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Joan Lowery Nixon


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jnixon.jpgJoan Lowery Nixon, author of more than 140 books, died Saturday from complications of pancreatic cancer. She was 76.
Nixon always knew she wanted to be a writer. As a child, she made up stories to entertain her sisters. By the time she was 17, Nixon had sold her first story to Redbook.
Each day, Nixon would wake up, feed her children, send them off to school and write for hours. This method led to the publication of her first book, “The Mystery of Hurricane Castle.” Over the next four decades, Nixon published dozens of mystery and historical novels for children and young adults. She also wrote books for adults who read a lower level, or who were just learning English.
Nixon was the only four-time winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Juvenile Mystery. She won two Spurs Awards from Western Writers of America, and 18 awards from various states that invited children to vote for their favorite books. Nixon also served as the president of the Mystery Writers of America.
At the time of her death, Nixon had one book in galleys, another at the publisher’s and an outline for a third waiting to be written.

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  1. Brandi Redmond

    I am inspired by Joan Lowery Nixon’s novel’s. I have started reading one of her novels called The Seance and it is just amazing, I havent been able to put the novel down for the past couple of days.

  2. Crystal Croston

    I have read many of Nixons books and they have always left me wanting to read more by the time the end came. She is an exilent writer, my favarite. When I began the search of finding a site on her I was interested in asking her to come to my school as a speaker noing that we have one each year. I am inspired by her and hope that others sre to and always will be.

  3. tiffany

    i love joan lowery nixon. i have encouraged my 22 year old sister,who hates to read, that joan is an awesom author. my sister and i have read all of her young adult books and loved them all. I just hope that nobody ever forgets her, because i won’t and neither will my sister. her writing has inspired me to try to write a childrens book, even though i cant keep on one topic.lol… but what im trying to say is she is a role modle to plenty of young people. and i will continue to read her books over and over and over.

  4. Caity

    joan ‘s books were amazing. I never really liked reading and i could never find a book to get into, until i read, the name of the game was murder. She has published so many good books i wish i could read them all! I havent read them all but wish to! SHE inspired many kids to grow up and become a writter

  5. Brittany

    I LOVE her books. I just read THE OTHER SIDE OF DARK. I think it is her best one. I haven’treally been able to read another author.

  6. katey

    I love to read. and her books are certanly enjoyble. I can’t stop to read it. I read her book by the end of one day. Thank You

  7. Angela

    Joan Lowery Nixon was an amazing author, I have read almost every mystery novel she has written. I am waiting on my public library to get the few that I haven’t read. Her books are so hard to put down, I have found myself many times staying up really just so I could finish a wonderful novel by her. She was amazing and will truly be missed.

  8. sydnei

    i just started to read the joan lowery nixon book series and her mystery books just take me captive i really love her books.
    i will really miss her writing

  9. nick caporrino

    i very sad to here about the death of my favorate author and number one insperation in my life. i will really miss her writting and have no idea were i will find another murder mystery writter like her

  10. Lindsay

    I really love Joan Lowery Nixon’s books. I recently read Nightmare for a summer reading project and just couldn’t read anothing book. Right now I’m reading The Dark and Deadly Pool. It’s a great book. I can’t wait to read the rest of her books! : )

  11. tay

    I just finished The Other Side of Dark I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! I have never really found a book that I can’t put down but this is it. I read it in 2 days.

  12. Paige

    I love so many of her books! They just make me want to read all of them and some day I will. My favorite one that I read by her was, Whispers From the Dead, but I want to get the book, Nightmare, and read it.
    Her books are awesome! Too bad she died :(…

  13. rebecca

    i read all of her books and seeing this makes me cry because i wanted to meet her more than anything. I cant believe this….she was sucha great inspiration, i conneted to her books, and i would read one a day….my favorite book in the whole word is whispers from the dead, i have recommened it to so many people and they all love it. Her books were the best…when i did finish all of them i was in a bad mood, and now knowing shes gone makes me cry.
    i will miss her writing and she will always be remembered because she was one of the best writers in the world.

  14. Anum


  15. Amanda

    I picked Joan Lowery Nixon for are project in Ap lit. We had to do are favorite author, enough said. I’m still looking up stuff for my report so if anyone as any information about her that’s not listed on the page please feel free to email me.

  16. Amanda Belt

    I love reading Joan’s books and love to guess who the killer is or how it happend before I finish the book. I hope to own them all and am sad that once Im done reading, no more will be writen for me to read.

  17. Amanda

    I just found one of her books in the library and when i got home i decided to get it. then I started toget REALLY into it and i could not put i down, and i to read it in 2 days! i’ve never really liked reading that much, but now i think i’ve found my fave writter. i have only read 2 of her books and right now i’m at the library getting more of her books. Got to go home and read them bye!

  18. Katie

    I love her books! I’m so upset that she wont be writing anymore books for me to read. She is my favorite author and i always have wished that i could write books like hers. Her books keep me hooked and I can’t seem to put them down!!! But now i don’t know what books to read:(

  19. Rebecca

    i personally absoutly love joan lowery nixons work. she is my favorite writter. I wish she was still alive to come to my school for a interview…seeing as im in the parent council.
    it would have been amazing!
    i have a few favorite books of hers they are: “the kidnapping of christina lattimore” ” the name of the game was murder” ” the deadly promise” ” overnight sensation” ” the seance” ” shadow maker” if you have any toehr great nixon books email me and tel moi!
    thankz a bunch

  20. Aia

    Joan Lowery Nixon is an amazing aurthor! I couldn’t believe how great “Whipers from the Dead” was!! i couldn’t put it down! My sister was the one who got me into them, she ahd to read one for this A.R. program we have in school, she ordered the books and let me read “Whispers from the Dead” I couldn’t put the book down… I was hoocked and still am! Im going to our schools book fair today hoping to find some more of her books to read! Im really REALLY gonna miss her writing! Although i’ve never emt her I think she was probably as amazing as her books are!!

  21. ashley

    i never knew joan lowery nixon died thats really sad i fell inlove with her books and i was hoping for her to come out with other books and if any1 wants to talk im me at vollyballgurl092004 2yahoo .com or baby gurl833122aol.com well ttyl luv u joan lowery nixon.

  22. Summer

    I am doing a book report like many that love Joan Lowery Nixon books who are still in high school. She was a wounderfuly creative mind.

  23. Katy

    I read the book Shadow Maker for my english class … and it was WONDERFUL!!! … this book is a book where you get drawn into and can’t put down. This is a great book for 14 and up! every one should read it!!

  24. Jessyka

    I loved her book “The Nightmare”. I can’t wait to read more of her books! It’s just too bad she died, now she can’t write any more awesome books.

  25. Sarah K.

    OMG! I absolutly luv Joan’s book; The Seance. I mean come on nobody can spook u out that bad. I luv this book and I recommend it 2 anyone who wants 2 keep on guessing. It sux that she died now she cant write anymore amazing books.

  26. Sarah K.

    Hey Its sarah again. Well i just forgot 2 say that because of Joan’s wonderful stories I want 2 be an author when I grow up!!! I wish u weren’t six feet under…:(

  27. Courtney W

    I love joan lowery nixon!!! She is the best writer in the world! I just finished reading “the name of the game was murder” and it was awesome!!! I’v efinished every one of her mystery books in my library in 3 weeks and now I don’t have any more books to read! i don’t think any other mystery writer can compare to her!!! ~I Will Miss You~

  28. julia

    <3 i LOVE JoAnS books they are so0o0o00o great…..i have heard MANY GOOD things about them…but i only have read 1 of her books! called NIGHTMARE….OHH MY GOD it was the best book i have ever read!!!!!too bad shes not here any more….i would really like to see her still writing so i can read them!!! i dont no where im going to find another great book like hers to read!!! :} <333, julz

  29. jennifer luciano

    Joan was a fantastic, awesome, oh there aren’t
    even words for it!!!! I love her books!!!! I just
    started reading her books and they are great!!
    I don’t know how she did it but i miss her!!!!!!!!

  30. Carly

    Oh my. I had no idea she died. I always wanted to look up her bio but I just kept getting side tracked. I love her books, she’s my favorite artist by far. I’m going to read everyone of her books, by the time I graduate hopefully. I’m so so upset by this. She was a truly great writer.

  31. Guyanese Princess

    i tink joan lowery nixon books r da absulute bes ting eva i only read her books i neva eva new she died i jus cant believe it she is lik ma fav riter ShE Is Da BoMb ShE RoTe So MaNy GrEaT bOoKs well if u ppl lik her book mail me okiez ttyl pplz
    ~~GuYaNeSe PrInCeSs~~

  32. Alliey

    I agree with many of these people who have posted. I love joan lowery nixon books. I have read:
    “Don’t Scream”, “Secret,Silent Screams”, “Nobody’s There”, “The Name of the game was Murder”, “Murdered,My Sweet”, “The Weekend was Murder!”, “The Trap”, “The Seance”, ” The Haunting”, “Ghost Towns: Seven Stories of Ghost Towns”, and a few others. I am just finishing “The House on Hackman’s Hill.” The one I recamend the most is ” The Weekend Was Murder!” That is an exellent book. Every time I read one of these books, I just can’t seem to be able to put it down! My friend got me into these books and every time we get one these books, we ask each other if we have read it yet, kind of like a compitition. So far she is in the lead, 12-9. I will read these books as long as I live!!! I have heard that a good one to read is “The Nightmare”, and maybe I will read it someday!

  33. Simple asian gurl

    Joan Lowery Nixon is the best writter. I love erading her books. When it comes to book report in school i would grab her books right away. I can never get enough of her books. Its awesome, its nto boring its alwase exciting. It amkes a lot fo sense and is easy to udnerstand and its fun to read. I’m already done reading Don’t Scream recently n The other side of dark n the other ones..i love her bo0ks.

  34. Heather

    Hey! Oh my gosh! Joan Lowery Nixon is the best ever i cant beleive she died, im so glad she made something in her life though she left GREAT books for millions of people to read. i love u joan lowery nixon and your books.

  35. Monika

    I’ve already read 3 books by Joan Lowery Nixon in the past 3 weeks. I enjoyed reading each one of them very much. I am very sorry she past away! I never liked to read but now since I started to read her books i cant stop reading! Thank You Joan!

  36. McKenna

    OMG!! today i just found out that she died! i really didn’t know much about her b/c i just started reading her books and have already read like…..4 since like last month! MAN!! i’m really sad now:( gosh she was a great person and inspired many people…may she RIP

  37. Anonymous

    I love her books!!!!! I’ve read many of them and I personaly think that she is one of the best mystery writers there has ever been and ever will be.

  38. Azee

    The seance is me all time fave. after i stared i couldn’t put it down. Don’t scream was the very first one i read since then i have hardly read anything else nixon was a great writer and i will awalys love reading her books

  39. Dean

    i am soooooooooooooooooooooo sad i have read i think 37 of herbooks and am in the middle of the seance her death effected me i love ya joan!!

  40. Johana

    my name is johana..and i am 14 years old. and wat i could say about her is that she is a great author!! ive been reading her books these past few days and so far ive read 4 of her books…
    “the seance” was the first book ive read and i read it in one day, im serious!! then, “a deadly game of magic”, “whispers from the dead” and now i am reading “nobody’s there”.
    i am totaly inspired by her…i didnt know she died in 2003 because i was doing some reasearch about her and found out today.. let her soul rest in peace..but i completely admire her she is a great author….i am plannin to read all her books..she is the only author that have ever caught mt attention in reading…well i just wished that she was still with us here.. and i wish i would of known her in person…she must have been a great person….i hope that she will be remembered forever because i know i will remember her…

  41. Vicky

    im 11 years old. i think i have read most of your books. i love them!! currently im doing a project on my favorite author, which is you.
    I love reading myserties!! but the library at my school has your books checked out most of the time. im sad she died…i thought she was still living until i went on this website. her books were the best.



  43. Kitty

    I really didnt know that she had died, Ive read every single one of her books. I think that her death is a great loss to everyone who ever picked up a copy of nightmare…now I have to find a new favorite author….

  44. Ashley

    Joan is my most favorite author ever! I never really did like reading books until i went to my school library. I have read The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore, Murdered My Sweet, The Other Side of the Dark, and i just finished Whispers from the Dead. I want to read The Seance but my school library doesnt have it. I want to learn all about her and maybe even talk to her(that would have probably been impossible because she was so popular). But today I found out that she passed away!! That is so sad. She probably knew that she will be remembered by many people around the country.

  45. kendra

    i love her books ive read tons of them i get lost in her books there so good it’s like im in the books myself i hate that she died cause i want to read more and more books from her i love you Joan Lowery Nixon where ever you are Love your reader, Kendra

  46. Glandy

    I have read only 6 of her books but i am so sad to hear that your not here to comfort us anymore.I dind’t like to read but you make me want to read and never stop reading.Sometime my teacher told me to put up my book cause i kept on reading in during class time.I never pay attention to her.I always put my head down on her book.

  47. Cheska Montero

    When I read a book by Joan Lowery Nixon for the first time…I had shivers running down my spine..since that book was “The Haunting”. I was so freaked out, and at the same time I knew that Joan Lowery Nixon was the best author. So then my teacher assigned us a project. A biography project. I did mine on Nixon. I looked in google and typed her name, and I got this window pop up. I didn’t even know Nixon was dead and it broke my heart because my idol has passed. I hope she is living in me to help me follow her footsteps.

  48. Tammy Ayala

    I love her books they are so awesome she is the only author who made me stay up all night and read.Im so sad she is gone i will miss her book.But she will always be my favortive author I love her.

  49. nestly

    I have read all of her books that were available in my school library, and I just want to say that I am a huge fan of her writing. She definately knows how to grab and keep your attention.

  50. Kez

    I’ve read one of Joan Nixon’s books, “The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore”, and I enjoyed it alot. There were even some circumstances in the story where I could relate to Christina’s feelings. I’m crushed to know that the beloved author has passed away. May we always remember her through her great works!

  51. Nicoletti

    joan Lowrey Nixons book was great I didn’t really understand the first few chapters and I thought it was so stupid because it had soo many characters in it. Hey! but now I don’t really care cause her book is really great.We are writting a class project at the end of the year and we get to pick our best book that we have red, And I’m pretty sure it’s gunna be yours Joan.!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~

  52. Lacey

    I love her books ! they are awesome ! i love reading murder mystert novels. they are my favorite! i am 13 yrs old and i understand them just fina and dandy !That stinks that she died then she can’t write any more books.

  53. Brady

    I absolutly loved almost every book she wrote! But my favorite of them all is The Name of The Game was Murder!!!!!!! It was so creepy but yet i couldnt put it down!!!! She was, in my opinion, the BEST writer you could possibly think of! I loved her work!!!!

  54. Ron

    Mrs. Nixon was and is my favorite YA author. I recommend her writing to anyone wanting a well crafted story. I did meet her on several occasions and found her warm and gracious. Kudos to a life well lived.

  55. Cassidy

    Omg! I love her books & I read one a day now. !! I can’t belileve she died. I have read the other side of dark, nightmare, the name of the game was murder. Secre silent Screams, Don’t scream, murdered my sweet, and so many more I can’t remember!! I olove her books and can’t take it that she died. May she rest in peace amen!!!

  56. Nikki

    I LOVE JOAN LOWERY NIXON!!!!!! I have read so many of her books like, the name of the game was murder(that was my first one), secret silent screams, the stalker, the kiddnapping of christina lattimaore, the specter, a canidate for murder, murdered my sweet, the other side of dark, the weekend was murder, the island of dangerous dreams, I read half of ghosts of now and I am currently reading The dark and deadly pool! I only found out a few days ago that Joan Lowery Nixon died! I’m so upset, but at least there are somany books of her’s to still read. I think Joan Lowery had a great life because she did what she wanted!

  57. kalynn

    i loved Joan Lowery Nixon’s books they were amazing. Im upset that she won’t be writing any more books. R.I.P forever loved

  58. Mallory

    I love her books. I was so upset that she died ,I had hoped to write her .I have read almost all of the Orphan Train books. Which are A Family Apart,Caught In The Act ,and In The Face Of Danger. Plus A place to belong and I`m almost finished with A Dangerous Promise.I also hope to read Keeping Secrets and The Circle Of Love.These books have helped me relize that I am so lucky to not have my family split up.

  59. fav.fan

    Joan L. Nixon is a great writer and has captured many young readers hearts, like myself. She writes great mysteries that keep you busy for weeks in the suspense of her novels. She is absulutely my favorite auther and is high on my list of reccomendations! I love you Joan L. Nixon!

  60. Jessica

    I just read one of Joan’s books about a month ago. I LOVED IT!!!!!! It was The Other Side of Dark. I’m looking foward to reading some more of her books. From what I have heard all of her books are amazing. I never liked reading before in my life, but her books have helped me with that. When I read her books I just get caught up in the book, and I don’t want to put it down. I am very sad that she died, and I wish that she was still alive so that she could keep writing her good books that all the other people and I want to read. WITH ALLLLLLLLLL MY LOVE, LOVE JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Kristen

    I love JLN. She is my favorite author. I just started reading her books last year at my BF’s sleepover. Me my sister and neighbor read her books every chance we get and loved them all. I even started wrting a mystery book (which by the way SUCKS!) lol! We read her books every day! JLN may she live forever. Well neer forget you!

  62. Olivia

    I have dislexia & I hater to read untill I read the book Wispers from the dead. Joan Lowery Nixon Ensperd me to read more because my parents could not get me to read for nothin My parents and i thank Her for the gift of reading

  63. lauren poulter

    joan lowery nixon is one of the greatest writers ever. i love herbooks i try to read as many as possible. when im older i am going to start a collection of her books may she rest in peace for ever

  64. Danielle

    The first book I read by Joan Lowery Nixon was The Other Side of Dark. I thought the book was really good. I want to read more of her books cause she writes stories so GREAT. I’m thinking of reading “The Weekend was Murder”. Hey thanks Alliey for the good advice.

  65. Laura

    The Other Side of Dark was a great book. She keeps you suspecting it was someone but really it was someone else. Joan Lowery Nixon is a good author, and has written great stories. The
    Other Side of Dark is a good book and I am hoping to read other of her books. This book is suspenceful and tells alot of detail.

  66. Ms. L

    I have to admit this was my first book I read by Joan Lowery Nixon. I am a teacher and my two ninth grade students chose this book on their own to read. After finishing it with them, I did enjoy her writing…….even though it is geared towards younger adults. It did keep me guessing and any book that keeps me guessing is good!! I’m just thrilled that they enjoyed her writing and only want to read her books!!! They had to post on this website and had a great time doing so!! Happy reading!!!

  67. Jenny

    I love all of your books!! esp. Whispers from the Dead and The Ghost of Now!!!! They’re awesome books! They got me hooked and i got my sister hooked!!!

  68. Christina

    i realy love to read her books and just want to tell everyone that no matter how books that she has written i will try to read them all because they are so awsome! and i am so sad that she pasted away because i would have and will read her books until i die

  69. Carthi

    I love her books!! I’ve read all of them in the public library and the ones in the school library…She’s an awesome writer!!

  70. ashlie

    i <3 joan lowery’s books! they are the only ones that i can read and get my attention! sometimes the bools even get me scared! it is a tragedy but it happens and we cant change things!

  71. madi

    I love Joan Lowery Nixon! I didnt even know she existed until i had to do a year long author project, and decided to pick an author i had never herd of before. I enjoy her books very much and have told my friends all about her!!!!!!

  72. samantha

    i have read one of her books and im not done yet but so far its really good im doin a report on her about her bio and stuff like that so yeah i like her books and im going to read more and im really really sorry that she died thats really sad

  73. Amanda

    i have read many of her books and i love them. I’m even doing a biography on her in my reading class. I love her books. they are the best!

  74. jennifer

    i love joan lowery nixons books. i first saw them when my teacher showed them to me. now, i am doin and author study reaport on her. she has inspried me to like reading a whole lot more. you are awesome!!!
    love always, Jennifer

  75. Jennifer

    I have enjoyed reading some of your books. Your books are soooooo cool. I especially love mysteries and you have written a ton.i am working on reading another book. you have taught me to like reading tons more and I respect you for that. I wrote a letter to your publisher and I would really like to have something back. I am doing a project on you and you are my favorite author.

  76. soyoung

    hehe, I’ve enjoyed reading Joan lowery Nixon’s two books which was won by thge EDGAR AWARD, best young adult mystery.
    “The Seance” and “The kidnapping of Christina Lattimore”
    It was the most exciting mystery book I’ve ever read !

  77. Jessica

    I love Joan Lowery Nixon!! I used to absolutely hate reading and every since my 7th grade year right now I didn’t know what book to read and so I just grabbed one. It happened to be Joan’s book. It was great! I now have a favorite author and I’ve read all of her books in about 2 days each. I just can’t put them down! I recently just read Nightmare her new one and I read it in one afternoon. That is my favorite book of hers. I will miss her writing a lot, but will always remember her books!

  78. connie perez

    i want 2 know if you had any brothers or sisters if you do how many there name how old they where and information about your life.thank you and please send me information….bye

  79. hanh

    In sixth grade I had to do a research on Joan Lowery Nixon. I loved her books. Her mysteries were greatly written. Detailed and everything. Even as I finish my research in that year I still keep on reading.

  80. Alexa

    I love Joan Lowery Nixons books. Im in the 9th grade and they still make me feel all like im being watched and stuff. These books will never be forgotten and neither will she. This is my tribute to her SHE IS THE GREATEST AUTHOR IVE EVER READ!!!!!!! Thank you Joan Lowery Nixon for given us these books you inspire me.

  81. valerie

    iv only read on of her books but i love her!!! when i found out she died today(even though she died in 2003, which was like 2yrs ago)i almost cried.

  82. Brittany

    I’m in the 10th grade and I hate to read. Biut when I had a book report in the 8th grade, I did it on the book, “The Other Side of Dark” and honestly thats the best book I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down for anything.

  83. Kyle Osborn

    I love Joan Lowery Nixon’s books! I have read so many of them already, and my goal is to finish every book she has ever written. Joan Lowery Nixon is my inspiration to writing along with my Language Arts teacher Mrs Ogrodowski. Joan Lowery Nixon’s books gave me so many good ideas to work with, and I hope someday, that one of my ideas will be as successful as hers are. Every time I get my hands on one of her books I dont put it down until I finish the story. Joan Lowery Nixon deserves the awards she’s won.

  84. Tiffany

    I just read THE OTHER SIDE OF DARK
    and are now reading A DEADLY GAME OF MAGIC they are both one of the best books I’ve ever read!

  85. Ellyn

    Miz Nixon was the BEST author i’ve ever heard about! better than J.K. rolling!!! My goal for the summer is to read ALL of her books!!! She is a wonderful writer and inspired me to write Run away…(I’m still writing it) SHE ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!!! I just finished don’t scream , spirit seeker, sceance, and 2 other ones that i can’t rememer the name of

  86. Queenie

    I have recently just read ‘Shadow Maker’ i thought it was really good. I usually dont read books, and this one has to be the first one i have read in 5 years. I really enjoyed reading and am very sad to hear that Joan Lowery Nixon is dead. may she rest in peace

  87. Jordan

    I love Jone’s books whenever I start to read one I can just never put it down! I love her books so much, when I heard that my favorite author had died I thought it was a tradgedy. Now that she has passed on I realized I wanted to read every book she has out.
    I love you Jone, and I will surely miss your novels, once I’m finshed reading them all.

  88. era

    the 1st book i read is secret silent screams. Dat time i was a slow reader coz i was younger..suddenly i juz took dis book out of nowhere in the library called the deadly game of magic. I READ IT IN 1 DAY. i cant stop..simple cant stop..its a page turner..those hu hated her books..tell me..suggest me other authors..MUCH MORE BETTER DEN HER…i dun tink u cud find anyone like her..thank you for all the books u left in this world for the next generation to read… thank you joan lowery nixon

  89. Dimitri

    Hey poeple..
    i live in belguim and i read the book: whispers from the dead .
    i really like it! and i hope to read more of Joan

  90. someone

    I love jln’s books they r soooooooooooo good i ve read aatleast 20 of your books in three weeks my favorite was the other side of the dark i finished in 2 hours . good book!!

  91. Katie

    Wow, Joan Lowery Nixon was my favorite author ever! I truly believe that she should go down in history as a great author. My favorite book by her was Nightmare. I read almost every one of your books. I don’t even like to read another author. Your talent is amazing and your books are like real life. I absolutely love mysteries, I think you are the absolute best mystery author of all time. You are just so amazing. I am truly sympathetic about this horrible tragedy. But I will continue to read the rest of your books until there is no more. Then I don’t know what I will read.

  92. Jill

    I started reading her series of books a few years ago. She wrote the best mystery books I have ever read. She wrote the books so well. I was always surprised at the end. I could never guess who the killer was. I love the books that she wrote. She is my favorite mystery writer. Her books are wonderful. She is one of, if not the best mystery writer in history. I will miss her very much!!! Her books were awesome!

  93. Aimee

    Joan Lowery Nixon is a great, great author. I began reading her books over a year ago when I happened to pick one up at the local library. Ever since, it’s been hard to put them down. She is truly a great mystery writer. Its hard for me to read any other mystery books because they just aren’t as good as Joan’s. She is one of my favorite writers. It is sad that she is gone, and will be missed.

  94. Charlotte

    I know that i am only 10, but i have writen more than 20 murder cases. I read Nixon’s books: The S’eance, The kidnapping of Christina Lattimore, and A deadly game of miagic. I am reading The Weekend was murder!!
    i wish that Nixon were alive. She is the BESTtttttttttt author EVERRRRRRRRr

  95. Akhtar

    I never read books even when i was told to read them in english classes, at High school. once when i was at the library with my sister, my glance fell on the book called “Secret Silent Screams” by Joan lowery nixon. i signed it out at that very moment and read it with great enthusiasm. After i read the book it motivated me to read more of her books, and i’m planning to read all her books. I think Joan lowery Nixon is the best author ever. i recommend everyone to read her books

  96. Jessie

    Im a young one. i never really liked to read. my teachers always told me i was to slow of a reader so i never really read. well as i was reading one of her books..i couldnt put it down, i wanted to get to the end so i read faster and faster and she has inspired me soo very much to keep at your dreams and go with what you believe and dont let anyone change that or make your mind up for you..she will always be known for her amazing stories she brings to life when she writes..

  97. Chantel

    Joan was one of the best writers i have ever heard about. She puts alot of expresion, feeling, and soul into her books. One of my favorite books written by joan Is “The Other Side of Dark.”

  98. Caitie

    I have read two of her books and plan on reading more. I read the other side of dark and nobody’s there. They were both great books. I hope I find some books like hers where you can’t put them down.

  99. chanyel (crazy)

    i never really read ya books i am 14 years old and also am looken research on joan lowery nixon!I am in 8th grade and looken research on the mystery writers!Well someday when i have the chance,ill read the books that joan lowery nixon has wrote!

  100. etoile

    joan, i wish you were alive for me to say this but i love your books i have read about six of them and am absolutely in love with your style. i havent found a book yet by you that i dont like. my favorite book by you was A DEADLY GAME OF MAGIC and everyone should read it i am very impressed by your works and i will miss your new books love etoile

  101. leonie

    i love her books.”a deadly game of magic”was the first ive ever read.it was my favorite too.she wrote very discribing books and i would deffinetly recomend them!!

  102. Joanna Radtke

    I have always loved her books they are still so interesting to read. I have read over half of her books. And I plan to read more and more. My favorite book of her is Nightmare.

  103. Michelle

    Thank you so much for keeping me entertained when it was a rainy day. You have inspired my whole class to read your books. I am deeply grateful that God brought someone like you into our world. I wish for the best for everything, that your books last for centuries, and that God will keep you happy in heaven!

  104. Maileny

    I love joan lowery nixons books. my favorite one of all time is the other side of dark. i wish there was a second one. i wanted to read about stacie’s and jeff’s marriage.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Autumn

    I love the book “The Stalker.” It may be the first book I have ever read from Mrs. Nixon, but I am doing a report on it in my english class.I really enjoyed it… The suspense!! I promise it won’t be the last book I read that’s by her!

  106. Jenna

    Well i would like to say that i enjoy her books sooooo much that i can stay up all night reading them! i really enjoyed the book “the trap”!

  107. Jasmine

    So far I have read Canditate for Murder, and I am now reading Wispers from the dead. Next I want to read THe Stalker. I absolutely love Joan Lowery Nixon books. They are just my type. I like books that will get me intrested in the begining I dont want to wait til’ I get to the middle to get intrested in a book. I love mystery type books and suspensful books. Joan Lowery Nixon gives me that in her books. Im sorry she passed. God Bless Her

  108. Joey

    Joan was a teriffic writer. I read MURDERED, MY SWEET, and couldn’t put it down. It was like a magnet, pulling my eyes toward it with no chance fo letting them go until I had finished. She will be forever remembered by young and old alike.

  109. ALex

    I am at the moment doing a Book Talk thingy on “The Other Side of Dark” by Joan! i loved it sooo much
    i checked out Secret, Sielent Screams, but haven’t gotten a chance to pick it up. WIth the spelling bee tomorrow, im sooo nervous. Love yah Joan!!

  110. Nina

    my favorite one was Nightmare. i read that one first! it was great. i just finished Dont Scream today and i should be doing a book report on it now but im procrastinating:)

  111. Jessica R.

    I’m 18, currently attending UC Berkeley. I must say her books added an element of excitement to reading that I only first discovered through her books. She’s undoubtedly still one of the best authors of all time in my mind. God Bless and may you rest in peace.

  112. Shauna Marcellino

    i read like 6 of joan lowery nixon’s books nd i couldnt put them down …. lOl i started reading them around three weeks ago nd i finished like 6 of them i m actually doing a report on herr ….
    she is amazing …

  113. Caroline

    i was really stuck to her stories when i started reading it
    so far ive read “The kidnapping of Christina Lattimore” and “The Seance” i thought it was great
    hmm maybe i should become an author just like Joan Lowery Nixon

  114. Amanda


  115. Kaila

    She is a great author i wish i couuld have had the chance to meet her. My fav books of hers are A Deadky Game of Magic and The Kiddnaping of Christina Lattimore.

  116. MIMI Han

    I love her books. I just got done reading “The Haunting”. And now I need more of her books and want to start reading and buying more of her books. I might be heading to Barnes and Noble to pick up some more of her books.

  117. Rachel

    i loved the trap it was one of the best books ive already read.
    im restnly reading dont scream and it as good as the trap i cant whait to read the rest

  118. trista

    i just found out that Joan Lowery Nixon had died!!!!! i have read so many of her books and love almost everyone of them. when i run out of books to read by her, i don’t know what i will do.

  119. brittney

    The first book I read that she wrote was: In the Face of Danger. I love that book and hope some day to get it. I thaught she only had the orphan train aadventure series out, but when I started in a new school i found she had more. I first read the Seance. Now when i go to get a new book for reading/writing i go straight for the section of her books. I was shocked when I saw that Joan Lowery Nixon passed on. I hoped to meet her, but now i can’t. Hope she is happy where she is now.

  120. nicole sing

    i love her because she is a good author and i absolutely love her books if i had to pick an author to do a report on i would do it on her i love her series the orphan train and i love her mystery books even more she deserves to have a great fineral

  121. Doug Baker

    I’ve only read one of her books and i fell in love. I had to write a bio. on an author it was the first book i found. I then fell in love with her books.

  122. Jodan Earp

    OMG I am a big mystery book fan. I was doing a project for Language Arts and I wanted a mystery book. My teacher reccomended that I read a Joan Lowery Nixon book. So I went to the self and picked out one that looked interesting to me. Turns out I was not just reading the book for a good grade I was reading it for the fun of it. If you are one of those kids who dont read because there is not a book that interest you the I would suggest reading one of her books.

  123. Deanna Edwards

    I think that your books are awesome! I mean honestly, how many teens are reading these days? I never really liked to read myself, that is until I started on your books! My friend, Karli, told me that she tried one of your books.Usually, I can’t believe there are any good books in our library, BUT YOURS ARE AWESOME. Right now I’m reading The Stalker and it is very good! I thank you for the books and my friend for getting me started on them! Some of the endings are too sudden and could use more detail but you get me reading them all the time! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!

  124. Deanna Edwards

    oops I didn’t know she died. lol. I put you in my post lol my bad. Well SHE was a good writer….I’m gonna be sad without some good books in my library for a change….. :'(

  125. Sojo

    I just finished “A deadly Game of magic”, and i absolutely loved it. I also recently finished “The Seance”, that, too, kept my eyes wide open. I’m just eagerly waiting for “The name of the game was murder” to get in the library.

  126. snake eye

    I hate the Kid who said ‘I hate your books’I am doing a report about Joan.I can’t beleive you have written 140 books though. I can’t even write one in a 5 years!!

  127. Frank

    Joan Lowery Nixon you were an exellent author. I read The Haunting, Nightmare,and The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore. I know I will keep on reading your books.

  128. Mini Mee

    Joan Lowery Nixon waz the best writer of my alll time fav book Nightmare but its sooooooo sad she passed away she waz a cool writer.

  129. samantha

    I have read most of her books I CANT STOP when i start reading them i can finish in a day.Plus iam the type of girl who doesnt read ,but I love these books!!

  130. ryguy

    Her books are cool I have read most of them and I love them. My brother got me into them and I don’t want to stop……I can’t stop!!!!1

  131. Elizabeth

    Wow. I can’t beleive she has written more than 140 books. She has inspired me so much. I realy enjoyed reading “Nightmare” it was a great book. I hope she has inspires others as much as she inspires me. 🙂

  132. Brittany

    I really enjoyed reading her books. And dude, the pie thing is not funny or appropriate. The woman has passed and you’re talking about pie? I am fourteen, and I am apparently far more mature. Well, n-e wayz I respected her very much and she was an exellent author.

  133. Felicia Bakker

    Ive read many of joan lowery nixon’s books. They’ve inspired me to write my own short murder mystery story. Her books are my favorite, i cant seem to stop reading them. Any other book ive tried to read i was bored, her books are interesting, suspensive and very entertaining. I hope she’s happy in heaven now. God Bless

  134. Ryan W.

    I have read a lot of her books and I want to keep reading them. She is an excellent author and I wish she was alive to create more books for her fans to read. I really wish I could have met her. Right now I am reading one of her books and I can’t put it down. God bless her.

  135. Alexis T.

    my favorite book of Joan Lowery Nixon is The Making Of a Writer. Now all i want to do is read all the books i can from this writer.

  136. Emma

    I read her book “Murdered, My Sweet”. It was fabulous! I could not put it down! I’m very sad that she has passed away. Her books are fabulous and she does an excellent job writing them!

  137. Samantha P.

    I was always very picky at reading books. I had a class assignment and I drew Joan Lowery Nixon’s name from the bag and everyone was jealous. So at the library, I read the back of the book The Other Side Of Dark and it sounded so interesting! It sounded like I had heard about this book a long time ago and I found it in my book shelf and guess what it said on the first page… Joan Lowery Nixon! Her real signature to my sister! The date was October 11, 1994. I was so astonished.But then I heard about her death and was so upset:( She was in the middle of doing another book that she wont be able to finish now.But who ever reads this and doesn’t like to read, or is just very picky with things like me, then please read The Other Side Of Dark, it’s the best book ever!

  138. Tyler

    Thank you Joan Lowry Nixon for giving me the information I need for completing my research project. I am currently reading two of your books right now and I just want to say I absolutely love you. Your an amazing author.

  139. nicole

    joan lowery nixon is one of my favorite authors
    she has inspired me a lot. i know i want to be like her when i grow up. i’m already reading one of her stories called “the seance” it is getting really good i’m almost done with it and i know i have lot’s more of her stories to read (lol)
    but hopefully i will end up being able to start writting stories just like her!!!

  140. Jennifer

    I love Riley so much! He is an amazing guy and I love him to death. Joan Lowry Nixon helped me through so much with Riley and now i am married to him! We now live happily together in Denver, Colorado. We have two kids who are amazing also. Thank you Mrs. Nixon, thank you very much.
    I love you Riley

  141. Anny Garay

    Hey my name is anny garay and I have been reading Joan Lowery Nixon books for almost 5 months now and uh the ones I enjoyed most were “whisperers from the dead” and “other side of the dark” they are so good. i really wish she was alive and she could do sequals to the awsome books she wrote.
    Joan Lowery Noxon always in my heart.

  142. Cherie

    I’m doing a project on your books.i absolutley hated reading but the first time i read your book the Seance.i kept reading your books.i hope your publishing books come better in life..for others and for me also..thank you Joan Lowery Nixon
    Sincerely Cherie Weiss

  143. Brianna

    I have this sense of good books from bad and when i opened one of your books I just fell in love and I knew that it was a good book. Then I read more of your books and I just kept loving them.

  144. Caroline

    I had to read a book for a class I was in for an independant novel project that we were doing. I couldn’t see any good books, but then I saw one of Mrs. Nixon’s books and thought “Oh, that will be good!”. And I was not disapointed. The Other Side Of Dark is one of the best books that I have ever read. Thank you so much Mrs. Nixon for all of your excellent work that you gave us to read. We will all miss you.

  145. Laura

    I love Joan’s books. I use to hate reading untill i picked up one of her books. when i go to pick up another book i always go to where her books are. they are the bomb! always exciting and suspenful! Its to bad she had to die. RIP

  146. Kaitlyn D

    I just got into reading books only last year.I started of with Harry Potter. After about a year or so my mother wanted to expand my choice of books.I went to a Salvation Army near my home i saw one of her books. I had never heard of her before, but i looked at the cover and read the back of it. I just new i would love it. That book was the first book that i had ever read from her.That book was called The Name of the Game was Murder. Now me and one of my best friends are going through them like they crazy animals. If you area picky reader like i was then i suggest that you should start to read her books.I love her suspensful books!

  147. amber

    i love your book nightmare it was my first and favorite for sure i cant wait to become a wonderful writer just like u were 😀

  148. Sabrina Mayer

    Joan Lowery Nixon is one of the greatest Mystery Novelist the world has ever seen. I would like to read all of her books when I reach 18 years old. Seems like a big goal but I can do it…. if she can write them I can read them! 🙂

  149. Brinabreez17

    The death of Joan Lowery Nixon is very sad for all of the people who have wrote on this page. I just finishe The Other Side of Dark and it is a master-peice! Anyone who cant sleep is has nothing to do get this book! YOU WONT PUT IT DOWN! Write back to my comments! member my name!

  150. Katie

    I just read Shadowmaker, and it was one of my favorite books! It was so good that I stayed up half the night just to finish it!

  151. kellsey

    Joan Lowery Nixon’s books “The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore”,and “The Haunting”were the most amazing books I ever read.I read them both in less than four days because I would not put the books down. I never knew I would fall inlove with such great books. So far in the last month and a half I read six of her books and hope to read all of them. I just want to thank her for all the time she put into writing these books for us to read and enjoy.
    I suggest you read any of her books especially “The Other Side Of Dark”.

  152. Abby

    I just finished “the Seance”, and i loved it!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THAT SHE DIED! she was such a great writer.i m going to read the rest of her books. god bless you joan.

  153. Garion

    I have read one of your books called Family apart. IT WAS PRETTY WONDERFUL.THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Charla

    hey everyone! i really loved joan too! i didn’t know she dies until a few days ago! i just now started reading her books because of my best friend. she read her book “Deadly Game of Magic” and she told me to read it. i read it and i started reading Joan’s books. So fari have read Don’t Scream, Spirit Seeker, The Haunting, and now i am reading Murdered My Sweet! She is my favorite author and she always will be! IF ANY OF YOU WANNA EMAIL ME ABOUT JOAN LOWERY NIXON OR ANYTHING ELSE JUSS HOLLA AT ME! LOVE YA GURL, CHARLA

  155. Kacie Basden

    I read the book The Other Side of the Dark and she is amazing!!!!!!!!!! It showed me how much people are bad these days! She inspired me to read so much more!

  156. Courtney

    Your books are really good. Im sad she died but she was agreat book writer, I read all her books!
    Courtney (a great person she was)

  157. Sweety

    She was agreat person and she loved writing. She was a great writer, I have read all her books almost. I am now reading the last one. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts ang personal things I liked about her. I also thought that I would get to meet her someday, But I didnot. May she rest in peace. R.I.P.
    ~Courtney~ ~R.I.P Joan Lowery Nixon~

  158. Courtney

    She was a great person. I read all her books except one. I am reading that one right now. I really wish she was still alive to write more books. I wish she was still alive so she could come to my school and read my whole class one of her books. GOD Bless you. How is heaven? Hope you like it up there. R.I.P. Hope you are a really great person, because one day Imma meet you in HEAVEN. Wait for all your people wj=ho loves your books. GOD BLESS YOU see you some day like Imma see GOD one day. Tell GOD that you are his most person who loves him. GOD BLESS YOU and REST IN PEACE.
    Love, Courtney, 12, 6th grade.

  159. Nickta

    she was the best author eve i loved whispers from the dead i could reli realte to poor sara !! i knew tony was adam!! omg i was soo scared. i can’t belive that guy that was a neober who asked for the beer set them up!! i was soo mad! and i have almost read all ur books!! $$590 for late fees because they were soo good i have to go sleep know becuase it’s am bye!! and i’m doing a project on u!! ur the best of the best!!U AND JK ROWLING ROCK MY SOCKS!! LONG LIVE JOAN LN!!
    AND MERRY X-Mas and a happy boxing day!!

  160. Ron Brown

    I suppose that living in the Houston area resulted in my seeing Mrs. Nixon several times. That and the fact that I am a librarian. What a wonderful person as well as a wonderful writer. I purchase some of her books every year and they are certainly enjoyed by many, including my 81 year old mother. Our lives were enriched by you Mrs. Nixon. Thank you again.

  161. Angie Bygrave

    I agree with anyone who says that “The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore” was a great book. I just finished reading it for a school brochure in L.A. There is only one book that almost makes me cry, and it’s this one. I almost cried at the part where no one believed Christina but she kept pushing it. Thanks you Joan Lowery Nixon, you’re a great writter, and I feel bad that you’re dead.

  162. melo

    i loved her book shawdowmaker it rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ilove her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i read all her books !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!much love peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. heidi zastrow

    I loved her books I have almost read all of them in my library at school. I think I have 4 left to read my favorite was The Haunting.

  164. Ashley

    I really loved her books , she was a very creative person…… she always made things mysterious and made the reader want to keep reading…….My Favorite Book was Nightmare it was really interestng because you never knew what was gionng to happen next

  165. shelby


  166. geryn young

    i love ur books they r very exciting and mysterious i love the action and u help kids around the world. and u helped me become a better writer and i am doing a project on u write now that i hope u would be proud of.

  167. Jenna

    I just finished The Seance and A Deadly Game Of Magic and I thought that they were the best books ever!!!! Now I’m just about to start Nightmare.
    Also, my book shelves are overflowing with the amazing writing of Joan Lowry Nixon.

  168. vballgirl29

    joan lowery nixon is such a good writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right now i have read murdered my sweet and the other side of dark and I loooovvveeeddd them!!!!!!!! I wish that she had not passed away:( im doin a book report on murdered my sweet.

  169. Max

    Joan Lowery Nixon was a wonderful writer! I read many of her books, which kept you at the edge of your seat until the final page. Everyone should read ‘The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore’ at least! RIP Joan, you are not forgotten.

  170. wrestler chick

    Joan is my favorite author i fell in love with book called whisper from the dead ever since that book i’ve kept reading her books. i really wish i could have met her 🙁

  171. Doug

    I am big fan of Ms Nixon. In my undergraduate children’s lit course, we were required to read A FAMILY APART. Her writings gave me a new outlook on reading. I use several of her books throughout the school year and my students always want more.
    I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with Ms Nixon a few times. What an inspiration, but what a WONDERFUL legacy she left us all!

  172. jessica meckley

    i can’t rwad it in 2 days and it is my summer reading book help me cause school it in two days and i will fail first trimester and i want to be a writter like you

  173. John Traverty

    Joan Lowery Nixon was a great author, one of the best. She will be sorely missed by her friends, family and readers. R.I.P.

  174. jocelyn cain

    aww.. i tink that is soo sad that she has left us in this life.. but now she can be in a better place.. i really enjoyed reading her book called the haunting.

  175. mirielle

    i love her books. i am doing an authors report on her. my favorite book so far is The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore. she shouldnt have died from something like pancratic cancer. she should have died peacefully. but at least she is in a better place now.

  176. Mia

    R.I.P Joan Lowery Nixon.I didnt really get a chance to read your books.But if only I could wouldve.There is this girl name Alejandra that attends LMS gives a high five to someone who said I HATED YOUR BOOKS,that is just so disrespectful

  177. Racheal

    I just finished reading Don’t Scream, it is one of the best mystery books that I have ever read, I was half way through it but I couldn’t put it down because i needed to know what happened. I am now doing a book report on her and i have found out so many facinating things about her that is so inspiring. She lived a long enjoyable life and inspired hundreds including me.

  178. alex*

    OMG! i lov joan lowery nixon! she iz my fav. author i lov u sooooooooo much! i am actually writing a mystery book. joan u inpire us all!! we all miz u!
    P.S I didnt kno she was dead since like 3 weeks ago!lol

  179. alex*

    i HATE whoever said I HATE YOUR BOOKS cause her books are totally awsome and everyone on this thing thinks so to so bak off dude whoever wrote that or you’ll get ur head cracked open!!!! also mia was right that was sooooo disrespectful
    p.s whoever agrees with me and mia plz TYPE!!!lol

  180. alex*

    ive read like almost twenty of her books. my fav is nightmare. i never used to read at ALL but once i read the other side of dark i loved it!!JLN is the best writer eva!!! oh joan if only u wer still with us!!!

  181. alex*

    y doesnt anyone type no morzzz wuz up wit u ppl? did i scare u away or somthin?
    c’mon ppl im not scary am i? i bet jln wouldnt think im that scary!!rlly i wish she wer still wit us!!if she had a book signing i wish i coudlve gone!!
    rlly we miz u joan!!

  182. alex*

    joan was a great person if only she wer still writing i actually finished the specter its weird how the nine yr old iz actually the murderer
    i thought sikes was followin them or sonthin

  183. alex*

    joan lowery nixon wuz the best…i absolutly (0r h0wever y0u spell it) love all her mysterys i wanna keep reading more and more and more
    if only she wer stil her and stil writin….im tryin to go to the liberrry to get som of her books i really need to read somthin im like soo bored during the night without nothin to read….@ my school they SUM of her books but not ALL i want to keep reading her books hopfully ill have the time…j0an wuz a great person im guessin….well prety much knowin she was a great person if only she wer still here…still writing the way she always has…if only i had met her…it would have been sooooooo….. awsome
    p.s the other monkey on top iz mezzed up

  184. alex*

    i dont kno why no one iz writin no morz is it cuaz I write a bit TO much?!?!well it aint my fualt i like to write that iz y im writing a book….u cant blame me for wantin to write….u probably think i should write some wear else…..well watever….anyways joan will always remain the best auther in the wrld to me….if only we all could have met her =[ she inspires all of us and i appreciate every1 who wrote one this blog if joan where here i bet she would have appreciated it 2…we all loved joan but now she iz gone so itz our turn to think about wat we are gonna do….we absolutly love mysterys and i kno we would LOVE writin them…but not just for OUR amusement but to amuse other people with things we write….
    love lonly and lost
    alex =(

  185. Ryan

    Its a real shame that she is dead…I had no clue! From the one book I read, A Family Apart I could tell she was such a good author! It’s a real bummer but I really enjoyed the book she did wright and i will probably enjoy the rest.

  186. Helena

    I love her books, i was reading murdered,my sweet and i finished it in one day. It was really interesting. She is a really good writer, too bad there wont be any new ones to come =/

  187. alex*

    as i said i love joan sh eiz the best i wish she wer still her (not that ill ever see her) i always wanted to meet her when i started readin her books. when i finish a book i finish in one day. i always tell mysself to save the rest for later but i always end up finishing the book the same night. then i get super mad. then i gotta get another book!!(which aint so bad).lol
    luv alex*

  188. jaden

    hey guyz i luv joan nixon she was my
    favorite author evr. i wish she wer
    still here.lol i guess evry1 does.
    im iz writin a book also…its called
    The Rage of a Killer…it may sound wierd
    but u wont think that till u hear the whole story…
    p.s i wont tell till later

  189. Liya Aidi

    I lllooovvveee Joan Lowery Nixon’s books. I almost read all of them except for the Casbusters series and the Orphan Train series. I really did not want her to pass away, just when I finally found my favorite author I figured out she was dead. I wanted her to write more and more of her books! The first book I read of which she wrote was Whispers from the Dead it was a great book and then I started reading more and more books. I lover her books! She is the #1 author. Thumbs Up!

  190. Joan Nixon Luver


  191. mary

    I’ve read quite a few of Joan Lowry Nixon’s books, and just finished The Seance a few minutes ago and when i looked on the back it had1927-2003 and i hoped that that meant something other than her birth and death dates, but here i am. She is such an inspiring author, i love to write and want to be a writer when i get older and I’ve a lot of ideas. i cant wait to publish one. i pay a tribute to Joan Lowry Nixon for her excellent books and inspiring writings.

  192. Lisa Jones

    Joan Lowery Nixon is one my favorite inspirational novelist. She had an amazing gift of writing.When I was a young juevnile I wrote a research paper on her. She had many interesting facts on Google. She will always be in my heart.

  193. janette

    I read one of Joan Lowery Nixon’s books called Don’t Scream and Iluved it.I think she is one of the best writers in the world.Her books are the best!!!!!!!!!I wish she was still alive to write more books.

  194. Ally

    OMG!!!!!!! I love her books. They are so interesting. We are doing a project and we had to pick a book to read and do an author study about them. I picked JLN and read Secret, Silent Screams. IT WAS AMAZING

  195. Mikayla

    I luv all of the books ive read from her so far my fav book is secret, silent screams…… i wish she was still alive so she could write more books

  196. Lola

    I read three of Nixon’s books for a project at school, The Seance, The Haunting, and Ann’s Story, one of the colonial books in a series. AND WOW!!! I absoulutely loved the twists in The Seance. I was curled up in a ball on my bed rocking back and forth in fright from The Haunting, and Ann’s Story had me crying. All of Nixon’s stories are very captavating, and I encourage more readers to try reading some of her novels

  197. Lexi

    I love Joan Lowery Nixon’s books they are truly the best novels i have ever read. When i heard she had died i was really upset. We will all miss you so very much…. There will never be another great author like you!!

  198. jeniffer

    i ve read almost all your books and i have to say…
    the were incredible exept the endings sucked
    the wasnt enough detail.

  199. Anonomys

    I am reading one of joan lowery nixon’s books right now.It is called Spirit Seeker.It is about a boy named cody whos parents are murdered while he was so called at his family’s camp.And his friend Holly’s father is a police officer.He thinks cody is guilty but Holly won’t let that even be a thought in her dads’s mind because she kind a sort of likes cody.But now what i’m reading that cody and his parents got in an argument about him getting a new car.But somrthig is up because this was on the night his parents were murdered. To be continued…..LOve Joan Lowery Nixon

  200. Valentina

    This bookk wuzz soo awesomee!!! I ♥ Joan’szz book….SYLVIA? cann u givee mee the info u searchedd on herr ? I wanna read it ndd shee diedd?? whenn? did she die becuz of a problem or old agee?

  201. Linda

    I was in third grade with Maureen Nixon at Wilson Elementary School in Corpus Christi, Texas. Mrs. Nixon came to our class every day after lunch to read us a chapter in her first book that had just been published, “Mystery of Hurricane Castle.” Then she read us the unpublished manuscript of her next book, “Mystery of the Hidden Cockatoo.” All my classmates loved her stories. We had no idea that Maureen’s mom would someday become a famous writer. She was just “that mom that reads to us.” I wish I could let her know that I still remember her.

  202. meghan

    I read one of her books. I read “The Name of the Game Was Murder”. I thought it was Outstanding. I am sorry that Joan Lowery Nixon died. It wasn’t that long ago. But the book……. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

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