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Rudolf F. Hoelker

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Rudolf Franz Hoelker worked on the trajectory aspect of the guidance system that steered the Saturn rockets on the Apollo moon flights. Dr. Hoelker died on Saturday in Newton, Mass. He was 91.

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  1. Ingrid K. Smith

    I am sorry to hear about uncle Rudy’s death.He was my father’s brother but my father died in 1977 and I am eternally sorry that I did not ever get the chance to get to know Rudy or for that matter my father very well. I am Adalbert’s oldest daughter and left Germany in 1956. At that time life was terrible in Germany and I left at 18 to get a new life in Canada. I met uncle Rudy in Germany in the south of Germany, it may have been 1946 before he knew he would stay in Sauerkraut Hill for a long time. He brought me Hershey’s chocolates and some cigarettes for my father. When I finally found out where he was in the U.S. my son (born in 1964)Brian had a very interesting relationship via mail. Brian is and was an avid space person. Uncle Rudy sent him lots of information and consequently I took Brian to Houston to admire all the interesting things at the Johnson space centre.To this day Brian is extremely proud of his uncle but also very sorry for not ever having met him.
    Ingrid K. Smith

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