An epitaph is an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there. It’s also a summary statement of commemoration for a dead person. For The Final Farewell Contest, we asked our readers to give us their preferred epitaphs in 25 words or less.
This year’s winners are:
Gloria Brownstein:
Here lies Gloria. She sang opera (not Laura Branigan songs).
Barb Wilson:
I was beholden to no one but myself. Then I died. Who wants to beholden me now?
Jennifer Colton:
She read as many books as she could.
James Dunston:
I loved well. I danced often. I traveled much. I died old. Life was good.
Michael Sanchez:
I’m dead. It’s great. There’s no pain, no taxes and no political ads.
Each winner will receive:
* “I Told You I Was Sick: A Grave Book of Curious Epitaphs” by Nigel Rees
* Two coffin nails
* Epitaph published on The Blog of Death
Congratulations! You will all be remembered forever.