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Kenneth Matz

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Kenneth Edward Matz Sr., a former Coast Guard officer who once rescued hundreds of people from a burning cruise ship, died on Aug. 12 of a heart attack. He was 62.
Matz spent 26 years serving in the Coast Guard, where he specialized in fire rescue. On Oct. 4, 1980, when the cruise ship, “Prinsendam” caught fire over 100 miles off the coast of Alaska, Matz was lowered from a helicopter to the stern of the boat to direct its evacuation. Once the 524 passengers and crew were shepherded onto lifeboats and inflatable rafts, Matz directed the fire-fighting efforts. The ship sank, but no one died.
Matz received many honors, including the Meritorious Service Medal, the Humanitarian Service Medal and the Coast Guard Achievement Medal.

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  1. Ruth Hartman Matz

    He was the bilogical father of four children but that is where it ended. He disowned all of his children and the innocent grandchildren., His coast Guard career had a few flaw but he was an excellent service man in his related field.

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