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Barry White


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bwhite.jpgBarry White’s velvet voice could inspire romance in any couple.
The crooner known for his lush baritone and sexy lyrics made several records during the early 1960s as “Barry Lee,” but he first topped the R&B charts with “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby,” which also hit number three on the pop chart. He helped launch the disco phenomenon with “Love’s Theme,” a song he performed with his 40-piece ensemble, The Love Unlimited Orchestra.
Although his popularity peaked 25 years ago, White returned to the spotlight in the 1990s when “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” became the theme song for a character on the Fox TV show, “Ally McBeal.” In 2000, he won two Grammys for best male and traditional R&B vocal performance for the song, “Staying Power.”
White died July 4 of kidney failure. He was 58.

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  1. cheryl D. DIGGS

    THE smooth and silky songs composed by such a talented and gifted man; brings tears to my eyes, and pain in my heart to know he is gone. I Will always remember all the comforting tunes. May your family, and the whole world continue to think of what a treasure we all shared.
    Love, Peace, and Blessings
    Ms. Cheryl D. Diggs

  2. Chris Johnson

    I would just like to say i grew up listening to Barry White my father would play his music every
    saturday morning and we would all dance Barry will certainly be missed and my love and condolences go out to his family and friends espically his wife and children i cant imagine what it would feel like to loose your dad or your husband much love to all of you

  3. Jackie Parker

    I must say that even after 2 years, it feels like you left us just yesterday! I have always been a fan and will truly miss you greatly!!


    I will surely miss him. He was a master of music. I can sit and listen “the Icon” over and over again non stop for hours,… in my opinion it was his greatest work. The rhythms he created combined with his voice and lyrics is hypnotic. All his work was great, but I think his last 3 albums in particular, The Icon is Love, Staying Power, and In The Mix, brought him into his final perfected dimension of music creation. There will never be another Barry White. I wish he was still here making music… I will surely miss him,… but I will never forget him,… his music lives on! Now he is making music in Heaven along with all the fallen great’s, and God.

  5. Runer

    I will write in Croatian becouse only in my language i can nearly touch his greatness…
    Kad mi je potreban prijatelj, kad mi je potreban vodioc kroz zivot sjetim se teba, tako je teska i pomisao da cu samo ovaj repertoar tvojih pjesama moci uzivati, hvala Bogu ima ih puno ali ih je moglo biti jos vise, vjecno cu te se sjecati, i vjecno te cijeniti jer si bio, jesi i bit ces jedan od najvecih, pocivaj u miru i znaj da si nas sve potaknuo i zivotu…

  6. mark weller

    1976, traveled all the way to scotland as a fourteen year old. listen to the velvet voice and was hooked. still miss that tune, come back barry. he was the first and the last of the greats ever to sing LOVE SONGS. That was from sussex bye the way. mark.


    I just want to say that barry white was love by so many people, plus one of my friend moms didn’t even now that was sad that I had to show her this web site RIP MR WHITE

  8. Andromeda International Records

    Barry White lives: just heard this new remix by Barry White vs. MoonBased in L.A. caleed “Barry At The Disco”; check it out and let the Barry White Experience wrap its love around you like it did the very first time you heard the maestro! http://www.myspace.com/moonbased

  9. Nikbig

    “The key to immortality is first living a life
    worth remembering” and boy will he be remembered. The voice, the smile and the aura of a body passed but a spirit that will remain forever.
    God bless

  10. ricardo wilson

    barry my main man was so saddened by his passing! he was reaally the ICON no other way will i describe such a man of intelligence a musical phenominon he will be surely mist.you know the strangest thing i can recall is my friends calling me BARRY BLACK knowing how much of a number one fan i was..R.I.P BARRY…

  11. Tony

    One of the Best…I was only 19 when I first purchased “Stone Gon'” & ” I Found Someone” and played it over and over again with my then teen wife and still loving his sound. By the way now I’m 33 years married to that onetime teen girl and everytime I see her it always remind me of the Barry White’s music days…then and still today. Never will we have a voice like Barry’s maybe a sound like his voice..But not Like the passion put on by Barry.Wow.. How time fly’s Wish The Family the Best.

  12. Ellen & Chip

    To the white family, I feel he was part of my life,I was 14 when I purchased stone gone, wow!!!. Barry was the master of love and still is I thought my first boyfriend was going to be my first my last my everything, but my now husband is, we played barry at our wedding and still do till this day,we play barry through our daughters lives (who are now all grown), Barry will be missed,but his music will play on and on forever. love

  13. Hernan Ordenes Sanz

    Estimada Familia del Señor Barry White:
    Me he sentido muy conmovido y triste por el fallecimiento del barry white.He escuchado sus letras su musica y siento que fue un hombre bueno, murio muy joven al igual que mi madre, pero hoy he aprendido que lo primero en la vida es amar a JEHOVA el es el primero el ultimo y unico. Por este medio pido a jehova lo tenga en su libro de vida para que lo vuelva a la vida en el nuevo mundo.
    Yo se que el señor white nunca conocio a jehova Dios , pero la verdad es que EL es la unica esperanza que tenemos los que creemos en la resurreccion en el nuevo mundo.
    Felicidad Paz Espiritu Santo y bondad inmerecida pido a Jehova y a nuestro Señor Jesus por UDs.
    Hernan Ordenes Sanz
    Villa Alemana

  14. Pier

    Sin dudas Barry White fue uno de los fgrandes de la música. Surgió con su Love Unlimited Orchestra en tiempos en donde lo único orquestado a que podíamos aspirar era a Fausto Papetti, Alain Debrais, Paul Muriat y otros con el mismo estilo. Barry revolucionó el género y nos regaló los más romámticos momentos.
    Estoy buscando una pieza que parece de colección y que corresponde a una obra de los años setenta, “Mr cool y su pandilla”. Si alguien tiene noticias agradeceré que me la envíen a prquest@gmail.com. Gracias.

  15. Sherry

    My name is Sherry my daughters are Denise and Danielle, we lived next to Barry White’s daughter April her mother
    Mariah. In Wilmington California. Just trying to connect. Just watched your father’s biography. Remembering when he would pick you up in his limo in front of your home, next door to us. Sherry. Hope all is well.

  16. PlumberPaul

    A long time fan….but I need help. I am not much of a TV watcher….but I caught the closing scene of what was obviosly a sitcom or series. The two characters (one male and one female) danced for quite some time to a Barry White tune/song. It was so nice and the dancing, the scene and his music worked so nice together. They didn’t speak, the show ended and I never took the moment to look up what it was. I think the actress could have been Gwyneth Paltrow….but not positive. Any help??



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