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Bobby Hatfield


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bhatfield.jpgRobert Lee Hatfield, one half of The Righteous Brothers, was found dead in his hotel room on Nov. 5. Cause of death was heart failure due to acute cocaine intoxication. He was 63.
The “Blond Bomber” grew up Anaheim, Calif. In his early 20s, he met Bill Medley and formed the band, the Paramours. After playing at college proms and local bars, they changed the band’s name, signed a recording contract with Moonglow Records and released their debut single, “Little Latin Lupe Lu.” A year later, The Righteous Brothers hooked up with producer Phil Spector and became rock stars.
The duo’s breakthrough came in 1965 when they hit No. 1 on the music charts with the ballad, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.” The song eventually became the most played song in the history of American radio.
Five more Top 10 singles followed, including the chart topper, “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration.” The 1964 Righteous Brothers song, “Unchained Melody,” was rediscovered and became a romantic classic when it was used in the 1990 film, “Ghost.” In the past decade, it sold more than 1 million copies and earned Hatfield and Medley a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance By a Duo or Group With Vocals.
The Righteous Brothers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. Fifty years after they first formed, the duo annually performed 60 to 80 shows together. They were scheduled to give a concert in Kalamazoo, Mich., when Hatfield died.
The Righteous Brothers Discography

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  1. Michelle Morrow

    I have seen the Righteous Brothers every time they came to Merriville Indiana at the Star Plaza. I grew up on their music. I will truely miss him. He was a very kind person with a wonderful talent. Both Righteous Brothers were very gifted.

  2. Kathy Cleveland

    The Righteous Brothers are one of a kind and will never be duplicated. Bobby and Bill were the perfect duet for the music, style, class, and words that every and anyone ever in love felt. I am a true fan and have been since 1964 and never missed a concert when in Houston, TX. I pray for Bobby’s family because I know the pain I am in and their’s must be unbearable. He was and will always be a Righteous Brother and no one can fill those shoes. I also pray for Bill and his pain. Thank you so very much for the timeless, most wonderful music made.

  3. nanci rogers

    To Bill the RB band,Linda and the family, we are so very sorry that Bobby has left us here on Earth to carry on without him. He was such a talent and a wonderful individual. Bill and the band have done a super job keeping the music alive. We will meet again in Heaven and until then we miss you Bobby.
    Oh and to the guy who posted the sniff sniff message: get a life. Your obviously are a poster boy for birth control.

  4. mem

    Thank you so much for the music, my favorite is unchained melody, which, although I am a teenager, my dad still sings to me each night, (It use to be one of many lullabies)love the music, drugs are terrible things, ret in peace Mr. Hatfield!

  5. Lady

    I have love the RB music since my teens in the 60’s. So sad that Bobby had let the drug take over his life. There will never be another duo like the RB. Thankfully we still have the Everly Bros. around.

  6. Maxine

    You’re My Soul& Heart Inspriration, Just Once In My Life, Unchained Medley, You’ve Lost That Lovin Feelin!! What GREAT songs. What WONDERFUL memories. I can’t even begin to thank you. I was in Vegas one day before Bobby’s demise. Promised myself I would catch one of the the Righteous Brothers performances. The next morning I heard on CNN that he had passed. I cried all day. Rest well. And thanks for the memories.
    Maxine Lathan
    Chicago, IL

  7. Judi Savoy

    I’ve been a RB fan since the 60’s–and they were
    truly blue-eyed SOUL!!! There’s NEVER been anyone
    like ’em before and there will never be again.
    Bobby left us way too soon and from causes that
    were way too preventable, and that makes me angry!
    He and Bill gave us more great music and memories
    than most people get in a lifetime! But, what’s
    done is done. I’m going to be looking for you
    Bobby when I get to the Other Side, so you’d
    better hide well!

  8. Susan Kipping

    The Righteous Brothers were pure magic. Their music touched me deeply and got me through some rough times. I loved them the minute they hit the airwaves. I’m listening to them right now and I still get chills. Thanks Bobby.

  9. Alice Berry

    We just tonight saw Bill’s show at the new Dick Clark American Bandstand theater in Branson. Bill did a beautiful tribute to Bobby which included a touching video of them together and it’s very obvious how much he misses him. Thank God Bobby will never be completely lost to us as we still have those wonderful songs to listen to.

  10. sue fagan

    I seen bobby sing a few years ago and his voice hadn’t changed. no-one’s perfect and he made a mistake and unfortunately paid for it with his life. i’ll never forget him. R.I.P. BOBBY X X X

  11. Bobbie

    I always listened to the music of the Righteous Bros. from the time T heard ” You’ve Lost that Lovin Feeling.” I was very shocked to hear of his death from a cocaine overdose. My prayers go out to the Hatfield family and his wonderful partner of 42 years, Bill Medley.

  12. Debbie from Arlington TX

    “Once in my Life” is my favorite. If only, our current so called singers would imitate this awesome pair in every aspect.

  13. Nigel Groom

    Bobby had an amazing voice. Regretably, particularly in Great Britain where I am from, some reasonably good singers make the mistake of trying to sing unchained melody. It is impossible to improve on perfection and I just hope that eventually other singers learn to let this song rest in peace with Bobby because no one from either side of the Atlantic can or will ever come close!

  14. Van Johnson

    I was never abel to see them in person, but they
    have always been at the top of the charts for me.
    I Heard “You’ve lost that loving feeling” when
    it first came out, and have been a fan ever since.
    Thanks so much for all the great music and memories. They will always be #1 in my book.

  15. Pam Conkin

    I was fortunate enough to see the Righteous Bros at Bill Medley’s club in LA. This had to be about thirty yrs ago. It was simply called Medley’s. My girfriend & I drove up from San Diego for the dinner & show. It was fantastic as the showroom was not very big. There will never be another duo like them. I still enjoy Bill Medley & just saw him last Nov at the Bluewater Casino in Parker…

  16. Franny

    Having been a fan for so long i still find it hard to belive this man is not longer on earth but i bet he is singing with the angles and we will allhear him again at sometime in the future. Thank you Bobby X

  17. Pam

    The first time I saw and heard the Righteous Brothers was on TV and I was 10 years old.Well,these few words cannot begin to explain my feelings.Not only were they great singers,they were great looking too!!!!!!! I will always enjoy their music and remember them as A CLASS ACT AND SUPER TALENT.


    The RB were great. Amazing voices. One of my favourites is “Little Lapin Lu pe Lu. I’ve got their Best Hits CD and play it every day in my car. Pure Magic… there is no one like them today.

  19. kari

    The Righteous Brothers are one of my most favorite. I was born 1979. I wanted so bad to go see them in concert. Does anybody know if any of them are still alive or have a fanmail address that I could write to? I was so sad and heart broken when Bobby Hatfield died. But they all, will always be my most favorite musicians.

  20. cathy g

    my favorites from the first time i heard them.
    got to see thewm twice in atlanta. took my 15 year old daughter & she loved them. no one else compares. bobby’s voice can still make me cry.

  21. Janice

    I love the music and still do.I was able to see a live concert in Red Bank,NJ for the 40th anniversary of Bill and Bobby’s music.It was great and I will never forget it.
    They were the best and the music will never die.

  22. Freida

    I grew up listening to the Righteous Brothers. I was fortunate enough to see them in person one time. Bobby was one of the best singers in the world. I was so saddened by his death. I still listen to his music. No one today could ever be as good as he was !! Thank you Bobby for the great music !!

  23. Tom R.

    Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield were two of the most memorable musicians of my generation. Hatfield was incredible and for me very sorely missed. If you want to hear the awesome range of his voice, listen to “Ebb Tide”, my personal favorite. I hope you knew how much you meant to some of us, Bobby.

  24. Codfish John

    I will always dig their music. They were in a class by themselves. When I hear one of their songs today, I am usually in my car and I crank up the volume…….such a unique and elevating sound.
    There are certain singers whose songs are seldom, if ever, sung by other artists. Names like Roy Orbison, The Platters and The Righteous Brothers.
    Gone but never forgotten.

  25. ron

    i grewup im nearly same age as the rightious brothers and what music and songs they gave us we cant forget them but way up younder in heaven one day we all can pray to hear the beutiful sounds again depest simpathy to the hatfield family

  26. Nancy Silva

    I’ve been a fan of the Righteous Brothers for a long time. I use to see them at Hampton Beach New hampshire. What a show they put on. We looked forward to seeing them every year. Hampton Beach is not the same without the Righteous Brothers.
    I was sad to here of Bobby’s passing. God bless Bobby’s family.

  27. james howard

    Unchained Melody ,and the Righteous Brothers ,are staples ,,thank you so much for your contribution to the music industry ,miss you

  28. Barney B

    I saw the Guys in their very last show together in Vegas in late Oct 03, they were as good as they ever were.
    Probably the best live show I ever witnessed.
    The Phil Spector sound will never die and will never fade away.
    Up there with the best.
    Thanks for the memories.

  29. Chris

    I have loved the music since they made the charts in the 60’s and have recently rediscovered their immense talent and play their music frequently,miss u Bobby.

  30. Monica

    I loved Bobby and was asked out by him to sneaky pete’s the righteious bros were playing at the cave in vancouver 1975 I believe .
    I saw bill in concert last weekend January 2010 and he mentioneed bobby and his songs and showed his picture on scene.Bill was wonderful and the memories brought me to tears,but I was hoping Bill would have played Bobby singing unchained melody.The only thing missing in a pracically perfect show.Maybe next time Bill.
    (remember u Bobby and your music always with love ,
    Monica Mcnamara
    at the concert.

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