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Harry Bush


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If you needed to make a living wage in New York, Memphis or Miami, Harry Bush was the man to see.
Bush spent 35 years in the labor union industry. He was a founding member of New York City labor union District 65, and the Retail Wholesale Distribution Workers of America. He traveled throughout the South to lobby for workers’ rights, including 40-hour work weeks, benefits and reasonable salaries.
As an advisory board member of Miami-Dade’s Living Wage Commission, he encouraged the county to increase it hourly pay rate. In 1999, the county commission complied and voted unanimously to increase its minimum wage for county employees to $8.56/hour. The federal minimum wage is $5.15/hour.
Bush died Wednesday from heart failure. He was 85.

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    Heres a good Bush that did all he could for the working man and for labor. Now we have a bush in the white house thats going to take away all that hard work that Harry did God knows whos good and whos bad God love ya Harry Bush We need more like you. BIG STEVE

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