Jannie Brandes-Brilleslijper, a member of the Jewish resistance during World War II, died on Aug. 15 of heart failure. She was 86.

Before she was deported, Brandes-Brilleslijper forged identification papers to help Jews escape the Nazis in occupied Netherlands. She survived the Westerbork and Auschwitz concentration camps, then in 1945, was transferred to Bergen-Belsen where she worked as a nurse.

Brandes-Brilleslijper was believed to be the last person to see diarist Anne Frank alive. After the war, she told Otto Frank of his daughter’s death.

In her memoirs, Brandes-Brilleslijper described her time in the concentration camps: “We were stripped in an icy room with the wind billowing through it. Five women under one trickle of water. No towels. Tattooed, shaved … we were totally confused and unable to understand anything.”