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Joan Perucho


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jperucho.jpgJoan Perucho, an award-winning Spanish author, died on Oct. 30 from cirrhosis of the liver. He was 82.
Perucho studied to become a lawyer in Barcelona, then opted to make literature his life’s work. He drew attention from the literary world in 1947 with the poetry collection, “Under the Blood.” But it was the translation of his 1960 vampire novel, “Natural History,” that earned him international recognition and praise.
Known for writing in his native language, Catalan, Perucho received Spain’s National Letters Prize in 2002. He also won the National Critics’ prize and the National Prize for Literature.

3 Responses to Joan Perucho

  1. Sam Freilich

    Natural History was wonderful. It grieves me that other works of prose [and poetry] of Mr. Perucho have not been translated into English.

  2. Lyle Rexer

    I want to add to Perucho’s fame. We know all about Calvino, Borges and Sciascia, and for that matter Bioy Casares, but Perucho should be shoulder to shoulder with them in history’s march. He needs to be translated into English, even if no one will read him. Where are the academics when we need them?

  3. Sam Freilich

    It grieves me that other books by Joan Perucho were never published in English — or at least not in the United States. Natural History was published by Knopf and, I believe, quite popular — I wondered if they considered publishing other works by Perucho?
    His poetry, also, is excellent. Using internet translation services some of his poetry is able to be [reasonably] translated.
    Here’s to you — Senor Perucho!
    Sam Freilich — Charlottesville, VA

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