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Gordon Brong


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gbrong.jpgGordon Brong, a park superintendent in Folsom, Calif., felt animals were nicer than people.
When an orphaned Black bear cub was injured in a 1963 forest fire, Brong offered to house it in the park where he worked. He talked to the city and received permission to build the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary.
For the past 40 years, the zoo has served as a home for injured and orphaned animals. Brong, who loved working there, often spent 18 to 20 hours a day with the bears and the wolves.
Brong died last week from complications of a fall. He was 87.

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  1. Gerald Finlayson

    I remember meeting Gordon at a Bartlett/Brong family reunion in Pennsylvania. His life experience and accomplishments undoubtedly helped him become the well rounded, warm & personable cousin that I found him to be… he will be sadly missed.

  2. Dana Morel

    Gordon Brong was a quiet, kind, man. As a kid living near the park and zoo, I’d meet him early in the mornings to help feed the animals and clean cages. I’d wander around with him all morning til the people showed up. Then he’d tell them stories and show them the animals he loved so much. Of all the people of my childhood, he is one I think of often and miss very much.

  3. Mira Fairchild

    I wish I could have had the sense to go back and meet Gordon and his family years ago. I loved the Folsom Zoo as a young child living in Fair Oaks. I never forgot Smokey, vivid memories from way back in 1968. Gordon also took in our Raven, Otto, though he flew away, I know Gordon received some sightings of him from the local school yard! Very unique lifetime memories and much appreciation. <3

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