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Paul Grant


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pgrant.jpgPaul Grant, a former Mr. Universe, died on Nov. 23. Cause of death was not released. He was 60.
Born a twin in 1943, Grant spent his childhood in Wales as a slim boy who excelled at cross-country running. He dropped out of school at 16 to start his own bread delivery business, but he spent each night working out and bulking up.
Grant rose to prominence in bodybuilding circles during the 1970s, winning Mr. Europe and Mr. World titles against some of the most muscular men on the planet. With a 50 inch chest and a 33 inch waist, the blond bodybuilder beat Lou Ferrigno, the star of the TV series “The Hulk,” for the Mr. Universe title in 1973.
Grant’s bodybuilding career was cut short in 1984 when he was diagnosed with a rare kidney illness. The disease affected his eyesight and forced him to spend eight hours a day, three days a week, attached to a kidney dialysis machine.
After undergoing a kidney transplant in 1985, Grant ran a health food store and a gym which produced several champion bodybuilders. He also served as the president of the Welsh Federation of Bodybuilders for 25 years.
Grant is survived by his wife, Christine Mason, who was once Miss Universe Bikini.

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  1. Frederic Floyd

    His charming character and extraordinary spirit are qualities we will all miss from Grant. His body had become an object of perfection to rival the greats in world bodybuilding and one never to be forgotten.

  2. Renzo Algieri

    His straight talking and honest evaluation of a body builder was often taken the wrong way by those that couldn’t take critisizm. He was a great mentor to me in my early body building days, he taught me the meaning of intensity. I trained with him whilst he was still on dialysis and he still kicked my ass! he was a great man.



  4. Colin Lambert

    Ive changed my name now to David Courtney-Jones and im a well know MasterChef, and run my own business,s.
    But previously i was know as Colin Lambert from Barry and a great competitor in the WFBB and NABBA Welsh shows, in fact i was the uncrown Mr Wales of 1986 and my wife won susie, i went on to place second nearly 10 times in Wales but never won,but my fitness life was all about the likes of Paul Grant who inspired me greatly as did all the Welsh competiters at that time, i remember you all so well, get in touch anyone who remembers me. Colin Lambert now know as David Courtney-Jones.

  5. gavin

    I was watching the pumping iron film the other night.My mum and especialy my grandmother was very upset when they saw him in the dvd because they were friends of him and his wife christine.They tell me he was a true gentleman and i definately agree he should of won that show hands down.As a young bodybuilder myself,after seeing him and hearing stories about him he has given me more motovation to achieve my goals.Thanks paul.

  6. Chuck

    I worked out with Paul in Gold’s Gym in 1994-5.
    I had moved from NY to LA to train and learn
    advanced concepts of bodybuilding. I was fairly well developed from 10 years prior training.
    Paul and I trained together for several months.
    He was a mild mannered gentleman, both in and out of the gym. We lost contact when he moved back to the UK. I was unaware of his passing. God Bless You Paul and thnks for the opportunity to know you.

  7. Russ Jones

    I knew Paul for many years, and he was a GREAT Friend, I admired the man and his passing will be mourned by many people in and around the bodybuilding world.
    I knew Paul during his illness, and I used to watch him train even though he was on dialysis, he was a great inspiration to all who came within his presence.
    I shall miss his wicked smile and his straight talking, he shall be sadly missed, but never forgotten

  8. Steve

    I had a cut-out picture of him on my wall where I lifted weights as a teen ager in the mid 70’s. The picture served as an inspiration for me for years and I never really knew much about him.
    Those were some wonderful days and the birth of a sport and a happy pastime. Rest in peace, Paul.

  9. chris blias

    i myself was also training in the golden age of bodybuilding(70s”) i remember seeing the movie pumping iron for the first time with all the guys at my local gym in adelaide australia. all the guys in the movie were fantastic but paul was exceptional wat a classic shape wat a agreat man.just found out he passed away.u always think bodybuilders would live foreva.RIP paul.I still train and its still the greatest sport

  10. Peter Thomas

    I knew Paul for many years working with him and watching him training in Bonymaen school gym.
    He then when to train in Joe Weider camp in America where I was frotunate to visit and train with him.
    He put Wales on the map for body building and its through his efforts that we have had so many champions. We all miss you Paul you live on within us.

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