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Frank Boudewyns


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Frank Boudewyns, the co-founder and CEO of Alternatives Inc., a substance abuse program for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, died on Oct. 26 from complications of hepatitis C. He was 56.
Boudewyns and his partner, Michael Ralke, organized Christopher Street, a state-funded treatment center for gays in Minneapolis, in 1973. The two-year program was a success and helped several hundred people find sobriety in an environment of social acceptance for their sexual preferences.
When Boudewyns and Ralke moved to California in the late 1970s, they continued to help gays and lesbians deal with their substance abuse problems. During the 1980s, the couple co-founded a chemical dependency clinic at Los Angeles Midway Hospital, which eventually expanded to help gays afflicted with HIV and AIDS.
In 1993, they established Alternatives Inc., the only gay-owned and operated alcohol, drug and mental health program in the United States.

3 Responses to Frank Boudewyns

  1. Linda Boudewyns

    Frankie, is my cousin. Our Fathers were brothers.
    we grew up together, and we always had fun when
    we were together. Frankie lived in Highland and
    my family lived in West St. Paul. I always think
    of Frankie and how much fun we had at “x-mas”
    because my Parents would rent a Santa Claus, and
    all my cousin’s were there and of course, Santa
    would have his big red bag, and we all got present’s from Santa. we always had WONDERFUL
    times together, which I will always treasure.
    I Love Frankie, and He will always be in my
    prayers,and will always remain MY FAVORITE COUSIN.

  2. Michelle Boudewyns

    I dont know if we were related or not but ive heard of all the things that he has achieved and he will be greatly missed

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