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Laden and Laleh Bijani


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After almost three decades together, Laden and Laleh Bijani just wanted to live separate lives. But the operation that was meant to grant the conjoined Iranian twins their wish ended up killing them instead.

Despite being conjoined at the head, the sisters sought separate futures. Ladan wanted to return to Shiraz to study law. Laleh planned to move to Teheran and work as a journalist. They knew the four-day surgery was risky; doctors only gave them a 50-50 chance of survival.

On Sunday, an international team of neurosurgeons and support staff at Raffles Hospital in Singapore began the procedure. Once the twins were separated, doctors planned to take a skin graft from their thighs to cover their exposed brains. But during the surgery, circulation between the twins became unstable and they both lost a lot of blood.

Laden and Laleh Bijani died on July 8. They were 29.

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  1. nancy

    they are blessed for following what they believed to be right for them…. they are living thier dream in heaven and i say god bless both of them

  2. Allen Reid

    There story truley touched my heart. They were brave two very couragous women, who had beautiful hearts. I hope they are at peace now.

  3. Saghi

    Ladeh and Laleh were very brave.May their souls rest in peace. Its not over yet.Their has come true,we cant see them but their there!And i wish them happiness,where ever they are right now!
    Good bye Laden and Laleh….Goodbye

  4. Juan

    No other conjoined twins have touched me so much
    as laden and laleh bijani. We love you and miss you very much. They will forever be in my heart, and the impact that you have made on me and the world will forever be remembered.They have showed me the true meaning of courage.

  5. Frank

    Saw documentary on Laden and Laleh late last night, I cannot imagine the struggle and frustration it must have been for them to be cojoined at the head and to never have any personal space. It must have been tough and I can understand why they needed to go through with surgery.
    Laden and Laleh – may you rest peacefully in heaven.

  6. Bob

    I’m really sorry about what happened so i send all my respect to you and the sacrifice you made to make your wish true was touching

  7. Shruti

    I pay my tribute to the brave hearted twins who are a symbol of true courage today.
    There is a deep lesson that we human beings can learn.
    Imagine the frustration they must have gone through all these years and look at us normal human beings, we keep on cribbing for every petty issue in life.
    They endured extreme pain with a smile on their face.
    I saw the documentary on discovery channel and I am deeply touched. This got me much closer to humanity and I have learnt that there are many less fortunate human beings on this earth and my issues infront of them seem so trivial.

  8. prasanth

    I have seen the program of science forntries in discovery about the documedry of laden and laleh it was so thouching for me to remember the abnormal persons in the world in every movement. I like to do somthing for the abnormal peoples like laden and laleh i thank to god for to make me as a normal person. I pray for always for every persons those who suffering form these kinds of abnormalities.

  9. massimo

    after so much time the story of the two twins came back in my mind and i’m always glad that people understand how much hard is live with every form of abnormality and this is the extreme case in which there is no freedom and personal space ;imagine “every seconds of these two girls “and appreciates they didn’t suicide before because i think the temptation was continue to do it :i think god send these people on the earth to make us understand life


    Seeing their life and death in discovery channel i really felt sorry for their life.They are the witness for courage and wisdom.I pray the almighty to keep their soul in peace and beg him to send them as GOD’S messenger to spread humanity.

  11. Anonymous

    I pay my respects to the courageous Laleh & Laden; it has been 2 years since that unpleasant death. May they achieve their goals in heaven and become what they have always wanted.

  12. Liam Bere

    Watching a recent documentary about the Bijani twins really moved me, to watch a program which lasts such a short time made me think about the things people complain about every day. I imagine this has been said many times, but to try and live a day in the lives as the twins did, most people would find very difficult. I believe it’s extremely unfortunate that they couldnt live with the same freedom people like myself and others underestimate every day, but saying that, to see them so happy together meant a lot to the people closest to them. I think people need to realise that life isnt always easy, The girls were very brave to take the risk they did but the determination they shared to live their lives as normal will never be forgotten….

  13. Susan

    What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Ladeh and Laleh may have wanted separate lives, but the way they were born was the way God intended for them to be born. It must have been very difficult for them at times, but we must all accept our lot in life. I wish them well in their heavenly lives and hope they find the peace that they did not find on earth.

  14. Ben

    As I read about their life I can’t help but acknowledge their presence here. For someone to do so much with their life and not let other things get them down.

  15. CarloSweet

    Laden and Laleh went on the surgery to survive, but caused agony of death of the twins… Oh Lord, why have Thou come to send the twins to heaven…
    Jesus who sent Thy deceased to heaven.

  16. Diyana

    14 years already. I remember returning from school and wanting to know about the twins. It had been days but with no news of them. To my dismay I found that both went away, on the television.
    I will always remember praying for them. That day my family and I were deeply sadden by their death. Just yesterday, I watched their whole documentary. The feeling is still the same as that day. May they always be happy wherever they are now. I will always remember their courage, determination and their positive views of life.

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