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Don Cox


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Don Cox, a disc jockey who reached two generations of South Florida listeners, died on Sept. 15. Cause of death was not released. He was 55.

Off the air, Cox had problems with drugs and alcohol. He served four months in jail in 1980 for cocaine trafficking, and had his driver’s license suspended in 1991 when he was arrested for drunken driving.

But over the airwaves, he was known as “Cox on the Radio.” His gravelly voice and bawdy on-air persona made him a star DJ on Y-100 FM, a pop station in Miami. In 1986, he aired his first live show for contemporary hit radio station, Power 96 FM, from atop the Coppertone billboard in North Miami Beach.

Cox ended his broadcasting career last year at country music station, 99.9 KISS FM, in West Palm Beach.

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  1. Jacque

    Don Cox, was my dad. He got into problems such as alcohol and drugs before he met my mom and had his two daughters. I think it is so pathetic how most of what people write in articles about someone are the stories that arent important. And even more pathetic is how someone will only read the article if it involves things like that. My dad was an awesome father, DJ and person. Notice I didnt say drugie or alcoholic. People have to see through the “bait” for a story into the real person.

    • Stacia Peterson

      I loved don cox!!!!!!!he worked for my dad at radio station …I was a kid and I would hang out with him in Booth , god bless him and his family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, Stacia Peterson ✌️

  2. Bruce

    I grew up listening to Cox on the Radio. Today I thought where is he now. I found this and can only say I wish his family only the best. He will be missed I am sure from those that listened to him as I did on the Radio here in South Florida for so long. I been here since 1979. Rest in peace Cox on the Radio.

  3. Ken Stowar

    Always looked forward to hearing “Cox on the Radio” when visiting South Florida throughout the 80’s. I enjoyed his style. Great voice.
    Sorry to hear about his passing.
    While reading the story about Cox’s passing, it went through my mind that the recapping of his problems was unnecessary. I agree with his sons comment that more information about his achievments, etc. as a broadcaster, etc., would have been of much more interest.

  4. stephanie

    Oh my God. I moved up to Pennsylvania from Florida 3 years ago, and I used to listen to Cox on the radio whenever I got a chance. This is the first I’ve heard of him dying. My condolences to his family.

  5. Richard "Don" Cox

    I grew up in South Florida in the 1970’s and when I entered radio as a DJ,I was told I needed an “air name”…Dick Cox would not do,for obvious reasons…I picked “Don”,without evey having heard Don Cox on air,…later,I heard that magnificant voice of his and strived to be as good as he was…..I went on to be midday DJ at the 1984 ACM “Country Radio Station Of the Year” and several other large stations across America in a career that spanned 20 years.There was never a conflict in any radio markets involving our names…I am forever in debt to Don Cox…..Brother,I hope I did your name proud and may you rest forever in peace.It seems some people here on earth would not leave you alone..what a shame,it’s always the talented ones that are harassed because they don’t fall into a specific mold….Richard “Don” Cox

  6. Cynthia Lease

    I am shocked and very sad to hear of Don’s death.
    I was personally very close to him in the mid-70’s when he lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I cared about him deeply and thought of him often over the years, even though we were not in contact. Recently, I kept thinking of him, could not get him off my mind, and decided to search for an e-mail address for him, and instead found his death notice. I feel very sad about this.
    I extend my condolences to his family and friends.



  8. "Rock n' Roll Joel" Malkin

    I had long since heard from Cox’s passing, but was actually searching for info on the new “Cox Broadcasting” radio station on the 93.1 fm frequency. Fourth link into my search on Google, I found this Blog, so I thought I would post my thoughts. I am a 16 year radio personality in the Palm Beach market, but grew up in the Miami-Fort lauderdale area, listening to people like “Cox on the radio”, among others who have passed like Tramade Watts (who I had a chance to work with late in his career). I never met Don Cox, but one time when I was working my “entry level” job in the business (telephone researcher for Majic 102.7, back in 1988), I was out the day that Cox came into the station to pick up some concert tickets. My boss told him how he had an employee (me) that would often do impersonations of him in the office…I was told his response was the following:
    “Too bad he doesn’t make 100-grand a year doing it!” lol I will never forget that.
    To “Cox on the Radio”, Tramade Watts, Kevin Kitchens and all the other radio greats who have passed on…a day doesn’t go by when us radio “lifers” don’t have you in our minds when we flip on the mic and crank out the tunes.

  9. NYM

    I just recently heard about Don’s passing. We worked at Power 96 for almost 4 years from 1987-1991. He was a fun guy to work with. Every day was something new when he walked in the door for his afternoon drive shift. He was a hoot with that booming voice and cackle of a laugh. He’s with Cramer now and the two of them are raising hell somewhere.

  10. carol mcgowan

    I happened to come upon this site after searching to see what ever happened to the voices that made me make the career choice I did. I belive this “Cox on the radio” was the same voice from the late 70’s in Chicago on WEFM. If so, my condolences to his family. I belive I still have some autographed items he sent me.

  11. Bill Thompson

    I am shocked to hear of Don Cox’s death. I met Don when I pledged Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at the University of Georgia in 1969. At the time he was the night time jock on WRFC while attending school. He had many friends at the fraternity and attended many of our parties and also helped during Rush. I had subsequently heard him at WQXI in Atlanta and also in Miami in the early 70’s. I was always quite taken with his kindness and I loved hearing his wonderful voice on the radio. My condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed.

  12. Julian Northcott

    Don and his ex, Marty were at my first marriage. I worked with Don at Y100. He was great people. Am sorry to hear of his passing.

  13. Zorin

    “Power 96, Cox on the Radio….”
    So often did I hear him in the glory days of Power 96, when they still played good music and I looked forward to tuning in whenever I could. I remember Don Cox’s voice clearly as day, even though I haven’t heard it in years. He had an on-air personality that couldn’t be beat.
    Condolences to his family; he will be greatly missed.

  14. Johnny Saputo

    This is a shock! I googled his name and was hoping to find a station that he would be at. I had the pleasure of working with Don at “The World Famous Candy Store” in Fort Lauderdale and also Mr. Pip’s in Fort Lauderdale in the early 80’s through around ’87. He was the life of any location that he came to for a promo.
    Don, wherever you may be “Rest in Peace”
    Johnny “Mr. Pip” Saputo

  15. Carol G.

    Today 1-29-6 came upon this site. Grew up in Miami, worked at PolyGram Records where I met Don (was he a the “Y” then or 96X, I don’t remember. At WSVN we decided to do a video music show I told them Don was the man to host our show “Video Music Marathan.” So I worked with Don we would go to clubs and have dance contests nad the winners would be on the show tapings (everyone was winner. We had a great time and Don became a friend. I was a guest at Don & March’s wedding (that was in 80’s). I moved back to the Northeast and lost touch, we spoke a couple of times when I visited So. Fla. hoping to get together for a dinner. I’m not sure if the Don’s son who wrote the blog above is March’s son. Your Dad was a sweet man. I found him a sincere friend.
    On this January 2006 day, I sit here shocked to learn that he’s gone. I am so sorry for your loss. I always thought we would get together to “break bread,” as Don would say.
    I pray he is at home with the Lord in Heaven, and I may see him again someday. And I pray that you will be comforted.
    Phew, I’m still reeling, although he passed in 2003, he just passed to me.
    You are missed, “Cox on the Radio.”
    Carol Grilletto

  16. Jose

    I grew up listening to Cox on the Radio, in Miami…I knew of his passing and doing a search on S. Florida radio history came across this site…
    God bless him, he was a great DJ and of the people that knew him personally, he was always very highly regarded, though I know what drugs and alcohol do to people, it was known that he lived life at full speed!

  17. Joe

    I remeber Cox from the first true entertaining Television informacials for Kendall Toyota and his radio personality was like no other, RIP.

  18. Ez

    Don Cox was the shi* completely from head to toe. He came in on Saturdays’s and Sunday’s while I was at Power 96 in Miami. At first I was like WTF , but after hearing him get down, I was amazed at how many people loved his style on the radio. He knew his shi* and you knew who was running game when he turned that mic on. I was actually going through news stories and read that he died, and didn’t believe em. The man was incredible and regardless of his problems he had, he gets mad props and respect. RIP homie !

  19. Heath

    There was this joke that i heard in middle school in the early 80’s and it was:
    What’s dirtier then Grease on Olivia Newton John?
    Cum on Eileen (after the Dexy’s Midnight Runner song that was popular at the time.)
    Then there can a tag to the joke which went:
    What’s dirtier then that?
    Cox on the radio!!!!
    I just remembered that joke today after about 22 years and decided to do a web search on Don Cox.
    It’s sad to hear of his death even though it’s been three years.
    I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 8 years now and the radio stations out here suck!!!
    I fondly recall Cox on the radio with Y100 and Power 96.

  20. Tomas

    I grew up with Cox on the Radio and would like to extend my sincerest condolences to his family, albeit 3 years later (I live out West now),but I just wanted to remind you that he was a special soul who experienced a lot during his journey on Earth and he should be remembered as such. Thanks.

  21. Vince

    So sad to hear of Cox on the Radio passing…in the old Y100 days it was always a kick when he would have the girls call in with their best “Bye Cox”. After all these years I was just sitting here and thought of him and did a search…so he does live on. My condolences to his family.

  22. Samantha "Lucky" Cox

    WOW! I am sitting around with my friends, now recently living in NY, and decided to google my dad, Cox on the Radio, and I can not believe that even now 3 years later people are still posting wonderful things about my father! Thank you to everyone for your condolences, it means the world to me to see that so many people carry his memory and that voice that I, especially will never forget! I’ll see you in my dreams daddy. “Dream, dream, dream when I need you…”

  23. Scott S

    NO WAY!
    I can’t believe he died. I remember that time he was on the radio and locked himself in the DJ booth and played that same song all day long.
    We used to prank call him back when we were kids back in the 1980’s just messing around. He would try to change his voice and say we had the wrong #, but we knew it was him. Then we’d call back and the wife would answer and say he wasn’t home and was at the station. Man, that’s terrible. His last 4 digits of his phone was 0122 I think. I don’t know where we got his phone #.
    I remember when he came to my Junior High School one time. He seemed like a really cool dude. I used to listen to him on Y-100 and Power 96.
    This is really shocking news to hear that he died at such a young age. My prayers go out.

  24. oscar p

    Today i was listening to footie on the radio and heard that cox on the radio had died. I couldnt beileve it. He was special to me because i grew up listening to him and always thought he was one of the best. Ill never forget him and wish him gods speed were ever he is….sorry to his family …… love oscar

  25. Pat O'Brien

    I knew Don from WHYI in Ft. Lauderdale. He was one hell of a great guy and will be missed. He’s the only one in the broadcast business that I knew that shared by Sepember 1st birthday. Now on every 9/1 I’ll remember him and all the times we had.

  26. LizSanJuan

    Unbelieveable. Cox was the life of any location that he came to for a promo. I used to work at what was then called “Rainbow Toyota” back in the 80’s and Cox was there on the weekends doing promos..I’ll never forget how he would let us drive his Lexus around the parking lot and give us free shirts and CD’s..imagine at 18 years of age, that was like heaven. Anyway, his spirit will always live on! My condolences to his family.

  27. Rafael Barreras

    I had the pleasure of knowing Don Cox personally for a brief time in the late 80s and early 90s. I was a friend of his step-daugher Amy. I too, like many people, just found out that he passed even though it has been more than three years and it is a huge shock! I was friends with his family & was blessed to share a Thanksgiving dinner with them once. Even though he had that reputation out in the radio world, I came to know him as a decent person and family man. I know he is in a better place. I give my best to his widow March, his daughter Sam and his step-daugher Amy who I haven’t seen in 16 years and was an awesome friend. Thanks Don, March, Sam & Amy for being good friends. I miss you all and Don will be missed! God Bless you all

  28. Vance Phillips

    I was just listening to some old air-checks of “Cox on the radio”. He was UNBELIEVABLY gifted as a jock. His passion for the air waves is evident everytime he opened up the mic. I have never forgotten the first and only time I met Mr. Cox and I never will!! To his daughters Jacque and Samantha, know that your daddy was a very special man in life and an angel in death. God Bless you and the rest of your beautiful family!! South Florida still to this day, mourns the loss of Don Cox…Cox on the Radio. Rest in peace!! Vance Phillips

  29. JoJo Morales

    I spoke with Don just a few weeks before his death, and on a regular basis for about the last 2 years of his life. Last time I saw him was at a Dolphins Fan bar in Roswell, GA. We were friends for almost 30 years. It still hurts….

  30. doreen MAVRAGANIS


  31. marc

    I just look him up wondering whatever happened to him. I use to remember him on the radio when i would visit Miami He was the best!! R.I.P.

  32. Julie Mercado

    I can’t believe he’s gone…I found out about it a year ago and just found this sight. I remember I met him once at the Dade County Fair several years back…shortly after Gloria Estefan had her bus accident. He had a “get well” banner made for her so people can come over and sign it. I thought that was awesome! I also remember being about 11 years old…disguising my voice VERY well…and saying “goodnight” to him! He even offered to come to my house! LOL It was all in good fun though- Anyhow, my condolensces to his family…may he RIP!


    I am so sorry to hear this. I had the pleasure of being his neithbor years ago. In the spring of 1980 Don and his then wife (I think her name is Betty), moved down the hall from us at The Hollywood Hills Apts. They had just moved down from Chicago and he just had started with Y-100. The four of us hung out at the pool and partied at their apt. I always remembered his gun collection. After a few months, my then husband and I moved to our new home in Miami and Don and his wife moved to their new home in west Hollywood. Shortly after that is when Don had gotten into trouble and we lost contact.
    I will always remember him for his great sense of humor and giving ways. I am so shocked to hear of his death. I was wondering what ever happened to him since I have’nt heard his voice on the radio in a long time.
    My deepest sympathy to his family.

  34. Warren

    Today is 11-13-07, I was doing a search for Cox on the Radio to see where he was. I can’t believe this. I used to listen to Cox back in Chicago and then Miami. I met his step daughter Amy and she and I became friends. They had a nice condo on Miami Beach. Then we lost touch. WOW! I am surprised.
    My blessings to his family.

  35. Raisa

    Don Cox, wow! I grew up listening to him on Y-100! Does anyone remember when he locked himself in the studio and played Locomotion continuously for an hour? He was so funny and personable. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I was thinking of him and googles him, He lives on!

  36. Mark

    It is NO mistake that Y-100 and Power 96 had top ratings when Don Cox was on their station. We all have our struggles in life and Don had his. A voice that touched so many lives in the 80’s and 90’s will surely be missed. I wish the best to his family and loved ones. I’m a little late on this post for being in Orlando the past 7 years and didn’t hear of his passing. I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear of it. One thing is for sure. There will NEVER be another Cox On The Radio! The rest are just WANNA BE”S!!!!!

  37. Chris

    Every time I visited Miami (from London) I used to listen to Power 96 and “Cox on the radio”…he was a DJ like no other, certainly noone is on the air like him in the UK. A true legend!

  38. AL

    What a loss! I loved him when he was on I95 (WINZ) doing mornings with Ace Freely. I won tickets for the playboy singles cruise back in 1985 they did the early mornig scholar quiz. Cox was on the cruise and it was a non stop party. He was gifted and did radio better than any one. He had corny jokes and made them funny. I remember him appearing on an episode of miami vice and I think he was in the movie spring break.
    Coxy I know it has been a while since you past I mourn your loss.
    P.S. Say hi to Kramer the mid day man and know that your gravely voice is truly missed on the air.

  39. Kim Meyers

    Wow, Just came back from living in Hawaii for the past decade….. Don gone…. hard to believe.. We dated in between his marriages.. between Miami and Pittsburg….. he left me with a precious gift… a beautiful daughter.. thanks, Don…. when he and Betty returned to Florida, Betty said how much my daughter looked like him…. I never asked, nor wanted anything from him… Now as an adult my daughter is in radio……. Aloha radio… go figure… will always miss the great times with you… Kim

  40. Pablo Lopez

    I loved listening to Cox. I did not know of his passing 5 years ago till today. Wow..
    I’ll never forget the time that I met Cox at Casanovas in 1988 when he punched me in the stomach and then he bought me a drink!
    The guy was a nut but we loved hearing him on Y-100, 96X or Power96.
    Cox, we’ll ALWAYS remember you. You were ONE OF A KIND..

  41. mike garvonic

    I met Don and his wife March on a cruise back in the early 80’s and all of us on that cruise needed a week off after that to recuperate. Don and his wife March invited me and my then girl friend Becky back to their home and we had more fun then you could ever imagine. This was a side of Don that made him great. He was good hearted and he truely was good people and a great person. I am sure most of you didn’t know he got his start back in Detroit on WABX radio and actually was in the movie the Blues Brothers. He loved Miami and South Florida. Also his nick name of his daughter before she was born was Lucky. In closing Don will be missed by all and he will live on in all our memories.

  42. Samantha "Lucky" Cox

    ok, just checking out the blog. haven’t looked at it in awhile. umm, kim, im kind of freaking out. jacque and i might have another sister? please contact me. WOW! i doubt you’re lying, we would really like to know more details. how old is she? OMG! this is nuts.

  43. samantha taylor "lucky" cox

    to anyone else that visits this site please disregard comments from kim meyers. jac, amy and i dont have another sister fathered by don cox. i did not appreciate the false comment nor the time spent trying to find the truth. my father had 3 daughters: his step daughter amy, me, and jacque. whoever posted as kim meyers: karma is quite a powerful opponent. thank you to all that blog. my family appreciates the condolences.
    one love and peace for all <3

  44. jimmy bearden

    I just cane across this.(01/07/2009) I was one of Dons best friends in high school. my sincere condolences to all the family. JIM

  45. Hialeah boy

    as a kid i remember hearing him all the time and thought he was the biggest star and had the best job on earth! i ran into him at the Dade County Youth fair and meeting him was like meeting the biggest Hollywood celeb from me.
    back then no ipods,no internet, music sharing just Power 96 and “Cox on the radio” i used to cassette tape my favorrite songs and i wish i still had them around with his voice intro over the song.
    im here today listening to old 80s freestyle and a flashback just hit me. i googled his name to see what he was up to. like many here i did not know of his passing. those power 96 djs in the late 80s were the epitimy of coolness in Miami. Cox lead the charge.

  46. formerly "Laen Reeves"

    I came across this page accidentally–but I wanted to express my condolences re: Don’s passing. I had heard about it back several years, and was really saddened by the news. I worked in radio for a few years–but even before that time, I was a professional musician–and I have such vivid memories of Don and that wicked sense of humor when we used to work on Discovery I cruiselines Friday night cruises…He was always cracking jokes, and I still have my personal copy of the Simpson’s Rap–a recording which he personalized to me and my musical partner, describing us as “out of control.” It was always a treat when I’d stumble across him in radio (and there was some stumbling, yes—but our last meeting was at a time when we were both very healthy and sober)… I remember I had an audition on a talk station as part of a panel of personalities..and I had some nervousness about it–until I opened up the studio door and saw Don sitting there in the chair next to mine! What a fantastic time I had with him–he was a consummate performer–intelligent, quick witted and so much fun. God stopped making them that way once he created Don.
    My best wishes to his widow and the kids…he will always be fondly remembered by me–alive and kicking!

  47. frank morales

    let me tell you that i was so sad when i heard cox had passed away ,i grew up listening to cox on the radio on i95 fm in miami in the early 80 s and he had quite a great style that he made you listen to his station more and more … the good old days of radio are gone .. may he rest in peace ..

  48. R. Sean Burton

    I also grew up listening to “Cox on the radio.” I also remember when he was “Cox on the TV” for Channel 33 WBFS “Florida’s Superstation”!–he “V.J.’ed the afternoon cartoons. Today being 8 June 2009, I searched the net to see what he was up to. I was saddened to see that he passed away. It looks like I was in Afghanistan when he passed. I have spent more time in recent years AWAY from my home in South Florida, but will always remember that South Florida is my home. Jaques, Samantha, — we will remember your dad for the great guy that he is. Bless you all,
    Sean Burton

  49. Mike

    Today I thought I would find out what happened to “Cox on the Radio” and was shocked to find out he had passed on. I remember listening to Cox for many years on Power 96 and Y-100 while I lived in Miami. God Bless.

  50. Melissa Davidson-Heuser

    I grew up in Hollywood and Ft.Lauderdale,in thelate 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and I fondly remember “Cox On The Radio” from Y100 and Power 96 fm. He was a great man! One year in the early 80’s Y100 had a contest for Christmas, and we had no money for Christmas, Y100 and Don Cox sponsered us, and Don fullfilled one of my brother Joshua’s wishes at the time, he was only about 5, the wish to go on the radio and be a DJ with “Cox On The Radio” they not only blessed us with Christmas gifts, but they put my brother on the air! It was one the best Christmas memories ever! I moved from there about 14 years ago, but today missing home, I looked up Cox On The Radio and saw he was gone. I am so sad. He was a great man. A BIGG Thank you from my heart to you Don, “Cox On The Radio,” and many blessings to his family.

  51. DJ Robin Fox

    I am sad to hear of Cox’s death. He was a great friend to us and very instrumental in helping my career. He was a personal buddy and I remember when he was in recovery he was at his best! He played golf like a pro and lived life to the fullest..we laughed so much and he always talked about me on the radio which annoyed me but he knew best he really did! My love to his family and we will always remember you! RIP

  52. March Cox

    Well, thank you Samantha for clearing up the Kim Meyers BS. That really pissed me off. I may have been Daddy’s fourth and final wife, but I still have claim to his only children. Wow, reading this blog was too painful in earlier years so today is the first time I’ve read it all the way through. I have tears in my eyes but I’m not losing it like I would have before. Sam and Jac (both girls) and I kinda of have this feeling sometimes Don comes to visit. I know it sounds crazy but pictures actually have fallen off the wall, a light in his room has gone on by itself. We’ve all felt his presence. So I know he is still with us, watching over us. He, we were crazy. I will never stop loving him even through life must move on. Sometimes I get so mad at you Don for leaving us and then I remember you were sick and in pain and so I know you are in a better place and have a whole lot of great souls with you. Til death do we part does not really apply. I miss you bringing me home flowers almost every night there for a while. When we first lived together you would call on your way home and ask if Amy or I wanted anything (Samantha and Jacque weren’t born yet). I’d yes a candy bar, you’d say which one, you chose I’d say – you would bring home 10 candy bars because you couldn’t decide but you always, always wanted to please not just me but everyone. Remember you used to say, “If you tell me you don’t like me, I’ll follow you around all day until you tell me you do.” Well, as you can see, plenty of people liked you a lot. And I’m sure there are more. Thank you for our beautiful daughters and for always watching over us. Your wife, March

  53. MIke

    I posted a few months earlier but I wanted to add something I just thought of. During the mid to late 80’s there was in my mind two Don’s that ruled in South Florida. Don Johnson of Miami Vice and Don Cox at Power 96. I still remember whenever I heard Cox on the radio play the Miami Vice theme on Friday afternoons (Miami Vice aired on Friday evenings back then) I would get goose bumps. Man what a blast that was back then! The whole music scene in Miami at that time was so alive and vibrant and Power 96 with Don Cox brought it to us like no one else could. I really miss it. But it’s a great memory – one that I will never forget. God Bless you Don!

  54. Bruce Kelly

    I had the distinct, memorable honor of programming and competing on air against Don – he @ Y-100, me @ 96X – then replacing him @ Y – THEN – having him back on Y after leaving Y for Wash, DC…..will never forget the “All Day Cox-Suckers” contest of the late 70’s. A gentle person and one-of-a kind talent. God Bless DC.

  55. Chuck LaMont

    I was devastated to learn of the death Don in 2003
    from Neil Rodgers who was working at WQAM at the time. I’ve worked in Miami radio most of my adult life at all the biggies and knew Don through all the Miami radio circles, he was such a great guy and wow, what an on-air personality. I remember a story when he was working at a station in Chicago during rating sweeps the station was giving away on-air, on Don’s show, lolly-pops calling them “COX SUCKERS, wow what a great gimmick and what a laugh..:) I last heard from Don via-e-mail about 6 months before his passing as I was ribbing him about looking old and haggered (tounge-in-cheek) doing Toyota TV spots for an Orlando dealership but he said he couldn’t be more happier, and I was glad to hear that. Don, your missed deeply by me and all of your radio friends you’ve made throughout the years, the airwaves will never be the same without YOU.

  56. Robert Tivari

    I was wondering whatever happened to Don Cox and I’m saddened to hear that he passed away 7 years ago. I was a kid growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s and I remember him fondly from the old I-95 station and Power 96. I too remember he used to host the cartoon block “Funshine Festival” on WBFS 33. Man, this sucks

  57. Doug

    I have to apologize that the reason I stumbled on this blog was because I needed to relate something about Rick Sanchez self destruction this week on a different forum. I won’t say what or why because it would be in very bad taste for a memorial blog.
    I’ve got a few Don Cox memories too. In the late 80’s and early 90s, the sound company I worked for did a lot of Power 96’s events, so Don was at several of them. More important, before I moved to town I was touring nationally with a tribute band. In 82, Don was the MC for a few of our shows at a couple of the Miami area Crowns when he was with 102.7 before they became Majic.
    The last time I saw Don was at Woody’s on Biscayne. I think this was in 2000. We chatted a little about his involvement with Kendall Toyota and I never saw or heard of him again.
    I’m 55 now and it is very distressing to learn that I have contemporaries who have passed away at my age and younger.

  58. Ronnie Gonzalez

    March i hope you are doing well and that 2011 brings you manny blessings. I remember the times we had while at FIU trying to get a degree and I appreciate you asking me to dinner to meet “Cox on the Radio” one evening. Cox was a complete gentleman during my visit…a character…but very down to earth and generous. I keep his stories about the business and his earlier years saved in my head for when I need them…he was great. I went in meeting “Cox on the Radio” and left knowing Don Cox a little better. Again. I hope you are well. Ronnie Gonzalez

  59. ryan

    Cox on the radio was an icon in the day of my growing up. At the time I wasnt even a teenager but listened to him , with no option of my teen sisters and grew and appreciation of 1 of the most famous DJs’ along side of Wolfman Jack.

  60. Geno

    I heard an old CKLW aircheck from 1970 that was supposedly of him on a midday air shift using the name of Don “Do R
    un” O’Brien. Any confirmation of this?

  61. CJ

    I grew up listening to Cox on the radio and he was able to keep me awake in the mornings, which is saying a lot. I still talk about the “Smuggler’s Blues morning”. It is still one of my favorite memories growing up. He is my all time favorite DJ. Blessings to his family.

  62. Bill Thompson

    I just had to return to this blog to catch up on other rememberances of Don Cox. Hard to believe my last blog was written this month in 2005, almost 6 years ago! Knowing how much he was loved by everyone who knew him over the years is no surprise to me. Also reading the blogs from March and his kids have brought a tear to my eye. At U of Georgia we became good friends and I was always taken by his kindness and his talent on the radio…the best voice on the planet! The last time I saw Don was way too long ago at the frat house in Athens soon after he got the gig at WQXI in Atlanta. He was so excited! I then heard his voice in later years when I passed through Miami on the way back to Atlanta. I am rambling here and will stop now. I just want to be known as another admiring friend of Don Cox, a true radio giant and a giant of a man. My best wishes to March, Sam, Jac and Amy.

  63. Alex

    I was thinking about the good days of music and the DJ’s that I remembered and Cox on the radio was the first on my list. Cox you are truly missed there will never be anyone like you.
    Cox tell bo and kreamer that we miss tham as well and you will never be forgotten.

  64. Martin

    I also grew up listening to Cox on the Radio. He was always around so many artist and singer, cause of course that way his job. Remembering him getting off of his corvette, ( don’t remember the color) at Manhattan’s in South Miami. Wow those were the great day. I don’t recall ever seeing him drunk or any thing like that. Just the good music he would play. R . I . P Cox.

  65. Chely Gil

    I googled Cox on the Radio and was shocked and upset when I learned of his passing. I remember the girls calling him to say good night (good night coxie foxy)… It still makes me smile. he was fun and talented, witty… I listened to Cox on the radio as much as I could… Many of us did. I will always remember him. My condolences to his family.

  66. Rick Melville

    I first met Don as a freshman at Truitt McConnell college in 1967. He was a guy to look to for experience in surviving college life. His outgoing personalty filled our dorm. So sorry to read about his untimely death. I believe he had a brother named Danny Cox.

  67. frank brameister

    Having just heard of the passing(1/18/2016)of the Eagles founding member Glen Frey I instantly thought of his solo hit “SMUGGLERS BLUES”).It is impossible for me to heat that song without thinking of Don(Cox on the radio)Cox.One of my fondest memories is of him was of him playing SMUGGLERS BLUES for his entire 5 hour show one day in 1984.Don Cox and Glen Frey will forever be linked together in my mind.

  68. Mitch Z

    I own a terrific aircheck of Don Cox at Y100 that I recorded on my JVC M-90 boom box in Aug. of 1983. It is on a Miami Ft.-Lauderdale market profile that I made during a visit there. Cox was very interesting. It sounded like they were keeping him on a sort leash, with very abbreviated breaks, but still outstanding. He was fired shortly after that. The reason the station gave for his dismissal was “his act was too ‘up-front’. Hmmm. Didn’t he get kicked by the moving dog on the “Coppertone” billboard on interstate 95? That made headlines. Don Cox is missed!

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