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Alice Kolnick


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Alice Kolnick, one of the first female attorneys practicing in Chicago, died on Dec. 13 from cancer. She was 84.
Kolnick received a bachelor’s degree in teaching and a master’s degree in education, then taught history at two public high schools in Chicago. In her spare time, she took enough courses at DePaul University to earn her law degree in 1945.
In the male-dominated legal system of the 1950s, Kolnick broke barriers by practicing probate and real estate law. She was known for her “amazing style” and “absolute good reputation.”
“She was a trailblazer. She had a great sense of humor and a great love for the law,” said fellow attorney Elizabeth Rochford.

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  1. Ira Piltz

    I had the pleasure of working on a matter in which Ms. Kolnick represented the opposite party. As a young attorney, I appreciated her approach and her treating me as an equal as opposed to attemting to brush me off–while still taking time to offer me personal advice on the practice of law. I later assisted her with a personal matter and I was equally impressed with her humor and good grace while dealing with a frustrating agency.
    The legal profession could use a few more good role models like Alice Kolinck.

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