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Talal al-Rasheed


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Talal al-Rasheed, a well-known Saudi poet, was ambushed and killed on Nov. 27 while hunting in the Algerian desert. He was 40.
Rasheed began writing poetry under the pseudonym, Al-Multa, when he was 14 years old. He favored love poems, and often wrote in the simple, daily language of the Bedouins. The publisher of several literary magazines, including Fawazel, Ibda and Bawazel, he recently released a new poetry album with Al Abdool Audio.
Rasheed was hunting gazelle and other animals near Djelfa when an armed group attacked his party. He was shot to death; six others were wounded.

5 Responses to Talal al-Rasheed

  1. erick morton

    The desert
    The desert of dreams of Al-Rasheed
    Forever in our hearts his words of love
    Never forget the man above, he can take
    or give and we submit our souls to him
    Blind to the sorrow which makes us weep

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