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Doris Lund


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dlund.jpgDoris Herold Lund, best-selling author and freelance writer, died Thursday of multiple illnesses including Parkinson’s disease and asthma. She was 84.

Lund started her writing career as a freelancer, contributing articles and stories to Reader’s Digest, Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping. She published eight popular children’s books, including “Attic in the Wind,” which sold over 1 million copies.

When her son Eric died of leukemia, Lund wrote a nonfiction book about his battle with the disease. “Eric” was published in 1974, and was eventually printed in 20 languages. Two years later, CBS aired a Hallmark TV movie based on her book, starring Patricia Neil, Claude Akins and Mark Hamill.

“I knew I was watching something unusually courageous. Being a writer, you take things in and regurgitate them automatically. I knew I was privileged,” Lund once said.

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  1. Tiffany Rotatori

    i read this book and it was absolutely amazing…..i was touched by it and how Eric fought his battle against leukemia. I have never heard of a better story than this one.

  2. Nicolette Roelink

    Rereading the Book ‘Eric’ after many years, since my son had a terrible accident the USA. And again I was touched by Eric’s courage. So sorry to hear that Doris Lund died. She must have been an amazing woman. Sharing her feelings about her ill son, really helps me through now.

  3. Tanya Vyhovsky

    I am deeply sorry that this amazingly courageous woman has passed away. I have read Eric multiple times and have never in my life heard a more heartwrenching and warm story. For any mother to come through such an ordeal and be able to share it as openly as she did is absolutely amazing.

  4. LeAnn Skeen

    Wow! I just looked up Doris Lund on the internet hoping to find a way to email her. I had no idea that she died. How very sad. I have been a fan since I was a teenager–about 25 years. I read ‘Eric’ over and over. Once I called her when my own son was in the hospital with meningitis. It was Christmas time and my son Michael was only five years old. I was only 22. We were in the pediatrics ward and there was no Christmas tree on the floor for the children and I found myself inspired by Eric’s shenanigans and took it upon myself to move a Christmas tree from radiology onto the pediatric floor. A bad idea since I got arrested. The charges didn’t stick thank goodness. I called information and got the number for Sydney Lund and I got to talk to Doris. She said Eric would tip his hat to me. She told me to call her back and let her know how it turned out. I never did. That was in 1986. My son Michael turned 20 on July 4th 2001. It was is last birthday. On January 22 2002 he accidently hung himself in his backyard. I haven’t read Eric since Michael died. I need to. The greatest need for me as a greiving mother is to know there are others who know how it feels to lose a child. Doris Lund certainly did. ‘Eric’ made an enormous contribution to my life–I will always be grateful to Doris Lund. My deepest condolences to her family.

    • Patricia Cullinane

      I am re-reading the book “Eric” (I have read it multiple times) and thought I would look around for any other info I could find on the family. I read your post and just wanted you to know that it touched me deeply. I am very sorry about your son. The fact that you called information so that you could speak to Doris Lund to relay your hijinks just seems to me to be so generous of spirit. Just a really warm and touching thing to do. I hope you are happy and well and have found a way to go on.

  5. Bodil

    I read “Eric” for the first tome in 1976; I know it by heart by now.
    I am a nurse, working in all kinds of specialties.
    My heart has never left the oncology.
    I allways wondered how life turned out without Eric – can someone tell me, please?!
    My kind regards to Doris

  6. john

    i was very moved by the film eric.i am 37 and my son,six now,is named eric.i will never forget the story.i am sorry for the recent loss of ms. doris lund,she is now with eric.god bless.

  7. Megan

    This is regarding the woman who wonders where the rest of the Lund clan is ever since Eric died. Mark Lund lives in Texas; Lisa Lund lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with her kids; and Meredith Lund, Eric’s oldest sister who was married at the time Eric had leukemia is now divorced and lives in New York. I am not sure about Sidney and where he and Doris lived before her death. I hope this helps.

  8. Chele

    In regard to Sidney and Doris Lunds residence after Eric passed away. A few years ago, after reading “Eric” for the “ump-teenth” time, I looked online and found the phone number and address for Sydney Lund. I called the number one morning and Sydney answered. I told him how much the book had meant to me over the years and told him that I just wanted to thank his wife for such a wonderful book. He told me that Doris had Parkinsons disease and that she was having problems communicating, etc. He told me that she was sleeping at the time of my call and was unable to talk on the phone, but that he would relay my message to her.
    He also updated me on Mark, Lisa, and Meredith. He also said that Mary Lou was married, had kids, and was very happy. He also told me that he and Doris were still living in the same house that Eric had grown up in.
    I am sorry to hear of Doris’ passing, but I am sure that Eric was happy to have her with him.

  9. Aaron


  10. Linda Strojny

    Today I finished reading “Eric” for the very first time. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and last July we lost her to leukemia (my only sibling). I was so overwhelmed especially the last 10-20 pages, but so greatful to Doris for her courage, wisdom, and honesty. And grateful for 3 days I spent alone with my sister her last week of life, three very special days. Life is so precious, love and care for each other.
    My heart goes out to the mother of Michael who lost him to the accident. Consider yourself hugged!

  11. Kyara

    I cant believe that i had such a privilege to read this book, it touch me and even though i didn’t know Eric the book made me feel like i did, i hope that eric and his mother are happy together. I wish i knew him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. LeAnn Skeen

    I am so grateful for this website. Does the Lund family know about it? I hope so. Since I found it in September I keep checking back from time to time to read the new tributes. Doris and Eric and her family have given a tremendous gift to the world at such a dear sacrifice. When I lost my son Michael nearly two years ago, I was desperate for part of him to live on in others perhaps through organ donation. Since he was unable to be kept alive on life-support it was not to be. Eric was not an organ donor either, yet if it is possible to do something even greater than that after one’s death Eric has. It has been more than thirty years since his death and his spirit continues to be the healing balm and light of hope for millions. Through her book, Doris, Eric and the rest of her family helped prepare me for my own experience. That gift couldn’t be greater if Eric’s own heart were beating in my chest right now. So to every Lund out there–Thank you so very deeply. To the one who lost her sister in July–I am so sad for your loss and thank you for your kind words and for the hug!

  13. LauraS

    I had to read Eric in school, and I was attracted to it from the beginning. I couldn’t even finish the end because I was so afraid he was going to die. And when he did, it brought tears. This book is up there with my favorites, and I’m sorry that Doris had to die.

  14. Diane UK

    I have read ‘Eric’ so many times and it has had a profound affect on my life. It is indeed life changing. I have been eager to trace the location of Mrs Lund so it is with deep regret I see she has passed away, united with her beloved Eric.
    I am so glad Mary Lou is happy she deserves to be, as do all the family.
    Is Sidney alive now and could anyone inform me of where I can find a copy of the film about Eric I would be very grateful.

  15. Richard A. Fox

    I wanted to give my thoughts on the book, Eric. When I read it, I was a young man, thinking of entering the field of nursing as a career. I have since been an RN for over 15 years, and am currently studying to be a nurse practitioner. I will be done this November.
    Getting back to the book, it gave me a lot of education about what a person, teen or adult, goes through when they are faced with an ultimately fatal disease. Doris Lund, Eric’s mother, gave a very honest and open account of her feelings and thoughts during that very trying time.
    I will keep Eric’s story in mind as I begin my career as an FNP (family nurse practitioner.) I will remember how Eric faced his disease the best way he knew how. I will apply his example when I come into contact with any person facing this horrible disease.
    I offer my sincere empathy to Mrs. Lund’s surviving family.

  16. Nicolette Roelink

    In March I will be visiting Connecticut for a couple of weeks. I come from Amsterdam, Holland. Could anyone tell me the name of the village where the Lunds live. I’d really like to go there. Not to visit them but just to see where Eric lived. The book has been very important to me.

  17. Eric

    True love and happines is what I learned from Mrs. Lund and family.From the cover of the book, the picture of me on the beach,the picture my mother would have painted…..of meeee,made a lasting impression. All senses came through to me.A great enviroment for the family.We all were tuned in to “Only the beginnings” by Chicago. I missed the movie, but enjoyed the ride… Eric!

  18. james

    I believe that Sidney is still alive and living in the same house Eric grew up in. I did find the address if you’d like to write him:
    9 Sunwich Rd
    Norwalk, CT.

  19. rebecca roberts

    i have read eric over and over and it will always be an inspiration to me.i didn’t have leukimia but i did have cancer 27 years ago my heart goes out to the lund family not just losing eric,but losing his mother as well

  20. Silke N, Schnelle

    I`ve read Eric as a young women and nothing touched me deeper than this very personal book about his illness.Now I let my three daugthers know about this book.Love to Jennifer,Linda and Alexandra…..I am trying for years to get a hold of the movie (with John Savage).But without luck,if anyone can help me ,please let me know.My deepest regards to the Lund family.And remember nothing is more important than the love for each other!!!

  21. Suzanna

    I’m Doris Lund’s 17yr old grandaughter,Suzanna, (Lisa (Lund) Leach’s daughter). I just heard from my mom, who heard from my uncle, Mark, (Eric’s brother) about this page. It means a lot to me. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my grandpa, Sidney Lund died on Sunday, April 18, 2004, just last week. So now hopefully, Eric, Doris, and Sidney are all reunited now and we will get to join them someday. Thank you all of you who care and share such positive contributions.

  22. LeAnn Skeen

    This is for Suzanna–I check this site often because I want to see the new tributes to your grandmother. I am so glad to see something from you on here. Thank you. Your family means a lot to me. I called your grandma once a long time ago. I wrote about it in a tribute above. I wish you would put together a Lund family web site. It would be so nice to know how you’re all doing. Your family’s story touched a lot of lives. I read ‘Eric’ the first time when I was 15 and I’ll be 41 this year. I’m am so sorry I never called your grandma back like she asked me to. Anyway please update about your family if you don’t mind. Thank you for sharing the news about your grandpa. Tell your family I’m sorry and God Bless you all.

  23. Kathy

    When I was in high school, near our running track, I found a book that someone had lost. It no longer had a cover and looked like it had had a bath. The pages were yellowed and curled. I thought it was probably a dirty novel or something that some of the jocks had thrown out for the younger kids to find. But I started reading it and found that it wasn’t. The name of that book was “Eric.”
    During a very difficult time in my life, I learned about courage and strength and dignity and humor and chutzpah in the heart of a young man’s experiences who wasn’t much older than I was at the time. It deeply affected the person I became and how I respond to difficulty, disappointment, and tragedy. I am now 41 years old with 3 children of my own, and I still have that book on my bookshelf and have read it several times since that first reading. It is among my “treasured” books like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, ‘Summer of My German Soldier’, ‘Prince of Tides’ and ‘Cold Sassy Tree.’ I have never forgotten it, or Eric and his family.
    Years later, when my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, the things I learned reading Doris’ book helped me through another difficult time.
    I thought about the Lund family today, and wondered how they all were, so when I happened to be online, I entered Doris’ name on a websearch and found that she had died last year. My condolences to her family. I am grateful for sensitivity and creativity in writing the book. I will read it to my children as well. I wish I had thought to contact her and tell her this when she was alive.

  24. Kathy

    Sorry, I just read further and saw the Sidney passed on the 18th. My condolences to the kids–Mark, Lisa, and Meredith, as well as their families. I hope that you have comfort in knowing that your loved ones are together, smiling down on you.
    I didn’t mention in my previous post that I am about to graduate from nursing school this May. I am doing my transition training on the oncology unit. I carry the lessons I learned from Eric with me every day. I hope you guys keep up this website.

  25. Craig Hubbard

    This message is for the descendants of Sidney C. Lund. I am 1st cousin, once removed to Sidney C. Lund and long time family historian and genealogy researcher. Sidney’s grandmother Letitia Mills is a sister to my great grandmother Jemima Mills.
    I have identified over 600 descendants of John Mills and Nancy Woods of County Monaghan, Ireland with living descendants in USA, New Zealand, and Ireland.
    If the Roots Web World Connect URL appears with this message then go there to “Millard and Related Lines,” use the index to search on Lund for the Mills ancestry of Sidney C. Lund.
    If the URL doesn’t appear, then go to the Roots Web World Connect website, enter tazhub5 in the database field, then use the index to search.
    Contact me directly for additional info on the Mill’s ancestry of Sidney C. Lund or if you have trouble locatng the database.
    Thank you
    Craig Hubbard
    Corona, CA

  26. Sarah Rushton

    Don’t know what prompted me to Google Mrs. Lund, but I was sorry to read that she had died. I read “Eric” as a teen and hope to re-read it again. I’m a pharmacist and my grandfather died of ALL in 1955; I was born nine years later so I never knew him. ALL has an 80-90% cure rate now. It is still a terrifying disease but there is enormous hope.
    I have another book, “Scott Was Here” by Elaine Ipswitch which is in the same vein. He had Hodgkin’s Disease and died at age 15. I know nothing else about the author. Anyone know anything about her?
    (((((Lund family)))))

  27. Lauren

    I just wanted to say that Eric was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. I would Love to hear any news about the Lund Family. I have been trying to Find pictures of their family for awhile. I would really like to see what they look like. Just to get the picture of this strong man and strong mother, if anyone could get back to me, I’d love to to see, Thank you Mrs Lund for putting such a wonderful Book out there. Your with your Son now.

  28. marty

    Tomorrow would have been my son’s 34th birthday. He was in a auto accident and laid in a coma for 10 days before he passed away. Each day is hard for me, I miss him very much. I thought I would go on the internet, checking if there are some words or something to help me face another day. I have not read this book “Eric”. I am going to make it a point to look for this book. Maybe this is God’s answer to my prayers Thank you

  29. LeAnn Skeen

    Birthday’s are hard, but you will get through it. I am very sorry your son died. Reading ‘Eric’ would be very helpful. I just read it again–the first time since my son died. You can get a copy at any bookstore and on line. Look up Compassionate Friends on line and in your community. They will help you. It is a support group for parents and siblings who have lost a child or a brother or sister. I also found a site called Bereaved Parents of the USA. Your pain and your loss are unique but you are not alone. There are others who have suffered the loss of a child and want to be there for you. The toll-free number for national office of the Comapssionate Friends is 1-877-969-0010. God bless you.
    LeAnn Skeen

  30. A.Nulens

    Ik hoop dat veel nederlandssprekende lezers deze site bezoeken.
    Ik he het boek ERIC in de loop van de laatste 25 jaar dikwijls gelezen.Er zijn maar weinig boeken die zoveel indruk op mij gemaakt hebben als het boek van DORIS LUND.
    Ik voel me,ondanks dat ik ze niet persoonlijk ken,heel erg verbonden met de familie LUND.
    Mijn innige deelneming bij het overlijden van Doris en Sidney. Veel sterkte toegewenst voor Meridith,Mark en Lisa en de rest van de familie vooral voor kleindochter Suzanna.
    Heeft iemand nog meer informatie over de familie Lund,de dokters die Eric behandelden werken die nog steeds in het Memorial Hospital in New York enz.

  31. Lauren

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you can get pictures of there family, I would really like to see some. Just to get a picture of them, what they look like would be awesome… The book was awesome, I read it all the time. I had to read Eric for school, and I am so happy my english teacher picked it because it was one of the most amazing books I have ever read!!I’m so sad to hear the Sidney and Doris had died. I am glad they are with there son now, but they will be missed by the world. The book was amazing, it’s all i can say it’s amazing. So if anyone could find pictures put the URL up or something, I check this site at least twice a week. Thank you Doris for putting such a wonderful book out there.

  32. Mary Muller

    I am honored to have the opportunity to pay tribute on this page to a most amazing woman and the love she shared with millions of people, for her son, Eric. I too, share a part in their story indirectly.
    My grandfather, William Muller (aka William “Murphy”) was one of Eric’s roommates at the Sloan Kettering Cancer institute before his death in 1970 (10 years before I was born). I have read “Eric” a countless number of times over the last thirteen years or so, and every time I read it, I gain more insight about life and how it should be lived. At the age of 15, when my father told me that there was a made for TV movie about the story, I spent years trying to find a copy. Actually, it took me seven years to finally find one. I started by writing a letter to the Library of Congress when all of my atempts had come up empty handed. I received a return letter confirming that they had no such movie on file. My father and I then proceeded to call Doris at her home in CT to ask if she could help us. The two of them chatted for a while about Eric and his drawings…my father said he may still have some of Ralph that Eric gave him, but he isn’t sure. At any rate, she informed us that the movie wasn’t on the shelves anymore because the studio that created the film had promised to donate the proceeds to the American Cancer Society, but had neglected to do so. I am unsure about whether or not the Lund family would allow the movie to be reproduced and sold again if the proceeds really DID go to the ACS. A dear friend of mine found an original VHS tape on an on-line auction site a few years ago, so I have finally seen the movie. It was touching, but nothing will ever be able to really come close to the real story that Mrs. Lund gave the world…the legacy that Eric left for us to share with each other. “…walk in the world for me…”
    Doris lived by those words for the rest of her life..and now it’s up to all of us to carry on in her place. My deepest condolences to the Lund family, and my fondest wishes for a prosporous future. May we all learn to “…walk in the world…” . As Eric said, all we have to do is look. It is always there for us to see.

  33. kimberly

    I bought “Eric” two days ago and finished it about an hour ago. What an amazing story! I lost someone very close to me to AIDS about 6 years ago. I know while they are different diseases, family, patient and everyone involved suffers the same in my mind. I never grieved my aunt’s death fully, because I felt that if I did it would be like admitting she was really gone and that would close the door of remebering her, plus I was only 8 years old when she passed away, and did not even know what AIDS was, but “Eric” taught me that it’s ok to let go, as long as you remeber them in your heart and mind. Although trite, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s how you play the game (of life and death in this case, and Eric obviously won by far). Everyone was so amazing, the nurses, doctors, Eric, his family, everyone, I was astonished and amazed. I’m so sorry to hear that both Sydney and Doris passed away my heart goes out to the Lund family, and also to those of you who have shared your losses on this site, my heart goes out to you too. It’s ironic because while reading this book, I kept thinking, ‘wow, this should be made into a movie (as movies are normally more watched than books are read) so that everyone can learn this amazing story’ but i guess it’s already been done. I’m curious though to see the movie; does anyone have any information on the movie? well, thank you so much if you do, and once again to the Lund family and to the rest of you, my heart is with you always!

  34. LeAnn Skeen

    In response to the tribute above. You are right. This should be made into a movie. Yes it has already been done. I haven’t seen it though and it is apparently hard to find. Besides it was made many years ago and movies are remade all the time. That would be so perfect! Hopefully someone will see these tributes that has the ability to write a script and get it done. Anyone?

  35. Rowayton Bair Brothers

    I just found this site – I think it’s a wonderful tribute to the Lund’s. Mark, we learned so many things from you guys while we were growing up (not just the basketball rock shot while Soncho chased cars,or how to build an anatomically correct snow-woman on Mr Oravetz front yard) but lessons about treating others in a compassionate way. Really miss those days, and we remember them so fondly. Also, hard to forget dog-doo stadium.
    Bair Boys of Rowayton

  36. Amanda Bridges

    I, too, read Eric when I was a young teenager and gave it to my mom to read. When my mom was diagnosed with the same form of leukemia in 1986, I wrote Doris and thanked her for sharing her story and told her about my mom. She wrote back with much encouragement indicating they had come so far with drugs/technology. My mother passed away in 1990, but the words Doris wrote regarding a person’s ability to still hear even in a coma helped tremendously. To the Lund family, bless you all for the grief you must feel. My prayers are with you.

  37. Jackie

    Over the years I have read “Eric” many times for inspiration and comfort. I grew up not too far from Rowayton, in Norwalk, and I think that Lisa babysat for me when I was a little girl—but I can’t be sure. I have always wondered what happened to the family and was saddened to hear about Doris’ and Sidney’s deaths. I too would be interested in seeing the movie if anyone knows what is going on with re-issuing? Jackie

  38. Christopher

    I first read Eric when I was barely a teenager. It impresed me tremendously, and I saved that book. Now in my 40s, I rediscovered the book in a box I was unpacking and re-read it. I cried harder than ever since now I have children to lose. Eric is of course a story about life, and how precious it it. How to live and how to live more when the chips are down. I wanted to thank Doris for her work and discovered she had died, and now Sidney too.
    To Meredith, Mark, and Lisa, and the grandchildren of Doris and Sidney, know the legacy Doris, Eric and Sidney leave for all of us. Find strength and peace in our embrace for all of you when those three have done so much for all of us.
    I can’t imagine a better tribute to anyone than to know how much each of them influenced people’s lives in such positive ways.

  39. anonymous

    Thanks to the entire Lund family. It is hard sometimes to remember the past.
    I read Eric’s story when I was ten years old, fifteen years ago. I am now 26 and have been fighting my own cancer for five years. Funny how some of the very same drugs used for cancer then are still being used. Unfortunately, the deleterious effects are still the same.
    Reading about Eric helps me to not give up. What a gift that is.

  40. Anonymous Friend

    Hello Everyone. Very Sorry to hear about all your heart-wrenching illness’s. I am a close friend to Mrs. Lund’s Family and of course was quite amazed to hear that she died. She was a very good person and i’m sure would have wished you all luck with illness’s past or present as do I.
    Thank You for your time,
    ~Anonymous Friend of Family

  41. Mary

    I am so sad to hear Doris & Sidney have died. I first read Eric’s story when I was 12 & reread it many times throughout my teenage years. His life made such an impression on me! Now I am 34 & a wife & mother of 3 precious girls. Doris & Eric came to mind a few months ago & I was so delighted to find another copy of the wonderful book. I read it again, this time as a mother. What a different perspective I had this time. I admire Doris & Eric so much, as well as the entire Lund family. This story is such a special one–the ripple effect amazingly continues 30 years after Eric’s death. I can only hope that my life has such an impact on so many.

  42. Allison

    Doris Lund was an amazing writer and her book Eric changedmy life. I had to write a report on a book and I looked up Doris and was very sad to see that she had passed. The world has lost a great writer and a great women.

  43. Ralph Baird

    I did not know Eric’s mother, only Eric Lund. Eric’s spirit as a fellow student and athlete at Brian McMahan High School in Norwalk, Connecticut, was a lift to all his friends. I have photos of Eric from those days in the 60’s for any family member that wishes to have them. Just email me and ask for them.
    Eric was a friend,
    Ralph Baird
    ex-Norwalk, CT
    now: Houston, Texas

  44. (age 15)

    Wow! Is Doris Lund a great writer!? It’s so touching and inspirational and I am not a big reader, either. I’m just sorry to here of her death.

  45. Julianne Hefferon

    I am reading Eric right now in school. I am 12 years old and I am in seventh grade at St.James school in Stratford,CT. It was such an inspiration to me to keep on going with life and put the past in your behind. I finished the bbok 2 days ago and started crying when I closed the book. Eric still lives spiritually and I know Doris does too. The book was written so well and it felt like I was part of the Lund family expiriencing their tragedy. Once you start, you cannot put the book down. I am so glad I read the book. May you rest in peace Eric and Doris Lund.

  46. Gregory Arnold

    I had an original copy from the 70’s in my possession at one time. I remember the cover – it was orange with a hand drawn image of a strong teenager, clad in swimming trunks, sitting on the beach – facing away as we looked at his back. I leafed thru the book, read spots here at there – not really knowing the details but understanding he had been diagnosed with leukemia. I never really read the book. It has long since vanished from my posession. For some reason I went online tonight looking for it and found it at Amazon.com. There was a horrific review by a very insensitive individual whom I reported to Amazon. But it made me want to buy and read the book. And then I found this weblog. The interesting thing is in 1995 I was a youth leader with my church. There was this teenage girl, Allysen Croeni, a sixteen year old who was vibrant, alive, talented and just a sweet gem. The fall of 95 she was diagnosed with leukemia. It was devistating to hear how frail and weak and succumb to the disease after she was hospitalized. I couldn’t go see her. I didn’t see her like that. She was one of the kids on my drama team – a trooper, a kind hearted soul who would do anything for anyone. Tears come to my eyes as I think back how hard it was to accept this “thing” that was happening to her. For 3 weeks she got to come home and we were excited – perhaps she was getting better. She died a month later from cardiac arrest in early 1996. I remember standing in the parking lot of the church on a cold blustery afternoon a half hour before the memorial and weeping, yelling at God for taking such a beautiful kid. But her time had come I suppose. I never went to the service. I’ve never been to her gravesite. I only hope that she knows that I wish to remember her as she was before the illness. And that I loved her not only as her youth leader, but as her friend.
    Thank you, Doris, for helping a grown man come to grips with the loss of a teenager. Perhaps Allysen has already met Eric, and Doris. That would be very comforting.

  47. Raymond Lo

    I read Eric’s story more than ten years ago. Back in first year college in 1993, i borrowed this book which had an interesting story from my friend. I instantly got hooked reading it that i must have only spent a week in finishing the entire book (i was not an avid reader at that time.) Anyway, i had to returm the book but then my friend’s house got gutted by fire and the book burned with it. Last December 26th, i was scouring the soon-to-close bookstore near my place for bargains and i again found Eric. The first time i encountered the term “Serendipity” was through this book and i thought it was serendipitous that i again rediscovered this book. Eric’s story never fails to inspire and although i always get uncontrollable tears rolling down my cheeks, i still feel good to see such courage, determination and willful spirit of survival that i saw in Eric.
    This blog is a wonderful site for readers like me who was enthralled by a life briefly lived nearly 40 years ago yet resonates a loud echo of inspiration and triumph.

  48. Lisa Hooke

    My sister ordered Eric from a school bookclub in 1976. I read the book the same year, when I was 12. It would be impossible for me to remember how many times I’ve read Eric. The book is now in several pieces. Every time I read it, I wonder how Eric could have died, since he was such a strong person who really wanted to live. But of course, sometimes that doesn’t matter. I know that Eric and his parents are together now. God bless his entire family.

  49. Becky

    I first read Eric when I was 11 years old. I am now 41 and have just re-read it for the 25th time and it is still an inspiration. If we could all get out of life what Eric did in his 5 year struggle would be a blessing…
    So sorry to hear of Doris and Sidney’s deaths. I know Eric is with them now..
    Does anyone have any updates on Meredith,Mark and LIsa?

  50. Diane UK

    Does anyone have any pictures of the Lund family? If they have I would be very interested to see them please. Also I would love to have any news of the film Eric. Many thanks

  51. Mark Miller

    Hello everyone,
    You may not belive it at first but it’s true. I am Mark Eric Miller I am 13 years old Lisa Lund is my mother and Eric was my uncle. Doris Lund was my grandmother. I was just browsing and I found this site. Thank you everyone for your blessing. The book Eric is at my school library and my friends still don’t belive me that Doris Lund was my grandmother. I myself sometimes can hardly belive it too. Then when I find something like this website I get shaky for how truly lucky I am to have such great grandparents. We are in the process of selling the house in rowayton. I have a big collection of treasures and we have loads of fan-mail and just everything from way back to Don Harold in elementy school. A lot of it we are sending to different places like institutes were they have memorials and collections. I could get some pictures, I’m not shure, but I’ll talk to my mothe and see what we have. email me if you want and we can talk more.
    Thanks again,
    Mark Miller

  52. Barbara Bair

    I just received this web site yesterday, and was quite moved by all the tributes to your Mom and Dad, and you “kids”. The memories of our world with your family will never be forgotten…..I don’t know what else to say, except that you made a difference in our family….many fun filled memories. and escapades, as well as the difficult times. You are all a beacon and memories to treasure.
    from all of us Bair’s

  53. Becky

    Hi Mark Miller,
    I read your comments about being Eric’s nephew and had to write you…
    Eric as well as all of your family has been an inspiration to me since I was a child. I would love to hear from you.. My email is bswanson63@aol.com Thank you.

  54. Bruce F. Licini

    When I was in my late teens, I read Doris’s book and I couldn’t put it down; I was Eric’s age at that time. I wrote to Mrs Lund how deeply moved I wasby her son’s ordeal, and she wrote back to me; I still have her letter. I was sorry to learn that both Sidney & Doris passed away.
    I happen to have a prerecorded VHS copy of the 1975 TV movie “Eric” with John Savage in the title role. Unfortunately, this tape from the now defunct USA Home Video is long out of print; some sources dealing in usedtapes might have a copy left; the movie to my knowledge has not been reissued. If someone wants a copy, I might be able to dupe it; my e-mail address is bflicini@hotmail.com.

  55. Cathy

    My condolences to the family of Doris and Sydney Lund on their deaths. I know that they are all rejoicing because Doris, Syndey and Eric are together again. I read ‘Eric’ many years ago and continue to read it to this day even tho my copy has fallen apart and is in several pieces. I later became a nurse and am continually amazed at the strength of the human spirit. Eric and his family have been very inspirational to me. I lost my much-loved brother to cancer, 5 years ago, and it helped me to read ‘Eric’ and know that other people had gone through what I was and that they had found hope and the will to continue on after the experience. My brother loved to surf too and I will always remember’ walk in the world for me’. God bless you all

  56. david speer

    i just “googled” Doris Lund’s name upon completing the book “Eric” and sadly discovered she died almost two years ago. I have had an extremely difficult year and half wherein I almost died from a staph infection and spent a long time in Beth Israel hospital due to surgery and recovery. I have a life threatening, chronic condition that i found emotionally unbearable, resulting in a period of alcohol and substance abuse. While i was in Gracie Square rehab in nyc i found the book “Eric” on a shelf in the lounge and began reading it. I found so much comfort between the jackets of that book. Eric,Doris’ and the Lund family’s strength and spirit, in turn gave me the hope and strength needed to face my difficulties. In reading about Eric’s stay on Ewing Eight, memories of my long stay at Beth Israel on Silver Eight came flooding back. It was not certain that i would ever leave the hospital alive and that realization overwhelmed me recently. When i read of Eric’s ordeal, i felt i was sharing my experience with a brother at arms. For we both fought, damn hard. My prayers and thanks to Eric and Doris Lund.You have left this world in the physical sense only,as your spirit and humanity have touched my heart and live on in my soul, making me a kinder, nobler, stronger man.
    Thank You and God Bless You
    David Speer, NY,NY

  57. Marla

    The book she wrote about her son “Eric” has always been one of my most favorite books. I really have no idea why, except that I felt that I was right there in the house with them. It really touched me in a way that is so totally hard to explain. I haven’t thought about this book for some time, recently I took it out and it got me to thinking so I looked up Doris and was so shocked to find out about her death. It is so late after her death, and I can’t believe I didn’t find out sooner. She was truely an amazing person.

  58. Patti Stone

    I also read Eric for the 1st time many years ago, an original copy I got from who knows where. It was an amazing story that I’ve read many times over. This year, at 36, I pick it up again and know that I’ll read it over with much more emotion than in the past. Three years ago, I lost my firstborn baby, a beautiful girl, to an undiagnosed congenital heart defect at 7 weeks old. Today, I have a beautiful boy who just turned 2. So I know that I have much more experience “under my belt” that will only make this sad and poignant story even more heartwrenching and touching the next time around. I, like many, always wished Doris Lund had included pictures of Eric and his family in her book. And I’d still love to see them. So, if anyone does have a few to share, please e-mail me at ilovesamcam@optonline.net. I will always hold the story of Eric & his special family in my heart.
    P.S. After reading about how amazing Memorial Sloan Kettering was at that time, I began making annual donations that never would have been if not for the story of Eric.

  59. Betty

    I read ERIC when I was 18. I was touched by this courageous young man. At that time I knew a 12 year old girl who had leaukimia. She got cured of that but died of oral cancer 15 years later . Maybe she knows Eric , Doris ,and Sidney now. they may also know my Grammy who died in 1987

  60. Beth

    I read Eric at the age of 12 years old and it made such a profound impact on me that I vowed I would name my first born son Eric. Well my Eric is now 18 years old and is a healthy vibrant young man. I still have the booka nd all of my children have read it and understand why t was so important to me. If you haven’t read it please do as soon as possible. I wish the Lund family all the best….what beautiful role models you all are!

  61. Nicole

    I read Eric when I about 12 or 13, am now 22. I still think of Eric from time to time, just out of the blue. Such an amazing story of courage, faith, strength and love. A wonderful young man with a beautiful heart. Just thinking of this story, and even reading everyone else’s posts, brings tears to my eyes. All the best to the Lund family! God Bless you!

  62. Debbie Iancu

    I reached this site for the first time and was moved to tears by the personal stories and personal responses from the family. I never read eric (though now i will try to, which is difficult as i live in Israel). I found this site because i was looking up “Attic of the Wind” for my mother. She used to read it to us as children, she never even had the book, just a photo copy which we read over and over. It disappeared years ago. Now she is reading stories to my two years old daughter and told me how much she regretted not having it any more. Just finding some of the lines on the internet reminded me how much I really loved that story. I wish it was available here.
    Thank you all for sharing. This is a truly beautiful site
    Debbie Iancu, Beer-Sheva

  63. Chele

    I found this information on Dr. Dowling recently. I am glad to see that he is still in practice.
    Cancer specialist to see patients in Cooperstown
    Cooperstown, N.Y.

  64. leann skeen

    I would dearly love for any of the Lund family members to email me. Please! My email address is ssoonergal@sbcglobal.net. You are all so special to so many people. If you ever decide to put together a web page for your fans,(we would be considered fans, right?) I would be thrilled.

  65. john

    i left my first tribute in oct. of 2003.my son’s eric(yes,he was named after ERIC)and thomas are well.i just read this page again nearly 1 and a half years later and read many interesting and heart felt tributes.i have also looked for the film ERIC,i bid for one on e-bay and was outbid.i have’nt seen or can not find a copy,but would love to have one.CAN ANYONE HELP?i also agree ,a re-make of this film would be a huge success!!!similar to the one on brian picolo,BRAIN’S SONG.i hope someone will read these,god it has to be inspiring.i ,like many of you would love for someone,possibly in the lund family,or knowledgeable about ERIC would put up a web page for those that this remarkable book/movie has so inspired.it seems so worthy.GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND MY REGARDS TO THE LUND FAMILY.GODSPEED,JOHN FROM ALABAMA

  66. Sue

    I was cleaning and found the book ERIC, I read it many years ago. Very inspirational. Better just keep the book. Might just reread. Blessings

  67. john

    i just wrote a few weeks ago.I NOW HAVE A COPY OF THE FILM E R I C!!!if you want one please check on ebay every so often,i finally,after about 15 yrs. looking found a copy in great shape with box.good luck when searching…the film is a LORIMAR PRODUCTION shown in 1975 and RE-RELEASED IN 1987 LORIMAR:TELEPICTURES.INC.FOR HOMEVIDEO.IT WAS DIRECTED BY JAMES GOLDSTONE.AGAIN,GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL………WALK FOR ME…(JOHN)

  68. PLankton

    i am plankton from the philippines, and was one of the person who had the great honor whom read the most unforgettable story i’ve ever read. i was actually passing in the mall when fate brought my feet to a garrage sell, where used books are being displayed. it took me a long time to seek books where i can spent if i feel bored. then suddenly my attention went on an old book, “ERIC, DORIS LUND”…
    i cant explain the feeling.. but it pushed me to bought it. and now, i am still reading it, and it arouses my desire to live. the book was awesome and the author really drove me…
    my warmth condolenced is what i want to sent to those people who’ve been a part of the lunds’ courageous fight against eric’s disease.
    the book really made me realized that we should live life to the fullest.
    i love the book and though im not still finish reading yet, and though i knew that eric would still die after his fought, i will try my very best to finish it.
    again, my condolence is given to the LUNDS’ family.
    anyways, is there really a FILM entitled ERIC?
    Kindly chat that on me in my yahoo id? its kylechandler_y….. please chat it to me…

  69. Anthony Mokrzycki

    The first time I read the Book “Eric” I spent from half the way into the first chapter to the end of the book crying. I couldn’t believe how deeply the book affected me. I have read it 3 times again and everytime I cry… I am sorry to read that Doris Lund passed away, but she has her son, who she loved so very much, to be with her

  70. Lisa

    I am reading the book “eric” now and am so deeply touched as I lost my older brother named Eric to Acute Myologenous Leukemia 8 years ago. I would love to talk with Lisa Lund. My condolences to the Lund family.

  71. Maria

    I teach sophomore English in a Kentucky high school, and I just read “Gift From a Son Who Died” in our textbook. The tears poured, of course. What a great, honest writer Doris was. Her story made me want to leave school immediately and hold my teenage daughter (my only child)and never let go. It is a good message for me since life has been so hectic lately. We must make the most of every moment we have together because we will all go the way of Eric and Doris. Life is too short no matter how long it lasts.

  72. Melissa

    I read this book for a class that I am taking in High School. I just thought this would be another boring old book that I wouldn’t remember anything about when it came to quiz time, but I was wrong. This book was so amazing and heart warming that I remember alot of the detail in it. I really liked how Eric fought all the way to the end and never gave up. He must have been a great person to know. I also admire how Doris can go and write a book about her experiences, it must have been hard, but now this book can help other people with the same problem. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book to read. It’s great!

  73. Chrissy Pullin

    Eric was a book on my summer reading list this year. I am not very big on reading, but when i began Eric i could not put it down. I would read it at work and cry my eyes out infront of everyone. Eric had such strong will to live. Eric gave me an even better appreciation on why i do relay for life every year. It was the best book i have ever read!

  74. Harry Olmstead

    I went to high school with Eric and played on the high school soceer team with him. Eric was all that his mother wrote about him and more. He was admired by all his classmates and had a contagious smile, I recall. His mother honored us all with letting all of you get to know him as I had.

  75. Lilia Salcedo

    El libro de “Eric” es una de las historias mas conmovedoras y hermosas que he leido a lo largo de mi vida, es todo un ejemplo de vida y coraje. Lo he leido tantas veces que ya casi me lo se de memoria, pero lo seguire leyendo por todos los consejos tan hermosos que contiene narrados de una manera tan natural como la vida cotidiana. Agradezco a Doris Lund el compartir con el mundo un relato tan intimo. Se que en el cielo, Eric ha encontrado la paz que merece. Lilia Estela Salcedo Allard

  76. mary

    I posted the boook to my Mom in the UK, she is out here – Johannesburg – for my son’s wedding, and brought it back for me, my sister in law – also from UK is busy reading it now. My copy is very dog eared and tatty, but still one of my most cherished possesions. LOve to any of Eric’s friends or family who log on.

  77. leisap

    I am so sorry that both Lund parents have died but now they are together in a better place never to be parted again. I lost my mother to non hodgkins 15 yrs ago this past Oct 19 and unfortunately time does not heal all wounds it just takes the edge off the pain while at one time making it longer ago that I last saw her but also closer to the day I will join her. She was diagnosed at 35, lived till she was 49 so I guess I can be grateful that she lived 8 yrs beyond the 5 yrs the doctor gave her.

  78. Beth Crosby

    I read “Eric” many years ago when I was in high school. It touched me then and have never forgotten Eric (and his mother). In March of this year (2005) I lost a very good friend to Leukemia. She was 36 and left behind 2 teen age sons. I reread “Eric” this summer and it is still one of the greatest books ever written! thank you Doris & family for sharing your lives with us.

  79. Michelle

    I chose this book as my independant novel for English 11. i am now doing a report on it. i absolutely think that Eric was a hero. he fought and fought and never gave up hope. it really makes me think of how i take life for granted. i am glad i got the chance to read this book.
    Doris and Eric, you’ll be in my prayers.

  80. Elizabeth Boxley

    As a child, I remember my own cousin dying of leukemia. My mother still has these compressed cotton bullet things that go in the nose to help with nosebleeds. We would have them at our house just in case my cousin Peter needed them. When I first read Eric in 1983 as a sophomore in high school, I was moved to tears. It actually helped me with the death of my own cousin. Twenty two years later, I am teaching seniors who are non-college bound. I bought individually two dozen hard back 1974 copies of Eric on half.com, and this novel is their favorite. Students who are normally non-readers are enamored with this book. Many have never really talked about death in such a personal way. Eric touched their heart, and for me, that is what makes a novel a classic. Mrs. Lund has given us all a great gift – a peek into an incredible life that makes us all realize what it means to be human.

  81. roper billington

    my name is roper im 14 and started reading eric last week.I desided to do a book report on eric because the way mrs.lund wrote this book made me touched insided!! im sorry for the lund family for all they have lost and please remember your not alone!!

  82. bonifacio

    im so eager to find out what would be the ending of the story entitled eric ’cause it really cost me a lot to read the ending!!!!!!!!!!!! i bought the book last july 2005.. and because of my busy schedule in school, it made me delay and stop reading the book… i really tried a lot to find spare time in order for me to read it completely but i just can’t…. i already read the half and still curious to check the upcoming events of eric’s life… if you have time guys, i would like you to send your reflections about the book eric…
    please send me an email containing your reflections. im bonifacio, 17 yrs. old from the philippines…. my email add is KYLECHANDLER_PLANKTON@YAHOO.COM
    I would like also to send my condolences to the lund family… i know that eric and his mother mrs. doris lund is on heaven right now and living with God…. GOD BLESS….

  83. hayes


  84. Karen Bowen

    I read the book Eric when I was eleven years old and to this day (32 yrs later)it leaves an impression on me. It is one of my favorite books and I must have read it at least twenty times. I remember the movie in 1975 and one week again I found it on e-bay. The auction ended Wednesday Dec. 21st and I won the bid. I just received it today (Dec 23rd)and am in the process of watching it.
    What great courage Eric as well as Doris showed throughout Eric’s fight to live.
    I hope that it was a comfort to the Lund family to know that Eric made such an impression on those who knew him personailty and those who knew him through his story.
    Hats off to you Eric!!!!

  85. Sophia

    I come from a family that believes locking children in a room and keeping them hungry is the way to raise them. Reading was (and still is) my pastime and my escape.
    I read Eric when I was 13 years old. Simply an amazing book, and I’m glad there are so many others who hold it in their heart.
    Strangely enough, it was less Eric’s struggle and Doris’ fortitude that stuck with me all these years. Who remembers the part, when Doris is standing at the refrigerator, and the last possible thing that could go wrong that day just did. Doris leaned her head against the fridge and said: ‘I just want to die…’
    Eric, standing in the doorway, heard her and said: ‘F-you, Mom, I want to live!’
    That little bit of dialogue changed my life. I looked around the room i was locked in and realized i wanted to live too, but with dignity and grace, such as possessed by Eric.
    My parents have passed on and I’m 43. I’ve not read Eric since my teen years, but the memory of that dialogue stays with me always.
    Thank you, Dear Lund Family, for the ongoing welcome you give and for the legacy you share.

  86. Jean

    I read ‘Eric’ when I was in my early teens. It touched me so much, and it’s something that will always stay with me. Many years ago, I wrote a letter to Doris Lund (in care of her publishing company), telling her how much the book meant to me, and that I wished I could have known Eric. She sent me a lovely letter back, thanking me for my comments, and telling me that Eric’s courage would always inspire her. I’m so sorry to hear about her death, as well as that of her husband. They are both reunited with Eric now.
    I agree with a previous poster that it would be wonderful to have a Lund Family Website with pictures and updates. This book touched so many people, and will continue to do so with generations to come. Readers feel a personal connection with the Lund family because Doris chose to share Eric’s story with the world.

  87. Dee

    “Eric” was one of the first books I remember reading when I was a child. I also saw the movie and have never forgotten the courage and the grace of the Lund family. Thank you all for sharing your battle with us.

  88. Rebecca

    i read all of the current notes. “Eric” was a touching book. I read it to do a project on it and i ‘googled” Doris Lund and found out she was dead. I am sorry to hear that because she sounded like a loving mother, but she went to join Eric in a better place. I am in eigth grade at West Pine Middle,NC. I have never lost a close friend or family member yet, but to find out about one who has is sad and hard. The Lund children I give my regards too.

  89. Vicki

    Dear Lund Family: In the summer of ’76, my cousin and I were both 10 and would go to our local ‘paper back’ store to buy books and then bring them back to trade in for other ones. She first read “ERIC” and then passed it to me. The immense impression it left on us both was truly overwhelming. I made plans to name my future son ‘Eric’ and found myself always thinking of him and you, his family and what you must have gone through during his illness and afterwards. Now a 40yr old adult with no children (but my first boyfriend’s name was Eric!), I picked it up again a few days ago and just last night vowed to look up Doris Lund’s name this morning at work and came across this blog. Wow!!! To read everyone’s entries was amazing esp. those from Suzanna & Mark Eric. I was sad to learn of Doris’ & Sidney’s deaths but I believe in life after death, and I know they have been reunited with Eric. What a beautiful legacy the Lund family has been blessed with. May the Lord continue to watch over you all and keep you and yours healthy. I will definitely continue reading this blog and yes, pictures and updates would be a gift!

  90. Lisa

    This is the second time that I’ve read this book. The 1st time being when I was in high school, in the 1980’s. Now, 20 yrs later, and as a parent, I can only imagine what it must have been like to watch your child suffer so much for so long. Doris Lund and her family went beyond being strong for Eric. I’m not sure that I would have had the strenghth to endure all that Doris did, and stay sain. I’ve lived in lower Fairfield County Ct. my whole life. Where, locally, can I find more info about Eric,? especially about his soccer career (both my kids play AYSO soccer)? I think that his story would be such an inspiration for the kids know why it’s best to always work to their highest potential.

  91. sarah

    Does anyone happen to know what became of the Sweeney family that she wrote about in her second book, “Patchwork Clan”?

  92. Kristeena

    I am now reading the book “Eric” its really good. Its also sad. It reminds me alot of my cousin Mary. She died in June of leukemia. She was only 23. I like the way she handled it when she found out the Eric was sick. I mean she should have told him but taking them all to Purto Rico for Christmas so that she knew, that if that was Eric’s last Christmas that it would be a good one. Well i just wanted to say that i really enjoy the book. My librian says its the best book in our library. I havent finished it yet but i know that im not going to be able to only read it once.

  93. stacey

    I have a copy of the original paperback version as well. I first read this book when I was 10. I’m 33 years old now, but this book continues to hold a special place in my heart.

  94. Kimber

    I was in high school when I read “Eric” for the first time. It had just come out. I am one of the lucky ones that still have my oringinal copy of the book that I bought from the school’s book fair back in 1975. A few years ago I found a new paper back “Eric” at a bookstore and bought it because my old one was so well used and beginning to fall apart.
    Today I teach language arts in middle school and would love to be able to buy a class set of this book for my students to read. I don’t even know how many times I have read this amazing story. I started to read it again last night as I waited up for my teenage daughter to come home. I decided today to google Doris Lund’s name to see if she was still alive. I plan to visit the east coast this spring and have always wanted to see where Eric lived and I would have loved to have the chance to meet his mother and father. I was saddened to find out that I am a few years too late. I, too, am one of those that felt like I knew that family well. This is a book that has stayed with me for thirty years now.
    I would love to hear from one or both of Doris’s grandchildren or children. Feel free to email me at DBMBusman@aol. You have some great heritage behind you! Thanks for updating us about your wonderful family.

  95. Greg

    I just finished reading the book Eric. I know it’s been around for quite some time, but this was my first opportunity to read it. Eric’s zest for life is truly inspiring. I was touched by the story. I will read it again I’m sure. I cried for over an hour after I read it, but I’m glad I did.
    The courage shown by Eric and the whole Lund family was remarkable. I’m thankful Doris was willing to share the story.

  96. Andrea

    I loved the book Eric, i am reading it now for my biography in english class. I have a thing called graves disease and this is a book that i could relate to the best so i read it and instantly fell in love with the story! I wasnt aware that his mother Doris had passed so when i found out, i was sad, so i just came to say

  97. Andrea

    I loved the book Eric, i am reading it now for my biography in english class. I have a thing called graves disease and this is a book that i could relate to the best so i read it and instantly fell in love with the story! I wasnt aware that his mother Doris had passed so when i found out, i was sad, so i just came to say that it is great!

  98. ilza

    In 1998 I phoned Mrs. Doris Lund, regarding a certain article by her father
    although she sounded tired, she was kind enough to answer me with grace and humour
    I also talked to her husband, such a gentleman !
    How do you describe such a woman ?

  99. nancy

    lamentable la perdida de una mujer maravillosa komo lo eras tu
    gracias por mostrarnos ke el amor puede ser tan grande y ke hace ke las enfermedades sean menos dolorosas ….
    gracias donde kiera ke estes

  100. Michael Rowe

    Reading Eric’s story as a teenager was one of the shaping events of my life. The book, and the movie, helped set me on the path to becoming a writer. So many people lose loved ones, and nothing comes from that. Doris Lund touched millions of people with through the power of the book she wrote, and the story she told. I wish I had been able to thank her for what she gave me with her book.
    Sincerest condolences to her family.
    Michael Rowe

  101. Samantha

    I too am sadded by the death of Doris Lund. She was an amazing author. I’ve been reading the book Eric for the past 4 years now (once each year) and everytime I read it, I cry. This book has had the most emotional connection to me more than any other book I have ever read.

  102. Wendy

    Today, I found this blog and hadn’t realized that Doris Lund had passed away in 2003. In 1975, I’d had a serious cancer diagnosis. With syncronicity in action, the book, ‘Eric’ appeared before me at a local library and I read it cover to cover and identified so with Eric’s courage. After returning the book, I purchased my own hard-cover copy, mailed it with a letter to Doris requesting that she sign it. This she did with her graciousness and enclosed a very encouraging letter along with a photo of Eric running on a track. That began a correspondence of many years, with a unique friendship as a result. I last spoke to Doris in the late 1990’s when she was already having difficulity with speech. She was a special, compassionate and kind woman who has a very special place in my heart. May she rest in Peace.
    If there is any way to contact her daughter, who used to live in Seattle (was married in the ’80’s so I cannot locate her as her last name will be different) I would appreciate that as perhaps she’d like to see all the letters from her mother that I received and treasure.

  103. Nancy

    Well, I was just looking to order another copy of the book “Eric” (I have lent previous copies to people, and I never get them back), so I was both surprised and heartened to find this site. I knew that Doris Lund had died in 2003, but I didn’t know that all of this had developed since then. She certainly deserves all the tributes, though.
    I first read “Eric” about 30 years ago when I was 11 years old and in the hospital for surgery. I have read it several times since then, and I am profoundly affected each time. The words and images are so powerful that I am reminded of the book often, even in small things like hearing Chicago’s “Beginnings” on the radio.
    I thought that I was the only one who wondered what happened to everyone in the family over the years since Eric’s death, so I’m glad to see that other people think about that, too. The impact of their story is extraordinary. By the way, which sister lived in Seattle? I live there now and never knew that, or anything else about the family. I hope that they’re all doing well. I will never forget Ms. Lund’s book.

  104. Laurie Bangs

    I have often used an excerpted and anthologized essay on Eric called “Gift from a Son who Died” by Doris Lund. I am now teaching in Lima, Peru and would like to use it, but materials are hard to come by here. Anyone have a way for me to access it online?

  105. Grace Giammona

    I have just completed reading “Eric” last night. A remarkable, realistic depiction — Doris Lund writes with such articulate diction and overwhelming emotion, all of the characters’ lives come to life. I woke up this morning feeling as if a good friend of mine has passed on. The strangest part is that Eric’s actual voice was rarely used, it is all Mrs. Lund who reaches us. And somehow, I walked away from my experience with personal-Eric memories, stimulating both melancholia and nostalgia. A truly striking book that is a must-read for everybody!

  106. becky

    i was so touched by “eric” that im writing my college essay on it. i remember reading the book first, then reading the back and realizing that it was actually a true story and that it was written by his mother! i couldnt imagine having to go through that as a mother, and then writing a whole book about it. how emotional it must have been. i can feel all the emotion when im reading the book.

  107. Bob Pappalardo

    While walking on a Rowayton Beach, close to where the River meets the LI Sound, I came across a bronze plaque imbedded in rock, facing the waves, with the following inscribed: “Eric Lund 1950-1972 Walk In The World For Me” I didn’t know who Eric Lund was or how he died. I’m a songwriter and I felt compelled to write a song using the title “Walk In The World For Me.” Here is part of the lyric:
    I believe I can…make a dream come true
    Climb the highest mountain…if not me than you
    Standing way up there above the clouds so high
    Steal a star or two from the midnight sky
    Dance on the shore beneath the setting sun
    Hold each other close when the day is done
    Work the snow white canvas…sail the open sea
    Walk In The World…Walk In The World For Me
    C Bob Larro
    After writing the song I wanted to know more about Eric Lund. I finished reading the book “Eric” last night. So hard to keep from crying – Eric was an amazing human being. God bless his mom Doris for her talent and ability to write this story so beautifully.
    She too was a very special human being. I’m sure Doris, Sydney and Eric are together and in a better place.

  108. Whitey

    I have read this book several times and one of my favorite parts is when the family decides to have Eric buried at potters field. The funeral industry is such a rip off, they were way ahead of there time. I would love to see a picture of Eric so hopefully the family will post some one of these days. Was curious why the book didn’t contain any photos. My condolences to the Lund family on the passing of Doris and Sidney.

  109. matt

    i just read the book “eric” in my high school english class. im not a big reader at all. but this book caught my attention. it was very emotional at times and at others humorous. i really enjoyed this book, you did a great job living through it all.

  110. Tarja Latvala

    What an unforgettable piece of writing the book “Eric” is! Eric died a few years before I was even born, but the story of his life has touched me deeply. I’m eternally thankful for late Mrs. Lund for sharing this insipiring, beautiful, sad story with the whole world. Eric was so young when he died, but he sure did know HOW to live. Mr. and Mrs. Lund must have done an amazing job raising such a great fellow! I can’t remember another book that has made me think and FEEL so much. So, my message goes to the Heaven: Thank you Eric, Thank you Doris, Thank you Sidney for making a difference in my life! R.I.P

  111. Laurie

    When I was a little girl in the 70’s one of my favorite books was Attic of The Wind.Doris wrote this book and it was amazing. It is all about how when you lose things or they blow away, they are up in the Attic of The wind. Anyone who has children ages 2-7 should try to get a copy for them. I purchased mine online at a used book store. It is a rhyming book and is beautifully illustrated and well written. It was written in 1966 but is a book whose relevence has stood the test of time. While trying to find a copy of Attic for my kids, I came across Eric at the same used book store.I bought it because it was written by Doris. It is now one of my favorite books and I am a BIG READER. I have read hundreds & hundreds of books for pleasure.
    This book is a reminder to us all to not just go through the motions of life, but to truly “LIVE.”
    The legacy of Eric & Doris lives on in this book and in Meredith, Mark, Lisa & their respective families.God bless them all!

  112. Holly

    I loved this book more than any other biography in the world! She was such a great writer! Eric was a truely amazing person who was brave and free wiled!

  113. Siri in Sweden

    We are about to move and I was packing our books in bags. Suddenly, I saw this book about Eric. I seem to have bought a used copy in 1979 when I was 18.
    Several times, while moving, I’ve almost given the book away to Red Cross or Salvation Army. But decided not to, after all. There’s SOMETHING in this book that makes me keep it.
    My childhood and youth were terrible. I suppose this book gave me the courage to go on, in spite of the loveless environment.
    Today, I wanted to thank Doris Lund for writing this wonderful book, found this page and that she has passed away. I hope she can somehow hear all the thanks that so many people have written here.

  114. Life

    I read the book Eric. it touched my heart. I am amazed on such courage Eric had. He has opened my eyes and told me that you have to live you life to the fullest because you may not know when it will be over.


    I picked up “ERIC” from a bookshelf at work just last week. I came on here to see if I could write to Doris Lund and tell her what a good book it was. I was shocked to see I am several years to late. I am sorry. To the family, Your son/brother was very couragous all the way to the end. I will never forget him.

  116. M.A.

    I don’t remember how I came across this book – I believe it was a used book sale or tag sale. Anyway, it was about 10+ years ago and I was so incredibly moved by it. Incidentally, I lived just a few miles away from Rowayton, CT, so I was able to take a drive around that beautiful little beachside town, allowing for an even richer visual of the book. I even tried to find their house out of curiosity, but I believe it was down a private road. Anyway, no one I was close to had died of cancer at the time, but last year my uncle passed away from it. He was also going to Sloan-Kettering in Manhattan (which I had always associated with Eric). I’m not sure what happened to my copy of the book, but I’d love to get my hands on it again. Doris did a wonderful thing, not only in immortalizing her son, but in lucidly depicting what so many people are forced to go through, emotionally.

  117. Lindsey

    I read the book Eric for my english class this year. I think it is a really good book. I am sorry to hear about Doris but I am so glad I had the chance to read a book that will change my life forever.

  118. Jim

    I’m saddened to learn tonight that the Sydney and Doris Lund have both passed. I first saw Eric on TV, then bought the book when I was 14 or 15. It was a remarkable story of courage, and I’ve read the book several times over. Even though I knew where it was headed, the book actually made me cry. I have kept the quote from G.K. Chesterton — which Eric wrote on his blackboard during the last year of his life — close to my heart all these years: “We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.” Eric’s death at such a young age was sad, but it’s amazing to think how much meaning his life has had all these years. Cheers to Doris Lund for her amazing chronicle of his life. I am 45 now, and this year gave the book to my daughter. She was telling me tonight that she cried as she read the book, which prompted me to wonder again — as I have often through the years — about the Lund family and how they might have fared. To any Lund family members who might read these words, I offer my condolences on your losses and say thanks for the willingness to share such a inspiring story.

  119. Zelmira

    When I read “Eric” for the first time, I was about ten and there was no intention in it. No references, no expectations, just as a regular visitor of our library I got it from a librarian at random like many other good and few not so good books. I was deeply impressed, shaken, touched… whatever. I have never owned my own copy of the book, but I knew I could borrow it anytime from our library of talking books. I haven’t done it in years, though.
    Born blind I have something to cope with in life. I don’t mean my life is hard as such. I have quite a nice family and everything looks alright, nothing to complain about. But my worst trouble is that I was not able to learn to walk alone with a white cane. Simply, no orientation, no way to remember the ways. Wherever I need to go, there must be somebody guiding me. I know I’m not the only one, but I feel so miserable for it, I hate that feeling somebody always have to pick me up like from a kindergarten. And so I minimize my demands, I rather go nowhere than to ask somebody. It developed through years and suddenly I find myself with almost no friends, no stimuli, nothing to look forward to, nothing to be curious about… the basic feeling I have in life is boredom, vanity, uselessness. Though I don’t suffer from real pains and big problems, it’s terrible.
    In this state of mind I borrowed “Eric” once again after like twenty years few days ago. My reasons were rather egoistic and cynical, you can say. It was something like I need all these feelings back. I kind of needed to be ashamed by something. You know, like “why cannot I be a fighter for feeling happy?” “Why cannot I take something positive from my days?” “How can I dare to be almost suicidal in my mind seeing someone fighting for life that desperately?” And especially “how can I have so flat mind – nothing funny, nothing sad, nothing exciting, worth thinking or some emotion and depth?” And so I read that treasure, at the moment I am like in a third of it (Eric just after a car accident with his friends” and I’m somehow getting it back.
    I’m not saying this book have saved or is saving my life. I mean, I was not that down to do something definite and stupid, as well as this book cannot really prevent me from getting down again. I’m saying it helps me feel something more than boredom and despair again. And I am for a while again deeply impressed, shaken, touched… whatever much more than when I was ten and moreover I am thankful; for life, for experiencing deep feelings, for people like Eric and Doris Lund.
    Sorry for being lengthy and sorry for my English, but it’s not my native language. Wishing all the best to all of you.

  120. Mary

    I too have read and re-read the book many times. Mrs. Lund would have been glad to know how even so many years after Eric’s passing, his life story continues to touch people.
    My friend’s little girl had Acute Mylogenious Leukemia. That was four years ago. She is an active almost teenager who plays soccer and does gymnastics. She was given no chance to survive, and now she’s considered cured! As Doris has said, Eric is a part of the victory of all leukemia survivors.
    Many blessings to the Lund family! Eric continues to live on as more people read his story.
    It would be wonderful if the Lund family did put together a website. So many of us are curious about Eric. But that’s okay that they don’t. We will use our imaginations instead.

  121. tabitha

    I read Eric years ago, shortly after his death. I have reread the book so many times that it is in horrible shape. I need to buy a new copy. I do not know what made me think of Doris today, but I decided to go online to find out how I could get in touch with the family. I was saddened to find out that Doris had died and when I noticed the date, it was four years ago today. My own son was born in 93 and I named him Eric in tribute to someone I had never met but felt was a hero. Today, for the first time, I saw a picture of both Doris and Eric (from a book cover online) and I downloaded it. My heart goes out to the Lund family. God bless them all.

  122. trish


  123. brigid


  124. Samantha

    I am 17 and I just finished reading the book for my health program in the fall. It was the most amazing book I have ever read. Eric was my age when he found out he was sick. I loved how Mrs.Lund took you on the rollercoaster she lived through. The book made me cherish my life and the lives of others around me even more. I am going to pass the book around to all my friends and family. I hope the Lund family is doing well.

  125. Caitlin

    I just finished reading Eric, and like many of you, was compelled to “google” the Lund family…I too am saddened to hear of the deaths of his parents. I will be completing a 28-mile bike challenge this weekend, for cancer research. I was hoping to get in touch with a member of the Lund family, to ask for permission to ride for Eric…I was touched by this book in so many wanys. God bless everyone who has been touched by the special gift Doris left for all to read. Rest in peace..

  126. Steven Pertusati

    Inspirational, endearing, heartwarming, courageous….
    What can be said that would pay proper tribute to Eric and his mother Doris? That a 17 year old finds the immense courage and will to go through the next 4 years of his life as he did and the subsequent writings of his mother…a tremendous gift to all of us in realizing the human spirit is capable of many things; in the face of unspeakable odds, all the while maintaining hope for a better day to come and pursuing one’s goals despite all that is going on..
    I am 47 years old now and still cry when I pick up the book and start to read it….
    Thank you Eric Lund, thank you Doris Lund, thank you to all of the Lund family.
    Steven Pertusati
    Brightwaters, NY

  127. Monique

    Wow I never knew there were so many people who were and are influenced by Eric’s story. I first read the book in 2003 when I was 20, and it touched me like nothing ever before (or after). I just kept crying through the book. My husband had asked me to read it, it was his favorite book, and it had helped him through his father’s suffering and death of cancer. I’ve been rereading the book at least once a year after that and I still cry, it is just so beautiful. The name of my 3rd child would be Eric, but for some reason my husband changed that at the registry office, so Eric is now his 3rd name, he is 15 now.
    Just today I looked for information about Doris and the family. I am very sad that Doris and Sidney are no longer with us.
    There had been a lot of cancer in my family, my father died 3 years ago of lung cancer. Unfortunately we hadn’t been in touch because of an old argument, I missed the opportunity to mend our relationship. Also various other member of my family have died of cancer.
    Every time I read the book, it feels like Eric is no stranger to me, his story had been part of my life for over 20 years now.
    I believe that people do not really die as long as they are remembered. They are also not gone, they are just standing around the corner so we don’t see them, but they are always with us.
    Sorry if my English is not very good, I live in Holland, and I am very emotional again now because of finding this page with so many wonderful and caring people.
    God bless the Lund Family and all of you.
    I would like to end with a rough translation of a dutch song, that is very beautiful, and is often playes at funerals
    “There is no such thing as goodbye
    I am going away, but am not leaving you
    My love, believe me
    Even though it hurts
    I want you to let me go
    And continue your life tomorrow
    Whenever you’re lonely or scared,
    I’ll be there
    Like the wind that you feel
    Like the moonlight
    Look for me in all those things
    Whisper my name
    And I will be there”
    Hugs & love,

  128. Theresa Tetreault

    My husband and I are planning to move next year so I’ve been going through my numerous books, discarding some and giving others away. I came upon a Reader’s Digest Condensed book of 1975 and decided to read the four stories. The last one was Eric and I too found the book (condensed of course) touching and very well written by one very courageous mother. She is a loving and gifted mother and grandmother. You, her children and grandchildren can be very proud.

  129. Alan Leake

    It was in 1976 when I read Doris Lund’s book on her son, Eric. As I recall, it was about a year after I had seen the film ” Eric” on television.
    I rate the book better than the movie.
    Regardless if one knows “Eric” 1st either by the film or the book, the subject backs many emotions, particularly from an adults viewpoint involving their youngster.

  130. Janice Killan

    I read this book for my english class.
    It was absolutely amazing.
    Not only does Eric give new meaning to life, he gives new meaning to death as well.
    How wonderful it is to know that we all can be part of something bigger, better, and more advanced then ourselves. Eric was one of the chosen ones, and while he missed out on so much, he gave everyone something in return.

  131. Wayne Lawless

    I just read “Eric” again, and I looked on the internet to see what happened to Doris Lund. I had not known she had passed away. We wrote a few letters to each other many years ago. When they made the movie, she said, she was to be on the set through the filming as an advisor. They never went through with that promise. She had no idea why they changed Eric’s last name Lund to something like Lindstrom. Also, she had no idea why they changed the local from where Eric lived, to Seattle, and Doris also said the film made her son look like he had died of a cold. However, I think the film, through John Savage’s performance, and Patricia Neal, captured the spirit of Eric. I remember the scene, when Patricia was eating, as Doris, and suddenly put her fork down, and said, “We have to go; he’ll die and we won’t be there.” Haunting stuff. Wayne

  132. Hillie

    I bought “Eric” at a 2ndhand bookshop a month ago. I started reading it yesterday and finished this morning. It was such a simple, expressive read. I thought Doris would be in her 70s but here I find she was in her 80s when she died so she was my age now (in her 50s) when her son got sick. I have a son turning 21 this December and I just can’t imagine what she went through but can feel her pain throughout the book.
    A truly wonderful read. So glad I found this page.

  133. Kym

    I ordered and read the book club edition in high school as many of you did. Then the book was so sad. Eric’s passing what I was left with. Recently, I was online and looking at a discontinued book site, I found and ordered a copy of the book. I have just finished rereading it. Honest and very moving, now as the mother of a 22 year old son it is not Eric’s death but his life and fight that move me. I spent some time today just looking at the sky for Eric. I will take his words and when tired and cranky shall smile, when upset shall shrug, I shall let the imperfections pass and walk in the world for Eric. After all as G. K. Chesterton said and Eric realized, we are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty. Take care all!

  134. Alliuya Iftikhar

    I first read ‘Eric’ when I was 15, about 13 years ago. I loved it then but somehow could not bring myself to reading it again till now. I finished reading ‘Eric’ for the second time last night. I had tears in my eyes. It is one of the most moving and courageous books I have ever read. Eric may have died but this wonderful book by his mother will ensure that he lives on forever.

  135. Samantha

    I read Eric when I was about 12 or 13 years old. It is one of my favorite books and I made a promise to myself that if I ever had a son, I would name him Eric. My Eric is now 21 years old. And though he is healthy, when his dad was a child he went through the same thing that Eric Lund did. When we found out we were pregnant I told him about Eric and the book I had read. I found another copy in a used book store for him to read. Needless to say it touched him as much as it did me. Bless the Lund family.

  136. DT

    I just picked up my copy of the bood Eric, and I don’t even remember how I came across the book. However, I remember every lesson that book has taught me. I have started to read it again. It’s so amazing after all these years this remarkable man still gives us something we can hold on to. I remember back in 1984 or so my friend’s father was a doctor at the Sloan Kettering cancer Institute and all the staff still talked about Eric as it was just yesterday.

  137. Shane Barta

    I was happy to find this site. I remember the Lunds from the years I lived and then visited Rowayton after we movesd away. For those of you from Rowayton I was the grandson of the Prestons who lived at 5 Rowayton Ave.

  138. wing chin

    I recently saw a book in my 13 year old daughter’s room entitiled ” Eric”. I read it in 3 hours and want very much to pay tribute to Eric, Doris, and the entire family. My family owes a huge debt to Eric and all of his band of brothers from Ewing 8. My healthy beautiful daughter was diagnosed with ALL in December 2001. She is well and thriving due to the courage exemplified by Eric and all of his friends. God bless you all!!!
    I am a resident of New Canaan, Ct. Lisa, if you still resides in New Canaan, I would love to meet you.

  139. Eric

    I first read this book in high school. My girlfriend at the time had already read it and told me I should too. I don’t know how I ended up thinking of it again tonight, but I am definitely going to get myself a copy and read it again.
    I remember visiting daytona beach and thinking, “wow, Eric was here at this very same place.” He was truly an amazing person and I have always felt since reading it that I knew him personally. I now have 2 young children of my own and I know reading it again, I’m going to have a very different viewpoint.
    My thanks and warm wishes go out to all of the Lund family. And to you Doris, for so vivdly portraying your son’s life to the world, so that we may all know of him. And especially to you, Eric. You are a lasting, impressive display of what the soul can accomplish. You have shown so many people that even in the absolute worst of times, life is still yours to live. I don’t think we can begin to thank you enough for simply being you.

  140. Rich Stevens

    I had first read the condensed Readers
    Digest version. I did not and still do not do much reading, being a math person. I was so impressed with the condensed version that I bought and read the whole book. Then I saw the excellent movie(but the book is definitely better and a new movie version should be made which includes the car accident, brain tumor, and many more of the book’s chapters). I lost both the book and movie in a fire which totaled my house in the 1990s. I went online and at first found no available copies of the movie. Then a month ago I found one copy of the movie on amazon.com. I bought a VHS version of the movie there for $55!!! $55 for a vhs copy-you know I wanted it and thought it to be that valuable!! Then I went online and got a paperback copy of the book. It is the only book I ever cried to and always still do! I went online today to try to find out how to call Doris and propose a new movie version encompassing more of the book. I was saddened to hear that she and also Sidney had both passed away. Maybe the children or grand-children would like to contact me and talk about a full new version of a movie “Walk In the World For Me” with new actors and telling more of the story. If so, email me at: mrstevens4u@aol.com. I’d love to work on this project and put some money into it also!
    Rich Stevens

  141. Josephine

    I first read Eric as a teenager, I picked the book up in a book swap in Bermuda, taken with the orange cover depicting the young man sitting watching the sea and also because of the title. My brother’s name is Eric and so was my grandfather’s and that influenced my decision.
    I read it several times but then loaned it out when I was 16, whilst it was not in my possession we moved and I never got it back.
    For years I’ve kept my eyes open for another copy, I asked Waterstones if it could be special ordered, which it can but at a cost of around £25. Over the Christmas holidays I found the online book seller AbeBooks where I found not one, but about 7 copies at reasonable prices.
    I have just finished reading it again and although I found this site a few years ago and learned of Doris Lund’s death I didn’t know what to say then. It’s still hard to know the right words, but I do know that my life has been enriched by the sharing of Eric’s life; his capacity for joy and enjoyment of what life has to offer has always moved me greatly.
    My very best wishes go to all the Lund family, especially Mark & Lisa who were closest to the action whilst the battle was waged. I can well imagine how hard it was for Lisa being “too young to be involved” and also for Mark to suddenly have the positions of big and little brother reversed in such a fashion.
    To all those touched by Eric, to MaryLou, without whom Eric may not have felt able to complete the final stage of his journey I wish you blue skies; for whilst we all have some cloudy, grey & dark days, we can rest in the knowledge that the blue is still there waiting to reappear if we only remember to look for it.
    To Doris and Sidney – if you were still with us today, thank you for sharing your lives and Eric’s with us. In this fashion Eric has lived on with us all for many decades and will continue to touch people’s hearts for many more.

  142. Savita

    I am 13 years old and I am in the 8th grade. We were assigned Eric as our reading circle book in Literature. It was just a book which makes homework so I wasnt that excited to read about it. Im not yet finished with the book. It has touched me. I would hate to have to read this book and here that Eric doesnt survive. but after I have read some of these tributes that have been posted, it doesnt look that good for Eric. If Eric is still living he would be in his late 50s. I can only feel little sorrow compared to what the Lund family is feeling. i give my love.

  143. Hannah

    I just fineshed Eric 3 weeks ago. I was reading it for a class biography project and I have to say that he had such an interesting life and the book was awesome so I’m so glad I read it. I cried for the first time over a book when I got to the end. And now hearing about Dorris Lunds death makes me teary agian. My best wishes to the Lund familey and friends. And if Lisa is reading this I know how you felt when Eric was sick because I was about 12 or a little younger when my mom got sick too. And I know how it feels when a loved one is in a state of pain.

  144. Stephanie

    I am 17 years old and a junior in high school. I decided to read Eric for an extra credit assignment in my Literature class. I haven’t yet finished it, but the story is very touching. I got online to find a way to write Doris but found that she had died a few years ago. I was very sad because I wanted to write her and tell her how much I loved her story and how much I love her, Eric, and the whole Lund family. I would love to meet part of the Lund family someday. R.I.P Eric, Doris, and Sidney Lund. My heart goes out to the surviving Lund family.

  145. Gloria Marshall

    I read Eric back in the 70’s. I cried and when I was done with the book. I never forgot it. I then saw the t.v. movie. I was just telling my friend in Canada about a friend of my brother’s calling him from the hospital tellin my brother that he was just told that he had 5 months to live. He has lung cancer that has spread. He is only 43 years old.
    This made me think of Eric’s story that i read years ago. I decided to Google it to see if I could find a copy. I want to read it again. I see now that Doris Lund has passed on . My condolences to the family. What an awesome mom I thought she was while reading the book years ago.
    I want to purchase another copy of this book to send to my friend. I know it will touch her heart like it touched mine.

  146. Michelle Buttacavoli

    This blog is for Doris Lunds family,I just wanted you guys to know that the book Eric inspired me to start giveing blood. that was when I first read it when I was 17. I am now 37 years old and I have given over 5 gallons of blood. I also give apherises When I can. Eric is to this day my favorite book. Thank you for this book that changed my life. God bless all of you!

  147. KAT

    Hello, I know what it’s like to  loose someone you love. I have lost so many people I care about in my life. Mostly, it wasn’t to death but friendships. It’s like death though. Because one minute their there, and the next minute their gone. This book has inspired a lot of people. Many of the people it  pertains to are the ones who have a friend, sibling, daughter or son, or anyone else they care about that they have lost. To me, well; recently this past summmer I lost my grandfather to a battle of twenty some years with cancer. He was in and out of remissions like Eric and then one day he was gone in the snap of a finger. Someone can be healthy one day (well you may think so) and then the next their gone just like that. It doesn’t neccessarily have to be a medical reason but their still gone. Poof, you don’t know what to say to anyone because you don’t want to say the wrong thing so you deal with it your own way. Life is too short so you shouldn’t let it pass you by. Live life to the fullest just as Eric Lund did. If someone gets you down, get back up. Life is too short to let small things bother you. This is to anyone that reads this and the next time someone bothers you; don’t worry, they’ll have their payback some day or another. Thanks for listening. KAT

  148. Ann

    I was going through my book collection and was trying to downsize. I had Eric in my collection but hadn’t read it. I don’t even know how I got it.
    I was going to donate it to a center here, locally, that is set up for cancer information (Myles Miracle Mission). It was opened by a mother who lost her son to cancer.
    Then, I thought, well, I should read it first. I’m so glad I did. It is an amazing story. I kept thinking that a miracle was going to happen.
    As most of you have indicated, it’s really difficult to read through tears.
    I was also surprised to see how many did the same as me “Gee, I wonder what she’s doing now” and to find out she too has gone to see her son.
    I have not seen the movie, and movies seldom do books justice, but, I think, by the sounds of it, a remake would be a wonderful project.
    It’s amazing how one person’s story can touch so many lives. God bless all those posted here and that will read in the future.

  149. Doris Lund

    I am from Sweden, and yes my name is Doris Lund. I read the book about Eric four years ago.
    It helpt me a lot to read it, because I too mist my son in leukemia 1975.
    I felt that I could have written the book, but then called it “Jonas”. And it was almost spooky that we had the same name.
    Sincerely Doris

  150. Paul Sherrod

    I logged on to this page yesterday, I was then within four pages of finishing “Eric”.
    I read this entire blog and kept seeing references to the quote “Walk in the world for me”. I didn’t quite understand what it meant.
    Upon my return to reading “Eric”, I was a mere three paragraphs from that phrase. It was there the tears began to fall. I understand now.
    For those who have not read “Eric” to paraphrase what occurred. Eric was on his death bed. His mother began to lower the blinds to his outside window. Eric asked her not to so that he could see the sun and the sky. He then asked her to leave a little early and go for a walk in the world for him. Apparently it was one of his last lucid thoughts.
    Everyone needs to read this book so they can appreciate their time on earth and strive to make it a better place to live.
    I’m walking, Eric. Thank you Doris.

  151. Sharon Reynolds MN, ARNP

    During fall 1976, I was a 22 year-old, first-quarter nursing student in Washington State. My class was shown a movie (not the TV one) about Eric. Doris narrated Eric’s story, which was targeted towards health care professionals in general and nurses in particular. Highlighted was the difference Eric’s nurses had made to them.
    The classroom lights came on afterwards. All of us were struggling to hold our tears, but we were shocked to discover Ruth, our clinical instructor who was approximately age 30, openly sobbing.
    Ruth fought for control, apologizing a few minutes later: “I’m sorry. The movie brings it all back. You see…I was one of Eric’s nurses.”
    Ruth was a pediatric RN, & had worked at NYC’s Sloan-Kettering (aka Memorial Hospital). She went on to tell our class what remarkable people Eric & Doris were. This was 30 years ago, but Eric’s story remains forever burned into my memory.

  152. Kimberley

    I was 10 when I first read “Eric” (I am 42 now)
    and I must have gone through at least four copies rereading it so often! I wrote my senior thesis on it as well as the freestyle essay for my college application. I know I cried a million tears every time I read it, but because of Doris’ courage in telling her story I was able to hold in my tears when in 2005 my son, 5, was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia). As a mother she faced her son’s illness with honesty, humor, and grace. It is my prayer that I am doing the same and can pass these gifts to another mother as she gave them to me, because that is what our children need from us. Also, my son’s treatment is a direct result (think PEG-aspariginase!!)of the treatment the Lund’s allowed Eric to receive, and now my son has a survival chance of 95%. So to the Lund family I say a heart-felt Thank You!

  153. Ricardo

    I’m from Mexico, so, i’m going to writte this in my native language, spanish, first, because, i’m not write correctly the english language; second, because I would like to make known my mind and my way of feeling in my native language, without pretensions to offend anyone. Well, like many share the enormous wisdom that Eric left us a legacy for all:
    Tengo 25 años, y el libro “Eric” llegó a mis manos a los 19 años justo antes de ser tirado a la basura. Por respeto lo recogí y lo guardé, y lo que obtuve de ese libro, fue la lección de vida más importante que jamás he vivido. Me siento aún conmovido por las palabras que Doris Lund plasmó en ésta obra maestra, más aún, saber que sigue siendo mi libro favorito y que cada vez que lo leo, es un aprendizaje distinto el que me deja.
    Me averguenzo (lo debo de reconocer) que hasta el día de hoy me haya enterado del fallecimiento de la Sra. Lund. Sin embargo me alegro, porque todos los que tuvimos a “Eric” en las manos, somos fieles testigos del enorme dolor que le dejó a ella la muerte de su hijo Eric. Y le pido al Señor, que siga bendiciendo en todos los sentidos posibles al Sr. Sydney, a Mark, a Lisa, a Meredith (leí también que se divorció). Ojalá y pudiera saber un poco más de ellos.
    Con afecto, desde Cuernavaca Morelos, México

  154. Kathy

    I took out my well worn copy of Eric to read for the “I don’t know how manyth time”. It has always been my go to when I am going through tough times. My realization that things aren’t so bad.
    This time I looked at the dates it was written, and wondered about Doris Lund. I imagined she would have passed on. I did an internet search and found this site.
    I am AMAZED that so many others feel as I do about this wonderful book. I would have thought I was the only person to have read and re-read such a seemingly obscure book. To my delight I have found others who quite possibly would answer “Eric” when asked their favorite, most read, or which novel touched them the most.
    In reading the posts, I see several requests for updates on the family, photos, a family website. Family members…has anyone addressed this?
    God Bless!

  155. Diana Parsons

    This is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. I am a mother of a grown son now, but read the book for the first time in high school. I can’t remember the number of times I have read it, but each time I do I hope that Eric survives, even though I know he won’t. That is how vividly Doris describes his life. I wish I could have known them both but feel that I do in a way. God bless their whole family and Mary Lou, wherever they are.

  156. Patrice Athanasidy

    I have read this book several times in my life and always learn something new about courage and myself. I am touched to see just how many people have felt drawn to Eric’s story.
    I was sad to read that Ms. Lund died several years ago. It is a true tribute that this page is so current with people writing their memories and messages of thanks.
    The Lund family’s courage lives on in this well told story of a short but fulfilling life!

  157. Tamara S

    For whatever reason I decided to re-read Eric again. I haven’t read it in many years but it still moved me and inspired me the same as it did back in 76. I think so many people can relate to this because most people have had some kind of struggle or know someone who has been in this kind of struggle.
    However I think this family has touched everyone because not many of us, at Eric’s age, could have handled what he did with his grace and courage. His family, his brothers and sisters showed great courage as well. I am a parent and cannot imagine going through what they had to endure.
    I still talk to Eric in my head, when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to work out or walk the dogs. I think of Eric and how he would have loved to be able to do these things and for whatever reason this inspires me.
    Thank you to all of you that have shared your stories, thank you to Eric’s family for sharing their stories, but mostly thank you Eric for inspiring me to walk in the world for everyone who can’t.

  158. ilza

    dear Suzanna
    – only today I read about your granfather. Let me tell you how sorry I am. In 1998 I phoned mrs. Lund, and a lovely gentleman answered the phone. I told him I was calling from Brasil, and he introduced himself as Doris´husband – and for a couple of minutes we talked about his family name, Scandinavia, where I had just been, and he insisted to call your grandmother, saying she would be delighted to talk to someone from my country. She was as lovely as him, and it is still with great emotion that I mention their names. What a lovely family. My regards to you. Don Herold, Doris Lund – what a heritage.

  159. Wayne Lunkwitz

    Too little …too late I am afraid. I missed again.
    I first read the book “Eric”at the urging of the school librarian when I was a freshman in high school. I was only 16 then so it moved me to tears and laughter, and back to tears. I lived my whole 17th year in fear..but still I claim Eric as my favorite book of all time..having searched high and low for a copy of the hard back only to donate it to the local library when their copy turned up missing. Years later I bought that copy back when the library sold off old copies of books to make room for new books. As I laid down the money I asked the lady “Are you sure this is all you want for this?” I believe it was a dollar at the time….she never realized how valuable the book was to me..it helped me to learn more about cancer…years later I was able to understand what certain close friends were going through as they valiantly battled cancer in a different form. All I can say now is Rest In Peace Mrs. Lund and enjoy eternity with your son.

  160. Wayne Lunkwitz

    I am so glad I found this blog. “Eric” after all is my favorite book. I picked up the book again last night and started to read..I had to lay it down after just a few short minutes tho…because I could not see the print..you must understand I’ve lost two very close friends to cancer since I first read “Eric” in 1979…I was only 16 then I am now 45 and have my own health issues. I am a type 2 Diabetic and I am taking insulin and other medications to battle this along with lifestyle (dietary) changes. I only wish I were as strong as Eric was during his battle with leukemia I get emotional when I read this book…because of memories of one particular friend who died of liver cancer in 1989..His name was Scott,we graduated in the same class…he was one year younger than me and now he is forever 25…he once asked if I wanted to see his “scar” an incision scar from his collar bone to his belt line. I only wish I knew what made people like this so much stronger than the rest of us. Maybe then I could think of those times and smile..or read this book without the tears clouding my vision.

  161. Kim

    I am forever indebted to Doris Lund for sharing her very poignant story of Eric’s struggle with a disease that took him so young. WOW, what an awesome human being. I wish, I wish, I wish I could have met him. Again, I would like to see pictures of Eric. I have tried googling the newspapers etc., but have not been successful in getting a glimpse of one picture. His mom talks repeatedly about his red-gold curls….I want to see them!!! Was so sorry to hear of Doris and Sydney’s passing…what great parents to have.
    The endless summer is a reality for all of them now….

  162. kim

    Just finished reading this book again after many times. I would love to know anything about MaryLou….did she marry? Did she have children?? How could she EVER find someone who could measure up to Eric in courage, strength, humor, honesty……
    I would love to know how she is doing and how she has survived looking back with a little time between her and what happened….

  163. Lori Schroeder

    After having read the book Eric over and over and being such a fan I finally found a copy of the movie and watched it. I was a little dissapointed that they changed his name and location, but I found the movie very sweet and too short. I keep hoping that someone will start a website based on Eric and his family and post pictures of him. So many of us feel that we know him and his family. I would love to see photos of them in happier times and of course with him wearing his famous floppy hat.

  164. Rich Jennings

    I was thirteen in 1976. Probably an 8th grader. One of my teachers gave me an assignment to write the author of the last book I read. I had just finished Eric, so I wrote Doris Lund. She wrote me back. I can’t tell you many times I’ve moved since I was 13, but I was just going through a box of stuff in my garage and found her letter to me. So I googled. Sorry to hear that she passed. I am a parent, too, and I can’t imagine the pain she went through. She taught me a lesson in grace. I hope her friends and family are well.

  165. Lynne Youdin

    I read Eric when I was a young girl and re-read it again in just one sitting last night. I found out that living here in Norwalk, the Lund family resided only a few miles away from me. Its amazing to me that I have lived so close to Eric and his family all these years.
    Eric, to me, stands as a living representative of what the Spirit of the Soul Really Is.
    I am sorry that Mr. and Mrs. Lund have passed on for I feel that even meeting them for five seconds would have enriched my life.
    I would love to know what beach in Rowayton that plaque sits on; and I do hope that a website dedictated to the family with photos and updates comes into being.
    God Bless~

  166. Julie Anne

    I read this book many years ago when I was in middle school. I remember it being on a special shelf of books reserved for only the eighth graders to read. I’d seen the movie and wanted to read the book and when I finally was able to check out a copy I read it in less than a week. Eric’s story is as amazing as the remarkable woman who wrote it. I now am 42, with two children of my own and as a mom, I can’t imagine the devastation of losing a child. I am not sure what made me Google Doris Lund today, but I did and came across this forum. I hadn’t known that she and Sidney both passed. They would be, I’m sure, so pleased to know just how many lives Eric has touched. My heart goes out to the Lund family.

  167. Donna

    What a joy to find out how many others love Doris’ book, her wonderful writing, and the amazing story of Erik. I read the book when I was 12 and have reread it many times. I always hoped others were touched and inspired by the book as much as I am every time I read it. Now I know you’re all out there! And its so nice to hear from people who spoke to Sydney or Doris, or others who knew them like one of Erik’s nurses. What a gift to come across this page. Thanks!

  168. Megan

    I was completely touched by Eric’s fight. I’m only a 9 grader who read this book for a report. I wasn’t expecting to be interested in this. But now i think i will never forget the war the Lund family had to fight.

  169. frances

    I read Eric as a 14 year old high school freshman in 1982. It is my all-time favorite book. Mrs. Lund is so honest and refreshing about the struggles Eric and his family endured. But it is also a book about hope, having courage and faith and love. God bless this family and thank you for sharing your story with the world. I continue to re-read as an adult almost 30 years later and it helps to put problems in perspective.

  170. John Joy

    I am very proud to have known Eric personally as members of the UConn soccer team. Although his time with us practicing and playing were very limited, he was our honorary captain. I still remember the thrill of when he was actually well enough to play in 1 game, it meant so much to me to play with him, a feeling I am having trouble putting to words. I knew something special was happening even though it would be brief and this would probably be the only time on the field in a game at UConn together. Each pass to each other was a “connection” of the heart. Our team spent many weekends traveling to Sloan Kettering in NY to give plateletts for Eric, meet with the family. The staff there were so kind to us and thankful for making the trip. I just remember him as being so upbeat no matter how he really felt. Our team was devastated when he passed away. I remember the team just falling apart at the news from coach Morrone. He told us to draw strength from Eric because thats what Eric would have wanted. In the spring of 1973 I received an honor that today I still revere and cherish, the 1st Eric Lund Memorial Award given at Uconn for “tremendous desire to excel, enthusiasm, and courage” I still have the plaque. I also pulled out my copy of Eric and to my surprise found the newspaper clipping of the presentation. I am so honored still although nothing compared to his courage. I was happy to come across this website and read all the wonderful comments and how much the story gave people strength and hope. He was everything his mom said he was and more and I am a better person for knowing him, always in my heart. John Joy

  171. Erin Kraft

    To Mark Miller. Dear Mark, Your Uncle’s story is very universal. He showed such courage even though he felt as if was in an undertow. Wow, you have good genes.

  172. Barbara

    Eric is one of the best books I ever read. I´m sure that Eric was perfect boy.
    Tá kniha bola úžastná a podľa mňa prinúti každého rozmýšľať nad ostatnými aj nad sebou.

  173. Bonnie Johnson

    Wow. Back in 1976 I read the book. I was so moved by the story I vowed to name my son if I had one Eric. I did and I did. He is now 25 and healthy. My nephew however did get leukemia. Diagnosed at age 5 and was given 5 years to live. Well he beat those odds and is now 21.
    I’m sorry to hear of Mrs. Lund’s passing but at least now she can be with her son.
    My condolences to the family.

  174. T J S

    I read Eric way back when it first was published then saw the movie a couple years later. It was heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. Ordinary people with tragic circumstances to deal with and overcome as best they could. Eric is an inspiration. Doris is also an inspiration. What a brave Mom and Son. I hope they are together now. I am a cancer survivor but don’t take any day for granted. Every day is a precious gift and we have to enjoy it to the fullest. God Bless surviving Lund family and friends!

  175. Lynne

    I read “Eric” years ago as a college student and it left me in tears, but it was a wonderful story. When the movie came out, I watched it with friends in my dorm room — half an hour before it ended, the power went out all over campus! By the time it came back on, the movie was over and we were so upset to have missed the ending. I loaned my copy of the book to the others so they could read the ending–and I never got it back! Somehow I think Eric would have found that amusing.

  176. Sandra Oates (Graziano)

    My son, Anthony Eric Graziano is named after Eric.
    Tony Graziano, Anthony’s father (my ex-husband) went to UCONN and shared the same love of soccer that Eric did and often remarked that Eric was a great player.
    Tony shared his memories of Eric and would always well up with tears as he attempted to describe the courage and determination he witnessed in Eric. He remembered the time the soccer team went to NY to donate blood/plasma for Eric, the time Coach Maroney had Eric play in one of his last college soccer games and the pure joy they saw on Eric’s face as he played in that game, but mostly what an honorable person Eric was – “he made me want to be a better person”.
    Tony and I found out we were having a baby boy in October of 1988. Tony picked Eric for his middle name before he was born. He was so proud to have his son named after Eric.
    Tony was hit and killed by a car September 13, 2008. My son draws strength during this horrible time “I didn’t just loose my father, I lost my best friend” from his middle name – ERIC. My son now “walks in the world” for the two people he was named after – Anthony his grandfather and Eric – for Eric.
    I’ve read the book several times, Tony bought a copy when it came out and we watched the movie. The book now sits on Anthony’s book shelf as a wonderful companion and constant reminder.
    From a mother to a mother, thank you Doris for the opportunity to draw strength from Eric.

  177. Katherine (McDonald) Cantrell

    I read this book in my highschool years and the life of Eric really inspired me in my running cross-country back then and in my life. I especially remember the words….every man is a peninsula… and ‘we are all in the same boat on the same sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty….this book helped shaped who I am. I am now, hoping my 16 yr old son will read it. I’ve just been reading it again. Blessings to all the Lund family. Sincerely, Katherine

  178. Mary Kulakowski

    I found a vhs copy of Eric on the imternet and had it copied to
    A dvd since the tape was very old. It was an old
    Blockbuster video. There is a UK
    one online still but it won’t play in the usa.
    Try internet searching for the vhs tape. But it would
    be great to get a first rate dvd instead. Maybe
    Someday. ….

  179. Sabrina

    I just finished Eric, let me say touching book. I was diagnosed with ALL leukemia at 22 months old. This book made me relize how it effects your family. So unfortunate the passing of Sydney and Doris Lund, they must have been great people. Is there anyway I could contact mary lou?

  180. Lisa (Lund) Leach


  181. Russell Coleman

    I just finished reading Eric for the first time. It kind of reminds me of some of the stories my mother told me about myself when I almost died from a birth defect that was not found until I was 2 years old. 16 surgeries 1 kidney removed 1 kidney repaired and half a bladder misiing I made it! I had to have tubes inserted similar to Eric and my Mom said when I was getting better I would run around and pull them away and she would have to go through the agonizing process of reinserting them.I would run huge fevers at times from infections and act insane from the high temp. I just want to say thanks and God Bless you and your family. I will never forget Eric’s story as long as I live.
    Sincerely, Russell Coleman
    Glen Allen, VA.

  182. Kim

    I read this book for the first time when I was in high school. I now teach a course on Death and Dying: Life and Living and my students read this book. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago and it wasn’t a big deal because I “learned” from Eric how to live each day. I wonder how his family members are now doing and would like to hear from there here.

  183. Noro

    I read ERIC in the age of 16-17(I’m now 40!). Since then it has stayed one of my favourite books because of several messages that it gives
    Amazing courage of Eric, until the end…Amazing Doris (as a mum as a women as a wife…)Amazing Lund family, so closed to each other… This book helped me throughout my life when I was a teenage and I hope it will now help one of my teenage nephew to whom I’m about to offer the book ERIC, to help him facing his teenage problems. A huge thank to Eric, Doris and Sydney (whereever they are now, I’m sure they are happy that their life was so inspiring for so many people throughout the world). Kind regards to the rest of the family (Mark, Meredith, Lisa, Mary-Lou and their families).May God bless all of you.

  184. james akers

    i read eric when i was 15 i feel in love with the family at that point some how over the years i lost my book and so sad but i still remember i now am going thru the hardest test of my life not sure of the out come but as eric did i am still afighter anyone who got a copy or know where i can get one please email me at wrestlerfunguy69@yahoo.com as for you lisa please email me at the following address thanks to lunds for the angels you are

  185. Brit

    I literally just finished Eric five mintues ago. I felt that I needed to email this amazing and strong woman after reading the book. While reading this book all I could think is “Wow, I could never be as strong as him,” but apon finishing this book I relize how strong she is. She had to watch her son go through the most horrible thing a mother could see a child go through. The book made me laugh and made me cry. And even though she is gone I would like to thank this woman for being so strong and writing such a foward and beautiful book about her son and his journey because this book has made a huge impact on my life.

  186. janey

    Dear Lund Family, although i don’t know you personally, i want to send my condolences to your family for your parents Doris & Sidney. And for Eric too. i have read Doris’s book Eric many many times. my copy is held together with packing tape, glue and love. your brother was such a strong person in his short life. Your parents were great people and each of you grew up with such love and strength from them. i hope that your lives have been good.
    thank you so much, janey

  187. David Anderson

    I read Eric as a teen in the 70s. One of the greatest stories. Because of the book, I am a life long blood donor. That perhaps is one way that Eric lives on. Blessings to his family.

  188. Bob Larro

    While strolling on Bailey Beach in Rowayton one hot July day, I spotted a plaque embedded in a rock facing the LI Sound. The plaque has the name Eric Lund, the date 1950-1972 and the words “Walk In The World For Me.” I immediately knew it was a good song title


    Walk in the World For Me words & music by Bob Larro 9/05

    Hope is in my heart light is in my eye
    In my dreams I can dance in my dreams I can fly
    Defying gravity we glide across the floor
    People watch us left amazed and wanting more

    I believe I can make a dream come true
    Climb the highest mountain if not me than you
    Standing way up there above the clouds so high
    Steal a star or two from the midnight sky

    Dance on the shore
    Beneath the setting sun
    Hold each other close
    When the day is done
    Work the snow-white canvas
    Sail the open sea
    Walk in the World
    Walk In the World For Me

    Summer afternoons children hard at play
    Building castles in the sand then see them wash away
    We all know it’s true everything must end
    In my final moment a wish with love I’ll send

    Repeat Chorus to Bridge

    You can make it happen
    Whatever you desire
    Set the wheels in motion
    Set the world on fire

    Repeat Chorus/Fine

    C Bob Larro 2005

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