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Fred Tuttle


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Fred Tuttle, a retired farmer, actor and U.S. Senate candidate, died on Oct. 4. Cause of death was not released. He was 84.
Tuttle quit school in the 10th grade to work as a dairy farmer. In his 70s, he became a local icon when he appeared in the low budget movie, “A Man With a Plan,” a political spoof about a Vermont dairy farmer who runs for the U.S. Senate.
In 1998, filmmaker John O’Brien persuaded Tuttle to actually enter the GOP Senate primary as a publicity stunt. Tuttle’s “campaign” was a grassroots effort; he capped his general election campaign spending at $16.
Amazingly, Tuttle won 54 percent of the vote. He then dropped out of the race and endorsed his Democratic opponent, Sen. Patrick Leahy.
Tuttle Interview With NPR

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  1. jesse orr

    I will never forget fred! I remembered that for the very first time i met him was at the east randolph bean supper. When i came up to him and introduced myself to him and his wife dottie then he and i were friend very quickly. his humor and the fun times always made me smiled. I was so happy that i got to meet fred tuttle with my mother. Then he invited me to come over to see his place. We went up there and he showed us his cozy house. I think that dottie was right that fred is a ham. I really enjoyed visiting him and seeing him when i was in vt. After i graduated in the class of 2000, i tried to invite fred tuttle to my graduation ceremony. He and his wife couldnt make it, but at the tunbridge fair i saw him. He decided to give me a cd that includes him talking. A cd called Spred Fred Talks. I was pleased that he told me that he would put his autograph on the picture of the cd. After that when he had his eye operation, we saw him at the history of vt exibition in tunbrige. I was happy to see him again. He told me that it was very hard to identify his wife with one eye with the other all covered up. Me and my mother was laughing about that! I was very pleased to see him. Most of the times when i have nothing to do, i usually call him up to say hello to cheer him up. Then, i think the last visit i went up to see him was in July. When we drove up to his cozy house and got to see fred there with dottie. He showed us all his scrapbooks of his clipping of the news, pictures and etc. Then when he passed away, my mom didnt want to tell me that untill i got home for 5 days off from the job corps in bangor, me. When i saw his picture on a card i was smiling that i thought he gave me a card. But then when my mom was showing her expression of a sad face. I didnt know untill i said ” He died? “. She nodded yes and i was in tears. Untill now today i will have great memories i had with fred. I still have the video of him that he made. I will never forget a man with a plan which is Fred Tuttle! Rest in peace Fred. From your best buddy, Jesse Orr

  2. Adam Page

    I don’t personnaly know fred but I know that he is a great man. I saw is movie and I want to be just like him when I’m going to be older. I just found out that he passed away on October 2003 and I’m very sad. He was my idol. At my school in Quebec, everybody know Fred. I talked to everybody about him. I wish that I could meet him before but now it is to late. I just love his movie. Thankyou Fred Tuttle for all the great things you did!
    Adam Page

  3. Mark Munroe

    I was lucky enough to meet Fred around 1998 while camping in VT. I was and still am, a huge fan of “A man with a plan”. I drove by his fathers home just to see if maybe Fred was out and about. Sure enough he was. He was out talking to a bunch of bicyclists and I walked up and said,”hello Mr.Tuttle”. He wanted to know how I knew his name 🙂 He ended up taking my Ex Girlfriend and myself down to his home and we met his wife Dot. He showed us all around the house and yard and even invited us in to show us photos from the movie. He kept asking me if I would come back to visit him. Unfortunatly,I never got that chance, but I am very fortunate I got to spend some time with him and to know him a little better!
    Mark Munroe

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