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John Lansdale Jr.

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Col. John Lansdale Jr., the security and intelligence chief of the Manhattan Project, died on Aug. 22. Cause of death was not released. He was 91.
Lansdale graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1933 and received his law degree from Harvard Law School. He worked for the Cleveland law firm of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey until the start of World War II.
From 1941 to 1945, Lansdale ran the investigation and review branches of the G-2 War Department. He also took command of the security and intelligence teams of the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bomb in Los Alamos, N.M. For his contributions to the war effort, Lansdale received the Legion of Merit and the Order of the British Empire.
After the war, Lansdale returned to Cleveland, where he practiced law and served on the city council for Shaker Heights, Ohio.

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  1. Jack Petricone

    I never knew this man. I stumbled upon this blog by accident while doing a report on the Rosenberg case of the 1950s. However, I would like to thank him for his service to the United States and his honesty while testifying in the Rosenberg case.

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