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Dwain Weston


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Dwain Weston, a daredevil BASE jumper and skydiver from Australia, died on Oct. 5 after one of his high-flying stunts went awry. He was 30.
Weston was a world-renowned athlete known for BASE jumping from towers, cliffs and buildings. He logged over 1,100 BASE jumps in 10 countries without injury, and served as the president of the Australian BASE Association.
Over the weekend, he participated in the Go Fast Games, where he jumped off the 1,053-foot-high Royal Gorge Bridge with 40 other BASE jumpers. After the competition ended, Weston parachuted out of a plane in Canon City, Colo., and miscalculated his distance from the bridge. Weston hit a railing and fell into the rocks below.
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  1. A friendly co-worker

    I only had the privilege of Dwain’s acquaintance for a few months. During that time he proved to be an articulate, nice, intelligent, intensely focused, technically adept teammate. The world is a better place because of him, and I will miss him greatly. I only wish that we’d been co-workers for a much longer time.

  2. Jeremy

    I saw a tribute show about him on oln and he seems like a great guy.I think that basejumping is an incredible sport and i enjoyed the show very much. No of course i didnt know him. I am only 13 years old and simply watched tv. i personally wont get into basejumping because i love my life and am not ready to die. But if i do die then i will go to heaven because i am a strong christian……i hope Dwaine was too

  3. robert legerton

    I saw the oln network premier and have to say what a tragedy. Dwain looked like the true spiritual athlete and really looked like he loved the sport like no other. I am not a base jumper, I am a surfer/ bmx freestyler. I have endured the pains of learning, I tell myself that if there is a day I do not learn something, that will be the day I die, to me, Dwain died because he had nothing else to learn, for that instance before he died, he knew everything and was at peace with himself. I hope others feel the same, and take these words seriously, life is not a game it is a contest, you win, loose, or tie.

  4. Josh

    Same as the 2 above, I saw the story on OLN. He seemed like such a laid back, good hearted guy. He did some incredible jumps, I believe his glory will truely live on through his family and friends.

  5. charlie

    i also saw the show on OLN and have since than become very interested on the subject. I think dwain seemed like someone who diserves to be remembered for what he has done forever. I hope he has found what he was looking for on the other side.

  6. squidaudio

    we should all do what we love. that’s what dwain did. Growing old is a drag. Why not go out with a bang? We are only on this earth a short time. Live life to it’s fullest. He probably thought of his girlfriend before he hit. Fairwell my friend. You lived it your way.

  7. Admirer

    Dwain truly was an inspiration to many including myself, the public hasn’t seen half the ‘crazy’ stuff him and his friends pulled off, without a scratch mind you!
    Cheers to Dwain and the others like him!
    I truly wish that I could live my life like that, maybe someday…

  8. Josh

    i saw it on oln too. man that was intense…i really hope he was a Christian. im only 12 but i absolutely love all the extreme sports….wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, wakeskating, and i cant go basejumping or skydiving yet but i know i will be out there someday. i can’t wait.

  9. emily

    he was an awasome BASE jumper who totally changed the sport around. he actually has really showed me how fun but dangerous the sport can be. i’m only 13 but seriously considering BASE jumping.

  10. ryan

    saw a show on him last night amazing guy i used to skydive for a while, made me want to do it again. tragic end but it seems he would have wanted it that way. looking forward to my first base jump this year

  11. mckay

    does it really matter what religion he was? i mean he died doing what made him happy.im only 13 as well,and want to base jump one day.base jumping isnt a way to die its a way to have fun and happy.dwain was one of the best and he wanted to pull it to the edge. he died for his sport and a part of his life. life isnt long at all.base jumpers arent flirting with death they’re just living their lives.and i hope to be a base jumper one day.

  12. JR

    Dwain IS the best base jumper that ever lived.
    Fly free brother.
    To all the young guys thinking about Base jumping, think about it seriously, and i mean very seriously again and again. It’s the most serious sport you can do, all ‘fun’ aside you have to accept theres a good chance BASE will kill you. And please, please, get the required skydiving experience before even considering it.

  13. Deb McKee

    Learning about Dwain Weston changed my life. I saw a documentary on him last year and was both invigorated and heartbroken. I would even say that his story changed my life. I’m a “safe” girl who limits physical challenges to hiking and I cannot even swim. But I’ve always wanted to be braver and push my limits. When I do, I think of Dwain. And, there is much to be said for the abstract, emotional, spiritual rituals of base jumping that happen off of cliffs that no one else can see. Namaste, Dwain.

  14. Keith Fellmy

    The “Fearless” show just aired about this guy. It’s said to see, but we should all go out of this world doing what we love to do. I would much rather die on my street luge or downhill skateboard than driving to work and getting killed.
    The good part is that they (Jeb and Dwain’s girlfriend) are still jumping. They didn’t get “scared” and quit.

  15. Aidan

    Same as above we just got this Fearless show on A1 (Adventure one, Foxtel) featuring Jeb Corliss and Dwain Weston.
    Cut to the chase the whole show was amazing! Even more moving was the pioneering ways and achievments of Dawain and his BASE life, so much so, that I’m seriously even considering taking up the sport and lifstyle myself.
    I guess it’s just like what Jeb was talking about, pleasure vs risk/death. These guys probably enjoy life more than anyone else on the planet in half the time. Whether they go in or not its what I call ‘living’.

  16. Damo

    Dwain my fellow Aussie….i believe what set u apart from most people had nothing to do with basejumping.It was the courage u had to battle and defeat the biggest demon anyone on this planet has and thats the one that lurks in us all- FEAR.can anyone reading this forum honestly say they have stared their own demon face to face ,eye to eye and manage to overcome it totally?Never give up this battle and settle for less…only when u have truely defeated your own fear and do not fear death can u really live no matter what your passions are …..fly free mate…peace all…….

  17. Dennis

    If you don’t follow your dreams in life you are already DEAD!!!
    In this world there are followers, leaders and then people breaking the limits to create new realities. Who we are or like to be is our choice.
    Dwain, thank you for your great work and inspiration. Fly free champ…
    Jeb, keep up the good work…

  18. T.H.

    “If you BASE jump long enough…YOU DIE!!!”
    If you don’t BASE jump at all..YOU DIE!!!.. if you are not already dead inside!
    Rest in Peace

  19. Nick

    What a fool.
    That was his first time skydiving that style, and he wanted to skim the bridge by ‘5’ feet !
    He miscalculated, made a mistake, and foolishly ended what could have been a gloriously bright future.

  20. jon

    since i heard about base jumping i knew i wanted to try it. thee two biggest deciding factors for me were the fearless show and i heard that it has the highest death rate for extream sports. im not suicidal and dont have a death wish. i just know its a huge rush especialy with that in the back of your mind, and face it, you can get killed going to get your mail by a car or get sick and die from eating a pb&j. if i did die base jumping i would be happy and thats how i want to go, flying. im 22in 2 months and its my dream to base jump befor i die. is there any were i can go and do it with out any ex? also no offense but is there any were i can see the unedited video of dwain weston’s accident?

  21. angela ritter

    i remember dwain as a really fun guy, really friendly, friend of family.
    he was the driver of the car in my sisters wedding. i was 14 at the time.
    i was shocked to know he ended his life so early. wish i got to know him better.

  22. Lee G

    I found out about Dwaine through follwing his co Wing-pilot/base jumper and friend Jeb. Like many others in this blog. I too find Dwaine and Jeb amazing. Inspiring is often an over used word, but in this case it is the most accurate word. We do only get one chance at life. Depends on your beliefs anyway. If you believe in reincarnation, you may come back as the bridge itself.;) But as I heard both Jeb and Dwaine say in one film I watched of them, they said, life is simply made up of continuous experiences. It is up to you, what those experiences are and what you choose to get out of life. Its up to you, whether you choose to have an experience of lying in bed each day waiting to die or sit in an office each day. Personally as a professional yachtsman who races across oceans and around the globe, I choose to have lots of experiences to do with mother nature. Still dangerous at some time or another. But I have a little more control over the dangerous bit.
    So in short, they still inspired me, to try to push the boundries a little more, push my comfort zone a little and get more experiences.
    But on a whinging note. Nick who posted on the 7th April 2008 at 04:05hrs in the morning. GET A LIFE! Also get your facts straight! It wasn’t his 1st time diving that style. They both wanted to dive close proximity. Not as close as 5feet, thats what the TV Crews say to hype up the programme.
    In the link below you can see a near 50minute documentry about Jeb which includes the accident!
    Remember, 1LIVE, LIVE IT!

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