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John Ritter


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jritter.jpgJohn Ritter, the Emmy award-winning actor, died on Sept. 11 of a previously undetected heart problem. He was 54.
Ritter was born into a Hollywood family, the son of country singer and actor Tex Ritter. He was the student body president at Hollywood High School, and graduated with a drama degree from the University of Southern California.
After appearing as a contestant on “The Dating Game” and in a supporting role on “The Waltons,” Ritter achieved superstardom with the 1977 TV show, “Three’s Company.” Playing Jack Tripper, a man living with two pretty female roommates, Ritter earned Emmy, Golden Globe and People’s Choice awards for the long-running comedy.
Ritter returned to series television in 1987 to star in “Hooperman,” which earned him another People’s Choice Award, and again in 1992 for the comedy series, “Hearts Afire.” He was currently starring in the ABC prime time hit, “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.”
Ritter appeared in more than 25 television movies and 50 plays, most notably the Broadway premiere of Neil Simon’s show, “The Dinner Party.” He also acted in several motion pictures, including “Noises Off,” “Skin Deep” and “They All Laughed.” His guest appearance on Fox’s comedy, “Ally McBeal,” earned him an Emmy nomination; he earned two more as the voice of “Clifford, the Big Red Dog,” on PBS. In June, Ritter was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Los Angeles Music Center.
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  1. Frank Fradella

    When I was a kid, someone took me to see “Hero at Large.” It was one of those formative films for me, the kind that lets you know the kind of person you’d like to be when you grow up.
    John Ritter was my hero. Still is.
    He will be deeply missed.

  2. Diana Petersen

    Heaven has a new angel now. John Ritter was a big brother type who I loved and admired. He could make me laugh till I almost peed by pants. He is an icon, a hero, larger then life. He never met me, nor I him, but if he had that big of an influence on me, just imagine how big a void he left to his wife, family and friends. He will always be missed and NEVER forgotten. My heart goes out to Amy and his kids. Please remember that he will be by your sides, although you can’t see him. That’s how angels work.

  3. Jeffrey Gillon of Charlotte NC

    John Ritter came throught to me as a person who enloyed life. He made me laugh. When the “Three’s Comany” show was on the air, I never missed an episode. As a teenager, it gave me a happy day in my life. The life of a teenager is often difficult. He made me realize that life should be enjoyed. I don’t know whether he belived in God, but a person such as I invisioned him to be, said to me that he must have an angel watching out for him, as we all do. My prayers go to the family of the man who gave the world, especially to the teenager, who now has a family of his own, a love of life and giving. Most Sincerely, Jeff Gillon of Charlotte, NC……

  4. julissa

    I wish he never died when I use to watch the shows I use to fall in love with him hes so cute I still watch threes campany today and always will it starts at 11:00pm on channel 34.

  5. Geovanna Vela

    As I was growing up, I would watch Three’s Company. John Ritter made me forget about my problems by making me laugh. He was a wonderful actor, a great comedian, and a wonderful person. He was a hunk of a man. When I found out of his passing, I was shocked and ended up crying. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  6. Tom Bell

    I am so sorry to hear about John Ritters death, as i am english, i really did not know till a couple of days ago, for John, i have made a website for him and him only, if you loved John Ritter, this site has it all, God bless John, may you sit next to God and watch down on all of us.
    Thank You and God Bless

  7. Tierra

    he was the nices person in the world we all miss him he love us all so much he is looking down on us and blessing us he was a nice father and actor and husdand to his wife.

  8. Emma and Theresa

    we are onli young but we loved john ritter dearly
    although we never met him, he inspired us and has made us who we are today!
    we love him dearli and hope he is well in the hands of God
    We send our love to his family and friends
    8 simple rules will never be the same without him

  9. Linda

    ta 2 theresa 4 showin me this site
    john ritter was a great actor, and will be greatly missed and remembered as that “poor dad” with all the “testing” children in 8 simple rules
    he was hilarious and i still watch the program
    i hope he rests in peace

  10. Rebecca

    One of the best actors i have ever seen. You don’t get such funny, great actors nowadays. He will always be remembered. ‘8 Simple Rules’ will never be the same!

  11. Aaron

    i always watched john on 8 simple rules he was so funny in that programme untill he died it shocked me so much and no the programme is not the same without him R.I.P John Ritter

  12. Allye

    It’s such a loss for the world. He was such a touching, loving and caring actor. I hope he is up there, looking down at the world and smiling. Rest well John.

  13. Jacqui Plemons

    we are all in debt to john ritter for the gift
    of laughter he gave to us all. We will honor
    his memory by keeping him in our hearts
    and a smile on our face and continuing to pass
    on the laughter that he knew would help us
    all heal. All heaven is your stage now John
    and I can hear the angels laughing now.

  14. Cindy Engebretson

    I’m sorry that John Ritter had died I’ve been watching i’m for many your I remember when he play in promblem Child and . The loving Jack Tripper . when he live two pretty ladies I mess him dearle i still watch Three’s Company every night love and miss you John Ritter

  15. anna

    i never knew john died. untill i saw the show 8 simple rules. it was soo sad i almost cried.well..i actually did. i miss him so much. no-one could ever take him place. he was the bes actor. everyone was crying when they found out.
    WE MISS YOU JOHN.!! R.I.P. !!!! <3

  16. Lil Moe

    John Ritter… i found out about him not long ago .. but just on how he looks and acts (in 8 simple rules) i knew i wanted to be an actor … i did some research and found out he died. My heart stopped, he died becouse of aortic dissection. Which means that the blood breaks into one of the aorta’s layers and builds up until you die. but no matter…all i can say is i looked up to him and still will be even if he has past away …**R.I.P John Ritter

  17. stephanie

    John Ritter was a GREAT actor and a brilliant comedian. I absolutely love Three’s Company. I am so sad that he is gone. It’s great to see his son, Jason, following in his footsteps. I will miss John dearly.

  18. kirsty

    i was so upset wen i heard u had past away. i still watch 8 simple rules but it is not the same with out you miss you lots xxxxx
    ps i wish you were still with us

  19. *!P!*

    I cannot believe he is gone!!! 8 simple rules was the saddest in the episode of his death it was 2 tradgic!! I love you very much John Ritter you are a legend!! He died way toooo young!! Rest in peace I still cry about it now!! 3 years later!! I am so sorry 2 the family!! I am sure he loves you still and much much much more!!

  20. Amy

    John Ritter was so good on 8 simple rules!!!When i found out that he had died i burst into tears…he was only 54 years old, he was too young to die! RIP John Ritter, many will still remeber u…i know i will!

  21. brittany

    Three’s Company is the freaking bomb. John was my friend I met him and it was the greatest day of my life! my sn is JonRtter23lif

  22. Mairi

    John Ritter was one of those amazing people who seem to touch the lives of all those around him. He made us laugh but he also set an example of the greatness all people are capable of. I have yet to hear a negative remark about him. The fact that tributes to this wonderful man are still coming three years after his death only goes to show this.
    Although his death is sad, we should all look forward to seeing him in heaven.
    We love you John.

  23. aimee

    i am 13 and i was watching 8 simple rules and then the next epesode came on and he was dead i was so gutted 2 tell you the truth…miss you loads …aimee

  24. melanie

    In the Goodbye episodes Of 8SR I always wondered why he had been written out because I thought he had just lost interest in the sitcom, but a little later on I found out and I couldn’t stop crying even though most of us had never met him he touched us so much & in his acting, he’s so genuine you feel so close to him when you’re watching. He died so young it’s truly awful what happened. His family are strong people.
    R.I.P Ritter x

  25. Mike

    I watched the ‘8 simple rules’ only a few times but it takes an instant to see what an amazing man John Ritter was. It upset me deeply to learn of his death. He was inspirational to watch because of how evident it was that he loved what he did. All we can do now is say ‘thankyou’ in his memory.

  26. brittany

    omg i miss him being on 8 simple rules he was soooo funny and now its really not the same with out him on that show i mean its still my favorite show but it was more funnier with him on it i really miss you john

  27. brittany parina

    john we will miss you soo much its soo not the same without you on the show at first i thought you were just killed off the show but then i found out you were really killed im sooo sry for your dealth i miss you sooo much i hope your having a great life in heaven love ya

  28. David

    His roles in Three’s Company and Hooperman were classic, but he really rose above those with the performances he delivered in Hearts Afire.
    The chemistry he had with Markie Post onscreen in that show was something else, and the series has just been released on DVD and is an absolute delight.
    John Ritter was classy, highly respected and incredibly beloved actor, he will be very sorely missed indeed.

  29. kayla

    i loved john ritter he remindes me of my father and i still watch 8 simple rules its one of my favrouite shows and when seeing the ones when he dies i still cry and go give my father a nice big HUG!!!!!1
    i loved john ritter its sooo he passed away he had such a big heart !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Claire dee

    i loves the show and liked him he was a gd actor and was funny he made a difference to my life so rip john like u always and a will think of you every time a watch 8 simple rules

  31. merna

    hey i am his biggst fan when i fund out he died i was crying then i was wondering how he died so i searched it on google and i saw this web and i can’t belive it happned i will always miss him R.I.P john Ritter

  32. lesley

    me and my brother watch 8 simple rules every day.when i mentioned your passing he was gob smacked.t.v isnt the same without you.u were a funny guy.still cant believe your gone.i bet you have heaven in fits of laughter.god bless you xxx

  33. Bisi

    I must be the last person on earth to hear of John’s death. I watch 8 Simple rules all the time, I realised Paul Hennessey died in show but I never knew John died in 2003. Today I decided to search the internet to find out what John is currently doing. I am so shocked when I found out that John is longer with us on this side of life. Thank you John for all the joy and laughter you brought into our lives. May God be with you and those you know and love.

  34. Gemma Emm

    8 simple rules has never been the same without john ritter i am 15 years old and i think that john was a great actor he was someone who i would love to be my father and has been greatly missed by time goes by we never forget the ones that brought laughter into our lives..

  35. nicole

    we love u john ritter and u will alwayz be in our hearts.
    i luv threes company and watch it whenever it is on tv. Just watching it and thinking your gone makes me so sad. we love you and we will never forget u!!

  36. nicole

    i luv u john i will never forget u !
    u r so funny! i alwayz watch threes company and even if i watch the same episode over and over again i will still laugh just because of u!

  37. brandi

    john ritter was a funny actor and when i watched 8 simple rules and that last episode my eyes started watering and i just had to look u up on google so see how u died and i truly miss u, u were a good actor on problem child too R.I.P

  38. Lauren Gill

    I really admired John Ritter in 8 simplerulesfor dating my teenage daughter.He was always so funny, and made me laugh expecialy when fred doilcame round for dinner!
    I send him all my best wishes. From Lauren x

  39. Alicia

    I realy liked John Ritter in 8 simple rules!
    he was a great actor and the show would be better with him in again! I hope he had a great life and was verry sucsesful!!!
    by alicia xxx

  40. Lauren Gill

    I very much admired John Ritter, He was my all time hero!
    He made me laugh especialy in scrubs and 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter. Please send him all my best wishes. And if you can hear me John i really liked you and i hope you can come back!

  41. charlotte

    i watch 8 simple rules constantly i’ve seen every episode! i see the same ones day after day but never get bored! i want to be an actress some day! you enspired me! i watch the new series! but they don’t compare in the slightest! infact i’m watching 8 simple rules right now! the old ones with you in!! they’re so great! you will be greatly missed.. condolences to you and your family! R.I.P john ritter xxx

  42. Anonymous

    All I have to say is… why? Why did John have to die? Why did this have to happen to such a great man? To this day i still can’t believe it. I was just watching Three’s Company and that is why I am posting this so late. I’m a kid, but i remember when i was younger, I would always watch Three’s Company and laugh and my dad would come home, and we watched it together. When I found out he died it hit me. As I was watching it today, it said this is the last season Three’s Company would be on the air. And I just hate it because..well i’m speachless. John Ritter did not know me, and neither did I, but nothing can or will stop me from knowing who he was, and knowing how great he was. When the song says:Come on knock on our door, we’ve been waiting for you, it’s extremely sad to say, that we can’t say that anymore for John.
    (?) year old,
    anonymous fan

  43. serena

    john ritter was one person i looked up to for hope. I adored one of the shows he was in “Threes company” he was historical. he will be sorly missed. so will jack tripper, the father in 8 simple rules, and so on. u always made me laugh.
    i hope u are injoying ur stay in heaven john. u deserve it. BIG TIME ^_^

  44. Lauren Gill

    i would just like to say if u can hear me:
    u are the greatest actor in the whole wide world and i wish u were back! i cryed when u left us all and u r my hero. when u died it felt like ur own father dieing, being so attatched all theese years.
    just yesterday i was watching 8 simple rules.Its deffonately not the same without you.
    Lauren xxxxxxxxxx

  45. nicole

    8 simple rules is just not the same without you.
    i am just sitting here watchin the goodbye epsodes,
    thank you for all the laughs.
    you will be missed!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RIP

  46. lachelle wagner

    omg i will miss jogn ritter ever! 8 simple rules wont ever be the same.they probobly stopped playing it in canada because some people couldn’y see his fae on tv anymore after his death…

  47. Erin Goebel

    I adored John Ritter’s starring role in Three’s Company. There was only one other comedian who came close to his comedic style and he is making millions as James Carey. I adored John Ritter as Jack Tripper and also as every other role he played. God, truly took a wonderful comedian. He was one of the best.

  48. Suzanne Nelson

    What an all-around great guy… while he was so funny and capable of such brilliant slapstick comedy, his real strength was his ability to be so transparent, to let his caring side come through. Where are all the strong men today? I miss Jack Tripper from Three’s Company, the protective dad from 8 Simple Rules, and – what man today has the balls to put on that superman-style spandex from the movie Hero At Large?? John Ritter, you are so, so missed…

  49. Elizabeth Green

    Just thinking back over my childhood, and remembering the ones we have lost…….I miss you John Ritter…….you will forever be loved and remembered for your gift of making people laugh. What a great guy you were.

  50. Jacqueline Choco

    John Ritter was a gifted comedian who left a footprint of hope,to embrace each new day as a gift, in my heart;he also made me laugh so much that when I watched 8 simple rules,I just wanted to make someone smile the way he made me smile.Please,dear editor, pass this message of condolence to his widow because I trust in God it will change her life in a positive way,”I’m sorry for the loss of your remarkable husband;he was a good man.My name is Jacqueline Choco,I’m 22years old,I love Jesus and I’m sorry for posting my tribute a quite late;I was not aware that your husband passed away.I want you to know that you and your daughter will always be in my prayers.I know there’s not a minute that goes by that you don’t miss him,but feel encouraged to know that one day you and John will meet in heaven.Even though I never met your husband or you,I know he loved you because HE CARRIED YOU IN HIS SPIRIT,HE PRAYED FOR YOU MORE THAN HE PRAYED FOR HIMSELF,WHEN YOU WERE AWAY FROM HIM FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR HE COULDN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU AND WHEN YOU SMILED HIS WORLD WAS ALRIGHT.God bless you and take care of you and your pretty daughter for the rest of your lives.TAKE HEART DEAR;REMEMBER THERE’S STILL A PART OF HIM WITH YOU,YOU SEE IT EVERYDAY WHEN YOU LOOK INTO THE EYES OF THE BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER YOU HAD TOGETHER.
    John will be dearly missed today,tomorrow and always.”
    (Thank you for taking the time to read my tribute and I hope in Jesus’ name this message will get to John Ritter’s widow).

  51. jdaley

    John Ritter was a great actor, although I am troubled by his widows lawsuit. It is unfortunate he died, but the doctors did all they could, if it was you or I it would be the end of the story. To sue for 63M is nuts, this is why we cannot get health insurance at a reasonable price, frankly it made me sick to watch her CBS interview.

  52. bob

    in my youht i loved john in tree s company now i am a little ashamed to here so late on letterman that you passed over we love you in holland to you will be missed r i p

  53. briana

    john ritter was a great actor and 8 simple rules was soooo much fun with him when i saw the show when he died it made me cry 2 cuz i cant amagine how sad its going to be when my mom or dad dies her was just great 8 simple rules will never be the same without him

  54. steve

    I have only just started watching 8 simple rules, which is very funny but not that much anymore since i found out that jhon ritter is dead.
    I googled how he died and found out how old he realy was, so young. My heart goes out to his family, even tho just finding this out six years latter.

  55. Daniel Hayton

    john ritter is one of the funniest comedians i have ever watched, since i saw him in ‘8 simple rules’ for the first time i had to watch all episodes ansd seasons and i still do to this very day.
    i wish to this very day that he was still alive to keep us laughing.
    rest in peace john ritter, i will miss you.

  56. Caitlin

    God rest his soul! John Ritter is still to me an AMAZING actor! I watch Thress’s Company and 8 Simple Rules every single day! He means the world to me even though he’s gone. I miss him dearly and apparently so do a lot of other people! R.I.P. John Ritter. May you be looking down on us and smiling along side God. Thank you for shining the light down on my darkest days. I never have to worry about being down for long. All I have to do is look at a picture or watch one of the shows and he brings me right up. I luv u John!!! My heart goes out to Amy, Jason, and Stella, and of coarse to his friends as well! Luv u all! <3 God Bless to all of u!! May the Lord be with you.

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