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Marc-Vivien Foe


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Cameroon soccer player Marc-Vivien Foe, died Thursday during a Confederations Cup semi-final game against Colombia in Lyon, France. Cause of death was not released. He was 28.

The six-foot-three midfielder collapsed minutes before the match ended. He was placed on a stretcher, carried off the field and treated by doctors, but he could not be revived. The FIFA announced Foe’s death minutes after the match ended in Cameroon’s favor.

Foe played with Cameroon’s Canon Yaounde, France’s Lens, England’s West Ham United, Lyon and Manchester City. Though he represented Cameroon 65 times and played in the World Cup, Foe also experienced some career setbacks. In 1998, he broke his leg prior to the finals, and in 2000, he contracted malaria.

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  1. frank lampard

    a year forward now & his death is as sad as ever, fantastic player to play with, such a genuine person on & off the pitch, a real athlete. we’ll all miss you at west ham marc.

  2. Peter Booth

    Marc Vivien Foe 17 R.I.P the great
    respected by those who knew him and those who knew of him respected for his talent
    rising talents understand the great loss in the football world
    You died doing the thing you love and is appreciated as a hero to many
    a hero to me and many others always loved always missed never forgoten
    R.I.P The FOE
    in our hearts always let every one know you in heaven as every one knows you on earth
    missed, loved, appreciated and lost but never forgotten
    Rest . In . Peace

  3. Nick.Liverpool fan

    i carnt belive its been 2 years. but for people to remember you as i do you. i can only wish the same in life. R.I.P big man.

  4. Ishaan Misra

    Marc, it’s been two years since you have left us physically,
    But you will never leave us mentally. You were a great lion, and in our hearts, we all know that you are not dead, but asleep.
    Marc, I can’t express everything in words so I’ll leave with this,
    “A Lion Never Dies, It Sleeps!”
    R.I.P. Marc Vivien Foe 17

  5. Keith

    may the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars… i will never forget you man!

  6. Ashley

    Marc it may b almost 2 yrs since ur tragic death but u will always b remembered by ur personality on an off the pitch and the last ever city player to score at Main Road may u R.I.P

  7. dru

    over two years on and it seems like only yesterday. never has a death in football shocked and moved so many people. rest in peace marc.

  8. Sean

    Will always be remembered for the big presence we had for man city who was always in control on and off the pitch. Still greatly missed, hope you still watchin the game you loved from heaven above 🙂

  9. HaNNaH

    Marc I wasn’t a brilliant football fan before you joined man city but my dad u were his idol n he misses u alot R.I.P for ever and always XxXxX

  10. Gerard O'Hara

    Im not a man city fan but i admire marc he will always be remembered for scoring the last goal at Maine Rd he died doing the thing he loved very much R.I.P

  11. Steve Bradley

    Left anonymously at Maine Road:
    “Amazing, amusing,
    Bewitching, confusing,
    Frustrating, beguiling,
    Leaving us smiling”
    Marc Vivien-Foe
    City in one man

  12. Timmy

    I watched that fateful game and it brought a tear to my eye. I miss you and hope you are getting on well in wherever you are! A true lfootballing legend!

  13. Appolinaire NOUMBI

    Marc Vivien. this web site (blog). i don’t know how i discovered it. Cameroonian like you. Almost 2 years !!! May your soul rest in peace!

  14. Callum Graham

    Marc is sit still thinking how much we need you not just for you’re supreme talent but you’re off the field work you are a legend and you will always roar on in our hearts. We wish you was here but ure only sleeping one day MARC VIVIEN FOE we will once again and become a force to dominate. Why did Jesus want you? We will never know i hope we never forget him but now we must move on! The Future is bright be would be if we had him;) I hope you will all rember the sweet talent that he was. Now visit my site http://www.mvf.piczo.com and dont forget a LION NEVER DIES IT SLEEPS!!! R.I.P FOE the legend he is;)

  15. Guy

    I support Newcastle but to quote a Man Utd. supporter ‘ at times like this, it doesn’t matter what shirt you wear’. I may not be a City supporter but i know you have been and will be soarly missed. Also, my same message goes out to Feher, Benfica’s Bulgarian midfielder who suffered the same fate. R.I.P.

  16. Joe

    Hey Marc.
    When you sadly died a part of football died too.
    i miss you a great deal. as i rememberd you at Man City you were fantasic and we all miss you very much.
    football has never been the same since, but thanks to you football is on the up.
    You were the best and will never be forgotten in are hearts.
    take care marco and sleep tight

  17. stefan pantelic

    ive never really seen foe play but when i heared he pasted away i just wanted to cry and cry forever.it was so unfortunate how he died.i wanna pay my respects to his family. may mark-vivian-foe rest in peace. god bless you my son.

  18. Joe Man City

    Thanks for all the memories Marc. Last City player ever to score at Maine Road. Such a great player and such a great man. Rest in peace big guy.

  19. Immaculate Bi

    you have left a vaccum that cameroonians will find it difficulte to fill.ur death was a mysery to all,hardly to belive u depart so soon.RIP FOE

  20. mikal heming

    may not have ever played in the red of charlton but will be remembered by any one who is a fan of football. gr8 player and should never ever be forgotten in anybodys heart!

  21. abdi


  22. Louis

    so sad to see a good player die, R.I.P marc u will be truly blessed with your family soon manchester city havent been the same anymore with out you u will be missed R.I.P

  23. Andy

    Everytime i think of you Marc, it makes me smile, for the short time you were with the blues, You were certainly a hero.
    Rest in peace Marc

  24. Stephen Hayden

    Marc Vivien Foe you was the best player for me at man city i will never forget you because you were
    a hero to me so rest in peace my football legend
    we will always love your supurb moments so thank you for coming to play for the blues so once againg rest in peace.

  25. danny

    rest in peace marc, i dont support any of the teams you played for, but i feel very upset for you, your family, and your fans. you passed away doing something you love. r.i.p

  26. louis

    dear marco im only 13 years old and i was 10 when u died i cried n cried when i heard u had died cuz i thought u were a fantastic player. you will never be forgotton but remember a lion sleeps it dusnt die R.I.P gentle giant. Louis 🙁

  27. Hollie

    Mark You Were The Man!! its so sad such a tradic thing happens to such a great talented man..when it happened i dint belive it just didnt no what to say..I know you are Looking Down on all Your family and friends.Love You For Ever! holli 14x

  28. kev emm

    yew were a gr8 player and a um sad 4 his family and hoo ever rote tht bowt glad hes ded is sad!!!!!!! bye gone but neva forgotten

  29. oben walter ojong

    i was very very sorry with the death of marc vivien foe.i pray the almight God will take good care of his soul.

  30. Joseph

    I never saw you play much but i respecet you for how you changed the game.
    it is sad and i pray for your family
    i want to be a football player and be the best in the world, i look up to talents and commited people like yourself..i hope your happy where you are and i want you to watch me play football and im goin to try my best to make it big time. R.I.P Marc

  31. tom dowd

    a great man a great player a tribute to the game of football may many others bless the game of football like you did R.I.P lion x

  32. galvin ndedi

    Dear marco, Life is short but popularity lasts forever. I have not much to say but to pay my tribute to a lost hero. A hero to his country and to his people, A hero to his team mates and kids. May the Almight God bless and preserve. May you be loved forever and never be forgotten cause the path you choosed was the path of a true cameroonian hero. May your soul rest in peace. ” God is love. ”

  33. Adam

    “Idżcie Spartanie idżcie po wolność i chwałe”
    (” Walking Spartan walking for freedom and glory”)
    The great man never die he always live in heart.
    You are great for remember.

  34. Ryant

    A lion never dies it just sleeps. Time passes but memories remain .. Marcs memory iz a great player and a great person a true footballer live by the pitch , die by the pitch . R.I.P Marc 4eva in my heart 17

  35. pougamartin

    just for tell u that u was the best player in the world for me and today i tried everuday to do like u in the field. be in peace we luv u Marco

  36. aoungue christian

    It`s been 3 years,but im still remenber u,i feel every the deep pain in my heart,i love u man.
    You will always be in our heart.
    We love you Marc vivien Foe.
    True love from Atlanta.

  37. E-ON Powergen Mick Jones Team

    Within Powergen we have a vast understanding of football knowledge and love the beautiful Game, and we hold it dear to our hearts, as a new team within powergen we have named a new tournament after you marc, “The Marc Vivien Foe Memorial Shield” You will forever be remembered in the Dearne Valley. RIP

  38. Matt Chapman

    from a liverpool follower,you gave our great game purpose,you were a giant on the pitch and so gentle off it.god bless MVF,you and Miklos Feher,an age when you should be enjoying life,not having it taken from you.
    Only true football fans remember,you was a true talent Marc,god bless R.I.P.

  39. James Cook

    Marc you will always be missed and always loved by everyone. A true lion. To me you will never die and will never be forgotten because a lion never dies, it only sleeps. and you are a true lion R.I.P Marc-Vivien Foe. A True Legend.

  40. SY

    it is 4 years since you were taken from us..
    the world is a empty place with out it’s hero’s…
    the lion sleeps tonight……..R.I.P MARC

  41. ash b

    the greatest footballer to have the pride and love for the game i have ever watched keep going in for those 50 50s in the heaven select. 23

  42. edo kumwembe

    Ones of the best midfielders the world has ever produced. Im Arsenal fan but Foe’s death bring tears in my eyes. i admired him a lot. he was fantastic player and human asa well. just can’t go on….I miss u Foe

  43. zaxos

    i hope that now you are high in the sky like a bird, flying like you deserve it… i don’t remember you playing in the fields but when i was playinf FIFA 2002 you were one of my favourite players! See you in paradise…

  44. mutsembi

    FOE!may almight Jah rest u in eternal peace.i[we] loved u but God loved so much.double tribute 2 his wife and entire family. alway u will be in ma memory as a leader and a hero. foeeeeeee! rest in peace.

  45. Rob Massey

    Hey…just watched a video that i found in the loft called ‘Remember remember the 9th of November!’. It’s the Man City vs Man Untd debry at Maine Road, 2002. Marc Vivien Foe playing his usual central midfield role…absolutely rock of a player, genuine class. And what a gentlemen for such a gig imposing guy. Rest in piece Marc-Vivien. You are in the hearts of all city fans and your name will be remembered for eternity by us city fans. Miss you big guy ! Up the blues !

  46. sandile luthuli

    marco-vivian foe a true indomnitable lion that marauded the midfields of world football.Its been 3 years and it seems like yesterday when we watched u @the nations cup in 2002.We miss u a lot big guy,and also give a shout out to Lesley Manyathela up there tell him South Africa misses him a lot…
    Foe for ever!!!

  47. BCFC FAN 12

    Marc !! i seen u play for man city and u were incredible!! i just wish u were still her and hopefuly my beloved blues would have signed you up! A LION NEVER DIES!! IT SLEEPS!!
    ps People don’t look at the death video !! !! RIP

  48. Agapetus Mathew Wamalwa


  49. antony.mcfc

    Im watching cameroon in the african cup of nations right now, and instantly thought of marco.
    Im a father of 2 daughters 38 years old, manchester city fan in manchester.
    And i cry for marco with a heavy heart.
    Only with us for a short time, but once a blue always a blue.
    last player to score at maine road, a city legend forever.
    thankyou marco for the joy you gave us fans doing what you loved..

  50. harlan

    hi marko il miss u for ever you weresuper and mcfc now have petrov and benjani but im telling u something you will be missed a special 23 buddy
    Harlan Fallon 14

  51. Allan

    Marco, a player is a member of this unique family of football. As your family, we know we’ll meet you in heaven and play there; making passes; kicking free kicks!, dribbling, crossing, heading! You are a God’s player know!..Be with God our beloved brother!

  52. jakobe

    Marc will be loved for ever and never missed he was one of the most greatest football players he will be much missed and love. R.I.P Marc Vivian Foe we will miss

  53. Cortez

    I was 11 when i saw This on tv during a game. I was very confused and did not know what happened and i just remembered today when someone passed out in a basketball game i went to R.I.P. in heaven say hi to my little sister and my cousin for me.

  54. Codi Tillman

    marc its been so long.im a new fan of yours.when i heard i was sadden but you are never forgotten.hope i met you in heaven. i might not be an adult yet but that does not mean anything love you marc see you in heaven.

  55. Codi Tillman

    Marc we are all thinking of you why did you have to go so soon.I hope i get the chance to met you in heaven and you can teach me soccer i’ve played before.I miss you Marc see you later.i was about to cry when i saw you laying there.God Bless You
    Love You Marc

  56. bongi

    Your great being and contribution to the people worldwide will always be remembered forever in our hearts ,and to the next generation your legacy will leave on

  57. Chike Nzerue

    You were the essence of goodness
    the quintessence of skill and flair
    your game was one of smiles
    You live in our hearts
    So you have not died,
    So, death be not proud.

  58. Zemy hoxha

    It’s been 11 years since ur death and I still miss u I nvr got to see u play because I am 11 now but u will easily mak the heaven XI R.I.P -zemy

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