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Celine Gurdikian


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cgurdikian.jpgA hearing impairment did not stop Celine Lawler Gurdikian from becoming a champion swimmer.
Gurdikian was the youngest member of the swim team at the 1985 World Games for the Deaf in Los Angeles, where she won medals in the freestyle and butterfly. At the 1989 Silent Olympics in Christchurch, New Zealand, Gurdikian served as the captain of the U.S. team and won several medals.
When a progressive disease damaged her lungs, Gurdikian became a swim coach, giving lessons to deaf children. She also served as the vice president and secretary of the Chester County Association of the Deaf in West Chester, Penn.
Gurdikian, who worked as a portrait photographer, died on July 21 from complications of dermatomyositis. She was 33.

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  1. Orkid Sassouni

    Oh it too late for me to say my last good bye to a wonderful friend… I regretted for not visiting her wedding few years ago. Celine and I were swimmates for the Gallaudet University Women’s Swim Team back in 1990s. Our small women’s swim had the highest GPA of all sports on Gallaudet Campus while the Athelatic Department stupidly spoilded the lowest GPA sport group-FOOTBALL. We worked so hard with less than 10 of us! Celine had so much courage to keep up swimming both practice and competition with her difficult disease. I admired her laughter, sense of humor, and positive thinking. She will never let her disease interrupted her life but I was saddened to hear that she passed away a year ago that I never knew. Celine … you were a wonderful friend to me during my new cultural shock in Deaf World from mainstreamed society. With Love — Orkid (Class of ’95)

  2. Michelle Booth (Johnston)

    I am not part of the deaf community but I met Celine when my family moved to Unionville. We went to highschool together and we became good friends. I too am sorry I missed seeing her one last time. Coincidentally I now live in the town where she grew up, Moreau, NY. Though we did not see each other since highschool graduation I miss her dearly.
    Her friend,
    Michelle (Johnston) Booth

  3. Julie Day Ford

    yes I do remember her.. She was my good friend through Northwest Campus (NWC). Our class of 94.. I never ever forget her great smile and laugh.
    I have missed her still since.. Never stop. I have missed her so much.
    a lot of love and kisses.
    Julie of (class of 94)

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