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T-Bone Hannon


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Terome “T-Bone” Hannon, the bass player in Jewel’s band, died on Sept. 4 of a brain aneurysm. He was 39.

Hannon’s love of music began at an early age. He was active in the music program at Northwestern High School in Detroit, and spent the decade after graduation playing and writing songs. After a chance encounter with Christian singer Amy Grant’s keyboardist, Hannon was hired to play on tour with her band, and for her 1992 performance at the Grammy Awards.

From 1993 to 2000, Hannon performed with several musicians including country singer Shania Twain, the country-pop group SheDaisy and the Boy Choir of Harlem. For the past three years, Hannon played bass in Jewel’s live band.

In response to his death, Jewel canceled her forthcoming tour of North America, which was scheduled to begin on Sept. 19.

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  1. Jeffrey Miller

    Years ago, I was invited to a private concert performed by Jewel for her internet fans; this was well before she had become the darling of MTV, and was still a quirky folk-singer. 200 of us converged on Bearsville, NY, where she was recording what she thought was going to be her second album (before it was shelved in favor of that monstrosity ‘Spirit’.)
    Anyways, T-Bone was the producer for those sessions, and played bass behind her on stage for most of the 2 nights she performed for us. While Jewel stood, dazzling in the spots, entertaining us with her charm and wit, T-Bone stood in the background, outside the halo of blazing glory, roaming back and forth as he laid down solid, unpretentious bass lines that somehow managed to go beyond, to elevate the music on top of it, to highlight the song, illustrating new aspect of the tune that we hadn’t seen before.
    Needless to say, I was amazed. Since then, Everytime I see T-Bone’s name in the credits, I buy the album, and give it a hard, close listen. Right now, I have on the tapes of those 2 summer nights in upstate New York, and I wonder if we’ll soon see (or hear) another so creative and yet so giving.

  2. Mitzi Spallas

    I met T-Bone last year when I was on tour with Jewel. The first minute I met him and saw his smile, I knew he was special. He was like a ray of sunshine, and was always happy. He loved music, and every show he played, he played like it was the most important show of his life. He loved his fans, and they loved him. I know that he is in a good, happy place right now, and he is still playing music. And every night that his friends are playing on stage, he will be there with them, smiling that big beautiful smile that he wore everytime I saw him. He will be dearly missed not only by me, but by the thousands of people who’s hearts and souls he touched. R.I.P. T-Bone…..

  3. ben jordan

    I was recently introduced to T-bone on a session in Nashville, he was the bass player for a recording I was doing. He had the biggest heart and a great sense of humor. Making music with him was a true joy and a gift I will always be thankful for. At least now when I hear the thunder roll I’ll know its T smiling

  4. Daisy Love

    I have known Terome T-Bone Hannon for 14 years.He produced My first Album titled DaZee in 1997 under a company he and Rod Brewer formed Named All In productions in Detroit Michigan. For the last 2 Years He was my best friend and the love of my life. Rainy days Dvd’s, some of the best days of my life were spent when we were together and just did nothing at all. My angel, you knew me better than I knew myself. You took me under your wings and loved me unconditionally. Words will never say what you ment to me. It is sitll hard to believe that you are gone. It’s like a nightmare that I can’t wake up out of. I know you are still here with me, I can feel your pressence. I miss you, but I know that God had bigger plans for you so I can’t be selfish. I am just happy for the time that God did grant you and I to have together. So I’ll see you in my dreams. Until then, I love you.

  5. Sheray Laury

    Terome was my dad. He was the greatest Dad on earth. He wasn’t only my father, but my friend. He was so loving and caring. It’s so hard to accept this. We had so many good times together. He always made me feel so special…like a princess. No one will ever be able to take his place. It makes my heart smile to know that he not only touched me in a loving way, but so many other people. My dad completed his job on earth….he touched so many people in so many different ways…he made people realize that life is “short”, and we have to live it to the fullest every single day so that we have no regrets when it’s over. I don’t have any regrets about any one day that I shared with my dad, because every moment spent together with him gave me a glimpse of heaven.
    I love you Pop now and forever! xoxo
    Precious (Sheray)

    • Toy McNeal

      what a Beautiful daughter you are. I believe every word you say here. Trust me when I say, he was proud of you and loved you so much. I didn’t know him but you are truly Precious and only a good dad could bring all of that out.

      Thank you for this post.

  6. chantelle

    Terome, I miss your beautiful smile, and long converstations about happiness. We love you so much. Through you I met a wonderful friend Dasey.We miss you so much. Thank you

  7. BigDave

    I met T-Bone for the first time in 1996 at Floods Bar & Grill when he sat in with the jam session band. As the only white musicians at the bar, T-Bone made us feel very welcome and insisted that my cousin play drums – which he did. I’ll never forget that night. As he said to us that night “I don’t care what color you are – if you can play, you can stay!!” They rocked the house that night!
    The next time I ran into T-Bone was at Berts Marketplace a year later. He was sitting at the bar alone having a Peisporter. I walked up next to him, he turns and remembers me from a year ago at Floods! We begin talking about music (I’m a bassist too) and he offers me his card saying that if I’d ever like to stop by his place he would be willing to show me some advanced slap bass techniques. I was pretty much a total stranger to this man and yet he put himself out there.
    I’m sorry I found this site so late after his passing, but I would like to express my condolences to his family and friends. The world has lost not only a great bassist, but a wonderful person.

  8. Dan

    I’m hoping somebody can contact me and let me know if I have the right person (although the likelihood of two bass players from Detroit with the same name seems very unlikely).
    The Terome I knew I met when he was playing with a local (metro Detroit) pop band called LZ Paige (I think). Last contact I had with him he was going off to play for one of the Winans. That would have been early 90’s if I remember correctly.
    If someone reads this and knows if this is the same person, please email me at
    boaterdan at

  9. Matt

    T-Bone played in my roomate’s band, Axis, around 1985. Great guy, always willing to pass on some bass technique. When he got married, I subbed for him in LZ Paige. Lost track of him when I moved out of town to play in Canada. Sadly I heard about his passing a couple days after the funeral. Wish I had known, I would have gone to pay my respects. A true loss to the world of bass players.

  10. jerome mcinnis

    My brother I miss you so much and all the good times and good music that played together.still today theres no one as funky as you were and no who I enjoyed playing with.I know you playing in heaven. I never that no note grove it work on enything then everyone turn around and look at me and says man thats so funky I just look up to the sky because you and I both know I funkin for you down here on earth smile I will keep you no note grove alive until we meet agin your brother Jerome McInnis

  11. shanita mattison

    I believe this is my childhood friend. we hung out in Detroit and he lived on Richton. we would always hookup thoughout high school and when I would come home from MSU. I went to see him play many times. he was an amazing bassist. He lived with his grandmother in Oak Park for a time. rest peacefully my friend

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