his name before but I think I did see him play on T.V. before. Tonight as I was watching him play I was thinking was a fantastic piano player, he puts all of his might into it for the Lord. I am surprised at how much I am grieving over his death. I will pray for his family and friends for comfort and peace.
    with Christ’s love,
    Shirley Lauser, Vancouver, WA USA

  101. Gayle Musick

    What a blessing Anthony is to my Family. I will continue buying His music, because the anointing of the Holy Spirit was on His life and now He is in the care of a Loving God. To think when He was leaving this world,playing “We shall behold Him”, causes me to lift my hands in praise to our Lord.

  102. Jack and Evie Smith

    we just want to say how sorry we are on the passing of anthony, our prayers go out to his family and friends. we saw on tv tonight he had passed . he is playing with the angles now. his music tonight was heart warming and beautiful. so very uplifting.



  104. Charles

    I continue to grieve at his death:
    I like some other writers never knew who Anthony was by name, but had so much enjoyed watching him on the Gaither show simply because he did seem to enjoy christian music so much. You could see the enjoyment in his face, actions and music. I too was shocked as I watch a Gaither show that ended showing the dates of his birth and death. His death is certainly our loss. Since then I have learned his name, and as much as I could about him. I do pray for his family for I know my feelings of loss, and can only imagine what they must be feeling. A simple Thanks to Anthony and his family. We love you.

  105. Marlene Harms

    I first saw Anthony play at a Gaither concert about 6 years ago. His musical ability stunned me and his love for christian music inspired me. I listen to his CD’s now, saddened that he has passed on, at such a young age, but renewed in my commitment to show God’s love to those around me, in whatever I am doing, whether playing the piano or at my daily jobs.
    My sincere sympathy goes out to his family. I pray that God will fill you with comfort and strength, and I look forward to meeting Anthony someday as he plays for the Great Master.
    Sincerely, Marlene Harms, Killarney Manitoba Canada April 26, 2006

  106. norma

    i just found out about anthony last night through the home comming magazing i was schocked it wont be the same with out him i know he went to heaven but we miss him dearly tony and norma

  107. Brad Hill

    I have seen Anthony play at several Gaither Homecoming concerts and have always been in awe of his God-given talent. I cried at the last Homecoming in Atlanta as they paid tribute to him, a light shining on the piano, and music playing on the backgroung. I received his CD for my birthday today, and cried as I drove to work, being blessed by his music and the memories it brought. God blessed him with an extraordinary talent that he used to bless others. You will be missed!

  108. Diane Darling

    I just found out about Anthony’s going home to be with Jesus. I love his music and enjoyed watching him on the Gaithers videos. Though my heart grieves for his family, Anthony’s now playing in God’s great universe. We will miss you very very much.
    Diane Darling
    Aril 26, 2006 5:18pm

  109. Barbara Kyte

    Anthony Burger blessed so many people with his music and you could just feel the power of God when he was playing the piano. What a testimony to our Lord to use the talents that He has given us. My prayers are with his family and thank them for sharing Anthony with us. Now all our friend and family in Heaven must be enjoying his wonderful music.
    In Christian Love,
    Barbara Kyte
    Chesapeake, VA

  110. Lynn Dennis

    I have been in total awe and admiration with the Gathier Homecoming CD’s ever since the first one became available. My life has been spent in the service of our Lord, and from the very first cassette I ever heard, I told my mom that as beautiful as the music and orchestra and voices were in harmony, and singing especially the “old-timey” songs, the pianist was incredible! It took me a while to find out what his name was, and he has been my “hero” ever since.
    This past Christmas, I treated myself to a new CD of Anthony Berger “Tribute to Bill and Gloria Gathier” and I haven’t played anything else since then except to go back to an earlier CD to re-learn the words to one of the tracks “but when time has surrended, and earth stands no more, I’ll still cling to the Old Rugged Cross. . .”
    I am an over-the-road trucker, and these CDs are just about all that I ever listen to, and sing along with everyone as though I was part of the Homecoming Friends. Every where I go, I see the handiwork of God, and every time I listen to Anthony’s piano, I simply praise God for his talent.
    What joy this young man has given to me, though I never had the priviledge of meeting him in person. Along with all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, words simply cannot express the sadness in my heart upon learning of his passing, but I glory in the Lord that we will be with him again in that “beautiful country!”
    May God continue to hold his beautiful wife and children in the palm of His great and loving hands, and may the Spirit come into their lives and take away all the tears, and fill them with love and comfort. God Bless You. Our lives are so much richer for having shared in Anthony’s music.
    Your little sister in Christ,
    Lynn Dennis
    Massillon, OH

  111. Jared Guidry

    Like so many others, I will miss Anthony. I’ve never met him before, but I have seen him many times and also have a couple of cds. I have copied his style of playing the piano many times. Although I can’t play like he did, it doesn’t stop me from trying. He has been a blessing to my life and I look forward to going to heaven to finally meet him (along with our Savior)! My prayers go out to his family and friends.
    Jared P. Guidry

  112. Darrell Davis

    Tears freely flow as I read about Anthony’s home going!
    However, we as he, can be assured of something great which God has planned for all who call Jesus Christ the Lord of our life.
    My dream is of being allowed to sing with all the “greats” in that fair land.
    May God richly guide and Bless those Anthony has left behind.
    Darrell Davis

  113. sandy jones

    the last time you guys were in mobile,al anothy took a piicture with my mother,it was like a family member had died, it hurt so bad,we see all of you each time youn come to mobile ,and it is hard for her to get around some times but she would go no matter how much pain she went. we all send our prayers and thoughts to the family, god bless all of you,he ill be missed.

  114. Carol Swain

    I have enjoyed watching & listening to Anthony play for years. He will truly missed by all. He had such a wonderful gift & used to praise the Lord.
    My prayers are with the family. May God richly bless you & give you strength to make through this very difficult time in your lives. May you know that God blessed us through Anthony & his music.

  115. Joyce & Les Thompson

    My husband and I watched “The Best of Anthony Burger” last night and discovered at the very end of the program that Anthony had passed away on February 22, 2006. We were absolutely stunned, shocked and certainly saddened that he had been gone nearly three months, and we just now heard the news. We looked at one another with tears in our eyes with total disbelief! I said to my husband, “Surely, we couldn’t have seen that right!”
    Needless to say, we went to the computer and got on line only to find out that it was true.
    Being a song writer and a pianist myself, I was always in total awe of Anthony’s absolute whole-hearted anointing and unabandonment with which he played. I remembering hearing him play once on the “DINO” show, and when asked by Dino how he did it, I heard him say that as he plays the music, he has the words of the song going through his head and just tries to bring the meaning of the words out in his music. He said, “Without the words, music would be no more than notes and a tempo.”
    I am just “small fry”; the music director for Fullness of Joy Ministries, but when I heard Anthony’s story (also on the Dino show) about his hands and how he perservered through daily medicated baths and a lot of tenacity to be able to use his hands, I became ashamed that I wasn’t practicing more than I was to be able to play better.
    You will be sorely missed, Anthony. Our prayers are with your wife and children along with all of your extended family including all the Gaither Homecoming Friends and everyone who had ever heard you and so enjoyed and appreciated your God given talent!
    JOYCE & LES THOMPSON, Fullness of Joy Ministries
    Sun City, AZ

  116. Shirley Thomas

    I to was so shocked when I learned about Anthony Berger. How did this happen and I didn’t know . I watch every Sat.Eve. but guess that must have been one nite I missed. I got on EMail to learn about it. I loved him I loved his piano playing. I play also and would love to play like him. You knew he loved the Lord. I will always remember him. Prayers are with his family. Shirley Thomas

  117. Mary Ann

    I saw a few minutes of this gentle genius on a Gaither show…..and I now own his Anthony’s DVD and the cd he did in honor of the Gaithers. I am totally moved with joy watching him play the piano, watching his eyes, his movements, his joy overflowing through his own spirit, soul and body giving us his glorious gifts.
    God bless and keep you – his family – in the palm of His Hands, while Anthony continues to praise God as He watches over you. Thank you for this gift. Mary Ann

  118. Linda McKinney

    I was stunned to hear that Anthony had passed away, but what a way to go. Boy, the Lord really knows how to do it doesn’t he? Anthony will be terribly missed. Our loss is Heaven’s gain for sure. I would have loved to have seen him playing We Shall Behold Him. I am sure he is still playing right on with the Master. He has joined one of the greatest group of singers and I can just imagine what a wonderful time they are having up there right now. My deepest sympathy to his family.May God give you peace for your hurting hearts and keep you safe until his return. God Bless.

  119. Ronald Rijken

    I was shocked and sadned to hear about Anthony’s passing.
    My family and I had seen Antthony perform with the Gaiters in Edmonton, Alberta about two years ago.
    I hope and pray that his family will feel the presence of The Lord. May the find comfort in Him.
    We are only her for a short time, even though it may seem long at times and too short at other times.
    One thing that we all can take comfort in is that some day we will all be reunited again in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What a wonderfull music that will be when we then sing praises to our Lord.

  120. Christine Fournier

    I had seen Anthony in Worster Mass a few years ago, with the Gaithers. His talent was so amazing and what a gift. I feel like I have lost a friend. My deepest condolences for his family and friends. He may have gone to be with his Lord but he will never be forgotten. I will be attending another concert this September in my state of Maine, and he will truly be missed by all.

  121. Logean Billups

    God Bless the family on Anthony Burger. He was truly a blessing to all who experience his wonderful gift of music.

  122. Halle Lawton

    I did not know of Anthony, but I was so touched by seeing him on the Bill Gaither Homecoming on TV. I have a birth defect (left hand)from birth and have always wanted to play the piano, to say the least what an inspiration!!! He appeared to have such genuine love for playing and to do it as unto the Lord. Thank you Anthony for sharing Gods blessings/talents! Halle Lawton

  123. Dr. Barry Pratt

    What a shock to hear of the death of Anthony, my wife and I never had the honor of hearing him in person, but as with so many others we were blest to hear him by way of tapes, and dvd’s. I just heard about it today in church from one of my members. Our prayers to his family and friends, how he brought us all to the throne of God through his wonderful gift of music. It must be getting close to the time that we are going home, as God is getting the music ready.

  124. Cheri

    I am so far behind in news. I heard on the radio of am man replacing Anthony thinking maybe he was taking time off of the road as it can be very
    Today June 6,2006 I am watching Gaither homecoming and a tibute to Anthony at the end I jumped up in shock.
    As every one has expressed their sorrow for his loss to his wife and children which I am sure they are just still in shock as I lost my Dad suddenly at the age of 18 years old. He was also 44 years old, He had been for years a preacher.
    I also want to say to Anthony’s mother I am so very sorry I can say I know your since of loss.
    I too lost my son Anthony 28 years old June 30,2005, to an untimely death.
    Anthony ask me to come in his home and pray with him on Sunday evening – I did he also ask God to forgive him and watch over him and lead him
    I ask God to send down his guardian angels to protect my son as Anthony had felt uneasy in the apt the past month – he could not explain why –
    the next night someone broke in on him one hour after I spoke with him.
    I can say thanks to God for our last words being I love you when we hung up the phone.
    We are still praying for truth and juctice in Birmingham, AL. I will also remember this family in my prayers to have peace in their heart as I pray for juctice for my son’s murder

  125. delores sexton

    anthony truly played his heart out he was the greatest and
    god has a great pianoist for all the great singers there god bless his family

  126. Charlie

    Is the only way to describe my feelings when I heard of Anthony’s passing.
    I was watching highlights from the Anthony Burger DVD with Bill Gaither, when at the end a slide appeared, “In Loving Memory….”.
    I have the Gaither Homecoming DVD from Toronto as Russ Taff is my favorite singer and to have Anthony playing, “Trumpet of Jesus” as Russ sang is truely special.
    His rendention of “Meeting In the Air” will also carry special meaning to me as it was my Mother’s favorite song. Play it for Mom in heaven Anthony.
    Play on Anthony!

  127. Kathy

    How someone could play like that is truly amazing. What a talent. I too watched the tribute last night and it meant more knowing he was Home with the Lord. Imagine the music we will hear when we get Home. Makes me homesick just thinking about it. To express myself with music that touches the heart like he did would be such a blessing. I pray God blesses his family at this time.

  128. Nancy French

    My heart still hurts for the Burger family but what a blessing he was to me and my parents. I was privileged to hear him play in Paducah, Kentucky. Because my parents had seen him many times in Okeechoobee, FL, they suggested I get a front row seat and I did. As a fair piano player, I was in awe of his ability. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his hands and the joy for which he filled my heart. Also, his daughter performed that evening and I pray she will continue his legacy with her beautiful voice. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family. My biological dad went to heaven in 1985. He played the trumpet and I know that they are together making beautiful, beautiful music together. Thank you, Anthony Burger, for your music and legacy.

  129. Curt Wilkey

    June 10, 2006
    I am sitting here in shock. I just learned several minutes ago Anthony Burger passed away on February 22. I sit here in shock and I simply can’t believe it. I do not know why I just now have learned of this info., but I just now was told about his death. My wife and I are the same age as Anthony, and we actually had the wonderful opportunity to meet and visit with him at Gaither Homecoming Concerts in Oklahoma City. The last time we actually spoke to him was at the last concert we attended in November, 2003. I was so impressed by this man. He spoke to me as if we were long lost friends. He was just an amazing person and as we all know, a truly gifted musician. We saw Vestel Goodman that November night also. It was only 3 weeks later Vestel died. I just sit here as I type this and I can’t believe A. Burger is already in Heaven. I just can’t belief it. I want and need to do something out of respect for this man. Can anyone tell me what they might suggest for my family and I to do as far as memorial is concerned for the Burger Family? I just have to allow this to sink in and become reality. At this moment I just still can’t believe it. God Bless The Burger Family.
    In Christian Love,
    Dr. Curt Wilkey and FAmily
    Stillwater, Oklahoma

  130. Lea Bryant

    Just want to say how much I will miss seeing Anthony on the Gaither Homecoming Performances. I just learned of his death today as I watched one of the shows and saw the footnotes. May God grant you peace as He gives you memories of your life together. I will continue to pray for you d your children and family. Remember that God does not make mistakes. He had something better in mind for Anthony. For one day we too Shall Behold Him…….Hallelujah.
    Yours in Christ
    Lea Bryant

  131. Charles R. Palmer

    My wife and I missed seeing Anthony Berger when he came to Baton Rouge, La. in 2005. However we watched him on the Gaither Gospel Hour every Saturday night without a miss. This gentleman was beyond belief playing the piano and now all those in heaven will hear this talent play for an eternity. May God bless this man and take care of his family during this trying time.

  132. Rachel Rolfe

    I learned today of Anthony’s death and with great sorrow write of my one opportunity to watch him play in person. A few years ago, my husband and I were able to attend a Gaither Concert in Worster, Mass. I left my seat for a few minutes and when I returned Antony had just sat down to play. I could see his hands on the keyboard from the walkway and stayed there to watch him play through a song. He was amazing.
    I’ve tried for thirty years to play this music, but long ago knew there was a reason God did not call me to be a musician. He gave me other work to do and the ability to appreciate and love those he did give this special talent to.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Anthony’s

  133. Laura Gibson

    I’m embarrassed to say that I feel robbed. I mean, God knows best, right? I say that only because I just discovered Anthony Burger about 6 weeks ago, and fell in love with his playing. I bought a cd which would be worn out if you could wear out a cd, then saw “The Best of Anthony Burger” on tv, quickly put a tape in only to read with horror at the close of the broadcast “Anthony Burger 1961-2006”. I felt as if someone had punched me. I got on line and saw that it was only too true. I treasure the music I have of his, and will buy more of course, but I’m very saddened to know that I will never have the privilege of hearing him in person, nor will there be anymore music coming from his piano. Anthony seemed such a sweetheart as well as a virtuoso. Besides of his stunning keyboard work, I was blown away by his musical arrangements. God has a plan, I know, and his plans are not our plans, they are better, no, they are the best. My deepest sympathy to his mother and dad, wife and kids. God Bless all of you during this sad time. Sincerely, Laura Gibson

  134. Hulda Weems

    I, too, try to watch the Gaithers every Sat., pm, but hadn’t heard of the death of Anthony Burger. I had heard the story of his injury to hands, but couldn’t find out anything about the Miraculous Healing, and giftedness on the piano…until his death and the program ending with the words, In Loving Memory….2006. What a way to go!!!!

  135. Sue Shultz

    That story Anthony told about his little boy was so touching and I will not forget it soon. Ready or not we have lost him and his wonderful talent. His music will live on forever and it’s too bad Anthony can’t live on forever.
    Anthony wanted to see Jesus’s face and I believe he is now playing piano for Jesus.
    I am so thankful my husband tuned into the Gaithers program just in time to see “The Best of…” show. I had never concentrated my attention on the piano player and had never seen any solo preformances so didn’t know of him but did hear of his death earlier in the year. I now have TBAB cd and can’t stop listening to it. It’s the best music I’ve ever heard in my life!

  136. Kristin Kierstead

    This Is a Shock I saw some pictures of him at the Booth Brothers Homecoming He looked good and I some pictures of him on the Gaither cruise just minutes before he died. I am Praying for the Gaither Homecoming Friends and Anthony’s Family.

  137. tamara nickerson

    I will miss seeing you play the piano on the gaither programs and in the concerts. I will never forget the laugher you put in my life with the funny remarks about Bill. Forever our Tamara Nickerson from Denver Colorado

  138. Carol Cox

    I just found out to-day of the great loss of Anthony Burger. I saw him at the Toronto Homecoming in September 2005 and was truly amazed at his talent. My sympathy to his family and the Gaither family. It will be difficult to replace him.

  139. Mary Lou Babb

    We have loved Anthony for a long, long time….
    I know one thing forsure…He is playing his piano for the Lord TODAY and forever.
    Prayers to his family, and to the Gaither Homecoming Family…I feel like you all belong to me..You bless me everytime I hear your wonderful music…

  140. Janice Kelsh

    When I put in a CD to listen to Anthony on June 19th and then pulled up a website to see how close he would be to the area of Hagerstown, MD, I found out about his death. I know I must have been in mourning for a couple of days, and I remember having the opportunity to meet Anthony and his wife at the concert this past November in Chambersburg, PA. I had only recently found out about him through TBN and then sent him an email when I found out he was going to be in Chambersburg, PA. I was tremendously excited. The miraculous gifts of God were apparent in his performance and on his life. I pray that God will continue to grant peace to the family of Anthony Burger.

  141. Susan and Sam Koubti

    I was watching t.v. last Saturday and Bill Gaither was presenting Old Heroes/Homecoming tapes or whatever and I saw Anthony’s picture. I cannot believe he has gone on to be with the Lord! What a performer the Lord has in heaven now. Glory Hallelujah! The Lord tells us to rejoice when His child is called home. I know the grief myself from losing my Dad quickly,however, he was a “warrior” for Christ and he sang with a gospel group in WV. Christ will comfort you and never stop guiding you and easing your pain. Let Him take over. I am so sorry for your loss but heaven has received a remarkable man! God bless you.

  142. Peggie Morgan

    I never met or had the privilege of seeing Anthony in person, but I and my sisters and brother were in awe of his performances and his ability to play the piano without ever looking at the keys or a book, and his heart warming smile. We have several CD’s and videos and we will treasure them always. We recently said farewell to our sister Patricia Dickey. She will finally meet Mr. Burger. He brought many hours of enjoyment to her during her illness.
    The world has lost a great and talented man of God. May the Lord give peace to his family and his friends.
    Lovingly, Treacile Dickey, Peggie Morgan, and Richard Dickey

  143. Susan

    I just learned of Anthony’s passing. He played with such passion and it seemed the music just flowed from his hands. His playing was so powerful I could hear the words as well as the music. I am so thankful that God allowed all of us to have this spirit filled man bless us with his God given talent. I will continue to be blessed by listening to his music on CD’s. LuAnn, my prayers are with you and your children that God will take you in His strong arms and comfort you.

  144. Marie

    It’s July 22nd and I just watched the tribute to
    Anthony Burger and still can’t comphrehend that
    he is no longer with us. We watch the Bill Gaither program every Sat. and Sunday here in
    Largo,Fl. I believe Anthony had been to our
    church on 3 or 4 occasions and I also heard him
    play at Dave Edward’s Breakfast Club in Clearwater
    at least twice. I spoke to him and he was very
    friendly. He always told stores of his little boy
    and I asked him to bring us up-to-date on his
    little son. He always smiled that big smile.
    and I will be playing his cd’s as long as I’m
    here. My heart still grieves for this loss and
    I offer my love and prayers to his family who
    will never be the same without him…I won’t be
    either. Marie in Largo, Fl.

  145. Mixer

    Anthony is missed by the industry. His musical talent was indeed passed on to his sons, AJ and Austin. These were his ONLY children. Prayers to Eva and the boys.

  146. Linda

    I was shocked to see Anthony among the great heroes I always enjoyed watching him play and he had such a beautiful smile and he was so blessed with the way he played you just knew that he really loved the Lord and that it just wasn’t a job he truly praised God through his playing. Deepist sympathy to his family and the Gaither family.

  147. Tom Lenfestey

    Without a doubt one of the premium musicians and a man of pure character. His loss will mean untold sorrow to many of us and a replacement is not possible. Talent supreme and what a touch on the ivory. Wow!

  148. Garland and Vivian Stephens

    We’ve just learned of Anthony’s death while watching a Gaither program……..So sorry of his short lived life on earth…I hope his music will continue to live in the hearts of those he left behind……..God bless your family and the Gaither’s……..
    Garland and Vivian Stephens
    Glennville, Ga.

  149. karen and joe

    My husband, Joe, and I, were watching the Gaither Homecoming program tonight on Greatest Heroes. We saw Anthony mentioned, and couldn’t believe it when we saw that he had died. Joe pulled up on the computer that he had died several months ago. What a shock for us! We have been watching the Gaither program for years, and always have been amazed by, and enjoyed Anthony’s playing, and his passion for playing. Truly a master musician, given a great talent by our Lord and Savior. Anthony used his God given talents to the best of his ability, and his joy in playing for the Lord was always present. We will miss him in the years to come. To his wife, children, and all the rest of his friends and family we send you our deepest condolences. To be called home doing what he loved, how wonderful for him, yet how painful for his family, including his Gaither family. We will be praying for all of you, to feel and know God’s comforting presence.

  150. Paul and Deborah

    what a shock. We go to every Gaither Concert in Southern CA and look forward to and love Anthony. For some reason we missed the news about Anthony’s passing, on a cruise we were wait-listed for. We also watch the Gaithers each week. Whenever Anthony played, there would be silence in my home. Even the children would stop and listen to his masterful playing. After listening and watching him play, my children would always be encouraged to practice the piano and would prefer to learn gospel songs so they could sound like Anthony. What an inspiration he was. A talent that will be missed. How the Lord must be enjoying his music.
    Our prayers are with his family and praying they will find peace and comfort knowing the Lord is with them at this time of grief. Our deepest sympathy.

  151. Marian and Fred Arbabi

    We have obviously been out of touch with the world for awhile. Just hearing about Anthony’s death was a sad and painful moment. Blessings to his family and know that anyone who leaves as much as Anthony did for the rest of the world to love and enjoy will surly be loved in Heaven. He will be missed deeply. We will definitely remember his life, his music, as one of the greatest joys that ever existed. Thank you Anthony.

  152. Fr. Mike

    My favorite Anthony Burger moment was when he took over playing a song Rosa Nell Speer’s had started. The transition was flawless, not a note was missed, and when both of them finished the song as a duet, the result was nothing short of “fantastic”! To Anthony Burger’s wife and children, I extend my love and prayers. May he, and all the faithful departed “Homecoming Friends”, rest in the peace of the Lord forever.

  153. phyllis koenig

    I have had the privledge of seeing Anthony in person at several Gaither Homecomings and have many of their CDs. Oh how I enjoy his mucic!
    I watch the TV programs almost every Sat. night, but somehow just learned of his death last night, July 22. When I saw his picture, I thought why are they including Anthony among all those other greats who have died? Then the tribute to Anthony was the last and I just could not beleive my eyes. I am not very good at the internet, but I just had to learn when he went to be with the Lord. What greater song to be playing when the Lord would call him Home. He will be missed so much. God bless his family and all of the Gaither family also.

  154. Desmond & Helen Gunraj

    It was only yesterday we learned of Anthony’s passing. Like those, whose words preceed ours, we are experiencing a feeling of loss. On a deep, level, his music communicated to us the beauty of God. Now, indeed, the angels are hearing the story of God’s wondrous grace as it flows from His fingers. We have never been to any of Bill and Gloria Gaither’s events, and it’s only through their DVDs that we are familiar with these shining saints of the Most High. But how we thank God for the love they outpour as they praise the Lord together. We would like his family to know how much Anthony has touched our souls, complete strangers to you all, how his fingers caused our hearts to dance to joy. We will treasure his music. When next you hear him play, he will have had master lesson’s from the Lord of Glory Himself.

  155. Carol

    Wow! What better way to be called home by our Lord than when playing his praises! I just learned of Anthony’s passing this weekend. I was sad to hear of his passing. His family is in my prayers. He touched so many lives.

  156. Danny Simatele

    It is with deep sadness to learn about the death of Anthony. We enjoyed the way he played the piano and that other little instrument he would hold in his hands. Every saturday afternoon we came back from church, we watched him play with the home coming friends. We will miss him dearly. We will miss you Tony and we loved you so very much.
    Danny Simatele and family, Stevenage, UK

  157. Kevin Niles

    While flipping through the TV channels tonight I came upon a Gaither “Tribute” video and noticed Anthony Burger was pictured with the other gospel greats. After the shock began to wear off, I went online to check it out and just learned of Anthony’s unexpected passing in Feb.
    I guess it is old news now, but still quite an unexpected shock to me. Anthony was a truly gifted minister in how he used his talent to glorify our Lord! I saw him at several Gaither concerts in Indianapolis & Dayton,OH and was greatly in awe of his talent and passion for the Lord’s praise. He excelled in bringing God glory with his music.
    I also will never forget the concert he did in the small community church when I lived in Greentown, IN. around 1998. The small brick church couldn’t have seated more than about 140 people–and it was standing room only for Anthony’s concert (and I hesitate to call it merely a concert!) that Sunday evening. As he played the last song before the intermission, the damper pedal on the grand piano broke! (I think he was playing the song from Chariots of Fire.) During the intermission, they carried up a portable digital piano from the basement, and Anthony finished the evening playing on it–and it even sounded magnificent! Anthony was a great inspiration to me, as a music minister, pianist, and fellow lover of worship music! Thank you Anthony for sharing your wonderful gift and blessing so many others! Our loss is heaven’s gain!
    My prayers are with his family and loved ones too. Anthony left a great legacy of faith and inspirational music!

  158. Jan

    I just learned today of Anthony’s passing. I was so blessed to see Anthony play at a Gaither Homecoming last fall in Portland, OR. What a musician! God gave him some talent and he sure used it well. He will truly be missed here on earth, but those in Heaven are rejoicing with all the beautiful music he is now providing for them. We are so fortunate to have CD’s so we can still hear him tickle the ivories the way only he could. My prayers are with his family and also with the Gaither Gospel Family. Our loss is Heavens gain.

  159. Aaron

    He really was one of the best. I was rencently at one of the concerts and it wasn`t the same without him. The gentlemen that was playing the piano was good but not as good as Anthony.
    He truly will be missed. God bless him and God bless his family. They are in my prayers!!!

  160. Norman & Frances Terrell

    We were so shocked to hear of Anthony’s death. Our friends told us today of his passing. We were able to attend several Gaither Concerts when they came to the San Diego, CA area and we loved to watch Anthony play. He was a fantastic piano player. What a way to go playing “We Shall Behold Him”… That song has always been our favorite and now knowing this it will really be a blessing to hear over and over again.
    Our prayers are with the family and friends. He will be greatly missed!

  161. Walter D. Rutherford

    I had purchased two DVD’s of Anthony Burger before I realized that God had taken him home to be with Himself. What a great testimony!! I was not wanting to believe that he had been taken from us. The story Anthony told on the DVD about his young son in the Easter play caused tears to flow. Jesus is Coming Again!! May we all be as ready to meet Jesus as Anthony was. Our prayers and blessings upon the Anthony Burger family. May God Bless you…

  162. Joanne & Paul

    My husband and I went to see Anthony in Naples, Fl and love him!!! I am sure he is playing all the time now.
    May your family be comforted by God now and until you are all together again and give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.

  163. Jeff & Trudy

    We want to offer Our heartfelt sympathy on the loss of Anthony Burger. We were not aware until now when We watched Bill Gaither’s tribute to Him on the Gaither Gospel Hour. In all the years We watched this program, We always enjoyed His piano playing. Now He has met the One He has played the piano for.

  164. Gary

    Like so many others, I too wash shocked to see the note of Anthony’s passing at the end of a tribute to him. I also rushed to the computer to learn the details. I remember how James Blackwood expressed how he wished to be singing God’s praise at the moment of death. Now Anthony has truly experienced this while playing such an appropriate song.
    To Bill & Gloria Gaither, I am so thankfull you brought Anthony to us over the years through your Homecoming series. It is exciting how God lead you to prepare this tribute to him just months before his passing.
    I have always enjoyed how you let all the drama of our lives be displayed and honored including the reality of death and how we can have comfort and assurance to face it. There has been no other program series like it.
    May God’s special comfort be with the Burger family and with the Gaithers and the entire Homecoming family.
    Love in Christ, Gary

  165. bill moyrs

    My mom and I would sit and listen in awe – he was truely a gift from God – the Gaithers will not be the same with out him – he could make the hair on your arms stand the entire time he was playing – he will be truely missed.

  166. Mary S. Lett

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I just watched him on TV for the first time and was so moved by his talent the Lord gave him. I was amazed by the burning of his hands and then to be able to do what he did but then again God can do anything for us. I share with you my recent loss of my husband who was killed instanly in a car wreck three drive ways away from our house on May 4/2006. It still seems so unreal but I know that he is in heaven along with your husband and so many others that have gone on before us. It really is tough when God takes them so sudden and unexpected. I cherish the years we had together. We started dating when we were 14 and would have been married for 25 years next December for a total of almost 32 years together. I miss him dearly as I am sure you and your family miss your husband and father. We have one son who just graduated high school this June. Please pray for us as I will pray for you and your family. One day we will all be together again. Praise the Lord.
    In Christian Love,
    Mary S. lett

  167. Shelley Moore

    I met and talked with Anthony on a couple of occasions, and enjoyed his talent always. And, this Cleveland native is in shock at his early passing. How fitting it is that he was using his hands to play the Lord’s music when he was called home. My condolences and best wishes to the family.

  168. Tammy McClure

    WOW! What a party it was that day in heaven. My heart grieves for his family and friends, and also for myself. I am not sure exactly why. I didn’t know Anthony personaly, but I was so moved by the gift he joyously shared with the world. I will pray for the family. God Bless you all.

  169. Jon Gore

    My heart aches as we have lost yet another talented individual as Anthony. Yet in the tears being shed, I also can’t help but think, what a band of southern gospel greats GOD has formed in heaven. Just thinking of those heavenly voices fills my heart with warmth. Knowing that oneday I will see all my loved ones perform once again and I will be in their mist, gives me hope. My prayers are with Anthonys family and homecoming friends who knew him best. May God go with you, strenghten you, and share your faith, that others may believe that “Christ is Lord.” God Bless You all and America.

  170. Steve Gustafson

    Anthony now plays in person before our King. God is gathering in the cream of His Crop. So many young talents and old saints “going Home!”
    Jesus is coming soon!

  171. Jerry &Carolyn Harrington

    I have been following gospel music for almost 50 yrs. I always enjoyed Hovy Lister’s playing and many of the very talented players in gospel music.Anthony I believe was the best.We attended one of his concerts in Spring Hill Fl. a few years back and the sound system was terrible.Anthony kept apologizing but continued to play. We enjoyed the concert and would not take anything for that memory now. It was a shock to hear of his death,but we know our God is in control. I can’t imagine the kind of welcome he recieved as he walked into heaven. For his family and those that were close to him,You are in our prayers.

  172. Michelle

    Anthony is going to be missed all around.I loved his music. But his playing with our Lords choir and playing along with David’s Harp.
    May he rest in Gods care.
    Michelle (Lakehills ,Texas)

  173. Jerry Pangburn

    Lat night whil watching the Gaither TV program, promoting Anthony Burgers concert recordings, which we totally enjoyed, the final graphic on the screen caused me to rush to the computer to verify the slide memorializing amazing artist. I was deeply saddened. A sense of real loss swepted over me. Then, I read how and where this musician called by God, burnt hands was invited to leave this life and play in the greatest convcert hall of all — the throne room of God! Even in death, what a tribute to the eternal greatness and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Can you imagine what is begin played “up there” on this Sunday morning? The mind is boggled an the soul assured.

  174. Wanda L

    I have known about Anthony Burger from listening to Gospel growing up. My Mom is a huge fan of Gospel as well as Anthony Burger. Though every Sunday when i am visiting my Mom and Dad, Mom always puts on a gospel video. One day, she had me to sit down and watch a video tape of Anthony Burger and my how my spirit was touched. How could such a talented person be called home so soon? Tears created a river as they flowed down my face as i listened to him play the piano as well as hear him sing every once in a while. What talent this man had….From what he suffered as a child, he had so much talent….To think that he would have never had use of his hands again. He was GREAT as he put his heart and his soul into playing the piano. God has called a wonderful talented person home………perhaps to play praises in Heaven. Mom put in his video one day and stopped at the point where she though he had his heart attack…..Anthony went be home to be with the Lord on February 22nd, which is also my Mother’s birthday. She didn’t learn of his passing until a few days latter……as she called me on my phone crying……Anthony has touched many people and i know he will continue to do so through his video’s and cd’s…..My Mother owns every one that there is. I saw Anthony on tv last night with Bill Gaither and tears still continue to flow over the loss of a wonder talented human being. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family. May he live forever in the hearts of those who enjoyed his talent as much as i have……and may he continue to touch the hearts of those he stands before in Heaven…..WE WILL ALL BE TOGETHER AGAIN ONE DAY AND WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY THAT WILL BE!!!!!!
    Love you Anthony!!
    Wanda L Deerfield Beach Florida

  175. Scott Dunkle

    I was blessed to meet Anthony Burger at The Indiana County fair several years ago He was touring with Mark Lowry My friend went with me when Anthony told his testimony I could feel The Holy Spirit all around me. We waited around and my friend was nice and helped put chairs away so the opportunity arose for me to meet and talk to Anthony He was a true christian very humble and very nice. To you the family this is july and I was shocked as well to learn of Anthony’s passing I did not know it happened until now! To the family still lean on Jesus I know you miss Anthony but his promise is fulfilled He is with Jesus and all of heaven rejoiced on that day. I am truly sorry for your loss but concentrate on Anthony’s gain He was faithful in His ministry and God is taking good care of him I know that doesn’t help the seperation and your love for Anthony But lean on God and keep the faith Anthony was a good model He was a true light that pierced through a dark world and that example comes from Jesus Christ Anthony showed that model through his testomony and his talent by allowing God to use him to serve Him faithfully and Anthony is now enjoying His reward Do not be sad but rejoice when you think of Anthony God BLess!

  176. Paddy FLeming

    I was blessed to hear him play in person. What Joy I have used so may of his books playing at church. My gift is nothing compared to hims, but he will live on in his music, and videos.

  177. Daniel Finney

    I am very much shocked to hear his death. I came to know after 5 months. I am a great fan of his playing the piano, the greatest wonder of all times.His playing piano is soothes my heart and mind and makes me forget my worries of tommorow.May God bless his family and comfort them.
    Daniel Finney

  178. Michelle Hall

    Up until last night, I never heard of Anthony Burger or had any idea that an individual could play the piano with such passion. Being a lover of music, I am almost ashamed to admit it. My mother and I watched a program showcasing his many performances. We were left speechless when we read at the end of the program, “In loving memory…” It is very evident that his ability was a divine gift. It is clear that he touched so many lives with his music. He impacted me in such a short time. I would be remissed if I did not send my condolences. May God be with his family and friends during their time of great loss.

  179. Connie Brashaw

    Had only seen him in person one time, but watched him on the Gaither’s Homecoming’s on TV often. He added so much to the Gaither’s. I so enjoyed his playing. He had a God given talent and I am sure he is having a wonderful time playing with the Lord’s musicians. He will be truley missed. We pray for his family.

  180. Selina Morel

    I saw Brother Anthony Burger for the first time on Gaither’s Homecoming tonight, not knowing that this was truly a HOMECOMING testimony. During the interview I believe he was discussing being AVAILABLE to GOD, so that GOD’S purpose can be fullfilled in our lives. GOD please forgive us for not using our GIFTS, TALENTS AND ABILTIES to the GLORY of GOD at ALL TIMES in ALL THINGS.
    My prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing his anointed ministry and LOVE of GOD with the world.

  181. claudine

    i was so sad to he of anthony pasting. i never saw him, but watch him lots of times. i love that song on the gloryland road and now he is in glory. someday soon we will all be together love your sister in Christ.

  182. Alison McNeilly

    I just read the news last night of Anthonys death, I am still shocked by the news. I had the privellege of meeting Anthony and AJ twice when they were over in Northern Ireland. Anthony always made time to speak with all of his fans and give autographs. He was one in a million a true musical genius. I must have at least 10 of Anthonys albums. My thoughts are with his wife LuAnn, his kids Lori, AJ and Austin and all of his family.

  183. Lawrence

    Where can i start? but say that on of my most inspiring pianist has gone to be with the Lord last few years we have seen great gospel music minister gone ahead (Athony Burger, GeorgeYounce, Jake Hess, Howard & Vestal Goodman, Rusty Goodman, Brock Speer, Bob Cain and Rex Nelon.) I do not know what to say Lets pray more Anthony Burger to raise up and lift The Name of Jesus higher, God bless you family if this Ministers wo have one ahead of us , Please whoever gets a chance to read this may you be able to get the tribute to George Young it has a messenge of us who have been left by this men of God.

  184. Mickey

    I was just watching a Gaither Homecoming re-run and recalled all of the memories of Anthony’s playing. What a blessing he was & I send my sincere condolonces to his family!

  185. Jean Feagans

    I got to meet Anthony Burger in cleveland @ pathway book store and I was amazed@ his playing and I was so blessed and so very sorry to hear of his passing, for his family but I know heaven is blessed with his present there heaven has a great piano player and the angels in heaven can rejoice … earths lost is heavens gain

  186. Debbie

    I remember Anthony on his concert tours with the Kingsmen…It was back in the late 70’s and I convinced my mother to go with me to a concert and he was so young as I remember..My mother recently passed away, her love of gospel music developed over the years and she was eventually saved and baptized ….and it all began with hearing the gospel music being played at those concerts…Anthony was just beginning to develop his talent back then…I watched him grow to a dedicated man of God over the years…His talent was God Given….He stayed true and faithful to God…Now hes playing music for my wonderful mother and father in Heaven….Thank You Anthony

  187. Peg Brown Burt

    Anthony was my next door neighbor, in Tennessee. I only learned of his passing recently, while sending some of his music to a friend. i was heartbroken. He was such a fine person, good neighbor and so talented. It just deeply saddened me.

  188. David & Debbie Atherton

    Just learned of his passing on the Gaithers tonight. Have enjoyed hearing and watching Anthony play for the Lord many many times. He will be greatly missed in this world but we will all meet him in person one day.
    God bless his family.
    In His Service,
    David & Debbie Atherton

  189. Diana & Gary

    We just learned of Anthonys passing. We have always enjoyed his music and talents that the Lord has given him. What a way to go to Heaven !! Who can ask for anything more special. Anthonys legacy will be felt around the world for many decades to come. God is always in control. And knows what He is doing. Even though we do not always undwerstand. Gods timing is always perfect.

  190. m groves

    it is with great sadness and tears that i just learned of the passing of Anthony Berger. The tears started to flow as I realized that God had only lent him to us for a little while. His smile and Christian attitude made me realize how much he loved hiS God. I truly send my condolances to his wife and boys and just to say it is only for a little while and then you will see him and the Master face to face and understand.

  191. Louis Jones

    I met anthony many years ago and was took back at the way this young man could play, as the years went by and he played more and more it only looked like he was going to the top and he did it was always so great to hear him play it helped me and my family come closer to the lord because it was always such a great feeling after a service where he played, Anthony you will be missed but only for a short time we will all meet again over there, God bless and thank you for the blessings you gave. And God bless your family till we all meet again. we love you

  192. Ron Tompkins

    I just learned of his passing and am deeply saddened. I was touched by his testimony and how he overcame the odds against him. To listen to his music and watch his enthusiasm as he played was truly a blessing. Anthony, as you played “We Shall Behold Him” and left behind this earthly life for eternity, I am comforted that you now have beheld Him. May God bless and comfort Anthony’s family until that glad reunion day.

  193. Dawn Dorrill

    Where have I been? I, like many others…came across the Gaithers “Precious Memory’s” and there was Anthony’s picture. I couldn’t believe it! I knew the others were gone to be with the Lord, but Anthony was young. Younger than I knew. I got on my computer and pulled it all up. Oh Dear God!!! Continue to place your loving arms around his family and loved ones. I have seen him many times in concert and loved his God given talent. What a testimony!

  194. David Edwards

    Like Dawn, I saw Anthony on the cover of the DVD, but didn’t think anything of it until my parents received thebookshop magazine and saw him on the DVD, so asked me to check it out on theInternet.
    What a shock to loose someone like Anthony who was so young and such a great piano player.
    I know many people who watch the Homecoming videos who will all be sad that Anthony will no longer be there.
    Our commiserations go to his family, and We will miss seeing him on the videos.

  195. ron booth

    dear mrs Burger,i am very sorry for your stunning loss.i discovered anthonys music just yesterday.an amazing God given gift.i am 65. i started piano lessons 2 weeks ago.i want to be a gospel music pianist. Anthony is my greatest inspiration to learn well and quickly.His cd plays in my car now continuously.Anthony will be my musical inspiration for the rest of my life.I will introduce him to as many people as I can. May God richly comfort you and your boys.
    your brother in Christ,Ron Booth 9-7-06

  196. Jack&Mary Barnes

    We must have at least 20 of Gaither’s video’s and we just never get tired of Mr Burger’s playing of the piano. What a gifted artist he was and we will certainly miss his talented artistry on the piano. God bless his family, and he’s playing his songs for the master, i’m sure!

  197. Sonya

    Anthony was another inspiring example of Christianity. He used the talent God gave him to the Glory of God. My sympathy to the Berger family. Anthony was a wonderful musician.

  198. Emily McConnell

    I loved to hear Anthony play. In my opinion he was the best Pianist EVER. I never personally met him but when I heard that he died it was almost like part of me died as well. His memory will always live on though. I had hoped to meet him someday and I guess I still will but it seems like that time is SO far away. I have three major goals in my life. (1) To serve God with all my heart (2) Become a Pediatric Nurse (3) I want to learn to play the piano JUST like Anthony. Luann I LOVE your family and someday I would like to meet you. You hold a SPECIAL place in my heart. God will give you strength to make it through this.

  199. Gianna Zavota

    I was very sad to hear of Anthony’s passing. I thought and I still think he is the best piano player in the world. I am 9 years old and have been playing the piano over a year. Anthony Burger was a great inspiration to me. He will be sadly missed by all. I’m so glad we still have his music to enjoy. He left us all a wonderful gift of being able to still hear his music from CD’s, DVD’s and video tapes for us to still be able to see him and remember him by.
    Gianna Z of Scituate, RI

  200. Elaine Sparks

    It has been 7 months since his death and I still shed tears. I didn’t know anything about Anthony but when he passed, it touched me as though he was my brother. I was forced to take piano lessons as a child but was too shy to play in front of anyone so as soon as I was allowed, I quit playing. After Anthony’s death I started practicing again. I ordered some of his piano books with his arrangements along with a cassette to listen to how the song should sound.
    Every time I hit some notes that sound vaguely similar to how he plays it is so uplifting. Thank you, Anthony, for your inspiration, even in death. I pray God will allow you to find my daddy in heaven and thank him for the piano lessons that I once hated, but am now thankful for.

  201. Missy

    When I learned of Anthony Burger’s death I was moved in a way that I never have been for any other person before, not even the immediate family members that have gone on to be with the Lord.
    I am a huge fan of the Gaither Homecoming shows and watch one every day. As a pianast myself I am always fascinated watching Anthony’s hands glide across the piano keys. Like him, I also studied Classical music before returning to my gospel roots.
    While I was looking up another Homecoming show to buy I saw “the late Anthony Burger” and was horrified.
    My deepest sympathies to his family. I can’t imagine how tough it would be to lose a husband or father.
    As someone said earlier, what a way to go. Playing the piano, my favorite thing in the world, on a Caribbean cruise. The bright side is….he’s alright now. Again, as someone said earlier, the Heavenly chior has the best piano player up there with them now. Can you only imagine how it sounds? Wow. Vestal and Howard singing, J.D. doing bass….Anthony playing for them again. Wow. When you think about it, it’s not such a bad thing.

  202. Sandra Zavota

    What a loss. I feel the same as the person above me that learning of Anthony’s death moved me in the same way. My Mother and Father has both gone on to be with the Lord but knowing Anthony was called away at such a young age and he was so gifted. Never has anyone inspired me in such away as Anthony did. God really gave him a gift, he was so pleasant, loved people and life, singing and most of all playing the piano with so much energy that the words sung out. I have a video tape titled, “Anthony Burger Live-All Aboard!” What a tape of all his talents. There is a song he sings which he changed a few words in it you could really see his love for the Lord. The song is titled, “It’s my Desire” He sings, (You can see were Jesus brought me from to were I am today–then you’ll know the reasaon why I love him so. You can take the world earthly riches, I don’t need earth’s fame. It’s my desire, I’d rather have Jesus more than anything.) Anthony died on February 22nd. as I celebrated my 60th birthday. I will never forget you Anthony. I’m just so glad we can still listen to your wonderful music and still see you on DVD’s and Video’s. What a wonderful GIFT you left us all. You will be so greatly missed. God please Bless Anthony’s Family.

  203. Robson

    Só hoje, dia 19/10/2006 que fiquei sabendo da morte de Anthony, fiquei realmente muito triste ao saber, mas acredito que todos da família já estão confortados ao saber que ao Cristo Jesus retornar irá ressussitar todos os que Creram em Seu nome.
    Eu gostava muito do trabalho dele.
    Estarei orando pela família quanto ao conforto que só o Espírito Santo de Deus pode dar.

  204. mildred


  205. Peggy

    I just recently found out about Anthony Burger’s death. I was shocked. I first saw him with Mark Lowery at a single’s retreat in Destin, Florida. He was at my church in Jonesboro, Georgia several years ago when I was in the choir. The choir got to sing while he played the piano. What an awesome experience. One of my favorite videos is the one he did with Ivan Parker and Kirk Talley.
    My heart goes out to his family.



  207. Linda

    I’m sure Anthony would not have picked a finer way to meet Jesus. He was surrounded by friends and family who loved him, and he was doing what he apparently loved most of all. I hope God will allow me to go in such a way. I get so excited when I think or sing about Heaven. I can tell that Anthony did also. The best time to go would be when you are already being moved by the Spirit and can feel his Holy Presence! To go from feeling the Spirit to actually meeting the Spirit face to face would be Heavenly indeed! Praise God! I know that Anthony Burger is enjoying himself more than words can ever say!

  208. Brandon

    I am only 20 years old but I’ve grown up on gospel music. I didn’t know the name Anthony Burger, but I knew his sound. I knew him when I saw him but didn’t realize who he was. I’ve played piano for 10 years, and I’ve never had an inspiration like Anthony Burger. I just purchased his DVD this past weekend and I’ve watched it 6 time in two days. He is hands down the best musician I have ever heard. He was such a testimony to what God can do through an individual. I will miss him and his music. May God be with the Burger family. Gospel music has certianly lost a legend!

  209. Sharlene Thomas

    Im sitting here in shock to find out about Anthony Burger’s passing away a few months ago.
    Thanks to Gloria and Bill Gaither for allowing him to share his talent while playing the piano.
    I never met him but I love watching him on the Gaither Homecoming DVD’s which I share with my church family
    God Bless his wife and children and the Gaither family…..
    May he play with the angels in a beautiful harmony

  210. Lori Parente

    I was watching a taped Gaither special this weekend when I learned that Anthony Burger passed away this year. I Praise the Lord that when Anthony was called home to be with Jesus, he was playing “We Shall Behold Him”, for Anthony is surely beholding our Savior now and rests in His loving arms. I have loved listening to his music, watching him play with so much joy and love for the Lord on his face and shining from his eyes. I have his cd music and will delight in it until I leave for Glory.
    God Bless the Burger Family and the Gaither Families for their ministry & blessings to me.
    Lori Parente I

  211. Mary Ann Hoyt

    I was surprised and very saddened about the news of Anthony’s passing. What a wonderful person who lit up the world with his smile and talent. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his beautiful family.

  212. David

    His ability was more than just phenomenal – it was a gift from God. The thing I enjoyed so was not just listening to Anthony play, but, rather watching Anthony play. He felt the music and the message. We were blessed to have him here, for now he plays for the angels in heaven. I can just see him sliding onto the piano bench and finishing “We shall behold Him ” with his new group of singers, some of which he has known and played for for many years. Job well done Anthony. You made this a better place and you will not be forgotten.

  213. Randy from London

    It was only last night while watching the DVD “The best of Anthony Burger” in the Homecoming series, did I hear that Anthony had passed away. Its unbelievable how God can bestow someone with such a talent which was coupled with humility.
    This world is NOT our home, we are just passing through.
    To Anthony’s family, the same God is able to keep you to the very end, our prayers are with you.

  214. Linda Cantwell

    I first heard Anthony Burger play at a Gaither concert in Dallas several years ago. Having studied piano for 10 years, I had virtually given up playing the piano during the past 20 years; however, when I heard him play, I went to his music booth and bought every book he had as well as ones for my sister and my cousin. I now play piano/keyboards in my church and play all his music daily. It has completely changed my life! My family and I shall miss Anthony’s music and we pray God’s richest blessings on his precious family. Please keep his music alive!!

  215. Deb

    I remember a few years back when the Gaither’s came to little Nampa, Idaho. I am in such “AWWW” of Anthony Burger, he is just phenominal. To put it lightly! I love watching his hands on that piano, he defiantly had a gift from God. He will be greatly missed.

  216. Bev

    My mom and dad showed me a video of Anthony on Christmas Day that they had bought. It was magnificant ! He was such a humble man who loved God and loved playing the piano for Him. I was in such awe watching him play. He was incredible. I will be praying for his family during this holiday season. I am sure they are missing him very much right now. He will be missed greatly.

  217. Kenton T Pies

    I became aware of Anthony’s INCREDABLE piano artistry today (12/30/06) even though I watch Gaither’s shows whenever I catch one. I was SO excited I had to check the internet. Why does God take such people away when we want to hear MORE, MORE? My MOST favorite gospel song is “We Shall Behold Him” sung by Sandi Patti (also a Gaither discovery). I hope I can get a copy of his rendition so I can get the same goosebumps that I get from Sandi Patti.
    My deepest sympathy goes to his family and the Gaithers at the loss of such a GREAT artist!!!

  218. Bill & Linda Webber

    What a shock it was to find out at the end of the Gaither Tribute to Anthony Burger last night, that Anthony had graduated to the Lord’s heavenly choir. He had such a talent for gospel playing and watching his face, you knew that he was enjoying every second of it. I know God is holding Anthony’s family in His right hand. Anthony will be sorely missed on earth, but he is playing for the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS forevermore. I’ll bet he’s smiling ear to ear!!

  219. sharon parker

    My husband and I recently became aware of the amazing Anthony Burger. We purchased the dvd of the Homecoming Series and we play it all the time. I wasn’t aware of his death until the end of the Gaither tribute on Saturday, Dec. 30th Our deepest sympathy to his family and the Gaithers for this tremendous loss. Sharon & Cliff

  220. frankie hall

    I absolutely loved the ministry of Anthony Burger. He was sooooooooo awesome with the gift that God entrusted to him. May God continue to bless the his family.

  221. Dotti Jones

    Here it is nearly a year since Anthony’s death and my husband and I just learned about it as we are homebound and not able to get around much. Not only was Anthony a wonderful pianoist, but we saw him the night he told of his young son playing the part of Jesus in an Easter Cantata. He was a wonderful christian, husband, and father. He will be missed by all.

  222. Vickie

    How blessed I feel to have heard Mr. Berger when he came with the Gaither’s to Huntsville Ala in December of 2006. I never realized that the concert would be one of the last he performed here. What JOY! to hear the music that flowed so effortlessly from his hands and the resounding Halleluiah Chorus! The crowd on their feet with hands together clapping and praising the Lord. My moments of thoughts what Heaven would gain would be our loss one day! HEaven to add this wonderful musician.! Then early in the spring to learn he had died suddenly. I was blessed again to have received as a gift his CD – Masterpiece. It has touched my heart in worship for God blessed the man who performed for His Glory and Honor. Thank you for sharing your love of the Lord with us. We will see you in Heaven some day with all the saints who have gone on before us. Thank you PBS stations who carry the Gaither’s on Saturday evening for us to continue to enjoy his music. It will live on ! Thank you again for allowing a small input! We will miss you ! Ms Vickie

  223. rodney sargent

    what a man he was .I was very shocked to here the news .I just got off of a cruise in the same place. how can the gaithers go on with out this man? I will allways rember how great he played. he will be missed by millions. know i know he is in heaven play the same kind of music what a blessing.

  224. Jeff St. Clair

    All I can say is this.. A warrior for Our Lord has gone home!.. Blessed be the name of Our Lord.. May we see and hear him play someday soon.. After-all..we do have Eternity awaiting us all.. and Anthony Burger shall be there!.. that is for certain… ‘See ya!, Anthony!.. Jeff

  225. Rev. Ernie Miller

    Anthony Was a great piano player and when he played you could feel tne anointing that flowed from his music. I never got to meet him on this side of eturnity but with the help of God I will get to meet him in heaven. I pray that God will bless his family and his kids if he had any. I only found out that he changed addresses just a couple of months ago.
    Rev.Ernie Miller

  226. Ruth

    Praying for Anthony’s family today as they remember their loss a year ago, that God will give them courage and comfort as they go on without him here on earth.

  227. Bob & Nelia Storey

    We met Anthony and his wife on the bus to the ship for the Gospel Cruise in January 1994. He was talking to us on the way and we just assumed they were more people going on the cruise. Well, they were except that the first time there was music, there was our fellow bus passenger playing the piano. Only playing the piano like we’d never heard it played it before. Tonight we were watching him on TV and hearing again his amazing story. I called my granddaughter to tell her to turn it on because I’d told her about him. So when it came to the end of the program and it was “In loving memory” we were in shock. I came in immediately to check to see what I could find out.. What an amazing thing that God called him home while playing a song he loved so much. I don’t know how his wife can ever hear that song again without it tearing at her heart. Oh, how our hearts go out to her and the family. What a comfort to know that we will all get to hear him play again only then I will be able to sing like he plays.

  228. Carolyn B.

    My husband, Bruce and I watch Bill Gather shows on T.v. all the time and that we say the truibut to Anthony and was shocked at the end when it said , “In memory of” what a great man of GOD that had to be called home early. Our sympathes for his family.

  229. Daphne W.

    It’s been over a year – and tears come to my eyes when I see his picture or see him playing on the Gaither programs. He was a tremendous pianist and I learned alot from him and use his tapes, books, cds all the time. He is very much missed! Prayers for his entire family.

  230. Racenzach

    Anthony Burger came to my church when i was about 10 years old. i am 15 know and i ask the Lord if i could sing with him playing for me. well god did not wont that and i almot cried when i whach him play on tv. I hope the best and i love that mans talent.

  231. Martin Kirby

    This man was without a doubt, the finest pianist I have ever witnessed. I did not know of Mr. Anthony Burger until my Mom asked me to get her a DVD of his work. I had no idea he had passed until she told me while we were watching the DVD. I was stunned. A man in his prime of life, with a REAL talent on loan from God. A loss and a void that cannot be filled. Peace and Blessings upon his family. One can only assume God needed a teacher. Not of music, but of Faith, Humility, and Servitude to his Faith. May his Soul sing forever.

  232. Gayle

    I remember seeing him in Opheyland, when he played for the Kingsmen and the Bass singer would pull his pants let up to his knees while he was playing. He would just smile. I sure miss him. He was the best piano player I have ever heard. And no one can replace him. RIP

  233. Dan and Marilyn Dworshak

    Wow, that is what I would always say when I stood in awe watching Anthony play the piano. What a gift. I give God the glory for giving Anthony such a beautiful talent, and I admire Anthony for using this God given talent to give it back in song to the One who gave it to him. Wow… he was a man beaming with testimony. He will be sadly missed by me and my family, but we know we will see him again and that brings a smile to our faces. Lord please bless his family at this time.

  234. Nick Duliakas

    It’s Easter Sunday and I am watching a Bill Gaither Homecoming tape. Everytime a shot of Anthony Burger on the piano comes on, I am saddened by his untimely death a year ago. I’m sad for his family and for us. I’m not sad for him because I know that he is in the presence of Jesus.
    At this very minute they are featuring Anthony playing Handel’s Messiah. Oh Lord, what a Blessing. Hallelujah. He is Risen.

  235. Gareth & Dawn

    I have only just learned that Anthony Burger has died, while looking at Christian music sites, on the net. My wife and I are really saddened as we loved to watch him playing on the Gaither videos and his gift on the piano is unequalled by anyone.There will be many people in Heaven because of the blessing that Anthony has been to them with his music.

  236. Mary

    Last night I turned to RFDTV and watched a Gaither Homecoming show and so enjoyed Anthony Burger. I was so impressed by this man and his love for our Lord and the music he played for him. While the credits were running, I was shocked to see at the end “In Memory of Anthony Burger” So today I got on the internet to see what happened to this man, I see he was loved by so many. Wow! What a way to go.

  237. Brett Ward

    I have just learned that Anthony passed away. What a blessing he and his music were to so many. I often listen to the Gaither Homecoming on TV. As a church musician myself- Anthony is so inspiring! My love and prayers go to his family – what a wonderful feeling it must be to know that Anthony lived his life for Jesus- reaching out to others through beautfiul music.
    Brett Ward- Atlanta, Georgia

  238. Shanley Lutchman

    My uncle told me today that Anthony had died while playing the piano. I said to him (as a pianist myself) “I wouldn’t mind dying like that.” What a talented man. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. May God be with you and keep you patient until you meet one day when Christ comes agian. Shanley Lutchman-Pretoria, South Africa.

  239. cathy

    His musicianship made me stand up and raise my hands together. He is phenomenal. Thank you for letting me see just a litte bit of your talent. You are dearly missed.

  240. Keith Rogers

    My wife, Brenda, and I were on our way from Chandler, Arizona to Glendale, Az. this past Tuesday for a Homecoming. I mentioned to her that the brochure did not mention that Anthony Burger would be there and that I was disappointed. Then in the foyer of the arena, I noticed the CD featuring the Gather singers who had died. In the bottom right hand side of the names, I saw the name of Anthony Burger and wondered why his name was on the same one with all the ones who had died.
    I then asked the CD salesman if Anthony was dead and the vounteer told me “yes”. The amazing thing is that the volunteer who sold me the CD was on the same cruise that Anthony was on and was at that concert. What a shock!
    I then immediately went to my seat and told my wife the news. We then knew why he was not be be at this concert. I still have a hard time thinking about it. In church this morning, I played several of his numbers including “I shall behold him” not knowing until just now that Anthony was playing that song when he died.
    Keith Rogers..Chandler, Arizona

  241. Angela Copeland

    What an inspiring servant of GOD!! His piano playing was always such a joy to watch and listen to. I’m reading a book called 90 minutes in Heaven, about a pastor from Texas that died and came back. He describes Heaven as a placed filled with constant signing and music of all kinds. Won’t Anthony be right “at home”. His music will only make the joyful noise in Heaven that much more wonderful. To his wife and children, may the Lord be with you until you meet Anthony in Heaven and know that his music was a wonderful gift to us all. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  242. Margaret Swearingen

    Heaven must be filled with the sound of his music. Oh! how I have his ministry of music in my car by my desk in my kitchen. The story of The Easter play Austin was in I have played to many – I teach a SS Class of 59-89 year old ladies. They were so touched. That tape was titled, The Best of Anthony Burger. My Brother died at the age of 42 while hunting. My husband had Sudden cardiac Death Syndrome. Is this the problem that Anthony Suffered from. I would like more information if possible. God bless his family and those precious children You are in my prayers each time I play his CD’s -mMargaret Swearingen.

  243. Steve Capps

    I just finished watching his “Best of” dvd again and decided to come on here and just say thank you to his family. My how I loved his God given talent. I was in the crowd at Atlanta when we told of Austin’s play. I will forever be saddened that I can not see this talented man but then I think…one day..one day I will see him again..God Bless your family…

  244. eva sam

    wow ! what a blessing he was !!! i was always moved by his perfomances,soo touching,breath taking.his story reminds me that nothing is impossible with GOD.tears of happiness roll down my cheeks when i look at his beautiful fingers.i thank GOD for him.

  245. Pastor Ken Meyer

    Brother Anthony Burger, was indeed my favorite Gospel musician. We have his music in our home, and listen to it and are blessed. Of course, the Good Lord knows the reason why He took our wonderful brother away at such a time to his eternal reward. No one should blame God foolishly. When the saints from all the ages get to the other side, it is believed that many puzzling issues will be understood. Until then, let’s keep on singing, keep on praising, keep on thanking the Almighty God with everything that is within us…in Jesus Name.

  246. Sorin

    hi everybody,
    I don’t even how to begin this message because it means so much to me and I have so much to say. I’m a common young man from Romania. I studied piano since I was nine and now I’m pianist and music minister in a International Church http://www.ibchurch.us I never knew Anthony personal or ever saw him face to face, but he meant a lot for me and he was special for me in my heart and soul. He was kind of my model in life, he was one that I always hoped I will be like. I loved his style, what he was doing and how he spoked about how God is behind everything he’s doing. When I heard about his death, my ex mentor called me and told me if I’ve seen the news on the internet, I felt like something in me really died, literally. Why? This maybe seems to be insane for most of the people, considering how important person, musician Anthony was and how insignificant pianist I am, but I always had a hope that someday I will get the chance, God will make a way and I will be Anthony’s disciple in piano, I always hoped that he was going to take me with him at every of his concerts. When I found out about his death, it was like my whole dream and hope has crushed. God knows my heart and I can have Him as a witness, that I wanna praise God playing piano all of my life. God knows that I would not trade that for anything, if I would’ve got the chance to learn from people like Anthony and play with them. In my secular life I have a engineer informatics networks job and it’s a good wage for Romania, but God knows that I would not even think twice to leave this carrier and go for performing and develop the gift that God placed in me and in my soul for piano. The death of Anthony, really made me sad for about a week, I know I should not be that sad because he went home to God, but my dreams were down and I felt like something in me died with him. I always love Bill Gaither music and I was hoping someway or someday I was gonna be with Anthony and meet them all and playing with them at least for rehearsals, just one song I would be more than happy. Probably more of you would think that was a stupid thing sharing something like that and post it on a web, but I just felt that I should do that and if you feel like you wanna help me, would u pls pray for God using me in his field more efficient and maybe someday, if God’s will, in his love, would help me and get to play with people like Bill Gaithers in his concerts Homecoming series. Keep me in your prayers if you please. Thank you and God bless to all of His people with pure hearts.

  247. Brenda

    My mom, sister and I always go to the Gaither Homecoming in Oklahoma City. We love all of the singers. Tonight while watching the Gaither’s homecoming on TV, Anthony was playing the piano and my mom told us that he had passed away. I said “no way” and so I came to the computer and read about his passing. We did not know about his hands being burnt as a child, we only know that he was a ‘great panist. Thank you Lord, for sharing him with us. We loved his piano playing. We will miss him. God be with his family.

  248. Duane Redmond

    No one made the Piano sing like Anthony Burger. I’d say he is playing the Lord’s Grand Piano in Heaven.
    To God be the Glory! Amen!

  249. Joyce Jones

    Just looking at a Gaither Homecoming program on TV featuring Mr Anthony Berger, and shocked when at the end of the program I saw that it was in his memory I immediately came to my computer to seek further information on him. What a glorious legacy he has left. The Lord called him home early because His work was finished here but I am sure there are countless numbers whose lives have now been touched and reached with the gift of Christ’s love because of the music that he has left behind, countless many who never might have been reached in his lifetime I was so enthralled and so blessed by his music. He was a true servant of God. I am definitely be purchaseing some of his CD’s and videos. God’s continued care be upon his family.
    To God Be the Glory Great Things He has done.

  250. Phil Cunninhham

    May,God be with you Anthony as you are now In that most wonderful place you can be. I remeber him with the Kingsman, than he came to my church to play a concert I talk with him
    and follewed him with the Gaithers. It makes me sad,and yet I’m happy knowing that he is were He is most happy. May God be with his famliy keep them in the center of his love.
    Untill we meet again.
    A fan and a brother, Phil Cunningham


    this past yr i would not set down and watch the Gathiers with my husband,my neighbor watched them regularly,she was in her 80s and passed away this may,
    he asked me why i would not watch i said they made me cry,after my neighbor passed i think of her so much i started watching,i love all these wonderful people,i dont care how hard i cry it is worth it,i came to the computer tonight to find out about anothny burger,now i have to catch up on all the talent i missed i think god the dvds and cds go on, you can see the love of the lord on the peoples faces,i wish we could find a church that sings gospel music

  252. Rollin Gehring

    ANTHONY BERGER !!!!!! Always my first stop when I play my Gaither CDs !!! I am grateful to our Lord for the time that he gave us with Anthony in our lives. Heaven is surely a more wonderful place with Anthony in it, and we are blessed with the technology to continue enjoying his talent, thanks to Bill and Gloria. Praise the Lord !!!

  253. Donna nichelson

    we will miss him very much my hole family new him i went to high school with him at bradley central he was a great man

  254. Daphne Wright

    What a blessing he was and still is to all of us! He was one of the greatest pianists I have ever known. He has been my inspiration for years – to practice and be a better pianist for my church. His style was “my style”. May God bless his family who are missing him so much.

  255. Veraessa

    Anthony was the greatest piano player. He had such a sweet spirit and was such a gentle man. He was the one that persuaded me to start a music career..He is greatly missed by family, friends and fans..May God bless his family.

  256. John

    I’ve been a constant listener to Bill and Gloria Gaither over the years, and thank them for bringing good Christian music to the air for all of us to appreciate. 0ne of my favorite tapes has been “OH,MY.GLORY” especially when Antthony sang with Ivan Parker and Kirk Talley. I’ll miss Anthony and many “Gaithers” who have gone…Howard and Vestal, Rex Nyland, J.D., Danny Gaither, Jake and Hovey, George and Glenn and Roger, James Blackwood, Bob Shaw. Wow, what a list of greats we’ll miss.

  257. Carmen in Kentucky

    What a God given talent Anthony had. I could sit and listen to him all day. Tears come to my eyes when I hear him play that wonderful instrument. I was truly saddened to find out he had passed thru one of the Gaither videos I was watching on tv, but I glory in the fact that he is playing his beautiful music with the Angels in in Heaven. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family in their loss. But praise be to God, we will see our loved ones who have gone on before us one fine day.

  258. Dr. Dale Dan

    May He rest in peace.
    May His family find daily strength from the music he created that blessed us all so very much.
    To his dear family – Prayers and thoughts are with you – you are not alone.

  259. Joeli

    Isa, Mr Burger we missed you so much. We are from Fiji and my 2 daugthers love the Gaither Homecoming shows. Actually we have a collection of it. When its Mr Burgers time to take the floor, pianos all over the world wishes to be touched by Burger. Well, all the God’s Singers are home.
    Moce Mr Burger……See U in heaven

  260. melissa mercer

    Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing me to witness Anthony’s touching and healing music. The pleasure still touches my heart to remember the sheer holiness and joy of Anthony’s music. God must have said “Well Done Good and Faithfull Servant” at Anthony’s ministry. His gift was trully mind-boggling to see. Thank you for sharing him with us and I will look forward to hearing your music again.
    With God’s Love-Melissa Mercer

  261. Linda S. Collins

    My husband works every other saturday 2nd shift and for at least 4 hours I get to listen to the Gaither Home Coming and I especially enjoy Anthony’s music it is so up lifting to me. I suffr from severe depression and and now bipolar II disease and was scared that on the weekend when I was alone I well got bad thoughts. But since I found there music I can honestly say it has kept me uplifted to our Lord in Heaven and helped me through the bad times, now it is not a problem to be alone. Thank you so much Anthony your music really kept me uplifted and I especially enjoyed the special Mr. Gaither did with him.My relationship with God is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I pray God will put His loving arms around his family and all those who were close to him.I look forward to day Jesus comes and takes us all up to heaven and we can all be together.Linda C.

  262. Melanie Alison

    It is Christmas time and I am listening to my favorite Chritmas CD, “the Gift”. How appropiate! Anthony was truely a Gift from God to us! Blessings on the family as they remember him this Christmas.
    He has always been an inspiration to me.

  263. isaac

    Wow! What better way to be called home by our Lord Jesus Christ.Wounderful The bible says that the rightous cry out and the Lord hears.I think while Anthony was worshipin Jesus while playing we shall behold Him.I think Jesus would have called Anthony into His bossom.I am sure Anthony is one of the man who is after Gods own heart like king David.I am also a keyboard player I am learning somany things from His songs.I am praying for His sweet family.We love you.Take care


    Dear Friends,
    I knew last week that Mr Anthony burger passed away, by watching the Gaither´s dvds.
    Ronaldo G Silva
    From Manaus, Amazon, Brazil.

  265. Pat Gray

    A friend loaned me a DVD featuring Anthony Burger. My husband and I were astounded at his ability. It was enhanced by the story of his early years.
    It is interesting to read how others sensed the same thing my husband and I did; his infectious smile, his eyes radiating blessedness, and his manner all speaking of his Christianity. Even though it’s been two years since his death, my husband had a hard time when he learned about it. I want to keep him alive by telling others about him.
    One other thing: does he have a child that is taking up music to follow their dad’s footsteps?
    Pat Gray
    Leon, WV

  266. Robin Harris

    I only 3 months ago heard of Anthony going to be with the Lord back in 2006! We own so many of the Gaither DVD’s and play them over and over that they become a part of your family and you know them by first names. Since we live so remotely, we rely on going to “church” with sitting down and singing with our Gather family every weekend and several times throughout the week and we touch the throne of heaven everytime. When Anthony was playing, at the end with tears in our eyes, we applauded with everyone on the DVD. He made the music come alive. We cried for weeks and still tear up when we watch our DVD’s, but we also look so forward to hearing him again play, but what a GRAND piano he will be playing on when we reach that GRAND home that our Lord is preparing for us!!! I can not WAIT!! What a DAY that will be!!! When my Jesus I shall see. With David on the harp and Anthony at the piano, WOW!!! We miss you here Anthony, BUT, we have the promise of seeing you again REAL SOON!! Shalom

  267. Marlene Brecht

    Am Montag den 11 Februar habe ich die Gospel-Show Homecoming (31)Going Home gesehen.
    Ich war so angetan und fasziniert von dieser Wunderschönen Gospel Musik.
    Mein Ehemannist im Mai 2007 Verstorben ich bin sehr Traurig,aber diese Musik gibt mir Trost inder Schweren Zeit der Trauer!
    27.02.08 Marlene Brecht

  268. Barbara Crawford

    I was so sorry to hear about Anthony Burger. He was a great piano player.Whenever he played I would get goose bumps all over my body. He had so much talent. He died too soon, but I know God took him home with him. God bless his family in their time of sorrow. Know that you will know him in heaven also. You will always remember him with love. Please remember that.

  269. Joshua Hileman

    I was upset when I herd Anthony died. I really wanted to talk to him in person, I like to play the piano. All I’v ever wanted to do is play the piano. I want to play and sing gospel music just like Anthony did.

  270. Alison

    Hi Pat,
    Yes Anthony’s son’s both play musical instruments, his eldest son AJ got a muscal scholarship for playing the Basson.
    Check out anthonyburger.com for more info.

  271. Susan Olubunmi

    Anthony’s death was a shock to me! I am yet to meet a greater pianist! What a way to go “Let me die the death of the righteous and let my latter end be like his. Anthony is now beholding the face of Jesus; the dream of every saint!
    Sleep on brother, we will yet hear you play in heaven, but for the meantime, play on with the heavenly choir, play on Anthony, Play on!

  272. Esther Grant

    I meet Anthony Burger I think it was three years ago for the first time. He was my favorite painist. I would listen to his cds and also my parents would get the DVDs. He talked to my grandma through email when I was having health problem and he signed all of the music that she would send to me. When I would watch him play I knew that with practice I could do that some day. HE was a great encouragement to me. When I found out that he had passed away that was the one of the most hardest things in my life to deal with. He was a great role model for me. I am praying for his family.

  273. pat

    Makes me smile each and every time I hear or see him play in past clips. Never heard of him till after his untimely death, but all the same… we are fortunate for his reach on humanity. There is a reason for everything… Anthony.. Thank You

  274. King Walker

    Anthony, like our Lord Jesus, truly touched me with his music. He truly was great. He truly glorified our Heavenly Father, like a friend of mine who taught me. She definitely would not allow her church to pay her for playing…that was her way of giving back to God for the talent He so wonderfully blessed her with and I’m sure Anthony was the same calibre of person. I could see his love for God on his face as he gave his all for the glory of our Master. God Bless you and many thanks for your committment to God as Anthony’s was. As Anthony played – we shall see him on ‘THAT DAY’ along with God’s other giants.

  275. Rylan Kozinski

    Anthony Burger truly touched my life through his brilliant artistry at the piano. If there was one celebrity I could have met on Earth it would have been him. I guess Ill have to ask him if we can play a duet when I get to heaven…..

  276. Olusola Adesope

    I have never met Anthony before but he has impacted my life and that of my family in many ways. It is always a pleasure listening to him play. Although he is dead, yet he lives. The very many legacies of christian music he left behind is a reminder that we also need to be faithful in whatever calling the Lord has called us into. We’ll meet up there at the feet of Jesus

  277. Tolulope Adesope

    Anthony Burger is the greatest pianist of our time. I really love listening to him. I pray God to give your family and the entire christian family the fortitude to bear the great loss.
    You are much loved!

  278. michelle Klausmeier

    I first saw Anthony play when he was still with the Kingsmen and they was playing at the Murah Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana my mother, and some of the people who i go to church with went and anthony was the best i love to watch him play and I agree with the other peopel who have written here. That was the way to go playing the piano for GOD. God Bless Anthonys wife and children remember we will see him again when the Lord Comes back again. Michelle Haseman

  279. Greg Parker

    I thank God for all the great music that continues to bless me through the talent He gave to Anthony Burger. When he came to Lakeland, I always made sure I was there to hear him. I loved his concerts and looked forward to them every year. Now, I can vision him playing in heaven with a heavenly choir singing behind him. Praise God that we will get to hear him play again someday . . . in a place where death happens no more. May God bless and keep his family well. Anthony’s music will live on in our hearts forever, and even today.

  280. Olive Marshall

    Anthony Burger was given a great talent,how he could make the piano talk. There will no one will ever replace him.
    I am delight to say that I heard him play at a concert in 2000 at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in Northern Ireland.
    Anthony played Holy, Holy I have never heard it played like he played that night, what a great concert. His music lives on and has touched so many live’s through out the world, and still will.
    May the Lord richly bless his wife and family daily and from year to year

  281. Norma

    We listen to and watch CDs/DVD, on a regular basis, recorded with Anthony. My heart hurts each time I see or hear him. I then offer up a prayer for his young family. I know they miss him terribly. His music, as well as his soul, will live forever.

  282. beni

    Sunt Beni Andris din Romania.
    Am ramas ieri profund indurerat,cand untandu-ma pe Googl, am aflat ca Antony Burger sa dus la Domnul pe data de 22 februarie 2006.
    Domnul sa-l odihneasca in pace!

  283. Tami L. Sharp

    I was a professional musician for many years but never had the opportunity to attend any of the Gaither Vocal Band performances. I would give anything; however, to turn back the hands of time, as they all are extremely gifted musicians and their God given talents have touched so many like myself. Being a piano player; as well as other instruments also, I am completely mesmorized by the phenominal talent Anthony had considering the roadblocks he experienced earlier in life. My heart goes out to his family and to the Gaither Vocal Band knowing there was not only feeling but true heart and soul in each piece that was performed each time he tickled the ivory’s. Thank the Lord God for Anthony as he touched my life as well as Guy Pedron and the other musicians as well. I only hope that one day I will have the opportunity to meet him in our new lives and that all of us of whom he touched can perform for God personally and rejoice each and everyday in Heaven above. God Bless You Anthony, you are and will be greatly missed by many of your fellow musicians. You are a true inspiration to us all. I only wish that I could find a gospel group to perform with as you did and continue your legacy.

  284. milham ochieng

    I never had the golden and life time oportunity to meet this great man, just like our dear friend and brother the late Keith Green. infact I only new him shortly before he went to be with our Christ, Lord Jesus. I miss him so so much but I think the Lord wanted him for the duty that the devil abandoned in heaven which has since always remained vacant. God bless his family and may one of his children partake of his great gift and talent by God’s grace.
    God bless you.
    Milham Ochieng of Kenya, East Africa.

  285. Roy William

    what a joy to see Anthony playing piano for home coming programs. one of my friends said to me “Anthony went home” was a shock for me but what a blessed “home going”. As a worship leader i wish the same in my life.
    Roy William, India,

  286. Mildred Howard

    Please Get the Singing News to give The Anthony Burger award named after him back to him . They
    now call it the musician award. He won it ten
    years straight. Why give it to him then take it away? That is very wrong. Please let The Singing
    News know. I think a lot of people are upset about this. I sure am.
    I am seventy four years old. I sure would like to
    hear from everybody about this.

  287. Linda Woolsey

    I still after all this time find it hard to watch the Gaithers DVD without Anthony playing for everyone. He made everyone the best they could be with his playing. I cherish the DVD’s I have of him and play them so often and still tears come to my eyes. He was a great man of God and such an asset. He is now playing for the greatest choir of all. God bless you Anthony, you deserve it so much.

  288. Joanie York

    It is hard to believe that Anthony has been gone from us going on three years this coming February. I watch the Gaither Homecoming on TV as often as possible. I am always so happy when they put the camera on Anthony. What a musician!! When they play the older DVD’s I can’t believe how young Anthony was when he joined with the Gaither’s. His life and music was a blessing to all of us who loved him. May God continue to bless LuAnn and the children as you go through another Christmas without him. I am looking forward to hearing him play in heaven. His cd’s bless my heart. I love his Masterpiece CD and DVD.

  289. DeVonne Lewis

    I too had never before heard of Anthony Burger before April 2008. My heart has been truly blest by a gift of a friend of one of his Home Coming
    series, The Best of Anthony Burger.
    I have listened to this one series over and over and it continues to bless my heart with praise
    to our wonderful God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  290. Caleb Ouma

    I discovered the homecoming videos this year here in Kenya where they are not readilly available and really enjoyed the pianist.So today I went to the internet to find out who is this pianist and see whether i can get his music just to discover that he died 2 years ago at a very young age.That was kind of sad.He was a blessed man by his music and way of playing it.However I am glad he died playing “we shall behold Him.”Wish his family the best and constant encouragement from our good Lord Jesus Christ.Amen

  291. Joe B. Williams

    Only tonight did I learn of Anthony’s passing. My heart is heavy because I have been blessed so many times watching and hearing him play on our local public tv station. What a joy it has been to have witnesses his God Blessed performances. I look forward to the time when we can meet as we enjoy everlasting life together



  293. Judy Cress

    Today I was watching Precious Memories on TBN for the first time I’d seen Anthony Berger…I can not believe I’d never heard about him before. It was the program where he told the story of his little boy playing the part of Jesus in a school play, I was so moved over that story & then hearing Anthony play the piano with such an anointing. I didn’t know Anthony had gone to be with Jesus till the end of the program. I will get his album to hear over & over again. Praise God for His unspeakable gifts to men!

  294. Richard Reuer

    Every since Anthony Burgers death, I have been able to find the real song that he was playing and as I viewed the video I saw his hands across the keyboard. In finding the words to the song I can truely believe as he was playing, the words were ecohing from the keyboards up to heaven, and that’s when the answer for his call came down on that stage during that performance. Even though I was not there, I believe that he was taking during a spot that I hear the group singing accapella, and in my heart, I knew that’s when Anthony was lifted by the angels to take him home. Thank you God for the ministry that Anthony Burger freely gave his life to give others hope, peace, light. Go Rest High on the Mountain Anthony and as George would say “See Ya at the House!” We will surely see you too. God bless your family and may they find comfort and strength as they walk through this difficult time of your leaving this world.

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