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Patrick McGrady


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Patrick M. McGrady Jr., the co-author of the best-selling book, “Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise,” died on Dec. 12 from complications of knee replacement surgery. He was 71.
Written in 1979 with Nathan Pritikin, the book advocated eating high-carbohydrate, low-fat foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and pasta.
A Yale graduate who spoke five languages (English, Russian, German, French and Yiddish), McGrady also wrote three nonfiction books and co-authored “Life Zones” with Richard Corriere. He spent 30 years penning articles for the Chicago Sun-Times, The Associated Press and United Press International, and served as the Moscow bureau chief for Newsweek until President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.
When his father, Pat McGrady Sr., died from colon cancer in 1979, McGrady founded CANHELP, a cancer treatment resource service that aids patients in finding research and therapies within and outside the boundaries of conventional medicine. He ran the organization for more than two decades, and made hundreds of appearances on radio and television.

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  1. Ian McGrady

    My father dedicated the latter part of his life to Cancer patients. He loved them and fought for them as he had fought for his own father, who died of cancer in the 70’s.
    I thank the author of this web log for this concise tribute to him.
    The thing I remember most about my father is watching him work. He’d spend hours talking with patients & doctors, searching medical databases, writing thier reports.
    I think my deepest memories are sitting on a couch with a blanket over me, listening to the hum of his Smith-Corona Selectric II, tak-tak-taking away on golden-yellow paper he used to write the Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise.
    I eventually followed in his footsteps and went into journalism. (Now, I’m an actor in New York City) and am sincerely proud of my father’s contribution to cancer patients in his lifetime.

  2. Nora Holm Thompson

    Even over a year after Patrick’s death, I grieve. He was such a vibrant, intelligent, witty, compassionate and caring man. He attracted people like a magnet. He did not suffer fools lightly, and I owe my life to his advice, friendship and counsel. He urged me to questions my doctors and had he not give me that courage, I most surely would have died.
    He cared deeply about anyone who was fighting cancer and their whole family. He took phone calls from patients and frightened families at any hour of the day or night.
    He also cared deeply for his children, Vanessa and Ian and raised them to be reponsible and think things out for themselves. He also cared very deeply for his other son Illea, and tried tirelessly to keep him in his life. I hope someday Illea will understand how much his father really did love him.
    It indeed was an honor for me to be one of Patrick’s close friends and confidant.
    I still can’t believe he is gone from this earth so soon. Lord, You must have something very special in Heaven for Patrick to do to take him so early.

  3. ilya magnes

    Dear Dad…
    I rarely called you that, but now, after your physical death, I feel closer to you than ever. Life has it’s mysteries, way beyond our comprehension and understanding. I am finally proud of being your son, and wish I could turn the wheel around, and spend more time with you.
    Life seems to have it’s own course and direction. Our love is more spiritual, and so I hope that you get this message… even-though I now you got it already, at least now you know that it is out in the open.
    I feel in many ways that we are much alike… after years of fearing our resemblance.
    Today, thanks to a beautiful “wake” you had in Lilliwaup, listening to so many people who loved you, and were loved by you, I learned and trusted your love towards me. it is a big thing for me…
    I hope that I will help people as much as you did, or even more, if I can, in my own way, which is music and art.
    Much love, your son, Ilya.

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