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Laura Sadler


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sadler.jpgBritish actress Laura Sadler died yesterday after falling 40 feet from the second-floor balcony of her boyfriend’s flat in London.
Sadler will continue to appear as nurse Sandy Harper in the BBC One hospital drama, “Holby City,” for the remaining eight episodes she had already filmed. She was 22.

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  1. Dan Gorzala

    Dear Laura I bet you’re the most beautiful angel of all. It’s ashame you got into drugs somehow but no one could force anyone to take drugs. Holby City still comes on Tuesday nights but I didn’t watch holby city this time so I watched something else instead which was some on channel 5. It was like big brother. It had Jade Goody in it’the girl from big brother. I hope you,re safe with the angels. R.I.P now Laura. Goodnight and god bless.

  2. aaliyah

    well wat can i say, you should of thought about your actions b4 taking drugs. i didn’t really pay any attention bout you in holby ciy.well coz jess is my fav girl.
    have a nice time with the angels

  3. nicole

    Laura, you were so so beautiful and its so sad that this has happened to you. my thoughts are with your family, you’ll never be forgotten, you made me laugh in holby and you were a credit to the show, you will be missed xx

  4. Faye

    You will be sadly missed from everyone, you had a great character in holby city, be a bright angel i have lit a candle jus for you!

  5. OldHippieDude

    Wow! I thought we Americans were lacking in a command of the English language. You people are very nearly illiterate! ;^)
    RIP Laura Sadler

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