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Bethann Thornburgh

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Bethann Thornburgh, an author and artist whose drawings appeared in The Washington Post, died on Aug. 29 of lung cancer. She was 58.
Thornburgh graduated from Kent State University and spent the next three decades publishing her pen-and-ink drawings. From 1969 to 1976, she worked at The Washington Post, creating a series of how-to cartoon strips for the newspaper’s Food section. She was also named assistant art director of the Washington Post Magazine.
As a freelance artist, Thornburgh published illustrations in The New York Times, National Geographic and Washingtonian Magazine. She published the book, “50 Step-by-Step Recipes in Pictures From Around the World,” and illustrated several children’s books, including “My Ballet Bag,” which appeared on the “50 Best Books for Christmas Giving” list in the Independent newspaper in London.

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  1. Rebecca Smith Meloni

    Bethann was a sorority sister of mine at Kent State-So sad to hear of her passing. We have all spread so far apart and I did not here of this till now. Tears for her family!

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