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Jonathan Brandis


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jbrandis.jpgJonathan Gregory Brandis, an actor who co-starred on the TV show, “SeaQuest DSV,” committed suicide on Nov. 12.

Brandis, who was 27, hanged himself, the L.A. medical examiner’s office said.

Brandis began his acting career when he was five years old by appearing in television commercials and on the soap opera, “One Life to Live.” As a teen, he doubled up on his high school courses so he could finish a year early and work on the NBC show, “SeaQuest DSV.” At the 15th Annual Youth in Film Awards, the young heartthrob won Best Youth Actor in a Leading Role in a Television Series.

Brandis acted in more than 20 films, including “Hart’s War,” “It” and “The Never Ending Story 2: The Next Chapter.” He also did guest appearances on hit shows like “L.A. Law” and “The Wonder Years.” His final project was the independent film, “The Year That Trembled,” starring Fred Willard and Martin Mull.

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  1. dukie

    I was truly sadden when I had learn of Jonathon death. I remember seeing him on T.V.and wishing I could meet him.We all wonder how something like this could happen. Was he going through problems that was so bad that he had to do this? I not sure if he was married or had any kids but my heart goes out to his family. He will be truly missed.

  2. Robyn Dyer

    I am deeply saddened by the death of Jonathan Brandis. I thought he was the neatest thing since sliced bread when I was younger. I remember watching the movies “Sidekicks” and “Ladybugs” about a thousand times each just because he was in them. SeaQuestDSV was one of my favorite shows and I still to this day watch episodes I recorded. Jonathan was a fantastic actor and had so much potential. He could be funny or dramatic with little effort. He will be truly missed. I want to send out my prayers and thoughts to his parents in their time of grief. I am so sorry for your loss. Jonathan will always be remembered by the people that loved him.

  3. bobby larson

    I was watching CNN last night and when I saw the headline about Jonathan I went into shock and said Nooooo! I started crying because it broke my heart in two. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because I would never want to think of this world to be so cruel to him that he would take his own life. In 1996 I was living in Hollywood with a roommate named Aaron who told me when he got home that jonathan almost struck him down when he was driving an SUV. I myself would have been star struck if I was with Aaron that day! My love and my heart goes out to all of Mr. Brandis’ family. God Bless You, Jonathan. May the Lord keep you in his tender loving care. Love, Bobby Larson

  4. adrianne

    It almost sickens me to think of someone being in the state of mind that they would kill themselves. It must be a very empty, desperate state. I hope I never find myself there.
    I was one of those teeny boppers who loved him back in the nineties. I even won an autographed planet hollywood tshirt that he signed.
    Its something I will never sell or give away. I wish I had a time machine … I wish I could have known him personally. Like many others, I wish I could have helped him. What a loss.

  5. Heidi

    Since I was 14 I had a major crush on Jonathan and I made it a point in my life to know all I could about him. When I heard that he was dead after I cried my hurt turned to shock. I cannot understand how someone I thought I knew very well was hurting bad enough to end his life. When I wake up in the morning I try to talk myself into believing that this is a dream but I know it never will be and I am always going to miss him.

  6. mrazed

    I too feel the sadest pain for such a young and talented person to have passed in such an unhappy way. I too, like most who have posted, had Teen Beat posters of Jonathan and couldn’t wait for the newest issue to come out when his face would be covering it. I recently graduated college and found myself at my first real job reading and when I saw the headline, my breathe stopped. I felt like I lost a part of my 13 year old self. I hope more than anything he has found peace and that one day his family and loved ones will too, he will be missed and more than anything and I am sorry that he felt he had to do this.

  7. Sara

    I don’t understand why he did it. He was just starting to come back into his own and he was so young. He will be missed. My heart goes out to his family and friends and may his death remind all of us of the people who we have lost but not forgotten.

  8. stardust

    Jonathan Brandis was my first celeb crush. I seriously thought that he was going
    to be my future husband. Yeah I know, that was silly, but I was only 13 at the time.
    I bought almost every issue of those teen magazines that he was in, and watched pretty
    much every movie he made. He seemed to disappear for a while, but I think he was
    working towards making a comeback recently. I am shocked to hear of his death, it’s
    very sad. I never met him, but he seemed like a happy individual who enjoyed life
    and I can’t understand why he chose to end it. He must have been having problems he
    was dealing with and felt there was no way out. I wish I could’ve rescued him somehow.
    My heart goes out to his family and friends. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  9. kylie tremmel


  10. Carol

    Jonathan Brandis was a wondeful actor. I have read the wonderful things people have to say about him on website after website after website. He was a wonderful person and i imagine that a wonderful son. I feel sad that he has left this world so suddenly and at such a young age. I will truly miss him. He was the reason i chose to be a marine biologist. I was a love struck 13 year old girl who admired him deeply. I thank him everyday for allowing me to find my true calling. I wish there had been some way i could have healed his pain. My heart is broken in two, and i feel a void so deep that is so frustrating. I hope he knows how much we all will miss him and love him. My prayers are with his family. I pray for their peace of mind, body, and soul. To lose someone so dear to you is hard enough; lets remember his friends and family in prayer. I love you jonathan, god bless you and may he keep you in peace always. c.m

  11. Christa

    I just saw an article in my Saturday newspaper on Jonathan’s death and my heart stopped. I grabbed my phone and called my best friend to tell her the news. I read the article to her over the phone and we were/are both in shock. I LOVED Jonathan Brandis in Ladybugs, Sidekicks and of course SeaQuest DSV. Like most girls, Jonathan was my first real crush and I bought the ‘teen mags’ for his posters. Over the past 6 years or so I haven’t heard much on what he’s been up to and my friend and I wonder every once and a while what he’s been up to cause we don’t hear much on him. Jonathan will truly be missed. My love to his family and friends.

  12. Jess

    Last night I was at and I saw at the bottom of my screen, ‘Actor Brandis dies at 27’. I’m like, ‘it can’t be him, it just can’t be.’ and I clicked and my heart sank…it was Johnathan. I couldn’t see that he was so depressed to take his own life. I remember him in SeaQuest and my sister and I had huge crushes on him. My dearest condolences to his family, he will be sadly missed.

  13. morgan

    I use to write this one letter over and over again to jonathan Brandis but I never sent it..I was too shy b/c the things I said in them where almost too personal..I just knew he was the one I was going to meet when I got to hollywood to become famous and we would fall in love and get married..of course I was 12 and Jonathan was my first real CRUSH! Now I can’t believe it one of my beloved childhood crushes has met his demise by taking his own mother told me on friday I think..that there was just a little small blurb in our local newspaper that told he died of a suicide..He go not special acknowlogements other than the few online reports and a small blurb in the back of most peoples papers..I’m sorry that he is no longer with us and I wish only the truest regrets to his family and friends..I wish he was still with us today..He was truely a great undiscoverd source of talent that we will never see again..

  14. Nicole

    I am also 27 and when I heard about Jonathan I just could not believe it. I am still in denial. He was such an amazing person! He has been my favorite actor since I was 13 and my first real crush. I of course bought the magazines and proudly displayed his posters on my bedroom walls, floor to ceiling. In high school I tried to get him more recognition by mentioning him in my school paper. I was just so proud of his accomplishments and knew he deserved the best in life. I met him back in ’94 at a car show and he was just so nice. I will miss him terribly and he will always have a piece of my heart. I love you and may peace be with you Jon.

  15. Nicole

    I read about Jonathan’s death on Fark. It’s how I find out about all of my news and I usually read it to find funny things. However this time I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I had just read. When I was in middle school and high school, I somehow stumbled upon Jonathan Brandis in a magazine or show, I don’t know which. That really doesn’t matter because he soon became my favorite actor. I watched Sidekicks and Ladybugs repeatedly and then switched to SeaQuest when he started starring in that. I can honestly say he was the only reason I watched the show. There was this movie on the Family Channel that came on during the holidays called Good King Wenceslas and I watched that religiously as well. I even would take my Bop and Big Bopper magazines everywhere I went just in case I happened to meet him. One of my friends once met him and I was so jealous because I knew that should have been me. As a pre-teen and teenager you think that you have this special connection with your crushes and that no one else could possibly feel the same as you. After reading all of these tributes and other things all around the web, I realize that Jonathan was a very well-loved person. I only wish he could have known it…

  16. Chelseya Henry

    When you think of the people in the world that you don’t want any harm to ever happen to them. I think of Jonathan Brandis, and I don’t understand why this world would harmed a wonderful, handsome, man. A man that I admire and wished would have been apart of my personal life. I know he was a caring man, a man who needed the best of the best in everything. I’m sorry Jonathan for the world, and for harm it did to you. But handsome, I (We) will always love you and remember you because you deserve that.
    My heart goes out to Jonathan’s family, friends, and fans. More so to his lovely parents’ who brought us this wonderful person, we are soooo sorry!!!!
    I love you Jonathan Brandis and always will.

  17. Shane Chance

    I just loved Jonathan Brandis from the time I saw Neverending story II. My best friend hung himself in 2000 and I was the one who found him. So I sympathize with his friends who found him…It is truly heart wrenching. I really hope Jonathan is surrounded by white light as Im sure my friend is.

  18. Christine

    I worked with Jonathan on SeaQuest DSV. He was a good person who deserved the best in life. He was a very talented and caring individual. May he rest in peace…he will be missed…

  19. Tom Huben

    I loved watching Jonathan grow up on TV and on the big screen. He was someone who you could relate to because he was always down to earth. I was extremely happy when he landed the role of LUCAS on Seaquest DSV. When I opened the LA Times last week, my jaw dropped to the floor. Such a great kid with a chance. We never will no why, but whatever was truely going on in his life, he was this quiet kid who never got a big head. JB R.I.P.

  20. ardentgirl

    Jonathan Brandis was the only male actor that I adore during my younger years. Among all his acts.. I really love to watch him in ‘Sidekicks’ Until today, I cannot understand why such a nice and amazing guy will commit a suicide? Did he hang himself because of heartbreak? Maybe not..he’s to wise for that.. Anyways.. condolence to The Brandis’s Family.. May the Angels will guard him.

  21. Amanda

    I just found out today that Jonathan had committed suicide while I was searching the web and ran across the article. I can’t believe I didn’t hear anything about it when it happened! I was in shock and started to cry. Like many others, Jonathan was my first crush during my teen years. I used to tape every episode of SeaQuest and many of his movies. I’d just sit in my room watching Jonathan and daydreaming about him in school. I remember my best friend and I would come home from school and watch Sidekicks almost everyday. My crush was many years ago, and I hadn’t heard anything about Jonathan in several years. Although, when I found out about his death, my heart just shattered. I am in complete shock and am truly saddened by this. God bless all of Jonathan’s family and friends…and to all his fans as well. He will always be missed, and never forgotten.

  22. Jolene


  23. Farrouck Sirker

    This is so sad, I really liked his work. One can only speculate the reason why he did that. This just help evidence the lack of human touch present in our time. Had he no friends? No family? Where were they? Let this help us reconsider the way we develop human relationships.

  24. Joanne

    What a strange thing to hear! I was with my friend in my bedroom when we were discussing Jonathan after I had found an old birthday card with his picture in it and about 5 minutes later my best friend called and told me that he was dead. I have to agree with many people in saying that I felt as though a part of my innocent adolescence had died as a consequence. I can understand that extreme feelings and emotions can drive someone to such an act as suicide but having felt such a longing to know him during my early formative years I can’t help but feeling as though I could have just been there to say “it’s okay”. I have never known anyone personally that has taken there life but having “those years with Jonathan” made me feel as though this really is a matter close to home.
    RIP Jonathan, if you ever thought that you were forgotten, you were wrong.

  25. michelle

    I can’t believe he’s dead. I live in Australia so i just heard the news yesterday. I couldnt believe it when a friend of mine told me. He was my first major crush and it began with Ladybugs and IT. I haven’t had a crush on anyone else since then. I was so obssessed with him back then. It’s so sad and strange to hear that he has passed away. I remember writing to his fan club when i was 13. It’s such a waste and i feel his talent should not go unrecognised. RIP JB
    Hi to all the once JB fans.

  26. J.C.A

    At that young and tender age, he was my inspiration to keep coming back home from school fast enough to catch SeaQuest DSV.
    To me, he was a friend i had bever met, a friend that silently and yet distantly encouraged me to pursue further possibilities deemed so impossible. A fairy god “brother” who would wisper into my ear as i fell asleep, urging me to cross all borders and reach for whatever destiny i want. I was determined.
    All my life, i have never forgotten the inspiration and indirect guidance he has given to me as an actor role-model. I tried writing him once, but never got a reply. I knew there were too many letters for him so I told myself to understand. I did.
    I worked hard. Being not from the US and from a distant land….and being as young as i was at that time, I knew it was impossible to meet him yet alone talk to him.
    I vowed to work hard and to visit LA sooner or later let everything permit. I told myself that I wanted to see the States and to do whatever I can to meet up with Jonathan just to say…thank you. You helped me get there. Not a crush, not anything else but to say….. you, have helped me, like many others who have taken him as a role model for further pursuits in life. It happens, it’s a natural phenomenon and….. human nature.
    Mr and Mrs Brandis. My sincere condolences and prayers to you on the demise of your beloved son whom i have not met and now cannot meet. I hope you accept my words of gratitude on behalf of dear jonathan and pray that he rests in peace for eternity.
    But I still wish and hope for someone out there to tell me or provide me with an explanation for his need to sacrifice his own life. I would very much appreciate it.
    Take care and God Bless Jonathan. Take care and God Bless Mr and Mrs Brandis and my thoughts go out to all his other friends. It looks like my trip to the States will be put on hold indefinitely.
    WIth love always,

  27. Kelly

    WOW………I keep thinking that this is just a cruel joke and that it is not real, that Jonathan is still alie and well. Maybe hopefully it is a mistake or somehing since his death is so mysterious. Really no one has seen any actual proof. However, it is probaly true and if so I hope somehow Brandis can see all the wonderful things we have said about him and he can understand how much he really was loved. RIP Brandis, I will always have a spot in my heart for you.

  28. Kristin

    I had a huge crush on Jonathan Brandis as a teenager, and dreamed of meeting him one day. I was born only 4 months after he was, so he was very special to me. I enjoyed Ladybugs and Sidekicks, and saw most of the Seaquest episodes. When I first heard of his death, I was hoping it was another internet hoax, but sadly learned it was not. I just hope that he has at peace now. I’ll always remember you, Jonathan.

  29. KC from The Bahamas

    Yes, I was one of Jon’s adoring fans in the 90’s and truly, I never stopped being one. I would search for any projects he may have been involved with on a regular basis. His loss hurts… more than I expected it to. I think its due mostly to the fact that his death was a suicide and that this is indicative of his final days being filled with, what must have been, an incredible amount of pain. I wish someone he loved and trusted would have been able to stop him and let him know how much he was loved and cherished. We owe it ourselves to admit when we can’t handle life and get help… we all owe that to Jonathan. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and also to all of the other fans who never really abndoned him. Jonathan I loved you sweetie, I’ll miss you.

  30. JessakaMitz

    My friend informed me of Jonathan’s passing. I had no clue that he had done this to himself. There must have been many reasons for him wanting to end his life at such a tender age of 27, may he rest in peace. I used to love watching movies/series with him in it. IT was one of the best films that I’ve seen and he played such a realistic character and that movie just made me fall in love with his acting ability. I haven’t seen him in recent films, but when my friend Monikah told me of his passing I knew exactly who she was talking about. It came as a shock to me. This deeply affects me, even if I didn’t know him personally. Many people will mourn his death, I’d think mostly his family and loved ones, it’s just a perk to have many fans around the world pray for his soul also.

  31. Stephanie Morillo

    I too saw the “actor brandis dies at 27” at the bottom of my screen…I’m only 17, but I too loved Brandis. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw him on a repeat episode of “saved by the Bell:The College Years” in the Thanksgiving episode thinking, “What happened to him?” The first thing that ent thru my mind when I heard was River Phoenix. They were both talented, beautiful, REAL, and they both died young. May God Bless Him and help his loved ones thru this hard time.

  32. Anonymous

    I’m reading everyone’s message and theme is pretty much the same. Shock and disbelief. I can’t believe that he did this. When i first read the article on yahoo..I thought this must be someone else..when i clicked on it, my body turned cold and my heart stopped. I couldn’t believe it. He was my first celebrity crush and i have to agree with most people that it takes away from your child hood. My condolonses go out to everyone who loved him and especially his parents. JB-“you never were and never will be forgotten”

  33. Allison

    Like everyone else, I was so very sad to hear of Jonathan’s passing. Being a fan of his for so long, since I was young, it was a shock. Having been in a depressed time in my own life, it breaks my heart that he felt he had no one to turn to. I sincerely hope that he is in a better place, because he deserves peace. I send all my prayers and condolences to his family, may they find the comfort and kindness that they need in this difficult time.

  34. Sara

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard about his death. The sad thing is, I didn’t hear about it until a week later. I don’t know how to feel. Of course I’m sad, I had a major crush on him, had since I was 9 years old (I’m 23 now, which shows that I’ve known who he is for a lon time). But I also am very, very angry. HOW COULD HE DO IT, AND WHY. I guess we’ll never know. But I’ll say this…I’ll always remember how he and 6 of his friends saved a little town in ‘It’. I’ll always remeber how he was able to save the fantasy story world in ‘Neverending Story II’. I’ll always remeber how he was able to meet his idle and win a karate competiton in ‘Sidekicks’, and I’ll always remeber how helped a girls soccer team win by dressing in drag in ‘Ladybugs’. I feel like someone ripped my childhood apart, but I know I’m not the only one who adored him. Jon, I hope you found the happiness you desevre, even though you hurt a lot of people in the process (your family, friends, fans). Rest in peace, cutie. I am forever your fan.

  35. Maria

    I just wanted to pay my condolences to Mr. Jonathan Brandis. When I first saw the movie Sidekicks, Brandis’ character and the message in the film had an extreme effect on my life. I was only thirteen, and his character’s strengths drove me to go for something beyond my limit, although the film was fictional, I continued to dream,and til this day, i still do dream. The experience that I had while watching the movie, was a huge impact on my childhood, and the images that I had dreamt of Jonathan Brandis’ encouragement will never be stripped from my memory. My fondness for Jonathan Brandis was surreal, but will never be forgotten. I just want to say thank you for that moment Jonathan

  36. Debbie

    I was packing boxes last week, for yet another move in my life. My mind was a whirlwind of self doubt, as I questioned myself if I am making the correct decision. As I kept digging through box after box, trying to downsize my life’s possessions for God only knows what number of times now, I came across a box simply marked KEEP. After 10 years or more, why I would has marked this box keep, but then never use what was inside boggled me, so I opened it. Inside I found everything that I had kept from my teenage/ young adult life: mainly anything that dealt with Jonathan Brandis. I found posters, teen magazines, photos, movies, all the Seaquest tapes I recorded, and the trading cards. For hours I sat and looked at everything ten fold. I started thinking, WOW here is one celebrity that never makes headlines. You never hear about him in rehab, or who he was sleeping with, or that he was in court for one reason or another. I can’t recall him disrespecting our nation or the President, or using his status for personal gain. I suppose that is what drew me in years ago. Jonathan was a real person who just happened to be an actor, not an actor trying to be a real person like you see so much of today. He had an appeal about him, not just physically, it was though he made you feel like if you ever met him, he would instantly accept you as a friend. He was a classic in the making before our very eyes, and deserves our respect.
    Besides the feelings of sadness and loss after hearing of his death, I feel anger the most. I am not angered at what he did, for I can not validate his reasons or pass moral judgement for how he must of felt in order to take his own life. I wish he could have found a better way of coping, but if he is at peace may he always remain there. I am more angered at ‘Hollywood’ in general. How quick they are to report on issues that concern them, whether we the public care or not. We are bombarded with news on celebrities who are arrested for drug possession, violence, molestation and rape suspicions. We are forced to endure the shopping sprees, the weddings, and divorces. We see the the expensive cars, clothes and homes. We are spoon fed by ‘movers and shakers’ in Tinsel Town to believe that these celebrities are just like you and me (only a little richer). Brittany Spears admits she is not a virgin (like anyone ever believed it) and she makes the cover a magzine, Zeta-Jones makes headlines over wedding pictures and suddenly she is spokesperson for rights of privacy. Ben and J-Lo, need I say anything about them that you haven’t heard. Michael Jackson, Demi, Arnold, etc. You can keep them all!!! I wish there was a drug to correct narsicism and they pumped into the water in Hollywood. These idiots are hailed as idols, and role models, but when one of their own dies the response is repulsive!!! We hear about Jonathan’s death way after the fact, and possibly due to investigation (understandably), but yet we followed OJ on the freeway? SICK!!!
    People magazine 12-8-2003 issue posted Jonathan’s death on page 133. Page 1-3-3. The first 132 pages were about the who’s who of ‘Hollywood’. Some tribute!!! Jonathan deserves to be recognized as a young man who was perfecting his art, and refused to sell out like other celebrities. It is sad and pathetic to think that the only way a person can advance in an acting career is to pretend to have a conscience. His parents, though grief stricken should be proud that Jonathan was first and foremost a real man. I hope that they realize even if ‘Hollywood’ doesn’t care, Jonathan’s fans are there for them as Jonathan was there for us.

  37. John

    What a shame. He seemed very upbeat and happy it was really surprising to hear that he passed. I watched seaquest religiously and I cant believe he would feel so down to kill himself. im am sad.

  38. Dona

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. One of my favorite movies is Ladybugs. I used to watch Seaquest all the time. He was also on one episode of Full house. I wonder why he killed himself. Surely his life wasn’t that bad. Jonathan Brandis forever!

  39. of no consequence

    As a teenager, I shared a bedroom with my younger sister. The walls on my half of the room were decorated with posters of my favorite bands, like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, while my sisters walls were adorned with pictures of every “teeny-bopper” known to the early nineties, especially Jonathan Brandis. I had never really known much of his work until he joined the cast of SeaQuest DSV, one of my favorite television shows. I used to pick on my sister for her crushes on these plastic-looking so-called people, but I secretely had a soft-spot for Jonathan Brandis. Not because he was famous, but because he was normal. Normal people have normal problems, and apparently Brandis had more problems than we can ever know. It is saddening to know that he’s joined the “27 Club” and suffered so greatly that ending his own life seemed to be the only solution. I can’t imagine how horrible this tragedy must be for his family and loved ones. My heart goes out to them. If only he could have realized that so many cared about him…

  40. Fern

    Just like so many others, I sit here, whistfully thinking about the past and about my youth. One of my favorite actors was Jonathan. I was very surprised upon hearing his death. I’d always remembered him as this cute, talented, teenage boy that would eventually sweep me off my feet and we’d live happily ever after. But, I guess that Happily Ever After doesn’t exist any more, or for many people. Many times I’ve been so down and out that death seemed like the best solution. A new life and new person would be the best. However, I always would sit down and pull out an old movie and watch it. Usually I’d envision this teenage hunk to be the man next door, giving me a reason to live. I used to dream of the times that I’d meet them IRL. But, I’ll never be able to meet him, now. I only wish that could go back and write fan mail and show him how much he meant to my youth. Sometimes child actors want to forget their early starts, but THOSE were the good times and THOSE were my happy moments when I thought life was rough. If only there was someone like that for him, a model that would’ve allowed showed him what he was for so many people. I don’t pray that much, but when I found out about his passing, I prayed for peace and comfort for his family and friends, for only they knew too well what a talented man he’d become. You will be MISSED JONATHAN.

  41. Sam

    As a child, I must admit, I was never really into Teeny Bopper magazines and didnt have a huge crush on a teen idol. Jonathan did always cross my mind though. I remember seeing him in “Neverending Story” and I absolutely loved that movie. Whenever I think of him, I think of him in that movie and how I would lay on the couch and drool. A few weeks before his death, every now and then I would wonder where the heck this guy was. If he was married, had kids, plannin on doing any new movies. It seemed like he completely vanished. Then I was reading People Magazine and came across an article about “deaths, births, marriages,” and I saw “Jonathan Brandis committed suiced at 27”. I was completely SHOCKED!! I sat there for about 20 minutes after reading those words and felt sick to my stomach. Even though I didnt have a huge crush on him as a child and didnt follow his career I still felt the deepest sympathy for him. I’ve been searching through many web pages to find out more information on why he committed suicide, and I hope that there will be some more news about it. I feel so horrible for all of his family, friends, and biggest fans. Death is a hard thing to get over, especially if its suicide. Rest In Peace Jonny!

  42. Aimee

    I am in complete and utter shock. I am still having a hard time believing that it is true, that my first movie star crush was dead. The walls in my room were COVERED in pictures I had of him from all of those teen magazines. My best friend in High School had written him a letter and he actually wrote her back with an autographed picture and called her on the phone. He was the only star I had ever heard of to take the time and write his fans back. I wanted to go to L.A. so bad to see if I could meet him, he would fall in love with me and we would live happily ever after. Keep in mind I was 14 at the time. I am kicking myself right now for not keeping all the pictures I had of him. Although as I got older my “crush” went away, I was always interested in what he was doing. And it seemed like he was starting to make a comeback. I am so sad that he has passed on, and that I hope where ever he is, that he knows how many people, even people he never met, but still touched their lives, miss him, and will never forget him. I am so upset with the press for not giving this more coverage than it has gotten. I didn’t learn about it until Friday, Dec. 12 (a month to the day)in a magazine that just had a very small mention of it. And although, I never did get to meet him, I am still heartbroken by his death and feel like some I did know has died. My deepest condolences to his parents, family, friends, and other fans.

  43. Brittany Reed

    I just don’t understand why. He was the greatest actor, I just can’t believe it. I still don’t want to believe its real. I could’t stop crying when i found out. When I was younger all I wanted to watch was seaquest, I just couldn’t wait till the next episode, till the next time i could see his face. I wish I could turn back time soo badly , i just don’t want him to be gone, he should still be here, still be doing what he loved to do. Its making me cry just thinkin about it. I just wish here was here, lifes never going to be the same without him.

  44. d-fiant

    I just heard about the tragical death of Jonathan Brandis which made me really sad. As he was the same age than me I always enjoyed seeing him on tv and really liked his natural behaviour and also his great talent as an actor.
    I’ll miss him.
    Tim, Cologne (Germany)

  45. fayelyn weaver

    I love jonathan with all my heart. He meant the world to me growing up. I thought about him always, and i was a loyal fan. Thia death is an unbearable tragedy. Today is christmas and i have been thinking about jonathan all day. Tears swell up in my eyes everytime i think about it. What happens from here? There is no closure… Is his soul peaceful? Why did he do it? I will think about jonathan every day for the rest of my life. I never did and i never will forget him.

  46. Amy

    i am extreamly sad to hear about jonathan! i cannot believe for one second why he would want to do this, of coarse i didnt know him at all but, i feel that he seemed very happy. i cried for hours when i heard the sad news.. thinking to myself “why? why would he do such a thing!” or “this isn’t happening! I must be dreaming!”
    and even though i am SEVERAL years younger then him i thought (and always will)that he was just soo handsome! when i picture him in my mind the first think i remember is his big blue eyes and his beautiful smile!
    maybe reasons for his actions were because he was lonley? unhappy? heartbroken?
    well, whatever it was i hope that his pain has left his heart and i hope he feels now he is in a better place. i will miss him dearly! it breaks my heart to know that he wanted to do something like this.
    Jonathan Brandis (1978-2003) WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!
    *Heaven has gained and angel*

  47. Amy

    this is me from the last comment…my appoligies:
    jonathan was actually born 1976! i am soo sorry!
    but once again…we will always miss him!
    if only time machines actually egsisted or somethings in movies were actaully real then we could travel back in time and stop jonathan from doing what he did…i send my prayers to Mr. and Mrs. Brandis, i am so sorry about this unexpected tradgity!

  48. Aileen

    I am deeply saddened. Jonathan was the sole reason I decided to subscribe to Bop and Big Bopper when I was younger!!! He was my crush for more than 3 years. I will always remember his beautiful face, enchanting smile & blue eyes. Tragic, I send my condolences to his family.
    AAlberto, France

  49. Heather

    I was looking through a magazine that I always read and I saw that it said Jonathan Brandis dead. I was totally shocked. He was always my favorite actor of when I was younger and he always will be. I couldn’t believe something would happen like this. Prayers go out to his family and close friends. I am so deeply saddened by this sudden death of him.

  50. jen k

    I, as well, fell deeply in love with JB at the tender age of 13. I remember seeing Ladybugs for the first time and dreaming of this guy I would one day marry. When I got the oppurtunity to meet him, as sson as I saw him I immediately started crying. When he saw I was so overwhelmed, he gave me a hug and said it’s OK. It’s rare to see an actor that is so completely human. I want to thank Jonathon for being my first movie star crush, the star of my dreams, and for being the incredible actor and person that he was. May God hold you in His arms forever!

  51. Amanda

    Wow…like many others, that is all I am feeling in this moment. 2003 was a really horrible year in the sense that a lot of great actors died (John Ritter, Johnny Cash, JONATHON BRANDIS 🙁 . Believe it or not, I don’t know if I have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, but I just found out about 10 minutes ago as I was looking online for Jonathon Brandis just out of curiousity of where he would be right now, and it says that he HUNG HIMSELF? Wow. As alot of the tributes I have read I used to love him when I was younger..he just seemed like he was so down to earth and had GENUINE talent and didn’t flaunt it and just kept low. I am seriously still in shock (coincidently, I’m watching ‘It’…which brought about this whole curiosity thing)…well, Johnathon Brandis, you, like many others, are in my thoughts and prayers, and you will never be forgotten. It’s a shame that you won’t be around anymore, but I hope you’re in a better place where you don’t have to feel the pain that you were feeling here 🙁 🙁



  53. Emily

    I remember spending hours talking to Jonathan’s picutes, I was absolutely infatuated with him as a preteen, and I feel terrible for his parents…he was my biggest crush, and I’ll always remember him for that. RIP Jonathan

  54. Anonymous

    I’m Dutch, so excuse my horrible English. I remember that I first saw Jonathan in Steven King’s IT. I totally fell in love with him that day! I kept asking my parents if they would buy me that video, because I was, like, 11 years old, so I didn’t have the money. I kept telling them that I loved the movie, but I didn’t tell them about Jonathan. He was, like many others, the first celebrity-crush-kinda-guy’for me. I was in shock when I heard that Jonathan commited(spelling?) suicide. At first I thought that some sick person had come up with that, but when I saw the articles on the net I knew it was true. I didn’t cry, but felt that something fell apart in me. I had a pain in my chest. Some people that I hardly knew in my family had died, but I didn’t ‘care’ that much about them, because I didn’t know them. But I never met Jonathan in my life, and I still feel like I’ve lost something. It’s hard to explain. I just wanna give my love the Jonathan’s family and friends. I know it must be really hard for them. R.I.P.

  55. Jenni Gorzek

    The saddness of Jonathan’s death was all too near for me to write in before. I don’t understand how we in the US really cope with death anyway–in fact, I don’t think we really do at all–we were never taught how. Anyway, I’m angry, sad, and sometimes in denial about Brandis’ death. He was born the same year I was. When I was a little girl I became obsessed with The Neverending Story–I used to pretend Falcor was real and I went looking for him under the night stars in my fantasy world. When The Neverending Story II came out, I was already a freshman in high school. I rushed to the theater to see it. The new “Bastian” was Jonathan, and I had a serious crush on him. I sent out for an autograph and he sent me one. Years passed then. By the time I was 17 I was dating a guy 10 years older than me and he committ suicide by hanging himself. I never was the same afterwards. 4 years after that happened I dated another very feeling guy and he OD’d on his depression medication and alcohol, but luckily AA found him and had his stomach pumped. He survived. I’ll never understand suicide, but I do seriously grieve those who have stung enough to go through with it. I miss you Jonathan–I know I never got to know you, but had I had the chance we could have been good friends. I’m sad to see you go.

  56. Jenny

    I first learned of Jonathan when he played his roll in “Lady Bugs”. After that, I made it a point to watch every movie at the time that he played in. I even wrote him a letter and he sent me back a pic of him signed. In that letter I learned of his series “Seaquest DSV”, and that first season, I did not miss one show. I absolutely LOVED him. He played his parts the best. I just now today learned of his death. I just happened to watch this movie “Hart’s War” and saw his name in the credits. I hadn’t seen any recent movies with him in it and decided to look his info on the internet. And one website told of his death. I thought at first it was another person. But the more sites I searched, the more reality hit me. I can’t believe it. He just seemed like such a down to earth person. You’d think, that being an actor as long as he had been, that he’d know what stress was caused by. What actor/actress isn’t under stress? There are ways to help stress, and suicide isn’t the answer. It wrenches my heart to hear of HOW he did it too…one of the worse ways to suffer. I send my condolences out to his family. Jonathan Brandis will NEVER be forgotten. May God Bless his Soul!!!

  57. Theresa

    I am sorry to say that I only just learned of Jonathan Brandis’ death. I was doing some research yesterday on a CNN and I found the article on his suicide… What a shock!!! Like so many other fans, I too have been following Jonathan since I was 13, and he was also my first crush. I watched all his movies, but I really loved him in Sea Quest. This is a true shock and yes I too feel like a part of my youth as died a long with him…
    I truly hope that this young actor knows how much he was loved and how much he will be missed. My heart goes out to his family and I pray that they will find the strength to forgive him and find peace…
    So many are searching for answers and asking how someone so young could do something so drastic as to take their own life, maybe there is no one answer but a series of events that lead up to this tragidy. I for one would perhaps guess that maybe he was suffering in silence for a very long time and finally he could not take the pain. Many people suffer in silently in depression, I know first hand how bad depression is because someone in my own family suffers from it. Unfortunately those who suffer depression feel so misunderstood, and helpless that rational thought becomes extremely difficult. They tend to get to a point where they issolate themselves. Unfortunately so many people who suffer from depression may feel as though they are helpless and alone and that their exisitence is a burden to those around them. I say this because my younger sister suffers from a very severe form of depression.
    It is so very tradgic that such a young and untapped talent like Jonathan Brandis was unable to find the help that he needed. I hope to bring some comfort to his family by sharing this with them, and I hope that they will find it in their hearts to forgive him so that his spirit may find peace.
    God Bless You Jonathan Brandis, may you rest in peace!!! You will never be forgotten.
    ~ Theresa

  58. Colleen

    Well this is very tradgic. For the longest time I have been hoping to see him in a movie or a TV show. I watched Charmed and the show that Piper’s son is shown what he will look like in the future I thought he looked alot like Jonathan so I looked on the web to see if it was him. And I find out that he died. It is so unreal and a shame. My thought go out to him and his family.

  59. Suzanna

    im not a big fan of his, but still..i thought he was a good actor and cute..and it is sad to hear dat he hung himself..although i think it bothers everyone not knowing why he did it,…sorry for your loss…

  60. jesika taylor

    Wow, I never realized so many other people out there loved him as much as I did.
    I cried, I couldn’t believe it but I cried when I saw the news. I know he was an actor, someone I would probably never meet, but he touched me.
    As many people think he was never anything great, take a good hard look at his movies..
    He starred in Lady Bugs: with Rodney! One of the best comedians of all time and Jakee too! their both great.
    Sidekicks: Chuck Norris, one of the biggest stars then, he got fight along side him in a bunch of kewl scenes, yeah they were ‘in barry’s head’ but Johnathan really got to act them.
    SeaQuest: I can’t even begin to list the amazing people he got to work along side with in that.
    I hpoe people sit and realize Johnathan was an AMAZING actor or they never would have put him along side those big names.

  61. Carla

    I have always loved Jonathan and I hope that he is now at peace. I just hope that in that astroplane of afterlife he knows that he has friends and didn’t need to go to this extreme. I will miss him so very much.

  62. Sara

    I recently read an article on the internet. It was from a Danbury newspaper. I just stumbled on it and I can’t seem to find it again to tell you all the address, but I’ll keep trying to find it. The article was extremly long, and it had comments from Jon’s mother. I don’t know how she found the strenth to do it, but all the power to her (my deepest condolences to you and your family, Mrs. Brandis). The article was beautifully written, a REAL tribute to Jonathan Brandis from the press. Mrs. Brandis said that the reason why there was no coverage on Jon’s death, is because that’s the way his family wanted it. They thought because of the way he died, it wouldn’t be appropriate. They weren’t even going to have a funeral service, but his friends insisted they did. Jon was cremated, and his parents had a VERY small service with just family and his closet friends, NO MEDIA. I don’t know if they scattered his ashes or not, but it puts to rest the question of ‘Where is he buried?’. So, now we know the reason why we didn’t hear about it until way after the fact, but it still doesn’t explain why he’s not getting more media tributes. He was a HUGE part of our lives. He was a TRUE TEEN IDOL. I can’t remember EVER reading a story about him that was bad. He was never in the middle of any controversy, he was a real person. He never used his celebrity power to get attention. He was definently someone I looked up to (not just as a major, head over heels crush). Not only was I in love with him (like many, many other girls), but I felt that here is a guy that would be a great friend. Someone that doesn’t judge, just likes you for you. That feeling gives me a great respect for him. I don’t think there will ever be another actor like Jon that truly deserves the title of a Teen Idol. Sure, there a lots of celebrities today that come close, but very few true to form like Jonathan Brandis. Forever, he will be a shining star, a true icon to young people. The world lost a great person, someone we all admired. Rest in Peace, sweet angel. ‘We are all part of a Neverending Story’.

  63. That Girl

    “Take your pick B-B-Billy-Boy.”
    “Oh…all except the one at the end.”
    “That one’s taken.”
    In Memory of Jon Ritter and Jonathan Brandis
    You both brought two of the most complex, absorbing characters I have ever come across in print to life. I couldn’t even read “It” after without thinking of your images in those roles.
    By the end of the book, the reader was emotionally invested in those characters in a fashion usually restricted to old friends. I never thought anyone could capture that same feeling on the screen, let alone the small screen.
    You guys pulled it off. You have to be damn good to pull off that kind of psychological complexity. To express so much written subtext in a glance. The world has not only lost real talent, we’ve lost some real style.
    Thank-you for doing those characters justice with your wonderful performances. Now…I don’t want to invision anyone else’s images in those roles.

  64. Ronja

    I still get tears in my eyes everytime I think about Jonathan. He ment so much to me. But I think I can understand a bit how he was feeling and what he was thinking when he did what he did, because two years ago I found myself in that situation. Life was so awful and compilcated and nobody seemed to care, so I tried to commit suicide. But I (obviously) did not die and I wish he hadn’t either. But he thought that suicide was the only solution and I have to respect his desicion, after all, I made the same desicion myself. He will be forever missed. I hope is he found the peace he was looking for..

  65. P

    Wow can you believe that I just found out about what happened? I am still in shock and I don’t blieve it. I am apparently not the only one that had him as a first crush. I am 27 and liked him since I was 12. I meet him once and he called me four times but I only spoke to him twice. He was the nicest person. I have not cried yet because I am still in shock. My friend showed me an article on his death and I almost fainted. I must have been living under a rock because I heard nothing. It must not have been big news and that makes me angry. My question is why? Why did he do it and why was in not all over the news and on the front cover of the newspapers? RIP Jonathan and you will always hold a special in my heart.

  66. katherine

    he was so handsome and of course the most award winning smile. i remember reading about his moms famous cookies he loved so much his pictures hung all over my wall. I think i must have had 3 or 4 hundred I loved everything about him and he was the only one I ever really crushed over that was a actor. I had even dreamed of him and my secret stolen most romantic kiss i’d had ever recieved. always waking up all happy and excited just as the kiss ended. I had just recently heard of his death through my mom not believing her i serched the web when i found it was true well lets just say i hadn’t cried that much since a good close friend commited suicide about a year ago. prayers and love to his family and espeacially his parents no one should ever live longer then their children. my sincerest apologies

  67. Anthony

    I met Jon a few years back when he was working on one of the “Made for TV Movies” he had a roll in. Because I was a fan he concidered me a friend also. He got me a VIP pass so I could go back stage and have accsess to other parts of the studio. I never saw him in person again, though we kept in tough through e-mails and such. He last told me of his new roll he was working on in an up comming movie, then around Nov.10 the e-mails stopped coming, I thought he was just busey with his new movie to write, then I heard the news… I was sick and in shock..
    I’ll miss you my friend. God Bless You
    Your Friend Always…

  68. Niki

    When I heard about his death I was in shock and I cried. He was full of talent and passion. I loved the movie Ladybugs. My heart goes out to his family and friends. May God always be with them. Jonathan will always be missed. May you rest in peace Jonathan. We love you always.

  69. khairani nordin

    jon was a really nice guy for me even i never met him before.Truely, once I’d dreaming to meet him and if I can i’m gonna marry him but it was when I was a small im grow up i knew that it seems to be impossible coz my country is far from his home but i realy hope that i will meet him one day.I studying hard and hope that i can go to meet him even once.When i see he kissing the actress on the movies that he played i feel very sad that he’s not kissing me and i’m so jealous but i know it couldn’t be me.
    Oh no,i felt like i’m losing my soul when i read the article about his death………fisrt i thought that it just a gimmick for his latest movie but…..its true that he had leave us.i’ crying all night like i’ve lost my true bf.i can’t stand anymore.all my hope to meet him in this real life had gone.
    jon ur really my first crush.even ur not here with all of us but i wanna u to know that we will always remember and always love u 4ever.i’ll be missing u always.u’ll always in my heart and no body can take it away.My prayers to his family and friends.May u rest in peace jonathan brandis.loves always….my sincerest apologies.

  70. Krissy

    I am only 13 years old and I just today found out that Jonathan Brandis had died. I felt horrible because I wanted him to be in another big hit movie to bring back his fame. I can’t say anything stating that I am terrified because I never met him but I did cry when I found out. I was never one of his big fans but the movie IT is one of my favorite movies because of his role as Billy. I remember The Neverending Story and that was also one of my favorite movies because of him. He was a very handsome young man and I wish that things could have been better for him so that he wouldn’t commit such a crime. My prayers goto his family and friends and I hope that Jesus puts Jonathan into his safe arms. God Bless.

  71. sevil

    i am sadly writing this i have just found out Jonathan’s death. i was just checking the web pages to find new pictures or new info of him but sadly i read he is dead.
    i started Jonathans show (seaquest) like 8 years ago and i can honestly say that i foll in love with him. i watched as many movies of his as could. I just want to say I LOVE YOU JONATHAN. my prayers just for you…..

  72. Kate

    i remember reading on my msn page, “Actor, Brandis dies at 27.” Now i’m only 17, but i remember him so well. i watched Seaquest with my mother when i was younger and fell in love with him. I saw ladybugs and the neverending story and couldnt get enough of him. just recently, about a week before his death, i borrowed the movie “it” from my friend and watched it for the first time. I thought, wow, that’s jonathan brandis! i havent heard about him in a long time. i started to look things up on him and pictures and such. i started to remember who he was and why i fell in love with him. soon, i found out about his death and i cried. i cried for a long time. i sat and looked at old photos of him on the computer and couldnt understand why he died. i wished that it were at least something other than suicide. if he still knew how many people loved him, maybe it could have changed his mind. i told some of my friends about his death and they were absolutely shocked as well. they couldnt comprehend that he was actually gone. I went over to my friends house and we went through all of her old teeny bopper magazines and her folders of collections of JB pics and posters. we even found a few old order forms for jonathan brandis books. she had filled them out under fake names and ages claiming that she was in love with brandis. we found tons of stuff. lets try not to forget people. this teaches us all a lesson, dont forget anyone. everyone matters and deep down somewhere we all have a place for everyone in our hearts. i miss you and still love you jon. to the brandis family, you are in my prayers and i send my love to you.

  73. Milan

    I was so shocked when I found out about Jonathan. He was one of my idols growing up and I loved him in Seaquest, I actually wanted to be him. It`s always hard when a young person loses it`s life, but especially when they commit suicide, because there`s always that felling that something could have and should have been done to help them. I just hope your soul is at ease now wherever you are Jonathan. My deepest condolonces go to the Brandis family. R.I.P. Jonathan Brands

  74. Erica O.

    When I close my eyes, Im dancing with Jonathan in the middle of an open field with fresh green grass at our feet. We stay there for eternity and the moons come and they go. The sun rises and sets. summer breeze, and cold nights. He remains in my heart. Dancing the years away.

  75. mea

    i just can’t believe it. just know this news today,after more then three month its happen. in my country those story r not cover. everyonein my studio got shock! i donno why when i closed my eye, i see his smile! is it his choise? hope his smile n tender will always with us

  76. Anjel

    I have been a fan of Jonathan Brandis’s for as long as i can remember, as most of you have said, he was my first crush too. i was so saddened to hear of his passing. I don’t want to speculate of his mindset when the tradgedy happened but wherever he is now i want all the good in teh universe for him.

  77. Aurelia

    I used to go gaga with my girlfriends over him during his Seaquest days. Like what everyone said, he was my first celeb crush too! I came across the news of his death in People mag letters section. It was such a shock for me to see the caption reading, “Jon B dead, thank you for publishing the news. … etc etc..”. Part of my childhood is gone when I read that. How could his suffering went unnoticed? He’s such a talented young actor, who I believe can go far later in life. My condolence to his family, friends, fans all over and everyone who knew him well. When I saw him acting, I almost felt like I knew him too until I even made it a point to find out all about him.. You’ll be truly missed, JB!

  78. Christine Mason

    I remember Jonathan Brandis in Sidekicks, Ladybugs, and Seaquest. He was a great actor and I knew he would be a great person if I got to know him. As a matter of fact,I am watching sidekicks on tv right know. I was sadened when I read it in the magazine. I wish he would’ve known how many people cared about him and how many people he touched.
    Rest in Peace Jonathan Brandis, we will miss you.

  79. Alysia Curtiss

    i would just like to say that this is one of the worst things that could have happened to the industry of acting. I must admit I did not find out about this tragedy until The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. I grew up totally in awe of his beauty and ease on the screen and it saddens me that we will only be able to see him in movies from the past. I loved everything about him. I just could not get enough of him. I first saw him in The Neverending Story. His performance was so amazing that I ended up deciding to name children(when I have them), to name them Sebastian and Anastasia. I loved him in Sea Quest, and never missed an episode. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Jonathan, you will live on in our hearts forever.
    Alysia Curtiss
    Cut Bank,Montana

  80. Jessica

    i am shocked i jus cant believe it i jus found out tonite watching the screen actor guild award show i remember having tones of bop poster of him on my walls i was in love with him. wow i dont even know wat to say this is so weird. it is jus so sad that he killed himself to think things were so bad in his life…Never Ending story 2 yeah yeah yeah….

  81. Amber SIppel

    i to just found out by th screen guild awards and my mother told me and i couldnt belive it there had to been a mistake. when i was younger i use to watch sequest and i had a crush on him i even have a bunch of his pictures on my hot guy wall… i went on the net i had to see it for my self i couldnt belive he is as young as my brother im now 16 and i cant belive it he seemed to be full of life… heart aswell as many im sure goes out to the family of an amazing and talented actor that was not ment to go he had im sure alot left in him that im sure everyone esle could see but unfortunetly he could my heart goes out to the family….. we will alway remember u JONATHAN!!!!!
    Amber Sippel

  82. tammie money

    why jonathan? thats the question i asked when i saw his memoriam on the ‘screen actor guild’ award show. he was always so close to his fans, and yet we could do nothing to prevent this. its such a shock to find out at this late stage. his memory lives eternally in the pieces he left behind.
    your fan,

  83. SS

    I just found out watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards and was truly shocked. It saddens me to hear how he died. My heart goes out to his family.

  84. jodie coleman

    today is monday and it is in the month of febuary 2004 and i had to learn that jonathan died last year there was no news over the tv or radio there was not enough tribute to him people have watched his films in the past and they like them very much i just pray that he can see this and my up most greef for him and his family….a beautyfull life lost and one to remember
    jodie coleman

  85. Yarna

    I was watching the screen actors awards and I saw Jonathan as one of the actors that was deceased. I started screaming. I said is this some type of a joke, when did he die. He was too gorgeous and wonderful for this. Blessings to the family.

  86. Debbie Elam

    Ok, I just saw it too! Wow, there definitley wasn’t enough information about him when he passed. I really enjoyed watching him, and kept waiting to see him in something new. Jonathon we will miss you and hope you are in a good place.

  87. Daniel Hanning

    Yes, the tribute in the SAG awards shocked a great many people. I think a lot of us just blocked out hearing it (since it was near Thanksgiving) It’s a terrible loss to the industry, he was so young, and was just in the middle of what he had to contribute to the craft.
    I hope no one every knows ‘Why’, somehow I think it would cheapen our loss. God Bless you, Jonathan Brandis.

  88. L. Taylor

    I was watching the SAG awards too and was in total shock when I saw, along with all the other great actors, Jonathans name. My mouth dropped and I was in total shock wondering, why…how? I was even in more shock when I read on the net how he died. Its sad to think that u can get to that point of no way out, no other choices. It made me realize that everyone has their own demons, no one’s life is perfect. But that life is fragile and precious, dont take a moment for granted. May your soul be at peace Jonathan.

  89. Ida

    Jonathan was an extraordinarily Beautiful talented actor and first crush for thousands of young girls around the worl, and i hope he is always remembered for that. My prayers go out to his family and friends

  90. Karla

    I was watching the Screen Actors Awards, and just found out of Jonathan’s death. It sadden me to hear, that such a talented young man took his life. That he thought that was the only way out was to take his life. He will trully be missed.

  91. Karine

    I was watching the screen actors guild awards and they were doing a memoriam for everyone that had passed away and i remember seeing his name and just stared at the television in shock. I found myself going through all the movies I had fell in love with that he had done through my head. Its such a tragic event when someone so loved and so young commits an act such as this. I hope at least after all that he is happy now. God is taking care of him now and his family also. r.i.p.

  92. cyndi

    I also was watching the SAG’s awards, when I found out about Jon’s death. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I’m saddened that he did it, and on the other angry that he did it. Don’t get me wrong, I admired and liked him right along with the rest, but..
    He had so much more to live for, and so lucky to have thousands of people who cared about him. On one level, he must have known he was so thought of and loved, and on another so depressed, and under pressure as to forget that love.
    With as much knowledge as we have about mental and emotional anguish, it’s just too bad he didn’t have the courage to fight for himself.

  93. Kyle Weise

    Hi, its been a good 3 or 4 months since Jonathon died and i just found out about it. Im shocked and appalled. Congratulations to the press for blowing this story up….(sarcasim)you really did a great job. However quite frankly im pissed off i just heard about it. Sidekicks was the best movie ever. Does anybody know why Jonathon killed himself, email me! Thank you for your time, RIP Jonathon, the press can eat my shit.

  94. Kathy

    I just wanted to say that I will miss Jonathan He was such a talented actor and a wonderful person.
    I just found out about it last night and I was truly heartbroken by the news.WE LOVE AND MISS YOU

  95. Cathy

    I was watching the Guild Awards last night, and I found out that Johnathan had died. When I was a little kid, I used to love watching The Never Ending Story 2 just to see him. He was a really great actor and it hurts to know that he was going through something so horrible that he had to do what he did. About 3 yrs ago a friend of mine commited suicide on Nov. 16th, I didnt understand it, he was always happy and talkative, yet they say the ppl who are most likley to do it are the quiet ones. I wonder what has happened to them to make them do such a thing, but I love them them both and im praying for them. I only hope that they are in better places now then they thought they were when they were still alive.
    *R.I.P Johnathan Brandis*

  96. Carlos

    Wow!Is all I can say after being shoke , yet still about Jonathan’s death.I my self mix my life with the actors. Yesterday night when I was watching the Screen Actors Award ,they had a farwell to all of does actors who have died I felt so so so sad to see Jonathan on that list. Am a man but I do have feelings. It hurt me to hear Walter Mathew’s death,that night i burst into tears,but yesterday i burst again to see Jonathan there. May he rest in peace.

  97. Josie

    My friend woke me up last night, telling me that Johnathan Brandis died last year. She was watching the SAG Awards and saw the actors who passed away in that last year and say him. When she told me the news all the memories of my childhood came back to me. I loved watching him in all his works, I had his pictures all over my walls…it just hit so close to home because he’s only a few year older than me. I pray that he’s finally found what he’s looking for in that better place….

  98. bidemi r

    i was shocked when i was watching the screen actors awards i had no idea about what had happened.I am an inspiring actor he has taught me not to give up when things are tough but just keep at it. sincerely,bidemi

  99. patrick j.

    Same here. Saw it on the SAA last night and I couldnt believe it! He was one of those actors that seemed to vanish years ago, but I would sometimes wonder when he would pop up in a new movie or something. I thought I could write him in to a script someday. Its too sad.

  100. ashanti

    I am so touch but also saddened by this tragedy i just found ou and i had to log on my computer to find ou what happened to him he was one of my fav actors. r.i.p.

  101. Phylicia

    Wow. Today I was getting my hair done and while I was under the dryer, I was reading this magazine that said in the beginning “Thanks for printing that article about the suicide of johnathan Brandis…” Johnathan Brandis?…Johnathan Brandis?…I kept asking myself. Where do I know that name from? I knew it was someone I liked when I was little, but I couldn’t put a face to his name. I asked around, and everyone was trying to tell me how they knew him, but I had never seen any of those movies. One of the hairdressers looked through the magazines for me to find the previous month’s edition, and we found his picture. That’s when my jaw dropped. This was the guy I liked from LADYBUGS and IT. I always said that when I was famous I would date him. It saddened me so much because he seemed so happy, and he was such a cutie. I was never obsessed over him, and I didn’t know very much of his work, but I did like him at some point in my life. I’ve been telling everyone now and everyone is so shocked. I wish I could have worked with him.

  102. Jutau

    I didn’t even know of this news till i was watching the memoriam part of an awards show on feb 22 ’04(name escapes me)… and as i watched on i saw Jonathan B. on it and i was like “is this a freakin joke?”…. i was so oust by that 3 second clip of him and i wasn’t sure what to think. I remembered how i wanted to meet him everytime i watched seaquest. He was in a way my childhood celeb model. Forever in our memories. Je’dun acksuri.

  103. Katie

    Stepfather 2 is on tv right now. I remember hearing something about Jonathan Brandis dying, but I thought or hoped it was a rumor. So, I got on the Internet to check it out as soon as I saw him on screen. I remember having the biggest crush on him in Ladybugs and Sidekicks and watching him on SeaQuest. It is so hard to believe that he won’t be seen on the big screen anymore. I am saddened by this tragedy and my prayers go out to his family, friends, and all that were lucky enough to meet him. I wish I had. Peace and love be with you always JB.

  104. Monette

    As many of you, I was watching the SAG awards and during the memorial saw Johnathon had died. I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t heard a thing. Why? He was a wonderful actor, a beautiful boy and was growing into a very handsome man. I had to find out what had happened to him. And so here I am in disbelief. I am so saddened that as a person he felt so compelled to end his life. I can only imagine the saddness of those who really knew him and who still love him. All I know is he was a wonderful actor and he left us with many wonderful memories of him on film. He was so beautiful….I’m so sorry we will never see him act again. But mostly I am so sorry of his turmoil that led to his death. My sympathies to all his fans and his family….this is so sad!

  105. katie

    I want to say that I am truly sorry for his family. I did not know him but did know of his acting. He was wonderful at what he did. I was very surprised to see such an honored actor die so young. He was a beautiful man with a great carrer. He will be truly missed by many people.
    God bless him and his family also friends, I am sorry to all those who knew him and are hurting.

  106. jade

    i too found out by watching the sag awards and was so shocked i jumped right up and got on the computer to see what happened. i was so in love with him when i was in middle school. he was all over my room! i watched all his movies and had seaquest parties! though i hadnt seen him in anyting recently, he will always be missed. god bless him and his family. rest in peace jon.

  107. Kimmy

    My brother in-law told me last night that an actor from SeaQuest was on the tribute list on the SAG Awards. He couldn’t remember the name but when he said he was young, Jon, came to mind and I didn’t want to believe it. So here I am, reading all the entries and news headlines and it’s true. My heart goes out to his family and friends. It’s such a sad thing for someone so young and with such a promising future. Like most here, he was my teen celeb crush. May he rest in peace.

  108. PHIL

    Well this is just crazy to me! I just found out on the SAG awards myself and i was crushed. I loved all of his movies so much Never Ending Story 2 is one of my all time favorite movies. and jonathon was such a nice looking man that was part of the attraction as well but he seemed like such a good guy. I know what it feels like to be alone i still feel that way sometimes there isnt anything anyone can say to make you change that mind frame but damn i wish jonathon would have stayed……. such a heart breaker! well i wish the family well and also i wish for better days. And jonathon you will be missed!

  109. Lucinda

    I can’t believe it!!!!!! My heart sank when I found out. I only found out when I watched the SAG Awards and was really confused to see that he was on the tribute list. I’m still in shock, I just want to cry. I loved him as an actor, I watched Seaquest absolutely all the time because of him and anything else I could find with him in it. I think that he was a fantastic actor and didn’t get the credit that he deserved. I hope you’re in a better place Jonathan. My heart is broken. Lucinda, Australia.

  110. lyzie

    it’s a great lost for the idustry to lose such one of tha many great Aactors…it was just like yesterday when i saw him and fell in love with this innocent boy that is in the never ending story…but what can we do it was really a not good decision for him…hoping that he was in a different place and doing ohter things that ending his own life…trully at first i thought it was just a nasty rumour and a joke, but it was a sad ending and a sad news for all his fans… wherever he is right now, i hope he is in good hands and at peace… to jonathan gregory brandis…thank you for being part of our lives,,, we will always remeber you,,,peace…

  111. Lisa

    The first time I saw him was on “It”. I kept asking my mom “Who’s that?, he’s an excellent actor” When I heard the news that he died, it felt as if my guts were just eating up my insides. I hated it. Although I didn’t know him I miss him so much.
    R.I.P Jonathan Brandis

  112. T Ladd

    I just found out this week, yes three months later and I am dumbfounded. My mother told me of his passing. My inquiring mind wanted to know more, so I searched the net. I was thinking of a sickness or accident. My heart sank at what I found. I wonder what was so bad that he would do that. His family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

  113. melissa

    I just found out today about the suicide of Jonathan Brandis from my friend. When she told me that my jaw hit the floor. I was shocked. I remember when I was younger I had the biggest crush on him. I would read everything that had him in it and watch everything that he was in. He was such a good actor. My heart goes out to his family and friends. RIP Jonathan.

  114. Kellie

    OMG, It’s the 28th of Feb, 3 months and 16 days since Jonathan’s death and I have just found out that he had died..I was watching a repeat of the SAG awards on Foxtel today and there it was..his name in the tribute part.
    I cant say I was a huge fan of his or anything but to hear this news saddens me deeply..a young & talented actor taking his life, what was so bad that he had to end it?
    I am in Australia and we didn’t hear anything about his death..nothing!
    From reading these messages, I know Jonathan will sadly missed, he’ll live on forever in our hearts..I named my son Jonathan and now everytime I use his name, I’ll think of JB.
    R.I.P Jonathan Brandis 1976 – 2003

  115. Amber

    I was rather surprised to hear of Jon’s death. I too was one of his followers in his younger years. Long before Seaquest ever came to surface. I’m sad to hear of the loss of another piece of my childhood. I found out just last night. A group of us were talking about Clowns so of course IT came up and I mentioned that the only reason I watched that movie at first was because of Jon. then someone told me he was dead. We have lost another great talent to suicide. It’s like the loss of Princess Di or John Ritter. Those are people who to me have just always been there. I think we take for granted that they always will be. Please don’t take their lives for granted. They will all be missed. Jon you were my first crush and my inspiration through some hard times. I will miss you and I wish you better times in the next life.

  116. tuty

    well..what can i say…except this…
    i truly, truly, hate Jonathan for ending his life this way yet i know he will always be one of the most talented young actors who, sadly, decided to leave in such a manner.
    To all his adoring fans out there,let us all pray for this wonderful man who is forever remembered in our hearts.
    To Jonathan,……. whatever drove you there,hopefully you’ll be in peace.
    Love,an old fan.

  117. AJ

    I will always miss this guy, i cant believe this happened. i will never forget him in sidekick and ladybug… 2 of my favorite movies of all time. i love you johnathon, rest in peace 🙁

  118. erica othen is a wonderful site. it shows a great deal of everything. it shows were you can write his parents. i wrote to mrs. brandis and she wrote me back thanking me for the letter. im sure she would love to hear some good things you all have to say about jonathan.
    we all love him so.
    Jonathan Brandis RIP 1976-2003 he lives forever in our hearts.

  119. Amy

    I am so sad still about what has happend. Hearing about this again on the SAG awards made me cry even more. I even just saw the episode of Full House he guest starred on a couple weeks ago on Nickelodeon.

  120. Emma Donovan

    I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when i was watching the sag awards on TV and a photo of Jonathan popped up during their tribute to our fave actors who died last year. I had no idea that it had happened and i nearly cryed. I used to be so madly in love with him when i was 14years old. I never imagined something like this. He will be greatly missed but also remembered for being the only good reason we all watch SeaQuest DSV.

  121. Wendy Thoms

    A friend of mine recently told me about Jonathan Brandis’ death and I just couldn’t believe my ears. I had to look it up for myself just to believe it. I remember when I was 13 or 14 and Jonathan was everything a girl could have ever wanted: oh so adorably cute, eyes that make you want to fall right into them, great personality and extremely smart. I am unbelievably saddened by this horrible loss to our world. Jonathan was a wonderful actor, as well as a beautiful person, and he will be deeply missed. May the Lord bless you and keep you, Jonathan, and all my love and warm wishes go out to his parents, family and loved ones.

  122. nicole

    I was looking throught the internet when i came across an article saying johnathan brandis had hung himself…Well i couldnt believe it, so i looked at every site possible to confirm it, he was my teen idol, those gorgeous blue eyes…

  123. Heather

    I really don’t know what to say, everyone above me has covered all the grounds; deepest condolences to his family and loved ones, i.e. his many talents as a young actor etc….
    I don’t understand what drives someone to ending their own life? Perhaps the pain is so bad it’s like a hole that swallows you into an abyss? You feel trapped.. no other options?
    Nonetheless, like many others- I felt a void knowing he was no longer in this world with us. I can only hope and pray he is at peace within himself now. I still believe we can only play the cards we’re dealt- and that suicide is no resolution to anything, cause when you really look(or if Jonathon could look back) he would see he caused more hurt than release… I think if he knew what an impact his death would have had across the world, he would have realized he’s loved and achieved more than one could in many life times- and I think he would have choosen a different path.
    But this one’s for you Jonathon; even though you didn’t know your worth, your value will never decrease. Rest In Peace

  124. Kristi

    In 1996, I was in seventh grade I started a Christian school. I didnt really know anyone, I just started attending the church. One day at lunch, I was talking to someone about SEaQuest and how Jonathon Brandis was in it. Well, this girl I thought I would have nothing in common with spoke up and said “,Jonathon Brandis is so hot!” We’ve been best friends ever since. We wrote a letter to Jonathon to tell him how he brought us together, because I doubt if it wasnt for him, her and I wouldnt be together. However, we never did send it. I will forever regret not sending that letter, thats one more smile that could have crossed his face before this tragedy. So, I guess this is how I get it out. I want to thank him for just being himself. Shes getting married this April, and Im the Maid of Honor…and it wouldnt be without Jonathon Brandis. He will be forever missed. We Love You Jonathon Brandis!!!! Love, Kristi and Rachel

  125. courtney

    when I was 14 I started watching seaquest on tv and first saw jonathan brandis. it was because of him that I first became driven to become an actress. now, I am headed to ucla to go into film – all because of a crush on a young guy on tv. he was a very talented person and i feel very sad that all this has happened. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. god bless and rest in peace, jonathan.

  126. Aleksandra

    In SeaQuest I saw Jonathan first time, he was, no, he is my favourite character in this serial. I very like episodes where Lucas is main character and he occur very often. I read about his death mouth ago and I was shocked. Jonathan, why have you done that? I’m sad becouse it seem your life was sorrowful. Rest in peace, I pray for your soul every day, since I found oud you are in another world now.
    I want to thank everybady that write above, I feel better knowing that so many people feel the same as me.

  127. Grace

    It has been monthes since it happened and yet I just found out. My dad and I were talking about SeaQuest so I decided to look up the website. The first thing I saw was a picture of Jonathan and a caption telling of his death. I just can’t believe it. He was such a great actor, I’m only 18, but I know him well. I grew up on reruns of SQ and all his movies. I felt this on a very personal level, my sister commited suicide 5 years ago and left no explanation. It shatters your whole being. I send out my love to his family and friends. The pieces can be glued back, even though it will never be the way it was before. He will always be in our hearts.

  128. len

    I love jonathan. And I just learned about his death a few days ago. Ive been busy with work and all.I was shocked by his death. I pray for his soul and I hope that all of us who love him will be able to get over this tragedy really soon. Im devastated now. To other JB fans who knows more about what happened please spare me some of your time. Try to email me soon. Thanks.

  129. Valerie

    I loved Seaquest DSV and I had the biggest crush on Jonathan. He sent me an autographed picture of himself when I wrote him a letter. I am sad that he felt suicide was the only way out. I hope you are in a better place!!!

  130. Erica

    I can’t believe I JUST found out! My best friend from florida mentioned she wondered what happen to him we both loved him in all his movies and were avid Seaquest fans when she asked someone who told her he died. This is awful. I don’t understand what happened and also I can’t believe I’m just learning this now! I watch tv all the time and remember absolutely nothing about this I’m shocked. I didn’t believe my friend until i looked online. I still have a bazillion pics of him from when i was younger. That’s a shame he was such a great actor I wonder how he got to that point.

  131. Lindsay

    I, like many of you just found out today the fate of my ultimate childhood love, crush, idol and inspiration. I was home for once during the day doing my laundry when my favourite childhood movie appeared on screen “The Neverending Story”. It struck me that I hadn’t seen or heard of Jon in a long time and thought I might do a little research to see where he was at today since it was long overdue. Out of the corner of my eye I see for a brief moment “apparent suicide” and I think to myself… ” Why do people make up such ridiculous stories…” then as I took a moment longer to read I realized… it was true. What a horrible feeling to read about the death of someone you once valued so much in your life 4 months after the matter. This has been a true awakening for me and my heart goes out to Jonathan’s family and friends. Jonathan… you are an amazing person. Thank you for touching my life in more ways then you could have imagined, I will miss you dearly.

  132. arthan

    I was so shocked… It’s been quite a while since the last time I surfed the net to look at his pictures..Jonathan Brandis was my crush when I was just 15 years old. He has been my inspiration until at the age of 20. I was so inlove with him during that time. Until now, he has a special place in my heart. It broke my heart when I read “Jonathan Brandis’ Apparent Suicide”, I can’t believe it, how I wish that was just a dream, but it’s not, 🙁 … Jon, thank you so much for being my inspiration..

  133. Melissa

    I loved Jonathan Brandis! i watched Sea Quest DSV, and loved the show LadyBugs. I was shocked to hear that Jonathan took his own life. Too young to die.
    Why do people think there is no where to turn when you are that depressed or whatever the problem is. There are so many places that can help you, if you just seek the help. i dont know, but My heart goes out to all of his family and friends.

  134. Lael

    Even after so many months, I am still sad that the world has lost Jonathan Brandis.
    For those who still want to do “something” because of his death, his manager has put out that Jonathan’s family would like donations to the Make A Wish foundation under his name.

  135. Larry

    OH MY GOD, I can’t believe that I just found out about Jonathans Death. I am a guy, and I also group up watching Jon on movies and on tv. I can’t believe that I didn’t hear anything on tv, news, radio, newpapers until now. I love jonathan brandis every since he started in who’s the boss. I loved him in The Neverending Story 2, sidekicks, ladybugs, and SeaQuest.
    I’m also 27 like him. It breaks my heart to see someone so close to me leave this earth. I called some of my friends and they didn’t know that he passed away also. Just like many other fans I always wanted to meet Johnathan. To his friends,fans and family I am so sorry that i just found out about this. You all are in my prayers. Jonathan was the best, i always dream about meeting him, hanging out with him, and for us to become best of friends. I am hurting now typing this because its hard now to except that he isn’t with us. Just like others Jon came accross my mind and i search for him. And I saw a little artical about his suicide. I thought it was a hoax a fake or something It just had to be. But as I see other sites with the same news, My heart broke, it was true. I wish the your fans and I could have been there for you to show you support and fate that we love you so much. JONATHAN BRANDIS, I LOVE YOU and may you have peace in heavan. WE WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS……..

  136. Sydney

    Like many girls I too had a major crush on him. He was my inspiration and the first person I fell in love with and now just few days ago I found out that he had killed himself.
    Till yesterday I think I actually didn’t follow the words that I found in internet “‘SeaQuest DSV’ actor Brandis dead at 27” maybe I just didn’t want to belive that he has passed away. Since yesterday I have cried because of a person who was actually the one who incouraged me to enter a dramaschool and to become an actress. It’s a tragedy. I just can’t understand why he did it. To finnish typing this is getting hard – it hurts so much to think on that he took his own life.
    All my prayers are with his family and friends. I wish them all the strength they need to get over this tragedy. I will always love, miss and remember him. And I’ll pray that where ever he is now, that he’d be in a better place. Where would’t be any pain or heartache to him anymore that made him take this desperate move! He’ll be missed and loved and never forgotten! Sydney

  137. Angela

    Wow, I just found out about his death today. I woke up and for some reason I just thought about him, so I looked him up. I was shocked to see “Jonathan Brandis – death ruled as suicide” as web titles. He was the first guy I ever had a crush on. For someone that was as talented and loved as he was, it’s hard to accept the fact that he took his own life. Why did he do it? There must have been a lot demons haunting him that he hid from his fans. My heart and prayers go out to him, his family, and his friends. May he rest in peace forever. Angela

  138. alicia

    johnathan brandis fuiste el mejor en film y en vida. i will miss you. descansa en paz. nada es el mismo sin ti realmente…eras guapo, intelligente y increible…wow no puedo creerlo que no estas en la’s like a wierd dream…seras mi chico favorito para siempre, mi flor. like my favorite film “the neverending story” that you starred in mi corazon you will always be there. gracias por todo jon

  139. Rachel Stratton

    Like billions of girls, I was really into him. I have 24 pictures of him and I’m trying to get many of his movies. I know he was only 12 at the time, but I love his preformance in “It”. I only found out he dead today while looking for his photos. Although the day is well past, my wishes, hopes and prayers go to the Brandis family. I truly hope he is happy in heaven. God Bless actor Johnathan Brandis, we love you

  140. Jaime

    My mom just told me today that he has died. and looking through this, he died in nov! I just cant believe this! when my mom told me i was in shock. I cant believe it! first starting to watch him in sea quest! and then lady bugs, having the huges crush on him when i was younger!
    I just hope that he is now at peace with him self. my deepest sympathy to his family.
    to all his fans, we still have our memories

  141. pegs

    This is crazy, like many fans. I just woke up one day and thought of him. Looked him up and was so shocked to find that “Jonathan Brandis death ruled as suicide” as headlines. I was like…this can’t be right, this must be another Jonathan Brandis but after going into those links. It is comfirmed that it was him. I was and still am utterly shocked. Its march already and he has passed away since November? Howcome nobody said anything? Why was hollywood so hush hush about it? They just don’t give a damn anymore? Unlike many child stars, I feel like this actor is not only handsome but also has some real talent. Ohhh…I miss those blue eyes of him. Rest in peace Jonathan and I hope that now in heaven, you realize how your fans truly care about you.
    I will never forget you.

  142. Natalie

    I didn’t even find out until yesterday. I won’t claim to be a hardcore fan but like many of you I had a stack of those magazines in the early 90’s. Anyway this has really affected me somehow and I can’t get it out of my head…

  143. Alice

    Like many of you Jonathan Brandis was the teen idol i grew up with in the early 90’s. Just this week I decided to look him up on the internet and to find out that he was dead was a smack in the face. There will be no other like Jonathan Brandis. He was a one in a million!
    I just hope now he knows how many fans he has touched. He will truly be missed. R.I.P

  144. Kim

    I really liked Jonathan Brandis in his movies. I liked Ladybugs and Sidekicks. I had such a big crush on him when I was younger and I wanted to marry him. It really saden me that he killed himself. He was a great actor and someone that will be remembered forever. He will be missed alot. I just can’t believe he’s gone. I will never forget him.

  145. tammy tucker

    I’m truly sorry for your loss he was a great actor.And i will always miss him and he will always be in my thought 4-ever and I loved his movies and he will always be remembered

  146. Rachel

    i just saw jonathan gregory brandis on a movie today and now i saw on my computer that he hung himself and i was even crying now that i just relized and that is just wrong.ifi was a little older i could just track him down and say WHAT EVA U DO DO NOT KILL UR SELF.BUT NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  147. Rachel


  148. Ashely

    I use to collect his posters when I was younger. My sister had to tell me what had happened, and at first I did not believe her, but when I looked it up on the computer I could not believe my eyes. All of my prayers are to his friends and family

  149. courtney

    I too was a big ,big fan of jon. I collected all of his pics and articales. This passed years I was wondering what he was up too these days? I wondered if he gotten married and had kids of his own. I knnow what depression is like. I’ve suffered from it but I have gotten help for it. It is sooooooo sad to hear. All of his fans will defently miss him. My heart goes out to his friends and family.
    P.s. Happy early Birthday jon if your watching?

  150. Samantha

    I am TOTALLY shocked to hear about this. It is 04-06-04 today and I JUST found out about Jonathan’s suicide. I had no idea. I just want to cry…quite angry about never knowing. I was watching one of my fave movies withhim in it and decided to browse for recent photos, to see if he was still as good looking as when I had a huge crush on him back in the early 90’s as a young actor. He was definitely still a gorgeous man. Rest in peace, sweet angel. You are missed by so many. xoxo

  151. Rachel

    I just found out in March and when I did, I was heart broken, just trying not to cry. My dad is a real stephen king fan so he showed me the movie, “It”, where I first saw Johnathan. I’ve only seen one of his performances, but that was enough for me to fall in love with his 12-year-old self. I searched up photos every day and in doing so, I found that he was dead! What sorts of problems could he possibly have to take his own life? Why Johnathan Brandis?

  152. paisis

    I knew him personally before he got really big and a couple years later.
    I haven’t talked to him in a number of years and I wouldn’t have even the slightest clue that he was in any way suscidal.
    I am sorry.

  153. Daina

    Jonathan Brandis is a name that will always bring a smile to my face, even after all of these years. I have scrapbooks upon scrapbooks of pictures I collected from magazines, articles, interviews, I have every movie he was ever in, every episode of SeaQuest taped. I was a huge fan. It wasn’t just because of his devilishly good looks, his spirit is what drew me in. He was a genuine person. I wish I had known it first hand. It sounded like he had a great life and I envied him. I still envy him, for he is in a better place now. My deepest condolances go out to his family, his friends and the rest of his fans. I hope I get to meet you soon, Jonathan…

  154. Erica

    Tell me this is not truth at all…..pls…i cant believe it Jon is died….& i am angry with myself juz knowing it 2day…

  155. Jenn

    I am always the one who wishes I could have done something. Jonathon Brandis was my Biggest crush growing up. I had a wall in my room dedicated to him, I just hope he knew that there were people out there who still remembered him and we always will. It’s never a good thing when someone dies and when it’s at their own hands it is worse. But no one can know what he was going through. I wish his family the best in their pain.

  156. Erica

    Sorry for my yesterday behaviour coz till now i still cant believe it..Jonathon Brandis was my Biggest Crush..yesterday watched ‘the neverending story 2:the next chapter’ so come online to check how is him these days & what moive is he going to have..but i get is the news was he had left us..My deepest condolances go out to his family, his friends and the rest of his fans.

  157. Kelsay B.

    I don’t really know what to say. Like everyone else here, I just learned about Jonathan’s death today. It broke my heart. He was only 27 he still had his whole life ahead of him. I was watching “The Never Ending Story II” a couple days ago. And wanted to get online to check out what he looked like now-a-days. Well I found the articles about his death instead. As I was scrolling down the entries on this page I almost started crying at how many people loved him and I don’t think he actually really knew how many people there actually where. I just wanted to say Rest In Peace Jonathan, You will forever be missed and we Love you always.

  158. Raea Bach

    I just found out today … five months after it happened. My shock is beginning to fade and the tears are starting to stream. Jon was my first love. He was all I could think of for five years and I was positive we would meet and fall in love. He was a wonderful person … intelligent, talented, a fantastic sense of humor, and an easy smile that would melt your heart. I remember how generous he was with his fans. One of my favorite Jon stories was about this girl who traveled across the country to Universal in Orlando where SeaQuest was filmed just to meet Jon. Well, she actually DID run into him and he invited her and her mother to tour the set. Apparently he referred to them as “the pilgrims.” And that’s just the kind of guy he was. Jon was known for calling his fans at home, wearing the gifts that were sent to him … and in my case … returning letters HAND WRITTEN. I am unbelievably sadden by this news and angry that there wasn’t more media attention. He seemed like such a happy-go-lucky guy. I’m sorry that his fans couldn’t do for him what he did for us. I love you, Jon. Always will.

  159. Melissa

    I’m from Singapore and there was a Good Friday special yesterday where they showed The Neverending Story 2 on TV. I remembered watching this film when I was a lot younger, and when I was 14 (1996) I had been an ardent fan of JB, though my interests had moved on as I grew. Naturally then I was looking forward to watching NS2 again, just to relive old times. As I watched, I was amazed at how expressive Jonno was as a youngster, so talented at that young age of 14, and after the movie had ended I immediately dug out my old VCD of Sidekicks to watch Jonno’s performance. Again I was impressed at his acting calibre, and promised myself to do a search today on the Internet to find out how he was doing. Imagine my shock when the first result that popped up on Yahoo was a report about his apparent suicide. I was stunned and for the next few minutes numbly sat eating my lunch (morbid I know) while reading the reports about his death from as many related websites as I could access. What a waste, and what a pity… Like mostly everyone on this site Jonno accompanied me through my younger years — I remember spending lots of money on the expensive imported mags BOP, BB, Tiger Beat, Teen Beat etc. from USA just to know everything I could about him. I also would paste all my favourite pin-ups on my cupboard doors, and never missed an episode of Seaquest DSV if I could help it. To me, the demise of Seaquest was the end of Jonno’s career as a teen idol which I felt was a great pity; but never in the world did I expect that he had supposedly taken his life barely half a year ago. Never have I been so grateful to have spent all that money years ago just so that now I have a folderful of Jon memories still with me which I will always treasure and never take for granted now.
    Poor Jonathan. Whatever made you do it? You seemed so level headed and collected, especially when I visited one of your memorial sites that featured your advice column from long ago from one of the teen magazine — and you actually gave advice to people contemplating suicide there! It really makes me wonder how things could have changed so much that you were driven to this extreme. I do hope that God had mercy on your soul, and that in the last fading moments of your life saw fit to take you into His arms and comfort you. I pray for you Jonathan, that you are in a happier abode now. May you be forgiven in the realm beyond death so that you may rise with Christ as we celebrate Easter tomorrow. My prayers also go out Greg and Mary Brandis, that while you may never forget the lovely light that your son’s life was, that your grief may fade with time and that only the happiest memories remain. Love to you and Jon, forever.

  160. Mandy

    I cant believe whathappened to J.B.I just foun out on April 10th.I want to say that im very sorry for his family.I had the biggest crush on him ever since i saw him in “It” and “Two Came Back” I will miss him so much.He had life ahead of him and i have no clue what would make him do that.Atleasthe isnt hurting anymore

  161. tails


  162. LAM

    I was saddened when learning about Jonathan’s death just today. I was just watching a movie with him yesterday. I remember watching Seaquest religiously when I was younger. My condolences go out to his family and friends. We all love you Jonathan!!!

  163. Justine

    Even after 5 months I’m still in a sadened shock. Every time I think of Jon I just get teary, and all I can say to myself is ”Why Jon, Jon can’t be dead”. I don’t know if I want to go into a saddened rage or just feel like I’m in deniel. I honestly can’t believe it. Since ”Ladybugs” came out I have just been charmed by Jonathan. He was such a delight to watch and I truely loved him. Although I never personally knew him, I still feel like I’m at a loss, I’ll never forget him as long as I’ll live. There’s a lot more good things I can say about him but I don’t have the words. All I know is that any time I think of him/or see him on screen my face has always lit up as well as my mood. My deepest sympathy’s to Jon family and friends. I LOVE Jon forever. All my love from Melbourne Australia

  164. Theresa

    Today would have been his 28th Birthday and on this day especially my heart goes out to his family. Jonathan was a true diamond in the rough of the Hollywood crowd. I have come to feel that his heart was just to pure to cope with shallowness and the meaniless values of the world around him. May his spirit rest in peace. God Bless You Jon.

  165. Weillyn

    Wow, what a shock! I’m from the other side of the world. I miss JB so much as I’d never heard of him for such a long time. I’ve decided to find anything on him on the net. All that I get was a sad story of his death. Will always miss u.

  166. Dan Montalban

    My wishhes go out to Mary & Gregory Brandis,I am deeply saddened by the death of what I consider my best friend.Even though I never met my favorite actor, he touched us all with his amazing acting ability and accomplishments. You make it hard to carry JON.
    Your number #1 FAN

  167. Zavijava

    What’s wonderful is that people are still posting tributes. I hope it stays that way. Jon was always a fun actor to watch and known for being kind and personable. It’s hard to believe that he is gone;what angers me is that in the weeks before his death he had said to his friends that he wanted to die. Obviously, no one took him seriously enough. ALWAYS take a friend seriously who seems depressed. It seems when a oflot alcohol is involved, our depressions and insecurities deepen, leaving a feeling of hopelessness that can sometimes be overwhelming. I’ve been there on the edge, but hope for the entrance of something better always pulls me back. No one will ever know why he did it, but I wish he’d known how much he was respected and loved as a person and for the work he did. My hope is that his soul is at peace. I do wish there was more info about him and his life because I found him so interesting and likeable. My condolences to his family and friends. No one should ever have to experience the pain of losing a loved one, especially in this way.

  168. Megan

    I just found out today that Jonathan committed suicide. I have been watching his movies since I was 5 years old. I’m 19 now and I feel great sorrow to lose a part of my childhood. It hurts so much to think about what happened and how it happened. I still can’t even grasp the whole situation or how much it hurts. When I found out all I could say was “Oh my god, oh my god” I don’t know when I will be able to admit that he’s gone. I will miss him dearly.

  169. Heidi

    Jonathan you came into this world a beautiful person but you left us way too young. Always in my eyes will those ocean blue eyes and sexy smile smile down at me and make me realize you are in peace but still love us. I still love you and always will till one day when i come up to those pearly gates of Heaven and see the those blue eyes again and meet you in person.
    I am 23 years old and Jonathan was my crush since i was a young girl growing up in Connecticut.

  170. Megan

    I feel sick every time I think about Jonathan being gone. I can’t sit still and I can’t think about anything else. When someone that had such potential and that had already touched so many lives takes his own life all I can think is “why?”. I have been thinking about making movies my whole life and now I’m not sure if I want to get into that life. I just hope that someone makes a movie about his life so that others might not be drawn into doing the same thing and hurting the people that love them.

  171. Matthew

    I remember seeing jon in neverending story 2 and from then on i loved every movie that he did.
    He was a heart throb for many girls in this world
    and i wanted to be like him.
    I guess i did not watch the news to hear that he
    died and i just found out.I know many will truly miss him including me one of his many fans.
    I know jon was truly amamzing and again will be missed by many

  172. Tasha

    I don’t know where I’ve been but I just recently heard that Jonathon Brandis was dead. Almost positive that it wasn’t true I went on the internet to find not only was he dead, but he killed himself and it was about five mo. ago! I was a huge fan of his when I was younger, especially Ladybugs. Hearing this news I am very sad. I really wish I would have met him in his hard time and let him know that no matter what was going on in his life that I would have been his friend.
    I am very sad and will miss him.

  173. Jackie

    I cannot believe that I hadn’t learned of this when it happened, I was so sure that maybe my friend was wrong, I had to find out for myself. Alas, I found the websites saying that Jonathan Brandis had taken his own life. Like many others who have probably said this before me, I wish I knew him personally so that I could have tried to help. I know what it’s like to feel so alone and helpless. I went through a bad time in my life where I had actually planned my own suicide. Sometimes you think that there’s nothing else you can do and that seems like the only way out. I really wish I could have told him that it wasn’t the answer. I loved his movies when I was younger and had such a crush on him. And prior to my knowledge of his death I had just purchased Ladybugs because I loved that movie so much. I will keep it always in memory of him. He was truly gifted and I’m sure he would like us to remember him that way. My heart goes out to his friends and family for your loss.

  174. Gervil

    I was about to search the net about Jon’s whereabouts lately. I’m from the Philippines and Seaquest DSV was long not shown here. I was shaking reading the articles I got. I can’t believe that he is dead. I thought it was just some kinda mistake and after reading almost 15 articles telling the same thing I was convinced that he really is GONE! I love Jon so much ever since “The Neverending Story” times. I had collection on him though a little cause he is not so much famous here in my country but those are truly trasured. And now, I have more reason to keep them.
    To Jon’s parents I know until now you still feel the pain of loosing him. The pain I feel today is not an inch over what you two feel. Accept by late condolences. Don’t worry I will include him in my prayers. It will help him go on and be free from whatever pain.
    To Jonathan wherever you are now hope you find peace and hapiness. You leave us wonderful memories through your talents, you will always be remembered. You have always a special place in my heart. You may not know me and we may not have seen each other in person and will never be but, in a way or another you have made my childhood life different. Remember your movie ” The Neverending Story II? the lesson I got from it was how to conquer our fears. I did that in my life how come you failed yours? You must have forgotten the magic right? Don’t worry I will continue conquering my fears for the reast of my life for you….RIP Jon.
    From your Fan here in Philippines,

  175. Alexandra

    I come from Montreal, so I’m sorry for my bad english, but this is so important for me to leave a message today on this tribute to Jon Brandis. I was in shock when I saw the news on internet today. I’m shock because I only learn it today. This is my first day of vacancy and this is really a sad day. I try to look at my old stuff from Bop and other teens magasines, but it makes me feel much sad. I don’t wanna repeat everything that people said before. All I wanna say is that it’s difficult to see how life is fragile. He was alone even if he had people around him.
    This is really great to see all people writting a note to express their sympaty, but this is much arder to read it, because it made impossible to stop crying.
    I hope that he is in peace and I will never forget him not mader what. Each day that life will be hard, don’t forget that people around you can help you guys. Smile each day to people that don’t give you the smile you deserve, cuz nobody need more a smile then someone who cannot give one to others. Life if beautifull !
    Rest in peace Jon, we will never forget you

  176. Elle

    I can’t believe this happened. I didn’t find out until about 2 weeks ago. I was watching one of his movies and my brother actually told me he died. I was like ‘Ya Right!’ So he showed me the article in one of the magazines and I was like ‘NOOOO!’ I almost died. He was an awesome actor with a lot of talent and very attractive 🙂 and I miss him soooooooooo much! Every time I think about him or see him in a movie I just can’t help but cry! RIP Jon, I will never ever forget you!!!

  177. Rachael

    I have just found out that johnathon brandis has died, i am from england so it takes awhile for news to reach us. My sister was reading an article in Film Review and found that he had comitted suicide, i couldnt believe it. i remember watching it when i was very young and i loved his character, i watched the re-runs aswell when i was a bit older, and he was so cute. we will truly miss him.

  178. Natalie Jacks

    I am Personally crushed , I have been thinking of Johathan now for about the last year really heavy , and I wondered what he looked like now. So I thought Id get on the computer and find out . When I read what happened I went to lots of other web sites to see if it could be true. When I was little I didnt have much and I loved to spend what extra $ I had getting little pictures of Johnathan to put in my room . He was the only boy I had ever hung pictures of. When I got older I thought of him often and always thought someday maybe I would run into him somewhere. And be so lucky to meet him. I feel so sad for any family and friends. I feel like I have lost a piece of my childhood forever. So I always wanted to write him a letter like all fans did ,but I was to embarrsed and shy I had so little why would he care if I wrote to him.
    Dear Johnathan, I think that you are the most bueatiful person I have ever seen . I love all your movies and wonder what your like as you are, and not a charector.Love, Natalie

  179. Rachel

    I was OBSESSED with Jonathan Brandis when I was young! I watched all his movies and TV shows! I thought he was HOT and talented! I wrote to him and I wanted to marry him! I almost fell off my chair when I heard he commited suicide. Its horrible. and I can only wonder why. Im so upset!
    Love, Rachel

  180. Matt

    I just found out about Jonathan’s death, and I am truly shocked. I remember watching Ladybugs as a little kid, and was impressed with Jon putting the moves on that tall hot chick. I also remember Seaquest; that was a badass show. From time to time I would think of Jonathan, and wonder what could have happened to such a famous actor. How could one so huge in the early nineties just disappear like he did. I guess I always thought he would return to TV in some sitcom. Learning this news was a little hard. God bless Jonathan.

  181. Laura from Puerto Rico

    I still can’t belive that Jon’s not around anymore. Why didn’t he call me before doing it? I could have make him change his mind.
    He’s the love of my life. I still have his posters and all the magazines I got since I was a teenager.
    The media didn’t do a good job with this news. I learned of his death through the tributes on the Oscar’s night.
    I will always remember him. I’ll keep him alive in my memory.
    why? just tell me why??
    Love 4 ever

  182. Ara

    I just learned about Jon b.’s death I am deeply saddened. I had SERIOUS crush for him when I was young and it lasted for 10 years. I hate to see him go. May he Rest In Peace.

  183. B

    i can’t believe he committed suicide! i didn’t know 1 girl who didn’t have a crush on him when he was on SeaQuest! well.. Rest in Peace

  184. gwen

    I found out a while back. But I still can’t..or I should say ‘don’t’ want to believe it. I had the biggest heart for him and I seriously wanted to marry him. I remember watching Ladybugs, I still love that movie. He is so talented. I own most of them but I’m definately buying his whole SeaQuest episode tapes..just because he’s in them! I felt soo upset when I discovered he committed suicide and for what reason I will always wonder. I could only imagin how he felt when he decided to take his own life, it really makes me sad and will probably always. I just wish I could have been a part of his life so that I could help him. It sucks that there won’t be anymore movies or shows with him in them. I LOVE YOU JB!! XOXOXO FOREVER!

  185. Liz

    It is coming up on 6 months(Half-year) since Jonathan’s passing. I still, and will never get over it. Who would have though that of all people Jonathan would take his life. For what reason, one can only wonder because we all will never get an answer to the question that seems to radiate inside of our minds. All we have now is our memories, and the countless memorable movie roles he left us. That man lived, and breathed to entertain us. Always remember that he loves, and is now watching over us. He will remain in my heart, and memory forever. Rest In Peace, Jon.

  186. JC

    Jon was always one of my favorite actors on television.
    My memories of him will always be fond one’s that helped me find my true self in life, at a very young age as a performer.
    He will always be missed.

  187. angi

    I am deeply depressed these days because of the death of this extraordinary good actor, and I want to send condoleances to his parents. I will keep Jonathan in my heart the rest of my days.

  188. Christy

    I just found out tonight that Jonathan Brandis hung himself. My mother and I were watching a show on VH1 about childhood starts and it started talking about him, then said he killed himself. My mother and I both were shocked. We loved his movies, and everything else he did. I can’t believe this happened and I never heard about it! Where was I?? I’m saddened that this has happened and That’s all i can really say about it. He will always be missed.

  189. Anna

    I have loved Jonathan Brandis since I was a child. I have grown up watching him. I fell in love with the boy he was an the man he turned out to be.

  190. Scarlett

    I know I’m all late on learing the death of Jonathan Brandis. I just happened to be watching “Vh1’s, Child star Babylon” last night and they started talking about Jonathan, as if something had happened to him, and when I heard he had hung himself, I was in total shock. Who would’ve know. I too, wish I could’ve talked to him, or someone could have talked to him to help him through whatever pain he was going through. I’m still in shock over it all. I loved watching Ladybugs over and over on tape, and I’ve been collecting posters on my walls for many, many years and i have 2 of Jonathan and it’s hard to believe when I look at him now, that he’s no longer here. I knew he dated Tatiyana Ali (however you spell her name) Ashley for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at one time. I give prayers and thoughts out to his family and anyone else touched by this story.

  191. christine

    I also watched the Vh1 special, i can’t believe he is dead. The strange twist is, my mom committed suicide 6 years ago this week. I wrote Jonathan Brandis a letter at that time. I was so messed up. It is so strange to hear about his suicide this week. I felt exactly like i did when my mom died…stunned and in shock. He was a great actor, I sometimes still watch my old Seaquest at peace Jonathan.

  192. Siiri

    I watch these tributes and I’m amazed. He has so many fans, so many people loved him. I wonder if he didn’t realize it.
    For some reason Nov.12 I had so strange feeling that something was wrong, I just couldn’t understand what. The feeling haunted me till I found out about his death.
    He had always been my inspiration and my touchstone. If there weren’t him I probably wouldn’t have finished my novel. Another strange coincidence was that I finished my book on Nov. 12, 2003 and that one of the characters is named Jonathan.
    Unfortunately I’m a bit of a too big egoist to understand the people who have commited/are planning to commite a suicide, cause I personaly could never hurt myself – I love myself a bit too much, but I wish that I would be able to understand them, to be able to help them if I only could.
    I wonder that haven’t they heard the Sanskrit saying: To good always bad follows and to bad always, good follows. Good and bad form a circle.
    I’m just so sorry that some people can’t wait for a better day in their life. But I should say it always comes, I’ve seen it, I’ve been through some very difficult periods, but I’ve made it!
    I pray for Jon and to his family!
    I’ll miss you, my beloved!

  193. Arlene

    I had researched jon on the internet and read many of his bio’s and saw many pictures, but it never occurred to me that he would committ something at the end of the year. i loved many of his movies. i had many favorites. its sad that that had happened. u r missed greatly!

  194. Ryan Storm

    I just found out about Jonathan Brandis, I’m in shock, I feel horable about it, I watched him growing up, and watched him in Seaquest all 3 seasons, he is the reason I work with computers today, when i was 13 and i saw him on seaquest I new what I was going to do when i grew up, I just wish it was not true. I wish i could have been his friend, I will always remember him. I just don’t understand.. and how can any one not know why this happened, If your reading this and are thinking of killing your self read what every one has said and know that there are people that care

  195. Stephanie

    I was watching VH1 on T.v last night and heard about Johnathons death. I was so shocked! I had no idea that he was dead. Just last week i was speaking of him. When i was in elem. school I was living in Orlando Florida. My mother use to clean his apartment along with one of my friends mother. I got the chance to meet him along with his girlfriend of the time Tatiana Ali of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I am so sad to hear that he is gone. He was a great actor and a wonderful person! You will be missed by many people!!
    Rest in Peace!!
    Love Stephanie Pooley

  196. hope rivers

    i dont really know what to say, how to express my feelings, i am just so sad. I cant even watch a single movie without crying, he was way to young to die, thats what I believe in…

  197. Eileen

    I just found out that Jonathan had died, and the news took my breath away. As a fan of Brandis from the age of twelve I found myself feeling like I’d lost my first crush. For years photos of him wallpapered my room, and I’ve had to have seen ladybugs at least 1000 times. It saddens me deeply that Jonathan could find no peace in this life, and felt the only way to escape would be to end his life. I for one feel like I lost a part of my adolesence. Brandis was loved and will be missed

  198. Sheila

    I still am amazed by the act of Jon. He was very important part of my little world when I grwe up. When I was 11 I first saw him in “Seaquest” Lucas was my favorite character through the series. I wish he hadn’t done it… so many people miss him. When I heard it I couldn’t believe it, it ate my heart out. I try not to cry, but it happenes that I can’t help it. I loved Jon…I’ll miss him…
    Heaven has truly gained an angel…maybe we’ll meet him one day.
    Your fan forever Sheila

  199. lynette

    i feel so bad and sad for him as well as his family…i wonder if he is where his great-grandmother is?…i could see the sadness in his eyes, in his pictures, couldn’t anyone else see it!? i wish i could have talked to him the day before he did this…you know, lots of people think just because you are famous that you don’t have any problems with your life, i wish we didn’t have to go through these kind of times with people you really love and don’t want to see go.we will miss everyone who takes there own life but maybe they are in a better place where they don’t feel presure and pain where we all go to that paradice. heavin?….that is what they call it.

  200. Daniel Fitzgerald

    “Sidekicks” is one of my all time favorite movies. I was actually hoping that brandis would make a comeback on the big screen soon….R.I.P.

  201. lauren

    I just found out on Monday. Some friends and I were in the mall, people watching and I couldn’t take my eyes off this 18year old guy, he looked soo much like J/B. I mentioned it and my freind told me he had committed suicide. I just kept saying all evening, are you sure? Nooo… it can’t be, are you sure? I LOVED him and like so many other teens I thought I would grow up and mary him. I even got into the film industry in the hopes of meeting him. Whithout him I wouldn’t have a career, I wouldn’t have found my passion. I still have the seaquest tapes and ALL his movies. I even met him at a car show. My name is Lauren and when I would watch Sidekicks I would pretend that he was talking to me. I freaked out a couple months ago when I was watching hearts war and spotted him. I thought, it’s a small part but mabey now I’ll see him in more stuff… I can’t seem to shake this sadness, I felt stupid for crying for someone I didn’t really know, but I guess I dedicated so much of my young life to him (6 years) that I feel a huge loss. Unfortunatly John took his own life and it is not likely that he is heading to heaven and that saddens me most of all…but who knows, perhaps God knows his emense pain and can do sompthing for him now…perhaps not. My condolences still go out to all that loved him (or thought they did). I am truly saddened. 🙁

  202. Bev

    Ahh I love and miss him terribly! There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think of him, I’m always thinking about him.. and his movies, how his life was like, what he was feeling, what it would’ve been like to meet him..etc. I have most of his movies. I think Jonathan had such talent and was definitely a looker. And his smile always tingles my heart, he had such a great smile. I’m presently collecting everything of him that I can find, articles, photos&posters, magazines,movies. I found out he had commit suicide from reading one of the ‘people’ magazines a long while back, my heart litterally sunk. I do know what it’s like to be deeply depressed, and I can only imagin how he felt..but I wish with all my heart someone could’ve been there to save him. My mom always told me, your entire life growing up in front of cameras is totally different than ours. I’m starting to realize that. Not all celebraties are as happy as they appear on TV. Jon will always be apart of me, and I hope is family is moving along and I wish them well! <3
    *R.I.P J/B!!*

  203. Nicole

    I just found out today, 8 months after the fact. I was watching some VH1 special about childhood actors, when they flashed a picture of Jonathon Brandis, saying that he killed himself. I remember feeling completely numb, not understanding how or why this happened. I must admit I havent gave much thought to him in the last few years but I never in a million years that this is what I would find out how he turned out. I feel sorry for the family and hope that Jonathon finally found some peace away from this crazy world.

  204. Randi Johnson

    Oh my gosh, just as a few other people, I have found out today, through searching for DVD’s of SeaQuest, that Jonathan Brandis is dead. I cannot believe that. As many others too, I thought that he would be my future husband when I was 10 years old. I remember looking through Teen Bop magazines and other young teeny bopper mags about him. I had such a crush on him. It is just so terrible. May he be in a better place for him.

  205. Erin

    I too was in utter shock I heard about John. i cannot believe he is gone. I remember watching him all the time on different shows and movies. Its hard to believe that someone can take their own life when they have everything going for them, but sometimes you hurt so bad inside that you feel like there is no way out and the only peace you can have is being in heaven. To the friends and family just no that there isnt anything you could have done depression is something that you keep inside and many people do not even have the slightest idea that you are depressed. I truly believe Johnathon is in a better place now and he is smiling down on us.

  206. Gwendolyn

    I just learned of his death yesterday when I was watching the VH1 show on childhood actors. I wish I known sooner. I am still in disbelief. Yes, I was one of thoses teenie bopper fans but I always thought of him as a Great actor. I was looking through pictures awhile ago and saw on of Christmas. It is a picture of me acting like I was fainting and I am holding a Jonathan Brandis Calender. I watched many of his films and most of them repeatedly. I remember when SeaQuest first came on I was so excited that Jonathan was back. I would come home every day from school and pop one of his flims in. He was always in my mind and I am angry that it took me so long to find out. I only wish I could of helped him. I hate how Hollywood can be so curl at times. His family, friends and fans I feel the most remorse for. To Greg and Mary you brought us a Great son and he will never be forgotten you are in my prayers. I know you my never read this but just to know that it is out there for you. Jonathan may you rest in peace you brought so much hope to so many different kinds of people. I only wish that you saw and knew that. Thank you for everything you ever gave me. Gwendolyn from St. Louis

  207. Kat

    I saw a guy in the mall that had the same type of look that Jonathan I turned to a friend and said,….I wonder what ever happened to Jonathan Brandis. She told me that he had killed himself last year. I didn’t believe her. I had to find out for myself. I had such a big crush on him…when I was much younger we made up a song about him…ha ha ha. I pray for his soul. What a tremendous loss.

  208. susan r k.

    I miss Jon.He was a great actor.I was in love with him for years.My condolences go out deeply to his friends,family & ect.I wish I could do something.I know he has a lot of fans but I think all of his fans have a little something from Jon that he would have deeply appriciated.Sometimnes,I wish I knew him more than just a celebrity.I think we would have been great friends.We all love you Jon!Rest in peace.
    Susan K.

  209. Jenna

    I remember being sick that I didn’t hear about his death until a month after it happened. It’s still a shock for me that he would kill himself. It makes me even sadder to know that while he was dying, he was most likely regretting it. I am still losing sleep over his death, it makes me so depressed when I think that I’ll never get to see him in person or anything. I can’t believe it. Why would he hurt his fans so much? Sometimes I think I should kill myself too so I could be with him. RIP JGB Love you always, -Jenna C.

  210. mk

    how sad to hear Jonathan’s death. just like the other gals here, i used to buy teen mags with him on the cover and watched every episode of sea quest dsv.


    I had just found out about Jonathans death not to long ago,and I remember few years back I had a big teen crush on him.He had these exotic eyes that made me crazy for him and to find out that he died just really is sad….
    …………….RIP JONATHAN i LUV YOU………

  212. J.D.

    To all the loving and remembering family, friends and fans of Jonathan Brandis may all of you continue to cherish in the light that was this amazing and wonderful perso. I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan back when I lived in L.A., and after having spoken to him, I thought this young man is in the same mold as say River Phoenix but I would never imagine that his life too would be sorrowfully cut short before his real impact would come to fruition.
    I haven’t seen or heard any reports as to the reason why this happened, and if there is anyone
    out there who might be able to intelligently explain the reason, please share it with me.
    My heart, love and most of all my deepest regreats for his passing. His beautiful smile,
    kind demeanor and striking eyes will always shine on. God keep you in peace at last.

  213. E.F.C.

    My heart goes out to Jonathan’s family i was so saddened when i read of his passing in an old magazine i was @ a Dr.’s appointment i’m still in shock i really felt he would someday win an Academy Award. My prayers are with you God Bless!

  214. Cindy

    I loved this boy soooooooo much ever since I was little. When I found out that he commitied suicide I just wanted to ask God to help me go back in time and meet him and try to stop him from doing that. God BLess him

  215. Kristi Marie

    I blows my mind how someone can just end their life on purpose. No disrespect, but suicide is the stupidest, most selfish act a person could ever commit. There is always help out there, it’s just a matter of getting out there to find it. Suicide is NEVER the answer. I will miss Jonathan forever and hope to someday meet with him on the other side.

  216. Erin

    After finding out that Jonathan had committed suicide, I didn’t know what to think. I am truly in shock and it does not seem real to me…as cliche as it sounds, I did also have a huge crush on him…I mean, he was an adorable person. It just saddens me that we will no longer be able to see him progress farther in his career. He will be missed more than he will ever know. May God bless him and his family.

  217. mel

    The first time I ever saw Jonathan Brandis was on SeaQuest, and like many girls at that time,I had a major crush on him. When I read about his death in the paper, I was shocked. His death is a terrible loss to his family, fans, and Hollywood. He will forever be deeply missed.

  218. Ally

    i am shocked and saddened by johnathons passing, when i was younger i did have a big crush on him and i loved him in seaquest DSV. i really cant beleive that he is gone!im going to miss him so much, i was is shock when i found out! my sympathys go to his family and all his fans!
    R.I.P Jon!
    Luv Ally

  219. Embury

    I cannot believe Johnathan Brandis is dead. I just found out today that he had died. I am so shocked. Earlier today I was watching Seaquest DSV and wondered where he was now. I went on the internet right after watching the show and to my dismay discovered that he had died 7 months ago. It was such a shock. He is one of my favorite actors. I had a huge crush on him when I was younger. I loved him on Seaquest DSV. My prayers go out to his family and friends. He will be missed greatly.

  220. Rachel

    I just watched “Ladybugs” and recognized Johnathan right away. I’ve had a huge crush on him since I was little and I had never seen that movie before. I went online to look up some info on him and came across articles of his death. My throat completely closed up and I lost my breath…I absolutely couldn’t believe it. He was such a great actor and he was so handsome! Those eyes always made me melt. I wish I could have found this out sooner, but that wouldn’t have made me feel any better than I do now. I’m trying not to cry while writing this. To Johnathan’s family- we share your pain, even though it’s hard losing such a wonderful loved one… we fans of his are here for you. Johnathan, I love you. R.I.P. I will NEVER forget you. NEVER. -Rachel

  221. Madi

    He was the BEST actor ever, especially when he was young..he had so much talent. I always watch his movies, and I try not to cry. I think he was the most cutest kid ever and then turned super hot as he got older. I wish it never happened! I will ALWAYS love Jonathan Brandis!!!!

  222. tania


  223. Daisy Rodriguez

    I never meet Jonathan but i really cared about him.I loved the movie the never ending story where he played the main caracter, but when i saw the movie lady bug i started liking him alot.And when i heard the news about his suicide i was heart broken i felt really sad about what happend…

  224. Lizzy

    I was about four years old when Jonathan Brandis was on SeaQuest and after the first episode I saw, every time we went to the video store I would rent The Never Ending Story II. The news of his death brought and still brings tears to my eyes. He was a great actor and although I never met him, I’ll miss him dearly. My heart goes out to his friends, family, and fans.

  225. Laura

    What a loss, it’s so sad. I have been a fan of Johathan’s for years. I’m still in shock of his death. I can’t believe it. I never met him myself, I’ll miss him. I’ll also miss not seeing him act anymore. My thoughts and prayers will always go out to his family, friends, and fans. Rest In Peace Johathan

  226. Beth

    I am only 15 but i have recently seen some of jonathans movies and i wanted to find out more about him because i began to have a crush on him.I was deeply saddend and troubled when i came accross an article that said that he commited suiside.I will miss seeing his movies and i will continue to watch and rewatch his old movies. Rest in Peace Jonathan.

  227. stephanie

    I can’t believe he’s gone myself. I thought it was just a dream I had and he came to mind last night, so I did a search of his name this morning and sure enough he died. I always day dreamed of being his love interest in LadyBugs. He was just so adorable and he grew up to be a very good looking man.

  228. pewee

    although it sux that u had to kill yourself in one of your famous quotes you said “remember me with smiles and laughter, because that is how i’ll remember you. if all you can do is tear up when you remember me then dont remember me at all!” so just lik the constant smile that you ahd on your face i will have one on mine whenever i think of you jonathan!!! luv ya lots

  229. Danelle

    I can’t believe its been almost a year since his death. I’ll never forget the day I found out about it. I was getting ready for school and was putting on my shoes in my room with the news on in the background. When I heard the headline, I stopped and froze. I lifted my head and saw his pictire as their icon. My mouth was agape and my eyes started to tear. I know his mvies may not have been blockbusters, but my parents used to own a video store and I always used to rent his movies…I rented Sidekicks so much my mom just let me keep it.
    It just makes me so sad to think about ti all again. Jonathan Brandis wasn’t a name Hollywood was saying very often, and I wondered about him from time to time. And the next thing I heard was that he hung himself. He was so young – and like all of you, I just wish I could have been there that night and knocked on his door and said, “I’m really sorry to bother you, but I’m a huge fan. Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to get some coffee or something?” Sounds corny, but who knows – who knows what could have happened. I just miss him and I hope he’s finally happy and I hope he is being taken care of and truly in a better place.
    Also, hes dated some famous people, I wonder how they took it…when they heard the news…

  230. danica

    just as others have said, i too have written him many letters that were never sent. i regret not being able to have the courage to send a simple letter. i began my crush at about he age of 8 when i saw him in the movie “the neverending story 2”. i was and still am captivated by his eyes and this energy he seemed to have. of course i can only speculate to how he was in “real life”. ive seen all his movies because i too was a bit taken with the sight of him. now when i see them, i cry. i have have felt depression in my life and i know of the pain and emptiness. i cant help but feel like i could have done something. obviously there was pain in his life that no one will ever know of. wow. he was beautiful. i guess this is my letter. the one i always wrote but never sent. i will admit i had a massive crush but i really thought that maybe someday i’ll meet him and well be friends. now i just wish i knew where he was burried so i could tell him myself that although he may have never knew it, he was admired and had many unseen friends. my deepest sympathy for those close to him.

  231. Ali

    I’ve never met Jonathan, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve always dreamed of meeting him one day soon. But I guess that’ll never happen now. I found out about his suicide months ago and I’m still stunned that such a beautiful person felt the need to end his life so soon. As most of you’ve said “I wish I could’ve been there for him that night”. Me too. I still think of how it could’ve been if I just happened to show up and asked him out for coffee or something, how it might have turned out. I know that he dated that girl “Ashley” from the tv show Fresh Prince of Bellair for the longest time and then broke up. I think her name is Tatiana Ali or something? I wonder how she took the news. Or any of his other past girlfriends. I’ll always be saddened at the fact that he’s not living in this world anymore and all that’s left of him is his movies and tv shows. He was one talented person and I love all of the movies he played in. I’m sure he was a beautiful person in real life as he was gorgeous on screen. I’ll never forget that smile, his eyes and that dimple in his chin *drools* I always noticed that and I love it. He’ll be loved and missed soo much, my whole heart goes out to his family, friends and fans. R.I.P JB. I’ll never forget you.

  232. Sharaya

    Rarely does an actor come along as rare as Jonathan Brandis was. He was a wonderful actor and a beautiful person. He looked as if he was shining all the time. And lit up any film or tv appearance and just made it so much more.
    Its a shame that this happened. It blows my mind.
    Its just a shame.

  233. Nina Ross

    I am deeply sadden and disturbed by Jonathan’s death, he was my first favorite actor and the first man I ever dreamed of marrying. Ever since I was 8 years old, I was in love with Jonathan. I can’t believe this happen, even though it has been long after the fact, I am still in shock. I wish nothing more than to have known him, to maybe be apart of his life in some way to have stopped this from happening. I want to cry everytime I think of him and my best reguards go out to his family and friends, who I know Brandis has made a major impact on their lives, as he did on mine. Ever since I saw Jonathan I decided to become a singer/rapper/actress, somewhat just in hopes of meeting him. I am now sucessfully on my way as an inspiring singer/rapper and actress, only now I cannot look forward to meeting such a wonderful and talented person. I know he is with me in spirit, despite the fact of truly knowing me, we know each other in our hearts and souls. I miss you Jonathan, and may God bless you for everything you have done and wasn’t able to do. I love you and goodbye, for now.
    Nina Ross

  234. Jenn

    I had always thought Jonathan Brandis was a good actor he played my fav. charactor in the movie that scared me the most as a kid, and the ones i watched over and over, i was shocked to hear of this news and just wonder why he felt the way he did? i just wish he felt more that he did have people he could talk to … because im sure he did

  235. Anthony Lora

    I vividly remember the fall of 1994, at the time I was a freshman in high school unhappy with high school itself and contemplating dropping out. It was Saturday morning, when I was channel surfing and I came across a public announcement on nbc (nbc was big on them during that time). This public announcement featured Jonathan Brandis, and in it he was preaching the benefits of staying in school. I clearly remember that one up-lifting line Jonathan said which instantly changed my whole outlook towards high school: “The more you get your butt to class, the further you are to graduation!” It all just made sense to me! Here I was feeling down and in need of moral support when suddenly, some one whom I basically idolized at the time came to my aid emotionally. He broke it down to me in a very convincing yet sincere manner because he made me realize that every day that I attended class, I was one day closer towards the goal intended, graduation. In closing, I will be eternally grateful for those words of encouragement, I just wish someone could have been present in his obvious time of need.

  236. Heather Dorff

    I can’t tell you how upset I was when I found out Jonathan had passed away. As a child I had loved his movies, and actually wanted to try and meet him. Everyonce in a while I would look him up on the net to see how he was doing. When my Mother told me he had passed away, and on the 12th of Novemember (The same date my Father passed away some years before) I was crushed. I prayed to my Dad to take care of him in a sense. My Father was very found of SeaQuest, Sidekicks and other shows/movies Jonathan was apart of. will never forget those eyes.. that hair.. the talent he had at such a young age. I wish so much I could have had the pleasure of meeting him.. or that I wrote him sooner… anything.. I just wish.
    To Jonathan: The world will miss you more then you could of ever known. Your death has brought to our attention that we should take people for granted.. and we should show them just how much we care. Maybe if more people had done that for you.. you would still be here. But no one can say for sure. I pray that you have found peace and are happy. I hope to get the chance to meet you in the next life… and I hope you found peace in the fact that you were loved great;y by millions. Oh how we will miss you..
    With all my Love,
    Heather Dorff

  237. Abby

    well ive been sad since i heard the news about jonathan i just cant understand why he did what he did i dont think anyone ever will i just hope that he is happy i know he is and im glad that he is in a place where know one can touch him or harm him again now he is in a place where he can be at peace and i know he is looking down on his family and his friends & fans and he knows that he is loved and missed so R.I.P Jonathan we will always love and miss you forever!! if anyone wants to talk please write me at or

  238. Sarah Freeman

    Where HAve i been…? I just found out that he’d taken his own life. I had heard rumours of course but i had dismissed them as not possible, why would someone like JB do that. Whatever it was…he’s somewhere better now.
    Namaste Jonathon Brandis RIP

  239. Jennifer G.

    I had herd about this terrible ordeal, a while back. But this morning at some odd chance i woke up to Saved by the bell The college years, where Johnathan made an appearence as a savior with a holiday turkey, i spent an hour or so crying.
    <3 Rip dear boy.

  240. amalina

    i adore him very- very much.he was my idol when i was a kid.with all my heart i can say he is cool.but then the news of his sucide suprised me very much.i’m very sad. i’m always wish to go to america one day to meet him.but it’s all end up just like that.all i can do is nothing but wish he rest peacefully. miss him much.

  241. Lois

    Jonathan was a wonderful actor and in the roles he played and the articles I’ve read about him I also see a wonderful person. I only learned of his death today after he came to mind and I thought I’d look him up and if he had any new film/TV projects underway. My shock to find out he passed away nearly a year ago, and coinsidently on my 21st but I’m glad to see his memory is held strong. My condolences go to all who were close to him, personaly or as fans.

  242. Elaine

    I’m a big fan of him as well since young from Malaysia. I know I’m kinda late to find out about his death and I really don’t know till yesterday when I read it on the newspaper. Though he was dead one year ago, I was real numb when I found out about his death and speechless. I never thought he would do such a thing to himself. I’m so devastated and upset. My condolences goes out especially to his parents… I Love Ya, JONATHAN…

  243. azura

    i never adore any one just like i did towards him.. his death surely surprising me.. i never thought he would do that such things… i will never forget him as a cute simple man ever..

  244. Ruth Sebastian

    I am deeply saddened by Jon’s death. I never expected it would be this soon. I had a huge crush on him when I was a teen. I have his pictures on my bedroom walls. I carry his pictures with me every single day. He was such an inspiration. Although I never met him, he’s so dear to me. He is my ultimate crush and my first love! Like all the other fans who’ve posted their messages here, I just missed him one day. One boring evening in the office, I just though of looking him up on the internet. I am pretty excited on what he’s up to this days. Then the words: ‘Jonathan Brandis, In Memoriam, Death and Suicide’ started coming up. It’s hard to believe. I thought I was dreaming or something. I couldn’t move and for a moment everything around me stopped. Then I started crying. I cried so hard. I cried like I never did before. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. He’s gone. There will always be a special place for him in my heart. I will never undertand why he took his own life. But one thing’s for sure, I will miss him forever.

  245. Talisha

    I just could not believe it was true when I read in the paper that Jonathan Brandis had died from suicide. I was shocked. Why would such a gifted and talented person do this to himself? But we can never know what a person is going through inside. He should have sought professional counseling for whatever was bothering him. But it’s too late to say what he should have done. He was always one of my favorite actors when I was growing up. I loved Ladybugs and Stepfather 2. He will be missed. I pray for his family.

  246. Kara Reichel

    I’m sorry for the loss of a great man. I like everyone else was a huge fan I still am. I remember going to florida when i was litte and going on a tour of the seaquest set. It was the best day of my life. And when I got to touch the little thing Jonathan drove around in the water i just melted. I’m 25 now and I still watch all the old movies Sidekicks being my fav. there just movies u can watch forever. I will miss him and his tallent. But i know he is watching down on all of us still loving his family friends and fans. And he is with us where ever we go looking over every one he loved to make sure they are safe and happy. Maybe this was his destiny. One last thing to say is I am proud to be a forever fan. Love and happiness to all of his family and fans.

  247. carmel

    i remember watching the never ending story when i was young, i thought he was gorgeous, he was my first big crush. i only found out he had dies last week when i was surfing the net. it has come as a huge shock to me and i hope all of his family are ok, he was very talented and im sure he was a lovely man xx

  248. jm

    It is a shame for me to admit I only found out yesterday, by coincidence. Nevertheless I am a real fan and I’m having a big down after reading about this tragic event. The reasons may remain a mystery but I would never have imagined that such a great person would be ending up so lonely and depressed, like many people, including myself, are from time to time.
    No matter what you read around forums, if you don’t want to be helped you can’t be helped. But I’m still wondering where his friends have been.
    What more is there to say, except: May you rest in peace.
    A true friend.

  249. isreal

    I am glad to see that people are still stopping to write a few words about a man that some of us grew up with during highschool-or however old you were when you first discovered SeaQuest-. Johnathan was a very talented actor who had accomplished so much as an actor and could have accomplished so much more. Sometimes when i see some of my personal favorites movies, such as sidekicks, ladybugs, and neverending story 2, I cant help but always think of Johnathan and the tragedy. Johanathan must have been feeling alot of pain and anguish to erase his bright future. Please for anyone who is feeling the same pain, the only out come can only be sadness; the sadness that comes from the knowldge that somthing good has forever been lost to the world. Finally, please seek the help that Johnathan never found.

  250. Erika

    I am very saddened by the death of a true inspiration to a lot of people. He was a great actor and he was someone that you felt that if you ever had the chance to meet him in person, that he would welcome you with open arms. I can’t think of anything I saw him in that wasn’t fabulous or inspirational to all ages. I will pray for JB,his family, friends and for all of his adoring fans as well that they will keep him in their hearts. I know now that he is truly in a better, happier and more beautiful place with the best “Producer” in the world.
    We will always love you and cherish the inspiration you gave each and every one of us!

  251. eia

    he probably focused on his situation and failed to see people who loves, admires and believes in him and so i hope all of us learned a big lesson in this case…may we learn to tell others how much we really appreciate them so that when they experience trials they will always remember people who believes in them… i can’t still accept his death…it was really tragic… he was my favorite actor…

  252. Abby

    hey i know jonathan is in a better place right now and he wants us to be happy and remember him so thats what im going to do ill never forget jonathan he will always live on threw me
    rip jonathan we love u
    p.s i have a question ok when jonathan played preston in her last chance when he drove up to see alex in his red car what song was he listening to like i need the name and who sang it cause it is driving me mad so if u know it please write me on ty very much

  253. Keeley

    I know lots of you are going to hate me…
    I had my first crush on Jonathan Brandis, and was totally shocked. We all loved the episode of Blossom with him dating her best friend.
    I work with abused children all over London, so I feel no symphathy for the guy,just sadness. I think killing yourself is selfish because people forget that they will leave behind lots of people who love them. I hope that his family are okay and that Jonathan Brandis is at peace.
    I would also plead with people to start doing volunteer work with children whose lives really aren’t a bed of roses, and remind those who are contemplating suicide that there are worse off people in the world so take note.

  254. aby

    I agree with tammie.why did it have to be Jon?WHY? I like most of the posters here never met Jon,but I feel as though i have lost my best friend,or one of my family members.jon is named after my little brothers that i have yet to meet.when i heard he had died,I felt like i had lost not only him,but both of my brothers as well.I used to think that Jon was in hell because of his suicide,but now i’m not so sure.I had been told by a fellow christian that jon did believe in God but no one ever told him how to get saved,but that he desperately wanted to know.and that perhaps that would cause him to be tried as a believer on the judgement day.I don’t know if that is true or not,but i pray with all my heart that it is.I miss Jon terribly and I don’t want him to be in or go to hell.that would break my already smashed heart even more.for those of you who are curious,Jon was never married,but he did wear what appeared to be a wedding ring on his left hand for the last years of his short was sent to him by a very big fan,and he cherished that ring with all his never left his sympathies go to Jon’s parents.Greg and mrs.Brandis,If you are reading this blog,I want you to know that i love your son very much,and my prayers are with you during this horrible time in your life.
    where ever you are Jon,I love you.I look forward to seeing you in heaven someday soon.Rest in peace my love.

  255. Anthoussa from Greece

    Before one year he died!I still can’t believe he is gone and I still wonder why he killed himself!!!I’m so sorry!I hope he is happier close to God than he was down here!!!I will nener forget you Jonathan!!!

  256. trisha

    i just wanted to say that i just now found out that he died and it breaks my heart, to know that, he was a very good actor and he will be missed!!!!!

  257. Jim Allen

    Johnathon was a personal friend of my family. I grew up with his Dad and his uncle, and we co-own a cottage in the Adirondack Mountains in New York together. Jon was a special son that was loved greatly by his parents. Mary started taking jon to NYC as a baby to do modeling and as a very young child Jon was doing baby posters for kids clothing and shoes. His Dad managed all of his business affaris through out Jons life. Jon was an only child, and the three of them were best firnds as well as parents and child. It was a year ago that Mary called us with the terrible news, and it was a call that I will never forget. We still grieve his passing , and we support his folks with love and prayer. We will never know or understand the reason that Jon took his life, we only know that his departure has taken a bit of all of our lives with it. God Bless Greg and Mary, and may God hold Jonathon in his arms.

  258. dayday

    I am so unhappy to now that my favorite actor form the neverending story has past.It has hurt me in so many ways then one. I wish he was still here. My condolensies go out to all the family.

  259. Sara and Kristen

    We just watched “Sidekickes” and had to do a google search on this hunk. We are in shock – this is so messed up. Do we know why this happened? Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones and he is trully missed.

  260. Blue Krisha

    Im sorry Jonathan. I didnt meant to hurt you. I didnt know that you will end your life that night. im sorr baby…. Please forgive me……

  261. jewell

    I am among many who have loved jonathan brandis right from the beginning and i am deeply saddened by this tragedy and wish his friends and family the best. And to all girls who’s childhood crush is now gone, I am right there with you.

  262. Michelle

    I met Johnathon on the set of Ladybugs when I was working as an extra back in Denver (where they filmed the movie). I was soo infactuated with him and for two days in a row I asked him for an autograph and a picture. He didn’t even mind at all, and was happy to pose between shoots. What is even more sad is that my mom was working on the movie too, and she commmited suicide 2 years ago. I feel awful and hope that him and my mother are resting in peace!

  263. Michelle

    There are no words that can even come close to discribe the pain that courses through me. I like many fans heard this news extremely late. Try December of 2004. I have been a devoted fan for many years. Since he has not made many movies lately I assumed that he settled down and was starting a family. Truth be told I was saddened with this thought. It’s very unusual to have such strong emotions for someone you never actually met. I think the proper word is infatuation. I would aquire every bit of literature or media that I could lay my hands on that dealt with jonathan. I had many dreams with him and as I aged so did the dreams. I did see him in all the previously mentioned movies but one that isn’t is “Good King Wenseslas”. I think it was an independent film from abroad. My infatuation with him has lasted throughout my teens into adulthood. Even now as a married woman with a young child I can close my eyes and go back into the fantasy world that I lived in for so many years. But it seems tainted now, because deep in my brain and my heart there is this shadow of truth that he no longer lives. My fantasy world is just that, a fantasy. My pain can only go so far for someone that I’ve never met. I cannot imagine how deep lies the pain in the heart of his parents. I wake up in sweat and tears of just having nightmares of loosing my little one, but this has become a reality for his parents. To never see there only boy. To never look upon his face again or to feel his arms wrapped in a warm embrace of hugs. They shall never have dinner with him or see grandchildren. So yes not only does my sympathy go to them for their loss of a son but to the loss of never having a future with him. I also send love because this is the time at most when they will need to depend on each other. They will need guidance and trust in one another. And they will need an insermountable amount of love. So although I was truly infatuated with their son, the brandis family has my love for them. To continue on with their lives. May the lord keep you safe and guide you through this emotional journey.

  264. Lisa

    I was very upset when I discovered the news just recently. My thought are with his friends and family. May Jonathan rest in piece. He will be forever loved and truly missed! xxxx

  265. Natalie Lachapelle

    I just finish watching an episode of Saved by the bell the college years and he was in a thanksgiving episode i totally had forgotten all about him i too was a major fan back in the day. All you would have to do is look at his crystal blue eyes and just melt. At least his not suffering anymore.

  266. Amanda

    I loved him in my younger years and sadly JUST NOW was sent a photo of many old heart throbs, curious I looked him up to see where he was now… and only NOW did i find out about his death…. I am so sadened, he was so cute and talented and the reasons for his death seem so pointless, why …. why….. why….. it is so sad…. My heart goes out to his family and friends and fans.

  267. TIffany Wisconsin

    I just watched “IT” yesterday and rememebered my sister telling me that he died. I just looked it up now because I didn’t believe it. How tragic that he had to take his own life. I thought he had a good career. I loved him in Sea Quest. It’s been over a year. My prayers go out to his family and friends. I hope he’s in a better place.

  268. Dallas

    I only just found out yesterday, when out of boredom I decided to look him up. At first I thought it was a cruel joke. My heart goes out to his parents, to lose your only child must be heartbreaking.

  269. sumudu

    i just found out today about the death about jonathan. I still remember the first time i saw him in a movie. I thought “wow, that guy is so hot”. up until now i like him, and i always will.
    i too am an only child. so i know how his parents feel. i pray that jonathan will be your son in every life time.

  270. Sam

    I feel the way Johnathan’s character in It felt about his brother’s death. What a loss. I send my prayers out to his familiy , friends, and other fans.

  271. Jolene

    Well, the rumors I have heard have just become realized; that Jonathan Brandis is no longer alive. I really didn’t believe it when my friend told me -“You know, he committed suicide. It’s sad, he was a good actor and I really like his movies.” I didn’t believe him and decided to look it up on the internet. I saw the caption, “Jonathan Brandis dies at 27.” It’s numbing, really. I, along with the rest of twenty-something age American girls can say that he was the first celeb crush I had. There was that innocence about him, you know? So much life. He was beautiful.

  272. Becky

    Every since I was twelve Jonathon Brandis (or Johnny boy as I like to call him) has been a major part of my life. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him and wish he could be by my side. I make it a point to find and wear only dolphin laden clothing. I have several pets all of which are named after my Love, Johnny boy. Sometimes I pretend that Johnny speaks to me through them and that he hears my love moans of sadness. I still can’t believe that Johnny boy would do this to me, he has always been so supportive of me in my life. After his death I too contemplated suicide constantly, every rope I see is a noose in my mind and always will be. God Bless that Johnny Boy and dolphins everywhere, we will all be swimming in heaven together very soon.

  273. MelStevie

    It wasn’t until about two nights ago when me and my boyfriend were talking about first crushes and i told him mines was jonathan. I was so shocked when he replied “Didnt He Die” i am so sad to know thats its really true.i can only imagine the pain and saddness he must have been feeling at that moment .i have great sympathy for this but if i ever knew him here on this earth i would have told him that there is a purpose for everything and theres a purpose for life.

  274. Cari

    I just read about Jon’s suicide. I can’t believe this. I had no idea that someone as talented and wonderful could even concieve of such things. He will be greatly missed in mine and thousands of other homes. I had a HUGE crush on him. I even did a oral report in college about him. He had so much going for him. It is always sad when people feel that leaving this world is their only choice. I hope he knows how much he will be missed and how much is still loved my so many. Jonathan I hope your smiling up in heaven. God bless you and your family.

  275. Candie McMullen.

    I really do miss Jonathan Brandis. I can’t believe he killed himself!! He’s soo cute and I love his adorible smile! His eyes were so blue you could drownd in them. I just can’t imagine the pain his family is going through–not to mention his own when he killed himself! I hope he is in a better place. But, I do worry that he’s not. Suicide is wrong. And, I can’t begin to imagin the horror of Hell, myself. Not that I think he is there–I just don’t know where he is and that, I think, is more of a frightening aspect. [I mean no offence WHATSOEVER by typing that.] R.I.P–Jonathan Brandis.

  276. Ashley

    I loved Johnathan Brandis So much, but ya know a cant post something that says i knew him like you people do. when i saw him in the Neverending story II i thought he was so adorable, i looked at tons of pictures of him and thought “WOW he is so georgeous” he had the two most beautiful sparkling eyes i have ever seen in my life. When i heard about his suicide i cried, i didnt personly know him but he was so talented and cute i cried so much, and i coundnt get that thought out of my head, i mean people who didnt even know him wher crying for days imagine how bad his loved ones felt. I was reasearching the other day about his “suicide” and it said a friend of Johnathan called the police before Johnathan died., and if he was really a frind he could haved stopped him, but he didnt, i dont think johnathan brandis killed himself, i mean isnt it a little weird that his friend called the police before he died, and didnt stop him. if you have any info on this please email me at

  277. sofie

    I know is kind of late to send out this email, because it’s been almost 16 months since Jonathan died, but I had to share this with somebody. I remember growing up with Jonathan’s pictures glued around my entire bedroom wall. It’s weird the way I found out about his death. For quite a while, he kept coming up to my mind, I didn’t really knew why. I just knew I had to look him up on the internet to see what he was doing at the present time. For some strange reason, I kept forgetting to search for him, until last week……. I went into google and looked up his information, I clicked on the first link and the first thing I came across was “This page is in memory of a great actor named Jonathan Brandis” my entire body went into SHOCK. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, I thought he died in a car accident or something like that, but when I realized that he killed himself I was even more surprised. What went through his mind to do something like that? He probably thought he didn’t have much love? If I at least knew, he was going through this I would have hunt him down, and helped him out. I know at least I loved him in many different ways, my first crush. I remember when I first started high school the first and only picture I put on my locker was his………
    I’m sorry his life had to end up that way. My prayers goes to his mom and dad that didn’t have any other kids, he was the only child.
    I just hope that wherever he is, he finds the peace he couldn’t find here……

  278. Jenny

    I loved Jonathon Brandis he was one of my favorite actos i wish i could have met him he was so cute and talented and it breaks my heart to see the person that i had posters of and i remember the first time i saw him it was in the ladybugs and i just went crazy for him and i still love him no matter what i hope hes in heaven with the angels and gods taking care of him i miss you so much jonathan and i will never forget you.
    we all know that there still with his family and friends watching over them. Rest in peace jon. Luv you.

  279. lisa

    All I want to say is that I am curious as to why he killed him self. Suicide is a very personal thing and the only person who can answer this question is johnathan himself. I remember watching him on t,v and movies and doing what every one else here has done and dream about him. Then I grew up and he would only pop up into my mind once and a while wondering where he was and what he might be doing then to find out he had killed himself. To be honest I feel more angry then sad. What a waste of a life.

  280. Russell Hurst

    I just finished watching Lady Bugs,and I wondered if what my wife had told me was true, she said she had seen a show that talked about child actors problems and had mentioned that jon had commited suicide. (hopefully) I did a search to see if she was mistaken about what she had heard. my heart sunk. I remember him from “IT” and other shows. he will truly be missed. like everybody else, I wish I could have reached him before it was too late, and made him understand that things could be worked out. a terrible waste. my heart goes out to jonathan, his family and all his fans. godspeed Jon.

  281. Stefanie Wingebach

    Wow. Today is March 17th, 2005 and I am shocked. I am 15 and I just got on the internet today. I thought it would be fun to find my cousin a Jeremy Sumpter look alike and have her meet him if he was the appropriate age. I came across this picture of Jonathan, which looked identical to the Jeremy one across from the site. Ever since then I had been digging out movies like “Hart’s War” and “Neverending Story II” and watching them from’s list of movies that hes played in. It soon occured to me that I could have sworn that I saw a death date on’s information. Could it be true? I wondered. I went there, and sure enough I found out the truth. This little heartthrob that has been in my life for about 10 hours, is dead and has been. I was shocked to find out such a dreadful conclusion. I am very sad and I feel your pain for everyone who loved him longer than I did. Words cannot express how sunken I am, and how dreadful I feel for his relatives and for everyone that was a part of his wonderful life. May you rest in peace Jonathan. I love you and I will remember you forever.

  282. David

    I was watching VH1 and the were talking about
    teen stars and I was in shock when I found
    out that he took his life. I was like get the F
    out of here. When they said his name Jonathan Brandis I was like so what’s going on with him
    and they said he died from a suicide 2 years ago
    and that he hung himself. I was in shock, I was in
    shock the way he died and that it happen that long ago and I never knew it. I was just watching sidekicks on DVD not to long ago.
    I will never look at it the same way all the movies he plays the good clean quiet kid, the good guy.
    Suicide from hanging your self is crazy, you have to be in real bad shape to do that and I can’t see how no one saw his pain.
    RIP (I hope he is pain free and with god.)

  283. Laura

    Well I was just about to watch the new Bridget Jones movie when I saw a movie that Johnathan Brandis was in, and it said now out on DVD. I know that I read a little paragraph in People about a year ago about his death (which I was upset that he didn’t get any more than a few lines), but after seeing that I was hoping that it was a rumor. But I guess not. I have to say that this is extrememly sad. Johnathan was my first crush ever after seeing him in The Neverending Story, Ladybugs and The Next Karate Kid (the one with Chuck Norris). He was the first poster of a boy to ever hang on my wall. I am truly saddened that he was in such a place that he felt he had no other way out. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends, Johnathan will be missed by all his fans.

  284. cori

    My name is cori im 14. Im in such pain right now cause i’ve atempted suicide three times and only now that i found out that jonathan is dead i realize how stupid i was, how much my family would miss me if i die. I loved watching jonathan on screen he’s my favorite and will always be and if anyone out there feels they have to die or want to take their lives away remember there is always some one out there that loves you and cares about you. RIP Jonathan i love you 🙂

  285. Magaret Stewart

    I can remember seeing Jonathan Brandis on t.v.many times.When I discovered Jonathan had passed away,I felt shock!I just thought how terrible and sad it is knowing this.I did not know Jonathan was suffering from depression so badly.But,years ago I noticed something was wrong when had dropped his head down on SeaQuest DSV on one show.I was curious about that!Maybe some fans never noticed it.Jonathan,I wish you could have been helped.You were to young to have died.I hope peace will always be with you Jonathan.I will miss you.

  286. Kimberley

    It’s been approximately 18 months since Jonathan passed away. I live in Australia and last night I only just found out about Jonathan’s death.
    Like many female fans of Jonathan, I too, had a crush on him during my teen years, back in the 90’s. I was crushed to hear that Jonathan died in such a terrible way, yet I’m seeking to understand the underlying cause of his death. What was it? He was so young.
    My heart goes out to his family, friends and fans around the world. I am so sorry for your sad loss of your son, friend and talented actor.
    Jonathan is now in Heaven, as an angel, watching over you, and us.
    Jonathan, you’re at peace now. I love you, we love you. You’re sadly missed by your family, friends and fans. May peace and love be with you always.

  287. Andrea

    I just found out last night on a website that Jonathan died. I was devestated. I couldnt believe it. I just sat there and cried. I was watching Ladybugs on t.v which caused me to want to look him up again. I dont know how long its been since I’ve wanted to do this. I expected happy news of Jonathan. You know, that he got married or had kids. Instead, I only found that he commited suicide a year and a half ago. I’m so heartbroken. I wish there was something I could have to done to help him. I’ve been thinking, what if I had written him a letter or done something else differently that would have changed his fate. I feel so helpless. I’m so mad at the media right now because they didnt make a big deal of his death. I’m just so sad that I found out so late. He’s such a big loss. I cant believe he’s gone. It hurts to know that he was hurting so much that he felt he had to end his life. I’m sorry he felt that way. I’m sorry that there was nothing i could have done to prevent his untimely death. How could life be so cruel as to let this happen. Why couldnt Jonathan see that there are so many people out there that love him, care about him, and miss him so much? Jonathan will always have a place in my heart.

  288. heather

    i was watching movie trailers this morning when i saw one for “mean girls of valley high” and to my surprise Jonathon was on there. I remember hearing about his death and i was hopeing that it was just a publicity stunt. But i guess that it wasn’t. I have loved him since i was six. Through all the death and abuse i suffered he was there for me, in his films. He took me to far away places in the never ending story; made me feal like his princess in “good king Winclelass”; and gave me my first cross-dresser experience in Ladybugs. No matter how bad the pain in my heart or on my body, he was there. When i thought about suicide, he was there. i just wish that i could have been there for him, like he was there for me. Jonathan you are the reason i am in film school right now, you are the reason i survived my childhood, you gave me will that i never new existed. Thank you and I Love You!

  289. Julie

    Words can’t possibly describe how much I love and miss him. He was such a great person and I absolutely adored him. Jon was the best, I’ll miss him forever and love him always!!

  290. R uss

    I’ve seen many posts not understanding how this young actor could do this. They wonder if he was unhappy etc. If he was suffering from depression, which seems logical, it can be alot different then just being unhappy. We all have those moments in life. Depression comes in different forms, but at it’s worst it is really like a mental illness where medication is often prescribed. I’ve struggled for years with a milder form of depression myself. It’s more like an unhappy feeling. It comes and goes. I’ve known two people personally who committed suicide because of depression.
    It’s hard to explain to those not familiar with it. I can tell you this though. At it’s worst you fell like you are in a living hell.
    With the milder forms, you become withdrawn, don’t want to go anywhere or do anything.
    Some people just lose their zest for life, or don’t find anything exciting anymore. Sometimes there are clear reasons for the depression (death of a loved one etc). Sometimes there are no clear reasons for it, just a condition or a type of illness of the mind. I would speculate that if Jonathan suffered from it, it was the later type. He was successfull afterall, handsome, had parents, and had many fans. That cries out for being somewhat happy. With a bad depression though, none of that really matters. It really is a tragedy. Just thought I would offer some insight.

  291. Saoirse

    I have just read of the passing of Jonathan Brandis and I am in shock. I remember seeing him in Neverending Story and also SeaQuest and his appearance in Saved by the Bell: College Years (Thanksgiving Episode). He was one of the first crushes I had as a teenager and I am now 27 and still remember him as a part of my teenage years. I am in total shock as I hadn’t heard this news until about an hour ago. My heart and condolences go out to his family and I just hope that he has peace now. Such a talented actor. He will be sadly missed
    Saoirse, Ireland

  292. Amanda

    As much as death hurts, its something that will happen to all of us. I’m sure we all had our affinities for J.B. while growing up, and even now at the age of 21, I still think fondly of his acting, however, none of us really knew him. We knew what they made viewable through the media.
    I am sure he would want to be remembered not as Johnathan Brandis the actor, but just Johnathan.

  293. aeida izzah

    my gosh… where have i been all through those years. today 13th april 2005(thursday) in malaysia. after gone through my busy years, i keep thinking about jonathan. he really inspires me with a great character!! i’m still in denial of his departures even after almost 2 years now. still in grieve of his lost. may god bless him, an angels surround and take care of him my deepest symphaty and memory to his family and friends. it was a big loss….
    Loving him is as natural as loving sunsets, rainbows and april showers as they are all simply beautiful….

  294. Charmaine

    Well i feel ashamed that i am just now larning of his death.Like many others i was so in love with him and couldn’t wait for the day that i would meet him.He helped me through so many bad times growing up.I just don’t know what to say.He was so young and i will forever miss him.My prayers go out to his family and freinds and everyone whos lives he touched.Farewell my knight in shining armor.God bless.

  295. Charity

    I feel so bad. I just now read of his death while trying to find the Sebastian from the first “Neverending Story.” I remember seeing Jonathan throughout my young life, and I always thought he was adorable. I am just in shock that it is two years later, and I am now finding out about this. I am so saddened by this news. I just wish he could have received some help for whatever it was that made make the choice he did. May you rest and hopefully find the peace that you could not find here. My heart and prayers go out to he family & friends.

  296. yonyon

    What a shock!! I am a french fan of Jonathan Brandis and I have some pics of from his Seaquest DSV time. This show was on TV in France ten years ago. Tonight I just wanted to find some more new pics and I got this terrible news…It is really sad…

  297. Katie

    OMG I can’t believe this. I am currently only 13 years old, and as a small child my favorite movies were the never ending story sereies, I thought they were great. But yesterday was my sister’s 15th birthday and she got the never ending story 2 from one of her friends and I got so excited, I ran up to my room and watched it, ot brought back memories of my early childhood and I fell in love with the boy who played Bastian and I was deturmend to know all about him so today I did an internet serch and found out that he killed himself on my 12th birthday, and I started to cry and my whole day was wrecked today because of it and thats all I can think about!

  298. Shell

    Oh my God. I can’t believe I’ve only just found out about this. I am totally in shock. I just went completely cold when I read what happened. I was just looking through some other sites about the neverending story (my fave childhood films except for the 3rd one!) and I can’t believe he’s dead. I hope wherever he is that he’s happy and I would like to say thankyou to him for being such a wonderful inspiration. Take care XXX

  299. josh

    I just wanna say that i was a fan of LadyBugs and Sidekicks when i was little. Its really sad that jonathon was in such a terrible place that he felt there was nothing else to do. Its just horrible to think about. I thought he was very talented and the movies he was in are total reminders of my childhood. I am also now an actor living in LA because of movies like those. And i know that LA can be a really tough and dark place. I pray that jonathon is now in a better place and got the peace he was longing for. I also pray for his family and friends. Jonathon, you will be missed, but also remembered. Thank you for being one of my inpspirations for pursuing now what im am doing for my passion in life. God Bless you.

  300. holly

    I have only recently learned of Jonathan’s death. I was surfing the net as I always do at work and found out the terrible news. I was a big fan of his growing up and watched Ladybugs faithfully. My heart goes out to his friends and family. God keep you.

  301. Vanessa

    I dont know what to think…I just found out about this a couple of months ago and had to research online to make sure it was real….I feel like most of the people who wrote up just doesnt seem real for someone we looked up to when we were kids to do something like this. I guess it just shows that life is no fairy tale.

  302. Ste

    I found out a few months a go and it really got to me. I remember him mostly in ‘It’ and thought wat a great actor he was. Life can be so sad.

  303. Lena

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who was late on hearing this. I was searching his biography like I did with Atreyu in the first two Neverending Stories and I saw that he had died. I said, “Don’t play,” and kept searching. Sure enough all the sites said it. I am so shocked and so sad. I used to love him when I was little! Well, adios Johnathan. R.I.P.

  304. Lydia

    I was sitting here bored and thinking of what to do. So I decided to look up pics on the net. So I Typed in Jonathan Brandis. And Saw His pics. I always thought he was the cutes sweetest thing. I often wondered about him, Because he was my fave. I saw out to the side (also try Jonathan Brandis suicide). I imediately started looking for news and information about him. I was like, “This can’t be right”. I saw the CNN page. I started to cry. Wondering what might have been going so wrong in his life for him to feel like he couldn’t go on. I’m still sitting here tearing up. He will be missed and he will be remembered. It amazing how much he was loved by so many. So many that would have listend to him and helped him. All I can say is that He was a great actor, and he had the face of an angel. Eyes that I could stair into forever when I was growing up. My Prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends…. May He rest in Peace .
    Lydia Whittington

  305. Marg

    I’ve read many letters over time on several websites.Jonathan’s fans are really curious about why he did this to himself.I am also curious.Alot of his fans believe they will never know why.I think a psyhic would be a good idea to finding out why Jonathan did this.It’s just an idea and should be thought about by his parents and his friends.Maybe then,Jonathan’s parents,friends and FANS would also be free of this mystery!Jonathan,rest in peace.

  306. michele

    I met Jonathan when he was 19 in Orlando, Florida on PLeasure Island. It was a brief moment, but I have never forgotten what it was like to see that smile in person. HIs death was so tragic.It breaks my heart to know that beneath that gorgeous smile, was so much pain. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem,but the suicidal are too blinded by their pain to see that. When I see photos of Jon or see his image on TV, I always get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and an infinite sadness washes over me. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I hope wherever you are Jon that you are smiling.

  307. Maria Lundh

    When I was a child, my favourite-movie was Neverending Story II and I had a big crush on Jonathan. A couple of years later they started sending SeaQuest on television where I live and I thought the guy who played Lucas Wolenczac looked familiar. It took until I saw NSII again, however, to realize that it was Jonathan Brandis who played that cutie.
    After that I haven’t heard anything about him. I just thought he had given up acting or something. But this evening I remembered him and tried to find some information about him on the net. It saded me greatly that he passed away.
    I can sort of understand his suicide…..not all of his reasons, but maybe some of them. It must have been eating him for some time.
    Jonathan, wherever you are, may you rest in peace.

  308. Amber

    I’ll never forget that moment when I first heard that Jonathan had taken his own life, my whole childhood seem to fall apart as he was a big part of it! I seen Neverending Story II on my first date and enjoyed Jonathan more then the boy that I was sitting with. My bedroom had wall to wall pictures of Jonathan all throughout my youth, which now are made into a scrap book that I will never get rid of.
    It saddens me to think of him in his last hours, how lost he must have been to do what he did.
    Each time I run across one of these sites in Jonathan’s memory, I hope that it will say JOKE! He’s not actually gone! But he is and its just too sad.
    I’ll miss you forever Jonathan! I hope you’ve found peace wherever you are! xoxo

  309. Ashley

    I remeber when i first saw Johnathan Brandis, i saw him in “The Neverending Story 2 the next chapter” and i thought he was just unbeilievibly gorgeous, he had the two most beautiful blue eyes i havae ever seen, and a very talented actor. There was a couple of movies of Johnathan Brandis that i did not like but i would watch them anyways just to look at him and to watch him act, and he had these eyes that i had honestly never seen such gorgeous eyes like his, and i would sit there in my room and look at pictures of him and just sit there and look at him, he was so hansom. I remember when i found out that he had died and i remeber saying to myself “Why would he kill himself, he was rich, talented, gorgeous, he was everything, so many people looked up to him and admired him, so why would he do this?” but then again maybe his life wasnt as perfect as everyone thought, maybe he acted like everything was okay when it wasnt, he could have not been able to handle the fame or maybe he was just depressed, no one will ever know the pain he felt, and commiting suicide was his solution to drown away his pain for good, but it wasnt the right solution. Now that he is gone i cant even watch one of his movies anymore because or even look at him without crying. Johnathan Brandis will never be forgotten and will always be missed.

  310. malie

    today, at my office didn’t know what to do..and then i remembered my teens favourite actor, my first crush..JB..i surf internet, wanting to know where is he now, still acting or what?..but sadly, just to find that he’s gone forever..i can’t belive this..i keep reading that news..i can’t accept this. why? why he did this? don’t he know that he had many people that concern over him? but well we didn’t know what it is in his mind..i really miss u…i can still remember watching sea quest at 14. so..i felt like empty..but hope u are peace up there..u are always in my heart..where ever i go..where ever i do..i will miss u…JB

  311. Ashley

    Johnathan Brandis was one of my favorite actors, when i found out that he commited suicide i could not beleive it it, i did not want to beleive it, i owned tons of pictures of him and i was totaly in love with him, the question as to why he killed himself is a mystery to me, his life didnt seem that bad but even though everyone thought he was okay he probably wasnt. No one knows as to why he took his own life, he was gorgeous, and a talented actor and model who died at a young age. He will always be missed.

  312. Megan

    I was never really a big fan, but I always thought he was a cutie! I can’t believe I had never heard of his death until now! When I was on the site “Where Are They Now?” I came across his name and literally gasped when I saw he committed suicide….it’s just a shame…

  313. roby sheil

    Johnathan brandis was a true inspiration to me i loved sidekicks and the never ending story i felt saddened at the fact of his death but he will always live on i am going to become an actor myself and half of this is due to the inspiration i recieved from watching his movies as a child

  314. stephanie vasquez

    I cant believe that this happened! I just found out yesterday. I was on my couch watching “IT”; thw first time ever,and when I saw Jonathan Brandas, I was like “Oh I wander what happened to him?” My friend then told me that he hung himself a couple of years ago. I could not believe it! Ive been thinking about it ever since. I decided to check the web to see if it was true, and I am sorry to see that it is. Its devastating! He was such a beatiful person and I am forever sorry for his familly. But,all I can say is tahnx for blessing us with such a greta actor who has been an influence in so many lifes! IM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. Lydia Pinto

    I feel very ashamed to have just found out about Jonathan Brandis’suicide. I know that it’s been almost 2 years now. Jonathan was born in 1976 like me,he was only 2months younger than I. I remember having a huge crush on him in high school and having his pictures all over my wall and on my schoolbooks. My friend & I use to watch SEAQUEST together and argue on who was gonna marry him first. I’m taking the news of his death hard because of the fact that just recently I lost a loved one too. My older brother was killed in a tragic drunk driving accident in Sept.’04. I can totally sympathize with his family on how it feels to lose a loved one. My heart was broken to hear that he would take his own life. I wish I had known him personally and shown him that he was truly & genuinely loved. I’ll always love Jonathan Brandis.I hope that he is up there right now with my brother looking down on me and seeing how much I cared about them. My heart goes out to his friends and especially his parents. I wish so much that he had seeked help first before he hung himself. I just wish I had been there to have given him a big hug and let him know that God loves him.
    Oh,Jonathan,why??? You were such a beautiful person inside and out. 🙁

  316. Luke Stephens

    To John,
    I seriously considered Johnathan Brandis a true hero and a person to look up to. I just recently found out about his death and how he went down. I had recorded every season of Seaquest DSV on VHS and am deeply sadden by my recent knowledge of his death. I wish i had known that he decided to kill himself and honestly don’t understand why he did it. This was seriously a horrible blow for me and I hope for what ever reason he killed himself it was worth it, though no reason is. To my hero, the man I was once looked up to as a chil myself, RSVP,
    Luke Stephens of Edmeston, NY 2005

  317. bibish mikano fayette

    while i am almost 2 years late about jonathan i just find out 2 days ago that he has died it has been two weeks that i was day dreaming about him wishing that we will meet fall in love and get married but a voice back in my head was telling me check in internet so checked and i still don’t beleive it he would be 29 if he was still alive i am 27 and like must i started having crush on him when i was 16 when i saw the second part of the nerverending story some how i am wishing that it is only a publicity scam because i can not sleep and i am feeling so sorry for his mum and dad could he just think about them before doing this i don’t and anyaway is too late now and i am just praying for him and his family peace in soul.

  318. Guillaume Delpeyroux

    When i was a teenager i was watching a lot television and specially american tv series. Jonathan Brandis was just a little older than me and as soon as i saw him on the screen he became somebody i considered as a good example to follow: he was young, he was cool and above all he was a very very good actor. Each episod of Seaquest was just a pretext for me to see him and i was reading every interview i could find here in France. I’ve just learnt that he passed away two years ago and i can’t imagine this is true! he was so young and talentuous and he seemed to be such a good guy! If the reasons of his death are really linked to the fact he was somewhat sad in his life, i hope that he does not suffer any longer where he is now. He leaves behind him a gap in his fan’s hearts that will be impossible to fill.
    Guillaume a sad french fan.

  319. Russ

    I read on a website having to do with depression, that Jonathan did infact begin to suffer from depression into his 20’s. I read his parents knew something wasn’t quite right, but had no idea things were so desperate. He apparently even told some of his friends he was going to kill himself, but they didn’t take it seriously. Imagine that. He was with friends not long before he hung himself, and they thought he seemed ok then. Just thought I would pass on that inf. RJ

  320. Sarah

    Such a sweet kind soul…seems such a waste, but who am I to judge anothers journey.
    Not a day goes by when Jonathan isn’t remembered…by his family and friends…by people who never even met him.
    What a bright light he was to have left an imprint on so many people all over the world.
    Do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.
    You are greatly missed Jonathan.
    Love always :0)

  321. alesha

    I just heard about the death because I did not know him, he looked like such a nice person, i hope that everyone knows that if they are depressed that they should tell someone and not let it get that far.
    RIP Jonathan



  323. Mikki

    I remember when I heard the news. It was around the 23rd of November that year. I was just checking my e-mail and the news and BOOM! There it was. “Actor, 27, found dead”. It stayed on the site for some time after his death.
    It wasn’t disturbing to me so much as tragic. I’d been an enormous fan of his and still am. I can’t really look at his pictures without thinking, “I can’t believe you did this… do you know how many of us loved you? Why?”
    I know how he must’ve felt, though. I have been through my own bouts of suicidal thoughts. It’s very rough when you think that there is no place for you in the world.
    Things still aren’t coming together for me right now and it’s hard. The only reason I’m alive is because of my daughter.
    When you want something so bad that you can taste it… and the world knows you as some has-been or wanna-be person.. and nothing is going right.. sometimes it seems that the only option is out.
    I just find it amazing that there are truly other options now. There are ways to cope, medications even. He probably knew about these things.. but at some point, it’s so easy to give up hope.
    My sincere condolences to his family, friends, fans, and anyone who knew him to be what he seemed on the inside: an amazing person with endless talent and possibilities.

  324. Erica

    I couldn’t believe it as I was watching VH1 this afternoon and heard the news that Jonathan Brndis was dead. I was watching this special about former child stars and all the pressures and troubles they have when they grew up, and I saw his picture come up on the screen. I was like, How is it possibe for JONATHAN BRANDIS to be linked with all these other guys!?!? I used to watch him when I was younger, and he always came off as being such a normal, stable and grounded person. I was very saddened to hear the news about his depression and suicide. I was also upset to hear that this happened two years ago, and I just now found out about it!
    Like everyone else, I absolutely loved Brandis when I was growing up. He had such talent, and I am sad that he is no longer with us.
    I would also like to tell his fans who may be upset or angry with him that I used to suffer from severe clinical depression ten years ago, when I was fifteen, and I had many suicidal thoughts and urges. I wish I could make you understand what a person in this state of mind goes through. People like that suffer an internal pain thats hurts so much I just can’t put it into the right words. They also believe that they are worthless, and they tend to have a twisted way of rationalizing that the world would be so much better off without them. They don’t realize that the people who love them will be so hurt when they are gone. Instead, they believe they’re helping everyone by not being such a burden. The only reason I’m alive today is because somebody caught me during my own suicide attempt and I’ve gotten help.
    I really wish that somebody had been there to catch Jonathan. My heart goes out to family and friends.

  325. Velvet

    When I heard about Jonathan’s death, I was sincerely shocked. I had been watching IT almost every week that year. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to keep watching it over and over again, admiring Jonathan. If only I had known what he was going through…if only anyone had. 🙁 Rest in peace. Maybe one day we can all admire him again in Heaven.

  326. Sarina Coy

    Damn…Thats all I can say! I had the biggest crush on Jonathon Brandis like many others. I just found out today 07/30/05 I was showing my little sister my child hood crush and how cute he was when I read that he had died. My heart goes out to his family! <33

  327. Jamie Johnson

    like so many people who have wrote a message. I was shocked as well to heard the biggest heart throb in my childhood years had died, “I was crying as i was reading the horrifying news.” My room was covered from floor to celling of pic of Jonathan Brandis. He went to bed with every night. My heart and prayers go out to his friends and family “Greg/Mary”. He will always hold a special place in my heart even after all these years. ” Jonathan You will be miss and never forgotten from your number one fan in Iowa”. Rest in Peace and we will all admire you again in Heaven .Love Jamie

  328. Melissa

    I was watching Sea Quest Reruns on Space Tv the other day and thought what happen to this incredible actor that made my heart skip a beat every time I saw him. I desided to check on the internet and was very shocked and heart broken to hear what had happened. Like so many others my heart goes out to his family who I am sure are still healing after almost 2 years.
    Rest in Peace
    Love Melissa

  329. Deb

    SeaQuest DSV was one of my favorite shows growing up and I remember how disappointed I was when it was cancelled during its third season. Of course, the main reason I watched it was to see Jonathan Brandis and his amazing eyes. I was surfing the web to look up seaQuest DVDs to purchase when I found out that Jonathan had passed away by suicide almost two years ago. I was in shock, and even beyond shock since my birthday is November 12. On the day I turned 22, Jonathan was no longer with us. I am now inspired to own the seaQuest DVDs and rewatch “SideKicks” and remember a talented and attractive man that left this world far too soon. My sincerest condolances go out to the Brandis family and to all of Jonathan’s other fans around the world.

  330. Cathy

    I can not belive that he is dead. He was my first real crush, i can remeber seeing him on sidekicks and ladybugs, and I loved him in the guest apperances that he did. i think he also did a lifetime movie called two came back, not sure. I think it was him and was checking to see if it was and this popped up. Sorry to all his other fans and parents. We will miss your handsome face and eyes, oh the eyes, I’m dreaming again.

  331. Jerry Lyn

    I CANNOT BELIEVE that he is dead. Im from Philippines, as of this moment im searching for my sister’s assignment in internet, just a pop in my head to search for my ONE & ONLY international crush just to see him again in pictures. I was totally SHOCKED to find out he committed suicide in Novemebr 2003 & I just knew this year (2005). I loved everything about him from his tv series to his movies to his family to his pet up to his favorite softdrink (Pepsi). I cant belived. To his family Greg/Mary im sorry. Rest in Peace and we will all admire you again in Heaven.

  332. Alecia

    I cannot believe that Jonathan is dead. I was just watching a rerun of saved by the bell and tried to find what movie he was in with Chuck Norris. Then it came up that he died two years ago. My heart goes out for his family and the ones the left behind that loved and cared for him. They will be in my prayers.

  333. Julie

    Why? I can’t understand what could have made him do this. I also had a major crush on Jonathan as a teen. I just found out when I did a search to see if he has been in anything sence Seaquest. Then I saw a website about him that said he hung himself. I still can not believe it. Greg and Mary, I am sooo sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you.

  334. toni nichols

    ” GHOST SONG ”

  335. valentina maria liao

    will miss you dearly,what a sweet boy you are. not just for your cuteness looks,it is your acting we will miss also, that of yourself in heavens shepards gate,and green rollinging fields,and oceans the far the eyes can see,love you and take care you all, tina liao.-bye..

  336. Ida

    its now 2005. i learned of jonathan brandis’ in 2004 when i was talking to my cousin about jonathan brandis. my cousin told me that jonathan used to go out with tatiana ali from fresh prince of bel air. it was afterwards that he told me that jonathan was dead. just like that. i coudn’t believe it. not for another few months. i heard it a few times but i just had to see it to believe it. come on, jonathan brandis? The Jonathan Brandis that i absolutely adored and loved for all of these years? no way. and then i saw it on the vhi special about childhood actors. now today, just out of the blue, i thought of jonathan(as i have been ever since he disappeared from television after seaquest)and decided to look further on the suicide thing. that’s how i ended up here. a friend of mine that i went to high school was killed in 2002, a few weeks before his 21st birthday. my brother called me april of this year and told me he was going to commit suicide, trying to get me to talk him out of it. i cried my eyes out and was so broken hearted. thank god his girlfriend called the police and came on time, otherwise, they and the children would be dead. it made me realize how short life can be when problems weigh heavy on your heart. i can only imagine the way jonathan’s family took the loss. he’s gone forever and my family was saved. i wish so much that this young man didn’t do what he did. i wish that, at that moment, someone would have banged on the door for him like they did my brother. i’m sorry that your heart hurt so much that you couldn’t feel anymore, jonathan brandis. you were what actors should be. my condolences to the brandis’ family and friends. love, a great fan.

  337. Melisa Elizabeth Esteves

    I have to say that I was in total love with Jonathan when I was about 15. I was a very sheltered child so I have to say that Jonathan was probably the only boy I talked to when I was in my early teens. That is, Jonathan’s poster. Some people might have thought I was crazy had they seen me carrying hour long conversations with the picture of my heart throb, but there was just something about his eyes. I can close my eyes now and see his face staring back at me. Since, then I’ve gotten married and I have a sons of my own. I really want to send my condolences to his parents. I can’t even imagine the pain I would be in, should a situation like that arise. The only thing I can say is that we all hope to make some type of impression in life, and Jonathan made an impression on many. His death shouldn’t be in vain, we should all learn some type of lesson from his passing. I will learn to listen to any type of signs my children may display in later years and I will learn not to take my time on earth for grantid. Before I close of this e-mial I want to say that I too was very depressed as a teen and thought many times of ending my life, and thanks to Jonathan’s image I was able to pull myself out of that. I just really wish Jonathan had turned to his parents, I know his mother could have made a difference, and I hope his mother never doubts her love, or whethor or not her son felt he was loved, I’m sure he knew.
    All of my love,

  338. rachel

    I was very saddened to hear that jonathan brandis has passed away and is no longer with us. I just found out this horrible news last mounth while I was browsing on the internet and I found a site that was a tribute to his death. I was very shocked that this talented actor decided to take his own life and at such a young age! I did not grow up watching his movies because he practically started his career when I was born!
    but, I have recently seen one of his movies It in which he played the role of Billy and I thought his perfomance in this movie was amazing for such a young actor at that time!!!
    my sympathys go out to his family.
    r.i.p. jonathan brandis for soon you will be under god’s care and guidence!!!!

  339. carmen

    i am 15 and seaquest is just now beeing shown in my soon as i saw JB i fell in love with him and searched him imidately on imdb. i was shocked when i saw date of his death. i read all i could abaut it and i find it a bit fishy cause he had so much fans and it was all so hushed up. nobody knew till months after. he was creamated,there is no grave,no one knows what happened to the ashes.i know this is unbelivable, but beeing from croatia hollywood is so far and everything that happens there seems so fictional. i rented harts war and ride with the devil just because of him. i was pissed when i saw that he sad only one sentence in HW.i know we all spotted him firstl for his looks but he had more talen in his little finger than all of thoose guy in there.i saw today on HRT 2 music tv here in croatia that someone wrote abaut him. if that person(ANCHY)ever comes here i would like her to contact me on or if any of you are from cro and if you know how they translated his movies here. i particulary want to know abaut the year that trembled.i can only say thati love all you guys. i am sorry for heart goes to his family and friends. hope someone reads this. jonathan,i love i will never forget you and i shall always be missing you.

  340. monika

    well, I don`t know what to say, I`m shocked… when I found out about this my heart just fall apart, I was crying and crying… I still can`t believe that this happend. Even I didn`t knew him, even I saw him just on TV I feel that I was close to him… I hope that we will meet someday in Heaven and our hearts will rejoice… I just want him to know that he had and still have fans in Croatia. I can`t forget his beautiful blue eyes and his perfect smile… rest in peace JONATHAN and WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU
    you will always be in my heart and memories
    with all love, MONIKA

  341. monika

    Some people mean more than words can say, thoughts can imagine and feelings can express. JONATHAN,you were one of those wonderfull people and you`ll always be special to me…
    my condolences to the brandis` family and friends
    never forgotten but forever missed

  342. Melanie

    I just found out about Jonathan’s death tonight. It was on A&E “Growing up in Hollywood” and I was shocked. It is very sad to think that things got so bad, and he felt so helpless that he took his own life. What a shame. He will not be forgotten.

  343. Sonjya

    I remeber the other day I was talking to my sister about the actors we used to like. I remembered my cousins huge crush on J.B. She had posters all over her wall in her bedroom. She had written Catherine + J.B all over her books. WEll I just got a sattelite dish and have been watching Sea Quest DSV on the weekends. MY sister and I had been sitting and talking about it and I asked whatever happened to JOnathan. I mean he was really cute and those eyes were to die for. Well she said that she thought that he had done a movie recently. WEll watching DSV again today triggered a question, What happened to him? So I went online and was shocked to find out that he was no longer alive. I feel for his parents and hope that they have been able to get over this tradgedy. I also pray for the soul of J.B. May he find whatever he was looking for.

  344. Sue

    Like most people here I only found out that Jon had passed through an internet site. An avid Seaquest fan (yes I taped the series) I watched with interest for films with Jon in. I watched him grow from his appearance in Never Ending Story right up to the present I would like to say to his parents I am sorry for your loss I wish you peace and hope you gain some strength from the fact that people from all over the world are sending their love to you and that they cared for Jon enough to reply here. Love to you xx

  345. monika

    I can`t believe that Jonathan isn`t with us anymore… I just can`t… I hope that he is better now because he is with God and angels and he is probably looking at us wright now… when I look at the sky I feel that I am looking at his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes, and it makes me cry because I know that I won`t see that blue eyes in this world anymore… so I just need to wait `till I die

  346. Hayley

    I have had the hugest crush on Jonathan for years, I wondered what he was doing and so looked on IMDB. Today I feel cold and numb, I feel sad to my soul. I am shocked beyond belief and I feel angry with myself for not knowing of his death before. How could this be? All I want to know is ‘why?’ Why would such a beautiful and talented young man feel the need to do something so desperate? All I can do is sit here in tears, I am shocked and stunned and oh so sad. I wish I had written to him, I wish I had tried to befriend him, I wish he was still here. I cannot believe it, part of me died today. God bless you Jonathan, God bless your parents and your family. With love forever.

  347. Kelly Kirk

    I remember writing a million times to Jonathan when I was fourteen and he was 17. I wanted to “go out” with him so bad!!! Years went by I had kids and I think to myself, “I wonder what ever happened to Jonathan Brandis?” A friend of a friend said she had read in a magazine that he had hanged himself. I didn’t really believe her but a couple years later I had to see for myself. So sad that he would do that. Such a wonderful actor and young man. He truly needed understanding. What happened just wasn’t right. Could it have been avoided? People say he had cried out for help. Why, then, didn’t anyone help and now he is gone? What a waste.

  348. valentina maria liao

    if you havent died you could have been my true love but you yo did a stupid thing like that,like hang your self,and drugs-and boozesing,too,you died,too,and kill your self,stupid and foolishboy,too,too..-i wish you like david cassidy,and sing his songs like this one:for only the lonely one and -true love song..boy what a nerd,i could of changed you,and keep you a live and safe in my arms of heaven,aloso i am older than you you are too, you cutes..bye love yauh tina,oliver twist,bye..

  349. Jenna

    I just cant comprehend the feelings he must of had to commit suicide. When I first heard I cried and wondered if anyone could of saved him. I pray he’s at peace and no longer bothered by the thoughts that must of haunted him. Im a huge fan and devastated at the thought still today that such a bright man could feel that way. Maybe God had other plans. Rest in peace.

  350. Lynn

    I’ll never forget when I took my son to see the Never Ending Story with Jonathan Brandis. What a sweet looking young man. I am deeply saddened by the knowledge that he hung himself. It is so sad that someone that had so much going for himself hurt so much that he wanted to end his life. My heart goes out to his friends and family who love him and miss him>

  351. Grace

    I had the biggest crush on him growing up and still do. I was devistated about his death. I wonder waht was going through his head, I’ve lost a lot of close friends through suicid and it’s very hard to get over. But you eventually do but there is always a peice of them in your Heart forever. sorry to hear about you loss and I hope that all is well and you find peace in you soul and remeber the good time you all had with him .

  352. Cayla Rhene Martin

    Well, coming from a girl. Jonathan Brandis was my role-model. He, to me if you still would have been alive, he would have been up there with Denzel Washington and Will Smith. I’m just a regular fan who had someone with great potential and had a good head on his shoulders. To me he was like the older brother that I never had.He was a cool guy. Maybe i know now that i can help my friends that go through things. For someone who has asthma, I had a cool guy to look up to.
    Being a professioal writer, if i ever get a chance to finish my web-site, i would love some of his fans(and the ones who were in love with his grace) to write to me. For finding out about his death in September of 2005, was a sad thing.
    I hope that all of his fans can realize that he will remember them. And when my movie comes out, I hope to have teh fans support!
    long live the king
    His sidekick

  353. ivan martinez

    i knew jonathan but that well because i only saw 2 of his movies and thats it the first movie was “sidekicks” with chuck norris and don’t get me wrong jonathan was great in the movie, the second movie was “ladybugs” with rodney dangerfield in which rodney dies in 2004 anyway
    my prayers and thoughts go to his family and friends he will be missed dearly.

  354. Hannah

    I wish I could of reasoned with you, Jon, two hours in advance. What’s the worse thing I could say? When every star falls I’m brought to tears. You could of held on. Hopefully we’ll see you again when both our souls collide. Like a blade you stain, we will be holding on to you. I will never say goodbye to you. We will all miss you and may god be with you. Look out for us.

  355. Brandy Corlett

    Wow, it breaks my heart that Jonathan Brandis would actually kill himself, it tears me apart to think that he is no longer with us today…He seems like he has a such successful career in making movies and I grew up adoring him when I was a teenager..I have seen The Never Ending Story 2, Lady Bugs, and SideKicks and another movie that was on cable a couple years ago…a few days ago I was watching Sidekicks with two of my friends and asked what ever happened to Jonathan Brandis and they told me that he killed himself, I was stunned!!!! I had been wondering for years what happened to him since I last saw him in a movie…I also wonder what could have happened so badly in his life for him to take his own life…My prayers go out this family and he will be deeply misssed.

  356. Julie

    I believe strongly that Jonathan Brandis was truly a great man while he was here……I recieved an autographed picture and letter from him when i was a kid that I still have till this day…..I was so excited because he answered all of my question I had asked him.
    I will cherish knowing that one day a long time ago, this magnificent young man took some of his time to send me a letter I was so hoping for…..if only I could return the favor of the happiness he had given me and maybe things would be different now, all in all jonathan now stands with all great men.

  357. Cecilia

    I just found out today about Jonathan’s death and I am deeply saddened and shocked by the finality of his decision to take his life into his own hands. Why would God allow this to happen to such a gifted young man? But the answer to that question seems far from being answered even now- almost 2 years later. I found myself looking over the many sites dedicated to cherishing his legacy, his presence and his image…it brought me back to a place in my life–my childhood. Watching Jonathan while I was a young girl growing up had introduced me to what a true infatuation and adoration really felt like. He was my first real hearthrob as a young girl. He was my first crush as a child, and his spirit and image still move me, just as it did then. He had such a light about him. He was truly phenomenal. One of the most handsome guys to have ever been in exsistence and I hope he knew it. I can remember being a young girl and watching Neverending Story and Ladybugs about a thousand times and imaginging that he would eventually come into my life. I feel a sense of regret and guilt because I had not been reminded of him until today and it is too late to tell him what he has meant to me as well as so many others. But if you can hear me Jonathan the loss of your light in this world can never be replaced, your essence will ramain in our hearts. I only hope that Jonathan cherished the same qualities in himself that I myself as well as millions of others have for the past 15+years. It is sad that he was only with us for such a short time, but despite the short period of time we got to have him, he will never be forgotten. He will remain a part of me forever. Thank you Jonathan for blessing us with your truth. I will always love you. You will always be remembered as the same beautiful young man who stole the audience and stole are hearts.

  358. Catherine Geraghty

    You where one of the most memorable people from my childhood and I will never forget you!
    You where and inspiration to everyone around the world. RIP
    Love Catherine

  359. Zack

    I just found out yesterday about Jonathan’s death and the news left me speechless. I cannot believe I did not hear anything until now. I remember him from SeaQuest, my favorite show as a child, and from Sidekicks. I would often daydream that I was his sidekick on some adventure. I would often think of him as like an older brother too. It is this impression that he has left with me that makes me believe he was as wonderful a person as everyone has said. He had that kind of presence that made one feel that they already knew him. Like many others, I wish I could have been there to tell him how much people cared about him, not only as an actor or crush, but as a person. I feel kind of silly feeling so much sadness for a person whom I never meant, especially since I know many who knew and loved him are feeling so much loss. I am grateful for this site to let people express grief for him. I want his parents, family, and friends to know that they are not alone in grieving for this wonderful person, and Jonathan I still hope to meet you one day.

  360. Darshana

    I wasn’t very familiar with him, but reading this blog, and some information about him online crushes me. He was so young. 🙁

  361. Tonilyn

    My entire bedroom was wallpapered with pages out of Teeny Bopper Magazines… even the back of my bedroom door! Nothing but Jonathan. I secretly thought that I would marry him someday. What a shame. I pray for peace for his family.
    I’m glad I still have some of those teeny bopper pictures… There will never be anyone else like him.
    God bless you, Jonathan.

  362. Nicole

    I’am still so deeply saddened and shocked about his death…I watched IT the other day and it made me think of him all over again…I grew up being obsessed over Jon…he was my 1st crush and I’ll NEVER forget him!!! RIP-I love you!!!

  363. Michael Brandis

    I am ashamed, that I didn’t get to know about Jonthan’s death before today. I am shocked. May god give him all his warmth and bless Jonathan’s family and friends.
    Michael Brandis, Hamburg, Germany

  364. B.

    Novevember 12th is approaching. Still today it makes me sad thinking that he’s no longer in this world. We will never see his smile and those damm blue shining eyes again. Jonathan Brandis were magnificent, there will never be anyone like him. I’ve been reading some of what you have wrote here, and wow, so many people loved him, still today. You were and are so loved by all your fan all around the world. And I just hope that somehow he knows that, and that he can see all the wonderful things that been said about him.
    When November 12th come, I’ll not grieve. No, I’ll honor him for what he has done. I whish I had write to him, and I still hope to meet him someday. My heart goes out to his family and friends, they’re not alone in this grieve of the lost of a truly gifted actor.
    May you rest in peace, Jonathan. I miss you. You will always be remembered and loved by me and many others. Always and ever, and thanks for everything.
    Love B.

  365. C.Young

    I’ve known about J-Brand’s untimely death ever since it happened two years ago, but only now with the out-pouring of love and respect from his devoted fans, do I bolster confidence to write the
    Through his glazened blue eyes, one could read a story, a Never Ending Story that is. Jonathan Brandis was a kindred spirit, and I am glad to have met him in life.
    No one saw the tears behind his shimmering glow; only tales that he would know; Like sunshine to the sea, he filled all those he knew with glee; May he rize through darkening clouds; And into Heaven wrapped in shrouds; God keep you in his love and care; Forever, Always you’ll be there.
    My condolences go to all his family and friends*

  366. J.L isabelle (france)

    I can`t find the words to explain how i feel. Only his death is painful enough, but the fact that i just knew about that yesterday on November 7, 2005 is more painful. I really appreciated Jonathans work, and i really wish i could know why he didn’t want to stay with us, and keep on making us dream, like he did in “the nerverending story” and “seaquest”…I’m really sad…But i think he is gonna stay in our minds for ever, and we will never forget him. He disearves this.
    bon vent, jonathan, on ne t’oubliera jamais.

  367. MONIKA

    Today is 2 years since Jonathan died… and I still can`t believe that he`s gone… his dead is so painful, and I don`t know what to do, except I can pray for him every day and every night thinking that he is better now in God`s hands…

  368. Sammi Smith

    Jonathen Was a wicked actor…he was also very handsom..why would he kill himself???
    I Loved his movie Sidekicks for some reason..i probly wouldnt like it if he wasnt in it…i miss him

  369. Caolan

    I just found out about jon’s suicidal death. I guess I must have missed it on the news. I used to have a huge crush on his ex girl friend tatyani ali. He was a pretty lucky guy to have gone out with her. I guess he was a different person in life than he was on television. I am guessing that he suffered from depression which I can relate to. It goes to show you how money and fame can’t buy happyness. You have to have the little things like personal relationships and self esteem all working togther for you to stay happy.

  370. tes

    i just found out about jonathons death word can describe how i feel. i’ve only seen him in the movie “it” but i feel in love with him the 1st time i saw him. those adorable blue eyes 🙁 🙁 its a sham we will never see those eyes alive again.i just didnt thing he had suicidal feelings. in “it” and the other movies he was in he always was such a good actor and soooooo cute. he must have felt this way for along time because if your planning a suiside it could take you years even like 10 years to decide to kill yourself. if u just think of that kid in “it” wanting to kill himself..those eyes much pain behind those eyes wanting to kill himself…its really a tradgety but he just wanted to be in a better place i guess hes happier now. my prayers go out to you jonathon and i will always love you and miss u 4ever <3jonathon<3 u will always be loved and i hope your in a better place now and a piece of my heart will always be 4 you

  371. Sue

    I have just found out about Jonathan’s death and I am truly saddened. He was so young. Was his suicide a cry for help? No-one will ever know.
    I have recently been watching Seaquest DSV and wondered what he was up to now. He was so talented and gorgeous, any girl would have been lucky to have been on his arm. I had a major crush on him when Seaquest DSV was on first time around but living in the real world I knew I would never meet him.
    My heart and prayers go out to his parents Greg and Mary. It’s the not knowing that hurts more than anything.
    May Jonathan be surrounded by peace and love always. He will be missed terribly.

  372. darren

    I have just found out this bad new about jonothan brandad, i am very sorry to hear this as i was a great fan of the never ending story. I had a crush on him ever since he was a little boy, and would like to pass on my deepest sorrows to his family and ryan seacrest

  373. may christine lucero

    hi! im may,25 from philippines like others i really love jonathan brandis.right now im totally shocked of what ive read..bec this is the
    first time i know that he was dead,i was watching never ending story ii right now thats why i rememberd to open my pc if what happened to him bec i didnt know what he been up to im totally one of his billion of fans who really adored him,since high school i collected lots of pictures of jb.and also my friends..he is a talented and nice actor that i know……my condolense to his parents and friends

  374. rebecca

    im in australia and i just found out.
    i was in love with you when i was young and i cant believe your gone. you were my first love.
    rest in peace john xoxoxoxox

  375. Tricia

    I found out about Jonathan Brandis last year when I was browsing the web in IMDB; I remember I lost color in my face while reading that he killed himself. I truely can relate to everyone who’s responded about how your heart broke into a million pieces, dread came upon you, and it’s hard to believe your childhood actor/crush is dead for suicide. I was very sad and I talked about his death for a week at work. I still can’t believe it. Someimes when I come online, I expect to see what other movies he’s done, and accomplished in his life. You wouldn’t expect to read about Jonathan who was 27, and dead before 30. All of us expect to see people not here on earth due to old age, not suicide. Bless his soul is easy to say, but unfortunatly, when humans take their own life, they don’t go straight to god. Let’s put it that way and leave it. This should tell you exactly what he did wrong. In regards what was wrong with him psychologically, what he was unhappy about, if he was either doing drugs, or a break up, or tired of life in general, we will never know, there’s no excuse to get out of life the easy way out. It would be hard for the happy living to put a rope around their neck, a blade to their wrist, etc. I do understand if people out there who are reading this are not liking my comment, I’m sorry. I do feel for him, but it angers me he had to die a horrible death. I do wish he could have saw someone for his troubles, and pains. If he did that, he might have been still alive to this day.
    God bless his soul

  376. Russell

    Whoa…. that’s sad. he was a good actor. I liked him in lady bugs, and sea quest. My girlfriend had a crush on him, and she was stunned. She came to me one day in early 2004, and told me. I actually had to figure where I heard tht name from. When it dawned on me, I was disapointed in learning it after a year.
    R.J. from NY, now in Cali

  377. Angel

    Spend all your time waiting
    For that second chance
    For a break that would make it okay
    There’s always one reason
    To feel not good enough
    And it’s hard at the end of the day
    I need some distraction
    Oh beautiful release
    Memory seeps from my veins
    Let me be empty
    And weightless and maybe
    I’ll find some peace tonight
    In the arms of an angel
    Fly away from here
    From this dark cold hotel room
    And the endlessness that you fear
    You are pulled from the wreckage
    Of your silent reverie
    You’re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort there
    So tired of the straight line
    And everywhere you turn
    There’s vultures and thieves at your back
    And the storm keeps on twisting
    You keep on building the lie
    That you make up for all that you lack
    It don’t make no difference
    Escaping one last time
    It’s easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
    This glorious sadness that brings me to my knees
    In the arms of an angel
    Fly away from here
    From this dark cold hotel room
    And the endlessness that you fear
    You are pulled from the wreckage
    Of your silent reverie
    You’re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort there
    You’re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort here

  378. Precious Anne Gregory

    2 yrs passed since his untimely death but still the thoughts of losing such a great actor cuts through me and i just cant get over the fact that my favorite actor since i was a child committed suicide. ive learn of his death from a friend and at first i was in denial but upon checking his web sites i started crying and just couldnt believe that i will never see him in person or be able to maybe get to know him..To his parents and friends i expreesed my deepest sympathy for losing such a very wonderful person..But, i know Jon’s is in heaven now having the peace and happiness that he always wanted.

  379. Val

    As an older person than most who have posted here, as well as being extremely late in finding out about Jonathan’s death and therefore posting very late, I still feel a need to express condolences and heart felt thoughts of Jonathan.
    As I sit here this morning, Dec.27, 2005, watching on old rerun of SeaQuest, and watching adorable Jonathan in his role, it truly amazes and saddens me that his life became too painful to bear. It seems so impossible that someone so talented, so beautiful, with so much potential, could come to a state of such despair. It certainly goes to show that it matters not how much money, success, friends, and potential we have…….we all are human beings who hurt, feel rejection and hopelessness at times…no matter our stations in life, our need for love, and acceptance overrides any materiality of the world.
    While I was an adult, (being 11 years old than Jonathan) by the time he hit the screen on programs I saw him on, I was immediatly struck by how incredibly adorable and accessible he seemed. The first thing I saw him on was Flash Gordon and I clearly remember thinking, “Oh I hope that boy finds his way into many more shows because he’s so fun to watch.” And of course he did. I bought both versions of the Never Ending Story for my daughter who was a little girl at the time, and taped Good King Wencelas (spelling?) watching it faithfully each Christmas season. Anything I ever saw that he was going to be in, I made it a point to watch and found it fascinating to watch him grow into a man. He had an appeal that so few have. During the years he was difficult to find on tv, I did think of him and wished him well in whatever it was he was doing. Of course most of us have no idea and can’t fathom what was going on with him to cause him to feel it necessary to take such drastic action, and so we are left to ponder and simply hurt for ourselves and for him. Myself and my entire family pray for his rest and advancement on the other side, as well as continued comfort for his family and friends. There are many tv shows and movies, ( as well as other aspects of life for those who knew him) that are much less without him being a part of them. Today, I will hunt down my version of Good King Wencelas and watch it in remembrance of Jonathan. It’s my personal spiritual belief that Jonathan did not leave us, he is forever a part of our memories and hearts, things that cannot be taken from us, things that we “can take with us” even when it’s our time to pass over.
    Rest well Jonathan, grow and learn in the spirit, feel the love of us all, enjoy being in the presence of God, part of the at-one-ment, and bring to us all the enlightment God will allow you to pass on.
    Walking to Heaven
    As I walk up to the Pearly Gates,
    My thoughts rest upon you,
    For I see your life without me,
    I feel your grief too.
    I see your tear streaked face,
    I hear your lonely thoughts,
    As we have our meeting, the meeting
    from heart to heart.
    Ahead of me there is a light,
    It shines so bright and clear,
    It beckons to me, calls my heart,
    A voice says, “Come near, Come here.”
    As my feet trod across the space,
    Between me and this beautiful place,
    I’m shown things you wouldn’t now believe,
    I understand things that before
    I couldn’t conceive!
    I reach out and grasp the gate handle of gold,
    It swings wide open,
    I step through and behold!
    If you could only see what I now see,
    You would no longer cry,
    You would no longer grieve.
    For where I am is splendor,
    A place of beauty so rare,
    A place of love and joy,
    It’s description beyond word,
    beyond compare.
    Again I hear the voice,
    The one that calls my name,
    As my eyes fall upon Him,
    I know I’ll never be the same.
    His arms stretch before Him,
    For a welcoming embrace,
    He glows with the light of love,
    And all truth is upon His face.
    All pain is gone from me,
    I experience only love,
    It is so much better then
    I ever dreamed of!
    All around me there is music,
    Songs of angels everywhere,
    And now I see to the ends of rainbows,
    And I smell flowers in the air!
    There is no need to grieve,
    I have not left you,
    I did not leave,…
    For I am in the warmth of the breeze,
    I am in the blue of the sky,
    I am in the shade of the trees,
    I am in the tears that you cry.
    We will be reunited when
    your purpose on earth is done,
    When you too are welcomed into
    the embrace of the Son.
    For now you must stay,
    Others need you there,
    To help them learn so many things,
    To share…and to care.
    So please don’t shed tears for me,
    Or miss me so in vain,
    For I fulfilled my purpose,
    For which to earth I came.
    Now the gate is closed behind me,
    Rejoice with me in glee,
    And know I never leave you,
    I never cease to be.
    Written by

  380. Amy

    I was flipping the channels a few hours ago, and found Seaquest DSV on SciFi, and remembered that Jonathan killed himself a few years back. I still can’t believe that he would take his own life like that. He seemed to have everything going for him, great personality, great looks, success etc. I will miss him always, but at least we have some tv shows and movies to remember him by. I love you Jonathan, may you rest in peace.

  381. athecia

    I first heared it on the radio back in 03 and now it bein almost 06 I still sit here and look back on all the press and articles about him and it hurts. It struck me down inside knowing that such a admired actor and loved son a hero to the film world and an inspiration to myself personaly had lost the one thing that kept his fans,friends and family going and that was love of ones self. find peace jonathan because without you here we my never to you love eturnal sincerley akg

  382. MYRIAM


  383. Ron

    I first saw Jonathon…I believe it was in Stephen King’s “IT” What a great job he did in that film. Michael Cole, who also starred in the film and is a very good friend of mine, said Jonathon was a wonderful young man, and that always seemed to show in him everytime I saw him on screen. How tragic the loss. I, and many many others, will miss his smiling face on the big screen. Rest in Peace Jonathon. You will be remembered as a wonderful human being.

  384. Sherrol

    I feel so ashamed to say this but I just learned of Jonathon’s death. I remember the first time I saw him I said to my mom that I was going to meet him someday. I has his posters plastered all over my room. I would write letters to his fanclub all the time and as the years went by and never got a response I just gave up and as I got older my crush on him did fade but did not truly go away, he will forever remain my one true hollywood celeb crush and in my heart I will forever miss him. It is so hard to believe that I will not ever get to meet him, and like so many other people have said I wish I could have helped him. Even though it has been so long since he left us my prayers and thoughts go out to all of his family and friends. Rest in sweet peace Jonathon.

  385. Heidi

    About a month ago, I was at my moms house and my step-dad was watching the sci-fi channel like he always dose. I asked if SeaQuest was ever on that station, but he didn’t thinks so and I made a coment on how I wish they would bring it back. I really missed seeing Jonathan Brandis. I was so in love with him as a teen. My step-dad then looked him up on the internet and told me he had passed away years ago. I thought he must have looked up the wrong person. I never heard about this and Jon is so young…… I was devistated. I still am. I never even met him , but like alot of his fans I feel like I did. He had a peice of my heart and huge part in my past.
    I’ve been without TV for a few years now, never read magazines anymore and just had a baby girl on June 28 2005. I had no idea what had happened to him. I thought about him all the time though. Like many others he was my first major crush. I had every picture of him covering my walls and half my ceiling when I was a teen. I even saved his moms recipe for chocolate chip cookies that was in one the pictorials in (I think ) Bop magazine. There was a picture with him and his mom. I feel so bad for his family and friends. I hurt so bad inside and feel like I lost someone close to me, so I can’t imagine what it must be like for those who really knew him. Being a new mom, I just can’t imagine his moms pain. I am so sorry for your loss. I also feel for all the other many fans. I agree with you Val , Jonathan will always be with me in my heart Just like he has been for so many years.
    Heidi 26

  386. Brianna Thorp

    How do they know that He commited suicide maybee somebody hung him because he had a great life according to some of the things Ive looked up whos to say that he’d kill himself at age 27 i think it was murder and that medical examiner or what ever didnt know what she was talking about if he would kill himself at 27 then that was a total waste of a perfect life.

  387. Brianna Thorp

    Plus i dont see how someone that hott could commit suicide he could verlikely have almost any one in the world exept my friend cause she thinks hes ugly and has no clue what shes talking about and why would his friend call the police and then let Jonathan Hang himself its very hard i suspect to hang yourself so why in gods name would he hang himself he had family that loved him fans that adored him and friends that were lyers and backstabbers and that hung Jonathen {I think they hung Jonathan} Jonathen was my obbsesion when i was younger I had almost every picture emaginable on my walls of him I also have almost every movie he made and ever cince I found out he was [MURDERED] Wich was only the last hour or so Ive done alot of research on the suicide of Jonathan Brandis and i am almost possitive that he did not commit suicide and that his So Called Friend murdered him I send my love and sorrow to all family and fans but not Friends[well not some of his friends ] and i hope some of the lying Murderers that he called friends relize that Jonathan Brandis’s life was specail as is most lives exept yours and that at age 27 he could have done alot with his life and you ruined it for him i hope you go to hell

  388. Rachel Gonzales

    I’ve also been familiar with Jonathan Brandis since he appeared in The NeverEnding Story II. I really liked the movies It, Ladybugs, and Sidekicks. And being a sci-fi buff, I loved seaQuest DSV. I’m not sure that it could be said that I had a crush on Jonathan, after all he was born about a week and a half before my younger sister (approximately 14 months younger than me). But I would have to say that I admired him. He was a truly gifted actor and a very handsome young man. As a teen, I had to remind myself, at times, that he was too young for me. He was just a very likeable person. I watched the holiday movie Good King Wenceslas and his made-for-TV movies as well. But I think my favorite role of his was on seaQuest. I am attracted to intelligence like a moth to a flame, and he portrayed an intellingent young man. Over the years I’d wondered about him, what had become of him. I thought that maybe, like other young actors, he’d tried his hand at behind-the-scenes work. I’d been too busy with my own life and family to look him up before, but it was a shock to discover his death. I was deeply saddened that such a talented young man would feel that he had no other recourse but to end his life. If he could only have seen what so many of us saw when we looked at him. My deepest sympathy and well-wishes to his friends and family. I know that it will never be okay that he’s gone, but my hope is that the pain will finally be lessening enough to remember all of the good he’s done and all of the lives that he’s touched. Perhaps his death will help serve as a reminder to us all that we all need support and love, no matter who we are. And that it’s up to us to make sure that we are available to help anyone that we care about when they need us. And, please, if someone you love threatens suicide, don’t pass it off as an overly-dramitic statement. Take the time to talk to them. Let them know that you are there for them, that you care about them and their lives. If someone had just seen his pain for what it really was, perhaps the world would not have been deprived of such a wonderful, talented, incredible young man. Peace to him and to all who cared for him.

  389. Megan

    I remember when I heard of Jonathan’s death in the newspaper I couldn’t breathe I was in complete shock. Even now years later it hurts so much to think that someone who is so wonderful is gone. I wish more than anything that the past could be changed and this nightmare of his death would never have existed and our angel would still be here. When jonathan died apart of me died and the pain will never go away and neither will his memory. All my love to his family and friends. I LOVE YOU JONATHAN!

  390. dragon

    I remember hearing of Jonathan Brandis’ death the day they released the info on CNN and thinking the world stopped for a moment. It was a shock. Having discovered the actor on SeaQuest DSV, I was always on the lookout for new things with his name attached to them, looking for the mature roles I was certain he’d achieve. To hear that he was gone was just unbelievable. My daughter followed his career since she was … 8? We were disbelieving and then so full of sorrow that no one was there for him, that no one heard the pain beneath the beautiful smile. We treasure the work he did and mourn the work he will never do, the richness of existence he brought to each character he played. May he rest in peace and the sorrows that drove him be gone. dragon and rini

  391. Savannah

    i saw an episode of “SeaQuest” one time when i was 11. well i started to watch it more. i always thought that Jonathan Brandis was so hot, but i didnt know that he played “Lucus.” when i watched “SeaQuest” i would miss or not get to read who played Lucas. well one day i had heard on the news that Jonathan Brandi had died by hanging himself. well i was crushed only because i thought it was sad that someone would do that. a couple of days later i figured out that Jonathan Brandis played Lucus. i was in tears. i was so sad that the hottest guy had died. i stoped watching the show for a while then just last year i started to watch it again. well i just found this website. but i wish it would have told why he might of hung himself. may he rest in peace and all his loved ones be safe.

  392. jane

    Honestly,at this very moment..I’m still in shock to found out that Jon has already passed’s just that the movie “Sidekick” suddenly pops into my mind that I’ll remember him.I said…I’ll try to recall the story through net surfing..then I found this website. I really couldn’t beleive it..and now I realized how dumbed I was not to know about him passing away two years ago..he used to be my very first favorite actor..and this kind of news was too painful..i think everyone felr the same’s really sad..I do hope tah he’s in peace right now..there’s just too many people who loves him.

  393. tina

    your vanishing, drifting away, it is hard see you,again,your fading from my sights.fading faster to heavenarm,out my sights,your drifting aawayy-away.whoah yah.,thanks,bye, you miss you,love tina..
    mariaeah carrys- song.bye..peaces you all.and greg-mary too,bye,from his or sons loyal fans,bye..

  394. angela


  395. Andrea

    I so can’t believe he committed suicide. I also can’t believe I didn’t read about this until now. Where have I been? I loved him in SeaQuest. So sad. R.I.P Jonathan.

  396. Mindy

    I’m very sorry too hear about Jonathan Brandis’s death, i remember not too long ago being like pretty much in love with his looks, i say looks because i couldn’t possibly be in love with someone i don’t know, but i really liked his acting too. Then one day i moved too a different town and saw someone who i thought looked alot like him, but before that i liked pretty much everything about him. So when i saw the other boy it was pretty much love at first site. So i guess Jonathan will always be apart of me. I am also very sad too hear about your loss. I’ll always try too look for him in movies.

  397. Joshua Leemon

    I first found out in ’03 when my mother came home from work one day. She couldn’t think of his name and we were playing this sharades game for a couple of minutes while I wondered what could be important about a star I adored when I was a child. When I figured out who she was talking about she told me she heard it on the radio. For months I was puzzled when no news was posted anywhere about this once hero of mine. Mm parents bought a computer last year and I still couldn’t find anything. For a year I pondered memeries of me buying a teeny mag to read about this star I idolized. I remember people thinking I was gay for buying them or because I had a fascination with the guy. I read every article. I even remember the exact place where I bought the first magazine. I even wrote him a letter once telling him about how big of a fan I was. The funniest thing is that I remember writing that he shouldn’t worry, I’m not a gay kid pronouncing love or anything. I guess I started to cross the line when my brother Matthew told me that his friends thought I was gay because I had posters of him on my side of the wall in our room. And I was like “what did you tell them?” He said “I told them I don’t know”. Needless to say, the posters came down after that. A very embarressing story but it’s one of the only ones I have regard-
    ing this topic. Of course, I watched every movie religously like everone else. It kind of messed with my head when I heard the news. I haven’t thought about it for a long time. In fact, I din’t really think about it again until about October 2005. And then, it seemed to foreshadow the worst thing to ever happen to me in my life. My best friend, my heart, the very same brother I was just talking about died on November 12, 2005. There was a mysterious accident on a set of spiral stairs in his and my other brother Caseys’ apartment. The only thing anyone can figure is that he passed out while walking up. There were no railings and the floor was brick and stone. It happened late November 11 and he passed away the following day. There have been a lot of very odd coincidences surrounding it including Brandis’ death. It’s the hardest thing ever. I hope his parents are alright. I hope Jonathan and my brother can meet up there and laugh about that old story. I’ll miss you Jon.
    I love you Matthew. Goodnight to both of you…

  398. Geoff Brandner

    How sad to hear of this promising actors death. Hanging oneself is so out of fashion these days. He had a brilliant career ahead of him.

  399. Sutteer

    Well what else can I say that hasn’t already been said. I too was in love with Jonathan, I too had all of those teeny mags posters of him taped all over my walls. The first thing that I remember seeing him in first that sparked my interest was Stepfather II I know freaky, but , I had to see everything I could with him in it. He was a good actor, I loved ladybugs, sidekicks too was good……I did faithfully watch Seaquest. I also saw IT and neverending story 2. His character in Outside Providence was good too. I remember watching the news while bowling and hearing of his death……I was crushed…….u know I guess I really thought someday I would get to meet him, or see him on T.V. and tell my daughter see now that’s who I had a crush on when I was your age. I just want to say that I love you Jonathan and you touched a lot of people, I am sorry that none of us got to touch you the way you touched us, but you are loved and may God bless you and keep you.

  400. nikki

    i had just watched IT and for a thirteen year old girl i can’t deny Johnathan Brandis is VERY HOTT even in such an old film such as it. so i searched for him online just to find out that he was DEAD!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH AND THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE!!!!!!!!of course i won’t go killing myself for it but i am deeply depressed. I also found out he was in most of my favorite movies exp: the never ending story. i will miss u person who i love!!!!!

  401. Beth

    One of my friends and I was looking through pictures on the internet and came across Jonathans, I remember seeing him in the movie IT, and a few other shows and movies. I sat here and was like I wonder if someone young and hot as he is, was married. So I go looking for his biography to find that he had committed suicide. I was in shock!! I truly couldnt believe it, he had the most gorgeous guys and I was saying how I would of loved to take a guy like him to prom!! It just made me so mad that it had came to that and I never knew!! There was one thing about his eyes that made him look so peaceful and just made me melt in them!! My heart goes out to his family and everyone else who truly cared for him!! God Bless You Jonathan!!

  402. Hannah

    This is relle depressing. i was just watching one of his tv shows and he was a relle good actor!! and just 3 days ago did i find out about his death… thats relle sad.. he meant so much to so many people. but the question is… why?? he seemed so happy

  403. Stevie

    i was watching sidekicks today on showtime. and i was thinkin what he been up to, so i did a search and found out he commited sucide, i was really shock and i searched everywhere why did he do this for? i always loved his work and he was a gorgious guy and wish he didn’t do that to his self, my Tributes Goes out to his family and his mom and dad.. and Jon if you read this.. remember my heart goes out to you bro 🙂

  404. simon peter skey

    i only found out that brandis killed himself about six months ago, a guy at work told me i was shocked and had to check it out for myself. When iw as fifteen Jonathan was my favourite actor in a sci-fi novel i wrote i even took his first name for the principal chrachter. I styled my hair like his on seaquest a style i kept till i was twenty before growing it long.
    May the gods help your soul find its peace. Rest well.
    Save me a seat dude i will follow you someday.

  405. Melissa

    I found out about his dead like a year ago, and honestly I’m still shocked and can’t believe it, specially from the research I made, NOONE knows why he did it! It’s amazing that noone noticed anything different about him or tried to help him, I mean, he had friends in his apartment when he committed suicide! It’s really sad to see how people likes to be blind at other people’s problems… He could have been helped and this could have been prevented, he was in so much pain and noone noticed. Hope he is in a better place now, where he is in peace. You ARE missed Jon.

  406. terry alan vincent

    For a person who had so much going for him, I feel like a good friend was lost. I am 45 and remember some of the shows he was casted into.
    I only hope he finds that we here, gathered as friends will always be happy in the work he so much loved. To his family; I can only wish my belated condolences.
    Terry Alan Vincent

  407. Kate Solov

    I loved Jonathan Brandis from the moment I first saw him. Even though back then I was of the opinion that boys were the scum of the earth, I loved him. even now I am older he always had a special place in my heart. I only found out that today that he died. its such a tragedy that someone as young and handsome and talented as him would take their own life. I hope that he has now found some peace.
    I’ll always love you



  409. Lauren

    I was whaching IT last month and when I saw Johnathan on the screen. My heart sank!!! He was soooo cute!!! I asked my dad if that was Johnatan Brandis. He said yes. Then he asked if I knew that he was dead. “He was dead”. Those words echoed in my head for hours, days. I didn’t know that he had died. My dad didn’t know how but he said that he had died a few days before my 14th birthday. Johnathan Brandis was my favorite kid and teenage actor. I had seen a lot of his movies. I just found out today that he died of suicide. I am very sad that he is gone, but his spirit will always cherish the hearts who loved him. We all will miss him, but we all have his movies to remember him by.
    I Love you Johnathan!!

  410. Sabine

    I just feel stupid about learning it only now… I loved him so much when I was young, persuaded he was my special someone… I even promised myself I would meet him someday… Now I know I won’t ever do it… Just can’t stop crying, don’t know why I feel guilty but I do.

  411. Sharon Senolos-manila, phil

    I was thinking of Jonathan this morning and i just feel stupid for not finding him on net, he was my Crush when i was in college way back 1996, but years past i had no news about him having a movie, i just thought he had quit from show-biz. And it shocked me when i found out that he was already dead for almost 3 yrs, And it really broke my heart after reading the article of his death, I still have his posters in my room. I even have pictures of him on my wallet, he was very handsome wearing that wonderful smile, i just couldn’t imagine how hard he had suffered to decide to take his own life, it is really a big loss……… Jonathan, i hope you have found the true peace and happiness that you are longing for…. We will miss you.

  412. Jen

    I’m totally shocked by this. I had no idea that Jon had died until I googled his name this morning to see what he was up to. I was another one of those girls who had a huge crush on him back in Junior High with his posters plastered all over my room. Beyond school girl crushes, Jon seemed to me to be a caring guy. Like thousands of others, I never had the pleasure of meeting him but I could see that he had a gentle personality with a very real concern for others. I don’t know what could have been hurting him so much to take his own life but I know that he will always been sadly missed and fondly remembered. My heart goes out to his family.

  413. alyse

    i just watched ladybugs on sky movies! and because i live in england i didnt even know that jonathan had died! i am really quite shocked and sadden that he would commit suicide! even though it wos so long ago.

  414. Jessica Garcia

    I fell in love with him at 13yrs old watching ladybugs and have a girls night out with all his movies..think oh man how hot is he..then seaquest dsv came along never missed a episode. Bought he shirt and my brother and sister always made fun of me they said that i tried to talk all manly like him …lol i was like what i guess i loved him way too much posters everywhere up until i turned 18 followed his career the whole way..Grew up stuff happened in my life like every one didnt forget him he was always there love Devon Sawa still do then my dad told me he killed himself im psychic i never before he did it ..he was gunna do it i just didnt have the time frame down pat….i had a delayed reaction months went by and finally seening a picture of him enjoying the sun..made me just let it all out i prayed for him and the lord told me ” he’s with me ” which means hes alright and i can live henceforth with him in my heart and knowing i will finally meet him..ILOVE YOU JONB always will…prayers to his parents and friends i have depression on prozac and killing yourself isnt what the lord had in mind for me still here …talking to someone is something you have to choose knowing i have family and a sister with it helps it doesnt end after 9months of treatment its a disease that needs further research and no one seems to put a TV ad on it just to sell medicine with medicine helps the symtoms as my doctor says it doesnt cure the problem …i love the lord he is all i need to rid this disease..i believe in my point of view its not worse than AIDS or CANCER cause you live with that too. But i can tell you jonathan you should have told someone so you could have been here longer cause you dont know how much you are missed and love and i know my family would have missed me too…thanks webmaster.

  415. Lauren Wilosn

    I have loved Jonathan eversince the day I laid my eyes on his face. A dream of mine was to meet him. But one day, I found that I would never get my chance to meet my idol. My heart goes out to his family, friends and fans who loved him deeply. I love you Jonathan. i hope you found the peace that you were looking for.
    Love Always, Lauren Wilson, 16, Oceanside, CA

  416. n smith

    Oh my goddess I just found out about Jon’s death . Does anyone know why ? Does anyone know how to contact his family ? WHY JON ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? How does one get ahold of SEAQUEST DVD;’s ? Everyone here has expressed what I’m feeling , it’s covered . N smith

  417. Heather

    I Fell in love with him just like other girls out there. He was cute, smart, and a talented actor. i was wonder what had happened to him after Sea Quest. Today is the first day i have leared about his unfortunate death.
    I am shocked to hear of it. I will miss seeing his smile on the tv.

  418. Gary

    I only learned about jonathans death early yesterday morning it came as a utter shock …he truly was a great actor and my heart goes out to his family even though its been 3 years

  419. shenaz

    even though i was so young and probably not alive when he began acting. i was so shocked to here such a handsome actor take his own life. i wonder what had happened in his life for him to do this. he is such a great actor and my heart is broken. my love and sympathy goes out to his family and of course him. i wish i could turn back time and try to change the past but let him rest in peace and will always be loved jonathan.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  420. Melissa

    I found out about Jonathan Brandis death by sheer dumb luck. My dad and I had been talking about this and that and some where in the converstaion we ended up talking about Jonathan Brandis and my dad said something about him being dead. Honsetly I did not believe it, I tought that my dad was mistaken so I thought I would have to look it up on the internet. I finally got around to it today.
    I am deeply saddend to hear that he is dead. My sister always had a big crush on him, I never really did myself. I always thought he was cute but to old for me. Yet, I had loved Seaquest, and I have seen It, sidekickers, Neverending story 2 and the episode of Murder she wrote that he was on and I like them. Looking back I remember and realize that maybe I did have a little crush on him, even though I never would have admitted it.
    I just wanted to say that I think that it is very sad that he thought the only thing left for him to do is kill himself. It’s a shame that he will never get a chance to do all of the things that a lot of people take for granted.
    My heart truely goes out to his family and to all of the families of people you have committed suicide.

  421. Jenny

    I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this until yesterday! I too thought Jonathan was such a hottie when I was growing up. I was truly shocked to hear what’d happened. My heart goes out to his family. I still love you Jonathan.

  422. Kevin

    I also just found out that Jon had died. Usually a story like this would be all over the news and everyone hears about it. Reading these postings I see that lots of people did not find out until way after the fact. Also, in searching the web I found very few details or info regarding his death or its circumstances. Hanging himself? Very strange to me. No one seems to have any idea of why he did it. I guess it doesn’t really matter. It is a horrible tragedy. At least he is not hurting any more.

  423. James

    Man, this was a shock to find out about Jon. He was an awesome guy. I loved watching his movie, “Sidekicks”, as a kid, and that movie motivated me so much, to do well in life, and to join Jujitsu, and to be awesome in life. This guy was awesome. I love him so much. He touched so many lives, and made so many people happy becasue of his cool movies. Jon, i love you man. I wish i could have met you. Peace buddy.

  424. Heather

    WOW I’m was shocked to hear the this great young actor could and did take his own life. Hollywood and the World will never be the same…

  425. Ean

    Like Yikes… I was watching Ladybugs earlier; was a pretty nifty film. afterwards I thought i would write something for the school paper on it and get more people to see it, but now, after doing some research. I honestly can’t beleive this. Its a shock because I thought he was really good at acting – despite only seeing one of his films. RIP Jonathan Brandis, and my prayers go to his family; let the lord almighty take care of him in heaven.

  426. courtney

    it was a terrible loss and i only found out about it now! At first i thought oh my god, why and how could anyone ever kill themselves? And then i started to think and i was like wowow, how bad and sad could his life have been for him to actually take his life. So i was just posting here to show my compassion and my hurt from his death. And also, i was watching “Stephen King’s It” the other day with my friends, and i had, had a crush on him ever since i first saw it and then today i searched him online to see how old he was and then i found out he was dead. SO i will pray for his family and all his friends, this was truely a loss of one of the best actors and, im pretty sure, one of the best people to ever live. R.I.P Johnathan Brandis, i hope you’re safe in heaven.

  427. Antoinette

    I was watching E! and I saw that Jonathan had taken his own life and I was shocked. I feel awful for not knowing about this earlier and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his friends. I had a crush on him when I was 13yrs. old and I remember watching “Ladybugs” a dozen times just because he was in it. I know he is a star in heaven.

  428. jolan

    I am devastated to hear about Jonathon…I was watching “Lifetime” and one of his movies came on, and I thought to myself where has that boy been? For some reason I had this horrible feeling come over me that something bad happened and I looked him up on the computer to find he has passed. My heart goes out to his family and friends..I was so in love with him when I was a teen, I grew up watching him. My heart and prayers are with you.

  429. dan

    i just learned of his death last night watching tvland,i was very shocked,my 16 yr. old daughter and i watched all the SEAQUEST shows just recently
    on scifi channel and she now has a crush on him,eventhough she was only 4 when the show started.the show was one of my alltime favorites and i was excited when i learned it was goin to rerun on that channel,she will be sad to learn of his death.i guess it proves that the saying “GOD DOESNT GIVE U MORE THAN U CAN HANDLE”is totally false

  430. nae

    wow im a 25 f aussie that was totally in love with jonathon wen i was 15 i had a wall completly covered of posters of him. i was recently readin an old issue of disneys kids mag the other night at a friends house & i was telling that i i loved him wen i was younger, she then told me that he had passed. i was none the wiser. it was only now that i discovered how it happen.

  431. Shiela

    I’m sitting here at 11:30 at night on April 25, 06 and I just found out about my only ‘dream guy’ had gone to better place.And I was extremely hurt and angry and wanted to know why at 27?The odd thing about this is on Febuary 28 06,after 7 years and 2 beautiful children my guy hung himself to.And more oddly he was only 27 yrs. old too.And Brandis did his unessecary death on my guy’s niece b-day.And neither one them could write a note or an explaination?I’ve been watching Brandis since my teen years and he was a excellent actor with a positive attidude in life.Not to mention fine.So,Gregory and Mary take the time to remember the good things about him in life,you know why?Because you’ll be with him again.And I understand what you’re going through whether Jonathan was actor or not,he is your son.I send my love and condolence to the Brandis family and all his fans who knew he was important figure.
    With Love,
    Shiela I.

  432. Lily

    I miss you Jon. I have known about you being gone since the day you passed away, I cried all night that night, you were my first crush, I remember the day my best friend brought home Teen Beat and she said she wanted Leo and I smiled cause that meant I got who I wanted, you! I miss you, and now my 4 year old daughter watched the neverending story 2 and points at mommys tattoo which is just like the symbol on the book, I happened to get it the same time you died, consider it a tribute. But she will grow up and watch Ladybugs, and reruns of seaquest on scifi and love you as much as I did, you will remain forever young and I will always wonder why you had to leave us, the way you did.

  433. Ross Holder

    I wanna say I enjoyed him as a television actor, and actually preferred his performances to that other sci-fi wunderkind (played by Wil Wheaton), but in hindsight I’m not sure reports (especially on Wikipedia) that drinking and drug use weren’t underplayed.
    I ran into him once during a short visit to my home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba years ago and he seemed really fun-loving, easy-going…maybe a touch high-strung too. But a good guy…and it’s definitely sad to hear he’s not around anymore.

  434. Faith

    Braianna Thorp You do not understand the meaning of depression. Thinking that J.B. was killed is alittle nuts don’t you think. Are we alittle Crazy? Do you Need Some help? Anyway J.B., hope you found your peace.

  435. joe john


  436. Amy Stapleton

    I was watching child stars where are they now? last night and i just found out about this horrific tragedy. I am totally shocked that I never ever knew about it. I’m usually always with it when it comes to my pop culture. My name is Amy and I am 24. Jonathan was my teen heartthrob in middle school. I collected every poster and every picture I could get my hands on. And believe it or not…I still have all of them, in a binder. I am a pack rat, I love to look at the past. I just see 27…so young my dear. I’m almost there. This kept me up all night last night. He’s all I thought about, just total shock! I’m sorry…..

  437. Ronnie Joy

    I also watched that “child Star” show on E! last night. I had just been talking about him last friday with a friend and how I wish I knew what he was up to these days. When I saw him on the show I was so excited to see what was new in his life…then I was totally shocked! My heart sunk to the floor…I started to sob and my husband was looked at me like I was losing it. I never cry! I was just heartbroken! Even though I didn’t know him personally, I grew up with him like many people my age (23 years old) I feel like I lost a friend, which is weird because I’m not the fanatic type of person. He is the only celebrity I ever followed. I had 100’s of posters and pictures. I remember my best friend and I nicknamed him “JB” so we could talk about him like we knew him. (silly, I know) I even remember telling my mom one evening after watching ladybugs that I would never be able to get married when I grew up because I would never find a guy that could live up to my high standards now that I knew Jonathan Brandis existed! I was quite the dramatic little teeny bopper.
    I feel like that part of my childhood is over now, but I feel like I can’t let go. I feel like I will still wake up tomorrow and find that it isn’t true. I am confused b-cuz I have this hole in my heart for someone I never met! I kinda feel like if he had died in a car accident or something else I would feel a little lighter…but suicide is such a huge tragedy!
    I hope he found peace, and I will pray for his Parents that they too find peace and comfort in knowing that their son is loved by soooo many people. I will always miss him!

  438. angie

    I will always have a place in my heart for Jonathan.We share the same birthday and I always felt a closeness to him.He just seemed so sweet.Everyone misses you Jonathan.Love Always

  439. Renee Boyer

    When I was in Eigth Grade me and a friend wrote a letter to johnathans fan club and he wrote us back. We were in love with him. I was wondering what happened to him and searched online and just found out that he took his life 2 years ago. I wish I knew him and his family personally. If i did I would have tried everthing in my power to prevent this tradgic mistake. I wish he were still here. I used to dream about being his wife.
    I am deeply sorry for the Brandis family loss.
    My love and best wishes.

  440. Rod Johnson

    I still can’t believe it even now and after all these years. i never knew the guy but i know i’ll miss him. It brought a tear to my eye knowing he is dead. he must have been really alone to do such a horrible thing to himself. rest in peace man .
    Love me x

  441. Annie

    I was just as shocked as you when I read about Jonathan Brandis a couple of years ago. It’s still really sad that he’s gone. I really liked him a lot and I still do. He was my favourite actor when I was little and he was my first celebrity chrush too. It’s really said that he died and I’m really sorry both for him and for his family. I’ve even dedicated a poem to Jonathan. Rest in peace, Jonathan. You will always be remembered and you have a safe spot in my heart. God bless you, you’re my hero. 🙂

  442. Carrie

    I am actually watching “Child Stars” right now and I couldn’t believe it when they showed a newspaper article that said that he commited suicide. I had to run to the computer to see if it was real… I can’t believe I never heard anything about it. I just e-mailed my friends to tell them, We were devoted Seaquest fans and I loved Sidekicks.. especially because everyone said that I was the spitting image of Danica McKeller so when she was with him it was almost like I was. It will take a while for it to even sink in that this is true. May he rest in peace

  443. jhon of blue jays

    goodbye my angel! thanks for being a part of my childhood. thanks for all the friends that you have given me from knowing you. and thank you for the inspiration and building a dream in me. you will always be in my heart. i love you jon!

  444. tena

    whoa, i can’t believe he actually killed himself. i never met him, but i always wanted to. he seemed like such a genuine guy ..

  445. Conny

    I’m so sad to hear about Jonathan’s tragic death. Death doesn’t have to be sad cause it’s always a beginning of something new. But I feel really sorry for the immense pain he must have felt back then. He must have been so desperate and unhappy. I’m so sorry. But I’m sure, he’s here again – in another shape =)
    I love you, Jonathan.

  446. KELLY


  447. Jessica

    Okay so last night I was at dinner with some friends and we were talking about the crushes we had when we were younger and I asked if anyone remembered Johnathan Brandis and that’s when I found out (about 5 years late!) that he had killed himself. I’m still really upset about it. I mean clearly I haven’t really been following him or his acting career in quite a while but still it’s so sad.

  448. Lil

    So the other day i was washing, i think it was the never ending story 2 and they were also putting an episode of fullhouse were he was in right, and then i was thinking that the guy in the movie was soooo cute so i saw in the back of the dvd case and i found his name and then went to the computer to find out more bout him, and as i’m reading this article this paragraph comes out and says that Jonathan Brandis is dead! I was really in shock i was thinking how can someone that seemed so happy with his life be dead! I aws just so sad, i didn’t really start crying or anything but i was realy impressed.
    Well i no i will always miss him cause he was a very nice actor and also very cute.He will always have a be in my heart.

  449. Shelley

    I’m completely shocked to find out Jonathan Brandis is dead. The odd thing is that about 11 or 12 years ago, when I was a kid, I heard through rumors that he was dead. I was relieved to discover it was not true. Tonight I decided to look him up on the internet to see if he has been in any recent films after I watched an episode of seaquest this morning. I am completely floored to discover that this time his death isn’t a rumor. I can’t even begin to express the feelings of shock and horror I am feeling right now. I feel the same way now as I did years ago when I thought he was gone.
    I have been a huge fan of jonathan since I was a child. Like many other people who love him as I do, it feels like a part of my childhood has been ripped away from me. It saddens me to think what must have drove him to such extremes.
    I only hope that where ever he is, he knows how much he was loved, and that he is now at peace.

  450. Jacy

    It has been almost three years since Johnathan Brandis had past away on Nov 11,2003. He had inspired a lot of people to reach for their dreams and had made a huge sweet spot in every girl’s heart. We will all miss him dearly and he will still be our hearts forever. For those who would like to read more about Jon, keeping him alive in our heart, I would like to share this site with you: Search for Johnathan Brandis [closer]

  451. Dora

    I keep you in my heart forever and think of you every day of my life. I hope he’s already be in piece, and he can see from on high that he’s a loved angel never forgotten.

  452. Me

    I knew some days ago casually what had happened. Here in Spain nobody said nothing about this. I feel very sorry for the peolpe who loves him, and I just hope that Jonathan had finded the peace or the freedom, or anything he was looking for.
    Love from Spain.

  453. Jenni

    i decided to do a web search on Jonathan Brandis and was shocked to read that he was dead my condolences go to all his family and friends

  454. simon skey

    ive now got all the seaquests and it only hit as i was watching it that hes dead 3 years this november he died, it saddens me still

  455. Lindsay Ann

    I was watching “Child Stars” on E the other night and was absolutely devastated by the horror of the news that Jonathan Brandis had committed suicide. I felt so awful that I didn’t know about this before since I’m usually so intuned with pop culture. I just felt so sad because I remember loving his movies such as “Ladybugs”. I must have watched it a hundred times! He always seemed so sweet and genuine. I am truly sorry for this loss. Even three years after the fact, his death continues to shock and sadden people. I hope peace is with you now, Jonathan. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. He is truly missed.

  456. SJD

    I was so sad to hear the news, I had been meaning to google jonathan for so long to see what he had been up to lately. I was so shocked and sadened. What did lift me up though, is to see that there are so many tributes to him, so many fans that have put the effort in to make websites and keep them going 3 years on. He was truly loved.
    My sister and I also watched anything that he was in over and over – I even watched IT which for me was a big thing. rest in peace

  457. Miriam

    You used to captivate me
    By your resonating light
    But now I’m bound by the life you left behind
    Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
    Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me
    These wounds won’t seem to heal
    This pain is just too real
    There’s just too much that time cannot erase
    (Evanescence – My immortal)
    Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful soul…
    Miriam (Slovenia,Europe)

  458. Tracy

    I am very shocked to have found out this great actor has died. He will be missed dearly. I am just started to watch reruns of the show and just enjoy watching everyone on it again.

  459. Virginia

    Just after 3years,I’ve known about this tragedy..It’s a very bad and sad’s unbelievable!!!
    He was so cute, beautiful and ha was the best in acting!
    We will love you forever Jon, you’re the best!!!!

  460. Candice

    Where have I been? How did I not know about this, I am devestated at this news!!! When I was 13 I would’ve told you I was going to be Candice Brandis when I grew up…..Im just thought he was living a quiet life away from the public eye, and had hoped for a strong comeback someday in the future…..R.I.P Jon.

  461. melissa

    It’s amazing how much shock you have to learn of what has become to your favorite stars as a teen , it is now 2006 and i am just learning what happened. The most heart breaking truth is that the Brandis family probaly living with the quilt, even though there were no signs, and the heart-ache that there is still no answers.
    Jonathan may not be here in person, and nothing could take his place, but his spirit and soul live on in the hearts of the fans and firends and that cant be taken away.
    take care

  462. kris

    All I have to say is, I was in love with Jonathon when I was growing up and when he died I was devastated.
    I am only two years younger now than he was when he took his own life. Good lord, he was so attreactive!
    But that’s life, who know’s what goes on in people’s heads. Who knows what problems people have that we don’t know about.
    God bless him and God rest his beautiful soul.

  463. Vinessa

    Jonathon meant alot of things to a lot of different people. Whether it was as a friend, a mentor, a crush or a co-star, Jon definately had his own style and it will be missed greatly by those he knew and had known him, and those he never had the chance to meet.
    Goodbye and Godspeed
    Vinessa Shaw

  464. Monica

    I am so sad to hear that he killed himself and I still wonder the question “why” what was so bad about his life? what Problems did he face that he could not work out? I loved him truly in every film he came out in and until this day i still watch his movies he was the best at what he did wether he played a part of a drug addict or of a good kid he always knew how to act and it kills me to know that he’s no longer with us anymore and his career is gone too I hope his family have found peace within. RIP

  465. Christina Daskalopoulou

    Jonathan was everything to me!!! I hope he rests in peace!!! Sorounding with lots of angels, because he was one of them. I will always love you!!!! Christina

  466. jane frances cabuguason

    i miss him so much!!!
    i am a Filipino and since i was 10, i loved his face!! now i’ll be turning 24, and got same feeling for him. i watched him in SeaQuest every Thursday pm(Philippine Time). And I did watched his movies.And I had sent him a letter expressing my admiration..(though got no response,still ok!!)
    When I was in my last year in college, I hardly go online to keep myself updated about him..( i wasso busy that year!)
    When I found out his death, I did cry!!!!!!!!!!!
    I still want to see him.. Wishing I could meet him personally..
    Even now, he is still my adored actor, adored face, adored personality……..
    I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!! (the smile, the look.. Wish he still alive..)

  467. Leah

    Dear Jonathan,
    I was flipping through the channels tonight and there was an independant film on called Fame: Brandis. I recognised your name and watched what I thought was a chronicle of your career. It was, although the ending was severely different than I wanted it to be.
    I missed your death some how. As I matured, and as you faded from popularity, I went on with my life, absentmindedly storing away all things “childish” for things like college and drama with men who were attainable, unlike you. I even found happiness with a man who borders on perfection, having completely forgotten what the idea of you used to mean to me. And so, I sit here in shock knowing that you are no longer breathing, never more a part of this world, disbelieving how sad this is making me feel.
    Like the rest of these people, I felt a connection to you through your acting. I thought I saw peices of you, and through my struggle with adolescence, held you up as a light of hope, an escape form all things terrible and difficult. I dreamed of you being a strong man, who would be decent and loving to any decent and caring girl. I never dreamed it could be me; I never convinced myself that what I felt was anything more than hormones and fantasy.
    However, as I sit here pouring my heart out for all manner of strangers to see, I am shocked at how much your death has affected me. It is the combination of the suicide and the tardiness of which I was informed, as well as the length of time you were in pain that has me twisted for a person that I didn’t even know. I wish more than is healthy that you had recovered from the attempt. Although they couldn’t have done any differently, I wish your friends had gone into your room seconds earlier. I wish the docters had been able to keep you from falling away.
    I wish you hadn’t been so hard on yourself.
    We all thought the world of you. Maybe that was a factor. I guess I’m writing this more for my closure than anything else, because I know as much as I hope, you’ll never read this, and it will never change what happened. I pray that your family has found comfort, and forgiven you for taking something that probably meant more to them than we’ll ever know. Thank-you for all you did for us.

  468. Miranda Clements

    I just bought “NeverEnding Story II” today and after I watched it I thought I would google his image to see what he looked like today….I had such a huge crush on him when I was younger and now that I’m 23 I thought I would take a look see at what he was up to. I had no idea this had happened and I was so shocked and upset when I saw the news…I couldn’t believe it. My regrets to his friends and family. May he rest in peace:)

  469. valentina maria

    i wish you haven’t so sooon. you could been great.i mean an actor,ok. you could of been the next aj.simon pi.simon/simon detectives agency. you could been on this show.if werent dumb to do this..your next dream job..bye..

  470. Jordan

    Im floored… I just found out about jons suicide today. Almost 3 years later. I cant understand how someone could feel that lonley or not want to live. I feel sad for him, his family and friends. I saw him in Never Ending Story 2 but it was just another movie. SIDEKICKS, that movie had a huge impact on me, i connected with his character so closely. I was very similar, in my early teens, not the cool kid, had bad asmtha and i also took karate class. It made me feel better about who i was and i could do anything i wanted to. I was Not as good as him at karate in the movie tho. I watched that movie quite a few times and i dont think anyone could have played “barry” better than him. I still cant beleive it, but i will never forget him. He stared in one of my favorate movies as a kid. His memory will last forever.

  471. Mario Jr.

    I was watching Child Star Confidential last night focusing on former child stars and I found out three years later that Jonathan Brandis had killed himself in November of 2003. What a shock! I’m so sad. I wish it wasn’t true. He was good looking and talented. I wish I could have met him before his death and I wish I could have saved him. Who knows what was in his mind at the time. May God forgive him and if I couldn’t meet him here on Earth, I hope I meet him up in heaven. I don’t know why I didn’t hear about his death earlier. It seems like just yesterday I saw him on TV or in the movies. He will be more than missed. He was loved! Bye buddy. May you have in death the peace that you never had in life.

  472. Makiroa Matangaro

    NO! :'( @-^- @-^-
    I’m in the Digi-Lab at Whitireia Polytech, i was surfing the net on YOU TUBE and as i looked on neverending story, there was a tribute to him. Now i don’t have to wonder no more through out those years i thought he was done with acting but taken his life has gone to far, just feeling a bit blank aye. But its sad thou that you have to go in such a young age. I havent seen any news coz i was in my own world in 2003, im also an actor/dancer/singer. but his name will never cease.
    Heavenly father please Forgive him.
    ReSt N PeAcE JoN FrOm ThE pEePs In ToKe TowN NeW ZeAlaNd-
    Tokoroa-New Zealand

  473. Sean

    Hearing about Jon’s death was a terrible shock. I literally just found out a few weeks ago and that is in itself unfortunate. Even though I was never really a “fan” per se, not necessarily in the targeted “demographic”, I still certainly remembered him from movies I’d seen over the years and could always connect the name with the face. Some actors just have that effect on you I think. I lost my mother to complications with emphysema a month later on Dec.9 so I was in a thick fog of emotions then anyway. I also think of Jon now as a familir soul because I was battling my own demons 3 years ago that led to unrelenting depression and thoughts of suicide, which had been ongoing then and continue to this day. I truly believe depression is actually an evil spirit, not a mental condition, that attacks us hardest when our guard is down. That’s why communication is so vital and it can’t be understated. I’m still grieving for Jon as surely many of us are. The many heartfelt posts here clearly reflect that. His passing was tragic and untimely. The last thing I want to say, and maybe the most important, is that I firmly believe in second chances, even in death. Not as a matter of faith either but intuition. Jon is very much alive in spirit. So let’s never stop sending him our love however we can, for we are spirits also, not just bodies and minds. He’ll know. He will. And he will have found a peace which sadly eluded him in this life at such a critical time. Just believe that and always be willing to look for the signs of friends and loved ones suffering in silence. Eventually they will open up to you and you can really help them. And Jon B, I love you brother. I still hope to see you one day. May your spirit find rest now.

  474. Marg

    I have watched movies,movie clips,sound clips, read poems,read letters,seen pictures and read the memories of Jonathan’s friends and fans that posted on the Jonathan Brandis forums.I still read there are fans and even non-fans who are just finding out about what happened to him on Nov.12th,2003.Sometimes,it’s to much for a fan to cope with all the memories there is.Jonathan,you have left so many people in this world who cared and loved you very much.I know,you suffered from bipolar depression and you suffered in silence.I only wish you got help or someone else helped you when you were feeling down and suffering.Not you or nobody else deserves to suffer from that mental decease.Good bye,Jonathan.I wish you happiness and rest in eternal peace.

  475. Halyna

    R.I.P.We will always remember you.I don’t know why you’ve decided to take your life,but it must have been something.As I always say:”People don’t kill themselves – other people kill them”.I’ve read somewhere:”Lonely…” and this is sad.Why were you lonely?!!You had so many fans,there were so many people who loved you… I guess there was too less knowledge of those people,but for us your fans you’ve always been the best.
    Always in our hearts, minds and souls.
    Rest in piece.

  476. Halyna

    “Because Of You”
    I will not make the same mistakes that you did
    I will not let myself
    Cause my heart so much misery
    I will not break the way you did,
    You fell so hard
    I’ve learned the hard way
    To never let it get that far
    Because of you
    I never stray too far from the sidewalk
    Because of you
    I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
    Because of you
    I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
    Because of you
    I am afraid
    I lose my way
    And it’s not too long before you point it out
    I cannot cry
    Because I know that’s weakness in your eyes
    I’m forced to fake
    A smile, a laugh everyday of my life
    My heart can’t possibly break
    When it wasn’t even whole to start with
    Because of you
    I never stray too far from the sidewalk
    Because of you
    I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
    Because of you
    I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
    Because of you
    I am afraid
    I watched you die
    I heard you cry every night in your sleep
    I was so young
    You should have known better than to lean on me
    You never thought of anyone else
    You just saw your pain
    And now I cry in the middle of the night
    For the same damn thing
    Because of you
    I never stray too far from the sidewalk
    Because of you
    I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
    Because of you
    I try my hardest just to forget everything
    Because of you
    I don’t know how to let anyone else in
    Because of you
    I’m ashamed of my life because it’s empty
    Because of you
    I am afraid
    Because of you
    Because of you

  477. Halyna

    Christina Aguilera Hurt
    Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
    You told me how proud you were, but I walked away
    If only I knew what I know today
    Ooh, ooh
    I would hold you in my arms
    I would take the pain away
    Thank you for all you’ve done
    Forgive all your mistakes
    There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
    To hear your voice again
    Sometimes I wanna call you
    But I know you won’t be there
    Ohh I’m sorry for blaming you
    For everything I just couldn’t do
    And I’ve hurt myself by hurting you
    Some days I feel broke inside but I won’t admit
    Sometimes I just wanna hide ’cause it’s you I miss
    And it’s so hard to say goodbye
    When it comes to this, oooh
    [ these lyrics found on ]
    Would you tell me I was wrong?
    Would you help me understand?
    Are you looking down upon me?
    Are you proud of who I am?
    There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
    To have just one more chance
    To look into your eyes
    And see you looking back
    Ohh I’m sorry for blaming you
    For everything I just couldn’t do
    And I’ve hurt myself, ohh
    If I had just one more day
    I would tell you how much that I’ve missed you
    Since you’ve been away
    Ooh, it’s dangerous
    It’s so out of line
    To try and turn back time
    I’m sorry for blaming you
    For everything I just couldn’t do
    And I’ve hurt myself by hurting you

  478. TABITHA

    I was just messing around on Wikipedia, looking up famous people that I haven’t heard about for years, when I decided to see what good ol’ Jonathan was up to……OMG! I didn’t even know that he died! I was so busy at the time that it happened…..I had no time to turn on the TV, and I was going through a bit of a transition in my life. I can’t believe he’s been gone 3 years ago today! My heart stopped for a second when I saw the ‘date of death’.
    He was only 2 years older than me…..I had a major crush on him throughout my teen years. I used to get those Bop and Big Bopper magazines just for him….so I can read and learn more about Jon. I didn’t care about any other teen actor but Jon. I even filled out the order forms from the mags and sent away for those autobiography books….Cuddly, Cozy and Caring..I think they were called. I remember that He had an all-black persian cat named Marbles….If I ever get a cat like that one day, I’m gonna name him Marbles in tribute of Jon. My deepest condolences goes to all his family and friends. R.I.P. Jon!

  479. roswela

    When I was still a kid, I have first seen Jonathan Brandis in the movie ‘Never Ending Story’ and after that I found myself admiring him not only that, DREAMING OF HIM. I’ve tried to watch some of his movie over and over again and I have also promise to myself that “I WILL SEE THIS GUY IN THE FUTURE”.And all of a sudden, when all my dreams are about to come true, so sad HINDI NA AKO UMABOT, means So sad I did not make it…And now, everything I have dreamed about me and him together is only just a dream and it is impossible to happen…I just wish I know what really happened to him…But there is no way…Everything about me and Jonathan will only remain in my dreams…Forever…

  480. TABITHA

    I hear ya (roswela)….I feel the same way you do….
    I always thought it was pretty cool that his birthday (Apr. 13) was exactly 10 days after mine (Apr. 3). I read so much about him that I found out that we had a lot in common….we could’ve been good friends…..totally sux what happened to him…..He seemed like the last person who would do something like that to himself….just when you think you know someone, huh…..poor guy :o(

  481. Giulia

    Whem I was just a little girl a saw for the first time Jonathan in “The neverending story II” and from that moment he has always been in my heart, I always wrote his name on my diary!!!! I can’t explain how sad I man for his disappaerance…but in my heart he will always be JB JB. Giulia from Italy

  482. Diana

    I am shocked to hear about his death! He was one of my favourite actors. He will never be forgotten. God Bless his family. He will be missed

  483. Sandee

    I have a two year old daughter whom I am sharing all the great movies from my childhood. She watches Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of OZ, and The Neverending Story..etc. Johnathan Brandis will live on in the movies that he has been in and all the people he has touched in his life.
    I was only informed of his passing when I told my friend that my daughter was watching The Neverending Story. His passing was only eight days after my boyfried’s passing by the same means or somewhat the same. I have named my daughter after my boyfriend that passed away his name was Gregory.
    God Bless Them, Johnathan Gregory Brandis and may your family and friends all find peace in their hearts, enough to hold on to, till we meet again.

  484. Pam

    ***The 4th chritmas without u *** We all miss u!
    rest in peace…. i still cant believe it 🙁
    merry chritmas…to everyone including u JB!..***
    r.i.p…4eva … +

  485. Anonyma Cologne, Germany

    Hello everybody!
    Sorry for my bad english, my last lesson is a long time ago…
    Can you imagine that I did not know he is dead for such a long time?
    I found it out because I am somehow in trouble with my own life: I am 27 now…
    Perhaps the age of 27, 28 is the time when a lot of people start to think about what they wanted to reach in their lifes and what they really HAVE reached. Perhaps that age is the time when you come to the point when you have a life you can look back to and where you are still young enough to have enough life to look forward to…
    Some of us come to the point where they ask themselves if it is ok what they did until now and ask how they would like to go on.
    And because I am at such an asking-period in my life (maybe it is the first little midlife-crisis?!?!?!?), I decided to resume and to look what my teenage favourites do today. Somehow I had the hope that I will read he quit acting, started directing, get wife, founded family. Something like that.
    But instead I found “was found from a friend who called 911″… and “died in hospital”.
    Believe me, it was a shock for me. When I was young, I adored him like young girls do with nice guys who are in those teenie magazines.
    And today, I had the hope to find something about him so that I can use him as a raw-model (sorry if I´m misspelling…).
    I had the hope that I could talk to myself: Look, the young TV-Star of the 90´s managed his life, so you can do that as well.
    I could not believe it and at first I had the hope that it was just a mistake, like it happened to Jaleel White: He is said to be dead and is very alive.
    But the more I found out the more I have to realize that this wonderful human being died. The more I found out the more I ask myself why. Why then, because it seems as if his career could take a new direction after some time of disappointment.
    In the www I found articles about that he wants to direct and that some people say he is a good actor and could restart his career. And so I ask why then when everything seems to become a little bit more positive for him?
    There were hours when I also asked if it was murder. Because everything you can find about him does not seem he could be in danger for suicide. But I do not know if he had really a problem with depressions and I also do not know how a man with depression could behave.
    I am afraid we will never get to know the real reasons. Maybe some day we will know them when our time to go has come. Somehow I hope so…

  486. Tash

    I am so sad by the news about Jonathan’s passing away. I remember watching him as teenager on Seaquest. Other than being so good looking, there was something captivating about him. It was definitely his beautiful smile.
    The Neverending Story was one of my favorite movies as a child and so I will always remember Jonathan.
    Adieu Good King Wenceslas.

  487. yasmin

    This is a msg for those of you who are in trouble with your own lives. (someone from Germany posted on 20th December 2006)
    Never Give Up.
    After what I’ve been through in the last year & half or so -huge breakup in extended family caused by my OWN parents & destruction of my brother’s marriage again by my own parents, it’s a wonder I’m still here. But i’ve never given up on those that i have with me.
    For those of you who might feel like “What’s the point” There is always help.
    Talk to your friends, colleagues, your doctor, careworkers. Join social clubs. Listen to lots of music ( that really helped me.)
    seek a new hobby -this list is not exhaustive
    Most important of all talk about your problems, dont keep them locked inside.
    I’m reminded of Charles Rocket ( Dumb & Dumber) who died 7th October 05 by cutting his own throat -he was 56 yrs old when he died -he kept everything locked inside himself for at least 50 years (he was 1st tortured when he was just 6 yrs old) until it exploded one night & all his anger & pain really got to him.( he never left a note either) I have evidence that he suffered from severe depression that went untreated. But there were other causes for his suicide.
    Having only just tonight found out about Jonathan Brandis – I’m quiet shocked by his death.
    I remember him from Seaquest DSV. I’ve read somewhere that he had depression & even mentioned suicide to his friends. Maybe his friends thought he was joking. But the night he attempted suicide ( he died in hospital the next day) his freinds said he was agitated.
    This is a msg to all – if any of your freinds / family even give the slightest hint of depression or suicidal thoughts – you should probe further. It is a cry for help.
    Depression left untreated turns into severe depression / mental trauma which is the main cause of suicides.
    OK enough of the lecture.
    Rest in peace Jonathan, you were too young to go.
    Birmingham. UK

  488. angela

    I love Jonathan Brandis, I have seen every thing that his is in. But my question is if he died in 2003 why was he in a movie in 2004 called Puerto Vallarta Squeeze and one in 2005 called A Fate Totatlly Worse then Death. I suppose they could have been made before he passed away. We should always remember to live life for today, live, love and laugh! Dance in the rain!
    We will always love him! My heart goes out to his family and friends!

  489. kimberly

    I just came home for the holidays from LA and my childhood friend who I hadnt seen in forever told me of jonathans death. I was shocked but as I sat here and read all these letters I was overwhellmed with sadness but also a deep appreciation for his life. He is the one person that I can think of that made me really follow my dreams. I moved to the west coast and have a wonderful career and am extremely happy. He had a huge impact in my life and for that I’m grateful. I definitely would not be in the same place without his life.

  490. mlee

    I just found out about jonathans death while watching tv just yesterday. I was absolutely shocked by it. I haved loved him as an actor since I was little, and can not believe that this could happen to someone as special has he was. It especially hits hard because I too have lost two VERY close family members to suicide, and my heart broke all over again to hear that it had happened to another wornderful person. For anyone that may stuggle with such a question to take ones own life just remember that there is no problem in your life worth giving it up for, it may make things better for you at that moment but don’t forget about the people that love you so much that has to go on without you for the rest of there lives. We miss you jonathan!!!!

  491. sean

    Jonathan’s death isn’t going to bother me anymore. Those are words I wish I could say. Three years later and I am still floored that this happened. I now live in New york and hope to follow in his footsteps. I am blond too and get my haircut just like his on Seaquest. I am really happy I found this blog. I know there are a lot of people who appreciated Jonathan’s legacy as much as I did or should I say do and am happy to see this.

  492. Kerstin

    Today I saw a movie with Jonathan which remembered me of my teenage years and I just wanted to know what he is doing now and searched the web for his name. So I found out about his death today. I am really shocked and deeply saddened. I still cannot believe it! At first I thought it was a mistake and I searched the web, hoping this information was wrong. But sadly it wasn’t. When I was 13 Jonathan was my first real crush. I first saw him in the “Never Ending Story II” and I have loved him from the first moment on. I watched SeaQuest mostly because of him and decorated my room with big posters with his lovely smiling face. I am wondering why he did this – what let him feel so much pain that committing suicide was the only way for him? We will never know. He was very special, he was a wonderful actor and I am very sad that we will never ever hear about him again. His family and friends are in my thoughts and I hope that Jonathan found peace, wherever he might be now. Jonathan, you will never be forgotten. We will ever love you and we miss you. You will always live in our hearts.

  493. Corin

    I was watching a preview for an E! special on young Hollywood actors; and was shocked and heartbroken to hear that Jonathan had comitted suicide. I was sad to learn the beautiful, vibrant person I once saw had found himself in such a dark place. Depression can be a devastating and incredibly lonley place to be. I was saddened to learn of his suffering and subsequent death; but further saddened by the fact that the death of someone who touched so many, was given so little media coverage. If anything, this is a true testament to how fickle our media, and ultimately our society can be. Johnathan, my heart goes out to you, your family, friends and fans. I am sorry for your pain, not because of who you were- but BECAUSE you were. God bless.

  494. Katheryn


  495. Joanne

    Whoa, I first had to tell my friend about Jon Brandis’ tragic ending and I knew about his passing at the end of 2003, just to see what he currently was doing. I hated to tell my friend, she was crushed. I love the movie Ladybugs.
    I’m compelled to send a tribute. I found it ironic to watch his TV movie Fall into Darkness with Tatyana Ali. It made me start to wonder if he didn’t commit suicide and possible someone else ended his life.
    It’s also ironic that I lost my baby Nov. 20 2006 just three years and one week later. I was 16 wks pg. But I know my baby and Jonathan are up with the angels in heaven.

  496. christina

    wow i didnt even know he died till last night. i didn’t have a crush on him when i was little or anything, but its still hard to swallow. i can’t believe he went out like that. im thinking someone did something to him. my fav movie was ladybugs. 🙂 rest well up in the sky JB.

  497. janys

    i read something about how somebody said they live in oz and they didn’t find out til a week later, i just found out now today a few minutes ago!!!! i live in new zealand home of lord of the rings to all you geographically challenged people!! i’m feeling light headed!!!!! i so can’t believe this happened 4 years ago!!!! this sucks sooo much!!!!!!!! my heart goes out to the family and friends, and just like james dean and marilyn monroe, jon will become immortal in the hearts and minds of all his fans everywhere!!!! unfortunately like the saying goes only the good die young. thank you jon for being such a lovely cute and sensitive guy on screen. i’ll never forget you!!!!

  498. Teresa

    I am very upset having just heard on E true Hollywood story that Jonathan Brandis is no longer with us. He was such a good looking boy and man. He could have done so much more with his life. My sympathies go out to his family members. I am truly sorry and wish someone knew and could have saved him….Teresa

  499. amanda

    i just heared the sad news.I had a huge crash on him when i was a little girl.My walls were covered in Jonathan Brandis. You will be missed.Best wishes to the family.

  500. Marla Hill

    I did not know that Jonathon was gone until 2005. But it still affected me, I had the biggest crush on him when he was in Seaquest DSV. It was difficult for me when I learned of his death, I was at work reading a magazine and I saw an article about him. Later in 2006 I lost the father to my children and I have a pretty good idea what his family must be going through to this day. My heart goes out to you all.

  501. sarah

    For some reason I feel like there is something I could have done about this death. Any parent would have been proud to raise a child like this, he was a star no matter what. If he became a teacher, a lawyer, or an actor he would have been a star. Even just seeing him on tv he seemed like such a down to earth, heart felt, I love my family type of guy. Which I don’t know for sure, but seems like it might be rare in Hollywood. I honestly just learned of Jonathon Brandis’ death and am sad because for as long as I have been alive I have watched him because he seemed to be such a sweet person, I am sorry if I upset anyone, I believe that everything happens for a reason and anyting he did in life was for a reason, anything he suffered during life wasn’t without reason, in a way it was for the greater good and if he did have suffering it was probably because he wanted to please others more than himself. I just watched him and saw a cute, sweet boy that honestly his parents could be proud of and if I were you I would be very proud of
    p.s. don’t regret the things you’ve done but those you did not do.

  502. mimi

    Johnathon Bradis has been one of mine and my sisters favorite actors and i’ve had dreams about him not phsically either and my friend had told me that he died and there was no whay I was going to believe her intell I found out for my self and I really can’t believe it’s trure.Actually hearing this makes me want to cry he was a great guy and actor.My love goes to his family because they have lost a great human being

  503. vanessa

    sorry to say i had no idea about johnathan’s death i’m shocked and also saddened , i use to have such a big crush on him when on seaquest , i’ll be thinking of u johnathan
    god bless

  504. Katie

    For many years I wondered what Jonathon was up to, and then I caught the end of a commercial about E! Hollywood’s show (can’t remember the name) and saw a picture of him on the screen. I watched the channel for the better part of two hours after that, hoping to catch the commercial again, but they didn’t run it another time. I truly felt like I’d been living under a rock or something to have missed hearing about his death, but after reading a few postings, I realize that he received so little attention. WHY?
    I love the post from Debbie, Nov. 29, 2003. I’m rather fed up with Hollywood’s antics as well, especially when such a promising young man dies and they don’t even pay attention.
    We all feel that we had a special bond with Jonathon, our first crush. I couldn’t sleep last night after I did some googling and found the articles. I was just hoping he’d been working on something else in life. I’m not sure what else to say, except that this is a prime example of why we should look out for each other. Often, the quiet ones are the people who are suffering the most. Love you, Jonathon. Thanks for all the good shows and butterflies!

  505. sherlock

    I knew of his death only last night. On E!s new show “blvd. of broken dreams” on the info on my comcast remote it says the death of jonathan brandis. my mind flashed instantly of his pics in teen mags. coz that how i knew him. never watched any of his works. I KNEW HIM ONLY FROM THE TEEN MAGS. but still… was shocked to learn of his death and on the manner that it happened, 4 YEARS AGO. why am i here? coz i think he did not kill himself… the absence of the suicide note tells me so. and as you all say HE HAS EVERYTHING WHY KILL HIMSELF?. I am here to say more than likely.. that as he and his friends were drinking.. they started to play the choking game.. here is the website about it : — I KNOW THAT MORE RECENTLY THAT GAME IS BEING PLAYED AGAIN NOT ONLY BY TEENERS BUT OF YOUNGER KIDS… THIS TIME THEY PLAY IT ALONE…. I’VE READ OF SEVERAL NEWS JUST RECENTLY OF KID’S DEATH DUE TO THAT DEADLY GAME… AND WHAT’S MOST BIZARRE IS THEIR REASON FOR PLAYING IT… SEXUAL GRATIFICATION… APPARENTLY MASTURBATION IS NOT ENAFF ANYMORE FOR KIDS THIS DAYS…. WHAT…. A….. WASTE!

  506. Jacklyn

    I am really saddened to hear about jons death so late. I was watching t.v and seen an e true hollywood show. I was thinking wow this guy is freakin hot what is he up to these days. And i kept wahtchin and seen he was havin alot of problems goin on in his head. I understnad that full and well. I wish you (jon) wouldnt have taken your life medication probalby would have fixed the problem. im on medicine everyday because i need to keep my thoughts in check. The world would have been brighter if u were here. My heart and thoughts go out to you and your family everyday! Jacklyn

  507. Jade

    I am HUGE fan of Jonathan’s starting at about age twelve. I used to have pictures from all the teen mags all over my bedroom wall. I guess he was really my first crush.
    I was shocked to hear of his death so late and I just wanted to add my voice to all the support for his friends and family and offer up another prayer for his spirit.
    He and they will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

  508. Ty

    Saying a prayer for JB and his family. Keep in mind that this could be “anyone” in your own life. Take a minute and look around, this life we are gifted with is oh so short. God bless.

  509. MSB

    I too have just heard about Jonathan’s death. My brother and I used to watch the movie Sidekicks together. We all were the same age and my brother and I were wannabe black belts. I asked him the other day if he had heard anything about him lately. Tragic news…four years later. I grew up with Jonathan and his movies. God bless friends and family of JB.
    PS Sherlock you are a prick. Stating something like that after watching an E special. No wait your a prick and pathetic

  510. jonathan brandis lover


  511. Jessica

    Jonathan Brandis was my first Teen Crush. I thought he was hotter than anything alive. He was a wonderful actor and from what was said about him a wonderful person. He wasn’t the typical star, you never heard about his drunken binges, any drug abuse, or wild parties. I think if he had given it time his career would have taken off again. He was so well liked that all of his fans would have flocked to see his movies. I know I personally noticed when he was in Hart’s War. I plan to buy the seaQuest series not only because he was in it but because it was a good show that he made good. I mourned his death and memoralize the day, he will be missed by millions and it makes me sad and angry that he was in such a depressed state that he felt the only way to ease his pain was to end his life. Those of us who knew will miss you and will always remember his gorgeous smile, his twinkling blue eyes, and his obvious good sense of humor.
    Yours Forever,

  512. emaan aziz


  513. tchouka

    Three years have gone since, and I’ve just learnt his death. I cant’t believe it… How brilliant he was ! He was a really good actor. My thoughts go to his family, his friens and fans, all the people who loved him. Rest in peace, Jonathan. Much love

  514. Halyna

    Janusz Radek “Psalm dla Ciebie”
    Choć nie masz oczu bardziej błękitnych
    Niż tamta miała
    Tamta co kiedyś dla żartów niebo
    w strzępy porwała
    Choć nie masz oczu chmurnych jak burza
    Pod koniec lata
    Ty każdym latem i każdą burzą
    Mojego świata
    Pytam się gwiazdy co drogę wskazać błądzącym miała
    Czemu ze wszytkich pragnień na świecie to ty mnie wybrałaś
    Gwiazda co w rzece wciąż się przegląda też tego nie wie
    Czemu ze wszytkich pragnień na świecie wybrałam ciebie
    Połóż mnie na swym ramieniu
    Połóż jak pieczęć na sercu
    Poczuj smak mego pragnienia
    Jak pieczęć proszę połóż mnie
    Choć nie masz dłoni
    Która policzek jak ogien pali
    Dłoni chłopaka, po którym został
    W komodzie szalik
    Choć nie masz dłoni
    Jak ta co w sercu klawiszem stuka
    To twojej dłoni przecież dłoń moja
    Od zawsze szuka
    Pytam się gwiazdy co drogę wskazać błądzącym miała
    Czemu ze wszytkich pragnień na świecie to ty mnie wybrałaś
    Gwiazda co w rzece wciąż się przegląda też tego nie wie
    Czemu ze wszytkich pragnień na świecie wybrałam ciebie
    Połóż mnie na swym ramieniu
    Połóż jak pieczęć na sercu
    Poczuj smak mego pragnienia
    Jak pieczęć proszę połóż mnie



  516. Leslie

    OMG. I feel so bad. I was one of the biggest fans ever. I watched all his movies and I always had to do extra chorse at home to be able to watch seaquest but it was well worth it that was years ago.
    The other day we were all sitting around talking about Johnathan and I thought wonder where he is today. I never excepted this. I never knew he has passed away until now. What a shock and more of a shock to find out how it happened.
    saddly missed.

  517. Silas Platero

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was scanning through the internet and wanted to know what Jonathan was up to these days. Only to read of his tragic passing. I loved seeing him on movies and T.V. shows. I thought that he was the most handsome and imcomparably, unique actor of all time. I wish that things could have gone better for him and that he was still with us, gracing us with his striking presence. But whatever the cause…I know that he is in a better place and that we all still love him. I stilll love him whatever anyone else says. One thing that I wouldv’e asked of Jonathan if he were still alive would be his stand and idea on gay rights and the gay world. You see, I’m gay and I , and probably most of the gay world, would have loved to Jonathan, in his acting career, portray a gay character. First of all, he was the most handsome guy anyone could lay eyes on. NOT in a sexual way. (Of course he was sexy!) But to play a lead role in a movie about the gay community and fighting for their rights. I think that he would have made a big impact on this subject. After all, there’s no one like Jonathan. He was unique, bright, moving, precious, etc. Well, still, we love and cherish Jonathan where ever he is. And there’s no doubt in my mind that we will see him again. And I’d like to pay my deepest condolences to the family and pray for the safe keeping of his loved ones. Remember this is not the end!! I’ll tell you the truth, losing a loved one is very hard and heartbreaking. I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s going to be easy or get easy. Because it’s not. But remember that beyond all the hurt and the pain there is joy. Joy unspeakable and full of glory. And there’s no better comfort than the comfort you can find in the arms of God. He loves you and America still loves you. Keep living and keep striving on in life and soon and very soon you will see your son again. Just keep the faith!
    Again I’m very sorry to hear of Jonathan’s passing. Rest in peace Jonathan. WE STILL LOVE YOU! BYE!!!

  518. pam

    I learned a while ago of Johnathan’s passing. I remember when I was a little girl telling my parents that I was going to meet him and marry him when I got older. I called my best friend when I learned of his death. All though he passed a few years ago it brought tears to my eyes. A man I never meet but as many people, felt as if we knew him. Depression is a very serious problem many people. It knows no age, race,ect., As a survivor of a suicide attempt and in July of this year witnessing a suicide, it brings up so many feelings. As I was reading everyone’s thoughts and prayers it made me realize the how many others go through these feelings. To Johnathan’s family, friends, and many fans we still love Johnathan and miss him very much. He will not be forgotten, but always thought of. To Johnathan I pray that you are at peace and can feel all the love from your family, friends, and fans. God Bless!!! Love ya!!!

  519. Em G

    much like everyone else who has paid there respects; i too was a huge fan of jonathan; wall to wall posters through my teen years,and dreams of love through the night: howeva time goes by and before u no it, married and 2 kids, but always from time to time i wondered where his life had taken him, and today i found out. it took this long for me to hear, the girl who thought i was his number 1 fan,i am heart broken, my thoughts go to his family and friends, how lucky u are to have known such a truly fantastic guy. rest in peace jonatan. u will always be in my heart xx

  520. emma

    Dear jonathan,
    im lost for words, u were such a ray of sunshine to me and so many others, why u chose the path u did we will never no. i can only hope u have found the peace that u couldnt find here. your cheeky sense of humour always made me smile, and i know, no matter where u are, that will never change.
    cheers to you spunky!!! xx

  521. leyah

    Everyone had said what’s gone through my head. I just saw “IT” again and remembered how much I liked him. So I looked him up and was so upset to find out what happened, and likewise touched by his memory.
    There was just something about him. I just wish he knew how much he mattered. We’ll all miss you Jon.
    I never even met you but I truly feel hurt and sad and I’m sorry.

  522. Harris Hyslop Tanana Alaska

    Jonathan was a wonderful actor,I wanted to be just like him when I was younger.I still to this day I wish I couldve have known him.I always watched his movie SideKicks and he will me greatly missed.Gonna miss you Jonathan

  523. kayle harris

    wow! i finally saw “IT” for the first time,Me and my friends that billy( jonathan) was so cute! So we watched a few slide shows on youtube. I saw this dedication to jonathan but i couldnt believe it> he died and he was an amazing actor and cute> i know he will be missed by many

  524. Monty

    there is nothing more joyfull than the memories of our childhood, remembering the faces that were there…jonathans face will be forever part of my childhood. his memory will always remind me of those happy times………..Jonathan may God rest your soul.

  525. Kristy

    can’t believe jonathan is gone loved him so much when I was younger always wondered where he had gone to thought maybe he had left showbiz to start a family. My first celebrity crush had scrap books filled with pictures of him use to rush just to tape seaquest remember wearing the tapes out I watched them so much. This has really blown me away can’t express how low I feel and that it was three years ago and I have only just discovered it now thought he had it all. I feel like I have lost a part of my past. Love to all his family and friends

  526. Daniel Michel

    I couldn’t believe it when I found out. He was such a talented actor. It is a shame that we lost another beautiful soul.

  527. Tasha

    oh my goshness,
    i’m only 16 so i havent grew up with him as an actor, but i did watch sidekicks over and over, and thought what an amasing actor, i want to be as talented as him, truly i’ve always wanted to follow his footsteps, one day i go on the internet to look himup, and then i see death! i’m astonished and incredibly upset. Even after watching the one film, and knowing he was a voice in aladdin, i was upset for days, i didn’t understand!
    and still don’t
    i want to say much more but i can’t, i’m always stuck for words!