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Mordechai Hod


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General Mordechai Hod spent his whole life either in the cockpit of a plane, or deciding where planes should fly.
As a young man, Hod volunteered for the British Army. When the state of Israel was founded, he joined its air force and became the first fighter pilot to earn his wings in an Israeli air force course.
Hod was granted command over the air force in 1966. A year later, he ordered a preemptive strike to destroy hundreds of Arab aircraft on bases in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan. The operation, which was known as Moked, launched the Six Day War and helped Israel capture the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Arab Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Desert. The desert was later returned to Egypt as a peace offering.
After his military service, Hod founded the Kal cargo airline, and served as the chairman of El Al, Israel’s national airline.
Hod died on June 29. Cause of death was not released. He was 76.

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  1. Alan Glazier

    Just recently discovered that Mordechai Hod was my first cousin, twice removed. After having read up on him, I am proud to be related and amazed at the amazing accomplishments of this hero of the Jewish people. I am only disappointed that I didn’t know of the relation when I lived in Israel in 1993

  2. Mel Morganstein

    I too am related to Gen Motti Hod (and even might be related to Alan Glazier) My maternal great grandfather, Moshe Fine* (who emigrated to the U.S, and whom I am named after) was the brother of General Hod’s father who settled in Israel. I believe I am Mordechai Hod’s second cousin, once removed. (But not sure)
    I too found out that I was related to General Hod, well after I learned all I could about the 1967 War and the Entebbe Raid, and how Motti Hod played such a critical role in helping Israel prevail with both. I have been extremely proud to know I am related to General Mordechai Hod.
    *My branch of the family spelled the name Fine, the General’s family spelled it Fein.

  3. Alberto Silva

    You shut up. You wish any of your relatives had done something great in their little patetic jew hating life.
    He is a hero of his country and the mastermind of one of the best military operation in aviation history.

  4. murray fistel

    i am proud as a american jewish citzen to read the exploits of a true israeli hero who played such a big part in israel history .may god bless him and all the jewish martyrs.

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