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Teddy Randazzo


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trandazzo.jpgTeddy Randazzo, a singer/songwriter who wrote more than 600 songs, died on Nov. 21. Cause of death was not released. He was 68.

Randazzo was a 15-year-old accordion player when he became lead singer of the band, The Three Chuckles. The group appeared on the “Ed Sullivan Show” seven times, and in several movies like “Hey, Let’s Twist” and “Mister Rock and Roll.” Their first hit, “Runaround,” sold more than 1 million copies.

Although the Brooklyn native became one of the first rock icons, Randazzo was best known for his songwriting skills. He and co-writer Bob Weinstein wrote “Pretty Blue Eyes,” a No. 1 song for Steve Lawrence. They also penned the songs “Goin’ Out of My Head,” “Hurt So Bad” and “I’m on the Outside Looking In,” all of which became Top 20 hits for Little Anthony & the Imperials. “Hurt So Bad” actually topped the charts twice more when The Lettermen and Linda Ronstadt covered it. Frank Sinatra and Dionne Warwick also sang versions of the break-up ballad.

Both Randazzo and Weinstein have been nominated for induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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  1. Biddi Tomaka

    It saddened me to just have found Teddy Randazzo died! November 2003! I was 14 when he was 19. I loved his movies and songs. I play his records over and over again and same thing with his movies. I am a died hard fan of Teddy. I even sent a CD record of Teddy to radio station to play One More Chance for me and my idea was rejected. I love all his songs. I made research on the internet regarding Teddy last year he was still alive, and had wish to go & see his show if he had one. Now he is dead. My condolence goes to his widow and children. May he rest in peace and I will include him in my prayers.

  2. fran

    I was just surfing the net to find out of Teddy Randazzo’s death. It seems like yesterday I saw him in the Brooklyn Paramont with Alan Freed. I remember one occasion one of my girlfriends took his cufflink as a prank and then later called him to return it. Those were the days of rock and roll and good times and Teddy is certainly part of my memories.

  3. Janet Ritchie

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  4. Alika Randazzo

    I’d just like to thank you all for your endless support and your condolences conserning my father. His passing has been painful, but when i see comments like these it helps to eaze the sorrow. Thank you all again.
    Alika Randazzo

  5. Ron Fales

    If it wasn’t for “Teddy” and his beautiful voice singing “Richer Than I”..I possibly would have never fallen in love with my “then” girlfriend in Hawaii (Radford High) in 1963. We (slow) danced at the Fort Shafter Teen Club to that song over and over again. It’s still played today as one of our all time favorite songs, since it brings back so many wonderful memories. My heartfelt sympathy to all those that loved his music and most of all to his family for their great loss.
    Trust me when I say he will “Live” forever in our hearts and minds and I know he’s still singing from up above.
    Aloha & Mahalo
    Ron & Suzanne Fales



  7. marie milo

    I will always remember Teddy he was a beautiful
    human being. I met Teddy in 1955 in brooklyn
    NY. He had just recorded a song which he wrote
    for his then ex-girlfriend who’s name was Rosemarie and that of course was the title of his song. On weekends we would go to his Dad’s home
    and I can still remember the address 340 E. 11th
    St. NY. He would play stickball in the school-yard and we would have so much fun. His Dad was
    wonderful and made his own wine in the basement.
    Teddy always played his accordian so beautifully
    and his father would be so happy
    It was on E.5th Street in Bklyn that I met his
    sister Lena and Mike Mazzola and became a dear
    friend of his niece Ann Mazzola.
    It was Teddy Ann Joe Randazzo and those were
    the best of times it was always a happy time
    with all of us. I read about your Dad’s passing
    soon after in the newspaper and did send a condolence in the guestbook posted on the web
    Again I wish send my heartfelt condolences to
    you and your family and I know he’s writing
    his beautiful music like only Teddy can.
    God Bless you
    Marie Milo

  8. mike feranndo


  9. Adrienne Hara

    Teddy was my best friend for 54 years. I met him when I was 14 years of age and we shared so many happy times with his children and my own. I cry often a year after his passing, There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think of him and miss his presence in my life. For me, Teddy was larger then life, and I believed everything he preached to me through the years. I am the person I am due to a lot of Teddy’s influences on me. Teddy, I’ll never stop loving or missing you.

  10. Mike Baker

    When I was a kid my mother,Fortunata, pointed to the guy singing on the Ed Sullivan Show and said he was our cugeno. Nostra cognomo Italiano e Randazzo. We had every record he ever recorded. I wish I still had them today. We were very proud to share a common heritage with him. I am sorry for the passing of this great man who loved his work and brought so much joy to the music world. If there are any of my Sicilian cousins who read this please contact me so I can connect the dots.
    I am in L.A.

  11. Melvin Holi

    I’ve been away a long while, and express my condolences to the Randazzo children. I met your father once at a family party in Kahala back in 99′, and he was a very kind and welcoming person. We did pass a few jokes accross the table as if he were trying to find out if I was dating his niece. A very warm and sincere person. I was unaware of his passing and truly embarrassed by my neglect for being unaware of his untimely death. Forever…….

  12. TJ Cole

    Emmeretta Marks; who has sung with The Stones, Jimi Hendrix and so many others has recorded a great version of “You better go” and we need to find some liscense info for permission to release her version of this great tune by such a great song writer!

  13. Debbie Longoria

    Since I saw the movie Rock, Rock, Rock a couple years ago I’ve been a fan of Teddy’s and have been trying to find a fan email site or anything about him. I thought I would try one more time, and I’m sadden to find this out. He had such charisma. I always hoped I could meet him or get an autograph. I just thought he was the greatest. I’m sadden by this. My prayers go out to his family.
    Debbie Longoria

  14. Janis Peacock

    Fond memories so long ago in “the big house” on Oak Island….. Alison and the Randazzo nation sharing ice cream with “Blackie”, Teddy’s fabulous spaghetti dinner, Giovanni’s 1st birthday party pig-roast & Skye’s stitches, private melodies that made us cry and hugs like no other. I am sad at the loss of this great husband, father, friend and neighbor but his memory lives on in all of us who had the honor of sharing his love of music and sense of family. My love Shelley and family

  15. Tommy

    Thank you Teddy for making it to southampton, ny with Tommy Rino for our wedding (Janet and Tommy jr)and singing our first dance.You will be missed and we are blessed to have known you and remember jesus loves you he really dose.

  16. John L.

    For anyone in their sixties, great music is an indispensable part of life. So much of one’s memories are easily presented and defined in it.
    So it can and should be said that Reddy Randazzo wrote great music.
    While listening to a Percy Faith album, one of the cuts, “Goin’ Out of My Head,” caused me to Google Teddy Randazzo, only to find that he had passed on. Doubtless, he is writing great songs in a better place, for he most surely left the earth a better place with the music he gave us.
    May he rest in peace.

  17. Della Albee

    Hi, I was in shock when I heard of Teddy’s death, so very sorry. Bob Weinstein is a friend of mine from childhood, and I followed there success, Bobby used to write songs on my piano, love him, was also his maid of honor. Wish you can tell me where he is right now, He must have been heart broken with Teddy’s death. If you can, please contact him and give him my email, I’m sure he would wanna reach me. I’m living in Florida, thanks so much

  18. Kathy Economy

    I was a 15 year old kid the first time I ever heard The Three Chuckles sing. It was at the East Detroit Conners Show Bar in 1954. A friend that I was dating got me in to see the show by saying I was his sister. What a thrill. Teddy autographed a picture of the Chuckles for me. I wish I still had it. I loved the song Runaround. My heart goes out to Teddys family.
    I just happened to put his name into Google after seeing a person on TV with the last name. I had no idea he had passed on. I am sure the angels in heaven are happy to have such an artist in their midst. What beautiful music he will supply them with.

  19. mugsy

    Though this is quite late, my heart goes out to Teddy’s family and friends. I was just humming one of his tunes and thought to look him up. Haven’t seen him since probably 1986 or so, he used to come listen to 2ez when the boys played Harper’s Tavern in Winter Park Fla.
    One of my fondest memories is of his generous praise one evening after I’d been onstage for a tune or two. When I pleaded with him to grace us with a tune, he said he couldn’t follow me, protested that 2ez wouldn’t know his keys and laughingly, but gracefully refused. Then he leaned over the table and ever so softly crooned a few bars of “Goin outta my head.” Such a lovely human being, I’m so grateful to have met him.

  20. Robert Garofalo

    His name just popped into my head after all these years and i did an internet search for Teddy.I’m so saddened to see he has passed. Though i was a couple of years younger than Teddy, after getting to meet him through a friend at the old Brooklyn Paramount during one of Alan Freed’s Shows a half-century (hard to believe!)ago, we became very tight for a few years and had some great times together. Never was there a kinder, warmer, more gentle soul. I deeply regret having lost touch and never seeing Teddy again for so many years. One thing i’m sure of though. For Teddy the Next Stop Is Paradise. God Bless and belated condolences to his family, friends and the old gang from our teenage years….

  21. Con Astone

    I met Teddy in 1955 on 11th street in NY at his house where he lived with his dad I replaced Tommy Romano the guitarist with the 3 chuckles Teddy put me in one of his movies Mr Rock and Roll you can see me playing the guitar in two spots in the movie Kiddio Next stop paradise I loved Teddy with all my heart he was the most talented person i have ever met Iwent to his funeral in Orlando and the beautiful celebration his wife shelley had for him at his home in Orlando Florida I WILL MISS HIM FOREVER ALL MY LOVE TEDDY YOU ARE THE GREATEST CON ASTONE

  22. Eric Ng

    Something made me do a search on Teddy Randazzo today and it will be remembered now as a tremendously sad day in my life. I have always wanted to ask him how did he ever write the most incredulous song I have ever heard and yet so far forgetten by many? The song AS USUAL was recorded by Steve Lawrence and if anyone of you have a chance to listen to the song, you will know what I mean… Will miss him as the composor with a special touch and depth…

  23. Charlie Knox

    I am so sorry to hear of Teddy’s passing. I met Teddy circa 1970 through my affiliation with Dallas Music Industries and Mellotron(which I would update and repair for him at his home). The main things that endeared me to him was how he took you into his home, his head and heart. Always a hug and a kiss from him at each meeting. Had been trying to find lo these many years only to come to this. So long Teddy I know you’re writing angelic hosannas now. God Bless.

  24. Carole Cortland

    My uncle Vincent Alo, AKA Jimmy Blue Eyes, became acquainted with Teddy in Los Vegas around 1957. I have to smile when I think of Teddy coming to our NY apartment and sitting down at the piano to sing. I think my aunt and uncle had the idea that Teddy would make a great husband for me. As it happened, neither one of us had any such feelings. But,I remember him as a very sweet person and it’s good to know that he had a great life and was surrounded by love. He gave a lot to the world, as all artists do.

  25. Jane Jenkins

    I saw a Doo Wop program on PBS this weekend and i was remembering THE GOOD OLD DAYS. I had a teen crush on Teddy and often had wondered about him. My heart goes out to his family even at this late date after only learning of his passing today. All who had the pleasure of seeing his work in film and most certainly hearing his voice in song will forever miss him, but his memomy will linger forever.

  26. vahram gesar

    Difficult to accept death, more difficult is to type here. Back on the sixties and seventies even in Istanbul/Turkey we were listening to his songs.Specialyy ONE MORE CHANCE .
    Please accept all my deeply condoleances,
    vahram gesar

  27. adele uy

    we were singing “teenage senorita” as kids.he was very popular also in the philippines.youi`ll live through your songs long in our memory…..

  28. Elaine

    Teddy Randazzo was my first rock’n’roll crush (was the term coined yet) PRIOR to Elvis. My sister bought a 45 rpm of “Blanche”, which was a big hit in our hometown of Baltimore. My favorite was the flip side, “I’ll Cry”. So sorry to hear of his passing. He had quite a career ( and life, I am sure)!

  29. Elaine

    Ooops! Just found out that “Blanche” was recorded by The Three Friends, not The Chuckles. However, there WAS a Teddy Randazzo connection to that group, too! Anyway, he was a real looker and wrote some great songs.

  30. Mick Rino

    I just came upon this by chance and was saddened to hear of his passing. While I only met him a few times,I was always grateful that he was such a good friend to my brother Tommy Rino even during those times when my brother made being his friend difficult.

  31. Valerie Fraire

    Though Teddy passed a couple of years ago. I could never quite put into words what an extrodnary man Teddy was. I met Teddy and Tommy Rino 1978,in Calif. My life changed. Not only was Teddy a creative genius… He was,and is a gift from God.
    He was a great teacher.He loved to share his wisdom. He changed everyones life he touched It was as though he was put on earth to spread light,love and positive engergy.He was a wondful father and husband. I was blessed to have known him.I miss his wisdom.I know he is somewhere spreading light and love, Makeing this world a better place. Thank you Teddy for the difference you make. Bringing us closer to God through your music love and sprit…Love, Valerie

  32. elmer e. elizaga

    while surfing the net for lyrics of teddy’s songs for my band, i came across this site where the passing of teddy randazzo was posted. I am saddened by his death in 2003. while not my favorite singer his songs nevertheless still rings a bell on me. I was in grade 6 when I first heard teenage senorita and immediately fell in love with it. I thought he also did “Lies”. My condolences to the family. I am from the Philippines.

  33. heelen enriquez

    In early 1960’s when I was in my primary grade the name Teddy Randazzo has already registered in my mind, having memorized his songs like One More Chance & Teenage Senorita (is One last Kiss also his?). His songs are so popular in PI that they were always aired on the radio during those years.
    In the 80’s when I got the chance to work in Saudi Arabia and have the luxury of owning a casette player , I started to look for his cassette tape. For 10 years that I was there I frequently visited the music stores to try my luck to find his records (CD was not famous those time)but to no avail.
    When I came her in the early 90’s I’ve been to
    Tower Records and even called up Time Life but I was unlucky. When I went home to PI in 1997, I went to some music store but empty handed. I have records of my favorite singers of the 50’s and 60’s but not his.
    All those years that I’d been looking for his records, I don’t have a slightest idea how Teddy Randazzo looks like, until a couple of years ago, when my co-worker surprized me with a Birthday gift, a CD of Teddy whom her son purchased in e-bay. She knew that I’d been searching for his record and I really treasured that gift. My only regret is one of my favorite song Teenage enorita is not on that record. I wonder where I can purchase a CD with Teenage Senorita and One last Kiss.
    Several days ago while playing the computer, I managed to type teddy Randazzo’s name on the google and that’s how I knew of his death and his biography, I wish I’ve watched his concerts before.

  34. mike fernando

    Every song written and recorded by Teddy Randazzo was crafted and done in a classic way.The track that I’ll never forget is “You are always in my heart” which he recorded on the ABC-Paramount label.We were brought by my aunts and uncles to a picnic with a portable record player and one of the 45’s they had was by Teddy.They kept playing it over and over again until it sounded scratchy.To this day,I am still searching for all his stuff on CD.For now,he is up there with God in Heaven.The lord bless his family! Luv from Michael Fernando Toronto,Canada

  35. joe basebase

    I have been listening to Teddy Randazzo since I was in high school in 1960 Hawaii. I saw the 3 Chuckles at the Civic Auditorium and am so lucky to own a CD called Journey To Love which I bought about 20 years ago. I love all his songs but especially Laughing On The Outside. I am a part-time pro singer so I sing some of his songs in our Hwn show just to surprise the people. Teddy lives on through his music and will not be forgotten.

  36. Juanita

    I just happened to search for Teddy Randazzo. I was devastated to hear about his passing. I had known Teddy since the 50’s. I met him here in Baltimore and we became friends. I also met him at the Paramount Theater in Brooklyn, NY., and also at a dinner club in Brooklyn. Every time he came to Baltimore, I would always go see his shows. My roommates and I (at that time) had him at our apartment for dinner. I loved the song: They Way of a Clown.
    My sympathy goes out his wife and children. Teddy sure will be missed, he was a great performer.

  37. Ron Lukawitski

    Its kind of late but my sympathy goes out to Teddys wife and children.
    I first met Teddy Randazzo at Expo 67 in Montreal. He really liked our band. We were invited to his place in Central Nyack where we wrote some songs together and recorded them in his studio. I still have some rough mixs that he gave us where he is singing some lead and backup. He was such a positive and giving person and Im sure he is still sadly missed by all that knew him.

  38. Dean Shapiro

    Teddy had a big beautiful house with a great view along the mountain road between Blauvelt and Central Nyack, NY. I remember passing by it many times on my bike as a kid, seeing the name “Randazzo” on the mailbox, and wondering if it was him. Years later, my father met him in Vegas and confirmed that it WAS. They became good friends after learning they were from the same neck of the woods.
    Sorry to hear about his passing, even though it was three years ago. I hadn’t heard about it before and was just doing a search on him and Don Costa who also lived in Rockland County, NY where I grew up. I now live in New Orleans and enjoy listening to the old NY doo wop sounds on RadioAOL. The songs Teddy wrote for Little Anthony’s comeback in the mid-’60s on Costa’s DCP label are among my favorites.
    God bless him and his family. He will live on in many memories, including mine.

  39. Tanya Juanich

    I met Teddy Randazzo when I worked for a radio station (now off the airwaves) in Honolulu. I was 18, it was my first job, and the biggest thrill for me to work with Tom Moffatt and Ron Jacobs, et al. which provided the opportunity and privilege to meet performers. Teddy Randazzo was in town for the Show Of Stars. We were in the recording studio at the radio station and the great Teddy Randazzo sang a song to ME. It’s a memory that will always remain in my heart.

  40. Iren Koster

    I was a 18 year old budding songwriter/musician when I met Teddy Randazzo. Actually, Con Astone brought me to his house in Nyack, New York. I had played with Con’s trio as his drummer and singer. Con told me all these great stories about Teddy and I said, “Well, introduce us. You know I’m a songwriter.” Teddy and I probably wrote a hundred songs together and had an unforgettable, creative relationship. I would stay and sing and play on demos all hours of the day and into the wee hours of the morning. This went on for years and I don’t regret a minute of it. We laughed all the time. I truly loved him like a big brother. He taught me so much. No exaggeration, Teddy was a real genius. Thankfully, he has all those great children and Shelly to carry on his legacy. I’ll miss you Teddy. I’ll miss you a lot.

  41. Annette E

    I used to live in a private house on Holland Ave in the Bronx in the mid 50’s to early 60’s. My family lived on the second floor and Teddy’s Aunt Liz lived on the first floor. He used to come to the neighborhood to visit her and it would cause such a stir. I remember one day he came, he was crowded by so many people that I got lost in the crowd and wasn’t able to see him. (I was only 7 years old). I came home crying and told my Dad about it. He then went downstairs to Liz’s and asked Teddy if it was ok to bring me down. He said yes. He was such a doll. He actually took me and put me on his lap. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! Really sweet of him. I’ve always cherished that memory. Of Teddy for being so gracious and my Dad for being so loving.

  42. John Messina

    I’m Teddy Randazzo nephew I loved reading the stories posted, Marie Milo, I feel I knew her I was Alway at Grandpa’s house on Friday with my Mom and My aunt Lena’s house all the time! I wonder if Milo remembers my uncles white 1956 OLDS Convertible? Teddy was seven years older then I but I played ball with him on Houston Street with his friends. I also knew Russ Gilberto and Tommy Romano of the Three ChucklesI also met Con but doubt he would remember me! I also worked on my Uncle house in Nyack it was beautiful stone house on the side of a hill! Thanks for all the fond memories to you all. And he was a great Talent who was with Don Costa for a while of (Never on Sunday fame)I met so many stars thru him a rock shows at the Paramount with Allen Freed! I Heard him on the Joe Fraklin show on the Radio and knew his voice right away, he talked about Tommy Sands and trying to help restart his Career. Teddy should have been a Giant Star Just for all the songs he wrote, I still cherish his records that I have some with the Three Chuckles also.I wish Marie Milo can be given my E-mail address or If I can get her’s I would love to chat with her!

  43. Jean

    I saw Teddy at the Brooklyn Paramount when I was sixteen. I had such a crush on him. He came out the stage door and talked with us. I thought he was just the greatest. I looked by years for his record “Runaround”. One day I was searching on the net about two years ago and found it on one of those exchange recordings site. I down loaded and played it a hundred times. And I enjoy it so much everytime I hear. Just surfing today and came arcross this site. I was shocked to hear he had passed on. My sympathy to his family. However, he lives on in my mind just as he was sooo many years ago. God Bless.

  44. Carlos F. Portugues

    I was saddened to learn just now that Teddy Randazzo passed away almost three years ago!!
    In the early sixties he was very popular here in Puerto Rico, thanks mainly to his great friendship with a local entrepeneur, Mr. Alfred D. Herger. Alfred had a puertorrican American Bandstand on our local TV, and because of that we enjoyed gems like The Way of a Clown, One More Chance, U.S. Mail, Mother Goose Twist, Let the Sun Shine In and others(mainly his ABC Paramount period). He even came and did some TV shows in PR. May he rest in peace!!Great voice!!!
    If there is someone out there that can help me find his recordings, please get in touch with me. Specially, I can recall an ABC album titled TNT(black background, pink letters).
    Carlos Portugues
    Puerto Rico

  45. Nicholas J Travaglini JR

    I am very proud to say that I had the pleasure and honor of getting to know this very special person.I will cherish the memories of the times I spent with him when he would come into town to visit my brother whom he produced and arranged on the Berry Gordy label in the early 80’s.Not only did I love his character,disposistion but what I really loved about Teddy was his so powerful posistive outlook on life and its issues we all have to face up to.As for my brother who was very close to him he did not take his depature too well and even though Tedday wanted us to always be posistive we still shed a tear when we think of him or hear his music however we feel heaven went up a notch with his arrival.Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are always with him and his family.WE LOVE AND MISS YOU TEDDY đŸ™‚
    The Travaglini Family

  46. Artie DeVirgilio

    I’ll always remember the great Teddy Randazzo with the 3 Chuckles and working with the 3 Friends on the song Blanche.I remember seeing him driving his ’56 Olds with the Continental Kit on the back trunk with TEDDY written on it near New Utrecht High School under the El,the same location that you saw every week on Welcome Back Kotter.I was always hoping that someday I would see him perform at an Italian Festival here in Tampa Bay, I saw Dion Dimucci,The Gaylords,Frankie Laine,Connie Francis and many others in Clearwater and Port Richey. But unfortunately,he passed on much too soon and my condolences go to all his family.God have Mercy on his Soul and May He rest in Peace, Amen.

  47. marie milo

    I was just going thru teddy’s blog and read John
    Messina’s post and yes I do remember you at Lena”s house I was there on weekends ann and I were always together you used to come to the house
    often I do remember the 1956 Olds and Grandpa house o E 11th St. I speak to Annie in Calif and to Joe Randazzo(Randi) often we had the best of
    times we went to all Teddys appearance. love Lena an Mike……Loved Teddy always will…We had the best of times My e-mail is love to here from you John

  48. Ed Arita

    I left HS in Honolulu for MichState, then a career in the Marines. Everywhere I traeled, Teddy’s “Richer Than I” stuck like glue. I’ve tried so long to find the lyrics and chords; and even to hear a recording again. I’m still singing at 64,and Teddy’s music planted the seeds. Malama Pono, May God Bless You. I hope to hear, help. Ed.

  49. Dan Dragonetti




  51. Rip Masters

    When I was a kid I was always singing but I never got a chance to sing with a real band. I lived in Rockland County New York and one time Teddy Randazzo was appearing at a party at actor Burgess Meredith’s house. My friends egged me on to ask to sing, or maybe even asked Teddy for me…he was incredibly nice and let me sing two songs..I remember one was “Save the Last Dance for Me.” I have never forgotten his kindness and the emotional rush it gave me to sing with professional musicians for the first time. I became a singer and professional musician starting shortly after that when I was still in school …that experience was a key one in giving me the confidence I could do it. My thanks and condolences to his family

  52. frank cassidy, england

    teddy wrote, or part-wrote BETTER USE YOUR HEAD which was a massive sound on the English semi-underground Northern Soul circuit in the 70s.
    I obtained a rare copy (on Veep, I think) and swapped it for a leather jacket.
    BETTER USE YOUR HEAD was a classic.
    Hail to the chief.

  53. Daniel Chalet

    je conserve de ma jeunesse sa superbe interprĂ©tation de “SHOUT”. C’Ă©tait un excellent artiste avec beaucout de dynamisme et il laisse beaucoup de regrets

  54. Ramon Frontera

    Most of the songs of TEDDY RANDAZZO are in a CD that can be buy in ebay.
    In googles write ebay TEDDY RANDAZZO Ultimate Collection

  55. Elizabeth

    I think the music he wrote has a lot of meaning. The music he wrote has touched my heart. And will keep touching others aswell. thank mr. randazzo

  56. Roni Brown

    Teddy Randazzo was a person with so much talent; I learned a lot from him musically especially since he wrote all of the songs for The Royalettes; (2 albums) Our biggest hit was “It’s Going to Take A Miracle’ which was recorded by several artists since then. Such a personality; we rehearsed at his Nyack home; he taught us harmonies which I remember to this day; he was so gifted; he is missed every day.

  57. Jose Velez

    Fue mi cantante favorito,,me gustaron todas sus canciones,,e tratado de consseguir el albun T N T,en cd,,pero se me a hecho imposible,,,recuerdo su intervencion en la pelicula Hey Lets Twist,,aun la disfruto,,siento mucho su muerte,,me entere hace poco,,y me gustaria saber donde descanza,,para llevarles flores.
    Descanza en paz Teddy

  58. Harvey

    I never met Teddy but knew a lot about how wonderful he was. He had a relative who played bass, named Joe Randazzo. Does anyone know of his whereabouts?. Teddy, rest in peace.

  59. Cecilio

    I am saddened to know recently and belatedly Teddy’s passing away almost four years ago.. I knew him but not really well enough. It was only through the internet where I learned more about his wonderful life. I was a young boy growing up when I first heard of his beautiful song “Big Wild (or was it Wide?) World” playing in my uncle’s old jukebox at the corner of EDSA and A.Cruz in Pasay City, Philippines. Since then I’ve always remembered him as an icon and idol and I’ve always been a fan of him. “Teenage Senorita”, “Lies”, “You are always in my heart”, “One more chance”, are songs I shall always treasure in my heart. Teddy – thanks for the memories. To his dear family I share with you your great loss of a wonderful person. May he rest in peace forever in God’s place.

  60. Rafael Irizarry

    Tonight, while going through some old boxes where I keep books, uniforms, records, etc, I found a couple of my Teddy Randazo’s 45’s. I decided to find out about his whereabouts through internet and just found out about his dead. I feel so sorry, he was part of my youth and up bringing, I’m 55 and I became his fan at age 7, through older friends and cousins.
    God bless his soul and family, I’ll have him in my prayers.
    Rafael Irizarry
    Puerto Rico

  61. eddie tan

    I’ve been searching of Teddy Randazzo CD’s I have a 78 record of his ” I am On A Merry Go Round ” and “Lies” which was very popular during our school party and during the high school prom.
    I am looking where I can find his CD. I am saddend to know he is gone. I still play his music. Teenage Seniorita , One More Chance, the way of a Clown. I am sure he will be remembered and his music will stay alive forever.

  62. Jack Parr

    I believe that Mr. Randazzo’s production skills rival Phil Specter. I remember the first time I heard, “It’s Gonna Take A Miracle” by the Royalettes and knew immediately that is was a Teddy Randazzo production. I think he may have written the song, as well. What wonderful music he gave us.

  63. june davis/maui hawaii

    I didn’t realize there was a blog site. I am such a fan of Teddy Randazzo. I have a cd of music I scammed from my cousin, and when I want to listen to it, it stays in my car cd player almost forever. I’m sad I never got the chance to meet him, but I love his songs. He really had a great voice. I’m a karaoke addict and wish I could find more of his songs on karaoke cd’s. I’ve only heard Richer than I,and I love you recorded by Marlene Sai,for whom Teddy constructed and arranged that song for. I especially would like “Won’t You Give Me A Chance” and “I’m On the Outside Looking In” and “Little Serenade” on karaoke. By the way if anyone has the lyrics for Little Serenade including the italian words I really would like to have them. My wishes for continued good memories of Teddy Randazzo to his family.
    Aloha June Davis

  64. Michael m. Fernando

    Hello Everyone,
    Since 2000 when I bought Teddy’s Marginal Compilation of all labels CD,I have been on a hunting spree searching for his other LPS on CD.It’s sad that I cant find any.I remember the words that my brother told me “Hey Mike before Teddy Randazzo, the music scene was nothing”.No one matched his writing and singing.Today,I just played”It’s a pity to say goodnight” and I swear Teddy was here. Thanks a Lot——–Mike F.

  65. Ooausha Chakra

    I, like so many others love the music of Teddy Randazzo. Years ago I wondered in the Las Vegas Hilton lounge and this group was playing- they were fantastic. I had seen his name on disc before but had no idea how truly talented he was. That night was magic-I was blown away. That performance made quite an impression and has influenced my musical creativity. Continued Blessings and love to the family. Thank you Teddy for making this slice of life so nice. Write on!

  66. Sandra Walker

    I wanted to see if Teddy Randazzo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and found out he had passed away in 2003. He was so talented and kind. As a lifelong New Yorker, I will miss the very handsome guy from Brooklyn.

    • RenĂ© Var

      Hello Cookie.
      I am one of the all that miss Teddy.
      Do you happen to have the lyrics of I’m on a merry go round?
      Will appreciate. Love you.

  67. Denise

    I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Teddy in 1959. I was a member of a girl group called the Delicates, and we were signed to United Artists, The great Don Costa was our musical arranger. The day I met Teddy, he was arranging for backup singers for “JOURNEY TO LOVE”, a song Teddy wrote. It was recorded by the wonderful Al Martino. With the help and encouragement of Teddy, it became our first backup singing experience…for that I will always be grateful. My group went on to become backup singers for many famous people. I love Teddy Randazzo, he was a giant in the industry.
    My condolences to his precious family.
    LOVE, Denise

  68. Nancy

    I got to know Teddy later in his life and spent quite a bit of time with him and his family in Florida. His children and mine also got to know each other for awhile. The best memory I have is me sitting with him on his piano bench in his Rockland home as he serenaded me. I will always remember him fondly, he was a good man.

  69. Roger Turner

    Many condolences to Teddy’s Family and friends.May he rest in peace.
    I am a Fan of Connie Francis and to know that he produced a couple of her songs etc and arrangements is something great.First Recording of SPANISH NIGHTS AND YOU,April 1968 session LOVIN’IS A WAY OF LIVIN’,THE STORY OF MY LIFE,MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF[First recording].
    He was a handsome lad in his day too.
    Roger from Greece

  70. Gina Goodwin

    I remember when I was about eight yrs.old ,my parents took me for a very long car ride. I’ll never forget it. At the time, I lived out in suffolk, long Island.My dad was a singer,and some how hooked up with Teddy.I think it was through some mutual friends of the family.I never forgot,goin upstate ny,I thought at the time, Nyack,was upstate.Anyway I remember meeting his daughter, I believe her name was victoria or was that his wife at the time.My dad and teddy were in his studio all day long and then we were invitied for dinner.It was the first time i drank goats milk. I also remember you guys were vegans.I also remember teddy was so handsome and my dad was also very handsome,that victoria and I said we could switch dads.At the end of the visit we took photos by teddys silver rolls royce.I was just an experience i’ll never forget.My dad now is no longer alive.He died in 1990.But i still have the record he recorded in teddys studio, Salty Tears.I am now residing in Dobbs Ferry,NY,and I often wondered about teddy and his family,So sorry for your loss.your family left a long lasting memory in my heart and life.

  71. J Hall

    So many years after his passing, Teddy Randazzo has enriched some very special memories for me. May he recieve my love and thanks in heaven.
    Recently, I returned home from the movie “Mama Mia” to find an email from a friend I had dated
    48 years ago! He had located me on
    He was/is also a great accordion player. As we walked one night, those years ago, through his neighborhood in the “little Italy” section in NYC, we could hear Teddy’s voice singing “Little Serenade.” When I received the email, I had a big “Mama Mia” moment. Memories of the too brief time spent with my friend and Teddy’s music are together in my heart, adding such sweetness to my life! Thank you Teddy. Rock around Heaven all day!

  72. Steve Blondin

    I was best friends with Teddy Randazzos son , also named Teddy Randazzo. I only met his dad once when he came to Fremont, Ca to spend a few days with his son who he didnt really know. I remember him as a really nice gentle guy. Too bad that he passed on.

  73. Jim Rozell

    There is an obscure song by Teddy and the Chuckles that meant a lot to me. It was recorded around 1954. I think the name of it was “We’re Still Holding Hands”. I was 14 and it was our song and we have now been married for 48 years. We have been trying to get a recording of it, but can’t find it anywhere. We still sing it to each other on occasion and can remember all of the words. I googled Teddy’s name and was saddened to hear of his passing. I hope someone can help me find this song. If so, please e-mail me at Thank you.

  74. joy

    Iknew Teddy, Russ, and Tommy when they were the 3 chuckles and played at the surf club in Ortley Beach N.J. 1954. Follow there career to, N.Y. Las Vegas, Detroit, Rustic Cabin N.J. Paramount and many other places. Went to
    dad’s place in N.Y. His dad and sister would come to ortley to see him. Had dinner with him many many times in those years. Loss track of him as years went on but have many pictures of the group and teddy way back then. So sorry to hear of his passing. He lived so close to me when he was in Nyack and I never knew it. Joy 9/11/08

  75. jon conti

    My dad had a italian resturant in Toledo Ohio. I met Teddy , Tommy and Russ when I was about eight or nine years old. Teddy kept in touch with us all through the years. What a great friend and person he was. He even came to Ft. Lauderdale for my moms 90th. birthday several years ago and I was honored to be invited to Teddys 65th birthday in Orlando. I still have all of the old 45 rpm records and I have a treasured CD of the Chuckles songs which is autographed by Teddy. We still think of him and play the songs often.

  76. Mike M. Fernando

    I firmly believe that the greatness of a writer/artist/Singer etc… is most appreciated when his or her work do exist.I have exhausted all my resources to find out that the recordings of Teddy Randazzo is absent from CD releases/Reissues.I would like to make an appeal to the powers that may be to please make available Mr.Randazzo’s music on CD format for all his Worldwide fans to Cherish and Enjoy.God bless you All! MICHAEL FERNANDO

  77. Clarice

    I am 16 years old, and I love Teddy Randazzo in the movie ‘Rock Rock Rock’ and it made me curious who he was, and if I could meet him. When I googled him, I was saddened to hear about his death, since I have seen his talent on youtube videos (and the fact he was so handsome was just icing on the cake!)After reading all of your comments on what a nice guy he was, it makes me wish I could have met him and get his auograph.
    By the way, does anyone know where I can find his movies and an autographed picture?


    I remember back in the 60’s my mom used to play with a group called Billy Gonsalves & the Paradise serenaders and that song became just a hot song back in those days and she told us about all the singles that met thur that song and before they could end each night they had to play that song for the folks,ine the bar if we have people from the 50s they would know that with this song teddy wrote it made a lot of contect with the people of hawaii, and as years went we got to be musicians like my parents, my mom was going to recored this song but my kid brother was comming along so mom ended up bringing my last brother into this world, so they had ask aunty Lena Mota, and that became a beautiful recording, thats why i know that before time the musicians of hawaii had each others back, so aunty lena thanks for being there for my mom aunty Violet, ALOHA TO ALL WHO CAN RELATE BACK TO SEIRA MARGIEGS, HAWAIIANA,CLUB POLYNISHA. I KNOW THAT WAS THE DAYS, SO THANKS TEDDY FOR A BEAUTIFUL SONG THAT MADE MY MOM WHO SHE BECAME.

  79. Margaret

    Still remember the first time I saw Teddy Randazo in “Rock, Rock, Rock” here in Scotland. What a handsome man and great personality on screen. I wish I could have seen him in person. My favourite rock and roller of them all. All the best.

  80. LYDIA


  81. Stas' Ziolkowski

    “Blanche’ by the 3 Friends was my favorite. My girlfriend Jane, in Baltimore, loved the song too. I gave her the 45 of it in September 1958. I wish I had a copy of it now, and I wish I could see Jane again and dance to it as we did back then.

  82. Denny Hudock

    Teddy was the guy we all wanted to be like when I was in High School. He had “the look”, the clothers, style and singing talent. I didn’t find out about the song-writing until much later when another HS friend, now a musician in Vegas, brought his name up. We had a few laughs about all trying to look like Teddy.
    A real talent. Godspeed Teddy Randazzo

  83. Flo Kalawa Tabag

    I rememberTeddy’s songs like it was yesterday. In the late 1950’s we sang most of his songs at our high school assemblies. Our favorite was “Richer then I”, then he wrote the hit song here in Hawaii called “I love you”, like you ask me how I feel everytime when I’m w/out you, like rainbows…it has become a classic here and its sung at weddings, funerals, and whenever the need to remind our loved ones of the love we have for them. Mahalo or thank you for sharing him, thank his family for him and acove all thank God. Rest well kuu hoaloha. my friend.

  84. anna

    Teddy Randaazo was my heart-throb when I was sixteen! I continued loving his songs and especially his looks. He was amazingly handsome. Here I am at age 65, and just finding out about his death! How sad! Still love you Teddy!!!!

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