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Daniel O’Connell


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Daniel J. O’Connell, a veteran police officer of the California Highway Patrol, died on July 30. Cause of death was not released. He was 86.
O’Connell studied civil engineering in college, but the Great Depression forced him to leave school before graduation. He took a brief stint as a salesman for a beverage company before dedicating his life to law enforcement.
In 1941, O’Connell became a California Highway Patrol officer. During World War II, he guarded the Monterey coast from enemy submarines. He was drafted in 1943 and served two years in the Navy before returning to the CHP.
As he rose through its ranks, O’Connell took on many tough policing assignments, including the civil rights riots in the 1960s. After he retired in 1971, O’Connell helped police widows and retirees obtain and manage their benefits.

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  1. Daniel O'Connell

    I did not know Officer O’Connell but being another Daniel O’Connell, and being a police officer, I know he kept the street safe and his nation. And the proud tradition of being a tuff Irish cop in a tuff state , my god rest his soul, and all who serve on the Police

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