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Carl Kreitzberg


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To help scientists better forecast how much snow will fall during a nor’easter, Carl W. Kreitzberg led a team of researchers right into the heart of one.
Kreitzberg’s interest in weather patterns developed when he flew crop dusters as a teenager. He earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology and a doctorate in atmospheric sciences from the University of Washington. He later became a seaplane pilot, a flight instructor and a professor of atmospheric science at Drexel University.
In the 1980s, Kreitzberg was named associate director of the Experiment on Rapidly Intensifying Cyclones Over the Atlantic project. His job was to take a team of scientists into the heart of a winter storm, just as it intensified, to test new meteorological equipment. Kreitzberg also studied how storms formed off the Atlantic Coast and researched new ways to forecast flash floods and acid rain.
Kreitzberg died on Thursday of brain cancer. He was 66.

4 Responses to Carl Kreitzberg

  1. John Kreitzberg

    Carl was my grandfather. i loved him very much.
    i remember it was one of the frist few weeks of summer. than my mom got a phone call saying he died.i remember the nght before i watched him lay there helplessly and the last thing i said to him was good bye.

  2. Kohle Kreitzberg

    Carl was my uncle, the brother of my grandfather. I will always remember my Uncle Carl for his patient and warm smile, a perfect smile with a everpresent cigar on one side. His laugh could brighten the saddest of moments and his zeal for learning, family, and life is an everlasting inspiration. Carl was a friend to all, a man easy to talk to and easy to learn from. His family and friends will never forget him.

  3. Ben Kreitzberg

    Carl Kreitzberg was my grandfather and I loved him with a very deep compassion. He was so full of life and of wonderful stories. He was the most adventurous man there ever was and I looked up to him and respected him so very much. I love you grandpa. <3 <3 <3

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