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Frank MacDonald


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Frank MacDonald, Australia’s oldest decorated World War I veteran, died on Aug. 23 of pneumonia. He was 107.
MacDonald tried to enlist in the military in 1914, but was rejected for having bad teeth. He was allowed to sign up two years later, however, when the war’s carnage created a need for more manpower. As a corporal in the all-Tasmanian 40th Battalion, he was sent to fight in Belgium and France where he was gassed three times. In 1917, he earned the Military Medal for Gallantry for repairing telegraph lines during the battle of Ypres.
MacDonald worked in administrative positions at Victoria Barracks in Sydney during World War II. A resident of Tasmania, he was the last survivor of his battalion.
“I’m too pig-headed to die,” MacDonald once said. “I should have been killed a dozen times, but I wasn’t. I had 10 times as much luck as any man is entitled to.”

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  1. kayla davey

    frank macdonald is my great great great Uncle. He lived with my nan in ulverstone for many years as she cared for him and looked after him.

  2. Jacob Gleeson

    Unle Frank is also my great great great uncle, he was a great person he had a strong heart, and deserved all he got when he went.

  3. jacob gleeson

    Hey this is jacob GLeeson again, from tasmania, i was checking up on this site becasue i wanted to see home many other people have posted a comment, not many by the look of it,
    thanks jacob gleeson

  4. Bianca

    Hi, My name is Bianca Millroy and Frank MacDonald is my fourth cousin. I only found out after he passed away so sadly did not get to meet him. But, by what my grandpa Don tells me he was a fantastic, and very humourous man.
    Hopefully one day I will get to visit his grave and meet his family in Tasmania!

  5. Bianca

    Hi this Bianca, again!
    Just wondering how his family is going? I’m going to tassie next year in winter coz we’re thinking of moving there after I finish school…
    Btw, i did a speech for English to honour Frank…it had to be on a person that has been inspirational etc… and I think Frank fits the bill perfectly! It’s so nice to see the comments from his rellies… Jacob and Kayla?
    Maybe Ill get achance to meet you as well when I visit…
    Here’s to Frank!
    Bianca Millroy, 15

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