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Bill Shull

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Dr. William Henry Shull Jr. helped patients with brain injuries as the director of neurotrauma rehabilitation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. His training came in handy this year when he suffered a stroke.
“I think this was part of God’s plan for me. I care for patients with disabilities, and now I know what it is like to not be able to move,” Shull said.
Shull began his residencies and fellowships in rehabilitative medicine, surgery and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation in 1987 after earning a medical degree from Duke University. While working at the hospital, he designed a questionnaire to help survivors and their families understand the effects of acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Shull died on July 11 of malignant melanoma. He was 42.

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  1. Ellen Carpenter

    Bill and I were classmates at Dartmouth College in the early 80’s. I remember his wonderful southern drawl – a real change from the clipped Yankee accent most common in the Hanover area. Meeting him in a corridor or while crossing the Green was a breath of summer warmth in the cold northeast. I’ll miss him.

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