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Peter Cook


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The Hooded Rapist is dead.

Peter Samuel Cook, a sexual deviant who obtained his moniker for wearing a bizarre, leather mask during the commission of his crimes, died in prison on Jan. 7 of natural causes. He was 75.

Over an eight-month period in 1974 and 1975, Cook broke into his victims’ apartments, tied them up and sexually assaulted them. The attacks created an atmosphere of fear in Cambridge, and led to one of Britain’s largest manhunts. He was captured when a police officer spotted him leaving the scene of an attack, riding a bicycle and wearing a long, blond wig. Inside his bag, authorities found the black leather mask, a bottle of ether, a crowbar, a torch and other burglary tools.

In 1975, Cook was convicted of raping six women, injuring two others and committing an act of gross indecency on a ninth woman. He received two life sentences.

4 Responses to Peter Cook

  1. Misogynist

    Why was Cook never released from prison? He spent nearly 30 years behind bars and he didn’t even kill a single person!

  2. hatefuel

    hey your smart arsed slut, your talking about a guy who fucked women and terroriszed them and ruined there lifes, the guy should have been taken out back and shot like the sad fuck he is, i hope you dont have kids,that would be a scary thought!!!

  3. Dr. Qatermas

    I lived near Peter Cook at Hardwick at the time he was raping away the evenings in Cambridge. I followed his work closely and with interest. I believe he ripped off tits with his teeth on at least one victim which has to be deemed deviant anti-social behavior. Never-the-less he was quite charming and interesting to talk to – in the daytime!

  4. Peter Williams

    I also lived at Hardwick just outside Cambridge in fact only about 100 yards from Peter Cook’s caravan and I observed the search on the day orf his arrest. It is quite true he chewed off one woman’s tits and then spat them back in her face. At the time I was informed that he chased her along a railway line and forced her into a rail-side cabin that contained fog signals. In this very limited space her tit ends were chewed off. The lady became mentally deranged follwing her attck and has spent the remainder of her life in a mental hospital. Ugh!

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