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Art Cooper

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Art Cooper, editor of GQ for 20 years, died on June 9. Cooper had a stroke while eating at the Four Seasons, several weeks after he retired from his post. He was 65.
Nearly 400 magazine publishers, editors and writers — including Helen Gurley Brown, Tina Brown, David Halberstam and Jeff Greenfield — appeared at Cooper’s memorial in Manhattan this week. Harry Connick Jr. performed several songs in his honor.


Rick Lupe


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Five weeks after suffering third-degree burns over 40 percent of his body, White Mountain Apache firefighter Rick Lupe died Thursday. He was 43.
Lupe was burned on May 14 during a prescribed burn on the Fort Apache Reservation in central Arizona. Wind fanned the flames, trapping him, and then blew away his protective fire shelter.
Lupe fell to the ground and let the fire burn his hands and face and sear his lungs. Then he walked half a mile for help.


Ryan Sayers

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Ryan Sayers died on Steeple Peak in central Wyoming on Monday. Cause of death was lightning.
Sayers and his girlfriend, Katrin Birmann, were climbing up the 12,000-foot peak when lightning hit them. An hour later, they were hit by another lightning strike, which caused Sayers to fall about 300 feet into a ravine where he died. Birmann suffered minor burns but still managed to rappel down to Sayers’ body and contact authorities for help.
Sayers was a double major in math and physics at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colo. He was 20.

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