jdavis.jpgJames E. Davis, an ex-cop and New York City councilman, was shot and killed inside City Hall on July 23. He was 41.
Davis, who represented central Brooklyn, was murdered by Othniel Askew, a political rival he had escorted past the building’s metal detectors. A police officer later shot and killed Askew.
In 1983, Davis was assaulted by two white, New York City police officers. While he sat on his mother’s porch, the cops put guns to his head and accused him of car theft. After roughing him up, they took Davis in for questioning and released him. No charges were filed.
Davis’s response was to join the police force and attempt to change the system from within. He worked for the city’s Corrections Department on Riker’s Island and walked a beat in Brooklyn before becoming an instructor at the New York City Police Academy. In 1990, Davis founded “Love Yourself” Stop the Violence, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to stopping violence in American cities. He was elected to the City Council two years ago.
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