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William Dargie


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Sir William Dargie was once given the tough and prestigious assignment of painting the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The British monarch posed several times for Dargie at Buckingham Palace in 1954. The portrait he painted currently hangs in Australia’s Parliament House, while prints appear in dozens of schools and government buildings and on Australian naturalization papers.
Dargie was best known for painting pictures of famous people, like Gough Whitlam, Sir Henry Bolte and Dame Patty Menzies. He won the Archibald Prize, Australia’s most prestigious portrait award, eight times, and received an Order of the British Empire in 1959. Ten years later, he was made a Commander of the British Empire.
Dargie died of natural causes on July 26. He was 91.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was just going to write Sir Dargie today 12/31/03 to let him know that I had not yet located the portrait of Marie from his book, that he had painted. I had written him in 2000 and recieved a reply from him he had asked me to let him know if and when I located the painting.. I am an artist myself and have used Sir Dargies book ” On Painting a Portrait” as my Bible, I am a great admirer of Sir Dargie, when I went on the web to see if anything new was to be found on Sir Dargies paintings, I saw for the first time that Sir Dargie had passed on. It was a sad day for me even though I had never met Sir Dargie in person, through his book and letter I felt a mentorship and kinship with Sir Dargie. It is a great loss for the artworld, the passing of Sir Dargie, I believe he should have been given world wide recognition and more effort should have been given for a retrospective of Sir Dargies work. I give my condolences to the Dragie Family, I shall keep looking for his painting Marie from his book “On Painting a Portrait.”

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