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Norm McRae


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Norman McRae always had a passion for baseball. When he was 17, the Detroit Tigers recruited him to play in the minor leagues. Within three years, McRae moved up to the majors. He pitched 34 innings for the Tigers from 1969 to 1970 and appeared on a rookie baseball card.
McRae was then traded to the Washington Senators, where he played for two more seasons. From 1972 to 1981, McRae pitched in the Mexican League. When he could no longer perform on the field, McRae became a coach for Los Dorados and a recruiter for Tomateros de Culiacan.
McRae died on July 25 from cancer. He was 55.

3 Responses to Norm McRae

  1. Ethel McGriff

    Norman was my brother-in-law and his family lost contact with him years ago and have no idea that he is deceased. He had a son and an adopted daugther that loves him even now. We have missed him over the years and if he has other sons or daugthers, please email me at the enclosed email address.

  2. martiz mcrae

    I am Norman’s son Martiz McRae. My family has been looking for him for a year now. We would very much like to hear from anyone in his family. I can be contacted at 419-698-0024 any time after 6 pm on the weekdays. You can also email me at

  3. Reggie Mcrae

    My name is Reggie and im one of two sons Norman had in Mexico.He was extremly brave in his life and a truly beatiful free soul,excepcional friend,he was famous here,not for being an outstanding baseball player,but for his amazing charisma.He had something that i can’t explain but everywhere he went he was loved…that i know.I’d like Martiz..(until now my unknown relative)and everyone who loved him to email me at

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