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Kellie Waymire


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kwaymire.jpgKellie Suzanne Waymire, an actress who appeared on numerous television shows, died on Nov. 13. Cause of death was not released. She was 35.

Although she once dreamed of being an astronaut, Waymire opted to pursue an acting career. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Southern Methodist University and a master’s from the University of California, San Diego, her big break came in 1994 when she landed the role of Emily on ABC’s “One Life to Live.”

Waymire appeared in guest spots on “NYPD Blue,” “Friends,” “CSI” and “Six Feet Under,” but she was best known as Ensign Elizabeth Cutler, the role she played for three episodes on the science fiction series, “Enterprise.” Her last TV role was co-starring in the Fox show, “The Pitts” with Dylan Baker.

Waymire recently performed in the stage production of “Kate Crackernuts” at the 24th Street Theatre in Los Angeles. The cast and crew plan to dedicate the Nov. 21st and 22nd shows in her honor.

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  1. Paul Walters

    I had just recently searched the web to find out this woman’s name after seeing her on television. And now she’s dead? It reminds you that life is as fragile as glass, brittle as eggshells, delicate as rice paper. Do your homework. Say your prayers. Don’t go to bed angry! I knew of Kellie Waymire from Six Feet Under and an old Seinfeld episode. Sadly, I never saw her on Star Trek. She was very beautiful and will be missed by many.

  2. Wallace Darwen Brindle

    If there are any people from 24th Street, or Star Trek, who knew this unusually beautiful looking person well, please post something about her or email me — I mean to say, if you were lucky enough to know her as a friend or as someone you worked with. I would like to know what she was like to be around. I feel strongly she must have
    been a very rare bird on Earth, it’s just a very unique, nice, feeling I get from her photos.
    Wallace Darwen Brindle

  3. Tiffani Edwards

    This is so sad, Kellie was an amazing actress and person. She had a wonderful gift for comedy and drama and I will defenitley miss her and her vivacious spirit. I hope you’re in a happier place Kellie.

  4. Wayne

    I was watching Everwood tonight and was taken with Dr. Andy Brown’s patient who was seeking to be impregnanted with her dead husbands sperm. I thought she was very cute and the type of person I could go for. I also felt like I might had seen her before. At the end of the show I had glance down for a moment and looked up just in time to see “In memoir of Kellie Waymire” with her picture. I was shocked! Then I got to thinking that this might be the person I read about dying back in November when I was researching something else. After keying in her name in the search engine, I found out that was indeed the case and that Everwood was her very last appearance before her death. I felt a personal lost in more ways than one. Her autopsy reveal that she had a condition that she knew about since a teen, that I might have (if this is what my doctor meant when she said I had leaky valves) and wonder if this too could be my faith?

  5. tammy smythe

    I was so sad and touched at the same time: here was a woman seeking to be impregnated with her dead husband’s sperm and then at the end of the show it showed her photo, In Memory of… I too rushed to the commputer and stumbled upon the sight. Kellie was familar from the neighborhoos aas well as TV. I am so sadened by her passing and so touched by her final role.

  6. david torres

    Was that Kellie, on the Seinfeld episode, where Elaine babysat her 10 yr old.? She even told Elaine that she might not have much time left, and needed to find someone to take care of her kid, if she were to leave the earth. That’s very scary! She ended up with George, who couldn’t resist the ‘cured’ meats,…..

  7. Pam

    Just saw the episode of Everwood last night. Quite shocking…hadn’t heard Kellie had died…I remember her from One Life to Live. I’ll say a prayer for her…such a sad event…Keep her in your thoughts and prayers…She was certainly one of a kind and quite talented. Goodbye, Kellie……….May God bless you wherever you are now…….

  8. ruth

    Just saw the Everwood episode I taped from the other night – my husband said of Kellie, “Who is that? I’ve seen her before” I said “Remember, she played the masseuse/prostitute on Six Feet Under.” He said, “No. that’s not it- I’ve seen her somewhere else”. My husband hardly ever notices any actresses – she must’ve really left an impression – She was so good on Everwood and Six Feet – it’s such a shame and I hope she had a good life.

  9. Troy L

    She was a great actress with plenty of charisma, and an irresistably unique voice that i too saw on the Seinfeld “cured meats” episode. A doll she was and will be sadly missed 🙁

  10. classact

    i have just watched Maniact,and thats the very first time ive seen kellie and thought WoW,where have you been all my life.The shock to find that its 5 years ago that she died as knocked me for six. R.I.P

  11. Dr. David Secord

    I’m afraid the only time I saw Kellie was on Seinfeld. Of all the episodes and all of the extras that put in time doing bit parts on the show, Kellie really struck me the most. Something about her eyes and the way she tells George how smart he is after lying about Elaine going into the next BioDome project….and then commenting on how sexy Pastrami is….and they fall to the floor…..with her hand coming up to turn on the television! That was a really funny episode and Kellie was a huge part of it. I loved her eyes and the way she carried herself. Wonderful actress. She will be missed and remembered.

  12. William

    I just saw “The Blood” episode of Seinfeld. I wanted to know who played “Vivian”–Elaine’s friend because she is so adorable! I watched the credits and saw the name: Kellie Waymire. So I Googled her hoping to find more things I can see this angel in. I dont get it…Kellie Waymire, Brittany Murphy and Samantha Smith (google her) all were adorable, fun-loving, decent people who were cut down in their prime thru no fault of their own. But people like Amy Whinehouse and Courtney Love are allowed to continue the destruction of themselves and their fans. Not fair!
    Kellie Waymire was only on loan to us. She was so beautiful and sweet, God wanted her back (I guess that would explain Brittany Murphy and Samantha Smith too)…who can blame Him?
    Rest In Peace Kellie, you are missed by all of us.

  13. Tracey

    I met her working on Star Trek Enterprise. Not having been from Los Angeles originally it was hard for a small town girl like me to fit in and Kellie made me feel special and encouraged me to do acting since it was my passion.
    She is missed still but a character in my own film ( is dedicated to her. The film will be out early in 2011.

  14. Ryan T.

    I just found out tonight after watching the episode of The X-Files that she was in. It’s a real shame. I only know her from her roles in Seinfeld, the X-Files and Enterprise… but they were all memorable roles. I looked her up on IMBD and was shocked to see that she passed away nearly 10 years ago. Too bad. She was a real promising actress. She will be remembered.

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