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Zahra Kazemi

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Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian photojournalist who was beaten into a coma for shooting pictures outside of an Iranian jail, has died. She was 54.
Kazemi was arrested in Tehran on or about June 23 and accused of spying. According to various news reports, Kazemi was tortured by police until she was unconscious and then hospitalized for her injuries.
Kazemi, who was born in Iran, spent the past 10 years living in Canada. She had joint Canadian and Iranian citizenship, and frequently took freelance assignments for Recto Verso Magazine and Camera Press in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Iran.

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  1. victoria arshad

    She was one of the bravest women in our history. Her family have been extremly lucky to have her.
    I am sad that her son lost such an interesting mother.

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