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Jinx Falkenburg


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jfalkenburg.jpgEugenia Lincoln Falkenburg, a model and actress who helped establish the talk show genre, died on Aug. 27. Cause of death was not released. She was 84.

Falkenburg was nicknamed “Jinx” by her mother. As a teenager, she became a top fashion model who appeared on numerous magazine covers.

During World War II, Falkenburg entertained the troops and later appeared on a stamp commemorating the USO. When she returned to the states, Falkenburg appeared in two dozen movies, including “Sing for Your Supper,” “Two Senoritas From Chicago” and “Cover Girl.”

Falkenburg and her husband, Tex McCrary, began broadcasting the popular morning radio talk show, “Hi Jinx,” in 1946. “Tex and Jinx” later hosted the NBC show, “At Home,” and published a column together in The New York Herald Tribune.

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  1. Jinx Felix

    I just stumbled across this site, sad to hear that Jinx died. I was named after her, my father was a big fan of hers back in the day. I’ve always meant to watch at least one of her movies, now I will for sure. I didn’t know her husbands name was Tex, thats wierd because I live in Texas. Guess this isn’t much of a tribute is it. Oh well.

  2. Damon Lanza

    I was especially saddened to hear of Ms.Jinx Falkenburg’s passing. She interviewed my father, Mario Lanza in 1949 of which I have that interview. It has always remained my favorite interview of all the interviews my father has done.
    My biggest regret is not knowing where she was in her last days so I could have spoken with her directly.
    If she has family who wish to contact me, please give my email to them at or visit my father’s web site at
    best always,
    Damon Lanza

  3. Daniel Leo Simpson

    When I was 4, our dog, Jinxie died. When we moved to Virginia and I was 9, we brought home a beautiful cocker spaniel from the pound. I said, “Hey mom, why don’t we name her Jinx like the other one?” So that was the dog that followed me around my paper route and the dog I grew up with – Jinx. I always remember mother saying she had named Jinxie after Jinx Faulkenburg.
    Daniel Leo Simpson

  4. Johnny

    I first saw Jinx in RIta Hayworth’s “Cover Girl.” Jinx was easily one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century, and one of the pioneer “supermodels”, decades before that term was invented. Her athletic figure was actually ahead of its time, too. She seemed very sweet with a wicked sense of humor and was very concious of her fans. She will be sorely missed.

  5. Donald J. Mosher

    This may be considered a little untimely,but I met Ms Falkenburg in the early “70’s”.The local utility company, Detroit Edison was promoting it’s “All Electric Homes” and they hired Ms Falkenburg as thier spokesperson.She came to little old Lapeer,Michigan to unvail a prototype.Quite an event for a community of around 5000 in the Thumb of Michigan.

  6. Jack Henning

    I just acquired a 1940 Portugese banknote that was autographed by many famous people of the day including Jinx Falkenburg. I suspect a USO person had carried this bill in Europe during WWII and requested signatures from entertainers when they performed. Anyone with knowledge of this please contact me.

  7. Janice S. Moglen

    My condolences to the family of Tex and Jinx who died within a month of each other. I knew that Tex always loved Jinx despite their separation years later. Jinx had brains and beauty. (I knew that “Jinx” was a timeless beauty when I saw all the magazine covers which I was a teenager growing up in NYC.) I never knew that her real name was Eugenia Lincoln Faulkenburg or that she interviewed so many world figures such as Einstein. (NYTimes obit by Richard Severo features their pictures).
    I wish to contact their son Kevin McCrary because he did a great job several months ago (MAY 05)on CBS. It is a public service to inform as many people as possible about ID theft and related scams. Good job!
    Janice S. Moglen, Founder
    Single Parents Day in Colorado (MARCH 21)
    A day to honor single parents

  8. Jeanne

    I met Jinx at the end of her life. She was still just as beautiful and amazing. I always looked forward to her stories about the things in her past. She had become a very private person towards the end, but she was loved by all. I am young, only 25, so I never really knew about her past until she told me. Never was she with an attitude. I miss her everyday, and I named my little girl chihuahua after her. Not sure how she would have felt about that, but I loved her and miss her.

  9. John Bigham

    In the summer of 1951 I worked in the art department at WLW-T in Cincinnati. Our studios, during those early days of Television, were in the same building as WLW Radio. One of my most vivid memories was of the day I rode up in the elevator with the most beautiful woman in the world–Jinx Falkenburg, on her way to do an interview. I have never forgotten this lovely, intelligent and friendly lady.

  10. Frank Dukes

    I was in the Army with a Bob Falkenburg
    (Jinx’s brother?). He was a great tennis player who played with the stars in Hollywood. I believe he was discharged in 1944. Could this be Jinx’s brother?
    Frank Dukes

  11. Um velho ainda jovem

    Uma das mulheres mais lindas que os meus olhos, na minha adolescência, puderam ver. Relembrar… é viver em segundos sonhos que não voltam jamais,

  12. Jinx Matteson

    Well, I am 52yrs old and my Father named me Jinx after her. My mother added Jennifer, but I have always been called Jinx. I was born on Friday the 13th so people always thought that was why. She was a great actress back in the day and I am proud to be named after her.

  13. Ken

    I just was looking at an old Life magazine from 1944 where Jinx attended a party at the home of Ginger Rogers. What a beauty. I am always saddened to see the celebrities of that era die. They gave at least the appearance of class, something not seen in today’s crew in Hollywood.

  14. W. Burns-Wong

    I met Tex McCrary when I was in HS. He had several of us boys over to a steel magnates house close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had our pictures taken and run in the NY Daily News 1943.

  15. michele crawford

    Hello Frank Dukes:you know I’m sure you are right about Jinx Falkenburg’s connection to Bob Falkenburg – I was great friends with the woman who married Bob’s son, also a Robert, in the 1970’s. I believe tghe elder Bob lives in California

  16. Chris Hoxie

    My dad passed away in 2007. We was a WWII vet (442nd) and I found a little snapshot book from the war. He had a picture of a beautiful woman surrounded by soldiers label Jinx Falkenburg. I googled her name because I have never heard of her.

  17. Jinx Knutson DeLeon

    I was also named after Jinx Falkenburg by my aunt and mother, who loved the unusual name. Don’t know if they knew it wasn’t her real name, but it has been hard to convince people it was my real name all my life. Nice to hear of other “Jinx’s” out there with the same reason for having this name. I never met Ms Falkenburg but worked with a doctor who had treated her . . he said she was breathtakingly beautiful even later in life.

  18. Ace

    When I was 5 yrs old and living in the Bronx, Mom Sylvia and I used to watch Jinx Falkenburg’s TV show — her theme song was “I’ll take Manhattan”, but whoever was singing it sang the words: “You’re in Manhattan”.
    I remember her TV show as being fun and lively. She was very beautiful. She was 32 at the time.
    I hear she was Miss Rheingold too — the first Miss Rheingold contender that I remember was Mary Austin, 1951.

  19. tessa elena kathlene deleon

    my mommies name is jinx and she is a red headed though blue eyed not green women that i love with all of my heart and though she received her name from ms. f<aulkenburg she undoubtably uniqiue in her own spectacular way hi mommy im still alive love tessa.

  20. Leandra Maddock

    Jinx and Tex Falkenburg’s name recently came to my mind as I was reminiscing about my childhood. My mother never missed listening to them on their daily radio show. I wondered if they were still alive. Listening to their cheerful voices on the air was a soothing childhood memory. May they rest in peace.

  21. John McNally

    I was a winner of a charming child contest, sponsored by a New York paper and appeared on the Tex and Jinx show in the Fifties. I played Begin the Beguine on the accordian. It was a truly memorable experience for a 7 year old. Everyone was very nice to me and my family, and arranged for me to play on the Arthur Godfrey Show a few weeks later. I wish I had tapes of those shows.

  22. Ann Gordon Bain

    My mother, Milly Gordon, was a good friend of Jinx’s when they were young and lived in Chile. At first she was intimidated by Jinx, not because she was beautiful (which she was) was because Jinx had previously be the Women’s Singles Champion of South America). She taught my mother how to play tennis. My mother later taught me and I am, although in my seventies, still a tennis pro.
    What a strange world.

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