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Matt Jefferies


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mjeffries.jpgWalter “Matt” Jefferies, the art director for the original Star Trek series, died on July 21. Cause of death was not released. He was 82.
When NBC greenlighted the Star Trek pilot in 1964, Gene Roddenberry hired Jefferies to design the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Using his experiences as a pilot and a flight test engineer, Jefferies also created the vessel’s internal environment and its inventory of weapons. The ship’s “Jefferies Tubes” were named in his honor.
“Matt Jefferies’ quiet modesty belied the genius of his work, which set the path for all of us who are lucky enough to follow in his very large footsteps. Today, nearly four decades later, Matt’s original Enterprise still stands as a design classic,” said Michael Okuda, scenic art supervisor of “Enterprise.”
Jefferies’ contributions to the Star Trek franchise are the subject of a new documentary, which will be included on the “Star Trek: Generations” collector’s edition DVD. It is scheduled for release next year.
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  1. John Sullivan

    Matt Jefferies and I have two things in common – he was a military pilot (his plane was the B-17, while my airplane was the EP-3E) and we both loved aviation to death. My late uncle Paul knew him quite well. Matt Jefferies lived a full life and worked in a TV industry that spanned from everything from “Ben Casey” to “Little House On The Prairie.” While the public always remembers him for his design work for a TV Sci-Fi show, that work only constituted a small percentage of what he accomplished in his rich and full life. He will be deeply missed. I’m not sure if he is in that great B-17 in the sky, or in the great NCC-1701 in the sky, but I am sure he is having a great time flying in some heavenly vehicle right now, and for sure it has the number “17” somewhere on it!

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