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Alex Gordon

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Alex Gordon, a B-movie producer and promoter, died on June 24 of cancer. He was 80.
As a young man, Gordon produced a string of B-movies like “The She-Creature,” “Dragstrip Girl,” and “Shake, Rattle and Rock.” He was also the executive producer of the Roger Corman film, “Day the World Ended.”
In 1947, Gordon got a job working as the publicist for singer Gene Autry. He toured with the star to every state in the U.S. and overseas.
Gordon took a position in television production with 20th Century Fox in 1968, where he helped launch a film restoration program.
In the ’80s he combined his two passions — Gene Autry and movies — to work as the vice president of Flying A Pictures. In this position, Gordon tracked down all of Autry’s movie and TV appearances to create “bonus material” for the DVD releases of Autry’s films.

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