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Terry Lester


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tlester.jpgTerry Lester, an actor who was best known for his appearances on daytime soap operas, died on Nov. 28. Cause of death was not released. He was 53.

Although he broke into show business as an extra in the movie, “Airport,” Lester became a star in the 1980s playing Jack Abbot on “The Young & the Restless.” He received four consecutive Emmy nominations (1984-1987) for Outstanding Lead Actor for his performance on the show.

Lester spent a year as Mason Capwell on “Santa Barbara,” for which he earned a Soap Opera Award Nomination in 1991 for Outstanding Supercouple with actress Nancy Lee Grahn (Julia Capwell). He later played Royce Keller for one season on “As The World Turns.” During his three-decade career in Hollywood, Lester also made guest appearances on numerous TV shows, including “Dallas,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” “JAG” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

“He was a terrific singer, a great actor and a first-rate human being. He will be deeply missed,” said actor Lane Davies.

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  1. Deborah Hodgman

    I am sorry to hear of the passing of Terry Lester, he was a very good actor on the Y&R. My thoughts are with his family and friends, may he rest in peace. My god be with you all.

  2. charlene

    Another star is shinning in the sky tonight. We the soap fans where very lucky to know Terry as a fabulous actor. My prayers go out to Terry’s family & friends. Love Toronto Ontario Canada

  3. Debbie

    I was so shocked to hear of Terry Lester’s passing. I was just now watching The Young and the Restless, and saw the show was in memory of him. What a blow! He was so young. Bless his family.

  4. Brenda

    To the family of Terry Lester and The Y & R Family:
    It was extremely sad to hear of the death of Terry. He was such a talented actor and singer. I pray that God will give you all comfort during this difficult time.

  5. Jim O'Toole

    I have been watching the young and the restless for many years now and that is were I first saw terry. He did a great job with the charactor Jack Abbott while on the young and the restless and played a large role as to why I still watch the Young and the Restless to this day. GOD SPEED, TERRY LESTER

  6. Bill Biccum

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones. May they take solice in knowing that he will be forever remembered as a kind, caring and loving man. Calgary, Canada

  7. jj dragon

    I was sadden at the end of “The Young and Restless” today.. I had no idea of Terry’s passing. There are no words that can express how to ease the pain on his family. Just know that there are millions of his fans wishing you peace. I loved Terry in the role of Jack Abbott, the original and he brought the character to what is still being portrayed today. My prayers from Canada are with you… ~ jj ~

  8. Stephanie

    I was watching the Y&R today and noticed that the show was in loving memory of Terry Lester. I was very shocked to hear of his death. Terry was great as the original Jack Abbott and played him perfectly. He will be sorely missed.
    Deepest sympathy to his family and friends from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

  9. Joni Bourque

    Terry Lester was a fine actor and will be remembered fondly. I always thought he was a very sexy confident Jack Abbott. I missed him the day he left that show. Best Regards and Deepest Sympathies to the Lester family, friends and fans of whom I am sure there are a great many.
    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

  10. Donna

    Our deepest sympathies go to Terry’s family and friends. We have lost a great person in the prime of his life. May he rest in peace. God Speed Terry.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  11. Ruth McCutcheon

    I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Terry Lester. He was a great actor & I enjoyed his acting ablilities on The Young & Restless. My deepest sympathy to his family & The Young & Restless staff.
    Ruth in Brandon, Mb., Canada

  12. Brenda

    I started watching Y&R when Terry was on and loved
    him. He was more devious then the Jack now. We called him Jack Rabbit for hopping into bed with everyone.Sympathy goes to family and friends.

  13. Sonja Hoskins

    I have been watching Y&R since 1972. I remember Terry Lester and was shocked at the end of todays show to hear about his passing. He was a pleasure to watch, and I missed him as Jack, even though I have grown to love the new Jack.
    You have gone to a better place Terry. My deepest sympathy to your family. God Speed

  14. Andrea

    I have always missed Terry Lester as Jack Abbott and was deeply saddend to hear of his departure! My prayers go out to his family at this very difficult time!

  15. LG - New Orleans,LA

    I am totally shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Terry Lester. I have been a fan of Y&R since day one and to this day I still find myself comparing Peter Bergman to Terry. MAY GOD’S BLESSINGS be with Terry and his Family, Friends and Fans.

  16. Heather

    I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Terry Lester, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I too had seen Terry in the role of Jack on the Y&R. Thanks to Y&R for the memories. and letting us know of his passing, he was much too young to be taken. Terry you will be saddly missed.

  17. claire

    my deepest sympathy to the family….another Angel above to help all of us to work toward peace in the world and in our hearts…..
    claire. Ottawa, Canada

  18. K. Hall

    I was shocked to hear of Terry’s passing. He was a great actor. He orginally made Jack the one you loved to hate! May his family take comfort in all of those who loved and admired his work. May he rest in peace.

  19. Sylvia Lawley

    My heart broke when I saw at the end of “The Young & Restless” just now that my favorite actor to play Jack Abbott died. I was just recently thinking about him and missing him! God must have needed a new, handsome angel. My sympathy to his loved ones and former coworkers.

  20. Dawn Kierzek

    AS a fan of Y&R since 1976 I absolutlely love the show and thought Terry was a handsome and talented actor. I loved his role of Jack on the show and had a chance to see him in canada during a soap opera convention. Deepest sympathy to the family. He will be missed.

  21. V.Wallace-Smith

    I have watched Y&R for many years and I will always remember Terry Lester as Jack Abbott every
    time I watch. God Speed to him and God bless his family.

  22. J. King

    My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Terry Lester. Like most Y&R fans I grew up watching him everyday. Good Ole Jack, he brought such life to the character, and it is so hard to believe I will never get to see him portray him again. Sending prayers out to his loved ones.-J.King, Florida

  23. GG

    I was not able to watch Y&R today, so I recorded it, and watched it later, I was shocked to see ” In Loving Memory Of Terry Lester” He was a wonderful actor, and will be terribly missed by everyone who knew him personaly and those who only knew him from television. My condolences to his family and friends.

  24. april

    I was just talking about how I loved the FIRST Jack a few days ago. I was very sad to hear about his death at the end of my favorite soap.

  25. adele

    terry lester, will be sadly missed he brought
    sunshine and love to all he touched.
    god bless family and freinds he will allways be jack abbott in my heart

  26. Ellen

    To the Family ,Friends and Fans of Terry Lester,
    I just finished watching the Y&R today and was saddened to know that our very talented actor Terry Lester had passed away. He will be terribly missed. My deepest sympathy to his family. Terry is one of the best actors in his field and no one can ever measure up to his natural ability and charisma in portraying Jack Abbot in Y&R. I thought he was the greatest!!!
    May he rest in eternal peace.
    Ellen from: Ontario, Canada

  27. Sonya Pelt


  28. Former Hoosier Fan living in NYC

    I was totally shocked to see the end of Y&R today. Iv’e been watching since 1979. Terry was the greatest as Jack Abbott. Devious and sneaky…just the way great soap opera characters are. He really made Jack a great character with his acting. I hated to see him leave Y&R. He also was a Hoosier too. Deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

  29. Neesee


  30. Mary Ann

    Terry was absolutely wonderful back when he was playing the role of Jack Abbott. He has been missed by me as Jack & now forever long….

  31. nichole lincoln

    Needless to say, I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Terry Lester’s death. He was a joy to watch as Jack Abbott on Y&R and he will be deeply missed.

  32. Juanita

    I was very saddened to see “In Memory of Terry Lester” at the end of the Young & the Restless today. He was a great actor. My prayers go out to his family.

  33. Jo

    Bless Terry. He was a good actor and we didn’t think the current “Jack” could ever measure up — but he has. We will all miss Terry Lester.

  34. marla price

    I’ve been watching Y&R since it’s premiere in the 70’s…(I’m 43) I too was shocked when I saw “In Loving Memory to Terry Lester” at the end of today’s show. Terry played the role of Jack Abbott oh so well….you loved him and hated him at the same time. Since his departure from the show in the 80’s I saw him every now and then on other shows and would always say to myself….there’s the ole Jack, good to see he’s still working…he was quite versatile and was always so convincing in his roles. In fact I just saw him fairly recently in something but can’t recall the show or movie. My deepest sympathies to his family.

  35. Linda Underwood

    I was very sad to see “In Memory of Terry Lester” at the end of Y & R today. I remembered him immediately and remebered his great acting career.
    My prayers are with the family.

  36. Barbara

    I am so shocked and very saddened to hear of Terry’s passing today. As a fan of Y & R, I loved his Jack Abbott character — so true to “Jack.” I have missed him since he left Y & R but was always so glad to have seen him on other shows to know he was keeping busy. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed and always remembered!

  37. Nathan

    It certainly was a shock to watch the Y/R today, and to see that the show was in memory of Terry Lester. I had no idea of his passing. I wish his family and friends comfort at this time.
    -Dallas, Texas

  38. Adonia

    Wow what a shock! I didn’t even know he was that old let alone that he died. I remember back when Terry played Jack, married Paul’s sister Patti, did Diane the night before the wedding, slept w/ Jill, lost Jabot to Newman…. No disrespect to Peter but Terry was much more fun.
    My thoughts and prayers goes to his family and friends.

  39. Brenda

    I also learned of Terry’s death at the end of
    todays show. I am totally shocked. I loved him
    as Jack Abbot! I have a picture of him when he
    was at a golf tournament in Edmonton, Alberta
    years ago when he was still on the show. My
    thoughts and prayers are with the Lester family.
    It’s such a tragedy and he was so young!

  40. Tracy

    Thank you Terry for the wonderful memories of your superb portrayal of Jack Abbott. (took me forever to adjust to the change with Peter Bergman) Prayers and hugs to everyone touched by your loss at such a young age! May the Lord bestow his blessings and send the Comforter to everyone affected by your loss!

  41. Karen Ann Carpenter

    I am very sad to hear this. I always loved that playboy Jack! He was by far THE BEST! I started watching Y&R because of him, stopped watching it when he left, but just started watching again recently. It took me awhile to get over his leaving the show. Now, I am REALLY SAD! My heart goes out to his family. He was truly a wonderful actor.

  42. Alicia

    I send my condolences to the Lester family & the
    Y & R family & his friends,
    Like eveyone else I am sad to hear of Terry’s death today. He played the role of Jack Abbott better than anyone could, does or will. Even though their is good actor playing Jack now, Terry will always be remembered as Smiling Jack to me!

  43. B. Jones

    Saw the tribute to Terry at the end of the show. Loved him on the show, watched Santa Barbara also. Couldn’t believe he was gone. Prayers to the family and his Y&R family.

  44. Sharon Lynn

    I was truely shocked and saddened when I read the tribute to Terry Lester at the end of yesterday’s Y&R episode. I have been watching the show from the age of 8 yrs old and remember his playing Jack. He was wonderful in that role. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones in their time of grief.
    Sharon Lynn from Ontario, Canada

  45. Kaydee Etheredge

    Terry Lester has left us. When I also saw the end of the show I was in shock. He was always one of favorites on the “Young and Restless”. He was a geniune person with great talent and charm. My mother and I will always remember him on the program. God bless him. We loved him.

  46. Vicki Bidwell

    I was saddened and shocked at the end of The Young and Restless when the show was in memory of Terry Lester.. I have been watching the show since it first aired on TV. And he was in the role as Jack Abbott. He was one of my favorite characters.. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends and the cast of Y and R. God Bless you Terry. You will forever be missed.

  47. cheryl

    sorry to here about the Terry. He was great as
    Jack Abbott. I have watched Y&R for many years,
    and frequently think of Terry. He will be missed
    by all.

  48. phyllis

    I was very sad to learn the passing of Terry Lester. May he rest in peace. We have never forgotten him for the great actor he was. Our sympathy goes out to his family and close friends.

  49. allen&Carolyn Norton

    We were so shocked today to learn of Terry’s death—-We were fans of him when he started on The Young &Restless– also remember he had his own series for a short time– we will miss him -in our minds he was our favorite —- our prayers to the family — God Bless all——

  50. Donna McNew

    I was saddened to see at the end of Y&R today of Terrys passing,this is the second time I morn his leaveing us, the first time was when he left Y & R where he played the part of Jack Abbot.He was has been and will be missed. God Bless his family

  51. Barbie

    I just heard of the passing of Terry Lester…what a shock…I always loved to hate him as Jack Abbott, and really missed him when he left the show…he was handsome and sexy and I looked forward to seeing him everyday on Y&R…my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

  52. Wayne Pittman, Jr.

    I was very sad to hear of Terry Lester’s death. Not long ago I was commenting on how the role of Jack on the Young and the Restless has never been the same or as well done since Terry left the show.

  53. Danielle Norwood

    I was a huge fan of Terry Lester both on Y & R as well as Santa Barbara. I was shocked like the rest of you to see the tribute at the end of Y & R today. He was a wonderful talent whose star burned out too soon.

  54. Nancy Mallory

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Terry Lester I always watch the young and the Restless since it started and have loved just about every person on it. I feel like a member of my family has passed. sorry nancy mallory of indianapolis Indiana

  55. Earline

    Just like everyone else above me, I was totally shocked when I saw that Terry Lester had passed away.
    I have often thought of him as Jack Abbott, when I started watching the Young and Restless again. To me no one could play Jack as well as he did. He was someone that you love to hate.
    It was nice to see him on the re-runs of 25,000 pyramid.
    God bless and comfort his family on their loss.
    Earline ……Chicago

  56. Carolyn

    At the end of the Y&R today, I saw the “In memory of Terry Lester,” and thought, “Hey, he was the original Jack.” Then I asked “Did he die?” I was then saddened when I looked up his name on internet and discovered that he in fact had died at 53 and over a month ago. What a shock! Even though I have gotten used to Peter Bergman as “Jack,” that role was truly meant for Terry Lester. My regards to his family. I hope Terry knows how much he will be missed not only by his friends and family but by his fans as well.
    Long time Y&R fan,

  57. Trisha

    Just watched the Y&R on tape and saw the tribute at the end of the show. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Terry Lesters passing. I have watched the Y&R since 1975 and have always felt that Terry made the show when he played the role of Jack. I also saw him in Blade in Hong Kong, He was so talented and charasmatic. He will be missed. God Bless, P. Zavor, Toronto,Canada

  58. Sheila

    I am very saddened to hear of Terry Lester passing. I have watched The Young and Restless for many years and he was one of my favorite “originals”. My heart goes out to his family and I will remember them in my prayers.

  59. Terry

    Terry Lester was a great actor and very charasmatic. I watched in on Y&R, SB and ATWT.
    I saw him in Blade in Hong Kong and I was always excited to see him on reruns of $25,000 Pyramid. I has a autographed photo which I will treasure forever. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and fans. Terry you will remain in our hearts forever. Good bye smiling Jack!

  60. mary friesen

    Terry Lester was the best Jack Abbott that Y&R had. I still remember when I was a young girl watching he show how he fit the part like a glove not to mention he was really good looking!
    Still was hoping he would return to the show. But obviously that was a wish. Hope that he is with the Lord and wishing peace and comfort to his family.

  61. TONI


  62. Cheryl Wamsley

    Wow! There has never been a replacement for this actor! I have been a Y%R viewer since it’s birth.
    I was shocked to see the credits and memorial to Terry a couple of days ago. I had to search the internet this evening to confirm this sad news. With my deepest sympathy to his family and friends, there was no other Jack Abbott!!

  63. Liz

    Yes, I was surprised and saddened when I saw the “In Memory” on Y&R. My question is, why didn’t we hear about it sooner. There was nothing on T.V. or the papers, not even the rag mag. I must say when Terry left the show and Peter came on. I didn’t think he would be the Jack that Terry was. Today, I truly enjoy Jack and yes, I do like Peter in that role.
    I also enjoyed Terry on ATWT and several of the shows he was in. My sympathys go to his friends and family.
    From Wonder Lake, Ill. (N of Chgo)

  64. Cindy

    I was very sad when I saw that Terry had passed to a better place….I remember him dearly as Jack on Y&R…I am just shocked….why didn’t we hear about his death sooner…My sympathy goes out to all his family and friends….

  65. S Sears

    I was watching the Young and the Restless and I saw “in loving memory of Terry Lester. I was shocked and saddned. He will be deeply missed. He was an incredible actor. My prayers and thoughts to the family. He will not be forgotton.

  66. Mattie Kennedy

    I was very moved to see the memorial for Terry Lester at the end of the show today. He was such a wonderful actor. My prayers are with his family, his friends, and his many, many fans. God has blessed us all in having the opportunity to have known this “great talent” in the roles he played, especially as Jack Abbott. We’ll miss him dearly. Mattie in SC

  67. Sandy

    It’s now January 2004 and I have only just now learned of this tragedy – did anyone ever find out why he passed away? I am so sorry to fans, friends and family alike. Sandy.

  68. Janice Edge

    I will always remember Terry Lester as the best soap opera actor to play Jack Abbott on the Y&R. He was the best. That beautiful person is making many people smile on the streets of gold as I type this email to pay tribute to the one and only real Jack Abbott. Thanks for all the memories and may God Bless the family with strength and his love to carry on .

  69. Marilyn

    We just learned of the passing of Terry Lester and are so sorry for his family and friends. I wished we could have seen more of him. He was a favorite and he WAS Jack Abbott. There was something in his eyes that made contact to you. So few actors have this. I hope in some way these words will help his family. It is a great lost to many. He will be missed.

  70. D.Coleman

    I am sadden by the news, Terry Lester was a GREAT Jack Abbott….nothing against the current Jack Abbott, but he brought something to that character that could not be duplicated. He was ruthless, but loving at the same time.

  71. India Hart

    I was so sorry to hear of Terry’s passing. What a shock! He was the best ever
    as Jack Ass Jack!!!! You had to just love and hate him at the same time. I can
    remember when he went to bed with Jill. What a joke. He was just the
    greatest in portraying Jack. He will be missed by many. He will never be

  72. Nichelle

    I just heard about this and I am crushed. God speed, love. You will always be “Jack Abbott” to me in the place it matters the most: MY HEART.

  73. Julie Little

    Wow, I missed the tribute to Terry at the end of the 01/06 episode, and just now read the TV Guide tribute to him. What a shock–it’s so weird, I was just thinking about him a few days ago–wondering if he had any new projects. My favorite episodes with him was when he slept with Jill in the cave (of course) and when he went to jail and lost Jabot to Newman. I have watched Y&R since it’s first year–I would catch the summer episodes when school was out (I’m 43). I, too, will always think of him as my favorite ‘Jackie’. No offense to Peter!!

  74. Jan

    I saw the episode of Y&R and when I saw Terry Lesters’ name pop up at the end of the credits I couldn’t believe it was him. I am so sorry. May God watch over his family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May he rest in peace.

  75. Rose

    I began watching Young and the Restless at the first showing. Terry Lester was never replacec
    I think of him each time I see his character being played. Terry Lester was irreplaceable.
    I was shocked and deeply saddened when I watched the show tonight [I tape the shows, so I
    am always a week late]. He was part of my life because each day, he came into my living
    room via “The Young and the Restless”.

  76. Roy Handley

    So sad to see such a great actor pass on. He will be sadly missed. I began watching Y and R as a young person, now 36 years old, and Terry will live on in my heart.
    Roy Handley

  77. Karen

    I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Terry Lester. I’ve thought about him over the years since he left Y & R, always wondering what he was up too, and why he left his role as “Jack”. Although I have come to love Peter Bergman in the role of “Jack”……there will never be another Terry. He will be missed by friends, family and fans.

  78. evelyn

    I was very saddened to hear of Terrys death. Many years ago I wrote him a fan letter and he sent back an autographed picture to me. He was a great comedic actor on Santa Barbara and a versatile actor on y and r. My sincere condolances to his family. The world has lost such a talent.

  79. Puck

    From Tom Bierdz’s coming out story in LA Magazine: “To be fair, the show also featured two other closeted gay actors, Terry Lester (the original Jack Abbott) and Michael Corbett (villainous David Kimball).” By the time Lester left ATWT he looked very AIDS-emaciated, I even thought that at the time. The very strange silences and euphemisms from the actors suggest something askew–homophobia, perhaps? Or maybe simply respect for privacy…

  80. J. Schultz

    You were the best Jack ever. Your work will speak for it’s self.
    Happy smiles, happy feet and happy eyes.
    I will always remember

  81. Patty

    Terry left me full of memories. I first knew of Terry as Jack but I met him when he volunteered at the 11th Avenue Animal Shelter for which i was employed, right in the heart of south central Los Angeles, Terry was in the mist of an Afghan Hound rescue, he had a generous heart, and will be missed by many

  82. glinky

    My family and I were just watching KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park which Terry is in playing the character “Sam”. Anyway, I recognized him as Jack and of course I had to prove that he “was” Jack by going online when I found this website. I cannot express how shocked I am. I have only seen him in a couple of roles beside Jack. He will always be the “REAL” Jack Abbott to me. Great Actor. Missed greatly.

  83. Donna

    I am in total shock over the passing of Terry
    Lester. WHAT a great actor he was. I will miss him. My deepest symanthy goes out to his family.
    A friend of mine that goes to my church died and
    I say he’s in that heavenly choir. TERRY is now also in that heavenly choir with our Lord. May God bless him

  84. Lucy

    I can’t beleive it! I was reading on soapcityscoop newsletter about jeannie cooper on Y n R for 30 years and she said what a tragic loss it was to lose Terry Lester, so I went online tpo see if it was true.

  85. Lincoln Baker

    Terry was one of the more exemplary graduates of our high school Class of 1967. While running for Governor of Boys State in 1966, he was supported by a person now running for the real governorship of our state. His talent, sincerity and leadership shined at all times. A decade ago he brightened our twenty-fifth reunion by being the honored alumnus, and by being genuinely friendly to all of us lesser mortals. The devious egotistical soap opera character he portrayed was the opposite of the generous honest person he was. There were more people at his hometown memorial service last night than were at our class reunion last summer. We will miss him.

  86. Kathy

    I was sorry and sad to hear of the loss of Terry Lester. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. I watched Y&R in the 80’s. He was a great actor, and I enjoyed his work on Y&R! I have often throught about him since he left the show. My sympathy goes out to his family & friends. Kathy

  87. Darryl Winston

    I was saddened to hear of the passing of that wonderful actor Terry Lester. My fondest memories of college life center around Terry. Terry and I met in Washington, DC when I was on tour with the Collegians. I had replaced Terry while he was at Drew University on a special semester of study.
    Terry was my roommate in college. He was a dear friend . I am a producer and as recent as 1997 Terry was going to star for me in the Chocolate Soldier in Washington, DC. Plans fell through at the last minute. We did keep in contact as late as last year I did not know how sick he was. He did confess to me that he had been severely beaten in 97? or so on his door step. I had noticed that his new publicity pictures had a severe look. He no longer had that boyish appearance. He said he was going in for more sinister character parts. He like his music. He was an excellent pianist and played for me many times as I sang.He was a fine singer and had studied with soprano Marina Koshetz and had coached the Chocolate Soldier with her. I have many pleasant memories. He will be sorely missed. I send my respects and sympathies to his family back in Indiana.
    Darryl Winston
    Washington, DC

  88. J. Bingham

    Terry we will miss you . I remember you from Indy. I went to some of your college plays and you went to Reddington Christian Church and sang with me. I later touched base with you about 10 years ago. You never changed , you were always a caring friend to everyone who knew you. God Bless

  89. Twila Sampson

    Just saw the article in the TV Guide about Terry Lester’s death…it came as quite a shock! Like everyone, I thought he was and always will be Jack on Y/R…but I loved him as Royce on ATWT…just a versitle and complexed character…very hard to play, but only Terry could…during that year…I got to get emails from him…and we would talk about the show…because of his love of music was on common ground …made me appreciate his talent more. God bless his family at this loss of wonderful man and wonderful human being..
    T Sampson
    Houston, Tx

  90. Cheryl Lynch

    I remember Terry from his high school days, and was always proud at the recognition he recieved. He will be missed.

  91. Renee

    It has taken me a month to recover from the shock of seeing “In Memory of Terry Lester” at the end of the January 6th “The Young and the Restless” episode and to confirm the news. I am very saddened about this loss. I loved Terry on Y&R, ATWT and SB. He was a great Jack Abbott, Royce, and Mason replacement. He was very handsome and talented. I will always remember Smiling Jack. My prayers are with his family, friends, fans and all that he touched with his performances and personality. He was such an excellent actor that I would never have known about his sexual orientation or that he was living with AIDS.
    I pray that he is now living among the heavenly angels and that he comforts those in need from above. GOD BLESS YOU Terry!!! Rest In Peace.

  92. Sarah, Santa Rosa, CA

    I’ve been following Y & R since 1978; Terry Lester as Jack Abbott was the character you “love to hate”. He played it so well, bringing glee to viewers – we never knew what he’d be up to next. Funny, I was just thinking of him yesterday, wondering what he’s doing today. So I typed his name in the search engine and was shocked to learn he has passed away at a young age. I’m so sorry to hear that. My condolences to his friends and family.

  93. DAG

    He was the Jack Abbott you loved to hate. I loved the way that Terry’s Y&R character screwed over Victor, Jill, and Patty Williams. As a long time fan of the show, I just can’t help comparing him to the “kinder and gentler” Jack. Sometimes I appreciate Jack’s current demeanor, but most of the time I wish Terry was still playing Smiling Jack. He was a wonderful actor to watch. To his family and close friends, I just lost my father last June (2003). He was 83 and had prostate cancer and diabeties. It is so easy to act like he’s still there and that I can just pick up the phone and call. I like hanging on to that idea, and the many memories. You are so lucky to have many moments of Terry’s life recorded, whether he was playing a character or himself. I wish I had that of my father. God bless you and remember that his “life” goes on.
    DAG, Ventura, CA

  94. Sandi in Detroit

    I was deeply saddened to hear about Terry Lester’s death. When he joined the Y&R cast, he brought a whole new dimension to the show. I absolutely adored him as Smilin’ Jack Abbott. “He was bad…but he wasn’t *evil*!” To this day I remember the shower scene with Jill (I can’t remember the actress’s name but she came to Y&R after Brenda Dickson left the role). I heard Terry left Y&R because of a fallout with Christine (a/k/a”The Bug”) and because her dad in real life, Bill Bell, was the top dog of the show, it was basically “hit the road, Jack”. Please accept my expression of heartfelt sympathy to Terry’s friends and family. He was a wonderful actor, and having just read the tribute to Terry by Jesse Thompson (previous posting), I feel certain he was the real thing in terms of humanity, kindness and intelligence. Sandi in Detroit

  95. southbound

    As a former Y&R viewer I have just learned of the passing of Terry Lester… the real Jack Abbott.
    How well I remember hustling home from University ( mid 80s ) to watch the 4:30 episode of Y&R. If it was missed I & about 30 others would pile into the student lounge the next day to catch the 12:30 over our sandwitch and diet coke.
    How envious I was of old smiling Jack devoted son and brother
    to bed Dianne #1, Jill #1 and Lindsey ( the stunning Lauren Koslow) to say nothing of Nikki and Gina.
    Thanks for the memories TL.
    God Bless those you leave behind.

  96. Cindy

    Hello,, I’m shock to hear that former Jack Abbott ( Terry Lester ) I just found out few days ago Terry Lester was passed away, I really sorry to hear that..
    I remember him while I watch tv daytime Y&R for long time..
    Sympathy to his family…
    Ontario, Canada

  97. cheryl

    I was on classmates.com and found out Terry had died. I knew one of his sisters from high school and knew a little about Terry. I found it really neat that I lived only a couple of blocks from he and his family. I am grieving the loss of my granddaughter who died Dec. 11, so I have not been focusing on others. I too watched Y&R at one time in my life and really enjoyed Terry. His sister Sandy had much talent also. Terry is a great loss. Indianapolis,Indiana

  98. Connie

    Like everyone else, I loved Terry Lester in the role of Jack Abbott, he really seemed to enjoy all the devious and mischievious things he did in that role. I hated it when he left the show. What are the chances of getting a tape or DVD of the Y&R shows featuring Terry?

  99. Peggy Weishaar

    I was very saddened to hear about Terry’s passing. I remember Terry from high school. He was an extremely talented person and was so nice. My condolences to his family.

  100. Missy

    I just read about Terry’s passing. I can’t tell you the sadness I feel for his friends and family. To me, he is the only Jack Abbott. I met him several years ago in Indianapolis at his Dad’s business, he was shy and polite -especially for someone from Hollywood. God must have needed an angel the day he took Terry from all who have loved him.

  101. Andra Rivers-Jones

    I read that Terry Lester passed away and I was shocked. I called my mother, who lives in another state. We could not believe it — he was so young and it seems like yesterday we saw him on the Y&R. We began to talk about the “Old Jack” and what Mr. Lester brought to his role on the soap. He will continue to be missed from the show, but his spirit and impact loves on. May God be with his family during this difficult time.

  102. Penny

    Today is February 25, 2004 and I was just going through Y&R information. I was looking up old characters and was shocked to hear of Terry’s passing. I am in total disbelief. I remember watching him on the show years ago and loved him as well as what he brought to his character so much. Terry was a very talented actor and will be missed very much!!! I was actually very upset when he left the show thinking that absolutely NO ONE could replace what he brought to his character as Jack. You could tell he had a great sense of humour and that he brought joy to anyone that crossed his path in life. My deepest condolences to Terry’s family. May Terry rest in peace!!
    Fort McMurray, AB Canada

  103. Kristi Lester

    Hello to all who have posted thoughts and stories about Terry.
    His passing is just so hard to accept. But your right….God must have needed another angel.
    Very soon I will post again about donating to Terry’s favorite charity……if any one is interested. We are still researching it.
    So please check back.
    Thanks to all of you,

  104. Indy gal

    I will really miss Terry. I, too, remember rushing home in the 80’s to see what he was up to next on Y&R. I, too, am from Indianapolis. What high school did he go to? We will miss you Terry. God Bless you and your family.

  105. Twila

    Seeing all the tributes…you can see so many people loved this man and that he is missed so much…and the loss of him right now still remains fresh to us all who were long-time fans
    of him from Y/R and ATWT, and SANTA BARBARA..
    Kristi…please let us know what charity we can contribute to in Terry’s name….I had tried to asked someone else..but got no response…thanks
    for caring!

  106. L.Gardner

    I know that I am late..but I only learned of Terry
    Lester’s passing today….My prayers go out to his family and friends….He played the role of Jack Abbott like no other…He is the reason I watched Y&R…He will be missed.

  107. Sara

    Terry Lester was indeed one of my favorite daytime actors and because of him I loved watching Y&R.. He played Jack Abbott so well and you could never hate him no matter what bad things he did or say cause he was soooooo cute and funny.
    BTW the woman who played Jill after Brenda Dickson was Deborah Adair.

  108. sally

    I too am from Indianapolis and had no idea that’s where Terry was from. What business was his dad’s ? Does anyone know how he died – I couldnt find it anywhere

  109. Jim

    My sympathies to the Lester family. I had no idea that Terry had passed. I too like many others remember the “Smiling Jack”, but my very first memories were of a very young and handsome Jonah from Ark2.

  110. Ronn

    Yes – Please let us know a charity to remember Terry through. He entertained us for many years. I happened to see him as a guest on a rerun of the $100,000 Pyramid today from 1988. How wonderful just to see his smile.

  111. Heather Murie Ellis

    I was shocked and saddened to hear that Terry has passed away.He and I were ‘brother and sister’ when I was an AFS exchange student from South Africa in 1968/69 and his parents ran the AFS chapter for the school I attended in Indianapolis.He was a college student and we both loved the theatre, movies, etc. as I was also a drama student at an SA university.What a sweet guy, always a lot of fun and I have photos of those days to remember him by. I saw him here on the soap and in Dallas too. I have lost his mum’s e-mail address, so if someone has it (and as I have changed my e-mail address since)I would appreciate getting it so that I can correspond with her again.Rest in peace, friend. Love, Heather (heatherellis_2@hotmail.com)

  112. A long-time Fan

    I was so shocked and saddened to learn of Terry’s untimely passing! I truly loved his portrayal of Mason Capwell on ‘Santa Barbara’ … I will never forget those gorgeous blue eyes and that deep voice of his. He sent me a wonderful hand-written letter and a photo after he left the show … and I will always cherish them. My sympathies are with his family, friends and fans.

  113. Fmrcbsemployee

    During the 1980’s I was a young woman working at CBS and still a bit “starstruck”. I often watched Y & R rehearsals on in-house monitors and the actual broadcast during lunch hours and always was a fan of Terry Lester’s. Though quiet and a bit introverted, Terry was one heck of a good Pac-Man player, (infact, the only talented celebrity player) and was always up for a game . Of the four or five of us top CBS gamers, Terry won his share, and was always gracious and nice to us non-celebrities. I will always remember him and those times fondly, and still treasure his “Jack” characterization.

  114. Cynthia Perin Annett

    I met Terry in 1967 when we were both freshman at DePauw University. The first time I saw him he kissed me in at a sority-fraternity pledging. I thought he was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. Later that year I saw him playing the piano for a men’s singing group – I couldn’t believe how talented he was. In my sophmore year I tried out for a singing group he was in called the Collegians and was thrilled when I made it. I got to know Terry and loved singing with him. Many times he was my partner in the group – what a great voice! After college I caught him on Ark11 and then in Airport1 and I knew he was on his way. In the early 80s I started watching him on Y&R and was thrilled when I read he was coming to our area for the Akron Soap Box Derby. I took my whole family to see him and when he saw me he was so warm & interested in my amateur acting career – he even asked me if I wanted to ride with him in the parade car for the Derby. I declined but saw him again later. I was so disappointed when he left Y&R but I still watch it today – I was hooked. I can’t believe Terry is gone. He will be missed by so many people.

  115. tsampson

    Even after a few weeks…it still hurts to know that Terry Lester is gone…his life has touched so many….I hope when the Daytime Emmy’s come around …that he will get some special honor
    or recognition for his work…I think his family deserves that much…whatever we, the fans and friends, can do to keep his spirit alive and celebrate such a wonderful actor will mean more than anything…from the website…his birthday is April 13th…We celebrate his life and what he meant to all of us!

  116. Anthony White

    I grew up watching Terry do a masterful job of playing “Jack Abbott” on the Young and Restless. I will never forget him. He will be deeply missed.

  117. Ann

    I knew Terry Lester way-back-when, even before he was on “Y&R.” I was 13, and I met him as a cast member of “Carousel” at the Jester’s Playbox in Pasadena, CA. He played the lead, Billy Bigelow — and boy, could he sing!
    Later in life, our paths crossed again when I worked as a page for CBS at Television City and he was on “Y&R”.
    He was always kind and always professional. Until today, I had no idea he passed away.

  118. Pamela

    I just learned of Terry’s passing while reading archieves on the CBS Soap newsletter . . . I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I totally remember how I hated him leaving Y & R. I would see him on other shows in years to follow and everytime I’d say to my husband, “He used to play a lead on my soap!” I will certainly miss seeing where his career would have taken him, he was a very talented actor. I hope that this tribute brings him family some comfort!

  119. Twila

    Fifty-four years ago today, God gave us a special gift….a gift that was so special…he could only be here for a little while. We honor you today, Terry Lester! We honor your family with our love and our prayers! You will always have a special place in our hearts and lives!

  120. sharon

    Terry was an exceptional actor and will be missed. He was “thy Jack Abbott”, I always
    think of when he slept with Jill now that was a sorry. God Bless you Terry, and may
    your family find peace.

  121. Rhonda

    You made your family & friends proud to know you & proud to know that you touched so many, many lives.You will be sorely missed & happily remembered by all who knew you.
    My deepest condolences to those you left behind.
    God’s speed, Terry.

  122. CEEDIX


  123. Sharon

    Terry was a gift from God. He was a great performer. I watched him all his years on Y & R and ATWT. Even when he was bad, you still loved him. He is very much missed. May those close to him always know how much his smile meant to us all.

  124. Jeannie Reppy

    I fell in love with Terry when he was at the DLI in Monterey, CA and in the role of Lancelot in the late 60’s. He was going to be stationed in Germany as a Russian interpreter, and asked me to marry him and go to Germany. I just wasn’t ready (as a 19 yr. old inexperienced young woman) and had to say no. Who knows what would have happened if I’d have said yes? It makes me sad to realize that I would have loved and accepted him as he was, and on a deep level he knew that. Many years later, I turned on the TV, and saw him on the Y&R!!! My love goes out to you, Terry, for all the songs, shows, and motorcycle adventures we shared, and all the life we missed because we were just so young and so dumb!!!!

  125. Twila

    For those of you who knew Terry personally…the loss of him is greater and you were so blessed and fortunate to be a part of his life…for those of us who never got to meet him but corresponded by email…it aches day by day that he is no longer with us…he touched so many people with his love, laughter, and career…
    I hope and pray that he knew how much we still loved him as a friend for life!

  126. Linda

    Terry was my accompanist on the piano when we were in choir at Southport High School in Indianapolis. I was so happy to see him succeed in his acting and singing. We all were proud of him even back in 1966. God be with you Terry and your family.

  127. John

    I’m so sorry to hear about Terry I was watching Y&R today after Jack resigned, wondering if he was leaving the show. Then I wondered what happened to Terry Lester I’ve been watching since 1980. I searched under his name and found out he passed away I couldn’t believe it he was so young.

  128. diane

    I just found out about Terry Lester’s passing. I loved him as Jack Abbott on Y&R and also on As The World Turns. He was so handsome and an excellent actor. Although it has been almost 6 months, I give my sincere condolences to his family.

  129. Bill

    I just learned about Terry’s passing in this month of August, 2004. I remember Terry from the school community. I think it is curious that I learned about his death through a legendary 88-year-old piano teacher named Myrta. She taught about 3000 students over the years. Terry, myself, and many others in community were her students. I remember a time long ago when Terry and I were students in the “green room” waiting our turn to play in Myrta’s student recital at Southport Presbyterian Church. I seem to recall that he wore a blue blazer. His parents made certain that he made a good appearance. That was probably about 45 years in the past. He was gifted at the keyboard. Terry and I attended the same church and Sunday school classes. He was the President of our nearly 700-member Senior Class of 1967. Terry and I were not close friends, but we were on speaking terms. I am certain that he will be missed.

  130. Frank Natsuhara

    My deepest sympathy to Terry Lester’s family. I was a huge fan of his when he was Jack Abbott in Y&R. I am sad to hear of this news.

  131. Angie

    My mother & I were just talking today about the “Old Jack Abbott – Terry Lester” & we were saying how much we so enjoyed Terry in the role.
    I told my mother I would check on the internet to find out what Terry was up to these days & was so shocked to learn that he passed away.
    Just wanted to send our sympathy to Terry’s family. He will be greatly missed by all!
    God Bless

  132. jeanette

    I was just looking on the internet to find that Terry Lester had died I have Been Watching The Young And Restless Since I Was Twenty Two And Still Watching It Iam Know Fifty one And I Love IT
    God BLeSS Terry

  133. twila

    It’s been almost a year…and the loss of Terry
    Lester still is so deep…like some has said, though he touched my life briefly…it lasted a lifetime..he had a gift of life that was full and vibrant…he always valued those that stayed faithful to him and to his work..
    My love still goes out to his family…and that with each new day…brings us all closer home to seeing him again one day…to see him with that smile that was priceless!
    God bless his family and friends..

  134. Dave Hancock

    Nothing like being away and in the dark, I just heard of Terry’s passing. What a depressing tragedy for so many.
    Ernie, Carol, Sandy, Kristi; my thoughts are with each of you. Although the hurt never quite stops, close your eyes and remember the smiles Terry brought to so many. The pride demonstrated within your family and that was present throughout each of his accomplishments is an eternal flame unto itself.

  135. Bobby

    I looked throuhg the hundreds of well wishes and this should certain may you smile with pride, the joy that he brought to some may people. Hold your head up and celebrate the many wonder things that Terry accomplished.

  136. Crystal in Indy

    Kristi and Terry’s family,
    Just wanted you to know that we all still think and remember Terry. His parting at such a young age is very hurtful, but he contributed a whole lot in his life here on earth. How proud your family must have been and still are to have Terry as a family member. I loved him on Young and The Restless. I just regret never having the pleasure of meeting him since I live in Indy. I hope this message finds you and your family well. He, and your family, will remain in our hearts!

  137. penny nunn

    I have watched “The Young and the Restless” since the first day it was on the air, and have enjoyed it greatly!! Terry Lester as ‘Jack Abbott’ was at the same time infuriating and exhilating** He proved to be so accomplished, even as ‘Royce’ on ATWT. I have not seen him in some time, obviously due to illness. I pray his family will draw comfort in their faith and in the millions of fans who appreciated the works of TERRY LESTER! God Bless**

  138. Laura

    Even though it has been over a year since Terry Lester’s passing, I too, like many others, have just heard the news. I was reading CBS SoapDigest and it mentioned the “late Terry Lester.” I immediately looked on the internet and found this website concerning his passing. I live and am from Indianapolis but I never read anything about his death. Even though it has been over a year, I am shocked and saddened to hear the news. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. You get through the death of a loved one, but you never get over it! God Bless! Laura Bade, Indianapolis

  139. Elois

    I just wanted to say I was very sorry to read about Terry Lester’s death. I enjoyed him when he played on the Young and the Restless. He will be truly missed. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

  140. anne mulqueen

    I can’t believe that I’ve only just read of Terry Lester’s death. It is with sadness that I write this note. I just finished watching today’s Y&R and made a little note while watching Peter Bergman’s performance as JACK. My note was “TERRY LESTER…what’s he doing now?” He was the best and I just loved watching him in a scene. I was hoping to find that he was on another network and that I might catch him. I am truly sorry to all who knew and loved him that he is gone but he surely isn’t forgotten. Terry Lester, you are missed.

  141. josie

    Deepest condolences to the Lester Family.
    Terry Lester was a great actor,pianist,and singer.
    We miised him on the Young and the Restless.
    We loved him in Toronto,CANADA.

  142. Emmie Dryjski

    While reading the passing away of The Young and the Restless William J. Bell, I thought of Jack (Terry Lester), and what an outstanding actor he was. The first time I saw Jack was back in 1980, in an episode when he was luring Patti Williams. He played such an evil character, and that’s what made the fans love him. He’ll be missed my all his fans around the world.
    Winnipeg, Canada

  143. Tim King

    I just learned of Terry’s passing and I’m so shocked. I had the joy of working with Terry in the 1970,s in “Carousel” in Pasadena California. He was always so much fun, loved to laugh and was eager to do the very best he could as a performer. I always enjoyed seeing him on T.V. and no matter what role he played he was great. To his family, please accept my deepest sympathy and regret for the loss of one terrific guy and a great performer, and to Terry “you’ll never walk alone”.

  144. Twila

    Terry,you are still missed by your fans and your friends. I hope your family knows how much you were really loved by all who knew you and watched you on TV

  145. Diane

    I did not realize that terry lester had passed away until i saw it in this weeks soaps digest mag. I am saddened by his death, my thoughts go to his family

  146. Rhonda

    For sometime now I’ve been wondering what ever happened to the “other Jack Abbott”. I was just a little girl watching y&r, but I still remembered Terry Lester. Today I decided to search websites to see what he would look like today (still very handsome). Needless to say, I didn’t now he passed last year. I thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  147. Kelly V.Saige

    To all the fans of a very talented man and very hansom person.My personal tribute to a man with wonderful abilities and personal charm shows with his ability to show other people that all of us can make a impact on everyone around us.When I was 13 years old one saturday morning I was watching tv,I saw a scfi show that was way ahead of its time.I was impacted by the show and was very impressed by what it stood for and the actors that was on this show.I like the leader of ARKII which aired in 1976 on saturday mornings.Terry Lester played a captain named jonah and I said to myself I would someday be like this man.I really admired terry lester and Jose Flores that was Jonahs helper.Jean Marie Hon is the last of ARKII team still alive.I was very surprise to find out that Jose Flores played as Samuel died before terry lester passed.As I watched ARKII my dad thought I was crazy and how I wanted to be so much like terry lester playing as Jonah.I have even been mistaken for Jonah because terry lester looks very close to the way I looked like in the early eighties.I would show pictures of ARKII to friends and people out their because I liked the show so much people would ask is that you.I would say no,but anyway I really enjoyed watching terry lester on tv at anytime.His close friend Jose Flores was person that I knew also and both of these actors did a very excellent job while they were here.I miss them both and think of them often.I sulute Terry Lester and his sister and family.May God be with you and comfort his family.From Mr.Kelly V.Saige

  148. Maureen

    Please accept my belated sympathy and sadness on the passing of Terry Lester. I watched the Young and The Restless-aithfully; because of his portrayl of Jack. the last I saw of him was on the Macy Day Parade; where he was singing.
    God bless him and watch over his soul. He’s in my prayrs.
    A fan.

  149. lee soult

    well, it’s been a year now. it is still hard to believe. i knew him at southport high school. he will always be jack abbott to me RIP,god bless

  150. Kathy

    Wow! Was just watching Y&R, and thought of Terry Lester as Jack Abbott. Looked up Terry, and found out he died in 2003! I had no idea! When I was in my late teens, I was pushed to go up on stage at
    a local mall to do a quick scene with Terry (must have been on some sort of tour)and I kissed him. Sticks in my mind to this day. So sorry to hear the bad news. He will always be remembered with a smile on my face.

  151. Jeannie

    Terry – wherever you are now, I know you feel my love and I know it’s returned. My heart still aches when I think of you, even after all these years. We shared a precious, innocent time together, full of music, beaches, wind in our hair, and applause. You were so beautiful, full of talent and promise. Your voice captured me whether you were singing or asking me where we should go for the day. Love Always

  152. Leslie Kaley

    I was just checking to see what Terry Lester was up to these days and saw that he had passed.I got the goosebumps from the revelation.I have watched him on The Y& R forever.God Bless this talented man and his family.

  153. Twila

    Terry, Happy Belated Birthday…you will always be in our hearts…recently lost a loved one..but losing you, your talents,love and charm was the greatest loss we ever had..

  154. Julie

    My deepest sympathies to Terry’s family….
    I also wondered what the “old” Jack from Y&R was doing these days, and was so sad to hear of his passing in 2003.
    He was a talented man, who was loved and is missed by many.
    Although life on earth is made a little darker from his absence, Heaven must surely be that much brighter by his presence.
    God Bless!

  155. Siobhan

    My friends and I were recently re-living some wonderful Young Ang The Restless memories and, of course, Terry Lester’s name came up. I decided to see what he was up to these days and, like many others, was totally shocked and saddened by his passing. We loved him and the way he played Jack Abbott. The number of tributes on this site surely shows how popular he was and how much he is still missed today.

  156. Ruben Sanchez Jr

    Terry Lester was an excellent actor, and he was really the only reason I continued to watch the “Young and the Restless”. While I also admired Brenda Dickson’s role as “Jill Foster Abbott”, when Mr. Lester left in 1989, I had to stop watching the show.
    I really miss him. Rest in peace, Intrepid Soul!

  157. Claire

    We did not know Terry, but we did know his Dad, Ernie. His Dad was so proud of Terry and never missed him on YandR. Ernie watched everyday -even in his office. Since then Ernie has also passed away. THERE IS ONLY ONE JACK ABBOTT and he is gone. We are so sorry to his sister and Mother. 2-12-07–we do still watch Y and R and always think of Terry!!!!!!!

  158. jimie

    i have watched y&r sense the 70s and was saddened buy the sudden passing of terry lester. He made jock he was jack all y&r fans well miss him dearly

  159. Kristi

    I would like to thank everyone who has posted on this board. Use to be when someone left a heartfelt post I would email back to say thank you. Well, it seems that has changed on this site, you can no longer send emails πŸ™
    I just want you all to know, as Terry’s family we are very appreciative it means alot to know he was loved by so many.

  160. Todd Klotz, Sr.

    To the Lester Family:
    I just learned of Terry’s passing and was very much saddened by it. I am from New Castle and I have been a fan of Terry’s since Y&R. I even play Y&R theme song on the piano (since the 70’s) and when I play it now I will remember Terry and dedicate it to Him.
    I used to work at Kirby Risk (’92) and I learned that we did business with Mr. Lester’s Company and how I wished I could find a way to meet Terry and get His autograph. I was sorry to hear that Mr. Lester has since passed on and our prayers are with you all.
    My oldest Son lives in Burbank and works for the Dr. Phil show at Paramount Studios and I often tell him of the Hoosier actors that have graced Hollywood. I will tell Him of Terry’s passing and what kind of talented, caring, and giving man He was. My Son also wants to be an actor and I hope Terry’s life values will inspire Him.
    I attended Ball State in the early 80’s and my Professor of Telecomm. was Dave Smith. He has a book out now called “Hoosiers in Hollywood” as well as his web-site of the same name. Terry is in the company of some of the greatest actors of our time, and deservedly so.
    I hope this message reaches you in good times and know that there are still fans and admirers that are still sending their prayers to your family. God Bless you.

  161. Leba Merheb

    I was so sad to Hear about the late Terry Lester.
    May God Bless him in Heaven and Watch over him forever.I was a great fan of Him in The Young and the Restless as Jack.He would always give me a Reason to Watch the Young and The Restless.
    We love you and we will miss you Terry Lester.

  162. mary-ann

    Hi I didnt read until today of Terry’s passing. Very sad news. I still think he was and always will be Jack Abbott invincible in that role on Y &R. Great Actor and obviously much loved. I offer my best wishes to his family and friends. LONG LIVE TERRY LESTER IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER XX

  163. angie

    A friend & I were talking about Y&R in the old days, and about the original Jack Abbott. I decided to see where Terry Lester was these days only to find that he had passed away in ’03. I was so saddened to read of his passing. He always crosses my mind when I think of Jack Abbott and always will!
    May he rest in peace! Best wishes for his family and friends!

  164. Norman

    I saw Terry as Mason Capwell on “Santa Barbara” and loved his character. I was disappointed when he left. He had a special quality that made one want to watch. Several years later I began watching Y&R. How I wish I would have seen him as Jack Abbott; I can only imagine. While Peter Bergman has always been “Jack” to me, I would have loved to have seen Terry’s Jack, as I’m sure I would have been hooked as I was to his Mason. To his family: he will never be forgotten.

  165. Stefan Swallow

    Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of this talented actor. I would like to visit his grave. But I am not certain where he is buried. If anyone knows, please let us all know. Y&R forever Restless In Peace.

  166. Andrea A.Blakely

    I started watching The YOung and the Restless at the age of six and seven,I still watch it today.Jack Abbott(Terry Lester)was one of my favorite actors.Actually he was my favorite after Victor and Mrs.Chandler.I like them because they always seem to come out on top.They always have the answers no matter what the tragedy they be.They will always work it out.Also,they are two of the oldest.Terry will always be in my heart,can’t no one ever take his place,he played his role as jack to villianous Jack Abbott well.The jack today played by Peter Bergman is very good,they picked the right one to take Terrys’place.Still nothing like the original.May Terry rest in peace and accept the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ that was presented to him,and live a happy,peaceful spirit life in spirit paradise until one day he is reunited with his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and all the wonderful family and friends who loved him so.

  167. Sue

    I just read that Terry Lester is deceased. I remember his days as Jack Abbott fondly. He was a marvelous character actor and a asset to the soaps he was involved in. May he rest in peace.

  168. Rita

    He was a terrific actor and a crucial element to successfully introducing Y&R viewers to the Abbott clan. We were missing Snapper……and then we got Jack..beautiful smiling Jack, delicious, devilish and delightful. We just had to watch to see what he would do next. A great loss. My sympathies to his family

  169. jennifer richards

    I was just thinking about Terry the other day like i sometimes do and still cant believe he is gone..I have watched this show for over thirity years and it was such shock that he died.God,,He was such a good actor and he is still missed.
    My sympathy stii goes out to his family and to the show..Thanks you for your time,,,Jennifer

  170. Anita

    I just now learned of Terry Lester’s death via this website. Like everyone else, I was shocked to learn of his passing. What a memorable, real character he made Jack Abbott. He was rivoting in that role…no one else could ever fill his shoes.
    Terry died far too young and, judging by this website, is definitely missed. My deepest condolences to his family.

  171. david'90)

    Terry saved my life in 1989,x-mas he told me he couldnt watch me drink any more and I said your friendship means more than this beer to me . I got sober and got married, because at the right moment at the right time my life needed an honest intervention and it was granted by my good friend Terry Lester.

  172. Karen Burrison

    I was born in 1966 ever since The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973 I looked at it then and I still look at it now but I always think of Terry as Jack he was greate I really wanted him to come back, now I know way he can’t I didn’t know he had past away I will miss him.

  173. Mary

    Terry returned my fan letter in 1995 when I was going through a terrible divorce at 25. I am so glad that I didn’t know that he died until out of curiosity I googled him. I have to say I’m glad I didn’t know until now–going through another divorce! LOL Sorry he’s gone but very touched to have read these tributes.
    Back then he told me he had a goal to quit smoking, and felt very addicted and trapped by cigarettes. I felt for him and loved that he had so much compassion for me in my pain. I was in a battered women’s shelter and a woman I used to babysit for had a connection to one of the other actors on the show (Graham the butler, don’t remember his name but he died too.) Anyway that is how I got my letter to Terry and he responded πŸ™‚
    Much love to you Terry, circling the stars in flight.

  174. Twila Sampson

    It’s still hard even after 5 years, to believe that Terry is gone. He was a great friend to me and he will be greatly missed. My love goes to his family still even now.

  175. linda

    i heard terry had passed long ago in my cbs soaps magazine. i really missed him on the show and wondered what had happened. i am not much on computers but just decided to try and find something on the web. i still miss him on young and restless. i have watched it from day one.i know he is in a wonderful place and my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  176. Mae Battle

    I have watched Y&R from the beginning and I have followed the show through these many many years and I can remember Terry Lester as Jack Abbott. Yes, he did play the role but I must say the Peter does a fanstastic job also which I feel is owed to Terry Lester. Peter had to follow some giant footsteps. Terry will be greatly missed and will always be loved as Jack Abbott. We will miss you Terry.

  177. Jean

    Terry Lester has been/was a favorite of mine since he portrayed Jack Abbott on Y&R. He was the one and only Jack to me. It seemed he just fit into the role he was playing. Later he was on ATWT and I have seen him in other shows and movies. It is a great loss. I am so sorry he left Y&R and I always kept hoping he would return to the role he made his own..

  178. Dee

    This is the first I’m hearing of Terry’s passing. I just got to thinking about him and was wondering what he was doing now so I Googled him and that’s how I found out. I was so shocked. I have watched Y&R since the onset and missed him as Jack Abbott, but evidently; I must have missed the one episode that was dedicated to Terry. My prayers go out to the family. Even at this late date they are just as sincere. He is deeply missed or I wouldn’t have Googled him, would I?

  179. Kelli Nunez

    I just came across this blog, and all of the beautiful tributes that followed. I have really enjoyed reading them. It was probably close to two years ago when I found out Terry Lester had passed away. A pal of mine, and a follow longtime Y&R watcher, told me in an email. I had to reread the message more than once I was so stunned. I loved him as Jack Abbott, and feel more privileged than ever to have grown up watching him on Y&R. I treasure the experience all the more, especially now that I am older. He was a gem, and I still miss him on the show. Sometimes, I find myself wondering how he would be like in certain storylines. He was so very sexy and HOT:)
    It is wonderful to see how many lives he touched;-)

  180. Susan

    I am shocked that he died so young! I used to watch Y&R and loved his character. I lost interest in the show after he left. What a loss…

  181. Laura Bade

    This is Laura Bade from Indianapolis. You and I had corresponded after I sent a tribute to Terry a few years ago. I have since retired from AT&T and no longer have your e-mail address. I still watch all the “old” shows and am now watching the Pyramid again on the Game Show channel. Terry is the guest for this week. If you still check this blog, please contact me. My e-mail address is bricwalk@sbcglobal.net.
    Thank you,
    Still remembering your brother! He was such a great actor! The only Jack Abbott for me!

  182. Larry Richardson

    I was just watching Y&R and decided to google Terry’s name and what a shock to learn of his passing. For me, he is the true Jack Abbot character. I got hooked on Y&R in the 80’s because of Terry. What a wonderful actor he was. I also watched him on Santa Barbara & As the World Turns & Dallas. He is greatly missed. Terry, thanks for all the wonderful memories.

  183. Purrmaid

    Newly retired, I started watching Y&R again after a 25 year gap and was so surprised to see several of the same regulars I remembered from my high school days. However, I just kept thinking, “I like the old Jack Abbott so much more….why don’t they bring him back!” Surfing the Internet today, I just found out about Terry Lester’s passing and am so crushed. His portrayal of Jack Abbott was superb. Terry could play the most deceitfully evil villain, and then the next minute he was being disarmingly charming to someone else. The depth and range of Terry Lester’s talent is a rarity not often found these days on telelvision, stage or screen. He is very much missed.

  184. Richard Brown

    Terry was my Russian tutor in Washington DC at the old Army Defense Language Institute. He was a truly good man, and and a good friend. He has been missed…

  185. Robert Young

    ItΒ΄s hard to see Peter Bergman as Jack.You are the only Jack Abbott.Jack was alot meaner with you.I will always imagine you as Jack Abbott.Thank you for your memories.

  186. Lindat

    I was searching for something else when I came across this sad news. I used to watch him all of the time on Yong and the Restless. I enjoy the newer Jack, but there was something special
    about Terry. With that sweet face, no one could ever imagine he would do anything underhanded.
    Will miss the chace of seeing him in other parts.
    Sympathy to family and friends.

  187. Chuck

    I was watching an episode of Dallas from season three — as the closing credits rolled by I saw the name Terry Lester and thought, “that was the guy who roomed across the hall from me when we were in the Army at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California studying to be Russian translators. I never saw him again after we left Monterey in 1972.
    I never watched soaps, so I wasn’t aware of his career in Y&R; as a matter of fact, I didn’t realize he had an acting career until I saw this old Dallas episode.
    He was a great guy and I’m glad he had such a successful career. It’s too bad he passed away at such a young age. RIP Terry.

  188. quantumcat

    My condolences to the family,friends,and fans who must still be grieving the loss of this gentleman who had great talent as a performer and,it seems,was even more gifted as a human being.
    Something of that essence entered into every role I ever saw him play.
    He brought such nuances and authenticity to his characters that one felt he had to have had great depths to draw upon.
    Somehow,he always seemed to know about love and what life was about even when he portrayed people who had yet to find that insight.
    If he could do this while acting the part of a realistic villain,he shone even more as heroes who could inspire and earn respect while seeming accessible and natural rather than plaster saints.
    He had an exceptional gift for becoming a character and never letting one see him “act”.
    It comes as no surprise that he excelled at being real offstage,as well.
    I wish that we had had him with us longer but,more than that,I wish he had had more freedom to be fully himself without editing or concealing parts of his soul from people who could not or would not understand.
    One of his greatest skills may have been the power he had to reach into people he may never even have met,wake them up inside and give them a piece of the awareness,groundedness and excitement for life he posessed.
    If we could own,for one moment,that default setting of being PRESENT in life and well on the way to contentment and wholeness,we were truly blessed by how he touched us.
    I hope any blights in his life were short-lived and rare.
    His time here may have lacked the length we would have wished but its depth and breadth were exceptional.
    Thank you,Terry Lester,for all you were and all you gave us.

  189. DW

    I was watching a rerun of the $25,000 pyramid last night and Terry was one of the celebrity players. I was wondering what ever happened to him and was absolutely shocked to hear of his passing. My condolences to him family on the passing of this wonderful actor. He is and will always be missed.

  190. Debbie White

    i was watching the $25,000 pyramid and saw terry on there. i googled him to see what he is up to these days and read that he passed away in 2003 !! so sorry to hear this. he was fantastic as jack. he was my favourite character. much too young. he was also a very good player on pyramid. so long terry. maybe we’ll cross paths one day.

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